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Guys before we could even talk about the the day that we had, we got ta, we got ta start off with. What's probably my favorite ratio of all time i i've met, i mean that, with every morsel of my ball sack dude, i'm hardly an options expert. This comes from charles gasparino. In case you don't know who this is.

This is uh like an anti-retail mainstream media anchor. Whatever you want to call him, i think he's uh he's actually uh like a fox news, business associate whatever uh, i'm probably an options. Expert savvy traders, i know, are making a killing because they bought weekly amc puts at 21 they're up more than the stock. Is today and there's no need to exercise them? Uh, of course, do you know how options work, but this this guy he's looking he's looking at the stock on the one minute chart, and he sees that it's run up from you know: 20 bucks all the way up to 26 and it pulled back a dollar And a half and he's like you, idiots, look at you all these puts these puts are crushing what do you think you're doing right now? Oh geez! Well, let me tell you in case you're wondering in case you don't know how how options worked they were.

They were not green puts were not green today, guys welcome back to trace trades where, if you could talk fast and don't skip classic remember by standing on a financial final, this is financial advice. Nor is this financial advice, please don't say the greatest salt. Let's get into the video today nasty disgusting, absolutely freaking, filthy day i mean this. Is you cannot understand the least a bit uh, the the excellence that we got to witness here today? You you literally just watched if this, if amy you're, just watching amy's just twisting purple nurples on fat cats right now i mean this is nice.

This is nice stuff to watch and we've got to go over a couple different things. So i've got laid out an agenda and i'm going to point out to you a couple different levels that i'm watching, but first let me just lay out what uh sort of the game plan is here today. We're gon na obviously start off with amc. You know i should probably layer this out as well, but i'm gon na start off with the short.

I want to show you guys what the levels are currently looking like and we're gon na look at shares on loan uh and then we're gon na look into the volume profile now. This is actually a term that i haven't discussed a lot, but this is essentially the idea of where the average cost is on uh amc stock. This actually influences the way that it moves, because, if you think about it psychologically, which i'll explain later uh, it's going to show you where there's going to be some resistance, some hiccups and then the final thing for amc, which is gamma, options, call options. Because i actually know what i'm talking about with options, unlike some dummy on twitter uh, we've got some some monstrous things to talk about there.

Next i'd like to talk about the spy, i saw some comments. Last night, some people were like trey. What about this? What about that uh? Regarding you know some stuff that was happening in other countries and that's not what i was gon na pay attention to, because the main thing that is causing uncertainty in the market is russia and there's some news that came out about russia. That, i think, is worth discussing because this is only going to influence the continuation of pressure on shorts across all small mid cap companies, which obviously includes amc to continue to cover positions.

You're going to see these companies continue to rally, so we're looking pretty good for that. After that, i want to go over roblox, i'm just going to review essentially uh what i discussed in yesterday's video. So we can walk away, having learned something potentially and then i'm going to dive into what my play would be for tomorrow, which would actually be the spy i'm going to give you an if this, then that sort of scenario same as always, if, if uh, if This then, that for a call son of a, why keep doing this for a call and for a put, and if this then that same thing as before, i'll give you what i would personally do for a entry for an exit for runners for a stop loss. Ultimately, it's your decision, i'm not telling you to buy my telling yourself so with that being said, let's dive into it first off, obviously amy just straight hulk dick i mean you look at this.

It doesn't even look like a technical pattern. This is just literally like, if you can imagine the hulk, having an erection that you just witnessed that take place on candles here today. How many people uh a year two years ago, six months ago, three months ago, thought they'd get horny. Looking at a chart, that's a question.

I have to ask you uh, and i want to point out a couple different levels that we're watching here now i did say in yesterday's video that i was hoping to see 30 bucks uh. I didn't think it happened today. I'll own that i'll own that all day long, not in a million years, i think you'd see this just completely crush and reach uh that high in a single day, 30 bucks in a single day, i was actually off by a little bit. I think it tapped out like 29 70, something or so uh nope.

It did hit 30.. I kid a kid, but nonetheless uh there are some levels that i think are key for continuation going into tomorrow and i'm not gon na you, i'm gon na slay. It straight out, i'm gon na give you what i think would happen. Maybe the bear case scenario the bulk case scenario heading into tomorrow, so that you're prepared for whatever you want to do.

If you're playing options, uh be careful of fomo right make a good decision. Have a technical plan have an entry plan for options? Have an exit plan for options? Have a stop loss have runners whatever uh, just as long as you know what you're doing uh just make your decisions based on the best uh logical information that you can so with that being said, 30 bucks is a very, very, very key mark and the reason That i say that uh is because a bust over 30 could very very quickly bring you up to where i personally believe the next level of resistance to be the next sort of chop zone, which is about 34 and a half to 35 dollars. Now uh. It's up here: yeah 34 to 39 yeah, 34..

34 bucks. You can see the actual line is about 33.28, but it does stretch to the top of this wick up here, which is about 34 dollars, so we're gon na say 33 28 to 34 bucks. I kind of rambled a little bit, but it's the top of this wick right here. This could be thought of as sort of a momentum level.

Now that doesn't sound like a lot, especially since today we we ran nine dollars and nine cents, but i think there's two sort of scenarios that you can watch for and a couple of spots where i'd be watching for some form of a pullback. If that is going to happen now, there is a lot of consolidation, a lot of chop that took place right here before a decent sized move down. You can think of this, essentially, as what would act then, as a demand zone. The bottom of this demand zone is about 28.36, so in a worst case scenario, i personally believe that uh 2836 is going to be that first stop in which you're going to see some form of a retracement where amc tries to kind of cool off a little Bit we have to kind of take a step back and realize that over the last 10 days, amc has gone from almost 13 bucks, just shy of 13 bucks to 30 dollars.

That is uh a almost 300 percent rally, 200 rally. This is nasty. I mean the amount of size that this has taken up over the past. Uh 10 days is really crazy, so you have to expect pullbacks, and i think a bear case scenario is that it rejects off of 30 and it comes back down to re-test uh either.

The bottom of this green box, right here that demand zone or in the worst case scenario, is a bear uh, 26, 50 ish or so, and this is the arriving from where you saw a little bit of chop on the four hour candle. The top of this wick is uh; basically, just going to lay out is where i think you would see some form of uh some resistance, you're going to see some chopping around. We got to go back up now and i think that's pretty pretty uh it's possible. I think that's probably like a 30 chance uh, but the bull case, which i'm more excited to talk about, i'd like to get the bad news out of the way.

First, the worst case scenario out of the way: first uh is: i think that you're gon na see this continue up. I think 30 bucks may take a tap or two uh unless going into tomorrow, which you mean in the after hours or maybe the pre-market. We get a gap up if we gap up over 30 bucks. I think you can see this move up to that.

31. 32. 33 range in the pre market. Now the important thing about pre-market and after hour moves keep this in the back of your mind, especially with options is uh.

You obviously can't buy or sell options during the pre-market or after hours. So if something moves up and it makes a huge move in the pre-market after hours - don't assume it's going to continue that into the open it may not. It may flush right uh. I think the best advice that i can give if you are going to do that is sit back for a second watch.

The open see what happens and then make a decision from there, because that's the most volatile hard wave to surf that you're gon na you're gon na have to face yourself with as things sort of uh get moving. So keep that. In the back of your mind, i i think realistically, coming into this week, you know my low ball was 30 bucks. I think you really could see this come up to that 33.

Mark 33 could bring 40.. I mean it really could 33 to me is gon na be the next hard egg to crack if you bust over 33, you really really could see this come up into that that high 30s uh 40 hash and obviously you're gon na chop around along the way, But the final destination to me, where i think you see some rejection and a retracement is gon na, be that 40 mark. If and only if we get this crack over 30 bucks, obviously uh. I i'm jacked about that.

Now the volume profile, one there's, there's a couple, different things that i'd like to discuss the volume profile sort of references where you'd expect the majority of positions to be held. So if you're looking at a chart like this, this over here is price right. So, let's say: 20 bucks, 25, 30, 35 and uh. The price is moving around like this right, whatever it's going up down up down well, if we came over here, we were to lay out a volume profile, essentially where the most people hold positions.

What you would expect is somewhere in the middle of price action, especially with volume and all that is we're gon na find the majority of positions held right. So you probably see you know not very much uh held at that 20 mark. You can see a little more held at about 25. you'd, see more held at about 30 you'd, probably see about an equal amount, maybe a little less at 35., we're starting to approach the volume profile in which a lot of people hold an average cost for amc.

Any crack over that is a million percent gon na come with momentum, and i want to tell you exactly why that's the case, if you think about this from a psychological perspective right what is sort of uh the case here? Well, if you look at this, i definitely spelled psych wrong, psy, oh no! I didn't. I had it right. I said scife from a psychological perspective, right think about the people who have been holding this for a long time. I think the majority are hanging they're, chilling or whatever, but i i can almost guarantee you out of 4 million people out of 90 of the stock me held by retail investors.

There are going to be some more left with a choice. Do i want to take this as break even or do i want to take this as an opportunity to go green now? Ultimately, i can't make the decision for you and i'm not here, to even tell you what to do. I'm here to tell you, from a psychological perspective that why you would see a big move if we get beyond that volume profile where the majority of people are holding positions, because that is going to move the stock up. That's gon na be a lot.

This is big. This is big, this volume profile, which, by the way, coincides pretty decently close to what the average cost is for a share on loan uh, which is that, by the way, an all-time high, 136 million shares is what i clocked in earlier today and right now, it's At 137.91 million and their average cost is in that 23 mark, because the average day on loan is 78 days. I'm going to show you this really really quick. Ortex uh gives you 85 percent of the exchange, reported that, on the average day on loan of 78 days in total right now, which i did the homework for you dates back to about 23 bucks right.

These levels are huge because if you can get above 30, as we already have, you can move into that 35 to 40 mark. A lot of people that are shorts are red. A lot of people who are longs are green, which allows you to continue momentum. You're much more, this is backwards logic, but believe me, it's the truth.

People love to sell things when they're read people love to buy things. When it's green, i'm telling you it's just the psychology, the psychology of the market, man, people like buying green people like selling red, that's how things are so. If you can keep the green going, you can get people's portfolios green right, you're, going to see things really start to move. That's going to be absolutely massive, which brings me into the gamma for amc, and that is looking disgusting now.

A huge part of the move here for today, uh in case you were curious, is gamma ramping. This is call options that are getting run from out the money to in the money in a very simple sort of way. You can think of an out the money call option, as the current cost of stock is 30 bucks. Let's say that there is a call.

That's at 33 and the price goes from 30 to 33.. This wasn't out the money call if the price is now 34 ran all the way down here. This then becomes in the money, and what happens is the market makers who write these contracts up, have to buy stock in the equal amount to whatever contracts exist, and if they don't, it creates a failure to deliver, which you can think of as a synthetic share? Now so far, i haven't heard a lot of talk about failure to delivers, but i'd imagine that is going to come uh if we do continue to see momentum. The way that we have, in which case, congratulations, pat yourself, on the back more firepowder uh in the canon ball, you're gon na be blasted.

That did probably make any sense at all, but that's only gon na add to the momentum that is uh. That is currently being had so uh. This is a big reason why you saw the run-up that we did today and i'm gon na show you exactly. Why look at the the the options chain? You cannotice that there's a crap ton of open interest.

I mean the 20s, the 20 and a half's 21's twos threes, fours, five, six, seven, eight nine! You see all these uh these chains that have been run in the money for 14 april and that's not even zero. One april you look at all these man. I mean it's just disgusting: you see the five thousand one thousand eight thousand three thousand seven thousand. There was likely a hundred to two hundred thousand uh, no wait.

No more than that it'd be a million to two million total shares that were bought, uh purely just off of gamma ramping. Today, if you think about what that means, that's pure buying pressure. That's not like that's arguing over the bitterness! It's like you got ta! Do it these market makers just got ta get the the field done, they're, not trying to nickel and dime and algorithm this. They just have to do it, and that contributes to the movement that we have seen here today, which is only gon na put pressure.

On short positions to get out of their uh positions to return those shares on loans so beautiful day, i i really do genuinely think this is gon na, be my statement for amc before we dive into the other stuff. I do genuinely believe that amc is going to continue the momentum this week. If the worst case scenario comes to fruition, i'm going to prepare you for it. I think tomorrow and wednesday would be rest days.

You might see it a little bit red - maybe five percent, six percent, which sounds like a lot right, but in the grand scheme of things when you consider what's actually taking place right now, it's kind of necessary right. This is the worst case. I think you could see that maybe a little bit red, maybe just slightly green rest days - aren't bad here. That's just letting the stock cool off to continue momentum.

If that's the case worst case scenario, best case, i think you could see this continue to rip faces off uh coming into the the rest of the week and that's my statement. That's my that's my claim. That's my bet, uh! That's what i've got for amc here. So far so, which brings me into this the spy, russia right now, yesterday's video i talked about, i personally believe the uncertainties in the market are continue to wane off you're, going to take the nipple out of your mouth.

Your mom's nipple is gone right. You you're getting off of that that fear, milk and now you're drinking the the the green god jesus milk, because one of the things that i hoped would happen. Thankfully ronnie rico, is a guy on twitter he's a buddy of mine uh. He he gave me the idea in the first place, like i said before in yesterday's video, i want to give him credit uh.

He had me thinking about this russia. I found to be a likely scenario to be having peace talks with ukraine literally hours later uh. The news articles came up, russia is now having peace talks with ukraine, and that is going to continue to alleviate the uncertainties in the market. Please don't buy the crim.

Jammer fear don't buy any of this. This. This fear the market is going to rally. You can have a bull market in a recession which is a possibility right if the fed doesn't combat inflation.

The way that they're supposed to you could still see a recession, but we know, historically speaking, that the market can be green while also raising interest rates. So do not let that scare you away. I think the rally is going to continue, and that is only that's a confirmation right. Russia easing off they're starting to have that peace.

Talk they're, saying uh they're not going to be trying to de-nazi ukraine, which i think is an absurd statement to begin with. But nonetheless, it's obvious that they're backing off the gas a little bit they're hitting the brakes they're starting to lightly tap the brakes, and that is only going to make stocks go they're going it'll look like a heart rate going up man, i mean it's gon na, Be nasty and i think the spy is gon na continue to rally in that sort of way. So that's looking good. I don't have much more to say about that until i actually get to tomorrow's play, which is going to be the spy for me.

That's what i'm gon na walk you through, but i want to review roblox because there was actually a lot of opportunity today to make money on that and by the way uh. If you'd like to join the discord where people are able to have conversations about all this stuff, you are, you are definitely free to do so. It is an absolutely free thing. There's a link to the discord in the description box down below.

We do have an alerts chat, we have a how to use tab and we've got a whole ton of free by the way, uh alerts that ping off based on an algorithm that we coded the three minute to five minute. The one hour, the three minute, the five minute, the one hour for the 1348, the 921 - we do have the williams alligator. Alongside that lots of people made money today i mean they work, that's as simple as that. It's free, if you want to hop in feel free to do so, but with that being said, roblox follows some pretty key levels to a team.

Now i'm going to come out and tell you uh where i, where it went wrong before it went right right. I personally believed that there was an opportunity they would come up and test this downside level of resistance right here that was marked on the one hour and the four hour chart. So if i come over here to the four hour - and i show you exactly what this looks like - it did not quite tap that right didn't give you that opportunity. However, it did give an opportunity with this demand zone.

This was picture perfect. This is a great educational example and an opportunity to make money. You could have easily made money off of this uh. It's a picture-perfect example of what the man zones are they're bounce points.

I've said this before i'll say it again: a demand zone, you're going to know, is going to either bounce or knife within minutes, because a demand zone - if this is a demand zone right here - i'm going to highlight this in green. A stock is going to do one of two things: it's going to come down to it and it's going to chop around or it's going to come down to it. It's going to keep going down it's no in between. I mean stocks either chapter these, in which case you know 99 times out of 100, it's going to bounce or b it just knifes through it.

Well in this opportunity. What did it do it tapped down on this demand zone right here, which we had marked out for you and it bounced up literally within 20 minutes? That was a picture-perfect opportunity for a roblox call opportunity. If you wanted to do that now, i personally would have taken a put at the open, i'm going to tell you that right now, maybe there were people who did on roblox if you, if you made money on that, feel free to, let me know, but i Wouldn't have taken a put on that because i didn't reach any levels that i had marked out. So i wouldn't have had a plan and i wouldn't have wanted to take that.

I would have had to wait until this point in the day to make money on roblox off of that demand zone. If i wanted to do so right, so that is the the key takeaway for me is. Is you were able to witness in real time if you watch this, if you took the opportunity to to try it out right, you would have the opportunity to make money on this demand zone. Bounce shows you exactly what they're meant to do.

Shows you exactly how you can use them to make money and that's where roblox is really beautiful and that's what i have to say about that which brings me to the final piece: the spy. I think there's a lot of opportunity for either up or down price action tomorrow in the spy. What you're gon na notice is i've got drawn out a rising wedge. I go over all sorts of different technical patterns in a video uh.

That's called the the options and charting master class. It's on my youtube channel, it's about an hour 20 minutes long. If you don't know what that all is uh, but in case you don't know i'll. Just give you a brief rundown.

A rising wedge is an ascending level of resistance and a setting level of support and stock bounces back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth between it right now. This is what the spy is doing. Typically, in these scenarios uh, it is a key for a bearish reversal. I think this is gon na be a short term bearish reversal if it happens right uh, but that is a pattern.

That's taking place right now, but it's still not quite there yet right now. It's bouncing up to the top of this rising wedge now. The market rally that we've seen we've seen. Amc come out of rising wedges, which is supposed to be bearish as bullish, we've seen the spy do the exact same thing, so maybe it'll just bust through, which is why i'm gon na prepare you for both scenarios now with the spy here, the main level that I'm watching for uh there's two of them this this box right here, this blue box, which i'm going to mark as red.

This is a supply zone. This is going to be an area where much. I think you can see a rejection which is at about 460 dollars. The other one is 457.40.

Now, if you see this reject off of 450 740 into the open tomorrow, meaning that it tests it, it tries to break above it, but it fails to do so. That's an opportunity for a put in which i would look for an exit at about 454 dollars, which is where you saw the pre-market high coming into the regular market hours today. Right that'd, be the opportunity for a put the opportunity for a call, for me is, if you see it bust through that resistance at 450, 740 i'll be looking to take a call entry off of that break of 450 740 coming up to that 460 level, because I think that movement will happen very quick. I think, if you bust over 450 740 you're gon na see it come up to 460 and i think it is going to reject there.

Those are the two ways that i personally would be looking to take an entry on the spy for either a call or for a put if neither of those conditions are met. I simply do not make the trade. If not this, then not that right, you have to have the conditions met, don't try to just gamble it. Uh have a plan and if the plan doesn't happen either adjust the plan or don't execute.

That's the best thing that i can tell for you. My my personal uh stop loss 10 to 15 right, my personal runner, 25, 50, 75 and the rest we see wherever the top's gon na be right, simple, stuff, full exit 460 would be my my main goal. I would take the daily expirations for a scalp. If you want to take a swing on it, uh give yourself some more time.

Personally, that's what i would do do what you got to do the other day and that's kind of what i've got so we're going to wrap this up. Uh beautiful beautiful beautiful day. I mean this is just a picture, perfect god dang example of nasty boom boom candles. I mean it does not get any cleaner than this.

It's not gon na be better than this uh. This is what you guys have been waiting for. This is what i've been waiting for. It's what we've been we have been waiting for.

It is finally time it's time, man, i am so jacked, not just because you guys are making money, but because all those all those people out there who've just said as if markets don't go up, markets don't go down, but this is just never going to recover, Which is the stupidest logic of all time? All stocks go up, all stocks go down and just as amy has gone down, she must come back up and it is time and that's what i've got for this video baby catch on the next one. As always, much lovely taps and peace.

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