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AGTC Stock: Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company. They develop gene therapy products designed to manage the lives of patients with severe diseases in ophthalmology. In this AGTC Stock video, we discuss current events and catalysts that could push the stock price to extreme margins of growth, as well as a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 15 MA, RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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How's it going everyone it's sam money. Oh i love doing this stuff. What is up everybody welcome to trace trades. We get technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these given stocks.

I, like your purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. Let's get into the video today, my friends we're gon na be giving you guys an update on ticker symbol, agtc man. This thing has had a day i put this under guys radar a little while ago, it would've been about a week or so, and my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang. I am so pumped to talk about this today because it has been going to the absolute moon.

I do have four call options on this play to be completely transparent with you guys. I never want to bs anybody. I do have four call options for the 7.5 strike price at a expiration of 19 march 2021, sitting pretty good on that. As of right now, you can see down here in the bottom right, but i do not plan on selling anytime soon and i'm going to tell you guys why so we're looking into the fundamentals of the company the why? Why should you care? Why do i think ajtc is a pretty solid stock? I do think i'm gon na end up taking a pretty decent position in this company down the road, but for now i'm gon na play these call options and we'll look into that.

So uh, i'm gon na pull up a couple different news sources as well. The website for the company, so we can look at why i think there is some catalyst coming up that could help push the stock price here even further. It already has run basically off of no news right and then we'll look at the meat potatoes, which is the chart set up or look at the one month chart as well as the one day. One minute chart to give both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of the overall price action.

I've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up right, the rsi, which is a relative strength index anything over 70's overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold. This is an idea of both bullish and bearish momentum, so you can get the best possible entry point into a stock.

I have uh the 200 ema pulled up. Well, i don't right now, but i'm going to in just a second here: i've got the 200 dma pulled up, which is this purple trend line down here and the 15 day ma, which is the blue trend line. The 2008 is the exponential moving average. This is a price action based valuation trend line over a two day moving period and then the 15 day m.

A the moving average is a price action based valuation trend line over a 15-day moving period. We use these side-by-sides, so we can get an idea of both macroscopic and microscopic price action to predict upcoming breakouts and get the best possible bang for our buck, with a stock we're looking both uh bullish and bearish. Oh my god, i'm so excited to talk about. So we're looking both bullish and bearish uh patterns that we are seeing here on the charts, give you the best possible entry points, drop a fibonacci retracement to get an idea of how strong this overall chart setup is.

We've got a lot to talk about here today. My friend, so let's just get into the video, so what is the why? Why should you care, why do i think agtc is a good company? So, looking at agtc right now applied, genetics technology corporation is a clinical stage. Biotechnology company the company develops gene therapy products designed to manage the lives of patients with the severe diseases and ophthalmology. As of march 31, 2016.

Its product candidates included treatments for x-linked retinoscis over two forms of uh acrometapsia, an x-linked retinas pigmentosa, i'm gon na, say all this stuff wrong, but it is what it is. It is what it is. As of march 31, 2016, the company was engaged in developing three discovery programs, targeting three indications based on its adeno-associated virus, vector technologies. Xlrs is an inherited retinal degenerative disease caused by mutations in the retinal crysis.

One gene acrylomatopsia has an inherited condition that is associated with visual acuity loss, extreme light sensitivity resulting in daytime blindness and reduced or complete loss of color discrimination. Acrometopsy is caused by mutations in any of several genes. The company is also developing alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency alpha 1.. So basically, the premise of this company is, they do work with different visual uh.

You know complications and mutations within the genetic code right and that's very interesting because in a lot of ways, they're similar to what bngo does right on a different scale. So they're developing groundbreaking gene therapies for patients with rare diseases specifically eye diseases, and i used to have a condition called. Oh, i suppose i do still have it, but it's not really acting up too bad right now called bilateral anterior uveitis, and i want to show this to you guys, man, i've got i've had so many health complications. My grandpa uh, both my grandparents actually on both my mom and dad's side, were at vietnam exposed to agent orange.

So that's my that's my uh. That's my blame there that's my out, but he essentially looked like this. So bilateral anterior uveitis, my uh, my optometrist, his name is patrick. My brother-in-law would be able to tell you more, but essentially what it is as an extreme inflammation of the eye caused by pressing up against the optic nerve, and what this would do is it would cause extreme light sensitivity.

My vision was absolutely atrocious. I've actually still got one eye on my right eye that doesn't see very well whatsoever, but uh. It would water all the time if i stepped outside the light right so seeing gtc and what they do right. This genetic coding - that's very interesting because it could very easily solve issues like what i dealt with if it's a genetic you know mutation.

So it's very interesting to see. I think it's got a little bit of sentimental value to me, not that i try to invest in a company based off of emotions. I do think, logically speaking, there are some good things happening here and that is a very interesting piece of what they do. So we design treatments just for you at agtc.

We are developing genetic therapies to treat patients with rare, inherited conditions. Our most advanced therapy programs are designed to restore visual function and meet the needs of patients with rare, blinding conditions. If we look at their pipeline so we're just going to take a quick peek at their pipeline pipeline, their programs and stuff. So they've got quite a few products in the works here we can see they've got their xlrp achm uh, two different uh.

You know forms of that the optogenetics df and b1 and dry amd, and this dry amd, i think, is a new concept. I haven't seen this up here on their pipeline as of uh just recently, but nonetheless they do have quite a few products. So one two three four five six different products right now in the pipeline and they've got this xlrp, that is in the phase two expansion. As of right now, these bottom two right, there's not a lot of uh, not a lot of news on this is just proof of concept, but down the road.

These can all act as catalysts. My friends as i move through all these different phases right and get closer and closer to that fda approval on these different pipeline products that is going to help drive the price action on a gtc now. Another thing i want to show you is the overall institutional ownership, so i'm just going to pull this up here on fintel and fintel does update their data on a pretty regular basis just about every day, if not every day, i would say every other day as Long as there are market hours available to to watch - and while this is loading here, really quick - i'm going to pause the video so check this out. My friends, this is very significant data.

You want to watch where the big institutions are putting their money, and this is very significant, so we have 186 total institutional owners with shares outstanding of about 42.6 million shares right. Institutional owners control 44.35 percent of the total institutional of the total outstanding shares, with 18.9 million total institutional shares we have as of february 12, four companies that stepped into agtc to grab a pretty huge stake in the company right. All these numbers combined come up to just shy of 20 uh instant ownership of the the stock right, and that happened all within a very recent time period. So that's significant.

These guys would not be stepping into the game all the same time. If there was not something on the inside about to go down with this company, so pay very close attention to that. This is a lot of a lot of shares just about 20, and this is you know that would have been a huge bump right. Basically, doubling up on the institutional ownership in this company.

That is a very, very significant number. So i do want to point that out. I do think that is a pretty pretty significant piece of the puzzle and then i do want to take a peek at insider ownership on agtc. So we're going to pull that up here as well and just take a quick peek according to yahoo finance, and what we have here is a couple different uh people that do have you know positions in the company, so we have you know chile, jeffrey who actually Sold his position, he is an officer that is a part of the uh, the company right, but we do have inside matthew, kenny, scott potter, steven sherman mark and washer susan, who all own positions in the company of anywhere between you know: 24, 000 and 56.

000. Total shares now there's nothing in comparison to the overall institutional ownership, but i would take a guess that the insider ownership does make up at least a couple percent of the overall piece of the puzzle regarding the the outstanding uh float. So if you have this all up, it does come out to my guess about just shy of 50 overall uh ownership coming out of that shares outstanding from either institutional buyers or insider ownership, which is a very significant number and another thing that we do want to Pay attention to is, we have an upcoming known news catalyst, and this could be a factor that helps drive the price action as long as it ends up coming, uh coming to fruition going to plan doesn't get. You know end up getting canceled because of covid or different quarantine restrictions right.

What we have here is agtc is going to present the ois gene therapy. Innovation showcase on february 18, 2021. check this out, so agtc a biotech company conducting human clinical trials of adeno-associated virus-based. Gene therapies for the treatment of rare diseases today announced that sue washer, president and chief executive officer will participate at the ois gene therapy.

Innovation showcase taking place virtually on thursday february 18, 2021 from noon to 3 p.m, standard central central standard time. The event will include a market overview in startup spotlight, followed by a panel discussion featuring recognized experts in the field. The panel will highlight unique perspectives on gene therapy in the eye care sector and product availability. If you'd like to register, there is a website that you can do that just check this out on yahoo finance.

I did just pull this up. You know off of weeble. You can't find a link to this site there at uh at weeble. So this should be a very solid news: catalyst that could help drive the price action.

If this does end up going well now one downside one con is: you do need to register to to watch this overall catalyst take place, so the price action might not. You know move a whole lot during that time period. It may be one of those things where you see a news. Arc will come out afterwards and then the price action does move after that.

So nonetheless, we do have this known news catalyst. We do know that they are going to be participating in this ois gene therapy, innovation showcase on february 18, 2021 and my friends. What i really really like about this company is that gene uh gene therapy right, so they are they're, focusing specifically on gene therapies for patients with rare diseases. If you can completely change the genetic mutations right, the gene issues that are that are causing these eye blindness.

You know diseases right these. These malfunctions in the retina in the in the uh in the optic nerve, you're gon na, be able to really squash a lot of eye problems that exist and i'm not kidding you when i say this company could really be something absolutely crazy. Now. One other thing that i do want to show you really quick.

Is the agtc uh analyst price target on this and there's there's a pretty wide range of numbers, but nonetheless there's some really solid analyst price targets on this? So we're just going to check this out right now, give you an idea of what we're seeing, but you can see here just based on the headline that ajtc was given a new 35 price target at roth capital, alright, so check this out. Agtc gave a new 35 price target at roth capital httc had its price target raised by roth capital from 30 to 35. In a research note issued on monday the fly reports, the brokerage currently has a buy rating on the biotech company's stock. Httc has been the topic of several other research reports: zach investment research downgraded shares of apply genetic technologies from a whole rating to a cell rating and a report giving it to 11 target price, but other companies have higher ones.

One analyst rated the stock with a cell rating and five have assigned a buy rating to the stock. The stock currently has a consensus rating of buying an average target price of 16 and four cents. So that's that's pretty significant data. My friends, i do think that is uh.

That is a big piece of the puzzle here, and that is another reason why i'm bullish on this company. So with that being said, we have an idea of the why we've got some no news catalyst. I do want to show you guys the overall financial situation here, really quick and just take a peek at what that is looking like and on an annual time frame. We can see their overall income statement, i'm just going to pull that up real, quick here and their income statement.

If we look at their net, income was positive. It was 9.21 higher than 2019, with 83 000 total uh net income, and if we do look at well as well at their uh gross profit, we don't see anything popping up here. So the next best thing to me is gon na, be that net income, and that is positive and they have been growing year over year, essentially so that is uh. That is a very solid thing to see, and i love everything that was going on right now with agtc.

Now with that being said, we're gon na look here at the one month chart my friends. This is a disgusting filthy setup with agtc, i'm so pumped, because i really don't think this game is over. Yet i think there's still a lot of room to run with this company. So, let's get into the meat and potatoes first thing that i'm noticing and that i want to point out - is the volume look at the volume guys this is nuts.

The volume has been very consistent. In fact, it has been picking up. If you look at the daily chart right check this out, this is the most volume that we've seen in the past 10 days or so. That is a significant amount of volume off of essentially no news catalyst.

That is a big deal. You do want to pay attention to that and the fact that we're finding this new standardized normal trend in volume to me is very significant. So that's going to help drive the price action. When you've got consistent volume, it causes predictable price action right.

So you can be able to really predict some of the moves and the volatility that comes with the price action on this stock. We've got the 15 ma trading over the 200 ema, and i did bring this stock up. I think it would have been about a week ago when i saw the 15 minute cross over the 200 ema. Now i did not even get into the stock backwards trading at 438.

I think maybe i did and i locked in a small profit, but i ended up selling out my shares and getting those four call options, as i do see a lot of premise here in the next month, moving forward with agtc and that sure enough has come To fruition, we are well above that 750 strike price, and i do anticipate it's gon na run even more leading into that known catalyst that we have with the the uh the webinar coming up here. So with that being said, we are on a nice ascending level of support. We always look for these three touch points to signify our respective level of support. We do have that one two three four different touch points right, so that looks very nice.

We do have a beautiful freaking george w, a double bottom here, which is a great bullish indicator of an upcoming run, which did come out and played to fruition. So you've got one bottom here. One bottom here wide range candle bar bounced off of this ascending level of support right and today was an absolutely disgusting filthy day in terms of overall price action. Currently, in the after hours, we are up even more we're sitting at eight dollars and seventy two cents, which is a beautiful day up about eight percent here in the after hours, which is a significant, significant amount of increase right and we're getting really ready to test Out that high of the day at about eight dollars and 88 cents 963, we did touch because of some earning speculation.

A couple of days ago in the pre-market - and i think, you're going to be coming really close to testing that out and graduating on a penny stock realm with agtc, my friends, so that is looking beautiful. We got a nice capture between the 15 mm and the 200 dma very nice consistent volume on the our side sitting at 75. So i don't know if i would recommend quite buying in right here at the top. There is a lot of risk involved with that, but, historically speaking, if we look at the overall pullbacks right, i'm going to put an asterisk by this, because that was because of the earnings right.

If we live in a vacuum - and we don't have that situation happening here right, what is it going to look like? Well just take a quick peek at previous pullbacks right micro pullbacks. We do see it pulled back here to about 78.6 percent and back here to about 61.8, so if it ends up pulling back that much again right just historically speaking, we do see that the stock does pull back pretty harshly. That would be somewhere between seven dollars and forty six cents and seven dollars and nine cents. I think what is more likely and realistic is gon na be a 746 mark, especially because we have new, consistent volume, which is a lot different than the numbers that we've been seeing here in the past that really drove the price action right.

We saw this huge pullback right there. The volume is a lot different, so that's significant back here. The volume is a lot different as well with that increase in volume is going to come in a difference in overall price action, and i think it is going to be for the better right. This is a very, very strong chart which we will be showing you here on the one day, one minute chart so to double down on that.

I do think a good entry point, for this is gon na, be somewhere between seven dollars and thirty one cents and around here at seven dollars and forty eight cents. So i'm gon na clear off these these different lines. If you wan na come back and rewind the video you can check it out, i do think that is gon na be the best optimal entry point into the stock. If you do end up seeing pulling back to that overall range, i was looking at the one day one minute chart for any last minute confirmations.

The volume was absolutely insane today we saw some crazy, crazy push and it was. This is some clean price action. I'm actually gon na clear out the charts here really quick. What we saw is a nasty upward moving channel right, so we got these really insane.

You know setting higher highs, setting uh higher lows, just a clean upper moving channel. In fact, we had a nice break over this ascending level of resistance. This is the cleanest upper moving channel. You could ask for broke over the wide range candle bar consolidated for a while tested at 888 and the rest of the day, basically just trading sideways, but nonetheless we did finish off the day, setting higher lows and higher highs.

Moving on a nice ascending level of support and coming here into the after hours, we do have some choppy price action, but nonetheless, i do anticipate. This is going to be a respected level of support moving forward in the future. So if you're looking for a more immediate entry point, you want to swing trade, the stock. I do personally think this is a better mid to long term potential stock.

I am going to be purchasing more call options down the road as we do uh. You know progress in price action. I firmly believe this stock could very potentially well hit 25 to 30 dollars within the next. You know six to eight months, so i think this is a great stock to add to the core position in your portfolio, and that is what we're looking at here for the video.

If you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i'm going to fill the link in the description box down below for weeble weeble is the the platform watching use right now. This is version 4, for the desktop.

Absolutely great platform allows you to start training 4 a.m in the pre market. If you use my link, you get super restocks with the 100 deposit, i receive a free stock grow. You support the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos.

I also have a merch merch store down in the description box if you'd like to check out some cool gear. If not, that is cool too my friends, if that is what i have for you guys today, thank you for watching my friends and i'll, see you all next time. Peace.

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