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3 Penny Stocks To Watch: Today we cover 3 stocks to watch as potential swing trades over the next week as of February 9, 2021 // ADMP, PTE, & SENS.
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Good morning, vietnam, what is up everybody welcome to trace trades. We get technical analysis, different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks. I, like your purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take away stay with a grain of salt. Let's get into the video today we're going to give you guys three stocks that i think have some pretty solid potential for swing trading in the next day to three days right, so buckle in we've got quite a few uh.

Quite a few things to talk about here, we're gon na start off just by looking at the charts, we're gon na give you a basic rundown on what the company does and try to prepare you the best way that we can for these coming stocks and give You some solid gains for the the day or the week, so today we're gon na be starting off here with ticker symbol, adm, p, adamus pharmaceuticals. Now we're just going to read you a brief run on what these guys do. A demons pharmaceuticals corporation is a pharmaceutical company. The company is engaged in the development of its specialty pharmaceutical products.

The company is developing various products in allergy and respiratory markets, including a dry powder inhaler technology that acquired from 3m company. The company's product portfolio includes specialty pharmaceutical products such as epinephrine pre-filled, syringe apc 5000 dry powder inhaler apc-1000 on abc2000 and biotechnology. Products such as tel b vax vaccine abc 100 abc 200 abc 300, the company's lead product candidate, the epinephrine injection usp, one to one thousand point: three milligram pre-filled single dose syringe or the epinephrine pfs is a pre-filled syringe designed to deliver a pre-measured, 0.3 milligrams dose Of epinephrine for the treatment of anaphylaxis, the company also has licensed vaccine technology called somatic transgene immunization technology. So this company right now is looking like it's getting ready to do something pretty freaking nasty and i've got a couple different confirmations to tell you why.

So this is gon na be stock number one. I have the three i wan na present you guys three stocks. That way you can find the best entry point right, we're gon na present you different game plans to get into these stocks for good swing trading opportunities. Right and we're gon na read you off on the charts.

So just since you know what we're looking at, i'm gon na tell you what the three indicators are that i use the rsi, which is a relative strength index. Anything over 70 is over bought. Anything under 30 is oversold right. This gives you an idea of bullish or bearish momentum.

Currently, this isn't pretty heavy bullish momentum. That's okay! We're going to show you how we can play this anyways even looking at that, and then i've got the 200 dma, which is purple trendline, and the 15 day ma, which is this blue trend line. 200 ema is the exponential moving average. This is a price, action-based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period, which gives us a macroscopic overview of the price action and the 15-day ma, which is this blue trend line, is a moving average.

Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average. This is one in the same. This is a price action-based valuation trend line over a 15 day moving period, which gives us a microscopic perspective of price action. We use both of these side by side so that we can predict changes in upward pressure right on the microscopic price action compared to the macroscopic price action, which usually tells us there's an upcoming breakout, and i do think you may be looking at that.

Coming very soon based on the chart. So what are we looking at my friends? Well, right now, with with admp, we are a very nice clean upward, moving channel, we have a respected ascending level of support, we're gon na adjust this. Let me get as many touch points as we can. As you guys already know, we use three different main touch points in order to validate a respected level of support, which we do have right here, so we're gon na zoom in and just make sure that we're getting that we've got one two three four five, almost Six, almost seven different touch points here that confirm to me.

This is a respected level of ascending support right, so we may be able to predict where the stock ends up moving. If we don't end up respecting this ascended level of support, that's okay! Right! We have a couple different levels that we're going to be able to use as a potential entry point which would be right around here. We know that we have an unidentified a level of support at about a dollar and 48 cents right and if we do end up pulling back to that, that is totally totally fine by me, my friends, i'm telling you you get into this at a buck. 48.

You're gon na be sitting pretty good, but if you do end up respecting this descending level of support, you're going to know so because you'll see a bounce with a wide range candle bar a green wide range candle bar. Now. What does that look like right? It looks something like this: this is an example of a wide range candle bar. It is a candlestick that covers a lot of price action.

So right now you see that we are approaching pretty close. This ascending level of support and you're going to know that we bounce off of this. If you see a wide range candle bar that either a engulfs, this candlestick pattern or b matches it with a two lows. High close, what a two of those high closes is a red candle that opens high closes low, followed by a green candle that opens low, closes high at or near the top of the previous candle.

That to me will indicate that we've seen a nice bounce off that ascending level of support right you can. You can consider that a good entry point at that point right get into this. So the entry point for adm for me is going to be either a if we respect this ascending level of support about a dollar and 57 cents as of right now in the pre-market or b. If we break beneath it right - and this may take some time anywhere between one to maybe three days - is when you're going to see it - maybe a 15 20 run-up right, good swing, trade opportunity, you're gon na do pretty good or b down here at a dollar.

Forty eight, if you get into this at a dollar 48, i, like that a little bit more. We are currently a little bit overbought sitting at 64 on the rsi right, we're a little bit under 70, but coming up there very close to that 70 mark, which means it's very, very bullish in nature right, if you want to get into a stock when it Is riding 70? Please please, please, uh set a training, stop loss for between five and ten percent. That way, you can get a better entry point if it does end up selling off right. That is the game plan there.

What are the levels of resistance that we're going to be looking at? Well? If we look at this macroscopically speaking, you can see that it has had some pretty nice run-ups. We can see that it's got a level of resistance. I would say right about here at about two dollars and 33 cents, followed by another level right about here at 2.61 cents, so a price target for you guys, if you want to. If you want to swing this as a pretty good trade, you get in between buck 48 and a dollar 57 you're gon na be looking at a really nice run-up.

If we re-test this level at 266., we haven't had any crazy volume pump into this. It's just starting to warm up. This is my favorite favorite favorite kind of play to get into because we're catching the beginning of the run-up. If we look at this in perspective right to what happened back here, this is probably in in comparison where we're at now.

It might not consolidate for that long. It might not take as much time to run up, but you guys get the picture. Usually. This indicates an upcoming breakout.

This indicates an upcoming breakout. We see that it happened right well now we have the same thing happening again. We have the beginning of what could be an upcoming breakout, so those are the entry points i've got for admp. That is the first opportunity that i see as a good swing trading.

Opportunity next is going to be pte uh, which is polarity te read. You have a quick description of what they do. They are formerly majesco, entertainment company. They are the owner of patent applications and know how related to gent regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, as well as software applications used in diagnosis and treatment related to regenerative medicine.

The company seeks to develop and obtain regulatory approval for technology that it will utilize a patient's own tissue, subtracts substrates for their generation of skin bone muscle, cartilage fat, blood vessels and nerves. The company's polarity te platform simplifies regeneration and allows cells to function. Naturally, the platform can be applied across all cells, tissues and composite structures. The company focuses on various products, including skin, to e osteot, angiote, myo, cart and adipose and neural te.

The company, through skin te, is focused on supplying on autolocus construct to regenerate a patient's skin. Due to a variety of injuries and conditions, so they focus primarily on skin regeneration and treatment, and this company is also moving very nice. We've got what you already know is the george debia george debian. My name is george.

I mean we got the double bottom right here, which is typically a sign of a bullish reversal. We did see that end up playing outright. We had a couple nice gap. Ups here wide range candle bars signify a lot of buying pressure right and right now.

This is sitting on 60 on the rsi. I like this pullback. I like this pullback a lot. It is presenting you guys, an opportunity to get into the stock and we actually do have another double bottom right here.

Right, we've got one bottom, we've got a second bottom, they are a little bit stair stepping right. We do have a small stair step, but nonetheless this is still a double bottom and you do see this plays out. This is a nice bullish reversal and we've got a nice level of support sitting right here, which is very identical identifiable at a dollar and 30 cents. We also have a nice respected, ascending level of support right here with a couple different touch points, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight different touch points right here which signifies to me.

This is a respected level and it lines up extremely well with this level of support right here right, a dollar thirty, if you see a pullback to a dollar, thirty or or you know if it breaks the sustained level of support, we have that dollar. Thirty, if it doesn't an entry point at market, open is probably gon na be looking around 1.31, which should treat you pretty well. I think that is a solid entry point into the stock, and if we look back on the last three months, we can see what the peak of the run up here has been right, and this is a significant level. Breaking over 1.30 is very significant.

This is going to help break us out to some price actions. We actually haven't seen much of yet right here in the pre-market it has. It is actually up, i think, pretty decently, from where we closed the yesterday down compared to the after hours, but i do still think there's some solid potential and you can play this off as a pretty good swing. We've got the dollar 61 mark right.

Here is the level of resistance and the dollar 79, which would be a pretty solid, 10 15 20 gain, and my friends, i'm telling you a nickel and dime over time. You're gon na build out your portfolio to something pretty decent. If you get a 10 return on your portfolio eight times, you double your account 12 times you triple. It stack those nickels and dimes.

My friends, they really do add up. That is the secret to building wealth. I do think it's gon na treat you extremely extremely well, so that is what we're looking like right here. If we look at this on the one day, charges of the price action here in the pre-market, it is a little bit choppy, there's not a whole lot that we can say about the pre-market action.

Yet not a lot of volume coming into this. And if we look at this on the one-month chart one more time right, not a lot of volume here yet either. This is another one of those predict the breakout kind of plays. It's been starting to run just barely.

We have this gap, that's starting to form here with the 15 ma over. The 200 ema pulled back a little bit right, but this is probably pretty similar to what we've seen here in the past, and it is before we had this large breakout right. We had a small little run, small run pulls back a little bit and then a huge huge gap right really starts moving hard and uh. It could be a very similar run to what we saw in the past, so this is going to be number two on the list for stocks.

That'll be good swing, trading opportunities, we're presenting you guys three, so that you can get into the one with the best possible entry point, and then number three for me - and i did put a video on this yesterday - is going to be sense. Onyx now i personally like this more as a long-term potential play. I think it has potential over a couple of years to be a 100 plus dollar stock, as dexcom is the current utilizable glucose monitoring system, but if they end up replacing them right, they're going to be seeing some pretty solid returns as dexcom is currently trading. As a four hundred dollar plus stock and since onyx, if they capitalize on that market, it could be pretty absolutely nasty now.

What do these guys do? They're a medical technology company. They focus on the design, development and commercialization of glucose monitoring systems. The company operates through glucose monitoring systems segment. It offers a continuous glucose monitoring system, the cgm ever since, which is designed as an implantable cgm system, which goes right into your arm, designed to continually measure glucose levels in people with diabetes.

The company's eversense system consists of components such as a sensor which is inserted subcutaneously in the upper arm, subcutaneously meaning under the skin by a healthcare provider, an external removable, smart transmitter that receives assesses and relays the data from the sensor and also provides vibratory alerts and A mobile application that receives data from the transmitter and provides real-time glucose readings alerts and other data on the user's mobile device, such as a smartphone apple, watch or tablet, and this one is a little more of a chase. So this one - i don't want you guys to get into as a swing trade unless it does pull back a little bit. If we look at a fibonacci retracement right and look at some previous trends, we can. We can take a quick peek at how much the stock usually pulls back right, based on this previous run, right it pulled back to about, i would say, 50 pretty well and then, if we look at this previous run right, we can get the same idea of How much it pulled back, and this time it was also about 50.

So if it follows that same trajectory that same trend of 50, pullbacks, you're, probably gon na, be looking at an entry point right around what would be um. This is 23.6 38.2, 393.8, and i'm going to level this up right here. Just so, you can see it right, and this is if it follows the same trends, i'm showing you the trends. You guys can also draw this up on charts for yourself, but based on previous trends.

That is what we're looking at we've got a very nice clean upward, moving channel. In my previous video, i showed you guys what we'd be looking at for this. In order to see a break was a break above this descending level of resistance with a wide range candle bar, which we did end up getting that prediction did come to fruition. We do see that right here, right wide range candle bar another wide range candle bar.

Seeing a small pullback, so it might pull back to two different levels. We know that we have this ascending level of resistance right here right so either a it bounces off of 395 or b. It pulls back to this ascending level of resistance and, if you get into this right at market open, that would look something like about three dollars and ninety cents. You're gon na do this at 390.

My friends, i think that is going to treat you pretty well. This may end, up being you know, a couple day hold, it is a little bit overbought right now like i said this is more of a chase compared to the other stocks that i presented to you guys so far, which is why i want to give you The best possible entry points so that you do not end up chasing the stock, but this is extremely bullish. It has been moving in a clean upward channel for quite some time. We started this huge gap between the 15 ma and the 200 ema back here on what would have been january 14th and ever since it has been growing.

Oh you like that. You like that meme you like that ever since, ever since ever since then uh we have seen this absolutely filthy run. It's beautiful. I do anticipate.

You are going to see a pullback, as i mentioned previously. It probably ended up being more than this in the future, but this is still in bullish, momentum right. This is still bullish trajectory and the volume is starting to pick up on this stock right. We do know, historically speaking, that if the stock is up here in the pre market, it typically indicates that you're more likely to see it run more right.

So, if you look here at you know, pre-market runs as such here right. This is a pre-market gap up. It consolidated, but then went up again now. If this trend continues, you are likely to see it continue on this upward moving channel, this ascending level of support and you should get treated pretty well.

Those are the three stocks that i have presented for you guys today. As potential swing trading opportunities, if you enjoyed this this, i almost said the stock. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble weeble is a brokerage account.

The one you're watching me use right now. This is version four for the desktop. It allows you to trade in the pre-market starting at four a.m. If you use my link to get two free stocks with 100 deposit i'll receive a free stock, great way to support the channel and if you're not interested, my friends, that's totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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