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Today we will talk about AMC next week, the current market climate, and other current events affecting investors.
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You right now i'll keep telling you what's up guys how we doing. How are we doing? Can you hear me ben, let me know if you can hear me, are we cooking we're gon na start a new style of podcast here? Can you hear me ben all right, we're rocking so welcome to trey's trades guys we are doing a new uh new little style of podcast right now, i'm very excited to get going on this. I've got brought here a uh, a member of the discord ben rico and we're gon na we're gon na talk about some different stuff here, so ben. If you just want to give yourself a little bit of an introduction, i want to have everybody know who you are a little bit of what you do, tell them about how you got into investing and then we're gon na get into kind of the meat potatoes That we're gon na talk about here today, so they can all see right now we're cooking a massive delay.

I think so, hey trey, i think i'm uh, i'm not hearing you bud all right. So i'll just send you a message here, quick hold on one. Second, we're like on a massive uh, we're on a zoom delay versus the other one, so here hold on one second talk about who you are, i think that's why i'm supposed to hear it, so everybody can hear you talking right now, ben just uh, just say Something quick: i was listening on my ipad, but that's that's the uh stream and i think uh me and you are probably like five seconds five seconds ahead of each other, all right! So, hey all right guys. So my name is ben.

You guys might be uh recognizing me on the chats over the discord as dr magic fingers and um yeah man, i'm i'm a new guy to the stock market, just like the rest of you guys, um before covid professional musician touring around playing around teaching kids. I love educating and doing that and with some free time and the stock market seemed like a pretty fun place to uh my money and uh play around a little bit, and what do you know? I think a lot of us heard a lot and get involved here. We are it's 2021. What nice? I think, that's how we asked this uh this man trey over here.

That's uh been helping us. You know so um! That's why i'm here, you know. There's a lot of a lot of people out there to listen to and gain info from, and for me, as an educator, i tell all my students hey when you find people that you resonate with or you find someone that speaks your way and it makes sense To you cling on and take what you can from it and improve and either move on or or keep it going all right, good stuff. What kind of delay we're on, but uh i'll, listen for whatever you're gon na ask next all right.

So it says that uh they're sort of lagging right now it's choppy feed. So what i'm thinking is i'm gon na just shoot you a call and we'll have you up on audio we're going to have you up on audio and we'll do it that way, all right! So, let's uh, let's just come over to the charts here - we're going to talk about gme and amc. So what are we expecting guys? Uh? Let us let us do a little brief rundown on what we're expecting out of gme and amc. So what we know about amc right now is we have expected closing on this sometime uh, the the short squeeze should begin on monday.

Now, why do i? Why do i think this is the case, so what we know if we just pull this up really quick? Let's come over to uh the amc short interest, so if we come over here to market beat, so let's just look at this right now: we've got the short interest here on market beat and what we are seeing is the overall short interest. Currently is 44.67 million shares, total outstanding shares is 52.07 million. We can see uh and now this was updated on january 29th, which was yesterday, and what we're expecting to see is these are closed. So these shares were filled, and this was asked me by quite a few people uh.

What are we expecting here right? What are we expecting with the amc uh close and when is the short gon na happen? Well, it's gon na depend. There's gon na be there's gon na, be a lag there's gon na be a difference depending on what goes down, and we do know this. These shares have to be covered in the next day. We see 0.6 days to cover, and i know this is confusing.

I know that um the date right here says january 15th. This is not the last time that this was updated. The last time that this was updated was january 29th at 12 a.m. Eastern time - and we are expecting this - these uh these shares that were filled at 863..

We did close above that, if we come over here to weeble uh, we closed. If we change this over to the five-day chart, we can see you know. Let me change this to extended hours, really quick uh. We will do that right now, so chart settings put in the extended hours.

We can see that we closed the previous day right around. It would have been to do to do twelve dollars and five cents now at the very lowest point. We did see that we touched down at six dollars and 82 cents, so there is a chance right that some people did fill their overall shares. But it's not entirely uh guaranteed.

So what i want to do right now is bring on uh ben to a call and we're just gon na have a bounce back of ideas of of what's going on here. So let me just bring him on really quick and we're gon na. Have it pulled up for you guys to hear and listen to so just give me one. Second, we'll shoot him a quick call.

Okay, so let this ring real, quick and we will get back into this - just came in from shopping wood, ready to see what trey has for me so that i can pay off my tuition. Welcome, michael all, right ben i've got you pulled up on uh, speaker right now, so they're going to be able to hear what you're saying i've just got you here so that we can have a conversation back and forth about a podcast style uh. What we're expecting out of amc? So, let's start there, let's talk about what we, what we think is going down here with amc. So what i just got done talking about is we're expecting uh amc to start the squeeze here on monday and if you've got the live stream going right now, do you have that pulled up yeah, i'm looking at your chart, all right rock on so we know That uh on january 15th, we we had this short volume sold, which was at and sixty three cents.

They have point six days to cover and in total we have 44.67 million shares being shorted with a total outstanding shares of 52 million. So that brings up a pretty high overall short interest. This should cause a pretty huge squeeze and we do know that there are multiple days in which they have to cover right, so this squeeze shouldn't last just monday. This is gon na, be a process that takes up to two weeks, because if you see here on the screen, i mean some of these dating back january 15th, uh january 31st of 2020.

There are some that date back even a year, and these have multiple days to cover, so this is gon na, be a pretty pretty gnarly squeeze. What do you think about that? You know i saw you doing the video uh uh on this yesterday and uh, pointing it out on a couple of other stocks as well and uh. When this one came up and compared to the gamestop one you're just kind of like wow. I almost feel like uh, you know, gamestop was the uh was the kickoff and now now i feel like you know, something's going on.

They don't want half time to get here, because that's what amc feels like and i feel like it's just it's going to be a long runner. It feels like this is the marathon and gamestop might be more of a high high point, low point, smile and amc. Might be just a longer bigger fatter cup, i don't know totally. No, no, i'm totally with you, and you know one of the comments here that i'm reading right now is from brandon brandon, says trey.

How long do you think the short squeeze is going to last on amc or if they keep doubling down, will it just continue, and that's actually really interesting topic that i wanted to start talking about here is how long is this short squeeze going to last right? This is this is unprecedented times. Man, i mean it's absolutely crazy. I this is changing the way that the market is going to operate forever and, what's what's insane, is these guys are honestly like gambling they're just doubling down over and over and over? It's like? If you went to a casino right and uh, basically, you lose 10 billion dollars, like you're you're at high stakes, you're, just you're, putting out a crap ton of money and you lose your money and you go to the you. Go to the management at the casino and you say hey, i know i lost 10 billion.

What are the odds you spot me? 50 billion. I can make that back and they say uh. You know what uh yeah we'll spot you that and we're going to charge. You 10 percent interest or so and uh.

Maybe what do you see what i'm saying? That's nuts yeah yeah. I think i think man, you know all of us have an opinion and as soon as we're all done saying something we're all like, but i don't know because this has never been seen before. No one really knows what to expect, but you know doing the math on it. I mean i was never a big big, big stock guy, but doing the math and listening to what these people are saying about the reverse.

Uh, i'm sorry about the squeeze in 140 and like how to catch up on that. I mean if, if the optimistic people who aren't saying this thing could go forever, if that's true right, where does it end and by us talking about it as much as we are and and making it a more um known thing like what are they gon na? Do to try to stop that or are they really gon na break more laws? Is that what's really happening? You know there's a lot of stories and i'm not saying that one or the other is true. We got ta be careful there right. While we discuss all this stuff, i mean you can see it.

You got ta have people out there that are like i'm gon na dump. I'm gon na go. I'm gon na sell my house, you know what you got. Ta do.

Oh, i know right, i'm not playing this game, i'm okay, you know, or they just don't. Wan na play the game period. It's not their cup of tea. So you know: hey we're all a little bit different, but at the end of the day you know uh.

This thing screams cause for something greater than what it is and if, if you believe in that as a person or want to be a part of that, then i mean man, the red carpets right in front of you, but i'm also not ignoring it either. I feel like i feel like this is important and to a lot of people for a lot of reasons, and i'm gon na do what everybody else is doing. I'm gon na put out there what i can afford to put out there without hurting my own life. My my my way of life, my family, my wife or anything, you know damage our future.

You know, and i'm gon na hope. I should make that future a whole hell of a lot better by being on the right side of this decision. With with more than half the country and what the next topic i'd love to talk about is, i think this is becoming international, like i've seen a lot of those i've seen a lot of articles of people that are hearing about what's going on here and they're, Like you know what i'm in, i want to support that. That's pretty cool yeah man, maybe they feel like we do just like yeah totally yeah, and it's honestly it's it's crazy to think about, because this honestly is going to change the way that the market works.

Like the first thing that comes to my mind, ben, is that uh uh? What is it citadel? They said that they're no longer going to support overall shorting articles and that's that's like one thing off the top of my head. But beyond that, what's what's really crazy? Is we have normal plays that are fundamentally and technically set up really well like a noob right, so a noob is set up really well, we look at the charts and we come back a month and we look at this and you say all right. You know we were do we were due for a really nice run. We got to bounce off a 50 retracement here at 1.51 and it looks like it's getting ready for a run.

Well then, this wsb stuff comes out and it starts bleeding and it makes no sense because, as we know, news catalyst always trumps overall, uh overall technical analysis, but now we just never know what's predictable and that's going to change the way that the market works basically Forever yeah yeah i mean, does that mean new patterns, new algorithms, just new system right? Yes, so dre dre boulder here says: don't use marketwatch for short interest information. The info is from january 15th. It's misinformation saying the info is from january 29th. Only the stock price info is from the 29th.

Let me pull this up quick and compare yeah when i first got going while you're pulling that up. I remember uh getting offers from different companies like market watch and stuff the hungrier they already get. My my information seems like the more they've got. Crappy articles, just my opinion, yeah right, okay, tell me something.

So what i'm going to do now is just read through some of these comments: real quick ben and just answer some people's questions. We're going to come back, so i'm good man, absolutely all right. So, let's read through some questions, guys we're gon na we're gon na. Try and answer as many questions as i can so one thing that i know off the top of my head is that you guys are asking me what's going on with amc, and these shares that were filled right, so drop some questions about that and i'll answer Them to the best of my ability, uh we've got b sharon over here.

Well, the hedge fund shorts try to push amc around uh down around eight dollars on monday before this pops on monday parabolically, it is possible right. So what i do know is that we have a combination of institutional and hedge fund buyers that are stepping into stepping into these stocks and trying their best to uh, either a make back their losses or b drive the stock price down and we've seen both of These things happen uh with amc right. We see some extremely volatile movement. We have had news articles come out, saying hey, you know what uh amc we do know that their their hedge funds and institutional buyers are trying to long as stock to get back their positions.

But we also know that people are trying their best to double down on their short positions and and milk the stock backs, so they can get back to a cover where they're breaking even uh, it's pretty crazy stuff - and this is this - is unprecedented times. There's no way to know for what's gon na happen. What i can tell you is, i feel very confident in the fact that this is to squeeze right. We are expecting a squeeze come monday.

So that's my personal opinion and that's what i see based on the information available millennial stock investor welcome my friend i bought 80 shares of amc. I don't care if i lose money at this point. It is all for us little guys, i'm with you. My friend amen andrew says: i love you, i love you guys.

That's money, someone up. There said we need a girlfriend reveal so i'm gon na. Do that, for you guys, i don't know if it actually interests you or not, but this is my girlfriend. Her name is uh sarah.

She doesn't like me talking about a whole lot on the interwebs, but that's what i'll do that's me back before i i packed on some uh some weight a little bit skinnier there and maybe be good to cut back on some of the some of the food I've been eating, but what do you do coming from patrick sullivan? Says: hey trey, i'm just wondering what do you think is a good price to get into bngo and what price do you see it going to in the short term, uh bngo i mean i'm gon na try to stick to amc, and some of these other plays That we're talking about but bngo is a great play, and i don't want you to be distracted from the fact that right now it's getting beat up, because we can see a very, very recognizable pattern here right. So we can see that it has a couple day run up, followed by a couple day: consolidation or bleed, followed by another run-up, followed by a consolidation or a pullback, and it's just continuing that and right now, what we're seeing guys is what looks to be the Next start of a run-up, so that looks very very nice. I'm excited to see how that ends up playing out. Um we're looking at a resistance level sitting at about 11.77 looks pretty solid right.

There uh. I think the ngo has potential to touch 20. The next couple months am i going to be picking up more amc coming from jason may amc, i yes, so i'm going to be transferring over more money into my account and uh purchasing more. I am transferring my portfolio currently over to weeble.

I did have a situation if you guys have kept up with the channel for a while. I had a situation happen where uh they closed out of my positions without my consent and that caused some pretty rough issues so uh i lost about thirty thousand dollars to be completely transparent. It was pretty pretty brutal, but uh. What do you do? It is what it is, you know uh.

So that's that's where we're sitting right now uh, but i will be purchasing more amc without a doubt. Red zone says what are we thinking we could squeeze out of amc. Well, amc has a very high short interest guys. So one thing that i want to show you is: if we pull up volkswagen, so i'm going to find volkswagen here and show you the old uh, the overall squeeze that we saw back in 2008, so volk volkswagen uh stock and we can pull it up here.

V, w a g y. So if we pull up v w a g y and look at their all-time list right, so we're going to come here with max uh and change it over to a daily and take a quick peek at what we can see here. So if we zoom out and come way back to when this happened, i'm going to zoom out, we can see when it had a really really crazy squeeze right so 2008. Where is this 2019? Well, that's not lining up volkswagen! I'm still getting used to these charts on uh on weeble.

So you'll have to excuse me here, but volkswagen had a nasty nasty squeeze. They went from 110 or 30 up to about 110.. So if we pulled the chart here on yahoo finance, this will give us a better idea. I know i can read this.

So let's take a quick peek. This looks like i don't know why it's not showing that's really weird, it's not doing it on yahoo either. Well, regardless, we know the situation here right, so we know volkswagen had a crazy squeeze, also uh blah 501-979. Thank you so much for the 20 donation.

I appreciate that my friend that's awesome, but we saw that volkswagen had a really crazy squeeze and they had about a 45 short interest. So you can google that and fact check it if you want. That is what i found on the internet, but based on that, that's what we know. So, let's change this back over to the one month chart here and look at amc, so amc has a higher short interest than that uh.

So gme had up to 250 at one point and you saw what it did. It went from 20 to 500 and i don't think they've even close to covered everything yet so the overall short interest being near 100. I think it's somewhere around 80 to 85 on amc, that's absolutely absurd and the squeeze on this could very easily five to six x uh, the company and because, if volkswagen had a 42 to 45 percent short interest rate and they covered - and they went from, you Know 39 to about 115, it's very possible. You see a double and i'm not guaranteeing that happens, but that's based on the numbers which we can see for ourselves or text information says: amc is down to 30 short interest.

Let's take a quick peek at that ortex information global financial analytics, so i don't currently have a subscription with vortex. So i'm not going to be able to verify that, but i will take your word for it and regardless, let's lowball this right, let's say that they're down to a 30 short interest. Well, what does that mean? That means when they cover on uh on amc right. You can see a squeeze of very easily 100 to 200, regardless because uh volkswagen had a 300 squeeze off of a 42 to 45 short interest.

So this is 30, let's lowball very worst case scenario. That's a 200 squeeze and we know that monday is just the beginning of the covering and we could see this run for one to two weeks i mean i, i truly mean that it's pretty crazy stuff change the interval in yahoo to refresh chart. Let us do that real quick, that's the wrong tab, all right! So back to yahoo, we'll pull up v g volkswagen stock and pull this up on yahoo click on chart. Meantime, let's, let's read uh brandon's comment so trey a few brokers are limiting buying shares by slowing down the volume.

Will that make it easier to identify if and when the major sell-off begins tips on how to identify it when it's happening thanks, that's a great question. Brandon, so with these limit orders that are happening right now with robinhood and other brokerage accounts, they're, basically saying hey, you can only purchase so many shares of this given stock uh, which is it's it's pretty crazy. Honestly, i think that's a little bit of uh market manipulation. I don't completely agree with that um, but even still what you can do is a couple of things right, so i have read in a couple different places, a way that you can bypass that so bypassing robinhood limited buys reddit.

Let's see if we can find a quick article, um, so ben you've seen that right, you've seen the limited buys yeah. Do you know, do you have any uh? Do you see that anywhere on the internet? Send me a quick link to anything by chance? Let me see if i can pull it up my history, but i think you're talking about the same article. I saw all right totally. So basically, what i know about robin hood is a way that you can bypass this and i don't use robin hood.

So you have to take what i say with the greatest seller is what it is, but you can bypass this by purchasing options instead, and i know that they still limit the amount of options that you can buy, but you can still leverage with options in a Way that is going to allow you to buy more overall shares than if you were to just straight out, buy options. So that's my personal understanding of that situation. Uh short cover monday and wednesday. Will we see a dip tuesday? We could sell monday and reload on tuesday magic anders that's a great question uh.

So from my understanding um, you could do that right. I'm not a financial advisor. I'm not here to give you advice, i'm here just to present the information as much as i see it. I am personally going to be holding through wednesday and thursday most likely and selling.

At that point, um, i'm looking. I think it's really really possible that we see a gamestop-like movement and i'm not saying we're going to see this touch. You know 500 right. That's that's that's a little bit out of the question, but i do think it's possible to see 50 to 100 very, very possible.

I mean gamestop, keep in mind, it was a 20 stock and when it started really pushing it hit 200, you know so that and all the way up to 500. So i don't think it's out of the question to see amc do this and i don't think it's honestly going to be a huge crash because think about this right. So when the short's covered they're, not gon na short, this stock, again they're gon na, like they're gon na, get out immediately and take their they take their loss and go and make some money back somewhere else. So that's my personal opinion uh, but there is risk involved guys.

This is a extremely risky play and the market as a whole right now is genuinely riskier than it's ever been. These are this is crazy times. It really is. I heard that it is 30 to 50 shorted others talking about 50 shorted.

Is there a way you can double check using more than one source of this uh? Definitely so let me pull up a couple, different sources that i have had in the past here for uh shorting to do. Let me take a quick peek, so, let's pull up so we've had market beat right, so market beat says what it says. So, let's pull up amc short interest and we'll pull up whatever, whatever pops up so market beat says it has about 85 percent short interest uh. If we look at the nasdaq nasdaq amx.

Oh that's amcx! So that's not right! We'll pull up amc! So amc short interest on the nasdaq. What the nasdaq short interest is not available here, man, i'm telling you this - is happening all over the place. These these companies are trying to get their butts covered in a bunch of different spots, uh short interest, so fintel. Let's pull up intel.

I know this is a pretty accurate. This was updated on the 29th of january 2021.. What we see here is 147 million short volume, which is a current short volume ratio of 24 based on the current market volume. That's not.

The total outstanding shares - that's how many shares are being traded per day, so the float here is going to affect that overall, if we have a low float that is going to cause the squeeze to be higher, but based on what we see right now. That is a total short volume is 147 million shares, so let's come back to market beat and take a look and compare at what that looks like compared to market b, and this is just right off the internet. I'm not uh, not beating you or bs. You guys, i'm always gon na give it to you straight.

As i see it, uh so market beat short interest. We have, it appears short interest rate here, 40 44.67 million, so actually the overall short volume right now is higher on fin fintel, and this was updated on january 29th. So that's overall higher i mean the the short volume ratio. 24.

That's based on the overall market volume, how many shares are being traded per day uh, but the float affects things here right, so the overall outstanding shares is 52 million, and if the float is high or low on the day, that's going to impact how much squeeze Actually happens, ah, some faulty stuff going on with amc shortage. It's really hard j to to get a good number on what actual short volume exists, because, let's just be honest with each other right, depending on what what uh news source you're looking at? What kind of what kind of website you're using you're gon na get a different number every single uh, every single resource out? There is telling us different things, so it's really hard to have an exact number. What we do know is, as of january 29th, according to fintel, we do have a short interest of 147 million shares, which is extremely high. We know another thing: we've seen anywhere between 600 million and 1 billion shares traded on any given day, and i can tell you another thing, this much short volume getting covered and we're not saying this is all going to cover at the same time.

But you know some of it definitely is, and this getting covered is going to cause a squeeze inevitably. 100. Inevitably so i hope that answers your question. Jay uh, that's that's kind of what i have here for that enzo says.

Why does he keep looking at data from 115.? I'm not looking at data from 115, i'm showing you right now. This is from january 29th latest market date january 29th on fintel. It says 147 million shares. I was comparing it to a different resource.

That's all i've got for you, the dates, the actual dates of all those uh orders down below over on the left. Oh, i see what you're saying right: yeah they're, looking at the closing dates and they're thinking that those are the dates of the report. Okay, so thanks thanks man, i appreciate that so what you guys are looking at is the actual uh date that this was filled. This isn't uh, i mean these are updates.

Based on you know, you know, okay, so this was updated on january 15th. This is updated on the 31st of december. This is updated on the 15th, but these days to cover, that's still valid right. So this squeeze maybe maybe happened right.

It's not i'm not guaranteeing that happened right, but what we do know is there's there's still. 147 million shares of short volume as of the 29th of january, that needs to get covered, and at the end of the day, that is fact as it says it right here, there's no trading on january 30th, so this is. This is valid. This is going to have to get filled guys and i'm telling you i'm telling you it's going to be a nasty squeeze.

It's gon na be really nice martis. Thank you for the dollar, my friend. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate that.

That means a lot to me props to your patients. Some of these comments. No, it's all good. My friend i'm here to help everybody.

You know it's uh, i it's a good community, i'm trying my best to uh to help everybody out naked naked is an interesting company. I don't know. I don't know how i feel about this. To be honest with you, it's uh, let's look at their financials quick.

So the revenue is up, cost of revenue is up. Gross profit is up compared to some previous records, but this is from 2018., so uh 2020, it's red that doesn't look great as a company. We don't see great financial situations, and i have done some reading on naked in the past and to me this is a this is a get in and get out kind of play when the charts are set up. Well, there's opportunity to make money here right.

So here we've got what looks like could be an overall. You know bullish flags set up, but it's not very clean. To be honest with you and to be to be blunt once again, uh the overall setup on naked was a wsb pump. It's because it's because um it was talked about on the reddit threads and what's crazy about the market right now guys - and i truly truly mean this is this - is the most risky and the most volatile the market has probably ever been.

There's really no safe plays out there right now. You could get into a play as simple as i don't know, apple. I'm willing to bet you money. People are taking money out of apple right now to to get into some other place.

It's it's changing the game's. Changing right now and uh what's happening with every stock - oh 100 ben it is, it totally is and my our normal place, a new enugo bleeding so bad right now getting crushed mbis was getting ready to break ten dollars and all of a sudden. Now it's it's trading at uh, seven dollars and ten cents it's getting crushed. This is how the whole market is right now.

So it's absolutely insane. There's there's! No winning to be honest with you all right, bb to the effing moon sometime this summer. You know i actually like bb. I i brought this up to the channel bay uh way back before um before all this wsb stuff happened, along with amc, which is funny actually ben, who i have on the phone right now did bring up uh amc as an idea, and then i think, like Two days later is that all this crazy, wsb stuff happened and they were like whoa.

What just went on yeah. It was nuts, so we had that double bottom set up and we were like hey. That looks pretty good. I think it's going to be a couple day runner, so we got in.

You know around uh around four bucks, or so i think it would have been back here. Oh this is blackberry. What am i looking at silly silly me so amc we got into this backwards about four bucks. We said hey, you think this has some pretty solid potential.

We saw some crossovers on uh, the 14 ma or the 200 ema, which is a typically bullish indicator. We said we think this is going to be a pretty good squeeze. We see the short interest could be pretty solid and then, if you saw this stuff happen, it was so unpredictable. You never know you just never know.

Laney says i made more than 2k scalping naked the other day when i ran up, but could have even made more, despite it already being plus 200 at that time. Jesus! That's filthy! I love to see that that's good stuff. Thank you for uh filling a suit on that amen. My friend, all i hear is amc.

I'm on my friends. I don't know what that means. I'm gon na be honest, all right, guys, martinez, wilkes! Thank you for the two dollars my friend afc equals gmc, but less of a dollar for it correct. Thank you for the donation.

I appreciate that my friend it means a lot. Amc is doing the same thing. That gme did it's the same interest right, so we know that we've got the melvin capital which shorted this company, along with some other big institutional and hedge funds, that uh that basically wall street bet said all right. We're gon na smoke you guys and we're gon na we're gon na screw you out of your your couple billion dollars that you're out right now and that squeeze is still going to happen with amc.

That's uh that i, i am very convinced of that the numbers are there for people to see. As of january 29th, on fintel, we can see, there's a 147 million short volume which is uh, which is a lot and they have to cover. Eventually, it could be pretty pretty filthy. I am going to put in a quick advertisement.

I'm gon na get a drink and i'll be right back my friends. Ah dude they are right. So, oh all right great stuff, just like screen record and then put it up on the channel split it up, yeah for sure all right, rocco, i'm gon na get back to it sounds good all right! We're back we're back we're cooking! I had to get some water i've been drinking monster. I always have that one guy that says you're staying hydrated my friend and i i try my best, but water is good too.

Antonio. Thank you for the donation, my friend. I do appreciate that greatly antonio says what other percentages you think hedge funds have on winning this battle are making some borderline illegal moves again to stop us, so i think first off. I want to thank you for the donation.

That does mean a lot to me. What are the percentages? You think hedge funds have on winning this battle? So it's very very hard to say an exact percentage right. We can't guarantee that uh in any way shape or form, because the market's unpredictable - that's just how it is. That's 100.

It um the market's unpredictable. There is no way that we can guarantee. We win this, but i do think that the 99 has an edge over the one percent here and actually there is something that i want to show you guys. I have a dead inside video pulled up that i want to watch with you guys and i'll pause and interject, as i think there are some interesting points to talk about andre says trey.

What are you cooking meth? No, no man, i'm good as well king! Thank you for the donation. My friend amc is the next move. In my opinion, it was low like gme and the shorts will expire monday through wednesday and it's cheaper. The price is more accessible, i'm so with you seriously guys.

I don't think people realize that amc can literally do what what gme has done. It can it's 100 possible what it comes down to and i'm not a financial advisor, i'm not giving you financial advice, i'm not trying to say hey put your whole life saving sell your mortgage uh refinance your house, so you can put every dollar you own. At amc, but i am saying people are coming together right now. This is a literal movement, it is insane.

This is changing the way the market operates forever and amc is very possible of doing this. Gme squeeze it is, it is, i don't really don't think you've seen it yet. I don't think you've seen it because i guarantee you what happened. Look at this look at this with gme squeezed.

I bet you when people were saying when it hit 40. Bucks is well, that's, that's the ceiling, that's as high as it's going to go and it wasn't. I wasn't even close, it went up to 120 and you know what happened after that. More people doubled down on gme.

So, let's pull up the gme short interest right now, let's just type in gme on fintel. This is going to be as of uh january 29th. If it is the same as amc, so we can pull up gme gamestop short interest right. This is as of january 29th, we have an overall short volume of 8.8 million total market volume of 50.45 million and keep in mind that a gamestop share trading at 500 you're gon na have an overall decrease in volume.

So eight million eight point. Eight million shares of short volume is still extremely extremely high. I think that's going to have huge potential for more squeeze, but the problem here is right that uh gamestop is an expensive stock. You can't buy very many gamestop shares at the moment compared to an amc share which is currently trading at you know, 13.45, so this is going to present more opportunities for people to to really hammer this thing down.

I think there's a lot of potential here. Ricardo. Thank you for the donation, my friend. I do appreciate that very much.

That's uh, that's good stuff. Thank you so much and drew. Thank you as well for the two pounds. I don't know what two pounds is in american dollars.

I should figure that out, but i do not know currently tesla goodbye, also any chance in a new rocket. So tesla is exactly what tesla is honestly tesla. That's not makes no sense whatsoever. This is like the anomaly of the stock market.

This is a stock that just never goes down. In fact, this is like the biggest pullback we've seen honestly in a minute uh, and i think you want to know my opinion i'll tell you right now. Tesla is not immune to what's happening in the market. Right now, tesla and new mbis all plays that.

I absolutely love they are all pulling back we're seeing people taking profits to get into these amc. These gme the nok, the nokia, the bbs, the the sundials. All these different plays they're getting into these plays right now. Uh and pulling out of their main stocks - and this is changing - i mean i'm - not kidding you when i say the market is riskier than it has ever been right.

Now, there's there's honestly almost no stock, where you can guarantee that you can predict the movement, because right now we're seeing bleeds across the board. Tesla i mean tesla is tesla. If you buy a tesla right now on this dip, you're never going to be mad at yourself right, but if you're looking for short-term profits, we can't really predict what's going to happen, so my opinion is if you're going to buy tesla. This is probably your opportunity right we're seeing a pullback.

Let me drop a quick fibonacci retracement get an idea where we may see this end. I'm gon na exclude that huge candle wick, because that is uh. That's pretty goofy looking and it doesn't look like we found a bottom yet, but it does look like we may find a bottom at 768.. So that's what i would watch for, but tesla is awesome as far as a new.

I don't think a noob has found its bottom yet, and this is frustrating right, because noob was actually a good play. I love a new, i think, a new, it's uh, there's a lot of money in advertisements, there's a lot of opportunity with their ai and their intent key, but currently they're, just getting hammered by by this whole thing happening across the market. It's insane uh. I still have a new, i will be re-establishing a position.

My my brokerage account closed me out of a whole bunch of different positions uh when not this sec stuff happened or whatever. So i i don't have my position in a noob now, but i'll tell you what once uh once everything ends here, i will be getting back into our regular plays and they will be making money. So my recommendation with the new nvis tesla, all these stocks that are pulling back right now, is to buy the dips and sell the rips baby. I mean that it's huge, so thank you for the donation.

My friend hope that this answers, your question kristen jjjm. Thank you for the five dollars my friend gen x. Watch you every day, love it monty. My friend, that's! What's up, that's! What's up so you're, like 23 years old, how are you younger than me? I think my sister might be jx.

I think she's 20, but i don't know for sure free spin. I know you're over the discord. My man, i know you're over the discord. Thank you for the donation.

I appreciate you. If we all bought shares of ccrm, they would die so guys. This was probably the last live stream. I'm glad you brought this up because i wanted to talk about this.

I made a video on ctrm and uh. There is so much potential here, of course, make sure that you do your own risk mitigation, because there is still extreme risk involved, but i want to show you guys ctrm's short interest now, the one that i pulled up was from marketbeat and some people are saying That this is outdated information, so i will show you another source as a as a backup, just by the off chance that that one is not reliable for you. We have on january 29th, 2021. This was updated right.

We have 66.29 million short shared volume and we have overall market volume of 293 million, but keep in mind keep in mind in the back of your head that the overall actual outstanding shares on ctrm is not that high right. So if you pull up ctrm on marketbeat, we can see uh we'll come over here to short interest that the overall uh to do the overall outstanding shares is 2.4 million. So that's not a lot right. I don't know what the overall you know.

The overall float is right now on ttrm, but that is an extremely high short volume, 66 million. I mean when i showed you guys this um this one has a current short volume of 25.7, which is insanely high, that's five thousand percent higher than the previous month. So, for it's a triple from there is absolutely absurd. I think there's a huge potential for a squeeze on ctrm.

That is insane. That is a huge amount of short volume and get this. This stock is cheap as it gets it's trading at what 82 cents right now, not even it's trading at 60 cents, there's so much potential here with ctrm. That is insane.

Are we having issues with the audio? It sounds like people are saying, there's issues with the audio. Ah, everybody people are saying, there's something wrong with the audio. Let me check out my obs. Really quick, hmm, okay, so is the audio sounding a little better.

Now guys, audio is good better. Now, okay, beautiful beautiful, beautiful, that's good! I think i fixed it. I had an issue. My apologies, antonio! Thank you for the donation, my friend, you said i have a friend who's, extremely confident in g-o-e-v canoe.

What do you think about them? So i will pull up i'll pull up. G-O-E-V, really quick, not as clear as both people are used to all right. Microphone. Cable is hissing.

I it should be there's nothing different, that i've got set up guys. The audio should be the same. I've got to sit on uh my my microphone right here. This is my current microphone setup.

It should be should be good all right, but i'll check this out. So what i'm seeing here with goev, let's just check out what the company does really quick they're an acquisition corporation. So this is a spat company um. I don't know what they're gon na be, who they're gon na be merging with.

So let me just take a quick peek at that, so if we pull up um, what is the ticker there? Goev merger they're, going to be merging with hennessy capital acquisition corp. So it's stock will now begin trading under the nasdaq as goev uh already up free market trading. So, let's look at the chart here, quick well, just based on the charts there are, they are bleeding a little bit, but this is there's a big asterisk by everything right now, my mic is not behind my head. I've got it right here right in front of my mouth, so you guys should be able to hear me.

Okay, i don't know why. Everybody says that the audio is weird. It should be the same, but uh goebb. I would watch for a bottom up.

We might have found it so i'm gon na set that right here, real quick, maybe me taking off my headphones, will help. That might be the issue. I guess i don't know all right, but anyways uh overall we've got a support. Level at 14.52 should be a pretty nice bounce, but if we take this down just the hair, we've got more uh, more contact points here at 1408, but it does appear that we have a bounce here so watch for another bounce, first off of 14.57.

We do know we have a high here in the past uh three months or so of 24.90 or actually, i suppose this is a longer chart, so we're gon na change this over to the one month and just based on the one month. That's the same, so we still have that bounce off of 14.52. I have 22.40 uh. I think if you see a double bounce off of this level, that's gon na be a pretty good indicator.

You should get in rsi. We have touch below 30., so pretty good potential. I think volume has been down uh. We do have the 14 ma underneath the 200 ema right now, so this is typically or i suppose, um technically bearish territory.

Just keep that in the back of your mind. Overall, with the stock right now, that was probably a good time to buy if you're going to set it and forget it. Sad but true, i don't know what what 100 mlk is, but thank you so much for that. I really do appreciate it.

My friend nndm, so this is now dimensions they have a low float and high short. So let's check this out really quick: let's pull up uh nmdm quick on fintel we're gon na check out the overall short interest all right, so this should be better. You guys are saying that uh there's some issues with the audio. I i'm telling you everything on here is good.

I have unplugged my headphones they're not plugged in this. This should be fine all right, but anywho uh, let's just check out uh nano dimensions, really quick. The overall short interest on nano dimensions, if we take a quick peek, is not popping up so we're gon na look over here at marketbeat. I know this is not up to date, um, but just based on what marketbeat says we will take a quick peek at the short interest here.

My headphones are unplugged guys, i don't have them plugged in, and the overall short interest on nmdm is currently 16.64 million shares. That's pretty high uh outstanding shares. 35 million trading volume was 28 million, so that's a pretty high amount, but this is, as of it would be. January 15th is the last day that this was updated.

The price on record date was 14.35 days to cover pretty pretty pretty small. It could be a pretty good squeeze and nndm is right now in a pretty good buy zone. So just based on that if we drop a fibonacci retracement. Ah man, what's up with this all right, so i'm just gon na put an ad in here and try to fix my audio.

You guys are definitely saying there's something up here and i want to fix it. Quick excuse me all right. I i think i fixed the audio issues. Just please.

Let me know what you guys think i don't have headphones in right now. This should be good. What's up ben, okay, all right yeah! I will thanks yup all right. Thanks man, peace yeah, so i've got uh.

My mic should be fine guys, i'm really trying my best here. I'm gon na turn the sensitivity down and see. If that does anything, let me know if that sounds better, but uh. This is.

This is all that i can do right now, so martize. Thank you for the donation. I did try to fix the audio we're gon na come back to nndm. Good entry point is right now guys so 1369 does look like a solid entry point.

I do like that quite a bit um and if you, if you could find a better entry point, that's going to be 61.8 percent rsi from the training at 43. So that is pretty solid. I don't mind that whatsoever um. We have a triple bottom here, though.

Oh, that's a filthy, triple bottom. This looks like a good entry. We see the height here of 18 and that could be a good short squeeze. So we've got great short volume overall on ndm, as we see here.

This is, you know, 16.64 million shares, which is extremely high compared to the total outstanding shares and the total trading volume from that day. So i like the opportunity, all right so coming back over to johnny smith. Thank you for the donation, my friend. I do appreciate that so much from finland, that's huge.

I like that. I like that robin hood was a big eye. Opener super corruption. Thank you for the donation.

My friend also i like that picture. I'm a big anime guy love, anime! That's awesome! Um yeah! It's crazy guys, so the whole robin hood thing is absolutely absurd. I can't believe that um that should really open your eyes on brokerage accounts that you can trust. I've never been a huge fan of robin hood and i'm not going to sway anybody one way or the other if they do choose to use that platform.

But i do think there's definitely a lot better opportunities out there than robin hood and that's why i transitioned over to weeble right. So it's totally up to you what you decide you like and what you don't like, but i actually like weeble, quite a bit um and what robin hood did with their ceo uh. It's pretty shady, so we do know based on i'll show you something real quick. I showed this in my last live stream, but it's definitely worth looking into again.

So just read this really quick check this out robin hood insider information. Guess what happens! Guess what we're heard today, vladimir yes founder vladimir, which is the ceo of the company and the c-suite received, calls from sequoia capital and the white house, the white house that pressured into closing on gme amc, etc. I guarantee you the same took place at each raid and the others who closed trading file reports on the sec page. That's absolutely absurd, stuff guys.

So i, ah man, i know that we will close down their trading for certain stocks for a while, but that was not their choosing right. They didn't have a choice. I watched a video about that weeble situation just recently and it was really really interesting stuff. They didn't have a choice, so let's say hypothetically that they allowed trading and you decided that you sold a share of uh gme.

Well, if they allowed you guys to buy and sell freely based on the information that was given to them, they could not have paid. You on your stock, which is absurd, so uh, it's it's crazy times. It really is it's truly. It's really nuts.

Lady. Thank you for the donation, oh man. 20. That means a lot to me.

Thank you so much. I do appreciate that a lot just a little. Thank you for my filthy profits next week for amc man i'll tell you what you're going to have some filthy profits. I 100 agree with you it's.

I appreciate you being over the discord as well jay. Thank you for the four dollars. If i had some coffee, some glasses with you, it's good stuff through some of these comments over here gme and amc stock twits, my mic is uh. It's it's totally fine.

I can unplug it and plug it back in, but there shouldn't be any issues right now with my mic. Let me know if that's any better for you guys, but it should be the same. So we're gon na come over to stock twits for uh amc and just read some of the some of the information here so for a while. I know they actually locked down some information here.

So you know that's. This is bmix read below i just sent out our strategy next week, amc and other opportunities. For next week i created a very small 200 active member channel yeah. I'm not interested in this uh try to lock it back now.

So there's a lot of misinformation out there in particular, there's people saying that we were forced to do this by the market so check this out. Robin hood didn't change the rules on users amid market mayhem, former sec economist explains, and one thing that i saw. That's actually kind of stupid. I don't know if i completely agree with this, is that robin hood had limited, buy orders that are available for some of their uh, some other people out there so like right now, if i just pull up the the claims, robin hood news, robin hood news, we Can see that uh does robin hood owe too much of its rich backers? Robin hood says restrictions on gamestop due to 10-fold increase in deposit requirements.

That's some crap, but uh. What we do know is they are allowing you to trade. Certain stocks right now, such as ctrm uh, gamestop, amc, okay, thanks for thanks for that, my head, my headset mic is not on i'm telling you guys right now. So all right, let me know if that's better, is this better i'll i'll? Stop the stream?.

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    Must Read!!!!! *Please Share* Ok so DTCC is the agency/clearing house that basically works as the “teller” for 95% of the trades on the market. Andrew Grey under pressure from the WH to stop the GME bet gone wrong temporarily required RH and other platforms to pay up to 100% collateral on the billions of trades being executed on GME and AMC, because hedge funds by that point were facing losing close to 70 billion dollars and Melvin Capitol as an example were not going to have enough money on hand to buy back the stocks they borrowed, and then sold expecting them the price to decrease (short)so they could pocket the difference. Well if Melvin Capital couldn’t pay the DTCC, then DTCC has to foot the bill, which they had no intention in doing. DTCC is the “leader”/monopoly on transactions to the tune of trillions of dollars-Keep that in mind.

    They have screwed millions of small investors by manipulating the markets alongside with these hedge funds. These hedge funds are their clients. If a big enough client leaves them with an unpaid bill, due to no fault of the average investor. Guess who has to pay for it? You, your kids, your grandkids grandkids. They through regulations restrict your ability to trade, while allowing hedge funds to trades freely. They are the true gatekeeper and maker of the market. And they don’t want you to have the ability to trade like hedge funds(collective power) have been trading since their inception. Hedge funds and Billionaires like Warren Buffet and others have been gobbling up little guys, making risky bets and using your retirement funds and taxes as a safety nets. Using your tax money to bail them out. To pay for their jets, yachts, etc. Nothing has fundamentally changed since 2008 because they never actually had clear and consistent policy guidance.

    We all have an opportunity here to break this endless scalping of the hard earned money of the American people. We shouldn’t have to beg for Covid Relief when the only reason businesses are suffering is because they had to close to keep people alive. Destroy these hedge funds one by one and allow the future of our markets to be determined by the concerted efforts of the American will, innovation, and a truly free and open market. We already have the tools I.e. blockchain…DTCC needs major reform and to be decentralized. The only way we are going to get there is to show them their way of doing business is broken and is creating massive wealth inequality.

    Hit em in the pockets 💎💎💎 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 side note, don’t mind the majority of these lawmakers and TV News Personalities pretending to be on your side. They are not. They are trying to give you a sense of victory when the game is still rigged, and the battle is still ongoing. They have no intent to actually do anything about it cause they are all puppets for the corporations that pay their salaries and keep them elected. I know this is long, but people are blaming trading platforms exclusively and the problem is actually wayyy bigger than what RH and other were forced to do.

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    I'm by no means an expert but I truly believe the trade restrictions set by the criminal brokers on January 28th was absolutely deliberate to purposely tank the stock. If you look at the stock sales data on Fidelity for 1/28 and search for the amount of 8.63 you will find a lot of shares traded at that price. 8.63 also happens to be a stock price right around the time AMC tanked. I also found the same thing happened with GME and other shorted stocks. I was also confused by the January 15th date on the short interest history for MarketBeat. I also use highshortinterest dot com for shorted stock list.

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    Will they explode next week? Robinhood restrictions 1 share a day? No fractional shares? Other brokerages following suit with restrictions. This all means less volume. I guess you are either going to be right happy or wrong sad.

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