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7:30 Wheel of Pain
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Welcome back, it's your boy, trey! Coming back again, you already know how we like to rock and roll baby uh, just just coming in to go over what's happening with the broad stock market. Amc our girl amy. You can see today the s p. 500.

Top 500. Large cap companies with the united states going through a pretty harsh knife right now coming off of some news talking about rate hikes and some rumors about ukraine. I think some people are likely overreacting to uh, to sort of what that would mean in the the grand scheme of things. If there was some sort of conflict between russia, ukraine and the united states got involved in the short term, i think it would have a some form of an effect, the long term.

I think it would actually be beneficial to the economy. Uh, morality aside, right, obviously, there's it's never great to benefit from war. So let me pull up amc real quick here, i'm going to show you guys what we got rocking on the day. Amc is green by 0.38 amongst a sea of red, the vix up massively, which means there's crazy, crazy amounts of volatility and uncertainty in the stock market.

Right now, game stopped down about 0.79 bbig down about six percent. All this changed basically in the blink of an eye i mean i scheduled this uh. This live stream about a half hour ago 40 minutes ago, and within that small amount of time you can already see that uh, the the markets flipped even more bearish than it was uh. Previously, you can see by the the thumbnail by the way i do want to discuss this briefly.

Why is it that amc is green, while the rest of the stock market is red? I do not think it's a coincidence right, remember how we talked about in a previous live stream. If you were here before uh, we talked about the utilization rate being as high as it is right. Gon na be huge. Now, let's talk about this 22.05 by the way new all-time high in terms of short interest utilization maxed out.

Why is it all of a sudden that we don't have a huge increase on shares on loan? In fact, it's a decrease compared to seven days ago, but all of a sudden we're maximum utilization. It means that there's not as many shares available to lend out there on the market and there's some pressure on shorts uh and those shares that are lended out to uh get returned at some point right. Well, if you have the entire market bleeding the weight, it is right now, but amc is hanging in there by by a thread still green point, six five percent. Well, everything else: blood red i mean you've got nova vax, which is okay, so fine, okay, ggpi, okay, zillow up on the day, surprisingly right, but nonetheless amc one of very few stocks that are green on the day.

Well, i think it comes back to this right. We come back to this data. You can see the utilization is at 100 right now. You can see that there's likely some form.

I would guess of shares being returned and pressure on some short positions. It could even be it could be because we've got higher volume. Uh, comparatively to what we have in the past couple weeks, could be a handful of the really small uh small guys returning some of their uh their shorts. They could very small amount.

Did you guys see uh twitter down at all earlier? Oh here we go in january. The officially reported short interest in amc rose by 13.8 percent from 94.8 million shorts shares uh on december 31st, 107.8 million shares. I still have an interest in 2.3 million amc shares, so i hope those short sellers are wrong wrong wrong. Only time will tell oh in january, the officially reported short interest in amc rose by 13.8 percent from 94.8 million short shares on december 31st to 107.8 million shares on january 31st.

I still have an interest in 2.3 million amc shares, so i hope those short sellers are wrong wrong wrong. Only time will tell damn kind of a little bit of a hype hype. Tweet he's trying to get people jacked a little little uh a little bit of tit jacking going on here right. We all like a little bit of tit jacking.

Thank you for that kind. Sir, got a sandwich down, got a diet on the table. Let's dive into uh sort of what is causing this market-wide situation right and take a peek at sort of what you're dealing with right now right, the dow is sliding, as inflation fears, linger. You've got the rate hikes which is kind of being talked about.

A bullish stock market story is quietly unfolding, nah fed rate hike bets keep stocks in check, that's what it is: fed rate hike bets, pull stocks lower 10-year yields rise to 2.05 percent titan. I can hear you buddy, but you're being a dick, don't know how to he's not very good. At being alone, he's always got to be hanging out with people, but that's sort of the madness right, uh the stock market. Finally, reacting to what we've all known, what we've all talked about for a very long time, which is the fact that uh there is in fact going to be some rate hikes.

There is, in fact gon na have to be some sort of pullback and we are gon na have to deal with the ramifications of of what the economy kind of looks like right now check me out, not selling amc because of it yeah. It doesn't really affect amc. In fact, i think in the grand scheme you know, scheme of things that russia and ukraine conflict if the united states is to get involved, uh would actually boost the united states economy long long term right if you're looking at uh five years six years. Seven years of time uh, i think the united states would actually benefit economically from uh.

You know a conflict between russia and ukraine. Is it moral? Is it ethical? No, but it may be. Maybe not. Who knows that's war.

You know if you're patient, you can't go wrong with the spy yeah. That's that's a hell of an article, interesting interesting. How they talk about that interesting. They they say you can put your money into the spy in the s p.

500. You can. You can make some pretty decent cash. Well, i don't know about you.

I think you should put your money into paypal, maybe facebook, maybe maybe a firm. I told you guys, i said a firm is going up up up up up and what do you do? You all sell it at the same time, you're trying to sabotage me down 21, you guys the joke's over. It's done. You got to move on it's so so goofy dude.

I just can't even believe that that's a pretty funny uh pretty funny little headline i've been feeling trey. You know everyone uh everyone lately has been telling me. I look like and uh. I want you to know that i actually feel the best that i felt in a very long time.

I went through a couple months of a really dark mental uh state of mind. Without a doubt. I won't lie about that. You know i won't lie and pretend that uh i didn't go through a couple months of the ringer because i definitely did uh, but i feel happier than i have in a very long time and that comes down to ultimately confidence and uh.

The fact that i'm back, you know i'm back, let me tell you guys something the world's not ready for when trey is full-time, full-time, you're, gon na get to witness 30 days, while i'm on leave chilling, i'm at the desk hey. This is for everybody out there right now when trey is full-time and he's uh, he he can do whatever he wants. You ain't ready. You ain't ready for it all right, cuz i'll, do it better than everybody in the game, and i won't charge you a nickel.

You aren't ready for it. It's gon na be good time. I'll. Tell you that right now, derek lee i use weeble solely for charting.

That's it they utilize payment for order flow. I would not. I would not use them for fills. I use thinkorswim.

I just don't like thinkers from starting, so i use weeble for the the nice looking clean charts. That's it! Let me get this up picker wheel, let's get some fresh, fresh picks for the day raw egg. I don't really have any eggs, but i can. I can get some, i guess: uh eat a can of sardines, one minute plank, get rid of your chair and buy a new one.

Fine donate and buy a new one, buy an amc share and we'll say: amc 801 tattoo in march a backflip. I can't do a backflip. Do i look like the kind of guy that could do a backflip shot of kraken all right mail, the ape kong dong to kenny, buy a kong dong and send it to kenny g hq. Oh guys, you gave me a great idea.

I would actually do this. I would buy one of these massive ass freaking, dwayne, johnson rock babies, and send this to cinderella. I would personally fly to citadel to drop off one of these uh one of these monstrosities at their front door. That would be entertaining all right, we'll make this a four we'll make this a two we'll make this a three make this a three make that a four make that a one make that a three make that a a four here we go chat.

Let's see it! Man piss on burpees - oh that wears you out bouncing out of that green box. So far it could be a quadruple bottom could be. I should not be that hard holy crap emotional damage, yep, yep, yep, all right chat that is gon na be uh. My live stream for the day, i'm gon na wrap it up here.

Uh i've got some things that i want to do. You know we uh. We covered sort of what's happened in the broad market in terms of with the spy with amc uh with russia, with ukraine, with inflation. With rate hikes talk about a lot of stuff, we went over some things answered.

Some questions did some chatting uh. So that's what i've got for you wouldn't mind doing me. One favor drop a like on the way out. That's all i asked for uh.

I will be in the discord later, which is absolutely free. There's a link in the description box i'll be on twitch sometime between seven or eight o'clock p.m: central standard time, there's a link in the description box down below for that as well, and i will be back. Uh live streaming here on the youtube channel on monday. For the next market session, so that's what i've got for you guys until the next one, much love light, taps baby catch you later and peace.

By Trey

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    It's really 3 questions
    Is bankruptcy off the table as AA said? Hopefully
    Have shorts covered? Nope!
    Do Apes still hold the float? Hopefully

    Shorts never intended to cover. They intended to fully short and distort AMC into bankruptcy. Now they have failed to do so and have kept paying interest to keep the short position open. Maybe they've covered some, then borrowed more . They can't do this forever.
    Some people holding are going to paperhand. However , the thesis of naked shorts would indicate way more than the float.

    Please getting AA back on your stream and ask him what apes currently hold.
    Ask him if he's concerned about Vanguard and B rock dumping into a rise in price.
    Ask him if bankruptcy is still 💯 off the table

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