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What is going on everybody welcome back, welcome, back, welcome back to the traders podcast. What is up fellow traders. We are back here again to watch some live price action on amc holy toledo - oh man, my mic's up here. What am i doing? What am i doing? We've got some crazy stuff to talk about here today.

There's been a lot of good things happening here with amc. I realized that my mic was up there. You don't need to drop it in the comment section. I realized i realized.

I realized that uh. That was probably quiet, but we are back again welcome to the traders podcast gon na watch. Some live price action here on amc, talk about some different numbers that we have popping around here. There have been some new institutional buyers that have stepped into the game.

I'm very excited to talk about and there's some pretty interesting correlations between amazon investors, institutional investors primarily and uh amc, so we're gon na look at all this we're gon na look at the live price action here. I do have level two data up, so we're gon na be able to watch in live time. What is going on in terms of level two data right - and i am very very very excited for that here today - so welcome everybody. Vine up lineup, huge huh, we'll take a quick peek at vine.

Oh wonder what happened? Oh! No! This is the reverse split. That's the reverse split! That's why it's up so they had a four to one reverse split and that's why it's up so much! I forgot about that. I forgot about that uh, whatever whatever that is what it is. I put out a video talking about vine, if you do want to check that out, but that is what's up right now hope you are feeling well brother, i'm doing just fine.

My man, i appreciate the concern i did have that incident pop up. I did have some stuff happen. Thank you to edem for the super chat. I do appreciate that.

There's no need to drop a super chat. I genuinely do just uh enjoy doing these live streams and covering the live price action, but it is very much appreciated mbis for anybody out there wondering we'll take a quick peek at that, but we are going to be focusing primarily today on amc, different amc numbers Right but microvision is not going anywhere. This is a stock that i don't think is going to be below 20 uh i'd say in two weeks: it's not going to touch under 20 bucks again it looks good it's on this nice setting level of support. If you're.

Looking for an entry point, i do think a buying around 1850 is going to treat pretty well if it ends up pulling back trace triple crown trades. I don't know about that. I don't know about that man. I uh i'm just another dude, i'm just another weeb like you, boys and girls and uh.

I just like this stock. It's just that simple! So, since right now, amc in the pre market is sitting at about 5 and 94 cents. If we do take a quick peek at how much they are up there up 6.62 right now at the peak of their their little bump right here we got up to 6.79. We were up about 18 on the day, so that is absolutely monumental.

Absolutely loving! Everything about what's going on here with amc. This is very exciting. My friends, it has been a long time coming. We've got some great stuff going down here today.

We've got. Of course. This is not financial advice, i'm not a financial advisor. You guys make your own investing decisions, but we do have amc 2 million trending here, amc, tuesday, 2 million trending on twitter and across the red threads across discords.

So a lot of people that have been paying attention to that. I feel a lot of excitement. Oh man, i'm really excited to cover this here today. I'm hoping that we're gon na be able to watch.

Basically the super bowl in live action. It is gon na be absolutely beautiful. Sen's going crazy man. I've been high up on sense for quite a while.

This is the stock that i've been putting on the on everybody's radar for quite some time. I think it's got a lot of potential to be a triple digit stock down, probably a year down the road, especially if they end up. You know uh surpassing dexcom, but as it sits right now, i do have a call option. I've got four of them for a 5.5 strike price expiring on 19 march 21..

I think uh. This is just the beginning. I don't plan on selling that or exercising anytime soon, but this is just the beginning for uh for sensonics. I think it's gon na be an absolutely crushing stock.

Pop squash said sense is exploding ten dollars soon. I'm with you my friend, i am 100 with you. I love sinsonics, i'm really doing a little bit of portfolio rebalancing across both my uh, my brokerage accounts and i plan on very, very, very heavily waiting sensonics along with uh mvis, which call option for you. Would you recommend for amc today? I feel risky.

So if you look at the call options, of course, there is a lot of risk involved. It's call options just keep that in the back of your mind, but if you are looking for a call option on amc that you want to be careful about, you want to pretty much lock in profits right right now it is trading at 5.59. So what you could do set an expiration for march, let's say march 5th right and you set it for six dollars right now. The premium per share is gon na be 82 cents, so that would come out to 82 for one contract, which is a pretty safe way to make sure that you are locking in profits and you can capitalize on the gains much much easier in that weight.

There are quite a few uh options that we do see here in that uh that seven dollar to nine dollar range. So if that does interest, you there's a lot of open interest. You know, i would say, between six dollars and nine dollars, and the premium for the nine dollar contract is not that expensive. You pay about 36 bucks for one contract, which is a very, very, very cheap contract, excited about that for sure.

So one thing that i do want to show you guys here really quick. I do have a a little bit of a you know: stake in bitcoin. I don't know i have that pulled up, but i'm gon na get out of that right now. Essentially, what we do have here, i'm gon na pull this up and see institutional ownership and we're gon na show you the new institutional ownership that we have here in amc.

This was updated as of today as of today. This isn't even updated here on fintel yet, but if we just take a quick peek uh, i think it was who got into this amc. Um institutional ownership reddit. It should pop up pretty much instantly most recent institutional ownership four days ago.

So let me look at my discord. I do have this floating around somewhere in the discord for those who are interested. Actually, let's pull this up on twitter. I know.

I know that i have this on twitter, so we're just going to check this out here on twitter, really quick and it's from marketbeat. So we see that charles schwab, investment management incorporated, has 1.7 million shares held currently in uh in amc. That is astronomical. That is 3.75 million dollars that they have put into amc and guys you want to pay attention to where big money.

I called this a long time ago. I called this a long long long time ago, i said institutions are going to step into this long. You just wait on it and it did end up happening, so we've got charles schwaben here with a monumental stake in amc, with 1.7 million total shares. As of the 13th, we've got.

American international group incorporated with 44 800 shares. We've got stifle financial corporation cass, lpl, uh, public employees, retirement system of ohio, the manufacturer's life insurance company. There are quite a few uh companies in here that are they're increasing and beginning to take a stake in amc. This is not by chance.

That is not by chance in the least bit, so you need to pay attention to that. That's very, very important. Thank you for the super chats, my friends, yeah nope, hey man. I love the content and the energy.

You always bring had to pick your brain on. Woof long term, all right i'll take a quick peek, no problem, all right. So if we take a quick peek at woof, we will do that right now. So on the one month chart we do have woof kind of trading sideways.

They have been consolidating for quite some time. 15 ma is trading underneath the 200 ema, which is typically a sign of bearish territory. So this is just a little bit bearish and i think once you start to see a little bit of pressure come back in for buyers right, uh, you're, going to see the 15 mma crossback over the twitter dna and that to me is going to signify the Next upcoming run, if you look at this on the three-month chart yeah, it's been trading sideways for a while, i think, there's better stocks out there in the market right now. I would come back to this once you see that 15 ma cross over the 200 ema personally, that is just my two cents, my friend stock market.

Looking good today love the channel trade, i'm with you corpse, i i'm so on board. I think that the uh, the market's actually looking pretty solid today those long weekends typically are a good catalyst for good buyers right. We typically see some nice buyers step in after a long weekend because of anticipation right people get sick of waiting for the market to reopen and man. I've been i've been waiting so long for this day, my friends, it's uh, it's beautiful weekends are never the same.

I say that uh saturday and sunday it's just uh they're, just mondays now and monday through friday, they're always friday. Every day is friday. If you're invested in this in the stock market, so we're cooking with crisco baby. Have you heard of gaxy? I have i've got a couple of videos out on galaxy and i think they've got some pretty good potential.

This is an otc market stock if you're not familiar uh, as it sits right now. If you look at them on the one month chart they haven't got a nice little run. Retracement of about 50 percent is a solid retracement trading about point zero. Six, five right now.

I think a good entry point is going to be right around point: zero. Six. One on the other side, sitting at 62, a little bit overbought, so i would just wait for a small pullback at the very least, all right. Harry gus, though, is bp going to buy out blue sphere um.

I don't know for sure, that's honestly, not a stock, that i've looked a lot into. I'm going to be completely honest with you. I don't want to bs you guys and give you false hopes. That's not that's not a company that i've looked into a whole lot, but as it sits right now, bp did gap up here in the pre-market, but it's it's uh.

It's it's moving down. Typically, when you see a gap up followed by red candles, you're gon na fill up that that price action so i'd watch for a fill up on that gap. I would be willing to bet you're gon na see another pullback here today. That's just my two cents.

All right so as it sits right now on the order twos with uh amc, we've got a pretty solid amount of buyers, ready to get their orders filled in 5.90, so this should act as a pretty good uh bywall good level of support, as it sits right Now you can see that it has acted as such so far here today in the live action, we've got a nice cell wall sitting at well. I shouldn't say: nice, a stupid cell wall same about 5.95 cents, so very, very tight price window, but i anticipate that once 8 30 strikes right. The market opens you're gon na see a nice push here on amc, thomas greg praying for you, trade thanks for all the help on stocks going to see. If you can look at exo for me, hey man, i'm doing perfectly fine.

I appreciate the prayers. I i feel very healthy, i feel very happy. Life will continue to go on as it always does so exo as it sits right now. This is a great uh.

Beat the hype sort of play, the 15 m8 just crossed over the swooner ema. This could be the beginning of a nice little run, it's currently trading at 10 and 15 cents. I feel pretty comfortable with the buy-in um. I would say around here at about nine dollars.

Ten dollars, even ten dollars even seems pretty safe, our size at 61. So if it ends up pulling back, you know i would just hold for a little while, and it should run so if you're just tuning into the traders podcast welcome to the gorilla gang. My friends drop some gorillas in the comments section, everybody that is, that is uh. Coming back to the channel returning investors and traders.

Uh show some love to the new people here at the community as uh. Everybody is welcome here at the gorilla gang, as it sits right now. I do have charles schwab did increase their stake, or, i should say, establish a stake in amc, with 1.7 million total shares, which is an astronomical huge, huge number that did take effect. As of today, so that is groundbreaking, huge freaking news and i did share something else on twitter that i want to show you guys so check this out.

This was put together by phantom shares. Rango. All credit goes to him, but the numbers are still what they are so check this out: amazon's largest institutional investors, we've got the manufacturer's life insurance company with 959 000 shares. Keep in mind that amazon is extremely comp, extremely expensive company right.

So you got the manufacturer's life insurance company. You've also got nomura american public employees and stifle well check this out. Amc's latest institutional ownership. You've got stifle financial corporation with 461 000 shares american international nomura public, the manufacturer's life insurance company.

All of these, these companies did take a stake in amc as of february 12 february, 13th and february 12th. So that could be pretty huge. I don't think that's by coincidence. It could be by coincidence, right we don't know for sure, there's no way to know, but i think it's very significant.

It could tell a story about a potential amazon, buyout or acquisition of amc, regardless of a squeeze right, so pay attention institutional ownership. I don't think that's my coincidence in the least bit my friends all righty all right, so we have got michael rabb by 169 of uh amc at 590. Looking for the bioplay from amazon, though it's possible man, i don't, i think, it's very possible without a doubt, especially considering all the recent institutional buyers that have been stepping in. I don't think.

That's by coincidence, in the least bit kill tight gaming. I know if asking sorry to ask: i just want to see your thoughts of uh tl ry at the moment, still learning candlesticks. Let me take a quick peek. I do want to focus primarily today on amc and any other hot stocks that are popping.

As of now, but tlry is a cannabis stock. From my understanding they hit 77 bucks and came all the way back down to about 30 93, but it does look like they found the bottom, so we did see a nice wide range candle bounce. Here we got that engulfing candlestick pattern which to me signifies that we did find the bottom of the stock right. So i anticipate that the only way this is going to go from here is up unless you get a negative news catalyst that comes out, so i feel pretty comfortable about that uh.

I don't see it pulling back any more than that. That looks pretty solid. My friend all right so travis says, if you're so bullish on sends, wouldn't you buy 5.5 call options for january 21, 2022 to maximize profits. I definitely could do that.

So, if i pull up sends the biggest difference is just gon na be a premium price. So the farther out that you set a contract, the more you have to pay right. So if i was to pay, if i was to buy the same contract here, it'd be uh 2.85 cents per per share instead of a dollar, which is what i paid. So the premium is cheaper to keep it in closer and i can just keep compounding that effect and keep buying options, call options throughout time to capitalize on the gains.

That's my two cents there, my friend, i'm getting some uh requests to slow down the chat. So i will drop uh the overall chat right here. I do have it at a three second, but i'm gon na change it to about uh eight, so we've got slow mode set here on the chat. We're gon na set that to eight seconds.

So i do wan na focus primarily today on amc, my friends, i do uh hope that you guys understand that and respect respected. I do want to be respectful to the people that did click on the video for primarily amc, so we are going to focus on that here today. So, as we had stated, we do have those institutional buyers that did step in here for amc right uh. The same buyers that did step in for amazon, which is very critical, we've got four companies that are invested in amazon that did decide to get into amc as of february 12th and 13th.

So that is absolutely beautiful. Loving everything about that setup there on the one month chart if we exclude this candle wick, we do have a beautiful. You already know what it is. You already know what it is.

You already know what it is, the george w and ascending george w. Nonetheless. So we've got this beautiful bottom out right here. We've got another little bottom out right here right.

We briefly broke beneath this uh. This ascending level of support. We got a nice gap up here, wide range candle, small pullback here so far in the pre market, but we are 15 minutes away from the market open and with all the information that's come out to us. We know about the tuesday two million we know about these different institutional investors that have stepped into amc.

I feel pretty comfortable in saying that amc should have a pretty nice run here within the next one, two or three days. This could be just the beginning. My friends, i'm telling you this is not a dead cat, dead cat, dead cat, dead cat take a shot. My friends take a shot, that's how she goes all right, so jagex, i'm very bullish on jagx.

I do want to focus primarily here today on amc, but i do think jagx is going to have its time. It's just training sideways right now, my friend hey, no problem cheddar cheddar. I do try my best to uh respect everything that you guys are here for i'm not a clickbaity kind of guy. I just want to give it to you straight how it is and uh the title of the video is amc live action, so i do want to focus on that.

I will you know briefly step over to other stocks that are popping. I know that sends is doing pretty well so far in the pre-market. Sos is up pretty crazy high right now, but i do want to focus primarily today on amc. We don't have any energy drinks in this stream.

We will be watching you, oh man. I know it, i know it, i'm not drinking any energy drinks. I do have coffee, though you can't cut me off of caffeine completely. I need to release something but no, no energy drinks.

I am i'm cutting back on that, my friends, so as it sits, i don't know if you guys were able to catch the last video, but i did have another um heart issue pop up here. Last sunday i did. I did end up going back to the hospital for what they, what they uh called supra ventricular tachycardium, which is essentially uh your heart, beating in an irregular, beat uh too fast or too slow that induced a ladder infarction, which is a heart attack, um their hypothesis. There is that it could be genetic.

My dad did pass away from a heart condition about five years ago and he was a very healthy guy, very fit uh, very active loved loved, throwing disc love playing frisbee golf. I love playing frisbee golf too, nothing that matters but um. It does seem to be genetic, so i'm gon na be very careful about what i do to take care of my heart, and so we get a diagnosis in a way that i can fix this moving forward, all right theo. Thank you.

My friend, michael rap, pre-market mvis is crazy. You don't have to look at it, but i just wanted you to know i just reached 20 again. I actually did look at mvis. I am so bullish on nvis, that is my favorite stock in the entire market, easily that to me that is going to be a triple digit company by the end of the year, they sell pickaxes to the coal miners.

My friends, mbis is a huge monumental company. Also, if you guys are not mine, do me a favor and drop it a like on the video for the gorilla gank. That is all that i want my friends. I promise you i'm a simple man.

I am a simple ape ape just likes bananas and ape likes when uh gorilla gang is here rocking with the community. I do want to show you guys. I haven't asked about this. Quite a bit.

The gorilla gang merch store is live. We are adding new designs as often as we can. We've got a nice george w shirt. We've got a gorilla gang t-shirt.

We've got a game stock shirt right. We've got a bunch of other really cool stuff in here. Different hoodies different masks, different accessories. So if you are interested in that, you can definitely check it out.

I i do have that linked in the description box of the video. If you do want to check that out, uh. Of course, i really don't care. My friends, i'm just glad that you're here rocking with the community as it sits right now, uh, not nvis.

Amc is starting to move again here in the pre-market. We've got a beautiful little george, w forman here on the one one minute chart right. So we got the bottom out right here. We got another bottom right here: we've got a nice ascending level of support nice moving channel right and we we do like to see that, because this is going to act as a level of support, microscopically.

Speaking on the one day chart, so that looks good. That looks good. We always look for these three touch points to signify respective level of support or resistance. We do have that with one two.

Three four five different touch points here, so this should act as a nice level of support if this does end up coming back down as it sits right now on the level twos, we are looking at a level of resistance sitting at about six dollars and 10 Cents, which is up here, that is where we have the most current sellers unusual, compared to how amc, typically trades, if you've been able to keep up with the price action here on amc. Typically, you see pretty even spreads across the ask, and that is very atypical of shorting. So when, when hedge funds will short stock, they will take increments of a couple hundred at a time, so they can algorithmically. You know ladder the stock price down and trick the market maker system into thinking that the stock is being very heavily sold and we're not seeing that here today we're seeing a pretty big wallet sitting at 6 and 10 cents and otherwise not as much action happening Here on the ask on the bid, it is a pretty even spread.

There is no particularly large by wall, so as it sits right now, the largest buy wall is sitting at about 5.96. So this should act as a nice level of support, as we are sitting right now, man, i am so excited my friends. This has been a while in the making. I i don't think we're gon na hit a hundred dollars by any means today, but i do think there's some good potential for this to be the setup for a nice, slow, steady climb to get back into that squeeze potential.

I've said this before i'll say it again. I do think that what you're gon na need for this to squeeze is going to be the uh the volume without the volume we're not going to see the nice movements happen that we want to happen. You can read off some of these super chats. Thank you.

Everybody! That's tuned in right now we're going to read off aaron for us amc back holders at 12 plus what is the potential of the stock to retrieve some of those unrealized losses? I think extremely high. I think without a squeeze, this stock is going to be worth 20 by june without a squeeze without an amazon acquisition either. So i think, if you wait this out you're going to, if you have the opportunity to average down, i think you're really going to benefit from holding on to this play. Uh.

Think about this, your roth ira guy. If you get to a 10 annual return, that is doing very, very well, and if you can, you could double up this stock right with a 10 average price in six months. You're crushing my friends, that's absolutely beautiful! So i don't mind that in the least bit this is a wee bowl for gabriel day traders are going to try to take advantage of today and sell any peak. We get cancelling our momentum from the hype of today.

Please tell me i'm wrong: it's possible reagan. I'm not going to lie to you if this is a volatile stock. If the float is low, if there's a lot of volume, pumping on this you're, definitely gon na have day traders that step into it, but long term right midterm to long term. I still think the potential is going to be there right, so a squeeze happens regardless of day trading.

It completely depends on the total float right, so you want a low float, which is going to increase the demand of the stock right. We want that high short interest, so the shorts have to cover their positions, which we do know that we currently have right. So that's pretty significant. I feel pretty good about that.

I want to show you guys something that i have pulled up on my uh on my discord, so give me one second to find this here, really quick, all right, so i'm gon na come over here to my messages. I had this sent to me by a a friend, and this is very interesting information, so check this out. I wanted to tell you: i figured out what fintel was doing with short interest. They basically only take the finra reported short volume, missing data from other exchanges like bats new york, stock exchange and nasdaq.

But then they utilize all the exchanges markets for the daily volume. Basically, they are severely misinterpreting the short ratio and artificially deflating it by only pulling data they want to show uh anyways. Maybe someone else mentioned this already, but figured i would mention it too. I actually sent a tweet to fintel, et cetera, but essentially what's happening here.

We've talked about the fintel misinterpretation of short interest data. So let's check this out amc short interest on fintel we've seen the numbers change right and they claim it's because they they misinterpreted the data that they gave wrong data right, but we know now. This is pretty blatant, uh manipulation in my mind right, so we see eight million total short volume on the twelfth. I don't think that's the true short volume.

I think it's actually quite a bit higher that is being reported here on fintel, and if this is true, what the go chuck rocks is saying that could be pretty significant data, so keep that in the back of your mind, i feel pretty pretty uh pretty positive About what's going on here with that all right jose says: when is the best time to sell out of amc? What's the game plan also, can you do a tutorial on how you have weeble set up? I do actually have a weeble tutorial, video out my friend, so i will pull this up for you just so you can see it on my channel. I will show you the wee bowl video. So if i come over here to my channel and just take a quick peek at the videos, i have posted it's a little ways back. I think i posted this about a week ago - maybe a little bit more, but it's right here.

So how do you use weeble desktop 2021, step-by-step walkthrough. I do a video out on how to do that. But as far as amc goes, the exit plan right so squeezes can last anywhere between a couple hours to a couple of days and you're gon na know. When the squeeze is happening because a stock will be up hundreds and hundreds, perhaps even thousands of percent right, so you're gon na know when the squeeze is happening, and maybe you don't sell it at the exact top right.

Maybe you want to take profits when it's when it's reaching the top, when it's escalating, we don't want you to leave briefcases on the table, but securing some profits on the way up, i think, is a very intelligent strategy and that's personally what i intend on doing With the squeeze potential here for amc, which i do very highly still believe exists, i want to check out ortex's data regarding amc short interest, so we are going to pull that up here. Really quick or text is a website that i do personally pay about. 550. A year to utilize the most up-to-date information regarding short interest, so i'm just going to log in here really quick to ortex and we're gon na check out amc, we'll look at the amc overall short interest data that we have available to us right now.

So if we click on here, we will get uh. I i take this with a little less of a grain of salt than i do fintel. I think this is more relevant information, but the current percentage of free float on loan is 20.29 percent, which is not super high, it's pretty low and then we've got shares on loan of about 75 million decent coverage at about 0.61 casabarro sitting also pretty low at About four percent, that is an annual interest rate that is accrued on short, uh shorting a stock, and then we have 68.1 utilization, which is actually down from where we were on friday. So there may have been some shorts that sold out of their positions to uh.

To cover some losses here in amc, i never want to bs you guys. I want to be completely transparent right, so the utilization rate is not as high as it was previously, but nonetheless, this is still an extremely high utilization rate, and i think that is a significant number to pay attention to something i also think is misinterpreted. Is the exchange reported short interest, so we see the short interest that was reported on uh 9th of february. This is talking about 29 january, so this is not current short interest on the stock.

This is talking about the short interest between this time period right. So the short interest that we're seeing now is going to be vastly different than what was reported on the 9th of february. So that is very, very significant. I do want to point that out to you guys.

That is that's a big deal. Oh man, amc is not looking bad right now. My friends, we are up eight point, two three percent right now here in the pre market. We are about five minutes away from market open, as it sits right now.

We've got a pretty solid bywall saying about six dollars and three cents: we've got a pretty uh the biggest cell wall, saying at about six dollars and ten cents, which is where we previously had this level of resistance. We have begun a little bit of a nice movement. 15Ma is training underneath the 200dma, as it sits right now here on the microscopic chart on the one day one minute chart. However, i do this is gon na end up changing pretty drastically upon market open.

I'm not gon na be selling. My friends, in fact, i plan on adding to my position i'm going to be doing a little bit of uh portfolio. Rebalancing in my other brokerage account. That way, i can add to amc and some other stocks that i have some very high convictions in uh me before market open.

So whammy, i think, is going to be a good midterm stock, but it also has potential for short-term gains up about 8.8 here in the pre-market - and i think they're gon na have some really nice movement uh here in market open, they are uh in conversations um They've got their antimony product right, which is a a material that is used in in batteries for electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles and if they can end up capitalizing on that, i think there's a lot of solid potential, there's rumors that they are talking to ambry. Currently they have a signed, non-binding uh contract. Talking about you know some sort of uh way they can work together to produce these. These batteries right and ambry works with bill gates.

Bill gates has investment in ambry. So that's a big deal that ends up panning out. Thank you, archmage raven. I appreciate that my friend you've seen the evidence suggesting that hedges have been using etfs holding game stops such as xrt to make it appear.

They've covered their shorts. I have seen that so i'll pull that up right now: uh, hedges, etf, gme, uh, reddit, so we'll see if we can find this article really quick. No, that's not it. If anybody has a link, you want to drop it.

I will definitely check it out. So just drop a link for me, but i have seen that essentially, what uh steven is talking about is hedge funds, if they want to can use etfs, essentially as a way to make it appear. They've covered their short positions when, in fact, they're using these etf funds to short, a stock which is going to change how the overall short interest numbers look for us on data sites such as fintel, ortex or finra. I think it's very possible.

I mean we've seen them stoop to some pretty crazy levels to make it look like um to make it look like amc is a dead cat, not a dead cat by the way very live cat. It's got more than nine lives. It's got like 90 lives. Amc is cooking with crisco right now, maybe we should say uh coconut oil.

I think coconut oil is healthier, but you know it is what it is regardless. I i think it's very possible without a doubt. Have i looked at forbes twitter from last night? I did look at that, so we are gon na pull that up here, really quick, i'm gon na pull up twitter and we're gon na check out forbes. I actu.

Actually i think i retweeted it. So let me take a quick peek. This is also very significant. So check this out, forbes retweeted, this amazon goes to the movies.

This was actually tweeted a year ago and it just retweeted it here yesterday, which i think is significant right. There's a lot of things pointing the direction that an amazon acquisition or buyout is very likely and very possible. If we can consider that you know a bunch of different news sources, they're talking about this again, we can say institutional buyers from amazon are starting to invest in amc right. So that's significant as well.

I think it's very possible. I don't know what the time frame is going to look like nobody that tells you a time frame is telling you the truth. To be honest, nobody knows what happens with company acquisitions the deals the talks are very very underneath the radar right so there's no way to know for sure what's going on there, but when it happens, you'll know because you're gon na wake up to your account. Looking absolutely disgusting filthy - and that is how it works, my friends, so i did get a a link here for that reddit article.

So i'm gon na pull this up for everybody to check out here in just a second so check this out, xrt is being used to hide gme shorts xrt, currently sits at 190 percent short float peaking on february 1st at over 800 percent. Short float so check this out, we're onto something here. Boys notice, how the massive drop in gamestop shorts correlates exactly with the peak short of xrt, which destroyed over 800 afloat. That day, hedge funds bought to cover their gme shorts, while simultaneous uh shorting xrt, which is an etf that contains game, stop.

They bought long positions in all stocks containing the etf to stay net short gme. They are not covered, they do not cover. This is this. Is appliable to amc as well very similar situation? Of course, the numbers are not the same for amc right, but the premise is the same right, so it is possible to see that happening in regards to the short interest on amc, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang.

We are 10 seconds away from market open, very excited to see what ends up happening here. This is looking absolutely beautiful. I am so excited for the day today. Let us see if we have another beautiful day here with amc.

We are at market open. It is 8 30 a.m as of right now and amc is not currently moving all right, so we're sitting at 5.97 on the level twos we've got. The most possible buys that's sitting at about five dollars and ninety cents as of right now, no large cell walls. Actually, this looks like a pretty picture-perfect uh shorting situation.

We've got hundreds of shares being spread across the ask largest cell, while sitting about six dollars and nine cents, so we're gon na adjust these levels of resistance and support. As of right now, we've got the largest buy, while sitting at 590, pretty nice even spread across the bid right now in terms of uh buyers, pretty even spread across the ask as well for sellers. I anticipate you're gon na see a pretty nice run here. As of right now, we have about 8.9 million in total volume on the day our size currently sitting at 39., we've got the 15 mma approaching the 200dma coming very close starting to level off.

Here we want to see it bounce off of this ascending level of support that to me is going to signify that we are still continuing. This upward trajectory on the one-minute chart, microscopically speaking largest bywall still sitting at 5 and 90 cents even spread across the ask. As of right now, all right corp says everyone drop a like on the video we love this stunk. We love this stunk baby game stock am stunk, that's how she goes all right, so we pushed through that 590 by wall, so we're waiting to see.

If we see a bounce off of 5.80 80 cents, which is the next large bywall on the level too, the 28 000 total shares waiting to get filled. We've got many more buyers and sellers as it's sitting right now, so about 4.56 percent. Here in the pre-market with amc, rsi is pushing 29. 15 ma is starting to create a downward uh trajectory, as it sits right now, atos bullish, flag from friday and george w today.

Atos is a stock that i'm very bullish on. This is the stock. That's set up, it's set up very well, it's not it's not green right now, but if you buy into this today, i think at the end of the week, you're going to be very, very happy that you did without a doubt the 15 may just cross over The 200 dma you've got uh a nice wide range candle bars you're going to find this is the bottom. Now it's consolidating, i don't mind where that's at in the least bit coming back here to amc we're sitting up about six percent so far here on the day, why are the candles looking so goofy got ta change this to the one day chart alrighty, so as It sits right now we're saying about five dollars and ninety seven cents we've got the largest buy while still selling about five five dollars and ninety cents, or so we started a little bit of uh upward movement, but i wan na see in a golfing candlestick pattern Signifying that we have found the bottom here so far, market open, you typically see the most volume in volatility at market open.

We do have a nice candle stick pattern right here. This is called a shooting star or a hammer candle. This typically indicates that there's weak selling pressure and very strong buying pressure. So essentially what happened is we have sellers? Try to push the price down to 582 and by the end of this one minute, candle buyers push the price back up to close at about five dollars and 92 cents.

We have the beginning of an engulfing candlestick pattern right now. This is a nice wide range. Green candle that we are seeing right now on the level uh on the charts, the one minute chart as it is sitting at this current moment, current volume we're seeing about 822 thousand 379 000. So that was a good move.

That's a good one minute candle off, not a lot of volume. That's looking pretty solid! We've got a nice bywall sitting about 5.95 cents as it sits right now, so we see some sort of pullback that should act as a nice level of support. We did end up respecting this ascending level of support right here, so that does look very nice, my friends ctrm. How does ctrm look we'll take a quick peek at ccrm? I do want to focus primarily today on amc for everybody here.

I do want to respect everybody's time, but at ctr i'm setting up about seven percent as of right now i do think you're likely to see a retest of two dollars on ccrm very soon. I would anticipate sometime today or tomorrow, that is my two cents with ccr, i'm very bullish on ctrm, without a doubt all right, high tide, 85 smart move to try benefit from the squeeze or wait out for the potential buyout of announced, ui goku guy. Oh you, like goku guy dude. I love your picture man.

I love. I love dragon ball. Z, ui goku is the most goddamn awesome character in the entire show. Super is so awesome, anyways uh.

I think you can play it off both ways. So if the squeeze doesn't happen - and you want to wait for a potential buyout, if announced you're going to make just as much money - i shouldn't say just as much but a good amount of money from that buyout uh potential. I think there's a lot of potential with the bio, so you're not gon na go wrong either way all right, so i do want to take a quick peek at sends. This is a stock that uh i have been talking about here on the channel currently staying up about four dollars and eight four cents.

If you're able to get into this back, when i put a video up, you would have been able to get about three dollars and seventy cents, or so you'd, be up about a dollar per share. Right now, i do have an option contract i've got uh four call options on a 5.5 strike price, expiring, 19 march 21 and uh 61 shares here as well. I'm going to be dropping a pretty hefty position in sensonics down the road. I do also have a couple of call options on agtc, which is up about 4.8, so far in the regular market hours looking pretty solid there as well sos.

That is another stock that i did put out here. I did put out a video on this this morning. It is up 40 right now it did touch 10.76, which looks very, very good, and i think torchlight is also another stock. That's got some great great potential man, so many hot stocks popping so far in the market at 45 here on the day, certainly currently sitting at 47 on the rsi.

So if you want to scalp this, you want to day trade. This now is a decent time to buy in back here to amc. Currently, we are sitting at 5.91 cents. We've got some pretty long candle which sitting underneath these candles.

That's to me in case there's some pretty weak selling pressure. I think there's only a matter of time until you see this start to move in a nice upward direction. If you look at the time and sales, you see a lot of green popping in here. My friends that green looks absolutely filthy.

I'm loving what we're seeing right there in terms of the sales nice even spread across the bid. We've got a pretty large wall sitting about 5.98 right now on the ask, so that is going to be the biggest level of resistance that we're looking at right. Now no current levels of support uh on the level twos, but what we do have is a level of support down here with three touch points at about 5.89. So if it does end up testing that again, i'd be looking for a bounce, would they get a nice doji candle right here, doji candles typically indicate indecision and a green doji candle, typically slightly favors buyer territory.

So what a doji candle is, if you're not familiar, is essentially you've got a very long wick like this right and you open and close at the exact same price that uh you open and close the exact same price, so that typically, it looks like a cross As you can see right here that that is a bullish indicator if it is a green doji candle, so we are waiting to see confirmation here we are still trading underneath the 200 dma with the 15 m a but nonetheless we do know the situation here. We do know the institutional buyers did step into the stock right. We've got uh we've got uh schwab that took a very, very hefty stake. We've got four different amazon companies, institutional owners of amazon that stepped into amc on february, 12th and 13th.

So that is very significant news. My friends, i do think we are starting to warm up here for a pretty solid run on the rsi we're forming the beginning of it. George w this is a nice looking george w that'll mind that in the least bit that looks good still have a large cell wall sitting at five dollars and ninety eight we got a large cell, as i said it's sitting at 5.98. So that is what we're looking at right now.

All right, i will check out gsat here very briefly, so g7 is down about one percent. I think this is gon na be a good long-term stock if you're looking for a potential entry point into the company. Oh, what a filthy, george w, i think it's getting ready for a run. I think buying in right now is a pretty safe bet.

If you can get this at 239, i think that is the best possible entry point. At this current moment, asc is sitting up 5.9 here in the regular market hours all right, frederick. Thank you. My friend julio.

I am drinking water. I promise you i'm drinking water, you guys you guys are so funny. I love the support. I really do all right.

Shawn elliott says: hey trey: can you quickly explain how shareholders get paid or benefit from a buyout, never held the security that was bought out great question? So if a company is acquired, shareholders receive um, basically a stake of the buyout, so mvis. For example, mbis has rumors of potential buyouts from companies like microsoft, um, apple tesla and ford, and if they end up getting bought out for, let's say 10 billion dollars, shareholders receive a a cut per billion dollars in sales for microvision. I think it is about seven dollars a share, so if you get a 10 billion dollar acquisition per share, you receive about 70 dollars, which is a huge, huge, huge amount right. So the number's gon na look different for every single company.

There's no way that we can know for sure how much money you're gon na make from an amc. You know amazon deal, but the the cut would be very hefty you'd walk away. Very, very happy. Amazon is a huge company if they offer something amc.

It's because they genuinely see some potential for growth and, honestly, at that point, i'd feel pretty comfortable holding that beyond the bio, because i'll tell you what if microvision is bought out, i will continue to hold my my stake in the company. I will not be selling because of the buyout all right. Do you know about cash app, it's not updating stock, so i don't personally use cash app, but um that could be because of some pretty extreme demand in amc that that'd be my two cents there. My friends, ephraim says mbis will never be bought out by tesla, so i know that elon musk says he doesn't like lidar, because it's bulky it's ugly, it's not aesthetic, but i genuinely think that mbis is a very aesthetic stock.

I agree with the fact that tesla is not a likely candidate but they're a possible candidate. I think the most likely is going to be apple ford. We do know that ford dropped velodyne, which is a very significant uh news, catalyst right and uh microsoft. All three of which are trying to get into the autonomous vehicle game.

I think those are the more likely, but tesla is a possibility nonetheless. So as it sits right now, we are looking at the largest largest cell wall or bywall sitting about 5.80, with 40 000 total shares ready to get filled largest cell wall on the level two sitting at 598. As we see right now, we are testing this level of support that we previously discussed at about um what would be five dollars and ninety cents, it does look like we may have broken, underneath that we're gon na have to wait and see what ends up happening. Davis randall says tray work for the va can help with your compensation.

If you get discharged, ig piloting possible and spend time with your girlfriend. Sir hey, i will do my friend, you know i'll. Let you i'll keep you guys up to date with what's going on, but you know whatever happens happens, i'm gon na make the best out of it um i love. I love my job.

I love being able to do different things and diversify my my energy in the different uh different niches. But if i end up getting you know, a medical board out of the army life will go on my friends. I will continue to do what i do. I will i'll be a very happy man regardless.

I promise you why not mention a schwa by an amc says albert pack. I did actually mention that i promise you i talked about this. I did retweet it on twitter if you're able to catch the beginning of the live stream. We did.

We did mention this as well, but i will show you this right now, so charles schwab, investment management, incorporated if you're just tuning in now, did take a pretty hefty stake in amc, with 1.77 million shares. As of today, which is huge, that is a huge, huge number right, and we do see that there are other companies that are actually invested in amazon, which did also take a stake. Stifle, i know for sure, are the lpl public employees, retirement and i think american international all have stakes in uh amazon as well as amc, so that is very significant. I think that is a big big deal, regardless of squeeze potential.

I think afc is going to be a big runner. I'm actually a little bit surprised here by the price action. I thought that you would see a nice little run here at the beginning of the day, but we were seeing a little bit of selling pressure as it sits right now we're in a pretty harsh downward moving channel. Let me drink some water, guys holy toledo, all right, so we're in a pretty harsh downward moving channel.

We do have a level of support sitting at 5.80. According to the level twos, we need to break from this descending level of resistance in order to get back on some bullish territory, 15 ma is creating a gap between the 200 ema, so this is a little bit of a bearish territory right now, we really want To microscopically speaking get away from this gap that is starting to form it's going to take some buyer stepping back in and a break over this descending level of resistance until we break out of this downward moving channel, this is pretty bearish territory. We want a wide range candle, which would be something like this candle right here to break away from this level of resistance, as it is right now hey. Thank you will watts.

I appreciate that my friend all right, can you look at dffn great setup for a run on news. I do really want to focus on amc here today, my friend, otherwise i would check that out. I apologize. I want to respect everybody that clicked on the video for amc.

I do appreciate the super chat, but i i want to stay infirm in the fact that this is an amc focused video today. I appreciate that very much though sean i know this is about amc. What do you think about american manganese uh, as i just stated previously sean i i do want to focus on amc here today. I don't think it's fair for me to pick and choose who i'm going to cover here but uh.

If, if there is, you know not much happening with mca, we'll briefly check out other stocks, so we will come back. You know if, if there is not much happening here with amc, but we are waiting for a push here, we do have some nice catalysts that should help push the price here with amc. My level two weeble amc chart appears more consolidated than yours and yours is more volatile. I'm also on one day range one minute interval.

Can you explain why hmm so i'm not sure? Oh, you are using weeble, i'm not entirely sure man, i i don't know if it's the internet connection by any chance, but this is updating in real time. So i i'm not entirely sure why that'd be the case. I don't want to give you guys any any false information. That's just something that i genuinely don't have an answer for.

I want to be honest with you. What is your predicted price for amc says leo. So if there is not a squeeze right and there's not an amazon buyout, i think by june you're going to see the stock at 20 to 25. That is my two cents.

I think that is what it's worth in my opinion, especially with the cove lifting quarantine, lifting you're getting vaccines starting to push out. I know personally in the army a lot of my peers and myself are getting vaccinated here very soon. In fact, i'm getting a vaccine sometime today, so i'm going to be covered free baby, be so excited. Then i have to worry about that junk anymore.

I'll tell you what i'm excited for the day that i never have to wear a mask again, because that is what i genuinely despise the most about this cobot stuff. I know it's not hard. I know it's not hard, i'm always gon na. Do it i'm not gon na be that guy that throws a pissy fit, but it's definitely just annoying it's one of those things where it's like man.

I wish we could just go back. I'm just excited. I'm excited for the normal days when i can walk around outside without a mask on and not feel like it's goofy to be walking around without a mask on martin. That's definitely it so.

There is a delay for stream. The delay for stream is inevitable.

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