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There is not in fact 99.2% total shares being held in the company, and they are not debt free, but merely no longer in danger of bankruptcy. The rest of the information in this video is relevant. I am keeping this up because I will not pretend I didn't make a mistake and take pride in my transparency.
AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss all recent news, catalyst, numbers and statistics, and sentiments towards AMC, the hedge fund squeeze, and progress moving forward.
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Oh man, i'm so pumped to talk about nfc today, guys, oh, oh, i've been waiting forever for this. I've been waiting forever for this jesus christ. We're trying to make this as strong as we can here, but i am so jacked right now. I can't wait to talk about this.

What is up everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders. Sell opinions on these, given stocks occupies by saying i'm not a financial advisor nor experts. So, let's take what i say with a grain of salt: let's get into the video today, my friends: we've got an update on ticker symbol, a m c baby.

Oh man, we're gon na mostly focus on the news that has come out here. There's been some some talk about a very interesting number out there that we are going to touch on so, as we've been seeing here, i want to touch on afterwards the chart setup so already look at the chart set up. I'm going to explain to you why i think we've been trading sideways, why this is the absolute floor. Like i've been saying for days now, uh the situation is the same.

We do still need the volume to step into this for a squeeze to happen, but the setup is 100 there, i'm so jacked. My friends. We've got a lot to talk about so, let's get into this, so i can waste as least time as possible with you guys here today now check this out. I've got this pulled up straight from the horse's mouth.

This is a website that you need to pay for in order to access this data, so this is very significant. Information check this out, 99.2 percent of amc shares are currently being held moon soon. This is so f and dope for us they'll either pull this rubber band the f back further and illegally naked short beyond 100, or this gets sent both will hurt them and benefit us eventually point eight percent float: we've got the sapes. Hedges only have 650.

000 short shares available. This is so small compared to us. This is nothing they burned over two million yesterday alone stay the course baby. Don't stop.

We got this, keep holding, buy and hold worst case scenario. This is still a 15 to 25 stock when we bounce back, have confidence, spread this and hold until we moon. If this sends uh soon let it rip make this worth it make this count, and i've got a couple. Different sources pulled up here.

To show you exactly what i'm talking about check this out, we're gon na start off here with uh with the overall available short interest, uh short shares available, i should say so: we're gon na pull up here, the amc, short interest and we'll look at fintel. This is coming straight from fintel right and what it has available to us and what it is telling us is that there are 650 000 short shares available. Compare that to the overall market uh the outstanding shares in the market right, that is very, very low. That is so low.

That is not a lot of short share, availability right that lines up with this reddit thread. He says right here: 650 000, shorts available, so without naked shorting right without counterfeiting short shares. That is what the current situation is. Looking like, they are running out of short shares to short this stock.

Now it doesn't change the situation in terms of volume, i'm not gon na. I'm not gon na go back from my opinion. I'm not gon na go back on the fact and say: hey um, you know we could see a squeeze without the volume. That's not the case right.

That is still the case. It is still the case, but i do want to point that out, because it is relevant next thing is this right that 99.2 uh amc shares being held right check this out right here, we've got amc, entertainment holdings incorporated float, shares, slash outstanding 99.2, 99.2 percent of People are holding amc right now, so that tells exactly what we've been thinking. It is that people are still holding the stock, guys, i'm so jacked on this, i'm so jacked on this i've been saying forever. I've been saying forever.

I've heard arguments of people saying trey. The reason it sold off is because people sold they took their losses. Yadda yadda, it's possible right, there's, definitely people that got out of the stock, they took their losses or they took their gains and got out. But this does not happen from people taking profits.

This happens from shorting. You do not see an absolute collapse in a stock by people taking profits or getting out taking their losses right. This happens when a stock is being shorted right. So this is exactly saying what i've been telling you guys forever right this, the situation's still the same to me, there's three different outcomes.

Here a squeeze happens, you get an amc, amazon acquisition which i think is also possible or c you hold this until may or june, and this goes to 20 to 25. That's my price target on this, with the covert play that we have available to us right now, so that is astronomical. That means that point eight percent of the total shares available for trading are all that exists right now, which would explain the overall volume that we've seen pumping into the stock right. We have not seen a lot of movement.

We've been hanging around this 5.26 range to you know 6.50, for, like seven straight days now almost no action, almost no volume, so that would explain a lot that would tell you hey. Why is there no volume coming into this? Why is there no action? Why is there no volatility? Well, it's because the majority of people right now are holding their shares in the stock. That's insane guys! This is. This is absolutely cr.

This is crushing news. This is huge, huge, huge, huge news right. That explains exactly why this is the floor. We've been talking about this forever.

I've been covering the amc as much as i can tell you guys how it is, and i absolutely think this is the floor, and it is for good reason right. That number was just given to us that 99.2 percent is just validating our hypothesis, that is so significant. 99.2 percent of the total shares are being held. We've got 650 000 total short shares available naked shorting still possible right.

We might see counterfeit shares step into this, which would create false selling pressure right. That is possible, but nonetheless, that tells you the short squeeze potential is still there right. So keep that in the back of your mind, i've got ortix pulled up here. This is the site that i also pay for a monthly subscription, for it comes out about 600 a year, so anyways the current utilization here is 83.12.

Now this doesn't quite line up with what is available here on finbox right, so either. This number is wrong or ortex is wrong. I think some of the vortex numbers have been wrong, which is frustrating, but it's also possible. This is wrong.

It is also possible. This is wrong right. We want to air on the side of caution and say: okay, maybe it's a little bit lower than that right, because that is an extremely high number, but even if we, if we, we lowball it say it's 90 or 95, that is still an extremely low amount Of shares available and it lines up extremely well with the 650 000 number right, if that's the total amount of short shares available 650 000, that is significant. That is very significant, significant news and i'm gon na back it up with this.

I was tweeted this by multiple, multiple, multiple people. This is just one guy, one guy said they won't. Let me order more amc shares go through. They said there isn't enough available to fill it right and i've had this stated by multiple people saying hey.

I can't even buy amc right now. They said that there's no shares available to fill my order, so the squeeze potential is there, my friends, it is 100 there. Now i'm not gon na sit here and say it's going to happen right. There's nobody in the planet that can tell you for sure that this is going to happen.

It's called wall street bets, not wall street guarantees, but it means the potential is 100 percent there. Right now. I've been asked this question as well trey, since we don't have a lot of shares available since there's not a lot of volume pumping into this right. How are we gon na be able to get the volume up if there's not a lot of shares? Well, what it's gon na come down to is, if they have to cover short positions right and there's no shares available everybody's holding.

That means you get to decide what uh what they have to buy them back at. So if you sell, if you set a limit order with an indefinite expiration rate, meaning that it's not going to cancel at any given time, you set it for, let's say 100 and everybody sets it for 100 or more. That means that shorts have to cover their positions back at that hundred dollar range. That is astronomical.

That is a huge, huge, huge number. My friends, we see that the overall short utilization is eighty three point, one two percent, which is extremely high. That means the total amount of shortable shares available. Right now is 17 percent.

According to ortex right, we said: they've got 650 000 total short shares available. Regardless this tells you, people are shorting the stock. That is a very, very significant number. The short borrowed fee rate is 1.95 percent.

I mean that's how that's how much interest they're accruing annually, which is not a huge number right, but nonetheless, that is what it comes down to now. Another thing that i would share with you that i do want to show you guys is uh is this. Let me find this here really quick. It is the volatility, the implied volatility that is coming with uh with this stocks.

Let me find the picture quick. All right check this out take this with a grain of salt. This is yahoo finance, but check out the implied volatility. 4 725 percent.

They take these numbers, they don't just make them up. These are based off of algorithmic number crunching right. So if the implied volatility from a for from from yahoo finance on amc is 4 725, that is a huge huge number on these calls right. That's that's on the uh on what would be.

Let's take a quick peek here. We don't see the open interest, but um i'm trying to see the overall strike, but i don't see it but regardless. That is a huge amount of implied volatility regarding this call option. It's expiring on february 19, 2021, as of today right so now that that didn't end up panning out but down the road.

What that means is the implied volatility with the stock is extremely extremely high. So that is some significant news. My friends we've got a huge amount of people holding the stock right now right. That's that's very significant.

We've got uh. We've got a low amount of short shares available, which means that people are still shorting the stock that the amount of short shares available right. The utilization stays the same. It goes across all.

As i say, this is the amount of total shortable shares that we have available to lend you right now right and they're using them up. If that number is true right, that's 650. 000. Total short shares available.

That is significant news, and that would explain exactly what we're seeing here in terms of price action. I would tell you why we're not seeing volume pump into this that'll tell you why the tuesday two million didn't end up coming to fruition right, because there wasn't enough volume in the stock. There wasn't enough people. There wasn't enough available shares to even make it happen.

Right, so that is significant. That's why we're seeing it bottom out, because without that volume we don't have the volatility without the volatility we don't have price action. I don't have the movement right, so that is why you're seeing this bottom out so harshly at that 5.50 range as a very, very solid level of support right. So that's big big big news that is so significant.

Now that is one scenario here right. The squeeze is not guaranteed to happen. I do think it is likely, but it's not guaranteed to happen. If that doesn't happen, i think an amazon acquisition is very, very likely.

I think, there's high possibility that that does come to fruition. I've pointed this out in previous videos, but we've got five different institutional companies that have taken stakes in both amc and amazon are around the same data. Finally, right so february, 12th and 13th, we had five companies take stakes and both those companies right so very, very significant information there as well third scenario. If neither of those happens right, if the squeeze doesn't happen right, so nobody can guarantee you that nobody's gon na sit here and tell you that they know the most certainty possible that this squeeze can happen.

I stand by what i said. Volume needs to happen. Volatility needs to happen, or it's just gon na keep stagnating right. So, if neither of those happen, this is still a good recovery play.

This company is out of debt right. We actually have upcoming earnings, which is something that i haven't even talked about yet in terms of this stock, so check this check this out. Let me take a quick peek here. If i'm just going to google it quick well, we just look at amc earnings.

We know that they've got upcoming earnings report uh to be released and that is going to be coming out on uh february 25th of 2021 is the expected earnings release date. So i've seen i've seen that date fold around i've seen early march float around as well, but regardless right with them being dead free. Now there is 700 million dollars uh in their previous. You know offering they took advantage of uh the situation with with the stock price hitting 25 they're debt-free.

Their earning situation could look very different from what it did in previous quarters and previous years, and i think that is going to attract some new investors into this stock if they're even able to purchase shares. Who knows who knows what's going to happen right? This is just an anomaly. This is crazy. Stuff happened on the market guys, but regardless the situation is set up right.

We've got that upcoming earnings report. If it's good, that's going gon na get people into this as a potential midterm play. There's potential here for a lot of different scenarios. I see absolutely no way that people don't come out on top of this if all they do is hold right.

So i'm not i'm not sitting here to tell you what to do. I'm gon na be holding my position. Amc i've got 430 shares on this brokerage account. I've got 150 shares on my other brokerage account and i i i'm going to keep adding my position as i have the opportunity to, because i see so much potential with amc to do good things right worst case scenario.

This is 20 bucks by june right, if that is what happens, and your dollar cost average is eight bucks and 67 cents like mine, you're, looking at a 250 gain. That is insane. You can't beat that i will wait three months all day, long to get a 300 gain out of stock, so the situation is better than it's ever been. In my personal opinion, this is probably the most excited that i've been to report numbers in terms of amc.

I am so so so freaking jacked guys, i'm telling you this is not a dead cat. I get every single video troy. This is a dead cat. This is a dead cat.

The squeeze potential is gone. This stock is worth it. They're gon na go bankrupt right, not a dead cat, not a dead cat. If you're saying it's a dead cat you're, not taking the time to look at the numbers here right this, it's it's just factual.

The numbers are the numbers right. We see multiple sources saying that the utilization rate is high. We see the short shares availability is low. We see that 99.2 percent of the available outstanding shares are being held right.

How can you you see people saying that they can't even fill orders on their stock right? There's people that can't even get their order filled right. Take that and run with it, because that's legitimate, that's legitimate people can't or share. They can't fill their orders because there's not enough shares available. People are holding the stock guys.

The facts are the facts. It is what it is. That's all i'm saying that's all i'm saying i'm so heated on this. I'm just so fired up guys i'll.

Tell you what i'm so excited to talk about this, because i think this is more of a live ball than it has ever been. My friends there's so much potential upside here, and that is what i have for the video. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this.

Lastly, i'm going to fill the link in the description box down below for weeble. This is version 4 on the desktop that you're watching news right now great platform that allows you to start training at 4am in the pre-market. If you use my link, you get two free stocks with a 100 deposit, i receive a free stock, great support of the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have you guys today.

Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

By Trey

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