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Two one: what is up everybody welcome back to the traders podcast. We have brought together a awesome guest here today, uncle bruce. I wish this man was my grandpa, the coolest guy on the planet been covering gamestop like a boss. This is absolutely awesome.

Man bruce, it is a blast and i'm so excited to have you here on on the podcast. Welcome it's great to have you buddy, fantastic being here. It's just so much fun these days. Oh definitely dude.

I've been uh. I've been watching your gamestop videos and you put out a really really interesting one uh we're gon na talk about that a little bit, but for anybody, that's not familiar with you. Uh just tell us a little bit about your channel what you cover uh! I know that we just talked about this before we went on the air but uh you just recently started you've been blowing up. Oh that's insane! It's unbelievable! We we! This is the first time these.

The two of us are meeting each other and we're already having fun. I started moving back in august 17, i started a travel channel called traveling with bruce. This is my t-shirt here. Oh man, that's sick, talking about cruise ships and all that stuff, and then i started adding information into those videos about uh the cruise ship shares.

I was covering norwegian royal caribbean carnival and i was finding that i would get a pretty good reaction, but some of my viewers are going. I just want you to talk about how nice it is to go cruising. I don't want to talk, finance, finance, channel and i'll talk about. I can do whatever, so i created stock markets with bruce back in july of of 20, and i started putting up videos about the cruise lines.

Tesla and then i found the story about games. Gamestop yeah man, the most shorted stock on the new york stock exchange. I thought well what the hell i'll uh i'll i'll do a video on that and i did a couple of update videos and then, by about december, all this uh they took off. It all took, i mean all this ryan cohen's stuff started to show up and all those i'm following all those insider reports, all the sec filings about what was happening.

It was just wild, but i decided one day it was uh, it was about. Oh, it was like four in the morning, i'm sitting on my couch doing some research and uh the day before the stock had gone to about 40 bucks, a share and uh, and the next day there was just all kinds of buzz everywhere about it. Oh people are going nuts, i thought i better go. I better go live because i do go live on my other channel.

I thought i better go live and start talking about gamestop to my followers. I only had 1200 subscribers at that point in time. I just got the channel 1200 and i went live and i had about oh six or eight thousand people joined me during the show for about an hour and a half and uh left it at that. The next morning uh it went.

It was still going nuts because now the stock yeah right right, it's just a perfect storm, it's caught with a short position and then melvin capital got caught, and so i went i started going live for the i thought. I'd go live for an hour or two, and i started the hour before the opening and i went live for the whole day. I was live for seven and a half straight hours. Jesus dedication and i had 70 000 views on that show and uh the next day i went live the whole day again.

I had a quarter million views the next day, so i've been i've been live every day, five days a week, not the whole day, but you know three hours here, two hours here that kind of right. It's just amazing man. That is incredible. You what's interesting about this: is you covered gamestop before it blew up before it got taken over by all these redditors and the crazy news and all that stuff? You notice this back, probably when uh dfv, if you're familiar with roaring kitty, the guy who discovered all this.

Obviously you are back before you know when he got into the stock, which is incredible, that's awesome and i never heard of the guy. I never all right about wall street bets. I didn't know anything about uh uh subreddit for gamestop. I didn't know anything about the roaring kitty.

I was just doing my research coming up with this stuff and i just start. You know i as a as a broker from 1979. I mean i was a stockbroker back then, when i was 24, i'm 65 now um. I i know how you know what would happen on a short squeeze.

I mean in those days we'd have all right right and that type of thing - and it would all be in slow motion compared to today, because today a short squeeze happens in an hour and it just blows so fast. I mean the the stock market just works. So much differently than it did probably in that time i would assume you've probably seen it all come and go so i see it all, and so i've been educating my viewers about this is what it was like in the 70s and the 80s. This is what it's like now, but there's a lot of similarities, and you can tell the the one thing you have to know if you're, if you're any good at the market, you understand what human psychology is and how people panic, when markets get bad and how They get prices right too high.

You have to learn how to keep a level head when you're in the business, especially if you're a broker with 300 clients. You've got to be able to you've got to be the stabilizer. You've got to manage yeah being staying calm. You know so i figured well i'll go on and i'll just i'll use the tactic of uh.

Let's just talk about the markets in plain english, that's what i'll do? I'm a 65 year old guy i'll talk, old school and i'll, just dumb it down for people, and i figured i'd, probably get a lot of uh. You know 40 50, 60 year olds. That will, you know, follow me and kind of go. Oh, that's what that is.

Oh, that's what that's all right right, i'm shocked, because my audience is between 18 and 40.. That's most of my audience! Actually, i'm i i'm now on i'm adopted by the millennials. It's awesome a lot of people, a lot of people that want you to be their dad or grandpa. Just like me, man, that's, what's up that's what's up bruce, you know what i actually like.

A lot is uh with my channel specifically and yours. We've got a lot of similarities in the way that we try to make things simple. You know i think, there's this misconception. You could probably speak on this more than i can, where the only people that invest are these people wearing suits it's the brokerages.

It's the institutions right or you hand your money off to a roth ira or an etf, and they manage it for you and i think it's interesting, because what what you're doing is showing people hey? It's really not that complicated. If you just sit down and you you study, what's being complicated in a million words and dumb it down into one sentence, you know anybody can get in the market and i i really appreciate that because that's what i focus on with my channel, you know it's Awesome, i really love that a lot yeah, yeah and and the market is, you know in the last, what five years um? Who would have thought that you could use something like this? I know you stock right, while you're sitting in the bathroom doing your business. It's unbelievable, the the opening. That's that's happened.

I mean when i was a broker. I've got. I did a video about how it used to be, and a client would call me up on the phone and say: hey. Listen.

I had some beers last night with a buddy and the guy next to us drinking with his buddy. They were talking about an oil well being drilled by a little oil and gas company. You know in calgary alberta somewhere here in canada right and i hear that if this thing comes in it'll, be a it'll, be a discovery of an epic proportion. So the guy would say to me.

I want to buy some stock in that little oil and gas company. That's drilling an oil well 500 miles away from our town, and i do i'd have to write a ticket of the order after i look at my quote machine and see what this thing is: training at walk it to my desk trader, give him the ticket he Picked up the phone, wow or trader to put the order in the floor trader, went to the post yelled out the order filled, the order came back, phoned the destinator. Here's. What you got the destination would fill up the ticket put in a little round thing.

For me, i'd see a little blue ticket in my little number 22 over there i'd go, pull it out go! Oh, i just bought 5 000 shares at a 1.85, and i could call my client and say you got your stock at a buck. 85., that took 15 minutes wow, that's insane! I can't i never i've, never even thought about that. 100 bucks. It was crazy, it was insane bruce.

You know, i'm 23 years old and i've been investing for a little while, obviously not as long as you. So that put into perspective is pretty crazy. That's insane! You know i uh! That's that's incredible! Go ahead! Well, i'm just going to say that uh that you pay 50 bucks minimum commission to buy a stock in those days too, but normally it would be. Three percent of the value of the order, so, if you gave me a seven thousand dollar order, your commission would be 200 bucks.

That's nothing compared to now same thing on the way out three percent on the way out, so you had to make from buck 85. In you had to get out of 210 or more to really make it work right right. This guy wasn't interested in the day trade he figured. If the oil well would come in i'd, you know go to five bucks a share.

So if it did go to five bucks, a share you'd have 25 grand way to go uh, but i would earn a nice commission on the way out the door, but the difference in those days was the stock broker. Me uh would meet this guy for lunch. The day after we did the trade, because we would compare more notes together, no ideas and and and eat lunch together at you know one of the downtown steakhouses and i'd pay for it and then go back to our offices and i'd go back to work with All my clients - and he would you know, keep his ears open for anything else. He's hearing, though those days are gone, i mean you know right, yeah, it's a stock.

Now, in a nanosecond, you don't even know the president of the company's names tenth of a second 100th of a second super fast. There are people out there day, trading and buying and selling stocks within a second. Sometimes you know it's it's incredible. It's incredible.

I know it man, i didn't think uh i'd meet another uh, another youtuber that likes that likes talking as much as i do. I, like the energy, that's awesome! This is awesome. It's a good combo, it's a good combo, so it's awesome. I've.

I've got a question for you, so i watched your video talking about chicago and gamestop, and that was an incredible video that broke things down in a way that i think a lot of people didn't really understand. You know. So that was awesome. I was wondering if you could briefly talk about that gamestop situation again and then i'd like to hear your opinions regarding amc, because you can kind of tell these are like the twins right.

They both kind of move in the same direction. They've got the same buyers and sellers coming into these the same institutions, kind of shorting and longing on these stocks. So i'd be interested to hear your perspective on how this uh, how this runs? Let's just let's hear your thoughts. Well, you know this uh, this uh video - i did.

I guess it was on friday's show that i was talking about uh what might be happening in chicago uh and uh, and i i'm i'm convinced this is going on uh it. It could be happening with other stocks, but in the case of gamestop it is absolutely mega amplified and the bottom line is, we know, there's only 70 million shares in existence for gamestop, and we know management owns 20 million and the street has 50. of the 50 Million we know that maybe 10 to 15 million actually could trade. The rest is held by institutional right right, but if you take a look at the actual breakdown of how much stock institutional investors have they have over 100 million of gamestop in their books? How can that be? There's only 70 million shares naked calls going on is chicago has got additional issues, because there are market makers that work on the cme, the chicago mercantile exchange, that trade options and that's all they do and generally options.

As most of you know, out, there options mirror the price of the stock, so if the stock goes up call options go up put options go down. Well, the demand for call contracts on gamestop since about november december way up here out of support out of the stratosphere right and so what's going on here is chicago market makers whose job it is is to always have a bid and ask for options trades. These guys are offering blocks of or as many calls as you basically want to buy and the further out of the money you want to buy the more they're happy to sell you and that's been the pattern up until about i'm going to say for sure two Weeks ago, because the first go-around that this this game stop had, it had the run all the way up and then came back down to the 50 range. These chicago guys are thinking.

Aha, it's all over. They got their brains handed to them. They got blown out the stocks going back to 15 20 bucks and we'll never hear from these people again and suppress surprises. We have a buyer of 50, 000 shares come in uh and he uh he jumps on the stock and the next thing you know the stock goes to 50 55., but during the lull as the stock came back down, these market makers were offering 80 dollar calls.

90S, 100s. 105S. 110S. All the way up to 200 all the way up to 800..

Oh it's only. There are hundreds of thousands of contracts out there. I've heard 457 000 as one one of my viewers gave me today that are out there and most of them are naked calls. They don't don't exist right and they never do.

Have the stock market makers don't carry stock. They only issue stock options. Most of the time when they write them out of the money they blow out to zero and they don't have to deliver any paper to anybody. But in the case of gamestop uh we could go wednesday at uh three o'clock, one hour before the open, before the close.

That's when i usually go on the air for the last hour of the day and then the hour after the close right at three o'clock around five minutes in uh. I noticed oh look at those shares at gamestop they're sitting at 48.49. They can't go to 50. All of a sudden, they broke 50.

and then five minutes later they broke 55 and they got halted, and i thought geez in the after hours too took five hours for the buyers to be able to break the 50 barrier, took five minutes to get 55 got The 60 got halted, open up, went to 70 got halted, uh opened up, went to 91 got halted, didn't trade for the rest of the day, 15 minutes, then in the aftermarket it went to 180.. So i knew then, that with that run all kinds of these uh uh option writers we're getting hedged inside they're naked right, yeah big time. So the stock, as we saw on friday, came back to that hundred level and i thought it would be hammered back down again, but the shorters were trying to stop it to hammer it down, but the buyers were just saying give us all you want. There were thousands and thousands tens of thousands of contracts that were going to expire are in the money and and these guys who had the calls were going to call the stock.

They were going to exercise their contracts to get the stock, which meant the chicago guys have to go and buy it. So now, if you have a hedge fund, with a million shares short position, let's say last week, monday or tuesday, and they they're they're sitting there going man is this thing? You know it's come back to 50 come back down. The 40 went down to 38 50, but i didn't go back to 15, didn't go back to 20., it didn't die, and now it's coming back to this 45 50 range. These guys are getting nervous and they don't want to be the ones to buy.

A million shares in the open market to try to cover their shorts all right, because then you know what you know what's already happened, then that's clear as day and i think there's dozens of these guys. I don't think there's one or two hedge funds. Oh, no, not at all dozens and some have a hundred thousand some three hundred thousand some of five million shares. It's all over the map.

So, of course, one way to deflect the problem is why don't you just buy a bunch of calls that are in the money and then uh exercise your your right to buy the stock into the call you're going to buy strike yeah right, i dies in 24. 48 hours buy those calls near the end, there's very little premium in a 60 call that dies in four hours and so you're, paying basically the book value between what it's worth the exercise price and what it's the stock's trading at. So it's a hundred dollars a share. It's a forty dollar call.

Maybe three dollars a premium. Five dollars premium you're, paying 105 bucks to buy the stock, buy enough calls between 50 51. All the way up to 65 to cobblestone together enough calls to get all your million shares and then, on top of that buy enough calls to buy another million shares. And now you exercise the right to buy.

Two million shares now they're long. It's not a problem and then what get? What happens, of course is. The problem now is a chicago problem. The chicago guys got to get the paper, not the hedge fund, right long, two million shares uh and the first million he gets he's going to take care of his short.

The rest he's going to get he's long and he's going to be the guy happy to sell the chicago guy. The million shares of the two million he needs. He'll offer it at uh, 120. 130.

140. All the way up with this chicago guy buying it up, and so i figured today, could be the day where we would have some activity on the stock over a hundred bucks, a share and sure enough. It did to 133 today and i'm wondering how many of these hedge funds were selling the same stock that they were buying from the option writer back to the market, unbelievable man, you broke that down in a much smarter way than i've been talking about, but it's It's funny that you, you say that, because in a much simpler way - or i should say a different way - i've been saying the same thing for a long time. I've been talking about man.

You've got a great perspective. I can tell you about doing this forever. Um i've been saying: you're gon na have institutions and hedge funds that go along in this, because this hedge fund and institution game is cut throat. I don't think it's necessarily the fact that they're trying to help out the retail investor, but they see an opportunity to make money whether it's to go longer to go short ride on the way up short on the way down and i'd, say probably two weeks ago, Like i've been covering amc, as i mentioned uh, i said you guys.

Watch you're gon na have institutions that go along on this that step into the game, and you can see these institutional buys come in. You can see these uh. These naked call options that are coming in where they can't cover the collateral. They can't hedge these positions and these these market makers and these hedge funds are doing everything they can to go along on it to go with the grain instead of against the grain and we've seen it happen with both these stocks.

It's insane it's insane. It's absolutely insane uh. I i was thinking the other thing. I mentioned something to my viewers today and that was when the stock's 120 bucks a share and you short the stock.

The most money you can possibly make is 120 bucks a share right right. That's that's! All the upsides you've got, but the downside is unlimited, unlimited and the thing is that the bounce that the upside isn't going to be to zero anyway, because right, you're, shorter at 120 you're a winner if it goes back to 50., so you're only gon na make 70 bucks, but for a 70 upside gain, you're prepared to risk unlimited losses and the guys, on the other side of the trade that you're you're, hammering with yourselves, are hedge funds that have just as many billions of dollars right and the these guys are smelling blood. In the water, i think there are hedge traders. I love that quote billions of dollars.

You remember the first time the stock blew up and we heard everyone who lost money. We heard about andrew left, with his 2 million share blowout, then melvin capital lost uh. What almost three four billion dollars then uh, robin hood had to fund themselves on the numbers like three and a half billion dollars, or whatever it was all that stuff. And then we heard there were all kinds of winners like little kids who were given stock for christmas one year, and they said those are the greatest stories we heard about college students buying five grand worth of call contracts way out of the money turned it into Quarter million dollars, then we heard about a hedge fund that made 700 million bucks on a deal.

There were winners and losers on the whole thing right that that whole episode from what i see now is chump change, because what's happening now is, i suspect there are 240 million shares trading out there of gamestop and they're only 70 in existence, 70 million and there's 100, optional positions and the no and the failed of the livers, and so you thought you saw a lot of money lost uh, but the first time around. When there's about six eight billion bucks flying around watch this one, we might be talking 50 billion and there are going to be hedge funds that might bite the dust on this one bruce. Let me let me get this straight. Let me get this straight.

We got to make sure this is crystal clear for everybody. Listening right now, you're saying that that 500, that we that we hit could be chump change in comparison to what could possibly come with gamestop yeah yeah, because my thinking here, the guys who are playing the game now um, you look at the daily volume on this Stock and and uh from wednesday afternoon last week, thursday friday 300 million shares trade enhanced, there's only 70 million in existence, that's impossible right: 300 million trades, they're fabricating shares that don't exist right, there's not enough stock. So, there's way more stock out there uh these hedge funds are now shorting etfs that hold oh yeah, i mean we've got, we we've got shenanigans going on all over the place and failure to delivers are coming up. The big one is going to be all the activity on that wednesday.

I just described a little while ago, where the stock went from 44 to 91., about 30 to 50 million were shorted that afternoon in 45 minutes, and i am expecting that to be a it. Didn't set when settlement came, they didn't have the stock now they're on a 21 day time frame and on march the 19th is the 21st day, and that happens to coincide with the quadruple witching hour day of the last the third friday in march. It's just going to be pandemonium so between now and then i think we're going to see a huge run-up in the stock and then that day will create incredible havoc on top of everything else, and it could go much much higher because there's just not enough paper To satisfy everyone's needs, the only way out for this deal now is if the company were to issue stock from its treasury on a secondary, offering that's the only way that these shortest can fully get covered again, and i kind of wonder why would gamestop be interested In selling stock, now at 120 bucks a share when they they're, probably being told by some of these wall street, guys, hey i've got to tell you buddy, you guys in texas are laughing now, because there are a lot of stock that has to be acquired you're. The only place they can get it from and you don't need to give it away for 120 bucks a share.

You might maybe you'll sell some at 500, maybe you'll sell some at 700, maybe sell some at 800.. I was thinking that if they just blew off 20 million shares to raise their total stock number to 90., they sold 20 million at maybe uh 500. A shared pick, a number that's 10 billion bucks cash into the treasury of gamestop, with 10 billion bucks cash and 90 million shares outstanding. Thus, the company shares would probably never trade under 200 a share again because it's insane per share 100 bucks in cash.

What are they gon na do with 10 billion dollars and the fact that they're closing their stores down and becoming an e-commerce company uh this company's going to be valued like amazon, was always valued or like uh, like chewie's, being valued now chewie, which was created by The by uh by cohen, uh ryan cohen, he co-created chewie, it's capitalized at 45 billion dollars. Gamestop at 100 is 7 billion. Uh game style has more sales than chewie does in dollars, and they're, probably going to be the first to make a profit before chewie ever makes a profit. So, even if they've capitalized at 40 billion the stock would be 600 a share man, that's so out of whack.

It's unbelievable. I've never seen them like okay. So now i got to know your opinion here. I got to know your opinion here.

So, as we mentioned previously, amc and gamestop move side by side right, i've been the amc guru, you've been the gamestop guru and uh. The numbers are very similar. You've got, i think the exact same thing happening across both sides. So if you know today, for instance, the short volume that was available right, the total lendable shares almost zero, like it's extremely low.

You've got like between a thousand and ten thousand total short shares available. The utilization is insane. You've got like 96 of the current legal. You know not naked short shares available that are being held right now, so it seems, like amc, is, set up the exact same way and the call options trading.

There is extremely unusual, especially on that march date, like you're talking about where you've got the uh state. Again, the quadruple: what was the name of that yeah, the witching right right, so you've got the exact same setup. Amc is set up. The exact same i want to hear your opinion man is.

Is this? Is this possible that we can see that same sort of like i went up to 25 bucks and i've been saying forever? I think you've got the potential for a gamma squeeze and a short squeeze because of the insane short interest. The naked call options that are being written right, the the call options that continue to grow every single week over week over week. They need to be hedged right. Let's hear your opinions, man that the crowd wants to know i've seen and seen the chat.

Ten thousand times well, i got ta, tell you the the sec and and the chicago mercantile exchange and the new york exchange nasdaq. Nobody there's, there's no rule anywhere. That says that the options guys can create cannot create a certain number of contracts they can create all they want. Whatever the demand is right, so market makers in chicago will have been offering call contracts to any buyer.

That is in their mind, dumb enough to come to me and say yeah. I want to buy ten thousand calls, or five thousand calls uh at fifteen 15 on amc good for three months. What, oh sure, i'm happy to get that contract. What am i an idiot of course um, because these guys are going there's just how's that possible the stock was down to two three four five dollars: there's no way 15 right um! So there's that there's no limit on on contract writing no limit on contract trading.

The thinking was in the uh in the old days when i first start when i started contracts came out in the early 80s and they only had one month expiration. So it was the third friday of every month. So you bought a you. Either bought a march contract or an april contract right totally, there were no weeklies right.

So these uh, these uh uh systems, the only uh calls that came out were calls that were written by actual shareholders of the stock. You had to have the paper to write a call, because the broker was in effect, shorting stock 100 shares at a time per contract. Well that changed when they came up with the weeklies, because the cme people they were sitting there going it's kind of boring. You know we only have one expiration per month - it's kind of boring.

I love that, but then it's kind of dreadfully quiet for the first two weeks of the next cycle. So if we come out with weeklies that could that expire every friday, we can create way more liquidity. We can create way more action, but that the other move they made was they allowed their market makers. Members of the floor that had enough capital to be able to write naked call options and naked, put options and that that changed the whole business that took chicago into serious coin.

Oh yeah right a lot of guys in their 20s and 30s working on the floor of the cme, making a ton of money issuing contracts. But it also gave chicago and indirectly new york a lot more liquidity, because now hedge funds and and pension funds and mutual funds could now trade these contracts, along with the stock, and that brought a lot more money into the game. Because the game got more liquid right now, with amc uh, you don't have 70 million outstanding you're 300 - something million. I believe, 345 about yeah more paper floating around, but it's cheaper paper.

So it's all relative right! It's it's gamestop today is 120 at the close last. I saw uh um amc, much cheaper one-tenth, the price barely, and so here we go, there's there's. In effect, people can pick up thousands of shares of amc versus hundreds of shares of of uh of gamestop. So it's theoretically possible that by the between now and the 19th of march, with all the options contract games going on with all the shorting going on in the meantime and the failure to deliver securities game, which is a brand new, a term that is now making The rounds everywhere everywhere, man, some uh, some really interesting stuff, gamma squeeze short squeeze failure deliver squeeze on and on.

It goes uh, i'm wondering if the um, some of the senior stock market, people in new york and some of the senior sec folks chicago people are, are wondering to themselves. What's what's going on here, uh, what are we? Are we missing? Something. Are we because our broker members at the houses they had an issue when the uh gamestop shares took a run along with the uh, with all the others that went with the so-called meme stock phenomenon took place? In january? All of a sudden stock brokerage firms were under capitalized and - and i'm wondering i, if i were a regulator, i'd be going what's going on. Why are these guys under capitalized with stocks that are trading at uh? In the case of gamestop? Okay went from 20 bucks to 500 or 400 range and then back uh.

These guys had no capitalization problems when tesla took off when tesla went from. You know 50 bucks a share to 300, a share to 500 shared a 2 000 share, split five for one back to 400 and all the way up to 900 no brokerage house had a liquidity problem with tesla, and yet the the analysts out there were saying You know tesla trading at 2500, a share. You know it's only worth about 300 share book value. This is all you know, potential and the market was going yeah, but we know that it's good potential, it's it's uh the kind of potential that mutual funds believe in the kind of potential that that pension funds believe in that kind of potential with gamestop and with Amc they're looking at going.

This is pure speculation, there's no whatever, but it's all pie in the sky crap you forget about it and i'm i'm laughing, because i'm thinking you know what gamestop was uh capitalized at 350 million dollars last july, five bucks a share! 70 million shares out market cap 350 million dollars today at the opening it was 100 bucks a share. It had a 7 billion dollar market cap. This is nothing compared to apple at 2.6, trillion dollars right right or tesla 1.8 trillion. So why would this kind of a company a game and, and then amazon and i'm sorry, amc and and blackberry and bed bath and beyond and all the other meme stops you can you put them all together and figure out the market cap? These guys aren't capped at even 100 million 100 billion dollars.

Why would trading those shares cause brokerage houses to have capitalization issues? There's only one reason: there's only one reason, because there isn't 70 million shares outstanding of gamestop. There isn't 300 million shares outstanding or trading of amc at every other, meme stop, there's, probably the amount of stock trading and it's under it's unreported. It's off the books and i'm thinking these guys in new york that the guys running the exchange, the guys in the seas they haven't, got a clue. They haven't got a clue because the brokers are burying the problem now, maybe uh.

Maybe i'm wrong. Uh. Prove me wrong: if i'm wrong, why is gamestop at 120 bucks a share when every analyst there's, like eight analysts that cover it? Not one analyst is giving that stock a 12 value or higher, not one and there's no brokerage firm, recommending the stock to be bought by anybody and yet it trades at 120 a share today, 40 million shares traded hands, five billion dollars in stock traded hands to Day on that stock, that can't be from 50 million free trade. Can't no, no man, you, oh you've, got some freaking wizardry.

This is gold, yeah, all the evidence. It's like like if you're a detective you're going. This murderer makes no sense because, oh no, it doesn't close that just you know it's not that guy who did it. It's got ta, be these guys, so we're we're in a war here and i suspect, like you, suspect, that there are hedge funds smelling blood in the water.

There's gon na be a blow up. Uh come out, it's gon na it's gon na come out and it almost broke uh three weeks ago, when the stock of gamestop went as high as 400 and then all of a sudden people couldn't buy the stock when's. The last time as young as you are, have you ever heard of a broker, not letting person buy stock, robbinghood man what's going on that that right, there is the tip of the iceberg of problems, and i'm blown away that these guys at robin hood are trying To do an ipo and they're, oh they're done they're done in new york that are prepared to sponsor an ipo company that three weeks ago was under capitalized on meme stocks that had a market value of maybe a hundred billion dollars. What the heck is going on something is really wrong here and uh.

That's what i'm trying to explain to my channel in plain english: that's it man, you! You are a freaking wizard that was the most intelligent way to break that down. You know i've been covering, you know, amc and gamestop, mostly amc you know over the last month and when it was really in the valleys of the the shadow. You know it was just in the dirt and i was covering all the numbers doing the math. You know crunching numbers, i'm sure you were the same thing with gamestop.

You would not believe the amount of people. That said this is a dead cat man like why are you still covering this? Not a dead cat like we're printing this out? In plain english, like it's they're busted, like you see - and i think the most important point that i hadn't even really crunched the numbers down you've already done. The math is the amount of shares that probably exist in comparison to the actual shares outstanding right. It's it's illegal.

This is this is basically the market's being caught red-handed doing things. We know they're not supposed to do, and that's all the proof in the pudding like here. What was what did you just say? Seven billion dollars of stock exchange, handstand game. Stop like that, tells you every five billion that tells you everything and i guarantee you.

The same thing happened with amc because they mirror each other. You've got the same buyers and sellers, whether it's retail or institutional, stepping into both these stocks, pushing it up and down up and down whatever it might be and uh the map doesn't add up. That tells you the whole story. We've been saying this forever man, i i'm i'm i'm uh, you know we had you had that congressional meeting uh.

What last week, the congress got these guys in front of the congress, the only person in front of congress last week that could actually give you a yes or no answer, because they all wanted just a yes or no answer right after giving speech to their congress District, the only guy was the shareholder of gamestop, the guy. That's just like thousand more. What's his name again, it's will tfv. That's rory kitty right.

He was the only guy that could say uh. Do i like the company? Yes, are you buying more shares in the company? Yes, do you? Are you going to buy more? Yes? Well, thank you congressman for your question. I really appreciate being here fall stall and they had the wrong people. They had.

They had the robin hood guy who's going to just you know, say nothing if at all possible man, they didn't bring in anyone from the sec. Did you see anybody there from the clearing corporation? There's nobody there from dt, not a chance. That's the problem link right. There, the dtcc the clearing corporation, they know exactly, they have to know that.

There's a problem in the woodshed, because this number of shares that brokers are supposed to deliver to us and the number of shares that brokers are expecting to acquire today from us. They're we're not able to match it up, we're short all the time. There's not enough paper coming in on on settlement day to from the sellers, the sellers can't deliver. The paper they've been selling uh for the buyers to take out and there's, and then it reverses the rest of the day, and so everyone gets these extensions because you have a 21 day failure to deliver window to get it all together and even after 21 days.

It's not happening, it's it's an absolute nightmare and i i well, as you probably know you know you want to look into the affairs of an etf, you can go online, any anybody can go online, go to google type in the name of an etf and then Just type in there, the holdings of that etf, you hit that and there's a list of all the shares. They've got it'll. Tell you exactly how many shares they have it'll. Tell you what percentage of the portfolio it is, but what you can't find in any filing anywhere.

Even if you look up a hedge fund, you ask you can find what a hedge fund holds. You'll only find their long positions you'll find their calls you'll find their shares and you'll find the puts that they have. But you will not find a single report of any shirt position that they have right. It is a way for them to back door short stocks.

They don't have to declare it right. The sec doesn't make it mandatory for a hedge fund or a pension fund, or anyone else to declare their short positions, and i'm thinking wait a minute if a hedge fund has five shares of apple five shares and they have to tell you they have to tell You because they're managing other people's money and but if they're short, five million games stuff, they don't have to say not a word, not not a declaration and i'm going. What is this crap wow that that happened? Very it's not like two years ago, this was institute. This has always been the case and i didn't hear i haven't heard anyone anywhere say: we're going to institute a mandatory uh declaration of short positions, no one.

I did read an article today that i think came out of europe that, if you're a european hedge fund or a pension fund or a mutual fund and you're shorting stock, if you have at least half of one percent of the sh of the company, shares shorted. You have to declare and they're now thinking of dropping that down to one tenth of a percent of stock. So in the case of gamestop you take uh. 70 million shares uh 10 to 7 million.

One percent is seven hundred thousand point one to seventy thousand. You got seventy thousand or more short in europe. You have to declare in the us, you don't have to declare any of it. Well, how fair is that, if you've got a retail investor trying to buy a hundred shares of gamestop and they're getting a skewed picture? Who are you buying it from you could be buying it from a guy who's shorting.

Another hundred shares on top of the five million he's already shorted right. You don't know right, you know and there's i bet you. There are people out there who would think twice about buying stock in any company if they knew that the stock that they're trying to buy that they think is a good deal, they might even be being told by wall street. Oh, this is a great but we've upped the uh we've upgraded the stock.

Oh, they work together. They're like this you're buying stock from a guy who's, shorting it to you and he's already sitting on 20 million dollars worth or 20 million, whatever that's straight up. Manipulation total total deception and and nothing i'm hearing crickets coming from the regulators, absolute crickets uh, but maybe it's me maybe my hearing isn't so good. No, no, no bruce you're onto something i mean man.

This is awesome. They're calling you a silverback uh gorilla in the chat right now. They think you're, awesome, everybody's, showing love to you, they're, saying you're, the you're, the goat, you're, an absolute beast, uh, we're loving this and what i am so pumped about is not only this. The squeeze potential, but a way that you could have both gamestop and amc kind of rebrand, so amc has already done it, so they did a direct offering they raised capital based on the situation here.

Right all the money that's taken place, uh, you know been traded on the stock. They did a direct offering raised some capital about 700 million dollars after you know, taxes and fees. Now, what we've got here with both gamestop and amc is an opportunity to rebrand and innovate for the future. They have all this capital running in.

So what i'm thinking about with gamestop you've already talked about? It is moving into e-commerce right. They could 100 do that and i think that's the way. If they don't do it, they might go bankrupt. You know i mean, maybe not, maybe maybe they do, but that's an opportunity same with amc.

You've got the opportunity for them to kind of rebrand the theater experience or maybe get an acquisition deal with amazon or who knows what right. So, i think, there's a huge opportunity with both of these companies to actually have like a fundamentally valuable company, which is crazy. You know because it's all originated from a meme stock, which is insane it's so crazy. I want to hear what you think about that.

It is absolutely true. I think the the wall street bets uh uh that that entire entity with reddit has been a godsend and it is probably saving a number of companies and may in the future, save a number more a number of other companies. It's going to change the way the market works forever. Oh yeah, because uh, you know.

Last summer, uh gamestop was sitting with 70 million shares out and or actually they were at one point. Two years ago they had 105 million out and they had 70 million shorted and the stock had gone from the 40s down to five bucks. A share the corporate, the corporation gamestop, the board of directors, authorized to buy back 35 million shares of their own stock off the street and they bought 35 million on an average of 519. A share that left the company with 70 million outstanding and 70 million short.

The shorters at that point stopped shorting stock because they figured well. You know we're one for one and it's down to five and to me, i'm i'm amazed at this. These guys shorted at 40, 35, 33. 32.

All the way down to five bucks trying to bankrupt them. That's that was exactly it. They didn't cash it they got great. They had left again.

The last money they could possibly get was from five to zero, but oh, no, no, no! No. They weren't. They weren't going to take and take their money off the table at five. No we're gon na crush these guys down to death and the company they either bought back.

Those 35 million shares - or they were gon na - have 35 million shorted and then they were in real trouble. So they did the move. Smart move by gamestop and uh stopped the bleeding at that point, but the shorts never got the picture to buy it, to buy it back and somewhere on the reddit site. Somebody somewhere did the mv looking at the short reports that the new york stock exchange releases.

Every month and they're going look at these stocks with 40 percent high or higher short positions, and here's one at 140 percent of free float. How does the sec allow that 140 free float? How does the clearinghouses allow it? Because there's no rule saying you can't do that, there's, there's no rule, and so the of course the shorters are going to say hey when we shorted our stock. There actually were 70 million, free trading or or or 85 million free trading. The company bought back 35 million shares and they dropped it to 50 million, so they actually caught us.

You know offside, it wasn't our doing. It was the company doing we shouldn't be blamed, maybe that's the excuse they would use, because i'm thinking what would a lawyer say on behalf of the client yeah right man. This is unbelievable. So when, when, when wall street bets found this story, when it you know last november december, whenever it happened, um it was, it was a.

It was a savior for this company. It actually saved the company and uh. Here we are now at 120, a share if gamestop sold uh heck. If they sold 5 million shares right now, they'd bring in 600 million cash.

I don't think they even owe 600 million cash. No definitely not, and i think uh they're taking this opportunity to let it run still. I think they they honestly aren't it's a way for them to kind of rebranded. You know initially, i thought they messed up.

I thought they messed up by not raising capital when it was at 400 or 500 a share. I was like what were they thinking by not you know, buying back some shares and capitalizing on the capital. That's sitting there in their stock right now and now that you're talking it out like this, it's insane because they were thinking we can get more based on the numbers that we that we know they can. They can rebrand the company based on the fact that it's not dead, yet it's still moving.

This isn't a game over yet and oh that's insane, and you know what i i want to talk about. This, too, is how wall street bets and reddit is going to be able to change the way that these big institutional companies cheat the market forever. It's leveling the playing field because think about you already know this. You already know this, i'm sure these these big institutions and hedge funds.

They have so much more availability to resources than the average retail investor right. So all we're doing now with the internet and reddit and discord and facebook and twitter or whatever it may be, we're leveling the playing field. We're doing, i wouldn't even say as bad as what they're doing, because they still have more information than we do. You know, but it's it's i don't want to say a witch hunt.

That's not the right way to say things, but you can pinpoint information by bringing people together like they're, doing and play a similar game it even it evens the playing field. It's insane! It's crazy! I i'm waiting for i'm waiting for uh the fallout to be had and i'm i can't call the exact day, but i think march 19th is going to be a big part of this, but it might go beyond that, but there will be a point in time Where we're going to start hearing uh news, like we heard back in january, where uh cnbc will announce bolton, um, xyz, uh, hedge fund, um uh raises four billion dollars from so and so to cover shortfalls. Then, two days later, uh abc blah blah blah investment fund gets 2.5 billion and then you're going to hear stuff. Like you know, whatever ever hedge fund is closing their doors, they're they're done for their their.

They are declaring bankruptcy, because these calls these settlements are coming up. They can't cover because this thing is amplified out so badly and it'll be gamestop and amc stock and a bunch of others, and at that point as this it starts to accelerate because it'll be one here one here then two then three more two more then we're Going to get these uh politicians going what the hell is going on with our financial system. Why are these guys in such trouble? The stock market is at record highs. Uh, the inflation is at nothing.

Uh bank lending is cheap. How come these guys are short of cash all of a sudden - and this is when the the the regulators will look into this thing and open up the the lid and take a look inside this little box and they're going to go. Give me a flashlight. I can't make this out and they're going to hit the flashlight down there and it's going to be just remember that scene in the aliens when they're all locked in that room, they're 20 meters away they're 10 meters away they're, not they can't they're inside this room.

They're not inside this room and then they went. Oh jeez, look at the ceiling, they up look the ceiling, and here they come crawling through the pipes uh, and this is when they look down in the box and go. Oh, my god. We've got a 50 to a whatever billion dollar: absolute undeclared uh shortfall here of all kinds of firms.

Who've been hiding it on us, and now there will be repercussions. There will be forced resignations. There will be uh early retirements announced. I need more time with my family and now right, there's going to be bankruptcies and problems.

I just since, since something really ugly is going on and we didn't believe uh if you've watched the movie, the big short, no one believed in 19, 2006 and seven and even into eight that there was a problem in the u.s housing market. Because why would wall street compound their problems by leveraging their bets on all of these crazy instruments? And yet they did and they uh got caught and they get greedy bailed out by the government and the taxpayers of the united states. Rather than pay the price. And now i'm wondering this time around here we go with the next little problem, because they're unregulated as you've said so many of these guys are completely unregulated.

They can do all kinds of shenanigans and they get themselves into trouble and and half the guys know. The other half are on the wrong side of the trade and they're gon na get them and uh. That's gon na upset the whole thing: okay, okay, so the market housing crash in 2008. Do you think something like that is possible again with the market when all this crazy stuff goes down, because unless you live under a boulder which everybody's been talking about all over the place, um people have been saying: there's gon na be a huge market crash.

Coming up in the next one or two years, and the the only thing that i could you know make sense of there is people are saying this meme stocking is going to destroy the market like it's gon na it's gon na absolutely demolish the the structure that We have built - and i've been you know, stating myself. Of course, i've only been investing for a short time, i'm 23 years old. But from what i see on a technical technical perspective, you know i focus on chart setups, i try to read news. Read numbers i just i don't see that happening in the next couple months or even the next year right, i just don't think it's there.

What do you think? I want to hear that i, like i like this. I like the way the market is looking. I'm not happy with some of the pe multiples, but i get it uh. The stimulus program is being passed by congress.

It's done it's going to go through the senate. It's going to happen. 1.9 trillion will enter the economy, we'll immediately business. We roll over in the economy all good for american business.

It's all going to the hands that are going to immediately spend the money rather than going to billionaires, who are just going to put in their savings right. This money is going to go in, so this is all good, so the market's future, here next six months, great six months after that people are going to have their shots. Uh. That will be.

You know, going down to the 60 year olds, the 50 year olds. The 40 year olds, the 30 year olds, everyone's going to have their vaccinations, we're going to open up the economy. So that's all positive for the market, nothing to worry about there, inflation yeah, maybe a little, but who cares uh three: four percent inflation, even five percent? No problem market will still go up because the market will raise the companies will raise prices faster than inflation anyway, not a problem. What the issue is, i think, is we're in a situation here where a lot of entities that are uh not major wall street institutions, we're talking about hedge funds that are 3 billion, 5 billion, 10 billion 15 billion that are funded privately with their own investors.

These are the guys uh bunches of there's hundreds of them, but a bunch of these guys, not every one of them, but a bunch of them are into the problem they're into an issue.

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