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6 Grand Slam Stock: Today we cover 6 stocks that the Trey's Trades community hit out of the park today February 8, 2021 // ZOM, HCMC, SNPW, XONE, MVIS, BSQR updates.
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What's up youtube? Oh yeah baby, what is up everybody welcome to trace trades. We get technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks like the purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and they're experts so take what i say with a grain of salt, let's get into the video today, my friends we're gon na be focusing on six stocks that i have been presenting to you Guys on the channels that have been absolutely crushing that are, i would call grand slam plays my friends. It is absolutely insane.

I really hope that you were able to get in. At least one of these plays that i was presenting to the channel because they have absolutely been crushing. I just want to give you guys a recap on all how all six of them are doing, we'll look at them on the one month, chart uh and then the saving of time we're gon na give you guys. You know the the rundown.

The basic crash course on how you can play these stocks. The best potential entry points. I've got a couple of indicators pulled up right, the rsi, which is a relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought.

Anything under 30 is oversold. It is an idea of bullish and bearish momentum to give you an idea of when you should buy and sell a stock right. We've got the 200 ema and it's 15 day, m8. The student email is this purple trend line down here, and this is a uh exponential moving average, and this is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200 day moving period, which gives us an idea of the macroscopic price action on a stock.

And then we've got the 15 day ma, which is the moving average. Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average. They are one. In the same, this is a price action based evaluation trendline over a 15 day moving period, which gives you a microscopic idea of price action.

We use both of these side by side to predict when upcoming breakouts are going to come when you can ride momentum for great swing trading opportunities right, which all of these plays have presented to us. So my friends, my uh, my family, the gorilla gang here at trey's trades - i am so pumped to talk to you guys about these today, let's get into the video so number one out of six we're gon na start off here with hcmc. Now this is a smokeless tobacco and health and management uh company right there called healthier choices, management corporation and the reason i presented this play to you guys. You can check out one of the videos.

If you'd like more detail, is they are currently working through a lawsuit against philip morris, which is a company that uh that has, as infringed upon their patents, two of them specifically regarding an iqo iqos system right, a smoker's tobacco product, while philip morris has about three Billion dollars invested in this product and if these guys win the lawsuit, which is you know, coming in uh, what would be february 26th is when we're expecting actually to be taken. I'm not kidding you when i say this could be a 2000 x company, which sounds insane. That sounds absolutely absurd. Right at twenty thousand percent increase no way but get this their financial situation.

Their gross profit in 2019 was 6.48 million dollars. Now, if you do the math, we just do some simple math, i'm gon na pull my phone real, quick, we're gon na take three billion dollars divided by oh. I can't even go that far on my phone to flip. It sideways three billion dollars divided by uh.

Six point: eight million you get 462 uh times right, so that would be a 46 000 increase in price if it comes to fruition right, so i'm extremely low balling when i say a 2 000 increase right three billion dollars compared to the gross profit. Now i'm not saying they're gon na get all that money. We obviously don't live in a vacuum, but regardless there's gon na be a lot of money tied into this. If they end up winning that lawsuit.

If you wan na, look it up guys, it does look like they. They in fact have infringed upon their patent rights and may be entitled to at least some compensation for the three billion dollars they've invested in that company, phillip moore specifically. So if you were able to get into this pro this stock, my friends at one point - it was up over 100 today, and this is just a tip on the iceberg. This is just the frosting on the cake, there's so much more to come here.

You're not even you're, looking at one sliver of a slice of the pie, this could. Ah, this could be nothing. This could be absolutely nothing uh. If you're.

Looking at a good entry point here, we have a nice upward clean moving channel right. We see a little bit of a pullback here, nice, clean, green candle pole right there right. We see that and then a nice pullback we've got a descending level of resistance and in order to break out of this downward trend, we're gon na have to break this level, which we signify by having three touch points. One two three which we do have right.

So we're gon na do a wide range green candle bar to break above this uh, this descending level of resistance, nice fat gap here between the 15 mm and the 200 image signifying this is bullish territory right, the pullbacks have been pretty nice. We actually had two days here, uh three days where it's kind of trading sideways. This isn't a bad thing: consolidation to me: favors buyers, bullish territory. So that's good! If you're looking at a potential entry point, we can look at previous pullbacks and get an idea of how much the stock usually retraces, based on previous trends.

It usually traces about 61.8 percent. So taking that same logic - and that was right last time - my friends - i was right last time - we're gon na save it right again, um. We just take that same logic right. We can apply it here to this candle wick and we can apply it right here to the top of this candle.

We're going to get an idea. 61.8 retracement would be about .0029, so it honestly shouldn't pull back much more than that, but regardless we're going to take this candle wick just by the off chance that it does, and that would look like about .0024. So what is that going to look like you're going to be looking at an entry point right around point: zero, zero, two, four or right around here at about that, so we're gon na level. This off again just get a second uh second glance, just to make sure, and it does appear the 61.8 retracement uh.

Let me just adjust this again: 61.8 percent retracement would pan very well about there at .0029. So, as i said anywhere between point zero zero. I know this is a wide range. This is a very wide range, so i'm actually going to move it down.

Get these kind of weight touches anywhere between point zero, zero, two four and zero zero. Two seven is going to be a beautiful entry point into the stock. My friends, it is currently trading at 60 on the rsi. If it pulls back a little more comes back to neutral right.

I don't think this is going to slow down. I really really genuinely don't think this is going to slow down. I think you're going to continue to see this ramp up this run into that date of february 26, with that lawsuit and hcmc is going to be a major major major grand slam in the making. You cannot trade this on weeble.

You do need to use a different brokerage account that allows you to trade the otc market, so i wouldn't recommend charles schwab, if you're looking to get into this stock next next stock, that i recommended everybody was b-square, b-s-q-r, guys, i'm so pumped. This is insane. This is a play that was actually presented to me by the discord we saw pullback really harshly right. So that's why i thought we'd see a nice bounce because it retraced more than 78.6 percent.

Typically, when a stock retraces that hard there's more to come - and we did see that we got to follow through with some nice volume today didn't quite run as much as last time. But that's okay! If you're looking for a quick swing, trade opportunity - which we did have here right, the opportunity was there, we saw it right. We've got this nice, big fat, george, w double bottom bounce, and it was actually an ascending george w, which is beautiful. So we got the bottom here bottom here, followed by a nice wide range candle bar right, and we actually have a nice ascending level of support, since i'm looking at the chart right now and getting an idea of what this is looking like.

So we're looking for three signified touch points to validate and verify that this is a respected level on the charts which we do get right. We've got one two three four different touch points right here, so we're gon na extend this out and give us an idea of what you might be looking at if it continues to respect this level. Good entry point: if it does continue to respect this level right in the pre-market or the after hours would be somewhere around. You know 575.

You get into this in the extended hours or 606 in the pre-market. If you'd like to play this as a quick swing trading opportunity, if it doesn't, if it doesn't respect this level of ascending support, we know we've got a great level of support right here at five dollars and 17 cents. The overall trend is still extremely bullish. You got a nice gap here between the 15 and the 200 ema, indicating that the microscopic price action is breaking away from the macroscopic price action right.

This is unusual trading behavior. We got to follow through with a lot of volume, less volume today than we saw last time right, so i'd anticipate if we follow this trend in dying volume, you're likely to see a little less here tomorrow as well. Nonetheless, it was volatile. We got enough movement to push the stock up guys.

This was another grand slam, another great swing trading opportunity. I hope that you were able to capitalize on that and, if you're looking for another opportunity, my friends, the pullback would be about five dollars and seventeen cents. Uh or this six dollar and three cent range in order to keep playing this, i personally, like you, know this level right around 517, a little bit more currently trading at 58 on the rsi, which is just a hair above neutral right. This is slightly favoring bullish territory, but i think we can do better, as the traders and the gorilla gang get this at 5 17..

That is going to treat you extremely well wait for that pullback wait for the patience right. It's going to pay just like it did last time. That is how that stock looks currently next one x, o n e. I made a video on this and i kind of got slammed because some people thought that i was pumping the stock, but i promise you i'm not.

I actually don't even currently have a position in this company. I'm gon na be getting them as a free stock. From weeble, i'm not gon na pump this stock. I have no reason to do that.

In fact, if i ever get asked to pump a stock by any company, i'm gon na blast them on youtube and make them look real silly, but exon is going to be a company that is going to continue to grow. This is a 3d printing company that focuses on sand and metal 3d printing similar to nano dimensions except nano dimensions, focuses on technology, so this could be kind of an indicator where nmdm could possibly go in the future. We already know nano dimensions is an absolute powerhouse of a company, but exxon right. This company is showing you that it is continuing nasty nasty growth.

They have like a 30 day today, trading at 55 dollars and 70 cents right absolutely disgusting, x1 pops on guiding four and f1 uh first year, 21 uh fiscally to 21 revenue above estimates. So you already see guys these guys are crushing right now. 2020, you know their overall gross profit was positive. It's it's been growing, which is good.

We like to see that so, what's a good entry point for this. Well, if you were able to get in when i, when i recommended it down here at about 34.80, you know you're sitting pretty good. That's not bad! But if you didn't we're gon na wait for a pullback, because that's the best opportunity to pull buy into a stock is what i just pulled back now when it's overvalued, which is right now right. We can see that it's trading at 76 on the rsi, which is extremely extremely bullish territory.

So we want to see another pullback like this right and what was the last pullback? How much did it pull back based on the previous retracement? Well, let's just do some quick math right. We can see that reach race about 50. So if it does another 50 retracement based on the chart right here, it would pull back to somewhere around 45.94. That would be a great entry point into the stock.

Of course, that is a pretty steep decline, but it did gain over 30 today, so giving some of it back is realistic. I personally think somewhere between 46.48 is gon na, be the most realistic entry point into the stock. I think it is a great term, a great long-term hold company, but if you are looking for a quick swing trade opportunity, this is extremely bullish in nature. It has grown exponentially my friends.

It has gone up from nine dollars back in uh january, 4th to almost 60 bucks. As of now on february, 8th, absolutely filthy. I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon, entry point around 46 dollars to 48 good mid to long-term hold investment. I'm certainly gon na be investing more money here, and i hope that you consider doing the same next.

One is going to be uh zometica now zometica has obviously been crushing. This is a this is a stock that i cover a lot and a pretty harsh pullback here in the after hours right, but nonetheless it presented an opportunity for a quick swing play right. So, if you're able to take profits here on the top, you can definitely re-enter the stock. At a different point which we do see, we have a nice signified rejection right here, a nice candle wick on the bottom.

It may very well bleed a little bit. More. Might pull back a little bit more and that's okay? If it does, that presents you an opportunity to get into the stock if you miss the hype right so don't be, don't be afraid if you missed out on the play, there is going to be future opportunity here. In fact, i think there's a lot.

I think this is i'm going to be increasing my overall price target on this. I thought this would be a 4 or 5 stock by late march. I think it's got a lot of possibilities to be a six or seven dollar stock by late march. At this point, based on the price action that we have been seeing as of late extremely overbought, the last three days, so a pullback is due, it is going to come, have some patience.

Please don't chase the stock. You can see that it has already begun clearing at 55 on the rsi, but i do anticipate it is going to break beneath this descending level of support, and if it does, we have a nice level of support sitting right here at about uh 2.17. That should treat very well as a good entry point into the company nice fat gap here between the 200 yemen and the 15 ma right, so that signifies that we are in extremely bullish territory. We see this pullback right a little bit of uh people getting scared.

Taking some profits, not the end of the world, but nonetheless you guys are able to capitalize on this absolutely disgusting, filthy, ascending channel right here. We've got a lot of different touch points right, a false break, followed by you know a little bit of bleed a little bit of sell-off guys that was another grand slam for trace trades. My friends we have crushed this. It was at dollar 14.

Four days ago touched up at three bucks, so you almost saw 200 increase on zom and the opportunity is still there. If you're looking for an entry point, as i said, uh, either around what would be about two dollars and 35 cents, i would wait until the pre-market tomorrow to wait and see the price action. But you know somewhere around if we do respect this ascending level of support and this this nice moving channel this upper moving channel 243, if it breaks that you're gon na be looking at about 230 or 217. somewhere in here, is the most realistic.

I like it at 217, but 230 should treat you well and if you do see a pullback to 217 i'll dollar cost average down my friends, it is going to treat you well late march. We've got the truforma system commercialization. It is going to be a great stock, i finally believe in it, and i hope that you consider investing in it as well. Next stock is going to be microvision, you guys already know you guys already know.

I absolutely love microvision. This to me is gon na. Be a triple digit stock by the end of 2021 and my friends, it has been on an absolute rampage. Lately we have seen it go up, uh nearly 20 15 to twenty percent every single day for about five days stretch.

Now this is absolutely disgusting. In fact, i think they are up over one hundred percent in the last five days. We do see they were seven dollars and forty cents currently trading at 14.70. At one point, they were 15 53 today, which is disgusting.

We broke out of this ascending level of resistance. This upward moving channel right. I'm gon na delete this overall fibonacci retracement we'll put that back up later, but you can see this is a level of resistance right. We broke it with a nice wide range candle bar.

So now we actually have a nice uh new upward, moving channel right. We can see this is a kind of a bullish flag. We got the we got. The pull right here, followed by an ascending level of support.

We've got what could be the beginning of another upward, moving channel, or at least the squeeze down in price action right so sometime, i would anticipate within the next. You know the next couple hours or in the pre-market. I would anticipate a nice push that run, might continue. It very well might continue.

In fact, the volume is picking up every single day with microvision my friends, it looks absolutely dirty. What is a good entry point here? Well, if you're, looking at a long-term perspective at this point, you're gon na be looking at a pullback, maybe to the 23.6 percent retracement, but probably more likely is the 2012.38 retracement right 12.38 cents as an entry point, if you're looking long term, if you're looking for A more swing trade opportunity, what you could do is wait for a small pullback to right around here at this level at four. What would be? Let me just draw this up really quick at fourteen dollars and six cents. We've got one two three four five different touch points here signified level of support.

We always look for three right entry point here played as a swing. You see some price rejection. Take profits, wait for it to pull back, get your entry back into the stock right ride that position back up to the next high rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat: this is a long-term hold for me. They are, i, i believe, and many people believe in buyout conversations.

They've got that great automotive lidar technology, absolutely beautiful company. I do think microvision has the potential to be a triple digit stock. Another huge grand slam here in the last week for trace trades last stock that i want to talk about and a lot of people didn't like this video. But i told you i told people i said smpw's getting ready to rip.

I can see it on the charts, it's getting ready and it did happen. It had a 60 day today and this is an otc market stock. So you do need to use either fidelity or charles schwab. There are brokerage accounts, like maybe i think, 212 allows you as well to trade this, but it had a disgusting day guys up 60.

This one was a sleeper. Nobody was talking about this. Nobody, it was a beat. The hype play nothing interesting happening right.

We see that they've got this nice ascending level of support. I notice that they have also a descending level of resistance, a squeeze down in price action. We broke it right. We see this.

What would be a wide range candle bar, but we just ended up gapping up, which you can assume is you know a wide range candle bar. Of course, it is likely in the future that we end up filling that gap, which we do see is very possible with the way that this stock has played out in the in the past, but this was off of almost no freaking volume. Look at this look at that volume compared to here almost no volume, and it gapped up this much guys, they're going to be people that see this there's going to be people that see that it moved this much and that it only ran off this. This little volume - i think this has some more potential to run, but we're not going to let you just chase this stock, we're going to give you guys the best potential entry point so that you don't get caught chasing so you don't get caught holding the bag And you can play this off as a good.

You know, swing trade or mid to long-term hold. However, you want to play it last time we saw the stock, we traced 78.6 percent right and i'm not guaranteeing that happens again, but i think somewhere between 78.6 and 61.8 is probably realistic. Based on previous trends. This stock is the very definition of a micro micro cap stock right, so somewhere between here is very realistic as a potential pullback right.

We do see that there's a gap in price action here which typically does end up getting filled, so you might end up seeing that pullback if it happens, enter the price and enter into the stock there. It's gon na treat you pretty well if it doesn't pull back that hard you're gon na know, because the price action is brutal, it moves hard, it moves hard up, it moves hard down and if it doesn't move hard down, it's probably going to be a pretty Good day, right because uh, this is an otc market stock, guys there's a lot of risk involved. People know that they don't want to get into it and if they do get into it, you're going to know it'll move if they get out of it. You're going to know because they're just going to move you're going to see it, so i think a good entry here is going to be somewhere around these levels between 14.5 cents and down here at about uh 13.1 cents.

We're going to delete that right there, somewhere between this price zone, is going to treat you pretty well uh, and it does line up pretty well what we have here as a little bit of consolidation period. This was a three bar play right, so that'll treat you pretty well if it doesn't end up pulling back that far right it may not. It may not pull back that far. We do have another level support right here with one two.

Three different touch points. We've got another touch point here here here right, you can see that's a significant level, so 15.5 and you're gon na know right. If we have huge wide range candle bars, it's most likely gon na pull back more than that. But if you get stair steppers right, something like this - you know another small one like this, where it's just barely stepping down moving pretty slow, each candle sticks getting a little bit smaller a little bit smaller, most likely it's going to be 15.5 entry point.

There will look absolutely solid ride it up to the retest of 19.8 cents and you're gon na be looking really freaking good, and that is what i have for. The grand slam plays updates here on trey's trades. That has six stocks that we absolutely crushed in the market today. I really really hope you at least got into one of those guys because we have been killing it lately, you guys should have got some nasty filthy gains, gorilla gang.

We are rocking and thank you very much you guys enjoyed the video. Please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble.

Weeble is a brokerage account that you see me use right now. This is version 4, for the desktop allows you to start trading at all possible, extended hours, pre-market starting at 4 a.m. If you use my link to get two free stocks with a 100 deposit i'll receive a free stock great to support the channel and if you're not interested in my friends, that's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today.

Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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