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Two one: oh: what's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, welcome back to the traders, podcast episode, i think it's actually 44. I didn't edit the title yet we're trying to make it easy for ourselves. We copy paste, you know, so we can uh just keep rocking and rolling, but anywho we've got uh max meyer and uh andrew mo money mo monkey mo mafia chilling right here and the uh. The neander knots we're gon na be covering the amc.

Earnings call we're gon na be breaking that sucker down for you, man, i'm so excited to. Have you guys on welcome to the channel again you guys. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Thank you. I'm happy to be here so hyped, so absolutely hyped. Let's get this bread, you guys come on dude too easy. This is uh.

This is three. We just. We need one more uh, one more mafia guy to make up that quadruple, witching gang. You know what i'm saying again or whatever to be just gold.

It might turn into a quintuple rich witching, because stimulus checks are going to start being sent out. That day too. Oh on that exact day, the 19th, i made it as an estimate. Yeah dude massive you heard it from max max.

Is the guy he's uh he's he's one of the most intelligent dudes i've ever met in my life, probably the most intelligent, uh right right behind uh right behind you know uh professor uh meatball, but no one can beat the meat. That's right! That's right! Rock! On guys so uh, if you wan na just get started, should we get into it yeah, let's do it yeah. So what we're going to do guys is we're just going to play back that earnings call for you and then we're going to stop and have conversations just talk about the breakdown here. You guys can keep track of everything.

That's going on so uh whenever you're ready. Andrew, let's let that thing rip, let's get it on here. Let's go. Let's see it's two all right alex good afternoon, i'd like to welcome everyone to amc's.

Fourth quarter and year end 2020. Earnings webcast with you this afternoon is adam aaron, our president chief executive officer and sean goodman, our chief financial officer. Before i turn the call over to adam. Let me remind everyone that some of the comments made by management during this con conference call may contain forward-looking statements that are based on management's current expectations, numerous risks, uncertainties and other factors may cause actual results, and there was a little bit of a glitch here.

A second uh on mute and let's see this weather as a result of new information there we go or future events on this call. We may reference measures such as adjusted ebitda, free cash flow, adjusted, free cash flow and constant currency, among others, which are non-gaap financial measures for full reconciliation of our non-gaap measures to gap results. Please see our earnings release posted in the investor relations section of our website. Earlier today, after our prepared remarks, there will be a q a session.

This afternoon's call is being recorded and the webcast replay will be available in the investor relations section of our website at later today with that time to call over. Thank you, john good afternoon. Everyone and thank you for joining us today. Let me begin this afternoon's call the same way.

I've begun all of our 2020 earnings calls by expressing my wishes that you and your families are all in good health, and i will add to that on this call and that vaccination comes soon for you as well. You all know that 2020 was a year, unlike anything that we've ever seen. Total 19 has dramatically and in some cases tragically affected all of us to an extent we never could have or would have imagined all right, so that was adam aaron. The ceo of amc, uh, we hear some - i don't see the live chat right now, so i'm gon na pull it up to make sure that i'm also uh up to date with what people are saying, but i'm going to scrub forward to find the q a I'm going to let the other big boys talk while i do so, i can get kind of a a brief summary too, because i took notes the first time around anyways, so the the ceo he talked about the survival of amc and cited several reasons as to The survival of it first reason is they raised tons of cash and feel free to comment on any of this tray.

As i go through, i raise tons of cash, they have 2.2 billion dollars in debt and equity capital. Uh number two is the increased safety protocols and he said that they can't find a single linked case of kovid to an amc, someone who was at amc and watched a movie in the last year. New york, city and san francisco are open and they're they're 90 open right now, and they just saw their best weekend results since march of 2020, which was exciting and uh one-third of their revenue is from the areas of california, new york, new jersey and connecticut and Um california is set to open very soon, so a large portion of their their highest revenue areas will be completely open very soon and um. They talked about cars in the showroom which we're not really sure what exactly that meant and how new car sales helps amc.

So we might have to dig into that a little bit. Are you aware of anything about that tray? I have never heard of that. That makes no sense at all cars in the sale room. What is that like? Is that like lingo for something, so they? I don't think so.

He made it sound like somehow. Amc is linked to new car sales. I don't know if that's like they park a new model in some showrooms and somehow that leads to revenue for them. I'm not sure how exactly that works.

Maybe someone here in the chat knows something about that. Revenue is up on a quarter to quarter basis, they've done a lot of private theater rentals like like 110 000, or something like that. Um i mean that's. That was the majority of it.

That's a pretty. Much summarizes the whole intro from the cfo and ceo guys. I don't mean to break up this uh. This chat, real, quick, we're just gon na invite one more guy in here we've got matt coors chilling in the waiting room, so welcome in matt upon a popular request.

We have brought. We finally made this happen dude. I apologize for this uh. They just guys my stream's known about it all day.

They are deciding to fix some natural gas leaking outside so uh. If it's too bad, i could definitely drop for the good of the cause, but i just wanted to show them my support for the four mafia members dude, the four horsemen, the the quadruple witching. That's uh! That's what we are right here, man too good! That's right! People with chat saying matter, i'm selling, so it seems like he brought over some uh some good folks here, man, that's what we'd love to see the space apes are an uncontrollable group, they're, crazy, absolutely absolutely man rock elmo. We were just discussing the uh.

The earnings call uh didn't mean to interrupt their their max. I just wanted to get them in here, while, while we're still early on in the stream, so we can all have a conversation about it. No, that was basically summarized you know the ceo cfo they're. You know the beginning of earnings.

Calls are a lot of times are basically an advertisement for the company, so you know you didn't miss a whole lot by uh, not hearing that part. I'm just gon na throw uh matt's handle up here so that everybody can get access to his account if they wanted. So you guys go ahead and keep talking i'll hop in a sec. Did you listen to the earnings called matt yeah, so i took some pretty interesting notes on it just to kind of give a rundown.

This is actually what i was going to talk to my chat about this morning, but one thing i found was nuts that i like had no idea was that a third of the revenue comes from new york, new york, new jersey, california, connecticut, and i don't know About connecticut - but i believe california, specifically la new york and new jersey are like all opening new york opened the fifth like at 25 capacity uh. I found that was nuts. I didn't know that so much revenue came from four individual states, which is actually a pretty good thing too, because if i remember correctly, new york just recently reopened uh amc theaters to a limited capacity, didn't they, which is going to really start kicking up that revenue. Yes, yeah freaking, huge man, i'm pumped, you know, and i think the good thing about this earnings call too.

You know in regards to the content of it is it can only be positive. It can't really be negative right, so most people when they when they invest in amc, they're, not thinking about oh man. These guys are gon na, have great earnings like for q4 they're, just going nuts they're like yeah. We understand that this is a coveted quarantine play and if they've got a good earnings report yeah we know it could push the price.

But if it don't then maybe stay flat neutral. Maybe it's slightly red. You know it's not gon na, be one of those groundbreaking things that absolutely destroys the stock, as we saw in the price action here tonight right. I agree.

That's basically what i was saying too. I don't think i didn't think a bad earnings call would do much and a good earnings call. I guess, is just gon na help exactly man spot on it's up: seven percent uh after hours right now, dude it was crazy. I was uh.

I was chilling at work and i was just bummed because i was looking at the stock. I was like man. This thing just got short of the kingdom. Come by these stupid, freaking, hedges, trying to sell attendees and stuff and uh, then the after hours came.

It was like an immediate liftoff. Like 15 minutes you could. You could almost see exactly when ernie started. It's uh, it's crazy.

The millions of dollars like i was trying to calculate it. I didn't get the calculations done, the the millions of dollars it took to drop it from 12 20 to 951. In the matter of, i don't know 15 25 minutes like the same thing. Well, that's what blew my mind because, like the calculation is more complex than just dropping it, because they also did it with j gme from 350 to 172.

dude. That was a horrendous millions of dollars that had to flow through the system in a span of a half hour. It's just crazy. Did you see how many times gamestop got halted on the way down it had to be like four? I was at work, but i saw a couple of them yeah.

I think it was four on the way down and then maybe two on the way back up. It was six in total, like it was just like. We had volatility ball uh in both ways and a quick point of clarification for everyone, like i just there's many many reasons to have an issue with robin hood: weeble blah blah, but these volatility halts, that is from the sec just so everyone knows it is not From an individual broker, they like don't get to decide that uh just so. Everyone knows that out there totally the sec, which uh, i believe, andrew and max.

I was listening to you guys talk to you about it. I agree with max. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's bad.

The premise of these halts are to allow people to calm down, but it's weird because now so many people have alerts set up to for halted stocks and right away. They're, like oh, i didn't even know this stock was moving today, let's hop into it right after the hall, so sometimes it like it inadvertently actually brings up the volatility and like like gamestop today the amount of people not paying attention to it and then what five More halts like come on right. I've never even thought of that, but that's spot on the money. Man i mean.

If you wanted, how would you even set that up? Can you do that through weeble, like just look for specific stocks that are halting and then then you know that they're volatile right, because i i think halts happen when they drop like five percent or 10 within five minutes or something yeah? I don't know if it's right on weeble but uh on my td, ameritrade think or swim like it's just an option. Just like really quick. You don't have to do anything fancy, but on thinkorswim so uh i don't use them much, but i use them for halt catches. It's just.

I don't know it's crazy. So how would you typically like do a play with a halt catch uh? I think it's more of people interested in uh because, like obviously you can have a whole clear. Oh i think they just stopped the natural gas stuff outside awesome, hey on the up and up we're going anyway um. So it's more of like, i think, the interest of halts going down or up the most popular back to my like wild west days of trading penny stocks.

It was looking for halts upward. It was just that's the interest you're looking for abnormal volatility and halts and penny stocks, and then people are just hopping onto that. So it's like almost a re, a positive dog pile almost is like the most common one, but i mean days like today, i'm sure at a certain point like if retail traders like us know about the halts. Obviously, the hedge funds do too so they might be piling on with just bigger money in one way or the other.

I would assume right that makes sense. Yeah, especially, i guess, if there's a real, quick upward spike and a halt that could be the potential to rival right away for a couple hours or something like that, so i i noticed something that keeps popping up in the chat. I think this should be an interesting topic to talk about coming from slate rider. He says: amc, ceo, 287 million shares issued to the public market.

450 million shares in public float uh. Let's talk about that guys. I think that pretty much uh nails right on the head we've been talking about all four of our channels for uh quite some time. I think it's an interesting topic so so when he said that i was we're listening on andrew's channel and i actually might keep.

I don't know what happened i cut out for like a minute, so i literally missed the most important part, oh man, but i didn't really maybe one of you guys caught why exactly they're saying now the float is higher or what was the result of that yeah Man, i could give you my hypothesis, so i did a really in-depth uh analysis and some research on ftds and failure to delivers um and it's a really interesting topic that i think there's a lot of confusion on and to dumb it down in simple ape language That every single uh every apology can understand um, it's it's it's just basically, so you've got a clearinghouse and they are giving shares out to the public whether it's through options right because you can infinitely write up options, contracts and, i think primarily through options you're. Getting these synthetic shares or ious they'll be giving out because they don't actually have the supply to keep up with the options that are coming in so they're. Basically, hedging shares that don't exist by writing them up and saying: hey we're gon na get back to these later. We know they've got 21 trading days, which is a month to be able to get these back, and i think that's where the majority of these are coming from.

Like it's. That's that's my hypothesis right and nobody can know for sure. But that's that's one theory. Go ahead, matt! Well, i was thinking i wanted to connect that to actually what you were talking about years with the dtc, the new rule.

So how did that stock or stop the like? I guess let's call it quote: unquote like recycling, because i get what they're doing i'm like. Okay, we'll give these back. But now we just have a new position, so their net position doesn't change at all and then that's why we get into situations where more than a hundred percent of stock is shorted, because, like you're just recycling, it loaning it out almost to yourself or to someone In the back to you, so i get how the percentage goes up, but then, coming back to you, andrew with the new dtcc rule, how is that going to stop the recycling aspect when they could do like a liquidity check midday? So, let's give it to professor meatball to answer this question so for dtcc. What we're looking at is not a regulatory body.

It's just a body that is uh would be holding the bag uh, not in the sense of us holding bags when we buy high and the stock goes lower, but they would end up having all the risk when the hedges end up not being able to pay. So now, with the new regulation that has been proposed, they want to be able to say: hey. You wanted a 21 day extension on your homework. That's too bad! We can give a rain check on your homework any day and we can come into your house and say within one hour.

You have to pay us a difference and interest that you owe us and you don't have the time to be able to manipulate the market. Like you did earlier today exactly how we saw a lot of volume, a lot of you know millions of dollars of money, but then hurting uh. Everybody on my chat, we're talking about how many people had like 50, 000, uh or above terms of unrealized gains from gamestop. You just write up billions of dollars of unrealized games from people's portfolios with just a little bit of leverage.

These kinds of tricky rule uh tricky plays, are no longer going to be able to be a tool that hedge funds use after this dtcc regulation, uh, which is essentially saying that we had a a extension period that normally existed for you. That extension period could at any time any day, would have within one hour a demand that you pay up now. So essentially, this wipes out one of the options for them in terms of um of naked shorting. Now that said, recursive shorting is is not quite naked.

Right, you could borrow it from somebody and then sell it to someone else and then borrowed immediately back. That's still a share that is accounted for. It just belongs to multiple people, so that's slightly different than fully naked shorting. So this doesn't really answer the question, though: how do we go from 287 million shares to 450 million shares without much of an explanation? I think it could be a combination of what you guys were just talking about and these ious being written up, so you could have these recursive shares and these naked shares, whether it's both short and long.

I think it's kind of happening both ways. So you know the amount of shares that they have whatever it is. They still have to lend those out and give them out right the clearing houses. So if they don't have them on hand, they have to create something to fuel these institutional buyers, because you know truth be told if there's any ius that are being held by retail investors or any fake shares that shouldn't exist in the the uh.

The shares that were pushed out right, they're, not gon na know about it. We don't know about it. It's not like we're intentionally doing that. It's on the back end, where you've got these the clearinghouses that are doing stuff wrong.

They know they shouldn't be doing or the hedge funds like, i think they, both kind of tie in hand in hand uh that that's a recurring shares thing is an interesting um, interesting theory. I haven't heard about that before i. I think that that could definitely be legit, i'm yeah, so i guess i'm still on that same page of mac, so like kind of confusion of like they're almost being created out of the ether - and i guess my mind's now more of like how do you unwind It because it's obviously not the new level like at a certain point. It has to come back to like the expected free float, um so something's going on, but also, i think, with um andrew right, the dtc dtcc they're, not the ones lending.

That's just more of the clearing corp is going to be the one connecting it of like. Okay yeah, we had a buyer, we had a seller, they're going to be doing it. All the recycling would be by done by the market makers almost or the hedges lending. It out to whoever has a theoretically the ownership to the share right right and we - and we talked about this briefly uh.

I think when i was able to jump on your show and talk about uh. These naked shorts is essentially a making it easy for asynchronous transactions to occur right. You could try and go borrow an actual share in order to sell, but if you want to sell right now and mummy won't give you a share to be able to borrow you. Could just uh make it sell it right now and find a share to borrow later so uh that it makes it a lot harder to do that with the certain with the current institutional uh uh demands of being able to do it within 21 days? Now you might have to account for those missing shares immediately that you're 100 right, though that does not explain exactly why there are so many shares now outstanding yeah, so i mean: does a synthetic long wouldn't actually create an outstanding share? According to the ceo, though, it's just kind of this share that is as a part of the marketplace.

It wouldn't be like it's not like those extra millions of shares are on the company's 10k now at least they shouldn't be right because they're not accounted for shares. You're 100 right: that's not those synthetic longs that shouldn't exist in the market. They're not accounted for right. So, ah that is a great question now, because, if they can't account, for it shouldn't be able to show up in the amount of shares that are currently out in the market when they did that count.

Ah there's so much confusion. This is such a crazy uh situation. Both amc and gamestop i'd be interested to know what that would look like for gamestop as well. It'd have to be a similar situation.

I mean i would assume so just from when it all started in january. That whole thing that, like when wall street bets, was going nuts. It was like what 240 of a short so like at that point like how are there that many outstanding shares shorted when like, and i think that was the big thing really the the ethos of the wall street - that's community of like how could you possibly short, Two and a half times something that's not there and i get it like it was explained a little bit of like oh, i loaned it out because i don't want the short, but it runs it up but like i still think it's like um. So much of the stock market, plumbing is a mystery, makes no sense and like it seems like no one's going out of their way to explain it to the general public that you're totally right on the money.

Man matt, it's it's crazy and i think the big thing that's come from this amc. Gamestop situation is uh how little control we actually, as retail investors, thought we had like how much it's manipulated beyond our capacities and honestly, i think there should be more disclosure and information available to retail investors, because the game set up where you almost can't win. You know i mean, as as the entire you know, amc gorilla gang. You know: space apes, uh, the neander knots, the mo monkeys right all of us coming together on reddit on discord, youtube.

It takes all of this to like stand a chance against this. This crazy stuff and like there's, ah i just - i really really hope that one of the changes that comes out of this is you have more regulation for one and more help for retail investors for two because uh, it's, the transfer of wealth, is just so impossible When we're not set up to win like nobody knows, it's actually happening, we can take. You know estimated guesses, educated guesses, but i mean from that everyone's looking at the same things, it's just what's available to the public. That's true! How do we rally all of our troops? That's the real question, we're a bunch of smooth brained apes dude.

I love smoothie and uh. That just makes me laugh. I saw it on reddit once some guys said, trey's just a smooth brain. I was like i'll take that as a compliment all day long.

You already know what it is gold. Well, while we're rallying all these people together, uh. I think we have a couple of bets that we have to get out into the open max made it when he came on it over to my channel max. What are you going to do tomorrow? If a certain thing happens, so we were saying if uh, if andrew hits 45 000 subscribers, i'm gon na buy a thousand dollars worth of amc.

Also, if i hit 190 000, i'm gon na buy another thousand dollars with amc, but i know these guys here we're talking about some other bets that they wanted to do so. Yeah thousand dollars worth of amc right. There accounted for. If we get to 50 000 on my channel, i'm gon na buy another thousand dollars of gme, so that's gme and amc accounting for we get uh andrew to uh 45k.

We get max to 180k. We get this channel to 150k, i'm going in with 2500 bucks on amc again, oh baby, we got ta make sure we got ta, get something for matt you're gon na, be there oh. 160. 160..

I forgot man, i forgot. I forgot it goes by so fast. Where's my money i better buy, i feel like for mine uh, my chat just so easily peer pressures me into it. I don't know me getting to subscriber gold would really help yeah, i'm like oh, i mean even the dip today like i, i feel like you.

Just um, i don't know i was dipping. I was like all right. Let's play another call, i mean i think my account my robin hood account. I think i own two rkt calls, but besides that, there's 15k on amc and gme and then the weibull account.

Now i don't know more, i don't know they just tell me to do it, i'm like whatever so is that all just false 15k calls uh. No, no! No, so i think the gme call on the weibo accounts like 10k. Now, like it's just all over the map, they just say: do it so here's what i'll do if any three of these hit their goals, i'll just buy more so i'll, just have 83. You got to listen to the leader of the space saves man.

He knows his stuff dude. I was watching one of your live streams. Uh the other day when you were watching gamestop have that rip, and i thought i saw you buy some. What was it 200 calls? How did you make up on those uh? So i had two of those, and now i have one so that's the big one, i'm running strike price, the gme for next one today that was disgusting.

I right before the stream. I started thinking about at 12. 12. 15.

I checked it. I showed it on the stream the profit on that was up to 15k 15k on one, and then it came down and at the bottom, when i saw it, it was like up 140 bucks so like in half an hour, i was like. Don't do this so um, i mean, and it would be like a public execution if i sold it, so i just did the opposite and bought another call to add back on to it because, like you know, life is short. Let's have a bit of fun.

Man. You've got some big kahunas man, that's that's insane, it comes, it goes well. So do you guys on it? Are you mainly buying shares or also calls? How are you leveraging it yourself? I haven't seen your accounts. I just buy shares myself yeah, so there's uh, there's tricks to calls and long positions right, because if, in order to be able to buy a call, you have to have your account be specifically either a margin account or cash account.

Correct me. If i'm wrong, gentlemen margin yeah yeah, so if you do have as a margin account, that means that, if you're on weeble or robin hood, they are able to then lend out your shares. Without your permission, and that's when psa at my channel, if you don't care about call options at all, if you don't care about options at all, then make sure you turn that off, so that neither weibo or robin hood could lend out your shares and not pay. You a red cent on top of that yeah.

That gets into the weird thing, though, of okay, so to peggy back on that, most of the time robin hood, the default like, if you guys, are wondering out there, if you have a margin, account or cash account, there's a high high likelihood. You already have a margin account like that's a default when you just sign up um, i think it's automatic with weeble yeah yeah so like, and that's also so people ask a lot like i'm sure you three get it off like what is pattern day trading. How does it work if you don't have a margin, account you're in a different world of like free, uh, good faith, violation, free role, violation all that stuff, so the the thing of three day trades? That's in the world of margin accounts like there are two distinct accounts, so uh. If you're listening out there a little bit confused, it's worth a very, very quick uh.

Google yeah a google search about it, but if you're in the world of options trading, you definitively have a margin, account yeah man, it's a it's a it's a must, i mean, and if you're smart about it, you do accrue interest. You know, depending on your margin, account i guess it's different for different brokers or your your personal portfolio, but uh. It settles your cash, which is huge like if you've got to get in and out of a stock. Even if it's just you know, you don't have that 25k allotment for the pattern day, trader um.

I i think it's a big deal, especially with options i mean just as you're saying it's a necessity. Um yeah man. I got ta get into options more, but with amc and gamestop they're, so freaking volatile that i yeah you just never know if it's gon na be one of those weeks where it rips or if it's gon na be one of those weeks where it just stays Flat or dips you know it, it can definitely definitely be brutal, but i find like, if you do it, and you see those extremes, then when you just go back to socks, you're like oh, this is nothing yeah right right, man, whatever exactly just get myself psychologically Ready for normal stock movements post this, you know: what's your my biggest win um, so i've talked to, i actually was talking with you a little bit max about that um. How i used to my background and really one of my biggest portfolios, is on the futures market, so i just run some algorithms on that christmas.

Two years ago i was short natural gas and in one contract i was like about 25 k each. So that was like an awesome christmas. A couple days later, i lost like a good half of it, but uh that's a whole different story, but it was. It was a big short on natural gas and right now, though, i'm gearing it up um, if amc successfully squeezed, it could very much be a six figure trade for me.

So i have 12 call options on amc. Nine dollar strike i paid a dollar each. If we get to that fifteen seventeen, fifty twenty dollar area - that's gon na - definitely be a hundred thousand dollar gain if amc actually squeezes. So, even though i'm making more money on gme right now, um - and i do i know trey, i know you and i are gon na fight about it.

But right now i think gme has a better chance of squeezing, but in my hearts of hearts i hope amc squeezes bigger, because that's where the big money is for me right, yeah man. I think i think gamestop and amc they're they're different situations, and they they don't really mirror each other too much until today. Right so when both those stocks were dipping really really hard and they got attacked at like the same time, the charts kind of separated themselves - and i remember i talked with max about a little bit - i think, andrew as well um and we were just like dude. These charts are not the same.

They haven't been for about two weeks and i honestly don't mind if gamestop rips before amc does, because this is what i'm thinking about. You're gon na have a bunch of smooth brained apes who make a crap ton of money on gamestop we're gon na be like now. I've got all this cash. What do i want to do with this? Well, we've got.

We've got afc over here. You know the the good brother uh we can, we can come over here and attribute to the cause, you know and um. I i think that gamestop has more attention. That's that's the big kicker right, the volume's higher and squeezes don't happen without the volume and i've been saying that forever we're going to get back into that 500 million 600 million volume on amc for a squeeze to happen.

It's just not there! Yet it can get there, it's just going to take some time if you had to uh, just like put a likelihood in. Obviously, none of this is predictable if you think a squeeze happened, like are you looking this week next week end of march - and i know it's like obviously we're just throwing mud against the wall here like no one hold it, but like do you think it's a Sooner rather than later thing, or do you think, we're just building up momentum and it still might take like a week or two and i'm just asking, because i get that question a lot and i don't know how to answer like when's it gon na happen. I'm like well, if i had a crystal ball, i would be a billionaire on a beach somewhere. Like i don't know the answer, but like do you think if this is a slow burn thing like potentially the end of march, or are you thinking this week next week like we're still in the world of fireworks? So you know go ahead.

Oh, in that sense, um i'll, keep it quick what i've been using as a way to keep everybody satisfied, because everybody just wants to be satisfied right now, when it comes to that question, they don't really think that you have the answer or the very least if They do, then, you know we are not financial advisors, guys so uh. This is the main point of the show right we're trying to provide you as much education as possible. So the main point about belief: labor, is, if you are trying to sell on the way up, you are going to likely get burned right, you're likely going to be not minimizing uh, regret and you're trying to maximize profits on the way up. Instead, right have a definitive exit strategy.

There are many different ways to be able to do it, but a smart way to that doesn't step on people's shoes is uh. Just imagine that the squeeze can happen anytime and when you're watching one of our four channels, you're likely going to be notified of when the at least the four of us deem it is the squeeze uh and how it is defined as squeeze right. Because no one knows exactly how high it's going to go when it actually gets. There then start selling on the way down, because you can see this as linear right.

We're not trying to bet on a place that the the dartboard needs to be at exactly the right time, because we know how high it can get. You can, and we know that once it gets high, it has to come down eventually and if volkswagen squeeze is any indicator, if even the january gamma squeeze is an indicator, you'll have at least a couple of days to be able to make your decision by that. So that's the main point right: when is the squeeze going to happen? Is it going to be this week? Well stay tuned? If it isn't this week yeah the problem is trying to identify. What's a temporary dip on the way up and what's what's actually going down, yeah man, i that's that's totally it.

I think. That's what people the paper hands is people say i hate saying that just kind of sounds goofy, but the paper hands freak out when there's like those half hour, dips, um and you're gon na know when the stock is done, because it's not gon na be like A half hour dip like dips come hard and they can bounce back hard so when, when a stock goes up way too quick right, it's just not healthy movement usually comes back down pretty quick. If a stock goes down really fast, it's usually going to bounce as well from what i've watched with the volkswagen squeeze right. That first day that has squeezed or squeezed or whatever the word is it had a little bit of a run down a pretty harsh run down that that day.

But then it was a slow bleed from there and i think that'd be a pretty good indicator and yeah like like andrew, was saying. Maybe you leave a little bit on the top like you're, not gon na there's only gon na be a handful of people that time the top at the exact right time i mean think about this. Buying and selling is back and forth between two people right, you got ta get somebody else to purchase your shares, which means when you sell there's only a certain amount of people are gon na, be able to hit that tip tip top. So, to expect that you're gon na be that person get that out of your head, like you're gon na leave money on the top of the on the top of the chart, there's just no way so i'm i'm 100 with andrew.

I think the way to go about this is not to expect a date, but just to be ready for when the day comes, because all that sending a date does is get our hopes up. You know, i can't tell you how many times people like you, always keep saying tomorrow tomorrow, even though, even though i never do i'm sure you guys get this too anytime, you talk about amc, but uh. We just can't do that. We can't do that.

We're gon na lose people because then they're gon na have that expectation and uh. You know et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, but um. If i had to answer your question matt that march 19th date looks pretty sexy. That looks like it could be.

A pretty big deal, it's a quadruple witching and i mean i could get on that. I mean my chat knows i'm all about conspiracy theories, so sign me up for whatever, but i also like max's idea of like well, because we're all expecting that it's gon na be a little bit off whether people front run it back run it like of kind Of close in there, but man i mean we're seeing the volume pick up each day i mean today. I think we at least well. No honestly, i would argue on both we came so close to, like that final straw, to break the camel's back like we were going up like gme was about to break through 350.

The volume was there. There was just so much pain and then i mean obviously uh. We got hit pretty hard, but like from a technical perspective, i've been calling for amc at a minimum just to gap up to 1291., like at this point, there's a gap in the chart marking right. We were so close, i think at 12, 40.

12. 50, something right there. I was like this is the day we're gon na hit it. I was expecting both to come up to resistance, sit there and then i was honestly fingers crossed for like elon or someone to tweet something overnight, and we just see it like.

You know. You know you're talking to some good investors when we're relying on celebrities tweeting like all right like this. That's it that's like that's the world, we're dealing in right now, this like we're. So beyond the realm of like fundamentals and gamestop like or the fundamentals of gamestop and amc, being accurate like right now of how it is like they might grow into it, i hope they do.

I want them to be successful, but now to me this is just a big insights on human psychology, we're balancing out grier feed fomo, that's like what this is. This is in, like oh, like uh max really hit the nail on the headways like this earnings report. Like it's good, it was either going to be neutral when people didn't care like, of course, movie theaters lost money like would you expect the world was shut down like duh, and then the only thing that i could have really seen was if they just said something. Oddly bullish, that he's like, oh, like i don't know like what they could have said, but just like i mean the ceo of amc is like very much on our side like he wants it to squeeze like you could tell like he's like.

Oh, like we. We thank our friends on reddit like like um, i don't know like so many people were very very excited and you even saw it in the chart of like, at the end of the day, not much happened with amc for like the last hour, and i think People were like: okay, what's gon na happen in this earnings, and it kind of confused me because, like out of all of their earnings, i think it's like almost probably their least important one like because we're in a world of just meme stocks. Man, like that's just what it is now like, i don't know i wan na i'm excited. Do you guys any three of you? Do you think? Okay, the last time with gamestop like it? It was a wednesday at the end of january.

Like i don't know, maybe the 27th, so i had a wednesday thursday and then over that weekend we had the weekend the noise, like the news, really got through the people and then that whole week that was the excitement. Do you think if we don't get action by this friday that it'll die out over the weekend, because people are just like okay, the market's not closed, or do you think it'll carry through and we're still good like? Are you worried about the weekend at all uh? I don't think i'm personally worried about it. I'd be interested to hear your guys, thoughts, um, and i try to keep things optimistic. Obviously we have to, but what i'm excited about the most is, i think a lot of people are paying attention to that march.

19Th. Date - and it's actually, you know backable, there's, there's actual tangible things that we can look forward to with that. So, even if the earnings report right, we don't get that move that we need to push up to that gap. Up, like you were talking about matt on the chart setup right, we still have you know something we can look forward to in the future, and that makes like the long term project a little bit easier when you've got a short-term goal.

So having that short-term date in the back of our mind, something that, like we expect can happen, can happen right. We don't know for sure, but we have that to look forward to that keeps people engaged and i think that's a pretty big deal but um i mean just hear what you guys think for sure. Okay, i was going to say on the on the concerned side of the spectrum just to paint the full picture here. I have some concerns just how on edge people are like we, we know, you know, we've all.

We've all been to the peaks before we've all been to the bottom of the pit, and it's kind of like the x that we just keep on coming back to at this point. So i'm just wondering how how sensitive are people going to be? You know once the prices is crawling upwards. There's a small correction. Are people just going to sell off and make that small correction turn into a huge correction? So that's kind of a concern of mine where you have all these individuals who've been burned before on these stocks recently, where everyone kind of needs to form as one if it's going to really happen, uh well.

First of all, this is why we need to get scissors in the chat right now to cut out all those paper hands. We don't need them. This is a prisoner's element waiting to happen. If you think that one a 10k 100k is not a meme, you don't want these paper hands on board.

Those are those people who are shaken up by the the turbulence it's gon na be too much heat for you and you need to get out of the kitchen now uh trey. Would you mind sharing the the the screen share that i have, because if you guys are concerned about the weekend just to answer the question, what we have here is some uh some option address. This is just from the straight up: nasdaq uh the option chain here and we're looking at both march 12th and march 19th with strike prices for gme. I know this is an amc, specific, live stream, but just take a look at genie as an example.

Right data is king. I always try to have data when we have these kinds of questions answered and at 3 45. This was where we were about to cross over to 3.269. Of course, very nice million shares right.

This would have been in the money, and this is another 400 000 shares that would be in the money if we crossed actually over to 350.. These contracts are still in play, it's not like they just suddenly evaporated and when the uh, the uh dip, actually happened, we saw an increase of almost double this amount of of shares that are trying to be in the money by 800. See this all the way goes to 800, where there is 13 million shares, almost that much that many shares got added during today's mini boss fight. So, if uh, if this all sounds like something that is coming up to one of the largest gamma gamma squeezes, possibly the largest in the lifetime of gamma squeezes, if you guys want to wear gamma squeezes, aren't even that well documented of a thing until like february, And january of this year, so this is a brand new thing that is making history and and that's why i'm excited to talk to josh: hey, it's pixel who wrote that gme dd uh he's going to come on the show tomorrow and i'll be able to update You uh you apocalypse horseman a little later tomorrow, so why is it that gamma squeezes? Aren't that well documented? Is it just so many more people doing options than ever before or do we have a reason why that would be my guess? I i i think, that's uh, sorry to interrupt you andrew.

I apologize uh. I think that there just wasn't that many people playing options like that in the past i mean like personally myself right up until afc and gamestop. I had honestly never heard of a gamma squeeze. I just never had i mean when you think about how um volkswagen happened, the similarities and the differences between amc, gamestop and volkswagen they're much much different right so, like volkswagen, didn't necessarily need the the gamma squeeze.

They had options contracts as we had portion and the german government that played into it, but there was just two entities there right, so they were able to kind of control that in a much different way than we as people are now, since we have read it In these different tools and people are able to be like hey based on this rule and that rule right, we know that delta, where there's delta hedging the clearinghouses have to have to hedge right here uh. We know that these shares expiring. The money would have to be purchased at that significant strike price from the market right. It could drive up that price.

It's just new, like just people that know about it. I don't think - and you guys can speak on this just as much as i can. I know because your channels have blown up over the last couple months, just like mine did there are so many people are getting into investing now, it's insane, so that's just more eyes on things and it's more volume coming into the market um. I think that's huge plus stimulus.

There was a survey that just came out where the individuals between age of 20 and 27 - i believe 50 of them, said that they're going to put their stimulus check into stocks and they're, estimating that yeah they're, estimating that's going to be an extra 30 to 50 Billion dollars in the stock market two weeks from now dang - oh that's, gnarly! Geez, guys you mind. If we take a quick breather here, i got a 100 super chat in here and i wanted to read this out for you guys this is coming from zachary garrison. He says: let's get a pull of that kraken and a toast. My guy tell the other three to join.

I don't know if you guys want to take uh a rip of anything, but i on my live streams. It's a thing that we do over here at the trace trades community. We take, we take at least one rip of the kraken, which is the the king of the black lagoon. So i'm gon na give out a nice cheers and toast to uh to you three into the gorilla gang, so uh bear with me really quick.

I i just like doing this uh cheers to the three of you honestly guys. I really appreciate your presence and you coming to the live stream. I appreciate you guys uh live streams as well. Your own channels, i mean you guys, are awesome, it's freaking, sick and not to make this uh.

You know some sort of sappy love story or whatever, but it's without the people of the community in youtube right. This could not have happened. It couldn't have. I mean if we were just individual investors and we didn't have reddit discord, youtube all these different groups to discuss and talk about things and learn from each other um.

We wouldn't be in this situation right now, so i'm really grateful for the opportunities and the relationships that i built, especially for you three matt we're gon na. Have you on this live stream again down in the road? I tell you what the the the four horsemen will live on so cheers to you guys and choose the gorilla gang out there bottoms up. You know what it is shoes. If i had alcohol, i would cheers, but i'm at my office beautiful, i feel like.

If you do this enough, you might get sponsored by kraken like you just got ta that'd, be a life dream i'll. Tell you what i got two life dreams now. First, one is to be a voice: actor for an anime second would be to be sponsored by kraken that'd be monstrous. I keep talking about this gucci duck shirt that i'm gon na buy.

So i i just need someone out there guys if you have connections to gucci. Let's make this happen, i will i will ride them all. It's like one of the worst shirts i've ever seen, and i just need it so bad like i just need it. I just need it man.

I think i saw you talking about that one of your live streams, there's like five grand or something for that gucci duck shirt. It's like 2.3 000, but i feel like like at first you're like oh, this is awful and it is awful which makes it so much better. I'm like what, if i turn it into an nft like if there's so many avenues. You can take this like.

It's a business expense to own a duck shirt at this point like, but my biggest concern is, if i were to buy it and then day one something happens well, my chat would be like no don't wear that again and there goes two thousand dollars on his Shirt out the window so like i needed to be on like a very very lucky day, so it's a high risk high reward situation at the very least you and you'd have a good story. Oh yeah, big time you have to wear a quadruple wishing day at this rate, like this yeah 100, i uh i tried to buy a nasa jacket and it got stolen like the package got stolen like it was there and i was streaming and i got the Message for delivery and then, by the time i went to go up like i was so bummed about it. That day, this awesome, i think it's actually uh, who made it joe rogan, i think wore it like on one of his podcasts and everyone freaked out like oh, i need that nasa jacket, but i guess wasn't meant to be this time around dang there. We go guys if you're still listening tuning in here all 12 000 of you.

If you have not subbed to uh andrew to matt, to max make sure you check out their their links. I've got them uh handled up here in the title. If you just click on the names that'll bring over the channel they're all myself, these are some awesome dudes covering amc and gamestop. Just about every day like like, like we are over here in the channel.

They deserve some love, so make sure you do that for them back to the conversation. Where do we want to hop from here? So i have the q a pulled up. Uh, it's been, it's been pulled up for a sec, all right, yeah. Let's do it and thanks for taking my questions and uh thanks for all the prepared remarks, good to hear you're well, uh adam just wanted to start off with a broad one on the uh, the theatrical window topic.

We've now heard from many of your partner studio partners, including universal, paramount and warner, just wondering how you're thinking about this uh. You know from an agreement standpoint what this means to the business model and how this could affect getting back to historical um, ebitda margins. Thanks. Thank you chef.

So this is an area i actually could have put this in the prepared marks, but i think i'd save it for questions. This is an area where i feel very good um dating back to my first weeks at amc. Uh we signed on to something called the screening room never took off, but you made some of you may remember it uh that was going to play movie or movies at home earlier than traditional windows, and i think that over the past several years amc has indicated In private conversations with every major studio that we are willing to be the most experimental, a movie theater circuit around with expect with respect to windows, strategies and we're different than the traditional norm. But we always laid down one marker marker, and that was if we adjusted windows, it had to be good for amc shoulders, not bad for amc shoulders and when we couldn't strike deals with studios on shorter windows, we resisted them with all of our mic.

Some of you will recall the letter exchange from april of 2020 with universal as an example of that. Having said that, uh after a very brief given that we're at it for years after a very brief, 90 days of serious discussion, we announced what we thought was a groundbreaking landmark new agreement with universal. That was good for universal and good for amc.

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