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In this video, we address 2 important topics:
1. Options are extremely risky and you should never invest more than you're willing to lose
2. Don't blindly trust YouTubers or influencers - always, always verify.
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What's up you beautiful people, welcome back check this out check this out. Can you see it? Can you see it? I got my glasses, locked and ready to load. So now you guys have to yell at me right now, wearing my glasses, welcome back to trace trade. So everybody is cooking with crisco.

Today we're gon na be going over a shorter video and uh. I i want to press by saying obviously that i'm not a financial advisor, it's not financial advice, but this is an important topic that i do think needs to be addressed and we've got a freaking uh very sad, but real example of the topic that i want To discuss - and that is the risk involved with options trading right, so we're going to touch on kind of two different things here: it's going to be options trading, the risks involved with options, trading and youtubers, and influencers right, because i think it's really really important to Recognize that not everything here on the internet is legit right, sometimes even including myself. I've put things out there that i wouldn't recommend people take for financial advice and that i've gotten wrong and when i get stuff wrong i'll tell you guys, which is why the importance of what my message is going to be really does stand true. So i want to start off here by going over this, the specific uh picture that you see in front of you now, the the the person that this is gon na remain completely disclosed, but i i don't wan na you know reveal identity just to keep keep This person safe, but what i will tell you is they lost a lot of money, so you can see that they had call options on gamestop for april 23rd 2021.

They took this advice from a specific youtuber who was who was recommending that people buy super deep out. The money call options out the money, meaning that the strike price of the call option is very far away from the current market value and that the odds of that strike price coming to in the money or below the current market value so that you come up Profitably are slim right, so there's a lot of risk involved. With these she had a 200 strike, a 250 strike, a 350 strike and a 420 strike on gamestop. Now.

What does this mean right? So it means that by april 23rd 2021, the value of gamestop, which is trading - i think, at about 140 150 bucks right now - would have to be above the break-even price on that 200 strike, meaning that you would have to come up to about 201 or 202 Dollars about to come break even on that specific call option by april 23rd right now, there's a couple different factors that play into this right: you've got the theta, which is the overall time decay, so the the purchase price, and when you get your call option at You can actually make money, even if you don't end up above that, that break even price before that expiration, but that you know there's different factors right. So, essentially, what you have here, thankfully this person pulled out and retained some of their value of the their call options in stock, but they lost a lot of freaking money right, so they paid 442 000 for this 200 strike 325 thousand dollars. For this, this 250 strike 35 thousand dollars for this 350 strike and 12 grand for the 420 strike. They did have actual physical shares as well.

3 000 shares of gamestop with a cost per share of 373 dollars, so retain some of that value from what i understand right, but they lost a lot of money. Now, i'm not going to disclose a person's name, but they retained about 40 000, just a hair. Less than that, in total value from over 800 000 of investment, and that is extremely extremely risky now you could you could make a couple different arguments right. You could say well, at the end of the day, this person made the decision to buy all these really risky call options and lose all their money, and i understand that there is definitely liability that falls on the individual person who made this investment decision.

However, the specific youtuber, which i will not go into the details of was hand holding this individual texting them, calling them skyping them telling them to make this specific call option purchase and, at the end of the day, this person came out down. Eight hundred thousand dollars lost an insane amount of money because of this call option purchase right and, like i said, there's a couple different factors that play into this. But the overall, you know theme and the lesson to be learned is that call options are freaking risky, they're risky risky risky, there's nothing guaranteed about it right. So, essentially, what a call option is, if you don't know, you're making a bet.

You are gambling and that's what this is. It's gambling right you're, making a bet saying that by this day, the stock price is going to be above this specific price, either 200, 250, 350 or 420. And if you're wrong the premium that you paid for that call option. That contract.

Saying that. If i want to have the right, not the obligation to purchase 100 shares at this specific strike price, if you're wrong on that, you lose the premium pay the premium, for this was 442 thousand dollars for just a 200 strikes right all of that money and if She hadn't sold out before the they expired worthless. She came out with absolutely nothing, so i'm so grateful that she actually retained some of the value on this. But the moral of the story is this risky business i mean, since we don't know when gamestop or amc are going to go to the freaking moon or to go to pluto or go out of this freaking galaxy.

It's super tough. To pick these really really close. Explorations where the theta or the time decay is very, very high right. You lose value on your contracts extremely fast, so you don't give yourself a lot of runway right.

So, like, like i said, the first piece i want to talk about is the risk involved with call options. Where am i going with this? This person is a real life example, and i've had the pleasure of having a conversation with this person we're going to bring them on on thursdays the game plan. So they can tell their story and tell you guys about the risk of call options and lessons that they learned so that you guys can pull away from this, but there's real risks involved right. If you are wrong on call options, you lose everything, which is why i want to come into my personal strategy right.

Obviously, i'm not a financial advisor. This isn't advice, but i try not to have more than five to ten percent of my overall portfolio be call options in anything and if i do purchase call options, i make sure two things right: either a if i'm going to pick a very close expiration date. Like april 23rd, i don't invest more money than i'm willing to lose because it's a gamble and it's a bet and b most of the time i don't pick very close expiration dates. I set them out very very far so that you're not working against theta, which is the time decay right, and you have a long time for them to come in the money.

So you can actually make cash, and even still, i try not to make them more than five to ten percent of my portfolio, because it is a supplement, not the foundation of a strong investment portfolio. The big takeaway here right if it sounds like a get rich quick ponzi scheme, it probably is a freaking get rich quick ponzi scheme. You've got a one in a million chance of making this happen. This is this specific, individual right, this youtuber that she list this.

This person listened to um made a million dollars off of a very, very risky call option play and man. That's freaking awesome like good for this youtuber right. They made a crap ton of money from that million dollars. They lost all, but nine hundred and twenty thousand, they lost 120 000 of it at only 80.

Grand left right and that's the risk involved with gambling with call options right now you can use them strategically. You can use technical analysis. You can get the best setups possible and make money on call options intelligently, but it takes a lot of time a lot of research to get there like. Even admittedly, i've gotten call options wrong and i've lost money, which is why you don't want to play with a large chunk of your portfolio, because if you get it wrong, you blow your portfolio.

I mean this person that was their life savings. This is their life savings and because, because of a really risky call option play they're they're suffering they're going to really be here in a hurt bag for quite some time it could. It could take this person decades to make this money back right. So if you're, in a situation where you have this much cash, remember the more money you have to play with the less aggressive you really have to be a five percent gain on a million dollars is 50 grand.

I mean you can make a lot of money off of not a lot of returns when your portfolio starts growing right. So if you have this much money, you're playing with right, if you want to put a million dollars in the stock market, you want to put them all in call options. I hope you have a 100 million dollar portfolio right. I really really hope you're managing your risk.

This is a lesson to be learned. This individual has definitely learned it like. I said i've spoke with them. My heart goes out to them in the most sincere way, but this is the risk of call options right.

So big takeaway from this and we'll move into the next piece is: if you're going to play in call options, don't invest money that you're not willing to lose, and please please, please manage risk and set further out expirations right, the closer you set them, the less Likely you are making your money so don't over leverage and make sure you're giving yourself some runway right. That's the big takeaway from this number two is influencers and youtubers right. I want to touch on this because this is really where this person, in my opinion, got screwed and honestly this individual. If i was in their shoes, i would sue the person that this all happened to, but i don't know it's mind blowing to me.

So what happened is this youtuber was literally texting this individual and calling them telling them step by step by step by step to sell x amount of shares in gamestop, purchased x, amount of call options at 200, 250, 350 and 420 strike prices and basically coerced them Into making this investment decision, which ended up blowing her account right, she lost all but just 40 000 of value at the end of the day. Right. So what's the takeaway here, if you're going to watch youtubers and influencers, including myself, right, take what we say. The grain of salt use it as an opportunity to ask questions right, don't believe everything we say.

None of the time should you believe what people say. I say, never believe what people say and believe half of what you see right. So you need to trust but verify so when you, when you, when you're listening to a youtuber, they say hey, you should try this out. You should do this.

You should do that. You should do this. I'm doing this. You should do this right, listen to what they say and do your own research right, take the time to ask questions and see.

Is this guy full of or is there actually something of validity here, because ultimately, at the end of the day, um you know i i place no blame. This is a completely opinionated situation, but if, if this individual had asked the questions with this youtuber right, instead of just believing they might have have blown their account right, so this is game changing stuff, guys, there's real money on the line, real people's lives online. You don't want to like you. You really really really can't just blindly trust people, because at the end of the day, right me as a youtuber, i'm just a regular guy, i'm giving you guys my opinions, i'm giving you guys my thoughts on the stock market and what amc is going to do.

I'm giving you the numbers, but i'm not always going to get stuff right, sometimes i'll get stuff wrong. Sometimes i'll get stuff right, but i can't predict when i'm going to get stuff right and wrong. All i can give you is my opinion, based on the information and research that i've done. That's where you take it a step further and you do your own research based on my claims fact check.

My claims right then find out more stuff for your own investment decisions. Please, if there's any grand take away from this, there are going to be people on youtube, they're going to be influencers out there who are going to put you in situations where you are going to be in the hurt bag. If you listen to what they say, i i'm not going to name this youtuber, but i have a good feeling that people out there know who he is right. Um be smart right, be diligent.

Please please please manage your risk, because this is freaking gambling, that's gambling and if you were in the stock market, gamble you're not going to have a sustainable future you're, just not you're, not the get rich quick scheme right amc is 100. In my opinion, you know, obviously i can't guarantee anything but based on the research that me and hundreds of thousands or millions of apes have done gon na squeeze, but we can't predict when which means that these call options. If you play them, please manage your risk. Set a far-out expiration date right, be smart and, like obviously fact check what i'm saying right now right.

You can come to your own conclusions, but it doesn't take a genius to see that if you gamble like this, you can get burned right. This is like ben. I talked with matt coors about this. This is like betting on on hitting a double zero on the roulette wheel right the odds of you coming out profitably on this, it's possible, but it's one in a million your chances are so slim, so be smart guys.

Do your research uh make sure that you're staying up to date know the risk of investing the risk of options, the the risk of following youtubers without without verifying right trust, but verify trust but verify that's what i've got for you guys today it was. It was a short video, but i really felt compelled to go through this because when i had this this half hour conversation with this individual, my heart just broke it just broke, and if i can do even a little bit to prevent this from happening to somebody Else, that's all that i can ask for one person out there if you're, watching this and you're in a situation where you are you're in the hurt bag - and you made some bad investment decisions, take a step back analyze the situation and fix it right. That's all that i can ask for and that's what i've got for you guys today. So thank you guys for tuning in.

If you enjoyed the video drop a like consider, subscribing you want to see more stuff like this yada yada yada. You know little spiel. Take it easy, my friends, my family and my fellow gorilla gang support, trace trades out much love and peace.

By Trey

25 thoughts on “2 important lessons from this person’s $800,000 options loss”
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    I lost $60K to a horrible Put/Call Straddle play. Had a guy who did nothing but pour honey in my ear about how "for sure" of a thing straddle plays are and it's no risk. So I threw down $60k and in a week lost 100% of it. I haven't touched options again since. I own AMC stocks, because that's how to fight the short sellers the best, not playing options.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Timothy Pope says:

    That was dumb! The you tuber could be liable! Remember you all are not a financial advisers . Most you tubers state that specifically, Trey you do it right. You won’t tell me what to do, so I flip a coin to decide.😎 heads I buy tails I sell…. Just joking.

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  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NeutronX101 says:

    Yeah thats why i never got into options. 1st I cant really wrap my head around it. 2nd unless your good with timing and/or have insider information very risky. You will most of the time loss money.

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    This person got exactly what they deserved. Stop listening to you tubers and do your own research. All this talk go squeeze this and squeeze that is fu**ing nonsense. And most are talking from the other side of their butt. These people are literally entertainers and not advisors. Trey is cool but I even look at him as more of an entertain rather than an advisor. Just Do your own research and listen to you tubers less.

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    My thoughts and condolences go out to the individual who lost this money – they gave me permission to make this video, and we will be bringing them on to tell their story this week. Peace and love

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