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5 Hot Stocks For Swing Trading: Today we cover AVGR, ASRT, HCMC, CLWD, & SNPW as potential swing trades, providing technical analysis and entry points for the best possible returns.
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What's poppin, oh man never get sick of this stuff. I never ever ever do what is up. Everybody welcome to trace trades where we get technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holder, sell opinions on these given stocks. I, like the purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and our expert, so take what i say with a grain of salt.

Let's get into the video today, we're gon na be giving you guys. Five good stocks that i think are gon na, be great opportunities for a swing trade and just to preface right uh. We with the best opportunity for a swing trade is either when you run up a decent amount right, whatever that, whatever that percentage means for you, 10 20, 30, 40 percent or you hold it for a couple of days. You know two three four days and until you get that opportunity to either get out or have a nice filthy run-up, so we're gon na be looking at the charts here right.

I've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up the rsi, which is the relative strength index. Anything over 70s or a bot. Anything under 30 is oversold.

It is an idea of bullish or bearish momentum. So right so we can. We can figure out how much a stock is really rocking and the 200 dma and the 15ma. The 200d makes this purple trendline right here.

It is the exponential moving average, which is a price action based valuation trendline over a 200 day moving period right. This gives us a macroscopic perspective of price action and then the 15 day ma, which is the moving average. Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average. They are one in the same, this is a price action based evaluation trend line over a 15 day moving period, which gives us a microscopic perspective of price action.

We're gon na use all three of these together to indicate what uh, what stocks, we think have good potential for a solid run, which we already have here. We've got a list of five for you, so let's just get into the video in the video. As chris same would say, without further ado love that man love him all right number one on the list is going to be ticker symbol avgr the tickers will always be up here in the top left. If you are looking for that - and that is avenger.

So just a brief rundown of what they are: their commercial stage: medical device company the company's designs manufactures and sells image, guided catheter-based systems that are used by physicians to treat patients with the peripheral arter. Are god dang it arterial disease, the company manufactures and sells the suite of products in the united states and select international markets? So if we just check out their website really quick what they do right, they have this tiger eye system, the oct guided cto crossing system. Now, which is fda, cleared right so uh if we just want to check out their their technology, really quick, we can check out the oh. You can see right here.

That is loading, but essentially this is as as we mentioned earlier right. It's a medical device, company catheter-based systems, so you can see you get the idea there. I'm not gon na go into much more detail than that, but um there's some pretty solid. This is a paper that i wrote: uh anyways coming back here to the chart.

We're gon na take a look at any recent news and we don't have much you know recently, but the chart setup is nice. So keep in mind. This is not based off of any news catalyst. It's solely off of charting and charting alone.

There could be a positive or negative news catalyst that does wreck this, but as things sit right now, this is the beginning of what could be a good run if you've got the 15 ma cross over the 200 ema, the rsi is currently sitting at 61.. So i'd like, if you got in with a small pullback right, if you are gon na ride this stock, but you know if we look at this historically speaking, we do see that when it's at you know that level, 60 61 - it doesn't retrace very hard. It's usually pretty pretty light pullbacks. We had a pretty hard one right here right.

It pulled back pretty long for a while, but we are out of that movement right now. We've got a nice big fat, uh bottom right here. I wish, i could say the george w, but don't quite see it don't quite see it, but this is a nice bottom which does look just look good. Oh, we do have a george w.

I see you just got. Ta look harder. Trey, come on george w right here typically indicates an upcoming run, a bullish reversal. We do see that one bottom two bottom right now: we've got the upcoming uh run and we're coming on a pretty significant level.

Here we've got a level of resistance, and if we break that should be a pretty solid, uh smacker should be really good and if we just label that off right here, really quick, it's gon na look something like this. We always look for three touch points. One two: three, four: five, six, seven, eight nine nine different touch points here right, so we can see. This is a validated level of resistance.

We can see that this is climbing. On an ascending channel, we've got a respected, ascending level of support, as you can see right here. We always look for three touch points, one two, three four right and in the next day and a half we're gon na, come with an intersection point between these two levels. We've got one level right here, which is the the level of resistance on the top and the level down here, which is the ascending level of support.

That's a squeeze down! It's a it's! A spring loading um sort of momentum shift on your on the charts, so either a it's going to break this acidic level of support, hard it'll push hard or b it'll break below this dec. This ascending level of support right this level of resistance, or this level of support it's going to have to do one or the other, and what that's probably going to look like is you might see a little bounce here right test out that level of resistance bounce Down here on this respected level of support, if this does break it's probably gon na look something like this bam sometime here within the next day today and a half you know here by the after hours or the pre-market tomorrow is when i am expecting this stock To have its breakout if it is going to do that, so that's how avgr looks if you are looking for an entry point into the stock. I do like this ascending level of support right here at about two dollars and three cents. That's probably gon na end up being somewhere around 50 on the rsi we do like to get into stocks as cheap as it possibly can be right, but we do know we have that level right there.

If we end up breaking beneath that level of support, we do have two dollars and five cents as well uh, which is good and then beneath that we do also have um right about here, which is a pretty solid level of support. Well, as well. At a dollar ninety now keep in mind this stock does have a trend to go on a couple days. Stretch run, followed by a couple days stretch uh downtrend right, where it kind of bleeds a little bit.

So if you do see that trend reversal, it might bleed for a couple days, um you're, looking for a bounce and then an opportunity to ride it up so watch for that. That's how that's looking right now and if you are looking for an exit point on the stock. If you look over here the last six months right, we know that the high here is sitting right around two dollars and 48 cents. So you probably watch for a retest here of about 244 if we do end up breaking this level of resistance and guys.

Oh my gosh. This is a filthy, filthy cup and handle formation right here. You've got one. We got the cup right, small dip followed by kind of a handle, not quite but it is a george w.

You got a bottom bottom moving up right. Macroscopically speaking, this is looking dirty, so it does look like there's some opportunity here from midterm to long-term hold. As well just based on the chart setup alone - that is how avgr looks that is number one to be completely transparent. I do have a position in two out of these five companies.

I do have a position in snpw and tlwd we're gon na get to those later, but the next on the list is going to be asrt, and if we just take a quick peek at their one month chart you can see that they have been just ripping. Lately absolutely crushing on the stock right and we're gon na. Let this load real, quick and while that does i'm just gon na read you off a quick profile. Assertio holdings is a specialty pharmaceutical company.

The company owns a portfolio prescription, neurology inflammation and pain medications. It's marketed, products include cambia for oral solution, indicant oral suspension, indica suppositories, oxiado tablets and spricks nasal spray, uh man there's so many products. You guys get the picture they're pharmaceutical company, and if we look at the news here six hours ago, osterdio expects 34.4 million in gross proceeds from offering, so they had an offering recently, a direct offering of 35 million shares at 98 cents each right. This was posted.

Six hours ago, so um, let's just take a quick peek at this article. You can see that right, 98 cents, each for asrt, 35 million shares. This is posted on february 9th at 11 08 p.m. Today is the tenth, so take a quick peek at the charts right.

You can see that they had a little bit of a pullback a little bit of a sell-off and then here in the at the pre-market today it is giving us an opportunity to get into this stock. I like this, a lot because, on the our side sitting at about 55 and retracement wise, it only retraced 23.6, which is really not bad in the least bit right, and i like this level as an entry point between a dollar 22 and around here at about 1.26, so if you do see it slip into that range right at a dollar 22.26 that is pretty healthy uh, we did have a nice upward, moving channel and ascending level of support. That was pretty well respected up until about here right, we haven't quite broke it. Yet but it's coming up here in a pretty pivotal moment, we need either a continue on that ascending level of support or b break right here, in which case you'll probably see a hold, in my opinion, at a dollar 22.

if it does not hold at a Dollar 22. We do have another level of support right, which is going to be right around here at about that 38.2 percent retracement, and that is going to end up being. You know if we just line this up with this candle right here about a dollar and 10 cents, so this is the first off entry point that i really like is a dollar 22.26 as the potential entry point into the stock currently trading at 55. On the rsi volume is definitely there.

We've got a nice gap here between the 15 mm and the 200 ema right, so a nice technical setup, uh, it's looking absolutely beautiful, and if we just come and zoom out here on the macroscopic side of things right the three month, it's been on a nice Clean upper moving channel - and we broke out of this - this ascending level of uh support as well right, so we had a false break here: false break there right, then, this wide range candle bar to me validates that it has broken. We've obviously done that we're in an insane upper moving channel right now with asrt, and while i do anticipate that it is going to pull back at least some right. If you wait for that small pullback, it is going to give you an opportunity to get into the stock for less risk right. We can see that the volume is extremely high.

They have the direct offering, which i absolutely love to see. Direct offerings are actually a good thing because it gives you an opportunity to get into a stock. When i see a direct offering, i go, i'm gon na scoop this up, so that direct offering guys is a huge catalyst that i think is gon na give you an opportunity to get into this stock before it starts rocking it into the moon again. This one may take a couple days to play out, but if you want to swing this stock, i think you hold this for three to five days.

You're gon na be looking really pretty at the end of that period of time. Next hcmc, this company is currently working through a lawsuit against philip morris for a patent infringement on their product, which is the iqos smokeless tobacco system, and it's been gaining a lot of momentum and a lot of steam and it's on an insane insane upper moving channel. In fact, uh, it's it's completely broken away from this. This trend line always look for three levels.

Uh touch points right and we get that one. Two three four five different touch points respected ascending level of support. This is an otc market stock. You're not gon na be able to trade this on weeble.

You can use fidelity uh charles schwab, either of those will work absolutely fine, but we have absolutely been crushing with hcmc lately. There's a lot of hype. A lot of people loving this stock right, the pullbacks have been basically non-existent and i don't think you're really going to see them until after the date of february 26th, which is the when, when we're expecting to see action, come from the lawsuit, so you could hold It until that february 26th date, if you are looking to hold this company for a while, i do anticipate you're going to see a huge, huge run up, because that uh that loss is gon na, be worth a lot of money. If you look at their financial system right how much money they made in 2019, their gross profit was 6.48 million dollars right, and you know this, i know the math doesn't work out the exact same, but philip morris has three billion dollars invested in their iqos product.

Right and if they were, if they're, infringing on the patent rights of this company hcmc right um, i'm not saying they're gon na be entitled to that full three billion dollars. But you guys get the picture. There's a lot of money tied to that it'd be pretty insane. So what is a good entry point into this stock? Well, we can see that we had a little level out right here, so we can take this base of the run-up right to the peak of the run-up and take a look at the strength of the chart, pretty much retrace perfectly to 50 percent.

We also have this previous assigned level of resistance that will act as a ascending level of support. Now, right, that's that's! That's the great thing about charts is uh. Respected levels are always respected levels as long as they continue to be respected right. One two three, four five different touch points.

We can already see that this is being respected on the chart, so we are going to draw up that level of support right here that 50 retracement. I do think that is gon na be a solid entry point is about point: zero, zero. Three two! You can enter this at point: zero, zero, three two or, if it breaks back down to this ascending level of support, which would be about .0025 right, you're gon na be sitting pretty good. I think you hold this for just five days.

Five days and you're probably gon na be up 40 50 60 70, which sounds absolutely insane, but guys the volume on this stock is really starting to go to town uh. We've got the crossover here between the 15 mm and the 200 ema gapping up on this recent price. Action which you can see is absolutely atrocious, just terrible, terrible barcoding, but guys it's looking absolutely beautiful. I've got a lot.

I've got nothing but good feelings about the way that this is set up and, like i said, just doubling down entry at point: zero, zero, three two or at about point: zero, zero, two, nine, two, eight two: seven that should treat you pretty well, if you're buying A point: zero, zero, three two and you see a break beneath right down to point: zero, zero, two seven just average down. I think you're gon na be sitting pretty good uh. You can see the overall trend here, there's a lot of anticipation for that february. 26Th.

Lawsuit next on the list at number, four is going to be clwd cloud commerce. This is a stock that i've covered on the channel before and you cannot ignore this disgusting setup. Oh my freaking, god that is the most nasty nasty filthiest. Most disgusting george w george w that's the most gross george w.

I think i've ever seen in my entire life, my friends, that is this. This is a crazy setup and we are coming up on a pretty significant level here. So we've got this level of resistance at 0.179. We have this nice ascending level of support, which we have absolutely broken away from right, but we do know that if it does pull back, which is what i anticipate right, it had a crazy day.

Yesterday, uh, i think i was up like 65 in the stock, which is insane, but if it does end up pulling back, which i anticipate it will, because it is at 82 on the rsi might not right away right might not just based on previous trends. We can see that it has the potential to come up here to that 97 level, which is absolutely disgusting but uh. It does not have the potential to do that and if it does right i do. I would still prefer if you got this on a pullback.

So, looking at a level of retracement right, how much does the stock usually retrace? Well, let's just figure that out real quick, so based on previous trends, this stock did retrace the 61.8 percent. So if we follow that same trend, what's going to be a good entry point, it's going to be right around here at about 12.6, which actually lines up pretty well with a level of support that we do have uh with this ascending level of support. So i do think you know if i just lower this a hair, so we get as many touch points as we possibly can. Ah, this works uh at 12.6 that is gon na treat you pretty well as an entry point, so you see a pullback to 12.6 uh.

I would scoop that up. I would take that as an opportunity to get into this stock right watch for a re-test of 18.2. If you see a break right, you can continue to hold. I actually think cloud.

Commerce is a good company. They are a global provider of cloud-driven e-commerce and mobile commerce solutions they're an ai company right. There's there's going to be a lot of money going to ai in the future. I honestly i'm going to be holding this as a mid-long-term investment, but momentum is 100 with the bulls here and if you want to capitalize on that, you are going to rock pretty pretty freaking solid, with uh, with clwd, so to double down entry point at 12.6.

Right or if it breaks beneath that, i like this even better at 11.2 uh, the volume is starting to pick up again, which is always always always something i look for. We have not even seen the same volume that we saw here with this crazy run-up. So if you get volume to back this up guys volume drives volatility, volatility drives higher price valuations. This could be something absolutely disgusting.

Last on the list today is going to be snpw sun, pacific holdings, and this is another disgusting setup. This looks almost the exact same as the clwd chart, maybe maybe a day early. So we've got this nice big fat double bottom. This george w on an ascending level of support.

We had a little bit of a gap up here right, followed by a small pullback. Not much of one starting at 64 on the rsi, but nonetheless it was a pullback and we do have another new, ascending level of support. We had this nice double bottom, typically indicating an upcoming bullish run. We got that big gap here between the 15 mm and the 200 ema indicating this is bullish territory volume just barely starting to pick up now right, we haven't seen the same volume.

Yet this is the warm-up stage. This is the warm-up right getting ready for a run like this. Nothing compared to the volume we've seen yet. So, if you see this start to pick up some more, this is really going to get some crazy, crazy price action.

My friends now last time this pulled back. I want to consider this an asterisk. This is what i would call a market crash. It came back a lot retrace the 78.6, which is a bad bad, bad retracement.

That is not so show a sign of strength, and you can see that right people people scoop the opportunity up to get into the stock after it retraced that hard. So what i find more likely i'll give you both both uh situations, just by the off chance. They happen, but what i find more likely is going to be a retracement to about 61.8 percent, which is 16.2 cents if you are looking for an opportunity to get into the stock. Otherwise, if it does break beneath that, we do know that we have this level of support right around here at 14.1.

I find it more likely that you're going to receive retrace to about 16.2, and you can't see here right that that's not too far away from some levels that we have uh written off here on the charts. We also do have this level of support right around here at about 17.1 cents, with one two. Three, almost four different touch points with some candle wicks. We always look for three to signify level of support, and this could honestly treat as a pretty solid entry point.

Also so that is how that looks on the one month chart that is having a nice nice nice setup. As far as news catalyst goes, you know they haven't had anything as of late, but the chart setup is there and i do see some potential with snpw. That is five stocks that i think have some great potential as swing trades for the next coming days. Right, if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this.

Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble weeble is the brokerage account you're watching me use right now? This is version four version, four for the desktop uh. It allows you to start training at 4am in the pre-market. If you use my link, you get two free stocks of the 100 deposit. I receive a free stock greatly to support the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that's totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

By Trey

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