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What's up people, how are we doing apes? This is uh. Titan titan was outside my uh freaking airbnb i'll, tell you a little story and then we'll get into the video here uh i was. I was here with the mulligan brothers yesterday, uh doing some stuff and this cat showed up outside kind of dirty, walking around drinking freaking water off the street and uh you just kept following us around. You kept following me around super friendly rubbing up against your leg.

Purring, like you wouldn't believe and uh, i brought him inside, we hung off a little bit while we were doing some stuff. We tried to find essentially where this dude lived and every time he'd bring him to a house. He just keep following. He keep following me.

So uh you know, i tried to find the owner and uh bring him where he belongs and for now i suppose uh. This is just my cat, so i got him a litter box got him some cat food and we've been keeping him clean, feeding them, giving them a place to go uh funny story. I filled the cat box up with litter and he just automatically within two seconds. After it was full, just took a big old piss in there he was a very smart little dude, so this is titan titan's, a very happy little sleepy kitty having a good old time.

Oh man love this sucker, so i guess now: i'm a cat dad welcome to the family titan. What is up everybody over the trade traders? We freaking talk fast and don't skip class baby, like perhaps by saying that i'm not a fine chef, advisor or expert so tickle to say the grain of salt, let's get into the video. So over the weekend here we had a lot of sort of noise happen and there was you know, honestly, a split within the community, and i saw a lot of that and honestly just wanted to take a step back. So i could really process and think about.

The best way moving forward to essentially give give everybody the apes what they're looking for? Oh man, tighten sleeping on the chair and uh. I think we've kind of come to that sort of conclusion, so this gofundme situation that got you know taken care of everybody's gon na get their their. Hopefully their money back, but i got shut down by uh by chad and the ape fest thing is - is off the table right, so the the organizers of that which i have no affiliation with. I was making no money off of them.

I've seen that a million times i'm gon na double down on that that thought i had no reason to to bs anybody. He shut it down. He recognized that the community did not want that, and so it shall be. So, let's focus on the matter at hand which is amc stock right, the squeeze is still 100 on the table.

We need to focus on the things that are the most important for the time being that that is the squeeze. So with that being said, i think where i can give you the most value you know leading into today and leading into the next following days is talking about two main things. I want to talk about ortex, because ortex short interest has gone down here a little bit, but i want to talk about technical analysis and kind of what i expect for august, based on what the market is doing. The overall market, the spy, the nasdaq that sort of thing and how that can affect amc as a whole.

So ortex you saw that the short interest actually went down to about 14.85 percent in the last couple of trading days. It probably would have been friday or so, and my thoughts on this. What do i think this actually means? So, if you're looking here at 14.85, you also notice that the shares on loan went down and the utilization went down. So the short interest going down in correlation with that doesn't necessarily mean because this is an estimated short interest.

That's updated every two weeks based on the actual short you know, shares that are reported either borrowed or returned to the overall exchanges that were borrowing those shares. So the utilization going down shares on loan going down means that this is an estimate that the short interest estimate could have gone down. Six percent based on the shares on the return. This could simply just mean that people who are lending stock or borrowed stock don't want to take on the extra risk that they had taken on before.

So i wouldn't pay too much attention to that. This is like i said a million times. Just an overall trend gives you an idea, not the holistic picture of what's happening with the overall stock and the price action. I wouldn't sweat it.

The short still haven't covered their position. The apes have not left and there's still systemic problems within the stock market. So those are the big things to pay attention to, but what i find most interesting is that the spy, the entire market is actually falling down, pretty pretty goddamn hard, and i've said this before this is a concept that i've talked about more than once on the Channel it's the idea that when you see the market start to pull back, i don't think that amc stock is going to do the same thing, for you know the entire picture in the moment. Yes, we are down, but i think this is more of a technical sort of up and down sort of sideways trading before that next big move happens and i think, as the market continues to pull back just based on a couple different things that are happening.

Inflation rates came out for june, which was like 5.95 percent higher than it was last year a year ago. I think it was close to a percent higher like 0.9 or something from the month before that uh you've also got some scares that are happening with the federal reserve people, starting to actually wake up to the fact that interest rates might go up. There's just a lot of kind of moving pieces, they're kind of blaming it on delta, which i find to be a funny excuse for essentially saying yeah. These guys are pulling out of stocks that are over leveraging.

But what the do i know, i guess nothing, but what i think is going to happen is, as the stock market pulls back and any sort of big hedge funds or firms have to pull liquidity out. That affects long positions for the downside, but it affects short positions for the upside, which is where i really think that you're going to see amc get a nice move to the upside now in the short term and the one day, sort of time frame. You're watching this sort of re-test that 32 level of support it's doing this, it's found a little bit of a zone where i have this box drawn up here, this fibonacci retracement zone, where i thought it would fall back to and sort of just finding that comfort Level there, unless it's going to break down to that 25 range, so i'll, give you two scenarios here things to watch for right, based on the things that we know uh, you know happening with its overall stock. You could either a see it break over 40.

You know 38 first and then back into that 40 zone and you're gon na know, because it'll get a hard push similar to what you saw right here with this nice one hour candle. You want one hour candle to open and close above that overall, 38 dollar level. Something to prepare for is if it breaks underneath 32. I expect it to fall back down to this 25.66 ish level cent of support, but i find that scenario to actually be less likely.

I think you are going to end up seeing an overall bounce back to the upside to that 38 level, and that's eventually gon na bring us back up to the 40s, the 50s, the 60s as it slowly continues to build back up momentum. So i really do think this overall bearish sort of cycle to the downside has come close to an end and you are gon na get that push back to the upside. So with this overall market thing that i was talking about right, you've got the spy. That's down quite a bit.

I think you're gon na have a lot of blue chip stocks that kind of pull back uh a small amount in the next one, two three weeks, just based on a lot of the things that are happening on a day to day basis. I don't think that's gon na affect the amc, a lot, maybe in a very, very small way right now, you're seeing a pullback and that could reflect somewhat on the overall market. But i think this is more of just uncertainty right. It's a little bit of this doing the sideways training until it gets that momentum back to the upside one of the main reasons.

I think that is even though the volume is slowly starting to get some some zone back to the upside. It hasn't quite gotten that parabolic move like what you got right here. The volume hasn't fallen through to get the volatility that you need to get that nice upside push. Looking at the macd indicator down here, you can see that on the daily candles you are starting that slow descent back to the green candles, which is really nice.

You see that nice green bullish momentum, where the apes step in and freaking clap some hedgy cheeks and that's what you're looking for right. So slow, steady, build up to get that momentum back to bring in some fomo to really force some a little bit of gamma. Squeeze some shorts to cover their positions and overall, the entire movement. I you know this is something i think is very important and it's to not remember not to forget your.

Why remember your why your conviction with this overall stock this last weekend, dude was testing. That's some mental battles, i mean that's a real test of conviction is how how far are you willing to go for something that you believe in and myself personally that was tested right? There was. That was something that was tested for me with this last 72 hours. Essentially of all this stuff that happened, some of it my fault, some of it.

I understand it happens, this sort of thing happens, but what remains the same. Is the overall thesis the hypothesis behind this amc stock short squeeze? If you have to take care of your mental health man, you got to take a step back. Do it just do what you got to do, man all that i care about or woman. All i care about is that you have a game plan.

You have a reason, a why a conviction behind anything that you're doing in the stock market and anything that you're doing in life. So that's kind of the two updates that i want to give you. I want to introduce you to my cat. Titan he's a sleepy boy he's chilling out on the chair right now.

I also want to talk about this eight fest gofundme thing i think, as the apes. We need to move beyond this. It's uh it's time to keep our minds on the matter at hand, which is this. This is the ultimate thing, that's the most important to to me into the apes and it shows - and we need to keep our focus on that so uh much love everybody! That's what i've got for you, blah blah blah drop a like subscribe to.

My friends. Catch you on the next one lights, apps always catch you in the next one and peace.

By Trey

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    Some ex trader Dave Green guy said he likes AMC and thinks it will go to 40…. then it goes to 40 the same day…..

    Possibly a setup to make silly people buy calls and then dump the price again by Friday like they always do.

    BUY SHARES……..not calls. Your premiums feed the hedge funds and then they rug pull.

    Hopefully the upward momentum continues through the week. I am long term bullish on AMC/GME.

    Not Financial advice.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trey's Trades says:

    Remember your why, your conviction, your reason you got into this stock – peace and love apes

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