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AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss all recent news, catalyst, numbers and statistics, and sentiments towards AMC, the hedge fund squeeze, and progress moving forward.
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All right, all right, we got ta start off this amc video, as is typical, with red days, with a little bit of a meme a little bit of some nice uh nice stuff for some gigs. We have this made for me by uh somebody over at twitter. I'm very grateful by the way it's uh trey's trades gorilla gang. What is up everybody they pasted my face to a freaking gorilla.

I had to share this on instagram. This is absolutely awesome. You've got any memes you want to share with me. I am a meme guy.

I like memes, i have a big meme guy. I would very gladly look at the memes so uh. That is what i just want to start off the video with here today, my friends. What is up everybody welcome to trace trades.

We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks, like your price, by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor experts so take what i say with a grain of salt. Let's get into the video today my friends ready to give you guys a lackluster update on ticker symbol, amc, amc, entertainment holdings uh. We we had quite a bit of things to to speculate going into the price action here today that did end up end up playing out, but nonetheless we do have quite a bit to talk about in terms of recent news, some new institutional ownership of the stock.

You know developments with the amazon potential buyout that everybody has been talking about right. Well, i've got some very interesting things to share with everybody. So, let's get into the video we've got quite a bit to talk about so we're gon na start off here. This is ctrm.

I did just make a video on ccrm, so my apologies there, but we're gon na start off with ortex. I want to start off with ortex and show you some of the data that has been given to me on ortex. So i do have amc pulled up here. The current utilization rate is 68, which is a little bit higher.

It was 66 percent previously. So it's up about two percent from where we've seen it in the past utilization, if you're not familiar essentially, is how many shares are available for lending and lending programs. Zero percent means that no shares have been borrowed. 100 means that all available shares to borrow or landing program have in fact been lent.

So there is about a 32 availability for short uh shares to be given out to a company right to short or a hedge fund right. So that's a you know: it's a pretty high amount of utilization. Nonetheless, there are companies right now that do have higher utilization. I think ccrm.

I did just make a video on that has 100, so i think the squeeze potential there at this given moment is higher than amc is sitting, but nonetheless, i do think there is still good squeeze potential with amc. The overall cost of borrow is up to about four percent, and if we do just check out amc here on fintel, we do have some updated numbers here as well, which i do think are very significant to show you, and that is right here. The short short borrowed fee rate - this was two percent yesterday, so it has already doubled, which is pretty do have. You know, according to fintel, an update on the overall short volume for the day.

So, on february 16th, which was today, we saw 13.5 million total shares. Shorted, which is 60 million uh total of the uh compared to the market volume of 60 million, was about 22 percent. Short volume ratio. Take this with a grain of salt.

There is a little bit of manipulation happening in my eyes in in the price action here. With amc, this is pointed out to me by somebody over at the discord, a good friend of mine code chuck go chuck rocks. Let me read this out to you really quick, so they basically only take the finra reported short volume. This is fintel he's talking about missing data from other exchanges like bats, nyse and nasdaq, but then they utilize all the exchanges markets for the daily volume.

Basically, they are severely misrepresenting the short volume and artificially deflating it by only pulling data they want to show. So essentially, what he's talking about is by only pulling the short interest from finra right, which is an x amount. Maybe that number is true: you're getting that that um, that, overall, you know short volume from finra, but if you're, if you're, taking all the data from bats, nyse nasdaq, it's inflating the overall volume that you're seeing on a stock right. So it makes it look like comparatively to the overall market volume.

It's a lot lower in in volume ratio than what it actually is and thankfully go chuck rocks that take no credit for this in the least bit put together a very detailed spreadsheet, with a bunch of different resources from bats, finra, nasdaq and nyx data. And i want to share this information with you, because i think this is a much much much more realistic perspective of what the overall short interest and short volume ratio looks like on the stock. So i want to point this out to the master short ratio table. This tells you a lot more.

I think that we haven't seen going on and then the numbers here are exponential. So i want to point these out to you. This is the overall uh short ratio in comparison to the total volume, so we've got the total short volume here and the total market volume on the date right here. So excuse me, i choked on my chokes on my spit.

You ever do that guys. That's no good anyways. We've got in the last 10 days, one two, three four, five, six, seven, eight nine 10 days right. We can see that it has been very high numbers.

I see some people say that uh, the overall short volume ratio on amc is somewhere between. You know around 50 or 15 percent. The short interest number right. I don't think that's true.

I think it's a lot higher than that, and we have some confirmation here, based on a lot of different resources that are put together. It must have taken them hours, so mad props see my friend for doing this, but nonetheless look at this on the second 48. 49. 52.

51. 55. 37. 27.

49. 41 - and i think today, when that, when that the numbers are updated, we have new information available to us that is going to be going back into an upward direction, because even just fintel right, take fence out with a grain of salt. Fintel's number is up to 22, which, comparatively to the previous days, is up about five percent comparatively to the overall total volume on the day. So i think that is pretty significant numbers to pay attention to my friends.

I do think that the overall short volume on this stock is being misrepresented. We do know that fincel changed their numbers where they come exactly in half. We know that no matter where you look you're gon na get different numbers in regards to the overall short interest and the short volume ratio on this stock. So there's a lot of misrepresentation of data and i think that the the potential for a squeeze is 100 still here, but it's just not going to happen without that volume and the volatility that we're currently missing on this stock.

So i want to be transparent with you guys. I never want to bs you. That is how we're looking right now, but there are some other things that i want to cover here today. First off is this: marketbeat has amc with a new investment of charles schwab, investment management incorporated.

This was, as of today, charles schwab took a 1.77 million share stake in the company. That is not by accident. My friends companies do not just randomly drop 1.7 million shares in a stock that are supposedly a dead cat, a dead cat right, a dollar for every time, even just a penny or every time somebody told me this is a dead cat trade. Just let it go.

You scammed people, yadda yadda, i'm telling you what charles schwab doesn't think it's a dead cat and he's putting 3.75 million dollars on the fact that that uh, this institution thinks it's not a dead cat, so you know whatever. Maybe i'm wrong, maybe i'm wrong yeah. I don't do you my friend, but nonetheless that is significant. I do think that is something you guys need to pay attention to.

Another thing that i want to show you is this check this out in case you think this amazon buyout is as talk as unlikely or old news. People share this five of amazon's, largest institutional investors, recently invested in amc nearly at the same time. Let that sink in check the dates. Speculation or not.

I smell something so amazon's largest institutional investors are the manufacturers, life insurance company. We've got nomura management. American international public employees and stifle financial now check this out. Amc, american international nomura public employees, the manufacturer's life insurance, stifle financial corporation.

All these companies took a stake in amc as of february 12th and february 13th. That is significant anytime. An institutional buyer said guys. I called this.

I called this a long time ago. I said you're gon na see institutions and hedge funds that decide to step into the stock and go along. It is gon na be cut throat. There are gon na, be companies out there that decide.

Hey we're, not gon. Na short, this, in fact we're gon na burn some of these. These hedges and uh take the money from them because it's not for us, i'm gon na, say that right now, they're not trying to help us, but they are trying to make money where there is opportunity to make money and there's opportunity to make money. Here.

I'm telling you that right now, my friends, i feel very confident in saying that another thing that i want to point out is this: forbes did retweet a a a tweet back from about a year ago talking about amazon, potentially buying out amc. I don't think that it's a coincidence that you saw that forbes did this. I think, there's a lot of speculation in regards to yeah, maybe a little bit. It was for clicks right to help there to make some cash or whatever, but nonetheless it does line up.

Very well with this right, amazon's largest institutional investors, you know investing in amc. That is significant information right coincidence or not speculation or not. I don't think that's by accident. You would not see five of amazon's largest institutional investors step into amc for absolutely no reason you would not see charles schwab, step into amc with a huge stake of about 1.77 million shares 3.75 million dollars.

For no reason that is significant data guys. The last thing that i want to cover here on my twitter page is this: this is going to be a shorter video. I am trying to get through this as quick as i can but check this out share this before i go missing. Boys 54 million shares failed to deliver.

I repeat: 54 million shares failed check. This out. This was posted by um, the u.s securities uh commission so check this out. Gme stocks, not paid is 10.6 million amc stocks not paid 54.2 million.

They got to deliver them last month was half the stock. Now i'm saying this all these stocks, they said in the news they already covered, bring in the money, so we're gon na look at the overall numbers here check this out amc. This is uh. The overall dates from my understanding you can see these down here check this out.

Uh 15 902 shares failed to deliver 27 million shares failed to deliver here at 4.96, as the price 584 000 shares to fail to deliver when it was 1990. guys. That is astronomical. That tells you there's a lot of really crazy stuff happening here.

There's also amc amc is failing to deliver every day. This continues the trend for both of these stocks not being able not being delivered every day, amc had 27 million, yes million shares failed to deliver and the amc short borrow fee rate doubled in the past hour, which i did just also talk about. So it was up from two percent, which means that the utilization on the stock, i think, is higher than the current information that is being reported to overall companies right, such as finra such as even ortex, which is a company that pay 500 bucks a year for To get up-to-date relevant information, you know factual information that i can't even trust right now, based on all the stuff. That's going on with this manipulation in regards to the hedge funds and the different numbers being reported, the different hit pieces coming out the different institutional numbers right, so that is very, very significant.

My friends, i do think that is something to pay attention to now. The last thing i want to show you guys is the amc institutional ownership. I want to look at how much of this company is owned by institutions and it's at 17, just about so 47.9 million shares compared to the outstanding shares of about 287 million total. Now, keep in mind that the current utilization right on this company according to ortex is 68.

So a lot of these shares being uh shorted. You know some of them are counterfeit. Some of them don't actually exist. They are naked short shares, so that is going to inflate the numbers.

A little bit make this a little bit harder to actually factualize, but you have to consider that there is also going to be a huge piece of this shares outstanding that is affected by the short volume ratio now check this out. We have dimensional fund advisors, they did sell out of their position here. So that is something i want to be transparent with you guys. I don't want to bs anybody.

That is something i want to show you, so they currently have zero shares. They sold out of their position, but we've got vanguard. Blackrock silver lake group right and all these recent companies, which we did talk about here on my twitter page that do have, according to uh market, beat a position in this company. So there are some institutional buyers here and i don't think this.

This number is completely up to date. I think it is actually a little bit higher than it's being reported here on fintel. So that's very significant data. My friends, i don't think this is a dead cat and i think there are a couple different ways that you can see.

Uh amc play out. I can think of three different scenarios scenario. One you'll see a squeeze and what's gon na happen, if it squeezes you'll know if it squeezes, because when a squeeze happens say squeeze one more time, i freaking. Dare you if a squeeze happens? It goes up hundreds of percent, if not a thousand like thousands of percent so uh.

This would go from five dollars: six dollars up to 60 70 80 bucks. If this ends up squeezing and squeezing this can last anywhere between an hour a couple hours to like two days, so the opportunity for you to make money on that you'll know when it's happening. You'll know when to cash out, because this is gon na run. Like you would not believe, but it's gon na take some volume for that to happen.

We're not there right now right if we look at the daily chart. Just look at the overall volume on the the daily chart. Really quick. The volume was nothing to write home about today it was just barely higher.

We had the tuesday two million thing, which i don't think people actually bought into to be completely transparent with you, because uh we're seeing another red day. We had another red candle open, pretty decently high, but it bled the rest of the day. So that's that's. What we're looking like right now on the rci about 48 on the daily chart, but on the one month chart sitting at about 45.

so pretty flat, nothing really to write home about it didn't touch up here at 77, but i do think that's what it's gon Na take we're gon na need that volume to start stepping back up in amc, which we don't currently have so based on the numbers available to us. The short interest is there the short volume ratio is there? We know that institutions are shorting the stock right, so that is what it's going to take. Is the volume step back up in order to see that squeeze happen? Is it going to happen soon? I don't think so. No, i think it has potential to happen down the road, but we're just not there right now right so keep that in the back of your mind scenario, two, i think you see an amazon acquisition, it could be amazon or netflix.

I think amazon is more likely based on what we have been seeing presented to us and if amazon acquires amc, it's lucrative shareholders do take a stake out of that acquisition deal. Now i don't know exactly what the numbers will come out to, but i do know in microvision's case who is in talks with companies like microsoft, ford, possibly apple right for a company acquisition right uh shareholders receive a stake per billion dollars in acquisition. So if you receive 10 billion dollars an acquisition for microvision right, you would take 1 billion dollars times 10, so 10x, whatever per share, they agree upon for that overall price and acquisition. If the same thing happens here with amc in regards to a amazon, buyout right shareholders would receive a stake from that acquisition deal, so that is also a very lucrative process.

That is a way that you'd be able to make a return on amc. The situation right - that is situation number two number three is neither of those happen and covert and quarantine eventually lift right. The restrictions lift we go back to somewhat of a normal lifestyle in regards to you know, quarantine being able to go to the movies again, and we know that that amc raised a lot of money when their stock was up in that 20 25 range. For as short as it was, they raised about 700 million dollars after taxes and fees which they're gon na be able to use as cash to sit on to continue operations until coleman restrictions lift right.

So this is gon na help them get back at moving up. In the theaters right they can, maybe you know, have some potential growth expand a little bit, maybe get into some virtual reality stuff which i've seen floating around on twitter and reddit right. So i think at the very least, if none of those scenarios happen right, amazon does not acquire amc, you don't see a squeeze happen. This is going to be a 20 stock by may or june 20.

At the least, i think 25 is also realistic and if we compare it to, i think, cinemax. Oh cinemark, my my bad cinemark is currently trading at 21 and 50 cents. So i think there's a lot of potential here to at least match cinemark. If we look at the overall financial situation, we're just going to do a little comparison and take a peek at their overall numbers, so on their income statement, if you look at their gross profit, they saw 24 million dollars in 2020.

If we take a peek at amc, it's probably a little bit less 24 million, it's higher 84 million guys you get what i'm saying here, you get what i'm saying! That's significant significant information. So i think this this stock is extremely undervalued. They are not in debt of going bankrupt at this current moment right. They paid off a lot of debt.

They raised 700 million dollars, they're sitting on cash they're, going to be able to continue operations into 2021 um once once restrictions list, and they can really start making money on their overpriced popcorns guys. I think this is going to be a company, that's cooking with crisco. No matter what and think about this, your online array will get you a 10 annual return on a very good year, and if you can double up on this stock, buy it god you would. You would quadruple up if you had an average of five bucks.

If you could quadruple up on this stock and hold this until june, why would you not do it? That is a great great opportunity and i really do think it is presenting itself here for everybody to take if you, if you are interested in doing that. So that is all the information that i have available here on the internet. We are going to look at the previous couple days on price action. What we're looking at! We do still have this nice ascending level of support a little bit of a flatline day today, but nonetheless it was still setting higher lows uh.

Overall, we are still respecting this ascending level of support. We had a little bit of a double top here. Double tops, typically, are a bullish. I shouldn't say bullish a bearish indicator, but it was a higher high barely so that does that could be potential.

For you know an upcoming run, it did hit about 6.79 cents, but bled literally the rest of the entire day. So take that for what it is. You know nothing, nothing really crazy to write home about in terms of the price action today consisting of 45 on the rsi. The 15 ma is trading way underneath the 200 ema as of right now it is going to take some time for this to get moving again.

I really truly do think. If you want to see this move in a positive direction, it is going to take some volume stepping back into the game right, but this is not a dead cat. You would not see institutional buyers step into this. If you were telling me, this is a dead cat guys, if you tell me this is a dead cat.

If some of this play is over, you are just being ignorant. You are not paying attention to the numbers: you're, not paying attention to the people buying this you're, not paying attention to the short volume numbers that are coming in on this right, you're, not paying attention to the news that is being released on the stock when the Media stops covering this when the hedge fund stops shorting this. At that point i'll admit this is a dead cat, but this is a live freaking cat guys this thing's got 90 freaking lines. This is not dead, there's so much life left in this.

I truly do believe that and i'm going to continue to hold and add to my position whenever i possibly can, and that is what i have for the video today. My friends, if you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i have a fill link in the description box down below for weeble.

This is version four for the desktop, absolutely great platform that allows you to start trading at four a.m in the pre-market uh. If you use money, you get two free stocks, so the 100 deposit. Obviously, your free stock greatly support the channel and, if you're not interested, that is totally fine. My friends, i just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos and be a part of the gorilla gang out here at trey's trades.

I've got a link to the merch store down in the description box as well. If you'd like to check that out and buy some cool hoodies and t-shirts and stuff that is available for you as well. That's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i will see you all next time.


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    Trey, you are mistaken about Charles Schwab. These investment firms submit there reports in February of every year to disclose what they owned as of December 31st of last year. So all the ownership you see there, vanguard, Blackrock, and others held the stock as of December 31, 2020. No way to tell if they're still holding it and did not sell during the squeeze.

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