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5 Long Term Stocks: In this video, we discuss the basic rundown on CCIV, TRCH, SENS, AGTC, & MVIS fundamentals, recent news, & analysis.
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Hey everybody, what's cracking what is up, everybody welcome to choice, trades, we're getting technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these given stocks. I can put this by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i said: the grain of salt. Let's get into the video today, my friends we're giving you five stocks, five updates here on a couple different uh. You know ticker symbols that we have been covering here on the channel they're gon na be cciv, torchlight, sensonics, agtc and mvis, so we're gon na cover.

All five of these today give you the most basic uh fast rundown that i possibly can on all five of these. To give you the best possible entry points, give you the most recent news catalyst that has been happening here right, the basic fundamentals of the company, so you know why you know the company matters why i have a stake in any of these companies right. So we've got quite a bit to talk about - let's just try and get into this video as quick as we possibly can, but first uh, let's just start off here with cciv now cciv, as you can see here, has seen a crazy sell-off in the after hours. Like a nasty nasty sell-off, this looks a lot like ehang when ehan got slapped with bad news except uh.

Cciv got hit with good news right and uh if you're not familiar with the cciv situation. Essentially, this company is gon na be merging with lucid motors. Lucid motors is another electric vehicle, i would say luxury car, which is going to be a competition to tesla right. So i actually have uh lucid motors pulled up here and i'm just going to show this to you real quick.

This isn't actually it it's right here, but lucille motors has a couple. Different models of cars. They've got the lucid air. They have the uh a couple different ones here.

Let's just take a quick peek, lucid air is all that i'm seeing right now, but they've got a couple. Different cars, so lucid air, as you can see right here, is a very nice luxury car, starting at sixty nine thousand nine hundred dollars. It's got 406 miles range for uh. You know for for its total charge, which is really solid.

That's a pretty solid, pretty far away then! Oh, this is the loose air and then you've got just the air. So those are the two difference here. Uh the lucid air is 108 horsepower. Sorry, at 69, 900, with a 517 mile max projected range uh per you know, charged tank of gas.

The nice thing about electric vehicles, my friends, is the maintenance on them is extremely low. Now that is an expensive vehicle. Seventy thousand dollars is not not cheap by any means, but i was watching a uh, an interview with elon musk that i think is gon na sit with you guys really well right, and he said something along these lines. He said uh electric vehicles for them to get cheap, they first have to be expensive and the reasoning behind this is because we have to develop technology before we can refine technology right.

So they they kind of factor in the price to be higher because they know once these cars come out, there's going to be issues that they have to fix right and with that inflation of price they're, going to be able to fix these issues that eventually they Can lower the cost of the car by decreasing the amount of materials required to build them right decrease the amount of people that requires to build them? The whole nine yards here. So i think a loser is gon na, be a great competition down the road to tesla. I don't know if it's gon na be the next tesla right. I don't think anybody can predict that off the top of their heads, but i don't think it's a bad thing.

In fact, i think it's gon na help drive both of these stocks up higher throughout time and, personally, my friends, i think that you are you're you're doing this stock wrong if you're just playing this off for this pack. I think this is going to be a much much uh stronger, long-term potential stock. So we just look at what happened here. Uh lucid motors on monday agreed to go public by merging with cciv a blank check for him.

Blank backed by wall street deal maker and former city group banker michael klein, in a deal that valued the company uh the combined company at 11.75 billion dollars. To put this in perspective. Uh tesla is currently valued if we just check out their their current market cap. Uh, let me just back up here: real quick tesla's market cap is sitting at to do 685 billion dollars so quite a ways behind tesla, but you know, if you're, to do some math.

Of course, the shares outstanding is quite a bit different you'd be looking at a pretty well, it's a big margin of difference right so um to keep that. In the back of your mind, i think there is a lot of potential upside here in regards to lucid motors, but that's not a bad valuation. 11.75 billion dollars it'll get higher it'll get higher right. They don't currently have any products that they're commercializing and selling.

Yet if we come back here to their website uh, i believe they're expecting to start commercializing these products. You know down the road here, so basically, you know reserving a spot to get one of these cars and then down the road being able to purchase it. So they're not available for commercialization, yet they're not currently being sold uh, it's just in the process of becoming a true thing, so uh to me this is the craziest opportunity that you are possibly gon na have to buy to the stock for very, very cheap. So i i think i would take this opportunity if you believe in the company to establish if you've been chasing the stock if you've been chasing the stock you've been buying up here in the 50s, the 55s, the 60s right.

This has been your opportunity. This will be your opportunity to buy this at a cheap, cheap discount right. So this is the very definition of uh buy. The hype sell the news.

That is what people are doing here right. So uh people bought the hype, but they bought the rumor. They ran it up, the rumor was announced, the news came to fruition, and now people are dumping it because i don't think there's any potential upside. That is where sharks eat baby.

That's where the gorilla gang starts, putting their chest and eating up those bananas, because this is your opportunity to get this for a discount that is a fire sale. That is, that is gon na, be a huge, huge opportunity. I could see two potential entry points here. Two levels of support it's gon na either gon na be at 39.27 or around 35 bucks, 35 to 36.

So what you're gon na be looking for is a bounce off this level of support at about 39. If you get that the 39 bucks is going to be solid, you'll know it'll bounce, because you'll see a wide range candle, an engulfing candlestick pattern, a green candle that is larger than the previous red candle. That to me is going to signify that we have in fact found the bottom so be watching for that that'd be a pretty solid indicator if we don't take that same premise and apply it to that 36 level of support. That is what you're going to be.

Looking for in terms of an entry point on cciv to me, this is a long-term stock. I think, if you really want to reap the benefits of cciv, you are never going to get an opportunity like this right. I mean the only opportunity. I think that is going to happen beyond this is when they have the the actual date of the merger announced right when it comes to fruition.

When you get the ticker change right, that is, when you'll probably see another opportunity like this but um. This is going gon na go back up. This is gon na go back up. Please don't panic.

Do not panic right! Uh an instance for me that that that comes to mind is genoc. Gnog was previously lca and lca before they went public right before they became genog uh. They they had that merger announced they had a crazy run-up and they sold off right and then the merger date came along right. Merger got acted upon and they sold off again.

So, as of late, you know, gnog hasn't been doing very well. I still think this company will be sold in the long term. I'll come back to this, maybe in the future, just not for now. For now, i'm gon na move somewhere else, but i think she's not gon na be a good potential stock down the road same thing here happening with uh with cciv, so people bought the hype, they're selling the news, and once we got more hype right, we've got Another known news catalyst which is gon na be the date of the merger announced that is gon na act as another.

You know catalyst to help slowly drive up that price action like you saw happen here back when it was ten dollars all the way up to 65 freaking bucks, so be watching that my friends, that seems like a solid, buy the dip opportunity. I would scoop that up, if you have the opportunity to next stock, to talk about is trch up here in the top left torchlight. So this is the stock that is also going to be merging with another company. Uh called meta material.

So if we just check them out here, really quick meta material mmatf, so mmatf as it looks right now is an otc market stock and if we just check out what they do, they're an industrial company, industrial goods, machinery, equipment and components and industrial machinery and equipment. They work very closely to tesla, uh and torchlight and and meta materials both have been running in pretty similar patterns here. The only thing i'm not liking on this chart setup, which we'll get into in a minute, is this head and shoulders pattern. But nonetheless, if this merger does come to fruition, essentially what you're going to see happen with torchlight is they're gon na move away from this, this gas, this oil and gas, this fossil fuels this gas and exploration side of things and move into a more green energy Sector as well as that industrialized right that equipment and components, industrial machinery, equipment right, so they're, gon na be more of a green energy company uh, and i would feel very, very confident and comfortable with the fact that mmatf metamaterials works very closely.

What tesla's doing! In fact, i've read on reddit take this word. It is take it with a grain of salt right. That could be true. It could be false.

I am not a financial advisor, but i've read on reddit. The metamaterials is actually the same building as tesla, so take that for what it is. That could be a very, very solid news: catalyst here down the road and solid potential for some nasty nasty growth. So torchlight, as i mentioned previously, was a gas, a fossil fuel and oil type project, they're, going to be stepping away from that with this merger right.

We are expecting this to come to fruition. Pretty soon it was announced back in september 21st of 2020 torchlight event, material announces, planned business combination, uh, so torchlight, amended materials, a developer of high performance, functional materials and nano composite products announced today the execution of a non-binding letter of intent, which is similar to another Company that we've been talking about here, whammy and ambry, uh, ticker symbol, uamy and ambry they'd assign the same sort of letter of intent. So i would anticipate down the road whammy. Does the same thing? You already know my sentiment on that, my friends.

If you're rocking with the channel but uh right now we're gon na get a torchlight with that being said, right upon, completion of the pros transaction shareholders of meta are expected to hold a 75 interest in the compliant entity. So the proposed transaction represents a strategic shift for torchlight is intended to reposition torchlight into the multi-billion dollar advanced meta materials market as a global glean, tech and technology leader meta has an extensive intellectual property portfolio, a global presence and multiple r d and product development agreements. With government agencies and private enterprises, the combined entity will continue to service a clientele of world-class oem customers for a range of applications, the automotive aerospace and defense, energy, consumer electronics and medical markets. We just look at take a quick peek at uh torchlight's, institutional ownership.

We will just take a quick peek at this and show you guys what we're looking at here and, if there's a significant number. That is something you guys want to pay attention to anything over 10 is solid. We do have about 10 here. So take that for what it is, that's a that's, a decent number uh that might not be up to date.

We do see that there was a company that recently sold out as of february 11th that was filed, but we also have a couple companies back in 2013. You know not a whole lot of companies here that are stepping up into the game, but if we just take a quick peek at mmatf institutional ownership right, i can never type this right. It's such a tough word institutional ownership. Somebody commented once and said man my man's having a stroke every time every time he types, this we're gon na check this out as well.

We currently have zero institutional owners in this. This is an otc market stock. So keep that in the back of your mind, i want to be as transparent as i can, but that is what that's the current situation is looking like. I do think there is some prospect here with that uh that merger, currently i'm gon na, be holding torchlight as a midterm stock.

I'm gon na be holding until the date of the merger is either is either announced. It comes to fruition. If we just look up the torchlight uh mm atf merger date and look for you know any sort of news that we have on this uh, we can just take a quick peek at this reddit thread so check this out. This is posted 24 days ago, post about them.

Two weeks ago, we love we love science at reddit. What's a company with next level, science, ip using i a ai to create materials uh never before seen by man, trch owner of non-federal land with oil and gas. It was definitely in reverse merging it's one of the craziest companies in science, merchant q1, that soon that'd be sometime in the first. You know quarter of 2021 established globally the companies involved in tech for eevee medical, solar space and, more honestly, i felt like i was in fifth grade.

Nerd lane again amen brother uh reading their page and listening to webinars artificial limbs, material for solar power power to be applied to everything from cars houses to freaking satellites patents, growth, the future, so that could be pretty solid stuff. It is expected to happen sometime in the first quarter of 2021 that should act as a very solid catalyst here for torchlight and metamaterial merger. Honestly, i don't think you can go wrong getting into either of these stocks. It's kind of a two-for-one special.

You can see that metal materials has been doing extremely well. Torchlight has been doing pretty fairly decent as well, so that is uh take there for what it is. That's what we're looking like right now, if you're looking to establish a position here, this isn't pretty bullish territory, 15 minutes trading over the 200 dma right now, uh the volume has died back a little bit, which i don't necessarily like to see, but i do think That is going to come back up once we do come closer to an announced. You know merger timeline.

So let's take that for what it is. As of right now, uh volume is down which is going to decrease the volatility we have the 15ma and the 200 damage parallel. If you have them hooked away, that typically indicates upcoming volatility. If you have them, hooking in that typically indicates less volatility right.

So take that for what it is, we're going to be seeing about a moderate amount of volatility. So we see some volume step into this and we get that 15 ma trading back up towards some bullish momentum. But i would anticipate honestly some consolidation over the next couple of days until we get some sort of news catalyst that news catalyst is always going to trump the technical setup. But i anticipate to bounce back and forth between 321 and 378 until we get that push over 378 or we get an increase in volume or we get another upcoming news catalyst.

That is what we're currently looking like right now we have a little bit of a head and shoulders pattern head here shoulder shoulder, but it is an ascending one nonetheless, so we are setting higher lows and higher highs and honestly, i would anticipate sometime in the next Three days, they're gon na see either a a break beneath this descending level of support or b a push above this parallel level of resistance, so pretty solid technical setup. I do have a position in trch here, the double down. I think the best possible entry point is gon na be at about three dollars and 26 cents. Next sense next is sensonics.

Sensox is a company that i am extremely extremely bullish on. If you want to get a quick rundown on this, essentially what they are is their competition to dexcom dexcom is a a continuous glucose monitoring company right, which trades for over four hundred dollars per share. As of right now, we're gon na pull up their website here. For you really quick they've got the sense, uh censonix product being ever since so currently they have a product out that is a 90-day cgm system, a continuous glucose monitoring system and they're working on getting fda approval on a 180-day continuous glucose monitoring system.

This is significant when you compare it to the dexcom system, which is a 10-day, continuous glucose monitoring system right. So there's a pretty big, significant difference. There. I've read about some people saying trey, you know what's gon na happen, if this this uh subcutaneous, you know every sense system that they're putting into the arm uh causes scarring right.

There is the potential for that. Well, if that is the case uh, i don't think. That's something that's gon na affect diabetics that much, i don't think that's going to be something they're really closely paying attention to solely for the fact that um this is life or death stuff, my friends, so just the fact that this is so life-changing right. That's that's! Nine times higher than the 10-day cgm system that's being utilized by dexcom if they go to 180 days or they actually have another product, the 360 cgm system, if they can move up to that, that is going to be a complete game changer.

So we just check out their system here. Real quick they've got a sensor. It's very, very small it'd be looking like about this. Just barely able to see subcutaneously placed into your arm, then you have the transmitter and the mobile app.

The transmitter is what is going to pick up the you know, the continuous glucose monitoring system, which is going to give you. You know five minute indicators telling you how your blood glucose levels are doing, be transmitted over the transmitter and then send over to your mobile app. This gives you continuous glucose monitoring data right, tells your glucose levels, your blood sugar levels, and, if you don't have your mobile app on you, in fact, what it'll do instead no issues at all, because it'll actually give you vibratory alerts, saying hey! You need to monitor your glucose levels, you need this, you need to do this or you do that and you'll be able to take care of the issue itself. So that looks pretty freaking solid, my friends.

We have an upcoming known news catalyst in regards to ever since uh and the the cgm system so uh. We just come back here to the website. Since onyx. We can come over here to investor relations and take a peek at the events and uh relations.

So, presentations and events, what we can see here is the upcoming events. We do have a conference on the 25th of uh february 2021, which is going to be thursday. We also have the fourth quarter, 2020 earnings, and if that is going to be positive, you can expect that to be a pretty positive news catalyst, even if it's not if you're looking for a swing trading opportunity or just lock in a little bit of quick profits. You know take a little bit off the top reinvest it at the bottom right.

That is another opportunity for you to do that as well, because whether or not earnings are positive or negative, there's typically quite a bit of hype coming into those earnings plays so be watching for that. That does seem like a pretty solid opportunity, but this uh, this svb leerank global healthcare conference, should be a pretty cost of positive news catalyst that could drive the price action here in the short term. I do have some call options on this play. I do have a position on this play.

I've got about two thousand five hundred dollars invested in sentonix, as it is sitting right now and i'm gon na keep adding to this position. I'm almost as bullish on this, as i am mvis, so take that for what it is, the current chart setup is looking very, very solid if they can capitalize on their system. I think they can be a great competition to dexcom, which is trading at 400. A share right now right, their market cap is much much larger.

I think you're going to see a redistribution of wealth, especially if they get fd approval in that 180 day system. If they get that 360 day, cgi system cgm system right long term down the road um that is gon na, be the cherry. On top of the icing on top of the cake, so layers of onions here, my boys and girls, looking absolutely beautiful the chart set up what we were looking at, as we saw peak out here at about 5.90 out of the last four days in the market. Three days of them have been pretty red, so if we see this right here, this is the kind of green day traded, sideways red day red day red day right a lot, a lot of players have been getting kind of swacked they're getting swagged, so we had On the same level, support broke that with a wide range candle bar, as you can see right here, a little bit of bleeding, but it does look like we might see a bottom um.

I don't feel confident saying that yet that doesn't quite line up with a good level of support it might be, but i feel more comfortable saying that, since we broke the previous level of support, that ascending level of support 376 is going to be the next level Of support to watch here very nice, consistent volume, which does give us predictability in terms of the chart setup. The 15 ma is hooking in towards the 200 ema, which is a microscopic trend line compared to the macroscopic trend line right, typically implying a decrease in volatility. So if the volume does drop back right, what that is going to tell you is you're expecting a little less price action, a little less movement so be watching. For that.

I would expect a little bit of a bleed until we get that either a that upcoming conference on thursday, which should act as a positive news, catalyst or b uh, some other sort of news catalyst which is going to drive the price action or c an increase. In volume which will increase the overall volatility, so just a double down on that. I do think this is a great long term play i'm going to be. Holding this long term 376 looks like a solid entry point and that's what we're looking at here for sensonics agtc agtc is continuing its downward trend.

This is a stock that i am still very, very bullish on there's quite a few things that i'd like about them. We're gon na get into this as quickly as we possibly can to save you guys as much time as we possibly can, but agtc. Essentially, what they are is they are a company similar to, i would say, a bio nano genomics and i'm going to tell you what the difference is. But the reason that i think they're similar is this biotechnology and medical research and the pharmaceutical medical research.

They focus on ocular genetic disorders right so problems with the eye and what is different about them compared to other companies is they're not looking for band-aid solutions, they're looking to find the issue that is causing that that bullet wound right, so they're trying to get that Bullet out developing groundbreaking gene therapies for patients with rare diseases, so they're trying to go into the genome sequencing right and find the exact mutations that are causing different genetic defects and ocular. You know diseases right that are causing issues for people, so they can't see. Look at their programs and pipeline they've got quite a few different products. They recently updated their website.

Otology is non-syndromic healing loss, so that is, that is not quite related to the ocular part of things. You've got the neurogenerative right so focusing on different diseases that that stem from neurological degeneration or the breakdown of neurons within the body, and then the oculars, so they've got five different products in the pipeline. Right now, in regards to these ocular pipeline products, xlrp achm, optogenetics, dry, amd and star guard, so i am going to be personally holding this as a long-term stock and it's home. For me, i personally have something called bilateral anterior uveitis, and i'm just going to show you this here, really quick guys.

This would be able to take care of that issue. In fact, i just recently had a flare-up in my right eye uh a couple days ago, and the only thing that's taken care of this. For me, the band-aid solution for me is taking steroid eye drops and it's frustrating, because it's extremely painful it uh. I lose my vision, i get this really bad light sensitivity and if, if this company could get down to the exact genome sequencing and find that mutation, that's causing that issue, i would never have to buy those stupid.

Expensive eye drops ever again, so that'd be that'd. Be absolutely phenomenal, i know i'm not the only person out there. That's that's dealing with situations like this, so this is a very interesting product. I think it's gon na be pretty untapped market potential.

In my eyes, it's kind of like what bngo is doing on a different level right, so bngo's got the sapphire system. These guys are focusing on a very niche market, so maybe the upside isn't is potentially high, but it's an untapped market. Nonetheless, these guys also had a you know. A news catalyst here today was a red day in the market, did not end up playing out the way that we thought it would.

So i would say seven or eight times out of ten when you've got upcoming, known news, catalysts or events, they pan out pretty well. This company had a a news conference uh. Let me just find this here: real quick, okay. So here we are, they had a news conference here today on the february 22nd and they've got another one on on the 24th.

So a lot of price action happened here today. Unfortunately, maybe if they released some news regarding how that went, we will get a little more of an idea of uh. You know some price action here, but as it's sitting right now, they're currently a downward uh moving channel. So, on the 24th we do have another upcoming news catalyst.

If this does go well that digital event uh, that could be a pretty solid little push. We didn't end up getting that today, uh. In fact, we did see a little more of a sell-off happen here, but nonetheless, i'm still extremely bullish on this stock, and i want to show you exactly you know. One other thing that i find very very important to point out is the agtc institutional ownership, so check this out very, very, very high numbers.

Anything over 10 is extremely solid. We've got 42.46 here, which is 18.1 million shares out of the 42.6 million total shares outstanding. On the company, so that is a very significant numbers. My friends and there is a huge, huge price target on this as well agtc um analyst price target is 35, depending on where you're reading right.

So that is very solid. Let's see if i can just find this really quick httc price - oh that's too old, uh. Recent price targets on this have been extremely solid. So between 30 35 you can look at my previous videos.

I'm gon na try and save as much time as i possibly can for you guys, but analysts on this are very, very, very bullish, and so am i. I think it's got some solid potential. What are we looking for for this downward channel to end right? We're gon na be looking for a hold at this level of support at about six dollars and ten cents or so we're currently trading about 6.15 cents. That's what we closed that here in the after hours for the regular market hours right, so we're going to be watching for either a a break, above with a wide range candle above this decent level of resistance or b a hold above this.

This parallel level of support, so that we can get back into that bullish territory, do a little bit of consolidation and we'll be looking pretty solid. One thing that i'm liking a lot is the volume coming into. This is a lot higher than the volume that's coming out of this. The volatility on these downswings is not bad, which to me indicates, is an investor stock and not a trader stock.

So if you hold this for the long term right, those price targets which are 30 or 35 are for a one year price target. So if you hold this for a year, my friends, i think you'll be looking at a pretty immense amount of upside. So take that for what it is uh. Currently we have the 15ma and the 2008 hooking in towards each other, which typically indicates an upcoming decrease in volatility when you've got them hooking out from each other.

That indicates an upcoming increase in volatility and when they are parallel, that indicates a little bit of neutrality or consolidation so um. I i would anticipate that you're gon na see it continue. This slow bleed until we get that bounce off of that either level of support. Right here or if it breaks beneath that which we are not looking to happen, uh, we don't want to happen at all, because the next level is gon na be right around five dollars and sixty cents um.

So we do not want that to happen. We want to continue to see this solid bullish run uh, but i anticipate it's going to be solid. There's a lot of there's a lot of good stuff happening here. My friends.

We've got a lot of products in the pipeline, a lot of possible newscasts that could come out here with agtc, and that is how that is looking right. Now, lastly, is my girl vision. This is my favorite stock in the entire market. I added this stock at every opportunity that i have uh.

This is a very, very solid opportunity that we have here - and this is a automotive, lidar and technology company, so we're gon na pull up their website here. Real quick and give you a basic run on some of the different technology that they have. They've got intellectual property, a bunch of different patents. Patents are a great way to generate revenue because they give you guaranteed uh revenue right.

So, every single year you you collect cash from or capital from these patents, and if you need to collect cash or create cash right, you can actually sell these and sit on a little bit of money to help fuel whatever sort of operations you are doing. With a company, they've got mems design, opto mechanical design, advanced manufacturing, capital equipment systems, design right, essentially, what these guys do is they are technology, technology, equipment and electric equipment, electronic equipment and parts company and what we're the most excited about, which we'll get into in a Second, is the automotive liner, but they've got other things as well: you've got a projection engine and an interactive projection engine right. Well, the interactive projection engine, the only difference being that you can, you can play on it just like a tablet right, the only and it doesn't uh you know, get your screen dirty. You can please play right on it around a desktop or a countertop cook.

A pizza you know the whole nine yards and not have to worry about smudging up your screen, which is really cool. We've got this consumer 3d ladder sensor, which is great for at home, security and smart home applications right very adaptable. High resolution low latency 3d ladder sensor, we've got this projection engine for head mounted displays which ties into that ibas technology, which is utilized by the aviation sector of the army. They use this technology to help navigate the skies more freely, so they can.

You know you know: uh engage in missions in the enemy in a counter, not i shouldn't say, counterproductive, but a productive way, they're. Also, developing ivs technology for ground troops such as infantrymen armormen field, artillery guys our defense artillery guys, which would fall into my line of work. We're just gon na help them navigate the battlegrounds more freely so great uh ar mr and vr technology, which is gon na. Be utilizable and they got the automotive 3d lidar sensor, which we are expecting a presentation on coming up here in april, my friends, so that is looking beautiful.

I am so excited for this stock. My friends we've been waiting forever for this. I've been on this stock since mid-december and i'm not gon na be quitting anytime soon, because there's so much upside remaining in my eyes, my friends tesla is like the the grand be all of the electronic. You know vehicle sector to me.

Microvision is the grand be all in terms of the technology and automotive lidar sector right. So i think these guys are going to be industry leaders. I think they're lagging behind a little bit and i i have nothing but good things to say about where this company could potentially go. So from my understanding that did just recently close a at the market equity facility.

So microvision completes 50 million at the market equity facility, which means that they sold shares at the market value right. They didn't get a discount on the on the current market value shares, which is solid. That is a way for them to raise money which is going to continue to fuel their operations. I didn't anticipate that happened.

I didn't talk about that one of my previous videos - hopefully you guys were able to catch that it gives you an opportunity to bind the stock for cheaper. We've got a triple freaking bottom here, two george ws, which is nasty one bottom here, one bottom here and another bottom right here, which is very, very solid. My friends volume has been down right, but i don't mind the volume being down on consolidation days. That is typically a good thing.

That means that the people who are investing in the stock are still holding their positions. I don't know if there's maybe we're gon na step out of this. I really don't. I think people are gon na continue to hold this stock.

I would anticipate that i i don't plan on selling i'll, tell you that right now, and that is because there is potential for an acquisition by companies such as microsoft, apple ford, i wouldn't say tesla, but it's possible that tesla does. But i would say microsoft, apple and ford, especially especially apple, because they've been talking about looking into lidar technology in some recent news releases. So if there is a company acquisition, shareholders do receive a pretty solid cut right, uh per billion dollars in acquisition. You would receive a set dollar amount.

I've seen seven dollars for a round in terms of microvision. So hypothetically, if it's a 10 billion accusation, shareholders receive 70 per share for that overall acquisition. So it's a very, very lucrative process. My friends, i would not consider selling this yet you're going to be secure in the bank and leaving some briefcases on the table, so keep holding, keep holding strong, there's going to be ups.

There's going to be downs, it's going to be volatile, but it is going to be worth it. So this is a great buying opportunity. We've got a triple top which to me in the case, there's a lot of strong buying presence here. The 15 mm is just barely hooking into 200 dma right now right, but it's been holding up extremely well in a rough market for the last four days out of the last four days, three of them have been read.

Overall, it has still been consolidating. It's been holding up very well. Buyers are stepping back into this, which tells you a lot about the company and the sentiment towards microvision. So i think you are not going to see a drop below this ascending level of support.

I think a solid entry point is gon na be 18 and 27 cents you buy in right there. My friends, i think you're gon na be treated extremely extremely well. I honestly don't see any way that you're not gon na make money. If you hold this for a year, i think at the end of uh, 2021, 80 to 100 is a very realistic price target, especially if these guys end up getting an acquisition deal which we are expected to hear about right sometime in the near future.

So that was a long video, my friends, hopefully you guys enjoyed it. That is what i have for you today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this. Lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weeble.

This is version 4 for the desktop great platform that allows you to start trading at 4am in the pre-market. If you use money can get two free stocks to the 100 deposit. I receive a free stock, greater support of the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today.

Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

By Trey

24 thoughts on “5 stocks with huge potential! cciv, trch, sens, agtc, mvis basic fundamentals analysis”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan Holiday says:

    So what are most people doing? Are you buying individual shares or buying options on these recommendations I’ve been playing in the market on a small scale the last couple of years. Just learning about options and it seems to be where the real money is at.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Niko Pepaj says:

    What do you think about Clov? I feel like there’s a lot of potential in this stock. I got in at $11. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m new to your channel and I’m a fan. Keep up the great work, nothing goes unappreciated🙏🏽

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alexxf35 says:

    Trey, love your content but you should have been a little more detailed in your CCIV breakdown. It is selling off because the final deal valued Lucid at 24 billion instead of the 12 billion that was originally forecast. This effectively gave CCIV less ownership of the combined company, and therefore CCIV shares were inherently worth less than what many were expecting.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Phil J.L Fig says:

    Cciv had potential a week and a half ago, I think it’s peaked personally; sens def has a little more potential then the rest I believe

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Scheffler says:

    I'm new to trading and learned a lot from you in the last couple of weeks, can you give me your opinion on ABML and SXOOF thank you.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars documenting my life S8 says:

    Dang, everything dipped! This is either amazing or terrible based on the amount of money you have left.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars B Richards says:

    Trey, I'm sorry. I can't watch your videos at night when they come out because I can't sleep after! I wait until morning w/ a cup of coffee. You and legal stimulants go well together ;).

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George says:

    Yknow that bit in The Incredibles where Mr. Incredible throws that guy through about 8 walls? That’s my stocks this morning through levels of support

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DeeKay86 says:

    Anyone watch the Meet Kevin video where he explains how the suits and Lucid basically screwed retail investors? I’m sure the Lucid cars will be great (once they sell one), but the way they have behaved already against retail investors is in bad faith. I would not trust Lucid.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DeeKay86 says:

    Trey, you said the “Lucid Air” and the “Air” are two different cars. They are not. The Lucid Air is the Air lol.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zebra_XI says:

    This guy doesn't know what he's saying. It finally valued at 24b. Its valuation is $37 per share. Its a buy at $32. Its currently $40

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars wakawaka1976 says:

    SENS is only approved for adults unlike the dexcom but I am hopeful they can come up with something that works with kids.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tammy Grabel says:

    I have an issue with my eye too Trey! And I have to take those stupid steroid drops too, my doc keeps trying to wean me off the drops, but my eye is actually addicted to the drops that it’s painful to stop. Anyways, I have a medium sized position in AGTC.. thanks for the updates! Very helpful!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars George Wrinklenuts says:

    I hope you see this. I just wanted to thank you for teaching me core values on the charts. I was having a hard time with it. Thank you thank you thank Go gorillas 🦍 you are a stand up dude and I absolutely love your Energy!! I Watch every single video of yours ! Would you mind looking in to VERU I’ve done a lot of DD but I would just like your opinion.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J Mula says:

    Metamaterials has a better product for monitoring glucose imo. Looks like SENS will probably debut first.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Samy Mohades says:

    This deal isn’t so bad as people are assuming, it will just take some time until the most retailers will understand it.
    They tricked us good in complicating the circumstances of the merger.
    $24b merger valuation at a pipe of $15/share is the same as $16b valuation at a pipe of 10/share.
    They are tricking us to panic sell and get our shares cheaper, tricks of the big ones!
    It’s just $1billion more expensive than what we expected it to be 🚀🚀🚀

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Officialalmate says:

    Looks like both of us are wearing our coyote shirts and looking at stocks
    -from E4 mafia

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eduardo Napoles says:

    Vanguard Im pretty sure bought 680k shares value 2million of TRCH shares. they must know something we dont know

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Susan Troia says:

    RH is listing CCIV stock at 40.00. On Webull and Schwab it is listed at 57.00…concerned.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars happydappyman says:

    You guys, I have a new theory. I Think Trey secretly actually works for the CIA. He's part of an experiment where they try to teach people how to make money and… Wait… There was something nefarious in there somewhere…

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Elrot says:

    Even though I love your enthusiasm and hypes of these stonks sometimes you gotta dig deeper and tell people honest truth. CCIV isn't falling down because of "buy rumor, sell news", it's because of its evaluation doubling from 12b to 24b which created dilution of share price, and giving PIPE investors a much lower discount of $15 dollars per share than retail investors. Also, your AMC evaluation/analysis is way off from the reality (you've been wrong about another short squeeze, share dilution, short interest, and outstanding shares of AMC) past couple videos. Hate to say this but I think you're just going off what other people say or "want" to hear, which isn't going to get you far.. you will become another pump/dump youtuber without fact-checking your DD. Your view of stocks can be greatly differ from mine, but the facts don't change and please do some research before you put up 3-4 videos a day with incorrect information.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andre M says:

    I’m also super bullish on MVIS and SENS, about 5k shares in each, gonna get me some gold chains!

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! trkoby says:

    This guy has a successful YouTube channel. He just cheers every stock he owns whether it goes up or down. Don't mind the buffoons following his trades that are losing so much money and are in so much hardship

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MeteorMan says:

    I keep hearing that TRCH should only be $0.35 because they have no assets and META controls 75% of the company. I also read that META plans to sell off TRCH over time. I am however considering some SENS if the price tanks briefly.

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