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AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss all recent news, catalyst, numbers and statistics, and sentiments towards AMC, the hedge fund squeeze, and progress moving forward.
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All right all right, you already know what it is when we got a rough day in the market here for amc, we got ta start off with another spicy meme and we're gon na. Do that here today. Call me pewdiepie: do you give advice, horrible advice and sound convincing yeah you're hired cnbc? Oh man, we just got ta start off. I got ta lay in the mood i got.

Ta lie in the mood. Never think the stock market is always so serious. What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders, sell opinions on these given stocks, like your purpose, by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say.

The grain of salt, let's get into the video today, my friends, are gon na give you an update on ticker symbol. Amc today was a rough day for the stock, and i don't want you guys to to freak out over this right. I've actually got quite a few things that i want to cover here today we're trying to keep this as short as we possibly can, but to be very uh if you want the basic rundown. This is not a dead cat and i'm going to show you a couple different reasons why we've got quite a bit to talk about, so we're going to look at some recent news articles we'll look at some different uh statistics and information regarding short interest: uh we're Gon na look at oratex as well, i wan na show you guys the overall market trend, what we saw there as well, and then i've got a couple of questions that were asked of me, so we're just gon na dive into the video we've got quite a Bit to talk about so first thing i wan na pull up for you here is ortex.

I wan na show you the vortex information. I don't think this has been updated recently, but the most recent information that we have is that there's 93.25 utilization on the stock - and what does this mean if you're not familiar with utilization, essentially is talking about the amount of total share shortable shares available to the Market i'll leave this up in composite if you want, but essentially, if there's 100 total short shares available. That means that 93.2 of these lendable short shares are currently being held by short positions right, so that is significant. That means only 6.75.

The current utilizable short shares are available to the market days to cover is referring to the overall short interest divided by the three month. Average volume right uh take this this number with a grain of salt, but anything over one is significant information. That means that uh, that is difficult for shorts to cover their positions. This is not necessarily saying that shorts have to cover their position by 0.62 days, right.

That is simply stating that hey the higher this number, the more difficult it is for shorts to cover, and then this number right here leads me to believe. You know why or text isn't quite up to date, which is super frustrating because i pay 500 a year for this, but anyways we're going over here to fintel, and this is updated pretty regularly and there's two numbers that i want to point out. Six point: zero. Two percent short borrow fee rate.

This goes up the more risky, a stocks uh, the more risky that a stocks you know, shorting position is and as that interest rate goes up, you know that is more in bullish territory, because basically, brokerage accounts and clearing houses are gon na, say hey. This is looking like it's more of a risky trade for you to hold your short position here. We're gon na increase that interest rate. So we get our money out of this right so that that number going up is significant.

It's actually going up quite a bit. 6 is a high number, 55 000 short shares available as of now this was just recently updated, and that is huge because if you look at the information from yesterday right, we saw there was two million uh short shares available to trade, so this is cut down Significantly right that short shares available number is very, very low, not a cat, not a big cat, not of dead freaking cat. Guys, i'm telling you these numbers tell you the entire story right. The price is psychological.

This is a journey to the end. We never said this is going to be easy right. There's nothing guaranteed about this. It's called wall street bets, not wall street guarantees right, but you can see that this battle is still waging on and that's why the price has been getting cranked down.

The overall short volume, but it was 117 million which was 27 of the total short volume ratio, meaning that it was. It was 27 of the uh total market volume a day at 436 million total shares. Now that's significant right, there's there's something that i want to leave you with here and if it's anything it's hope right. Of course nothing about this situation is guaranteed, but i'll tell you what i feel so convicted in this cause that i i just kept purchasing.

I loaded up all these dips guys. I was like i'm gon na eat these up, so my position now on weeble is one thousand thirty two shares at a dollar cost average eight of eight fifty four nine i'm down, i'm down on on amc, i'm down on amc. If we just take a quick, peek here, 886 dollars right now and i'm not even worried, i'm not worried in the slightest bit. There hasn't been a single part of me that has said dude, i'm so screwed, i'm gon na lose all the ten thousand dollars.

I put into this because i don't believe that right we know, we've got some different answers here, saying that hey, we are very close to the bottom here. I don't think we're gon na drop below five dollars and fifty cents. I so highly doubt that i don't think that's gon na even happen tomorrow right and that's because of a couple different things we have ssr in place tomorrow. What is the short sale rule or the ssr? It happens when a stock drops 10 below its previous close, and it is enacted that day and stays in effect the next trading day right.

So we have that in effect, essentially what this does is. It doesn't prevent short selling right, but it makes it more difficult for shorts to short a stock because they can only short on the upticks right, so that is going to make it more bullish territory. So you've got the volume that comes in on this. That is going to change the game right and i'm i'm still not sweating about this.

This isn't in bullish territory. The 15 minutes trading over the 2008 right now right. We just had a bad day, and that brings me to the next point that i want to talk about is the nasdaq. So if you look at the entire market, the market took a huge freaking dump today.

So i'm gon na maximize my screen here and i'm gon na show you the nasdaq on a daily chart check this out when i just zoom out here real quick. So if we just check out the nasdaq, i don't know why it's it's doing this. To do all right here we go check out the nasdaq, so we're gon na zoom out a little bit and to show you this macroscopically speaking, look at how rough the nasdaq was today. It was down three percent on the day.

If i remember correctly, three point five: six percent: that is a lot of money for an etf fund, guys that is down a lot. We have this crazy, ascending level of support. It's been on a crazy, crazy bullish run for a long time and the nasdaq took a dump. It's it's been down.

It broke that ascending level of support. I talked about this in a previous video. Nobody uh nobody liked that answer right. They thought that i was fear-mongering, whatever et cetera, et cetera, but that's not the case right.

It's just factual. The market took a big big dump today and amc got proud of that situation. You can see it across so many stocks. I mean if i show you this list here: real quick game stops moving right now, but amc gamestop no no exception.

All these stocks are red. Look at all these red stocks right now, after hours down down down red red red red red that says the entire story. So the fact that amc got dragged i mean even bitcoin. Bitcoin is down 6.6 right now, so this was a market-wide sell-off right.

I think a large part of this came down to you know shorts, hammering down the stock. We can see that with the fact that there's only 55 000 total short shares available right now, but a large part of it also is that the market just took a dump. It did that's. That's just straight fact: the market took a big big dump and amc got dragged into that situation.

It looks like gamestops have a little bit of a run right now up here, a little bit in the after hours, and i'd be curious to see. If amc is going to follow that, but uh it doesn't look like the volume is anything crazy. So, who knows who knows, nonetheless, amc got dragged into that situation, and that is why i want to leave you with this. These parting words, the price is psychological, my friends, you need to stay the course.

If you want to write this out, of course, everybody's in different financial situations, i've said this throughout the entire journey. I really do uh encourage portfolio diversification. You should not put all your eggs in one basket right, but if you truly believe in the cause, the end game here is to hold or buy. That is how you get this situation to happen.

That's how you get this gamut squeeze to happen, the short squeeze to happen all that stuff, which brings me to the last thing i want to talk about before answering some questions, is: what is this game squeeze right? What does this mean? How does this happen? I tried to talk about this in my previous video, but essentially to double down on this. I want to explain it to you, so these are call options. These are call options right here and i've got the open interest available and that essentially is saying at the five dollar strike expiring tomorrow we have 5 442 call options: 10, 900 at five and a half 17 thousand here, twenty four thousand thirty, seven thousand sixty one! Thirty, seven thousand thirty, seven thousand right, so there's a lot of call options between five dollars and ten dollars. What does this mean? Why is this important right? Because it can cause a gamma squeeze so essentially as of right now right if we were to open if we stopped dead at seven dollars and seventy two cents that is, that is exactly where we closed on friday right.

You would see that all the call options underneath seven dollars would expire in the money, which means that they expired under or over. I should say over that strike price, which means that they're in the money, meaning they're there below the it met the strike. It is in the money and those expire not essentially worthless, but you have the opportunity to buy them back. Somebody has to end up buying them back, because if you sell your option to somebody else right, they still end up holding that option, so they're obligated to purchase that option right and one option is worth 100 shares.

So eventually these call options are going to expire in the money and what happens is that can cause a gamma squeeze a gamma squeeze is essentially if you've got. You know. I did the math on this earlier. If we, if we close over to seven dollars right, ideally we close at eight nine ten dollars, but if we just close at seven dollars, some quick math, thirty, seven thousand plus twenty four thousand we're just going to round that up to four five.

Sixty thousand we're gon na call that 77 000 uh 87 000 92 000 option calls right, so that would be 92 um or 9.2 million total shares that would be purchased, so that can cause a gamma squeeze, but obviously, ideally we get these other we'll get these Other strikes in the eight dollar - the nine dollar, the ten dollar right, because that would add up to about 200 000 total call options which would be 20 million shares purchased on monday. That would cause a gamma squeeze. That is significant because gamestop started off as a gamma squeeze and turned into the short squeeze that we all know and love to talk about, and the situation for amc is set up entirely the same right. So we have this gamma squeeze back here, ran to 65 bucks ramped to a hundred dollars ran up to 100 227 351 514 bucks at its peak right.

So you guys get the picture here, is that is what set up this short squeeze on gamestop and the situation is 100 possible here with amc, so things that i want to double down on for for this. For this video, my friends is, this is not a dead cat. We had a lot of factors playing to the price action here today. It's possible that the bad earnings call could have influenced the price.

I don't think so. I think that's that's kind of false. You know false information. I try not to you know to let that be.

You know factual, because i just don't think that's legit uh give me one second guys. If you had to hear all my discord notifications, this entire video. I am so sorry i just realized. I had desktop audio on my my sincere apologies that that is 100, my bad, but nonetheless um.

We had a lot of influences playing to this, so we had the call we had the we had. The earnings report could or could not have influenced it. I personally don't think so. We have the nasdaq the entire market as a whole down today taking a bad bad beating.

We had shorts attacking the stocks so much that it dropped below that 10 activated the ssr right. So there's a lot of things playing in this price action, but that doesn't mean this is dead. That doesn't mean it's over. This is one day right.

So look at this. I'm gon na pull up game. Stop here really quick before gamestop ran up to 514 dollars. You know what it did.

It dipped all the way back down to 225 from 372, and if these guys had sold out of their positions, they would not have been able to experience that run up to 514. from 514. It dropped all the way down to 113 bucks and then back all the way up to 439. So you guys get my point here right.

This is going to be a volatile journey. You're going to have you have to hold a tight stomach, it's going to be! It's going to be a journey, there's no other way to say it, and we saw that happening here today. We saw that it was a crazy, crazy amount of shorting pressure, crazy amount of selling pressure right. The nasdaq was getting beat down, there's a lot of outside factors that played into this, and i just took that opportunity to increase my position in dollar cost average.

Just barely up honestly i'd wait. I wish i waited until the end of the day, but nobody can predict the price action here right. So that is what uh, what we're looking at here for amc. So i've got a couple of questions that were asked for me and i want to just address them, so i've got five questions.

Why didn't we go up even though the volume was so high? I think this is a question that a lot of people are asking, and one thing that i want to say is: high volume doesn't necessarily mean green volume. So if we look at the the daily chart right, you can see here we had a lot of volume that is factual. We saw 439 million in total volume, but according to fintel right, i'm going to take a quick peek here. A lot of that volume was short volume over a quarter of it, which is 117, 000 total shares.

I guarantee we also have people set out of their positions today, because the entire market went through a little bit of a correction. So the reasoning that, even though we had high volume, the the price didn't go up, is because high volume just means increased volatility that doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to have an increase in price. It just means an increase in volatility. It goes both ways right.

So you have higher price action, but you can also have lower price action, so that is what's up. The answer to that question is for my friend that asked that over the discord number two did you see anything about today's after hours, price action and the answer to that is no to be completely honest with you. We did not see a lot of volume, so it just kind of stagnated uh. It continued that slow, bleed that we've seen here throughout the day right in a one minute window, we saw about 39 000 total shares, so not a lot happening here.

It's just been dying off throughout the rest of the day, uh, nothing out of the ordinary here. I would just personally say that you're seeing a lot of people that are, i don't want to say, paper hands because that that kind of gives a negative connotation but you're, seeing people sell out of this out of a little bit of fear. Right. And i understand that it's a scary situation.

This is a scary stock and i i i totally get where they're coming from, but no the answer that is no strongest support price. That is a fantastic question that i do want to double double down on. I do not think you're going to see the stock drop below this area of support right around here at 5.37. That to me, is the absolute bottom.

I do not see it dropping back down to that. In fact, i would be very surprised to see this drop down below this level of support right here at about seven dollars and 20 cents. That's that's my prediction, of course: there's no way that i can know that for sure we've got a stronger level of support right here with these tops at 661.. It's a worst case scenario to me.

You know between 537 and 661, but i would be very, very very surprised to see it come back down to 537. I think 661 is the worst case scenario, most likely course of action being around that 727 area. If you'd like to add your position, fourth question: do you think a market correction will happen tomorrow and my answer to that is, we already saw the market correction happen here today. Nasdaq was down literally three and a half percent.

Today, look at this candle. It broke that essential oil support and it's going through a crazy correction right now and it's it's a little bit overdue and i talked about this in uh in a previous video i said, you're likely going to see this happen. Take the opportunity to load the boat, buy any stocks cheap. Please, please don't sell right.

We want to load the boat when there's these pullbacks and let it ride when it's ripping so uh. We already saw the market correction. I think it's possible that we continue to see this correct, who nobody knows for sure right. But we have begun a little bit of a market correction and we can see that right here, it's showing on the nasdaq right.

So, the last time that we had a break of this ascending level of support it lasted for you know about two weeks, i would say until it continued on a nice upward trajectory, so we might see something similar to that. I would not think personally, it is gon na last more than two weeks, but that could influence the overall stock price on amc, as we did see, it influenced stock price on a lot of different stocks here today, where do the hedgies keep coming up with this? Many short shares that is a fantastic question that i do want to address so check this out. We've seen this number change drastically. Throughout the entire day, i've seen it as high as 200 000 as low as literally 700 uh it bounces around a thousand.

It's been two million right, and these these shares aren't coming out of the void. They are being traded back and forth right, so shorts can can buy, they can sell it. They can sell a short position right and then buy back five minutes later if they want to and then that short share is available again. So just because we've got you know, hedge funds and institutional investors that are shorting the stock doesn't necessarily mean that retail investors, or even hedge funds, aren't just taking small time.

You know short positions in the company, so they can turn a quick profit. So my personal opinion is the reason you're seeing this happen is because of that a and b because of naked shorting negating, is essentially creating counterfeit shares in order to uh dilute the stock per se and create false uh selling pressure that causes these sort of ladder Down attacks that you see here on amc to me, this is a picture-perfect short attack. You're, seeing you've seen the shorts drive the price down right, which is absolutely monumental even on low volume right even on low short share availability, they're playing with their grasping at strides, and this forces people to sell out of their positions. Because i think it's only going to go down, it's never going to come back up, which we know isn't true right.

Unless this company was going to go bankrupt, which we know isn't the case. There's no reason to believe that, which i personally believe is is the case here right. I do not see a bankruptcy on the table. In fact, i'd be very, very surprised if amc, uh entertainment does not end up doing another direct offering to raise more money.

To put themselves into an even better position right, so the fact that this is starting a second opportunity for a squeeze to me actually gives me even more confirmation and faith that if this does not happen, if it doesn't play out right - and if i hold this Until may or june, if i have to this, is going to work out because they're just going to be improving their situation financially, so they can sit on that cache continue operations to the end of 2021 and who knows, maybe even at the 2022, if it came Down to it right, so i i am not worried in the least bit about how this stock is sitting, and i do think that is an important point to touch on where these hedge funds keep coming up. The short shares, that is how they are doing it. My friends - and that is what i have here for amc if we're looking at the chart here - real quick, we're just gon na give you a quick rundown on what i am seeing on the chart setup. Obviously, we had a crazy ladder down sort of day right, but we are still in bullish territory.

So we're looking for a bounce here and it does look like we finally slowed down. Of course we have less volume, so less volatility is a factor here, but we finally got a little bit of a price rejection right around here that about seven dollars and fifty cents or so volume today was absolutely insane. It was a crazy, crazy volume day. I've been saying forever.

If you want to see a squeeze happen, i think you're gon na need to sleep between 450 and 500 million shares. We got to that 450 million number just about today, at 439 million total, so we're getting back into the realm of possibilities. Here we've got the gamma squeeze on the table. I still stand by the fact that i think, if we close over eight bucks, you've got a gamma squeeze.

You've got a gamma squeeze over eight dollars and obviously every single strike price that we close above. That is just going to increase the chances of a crazy, crazy run up here, and we know that gamestop had that short squeeze after the gamma squeeze happened. So that is absolutely awesome. My friends, one last thing i want to touch on is this: i want to show you bitcoin and you're, probably thinking why the heck would i care about bitcoin and i'm going to tell you why so check this out? If we look at this on a five-year chart, you're gon na notice something it ran out to 19 236 dollars right and it went through basically a full year of bearish market, all the way back down to 3 900.

And you know what you know. What why bring this up is there were people that played bitcoin who held it the entire time who had true conviction in the fundamental value of bitcoin right, so they took the opportunity to load the boat on that dip. Now, i'm not saying amc's gon na do this for a year right, but they took the opportunity to load the boat on the dip and look at bitcoin. Now.

If these people had sold at 3900 or even at you know seven thousand dollars or at five thousand dollars right whatever it may be, they would not have experienced this run up to fifty seven thousand six hundred and eight dollars right. You get my point here. The point being, if you have true fundamental value and conviction in the stock, the reason that you purchased it right, you did your due diligence, you did your research, you know what the numbers are. You've been keeping up with.

What's happened in the price action until that fundamental value changes or the reason for your conviction, changes right, the the game is on the price. Is psychological 100 there's a reason. I added my position here today, there's a reason that i still cover these videos, no matter how much hate i get, because i just do not freaking care guys. I just don't.

I 100 do not care how much hate i get, because the the fundamental value of this stock is the same, and i will stand by it until the very end. And if i'm wrong, i will admit that i'm wrong. But there are so many ways that this can play out if we get a short squeeze awesome if we get an emc amazon acquisition awesome. If i have to hold this until may or june, and wait for a 15 20 25 price target, awesome i'll take a 100 double up.

If i have to wait three months every single day of the week - and i i i just want to assure you that it is going to be okay, these day-to-day fluctuations, my friends, the price is psychological. You close over eight dollars on friday. This is a win, and that is what i have for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like.

It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box. Down below for weebles is version four for the desktop great platform that allows you to start training at 4am, the premarket. If you use my link, youtube restocks to the 100 deposit i'll receive a free stock great before the channel, my friends and if you're not interested, that is totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos. So that's what i have you guys say thank you for watching my friends and i will see you all next time. Peace.

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