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Oh, oh man, oh we're gon na go, look at it go baby. This is so goddamn cool i've been waiting so long. Oh man, not a dead cat, not a dead cat, not a dead cat, not a dead cat baby. Welcome back to the traders podcast.

This is episode 23. My friends, i hope you guys, are all cooking with crisco today having a little bit of a nice heartwarming feeling uh i'm feeling morning, man, i tell you what this is looking pretty solid so far here in the a m not complaining in the least bit about What we're seeing so far here today, uh we've got amc doing some really really nice stuff. So far here in the pre market, we are up 10, as it's sitting right now, there's a huge, huge pump in volume. We are finally starting to see some nice volume.

Come into this stock look at this guys. You can see the exact moment that uh this thing started ripping it is. It is getting to go loving everything about this. So far hope you guys are having a great morning welcome to the gorilla game if you're new to the channel.

It is great to have you here as a fellow ape uh, if you don't mind, dropping a like on the video. That's the only thing that i'm asking for because apes together strong baby - i do not do this by myself. We've got a great team. Great community out here, rocking with the crew, welcome, not a day cat, not a dead cat.

I love reading that. I know it's not it's, i'm not it's, not a squeeze diamond collection did say that, but still this is uh. This is some good stuff, so we are going to show you guys exactly what uh, what you guys are thinking. So we had a tweet that did come out here from zack morris, so i'm going to show you this right now and i am also going to retweet it so check this out.

Zack morris tweeted, it's alive. This is coming from standing. The trading man uh we've got an article that came out from uh what would be forbes saying, amazon on the verge of acquiring amc, the world's largest movie theater chain. Now we don't know if that's true or not right, but we do know that this is the case.

So i'm gon na retweet this we got ta, we got ta be cooking with crisco baby, so we are gon na. Just put this up really quick. Look at her go baby and then we got ta put uh hashtag, not uh dead cat. Oh man, look at that.

That is so beautiful, loving everything about this so far, monkey smart monkey, strong um, so i do have a video that is going to be coming out on uh me here later today, but uemi is currently still halted. Uh uemi is halted fort, a t1 halt and a t2 halt. So typically these both happen because there's upcoming news that is going to be released, so a t1 hall is put in place when it's when a company or a stock specifically has to uh release. Some news, and then the t2 hall happens when they are starting the dissemination process of the news.

So that is how it's sitting right now. This could stay halted for up to 10 days, but we're just gon na have to wait and see how that happens. I do have a video coming out on that later here today i apologize today i put out a video here yesterday out at fort still oklahoma. We did have some uh, some pretty rough weather.

We got hit by a snowstorm and i'll. Tell you what the south is not acclimated in the least bit for snow, so we've just been going on and off out of internet out of power on and off back and forth back and forth. Hopefully we don't have any problems here today, but as it sits right now, we are cooking with crisco. We've got the heat back on.

We've got the internet rocking. We've got a lot of volume popping into amc, hit a high here at six dollars and sixty cents. Currently in a dollar movie channel, but nonetheless it has finally started some nice movement as i've been talking about, we needed the volume in the stock to really start pumping up those higher price price valuations again, and we are starting to get them here now. Looking at the level twos, there is a large large buy order, waiting to get filled at about six dollars.

We've got 27 000 total shares, we're gon na get filled with six bucks, so you're looking for a hold over six bucks good morning to you, rob amc boom going to the moon baby. Yes, sir, yes, sir rich says i have two stocks that have been float for a year. Would you sell and reinvest in agtc i'm up on both, but not as much as i was hoping, my friend? If you were up, if you were green on a stock, i would not. I would not write about um about selling out of them.

Slow and steady. Is the race, nickel and dime over time? My friends you're gon na build your portfolio to something very, very solid, all right as it sits right now. Amc is looking pretty solid today about six dollars and fourteen cents got a pretty big buy wall i sell. Well.

I should say sitting about six dollars and 20 cents, which is where the 15 ma is currently trading. We got a nice big fat gap here between the 15 mm and the 200 ema. This is happening because we had that tweet come out from zack morris retweeting that situation with forbes, so that is looking absolutely beautiful. It's alive, it's alive.

Yes, sir, the master, furu man. I tell you what this man is a furu. My tweets are opinions. Only do your odds stop being a little i can relate to that.

I can relate to that. That's money! That's money! Beautiful! Welcome! Back to the gang, my friends! I am so loving to have this going on right now, i'll tell you what this has been worth. All the criticism, all the hate, all the naysayers that we've had for who knows how long? Now i tell you what numbers are numbers numbers are numbers. We knew the information, we knew the data, we knew the statistics right.

We know that institutional buyers are stepping into the stock the same institutions that have bought into amazon right if you were not able to catch. My last livestream any of my previous videos - i did go over the institutional buyers that have stepped into amc that are very similar to amazon, so i'm gon na come back here on my twitter. I did share this as a retweet and i do think it's worth sharing again so check this out. Amazon's largest institutional investors, we've got the manufacturer's life insurance company as of february 12th, as well as nomura american international public employees and stifle financial.

All of these bought into amazon on the 12th and 13th we'll get this all those same companies bought into amc on the 12th and 13th. I don't think that's by accident. I don't think that is a coincidence. That could be a hint at exactly what forbes is tweeting about, which is the fact that we may be seeing an upcoming amazon acquisition.

Could you imagine that amazon acquiring amc that would be absolutely monumental, so that could be beautiful? We've got ta, we've got the hearing today coming out on uh dfv, i'm not gon na, say his name in uh non-acronym terms on youtube just because of the risk of getting demonetized, but it is what it is. My friends, this is uh. Looking like a pretty solid day here so far, the volume is insane. The volume is crazy.

My friends holy toledo holy toledo. What do i think about sos? I do have uh i have put on some videos on sos. I don't currently have a position, but they are down in the pre-market about 16 right now. Um all blockchain companies and bitcoin companies are gon na, be a rocky road.

You're gon na see these be very, very, very volatile. So right now what i'm looking at is a head and shoulders pattern. So we've got the head right here: you've got a shoulder: you've got a shoulder and usually a head and shoulders pattern is a bearish indicator. Uh that says you're going to see an upcoming sell-off.

So i'd anticipate a a push and a hold, hopefully over this ascending level of support at about nine dollars and 30 cents. That is what we are looking at right now with sos my friend, huge uh, pretty big cell wall in the level twos uh. Most of the orders waiting to get filled about 10.79 amc, as of now, is up ten percent here in the pre-market sitting at about six dollars and fifteen cents. We have the beginning of what looks to be a bullish flag formation, very excited to see this play out, so we had a downward moving channel descending level of resistance right here.

We always look for these three touch points: the signifier respective level of support resistance. We get that we've got that wide range candle right here, pushing above that descending level of resistance, and now we're beginning what seems to be a bullish flag formation. We're gon na have to wait and see how this plays out my friends, but it's looking pretty promising. I'm excited, i am very, very excited.

We will wait and see how she goes. Jeremy says: can you explain what happens if amazon acquires amc, so it's different from company to company, but essentially what happens when a when a company is acquired? Is shareholders receive a stake of the acquisition, so specifically, what i'm thinking about here is mbis microvision microvision is a company that i have a pretty heavy stake in. I've got quite a few shares uh, and this is probably my favorite stock in the market. But if microvision is acquired shareholders per billion dollars in acquisition receive about seven dollars per billion dollars, so if i bought it for 10 billion dollars, you'd receive about 70 bucks a share.

Now i can't tell you exactly what that's going to look like for uh for amc, but nonetheless, an acquisition would be lucrative for people involved, which is why, when that tweet came out, you saw a lot of people buying into the stock, because there are people that Want to be a part of that big big move baby, it would be absolutely beautiful to see that come to fruition and it's very possible without a doubt. Do i have a position in hcmc? I do have a small position on hcmc not on this brokerage account, but in my other one i do have a position in acmc i put into that stock. What i'm willing to willing to lose, as it is a riskier stock rate. It's a very, very small company, with a lot of outstanding shares, so a lot of volatility included with hcmc so take that for what it is.

Stephen popham says that is a one year old article, so the one year old article from my understanding that uh it says february 17th, 2021. So that's as of today or yesterday i should say so. I don't think that's the year old article. I know what you're talking about, though i know what you're talking about.

In fact, i retweeted that uh that year old article i'll show you guys real quick. What he's talking about here, because that is relevant so coming from forbes right here. So this is the year old. Article amazon goes to the movies they retweeted this from about a year ago on the 15th of february.

So that's that's the other article. In my opinion, i don't think this one's the old one. I could be wrong, but that's my understanding all right till ray. Please i'm happy about emc right now, also yeah baby diamond hands, so tlry from my understanding is uh, possibly going to be going through a merger.

So i'll pull up tlry here really quick till ray incorporated. They are down here nine percent on the day, uh all cannabis stocks typically move in pretty close conjunction. So when you see sun dial will do bad you're gon na see teal ray, do bad. Vice versa.

Right right now, it's consolidating not a lot of volume. Pumping into this, i don't see it moving until you get the volume back up. So, unless there's some upcoming news, catalyst that you know - of which i don't know - i don't - i don't invest in cannabis to be completely transparent. I don't really anticipate this moving a whole lot until that point, you're gon na be looking for a catalyst.

Let's all go to the movies: oh baby, i'm gon na buy me some. I'm gon na buy me some uh 10 10 over overpriced large popcorns, i'm just i'm gon na drop 200 on popcorn. The next time that i go to amc i'll. Tell you that right now, nothing but love for freaking amc, movie, popcorn man i'll pay, whatever they want, whatever they want for that popcorn baby.

We are four minutes away from the market, open, very excited to see how this ends up playing out, but we had a nice push and volume coming into this stock here baby that looks absolutely beautiful. What made nvis trade for 400 back in 2001? So this is this: is a tech company that's been around for quite a long time and, as you mentioned, they did trade at one point for much much higher so back here they did trade for about 548 dollars and from my understanding they did a a split. So when a split happens, you would turn one sharon to say, let's like like, let's say four and it did sell off the stock down to quite a bit lower. Obviously so that's that's my take on on uh microvision, but i think it's got a lot of potential to get back into that hundred dollar range.

I feel very, very confident in that. Without a doubt, microvision is a company that you're gon na see. Do some really solid things here in the future? That is my baby. I have a call in amc to expire tomorrow with seven dollar strike.

My cell is showing unlimited loss potential in weeble. Have you experienced that before i have not so for my understanding on a call option right, the most that you can potentially lose is whatever you put into it. So let's say that you you put in 400 bucks right into a call option and it doesn't end up meeting your strike price, essentially you're, going to lose that 400. It's basically like an insurance policy, so you're you're, basically betting on the fact you're betting 400 that uh the stock is going to end above that seven dollar strike and that's that's my two cents.

That's my understanding there! So you're not going to experience any gain until you get to your break even point, which is likely going to be around 7 and 50 cents from my understanding um. So that's why you're, probably not seeing any money gained from that. Yet look at this guys. Look at this, i'm drinking water, i'm drinking water, i'm drinking water.

I haven't even had a diet coke. Yet this morning, abgr is going ballistic right now up 44. Here on the day, which is absolutely beautiful from i understand they had a pretty nice news. Piece come out here: no, so let's take a peek avengers surges on news of pat and win, so they got a patent approved which is really awesome.

That's why i've seen this huge, huge push. I didn't put this on the radar. It would have been a couple weeks ago or so, and it hasn't really done much yet, but uh. We knew the game right so with with companies like this, you do want that patent approval or fda approval avgr did finally get it.

I would not recommend buying into this until you see. You know that pullback bottom out, because we don't know how much it's going to pull back to it does look like it's sitting at 61.8 percent had a little bit of candlewaker rejection, so you're looking for a bounce off that 240 level and if you get it I'd say: that's a pretty safe buy-in. Amc is currently sitting up about 5.77. Here, on the day, very, very volatile.

We got a crap ton of volume. Moving into this, we are one minute away from the market open. My friends on the level twos, we were looking at a big buy wall sting at about 5.75 cents. We do know this is a very heavily shorted stock.

So, with this extra volatility is most likely going to come an increase in short volume as well dead cat. I've seen a lot of people say dead cat. Oh, you said dead car. I don't know how this is a car, but very interesting.

My friend you do you you do you all right? What would happen with call options on amc, with a buy out? Also, bitcoin mining companies, mara and ryan. What do you think of them so mara and ryan they're going to continue to do well as long as bitcoin does well, those bitcoin mining companies are just dependent on bitcoin's success. So that's what it's going to take there, but in terms of an amc, buyout and call options. I did a little bit of reading on this because i've been asked that by quite a few people - and i'm going to show you so there are scenarios with call options where you make money you make more than you would have, and also situations where you lose More money than you would have so call options with an acquisition check this out what happens to call options if a company is bought out a call option.

A forest holder is the right to purchase the underlying security at a set price at any time before the expiration date, but it would be economically illogical to exercise the option to purchase the share if the set price were higher than the current market price. In the case of a buyout offer, where a set amount is offered per share, this effectively limits how high the share price will rise, assuming that no other offers are made and that the existing offer is accepted. So if the offer price is below the strike price of the call option, the option can easily lose the majority of its value. On the other hand, after the strike, price is below the offer price, we'll see a spike in value.

So if your strike price is below the the offer that they end up making with this acquisition, you end up making more money than you would have before. However, if the strike price is higher than the offer is right, you can lose value of your options, so it can go both ways. Personally, i would just prefer to own shares in a company that i think is going to have an acquisition and we are off to the races, baby, currently trading about six dollars and two cents. We've got the largest sale while sitting about six dollars and ten cents.

As of now on the level twos, we see more sellers and buyers as it's sitting right now, but we have a nice even spread across the bid as compared to the ask. We've got a pretty huge wallet about 605 and 610, so we're looking to push over six dollars and 10 cents, as it is sitting right now. First minute of the day, we saw 24 million in volume baby. That is absolutely astronomical compared to what we've been seeing here the past couple days, i am loving that that is looking beautiful.

This is what we've been needing. My friends, i told you, i told you this. This stock was not going to move unless we saw some nice volume. On the first minute of yesterday, we saw three point: five million total shares traded in the first minute.

Here today we saw 24 million total shares astronomical difference. We are loving to see that coming into the stock. That is what it is gon na take to see us get some nice action in the day, hcn hcmc filed some forms of the sec aftermarket. Also thank you to everybody, otherwise dropping a superchat.

It is very highly appreciated if you and i might drop a like on the video. It really does mean a lot to me. Join the gorilla gang here great to have you guys on the boat here with uh with the the crew, so they formed with the sec aftermarket yesterday. You should check it out.

Let's share is floating now good to see you back a little bro hey. I did see that my friend, so essentially, what happened is hdmc's company bought back shares, which is going to decrease the amount of shares and increase overall the value, the intrinsic value of each individual share. So if you take away some of the supply right because they've got billions of shares floating out in their outstanding shares right when you take away those shares that increases the value of each individual share. So that's huge.

That's going to be a great thing for the company moving forward. In my personal opinion, all right, my friends, we are moving. Today. We are at 6.17.

So far the volume is looking pretty freaking solid on a typical one-minute window. The past couple days we've been seeing about 200 300 000 within the first 15 to 20 minutes. We saw 24 million in the first minute of the day, and then we have been seeing 1.8 million and 1.3 million in total volume. We also have a court case today, a hearing that is going to be taking place with dfv, so there's gon na be very interesting to see what ends up happening there uh that could end up being a catalyst depending on what happens.

What sort of action happens at that court case, but nonetheless we are finally moving here with amc just had some nice volume, we've got some great volume pumping into the stock right now we had huge volume right here in the pre-market before the market opened. Last 20 minutes, or so when that tweet came out, so that is absolutely beautiful. Gevo we'll take a quick peek at jivo here, so gevo is down about 10. Just from looking at this right now, i think gevo's a great long-term stock.

So this is an opportunity for you to buy into this for a pretty cheap, pretty cheap price. I uh, i would say this is a great buying opportunity, but you want to watch for is a break above this descending level of resistance, you're, going to want to push over 1246 to indicate that we are out of this downward moving channel. We have the 15ma cross underneath the 200 ama, so this is currently in bearish territory. Rsi is sitting at 36, though, so i feel pretty confident saying that this is a great buying opportunity coming back here to amc.

Looking at the level twos, we've got pretty big uh cell wall sitting at about uh six man there's a huge sell-off between 609 and 615.. Look at the level twos right now: wow whoa, whoa whoa whoa a lot of people getting ready to sell their shares. We've got a big bottle between six dollars and six dollars and three cents so are looking to see a hold over six dollars. We're gon na put a little level of support right here at about six bucks trading in a pretty tight window.

This does look like the beginning of a little bit of a flag formation. We've got the pole right here right. Look at this nice. Nice pull a lot of green candles, and then we finally have this bottom.

So this is beginning to form what could be a nice trend. We're gon na have to wait and see how it forms out in the next 10 to 15 minutes, but a technical setup right here does look very nice. This is in bullish territory. We've got the 15 mma trading over over the 200 ema, as it's sitting right now, good volume pumping into stock we're seeing well over a million shares up until this last minute, we're still looking at about 425 000, but per minute we are seeing about a million Shares plus, which is absolutely beautiful, as it is sitting right now, my friends, oh god, i've been waiting for this for so long.

Oh, this is so nice. This is awesome, absolutely loving it hey trey! I want this super chat to be used to tell all my fellow apes that this is not a dead cat. Clap optional, clap is not optional. Clap is mandatory, because this is not a dead cat.

I've been saying this forever, my friends just tuned in not sure if you covered eh, i i have not covered eh yet i did actually take a position in eh. I did so. I bought into eh with a dollar cost average of about 71 and 40 cents, and i'm anticipating a retest of that 100 triple top that we see on the one month chart. So we just check out eh on the one month chart you can see that we've got a triple top.

Well, it's actually a little bit below 100 bucks it's about 90., but i'm watching for a recess of this triple top one. Two three times that hit that 9180 range and uh. If we get a push over that i'll continue to hold, but i do have a position in eh for a swing opportunity. I am in this, as i said, at a dollar cost average about 71 dollars and 40 cents.

I bought in right about here in the pre market and i decided uh. You know i feel pretty confident. I think it's going to move pretty nice overall. The volume on eh so far today is looking really solid.

I mean keep in mind. This is a 70 stock. You saw 1 million volume in the first minute here, so that's very solid. It's looking like, i might have another solid day coming back here to amc.

I wasn't sitting right now we're up 11. Here on the day, it looks like we're getting the test, this descending level of resistance on the level twos we've got quite a few buyers waiting to get shares filled between 604 and 610. My friends, this is moving so fast. We can't even keep up with the level twos right now.

Holy toledo just joined this morning wondering if you knew what was up with whammy, so i do actually have a video coming out on whammy, but this is halted for a t1 and t2 halt, which typically is the case. When you see news that is going to be disseminated soon, the t1 hall happens when there is news that they are about to release. The t2 hall begins when there is dissemination of the news to the proper institutions that need the news uh to be disseminated. All right, it's coming from drunken chewbacca dude.

I love that picture. That's nice! Looking at g-tech, i have not looked at g-tech, i'm going to be honest with you, but i'll. Take a quick pic, quick peek. How do people get into these stocks? Honestly, my friend, it's uh, it's it's leading gappers, so you want to look at the most active stocks.

I'd imagine the gtech is somewhere in this list. Surprisingly, not, but nonetheless man, it's it's tough. If you're not in these stocks, before they pop off, you almost there's. No way to know you have to anticipate where the hype is going to go.

It's really tough man, there's always there's always a couple of stocks like this across the market. That's nasty i wouldn't buy into that. I wouldn't buy into that. Unless you see some sort of retracement be very careful if you're buying a gtech, all right, amc right now is looking pretty solid.

We've got uh. We come back here to the level twos more sellers and buyers as it's sitting right now, but a pretty pretty big sell a buy while sitting about six dollars and three cents as it's sitting right now. I'm gon na continue to hold my position here in amc feeling very confident about where this is going, where what is possible here. Currently, i am down 30.59 on amc, so down about 1100 bucks on this still holding strong.

I still believe there's potential here, regardless of a squeeze regardless of an amazon acquisition. I do think it has some solid long-term potential at this point. Thank you, jay cruz. I appreciate that my friend dragon wolf, bane e4 navy working at e5, so i haven't been paying attention hey.

Well, there you go man e4 mafia, so you know why you want me as trade halted trading, sir guerrilla gangs got a navy behind it. Oh man, that's sick! That's sick! Well, props, to you man. I uh. I think about all the time.

What would have happened if i went uh, navy or air force instead of instead of army, but i have no regrets. I have no regrets. Life is good. Life is good, my friends but anyways as it's sitting right now, uh as i mentioned this before, i hope you're able to catch it.

But whammy is halted for disseminating news crmd good morning from the lean mean crane. Eater krmd check this out here, really quick and then we're going to come back to amc. I do want to primarily focus on amc today, as we finally do have some nice price action and good things happening here, but looking at krmd, this looks like the beginning of what could be a break of this downward trend. We got the 15 ma training over the 2008.

We got a nice push in volume. If you have a news catalyst that came out on this, which we can check here, really quick, it does look like we did um. This could be a pretty solid play. I would say ride the hype there without a doubt that looks like a solid setup, we're gon na check out ctrm.

I do see a lot of people talking about ctrm and my friends, if you were able to buy in on the bottom there at that 61.8 retracement of a buck 15 you're. Looking very good right now, ctrm is moving hard. Ctrm is really going to town right now, it's at a dollar 28. This stock has 100 short utilization, so there's huge huge, huge potential of a squeeze in the short term.

I would not be surprised at least, but to see that do something nasty disgusting nasty so right now amc is still in this bullish, flag formation, we're looking at some pretty solid volume here today. So far we have seen one million plus in every single one minute. Candle in one minutes, uh bar of volume here on the chart so far, this is looking beautiful, loving it jason. I didn't discover ctrm uh.

I would not chase the term at this current moment, but if you got into it back when i talked about it on the channel right, you've got some pretty solid potential here. This is a great rinse and repeat stock. If you really want to swing trade, this thing it is moving right now this stock has a history of uh. A couple day swings right.

We saw we saw it swung for about five straight days right and it looks like it's just finally, breaking that descending level of resistance. We got that push over a dollar twenty seven couldn't trade about a dollar. Thirty ctrm is looking nasty right now. Look at this! Some clean clean moves on ctrm, that is disgusting, 15 ma just crossed over the 200 ema.

So this is some bullish territory. Again, we have broken out of that downward trend. The volume right now is insane. We saw 10 million in the first minute of trading, which is absolutely filthy, beautiful, so amc is coming back down to that ascending level of support.

As it's sitting right now, we've got a pretty pretty large uh bywall sitting about 5.90, which does line up very well with this ascending level of support. Amc, not a dead cat baby so pumped over this so pumped all right. Thanks for the hard work trey any thoughts on xone, i am bullish on xlne. I know it's had a pullback here the last couple days, but you also do have to keep in mind that this stock has uh has gone on a huge rampage of a run ever since you know the december 30th, i went from nine dollars to 66, with Almost no pullbacks so first to finally have a pullback.

Now, i'm not stressing about that, i would say you're looking for a break over this descending level of uh resistance, and once you get a hard push over that with a wide range candle which it looks like we're getting ready to test right. That should be a pretty nice move. I feel pretty excited about that. That is looking nice.

I have a bot, definitely not a dead cat man. No, i'm telling you that is a live cat. This cat's got 9 million billion lives, 9 million billion zome. My friends, i really do want to focus primarily on amc here today, because we do have quite a bit of action that we are expecting to come out of this stock.

I hope you guys respect that. It is the title of the video um, so we will. We will focus on zom here for a little bit, but i am still bullish on zoma. I do think zome has solid potential right now.

It is doing a little bit of a correction, a retracement which isn't bad. So we've got this descending level of resistance. We don't want to see a pushover in terms of retracement. It looks like we might see it bounce off of 50, which is typically a pretty strong retracement, so that would be good uh we're currently in a downward channel, though so we got the decent level of resistance descending level of support.

We want to break above that descending level of resistance. So that's what you're watching for there in terms of a bottom out, it does look like. We've got a level of support right around here at about two dollars and six cents. That's where i would buy into zome if you're looking to do so all right, i will check out ind real quick here.

My friends as i mentioned, though i really do want to focus primarily on amc, so i hope you guys respect that. This is an otc market stock, so you cannot trade this on weeble. Keep that in the back of your mind, if you do decide to trade, this um, it is currently forming a bullish flag formation in terms of retracement 50, pretty much smack on the nose, which is very strong, retracement 40 on the rsi. I think that was a pretty solid opportunity to buy into that all right.

Vista group signs enterprise agreement with odeon cinemas group, europe's largest cinema operator - that could be huge. This is a group acquired 100 of cinema intelligence, so i did cover that. Actually, that's a big deal. I think that could be pretty solid.

100. 100. So, looking here on the one minute chart, it is still doing a little bit of consolidation. The volume is still looking pretty solid, we're seeing a lot of volume pump into this in one minute windows.

Honestly, i'm surprised this is not moving more with how much volume is moving into this right now. That is crazy. Absolutely crazy! Looking at a pretty big cell wall at about six dollars and five cents here in the short term, looking at that same bywall at about nine dollars and ninety five dollars and ninety five cents, nine dollars that'd be nasty. That would be real nice.

Wouldn't that be a dream? Ah, you guys liked my attack on titan reference in the last video. Just so you guys know i'm listening to more attack on titan uh music. You can't you can't beat it. I i just rewatched season four yesterday, because god dang season four is so crazy.

Is so good, it's so good. I just can't get enough of this. Show there's so much crazy, stuff happening, but nonetheless, coming back here to the live stream. Gon na answer some more questions: we've got asrt at uh, 113, so i'll just take a quick peek at asrt um.

I do think it's eventually going to pop. This is just a stock. That's taking patience, you're beating the hype. By getting into this play, you don't want to get into stocks when the news is happening.

You want to get in predicting upcoming news upcoming up uh predicting upcoming movements. So this is it's getting ready. It's getting ready, just be patient with the stock. If you have a position here, you're sitting fine, all right, my 89 year old grandmother got in on the hype.

Oh taking it to the grave hey props to your grandmommy. I uh i'm giving her i'm giving her some props shout out to the grandma of uh of tripp trillion props to you, my friend, all right. Why is plug power down? When do you think it will go up so, unfortunately, i cannot predict when stocks go up and when stocks go down, but the entire green energy sector has been taking a hit lately. I believe fuel cell did the same thing.

I believe clne did the same thing. It's just a sector-wide sell-off. That's happening right now, so like these, these ebbs and flows always happen. You're always going to have ups and downs regarding these.

These different uh different plays, but it will eventually find a bottom and it looks like honestly, it might be just about ready because we have the beginning of an engulfing candlestick pattern right here. So that's a very nice engulfing candlestick pattern. We got a nice little bit of volume coming in here in the first hour of the day, currently it's 8 45 and we're seeing almost as actually we've seen more volume than we did in the whole first hour of market trading yesterday. So i'd imagine that this is probably gon na, be the bottom or very close to it.

At least all right, i'm gon na recognize these super chats. Thank you to jennifer. Thank you to tracy. Thank you to diego uh.

Thank you to sean. Thank you to eric. Thank you to ted fj, brandon, uh charity, daniel troy, diego ray's energy and herman. So i'm gon na start off here with daniel uh trey love the channel already lost over five.

Can eight dollar amc 219 calls? Would you roll to march or see where it goes between now and tomorrow? So personally, i don't like playing call options on stocks that are risky, because at that point i just view it as uh too much risk for me. It's it's a little bit of a gamble because call options, you're, basically, betting on the fact that stock will go up and since we don't know any hard dates with amc right, you can't predict when a squeeze will happen. You can't predict when an amazon acquisition or netflix acquisition would happen right. Um, there's, there's no way to know if you're gon na win those call options, it's just basically a gamble.

So personally, if i was in your shoes, my friend i would, i would rather just own personal shares because of the risk that is involved here with amc. I don't want to screw you man, i don't want to screw you you're already down. Five thousand on eight dollar calls, i think, you're better off just owning shares, because at that point, there's way less risk involved, because you can hold the shares forever right. I've got call options only on plays that.

I have the utmost conviction in a hard set time that a stock is going to go up like we've got no upcoming news catalyst, we've got, we've got solid, charts that say hey. This is on a move. This has got a lot of buying momentum and, as it sits right now, this is the first day that we've really begun an upward swing here, so i would just hold off. I would hold that for the call options, my friend, that it's your call at the end of the day, though it's your call man, it's uh, it's totally up to you.

That's just not what i would do personally all right, all right from montreal. Here's a little something thank you for your hard work, a little contribution of a bottle of scotch. Oh man, you already know what it is. You already know what it is, i'm a big scotch big whiskey and big rum guy anything dark.

I am definitely effing with baby. You know what i would say if i wasn't on youtube. Join, join the patreon join me on a twitch stream. If you want to hear the uncensored version of these live streams, because i go to pound town with uh with some of the, i can't even said that i got ta chill out.

Oh man, can you believe i'm in a caffeine today, because i have not. I have not, i haven't even had a coffee, you guys would be so proud of me. I i actually got a kick out of this. There's a lot of people on the channel that comment on my videos and say trey.

You need to eat this diet or you need to eat that diet. You need to quit drinking this. You need to start drinking that i got my undergraduate in nutrition and dietetics. My friends, i i promise you i know i know i know how to take care of my heart.

It's just a matter of food, be good food, be good. Water has no taste that coke has much taste. It is solid, the drink of gods. You need to you need to feel the mind.

Happy life up here, happy life down here. That's how we're looking can i check sundial. I will check out sundial really quick here. I i do really want to focus on primarily amc here today, my friends.

So if you do uh, if you would be respectful of that, just like and respect the viewers that are clicking onto the video, i don't like being a click bait kind of guy. I don't like tricking people into thinking that i'm just gon na be talking about amc and when, in reality, i'm just covering a bunch of stocks, so uh just taking a quick look at sundial. I don't invest in cannabis. I'm not allowed to invest in cannabis because of the army so take that for what it is.

But personally a lot of people are bullish on cannabis and cannabis stocks because uh, but of joe biden being in office. There's a lot of speculation that you're going to see a nationwide legalization of cannabis. If that does happen, all these stocks are going to the moon. So if you believe that's going to happen, you're going to say fine to me, sundial is going to be a very volatile stock.

There's a lot of opportunity to swing trade it and there's a lot of long-term opportunity as well. If you think that it's going to end up getting legalized - which i do personally believe, but i'm not going to be investing, i'm not allowed to hope that answers your question my friend as of now, it's just consolidating not a lot of volume. Pumping into this. It's 42 on the rsi 15 mma is about to cross underneath the 200 ema.

This is some bearish territory. You're not going to see this movie again until there's another news catalyst. What am i listening to right now? What the heck is this? Oh, it's an ad! I was about to say: that's not anime playlist. That was a weird ad.

All right do. I still have hope for biolase 100. I do. I don't currently have a position in biolase.

I have shifted uh my portfolio here a little bit. I made some a lot of buys in the past uh couple hours, but nonetheless i do. I do think uh there's a lot of hope for for a biolase. It's just not a sell-off right now.

It's it's ups and downs happen in the market. Ups and downs happen stocks, don't only just go up. Stocks also come down. Look at this up down up down up down up down up down patience, my friends, patience, patience, patience stocks do not just go up.

Stocks also go down stocks move in many directions, patience. I promise you, the time will come from biolas. The time will come, it's not just going to go, go go straight to the grave. The premise is the same.

The the conviction is the same. The foundation and the fundamentals of the company is the same. If you have true conviction in a stock, my friends, the price is psychological. You should be eating up those red days as an opportunity to buy in for cheaper.

That's my two cents on that. Okay, so looking here at the one minute chart, it does look like we're getting ready to test this ascending level of support. We've got a little bit of a candle wick underneath that so we are waiting to see if it is going to end up holding above that ascending level of support here, as it's sitting right now, i do have 422 shares of amc on this uh. This brokerage account - i also have another 150 shares over on my other brokerage account and uh.

When i have some more extra dry powder laying around i am going to be buying more. I wish that i could have bought more of this 544 range, but i was not able to do so selling price for ctrm, so ctrm, i think, is gon na have a retest of two dollars over the next couple days. That would be my two cents. I had a price target of a buck 50 on this on the first come around and ended up putting two bucks, so i'm watching for a retest of two dollars.

Take it to the grave from free, my grandma dude. I love free, my grandma. I love that you're always on these streams. Man, i love it that is such gold, joe.

Thank you my friend. I appreciate that xenix congrats on the verification badge baby, oh dude, thank you so much, it's crazy to me. I tell you what i'm just a regular dude, i'm just a regular dude, i'm another weeb out there that likes anime that likes uh likes stocks like playing video games. It's really too easy man, it's a blast all right! So as it's sitting right now with amc, we see a large large buy while singing about 5.77 on the level twos.

We currently have more buyers and sellers. There is an even spread across the ask which is in turn, going to force this kind of laddering down. Honestly, my friends, i am so mind, blown at the fact that this is not going absolutely insane right now. You know what i'm thinking take this for what it is take this what it is, but this is my opinion check this out right when this volume started picking up in the pre-market.

Look at this right when the volume started picking up immediately. It started moving for the first five minutes and then, after that we saw the same amount of volume in the stock and it's not moving it's trading sideways. So, with the same amount of volume coming into this granted, some of this is red volume. It can play out two different ways: either a it could be um shorting.

There could be some shorts happening here or b market manipulation and we already know there's some crazy stuff. That's been going on here, i'm not even going to get into the beginning of what's been going on with this uh with this stock right. There's there's been some crazy, crazy stuff if you've been keeping up with the amc series. I know i've been catching a lot of flack from a lot of people.

A lot of youtubers out there saying that i'm fake saying that uh i'm just trying to mislead you guys, but you guys pull the trigger you guys pull the trigger. I've got my stake in amc. I i'll show you the numbers. I've been telling you straight up right, the squeeze is not going to happen unless we see more volume come into the stock right.

We need more volume to come into the stock for a squeeze to happen. At this point, i'm doing this as more of a long-term stock or an acquisition company right both are very possible. Both are very possible as squeeze as possible, but it's probably the least likely out of the three scenarios right now. So there's there's potential with amc.

My friends, not a dead cat, not a dead cat ctrm is running yeah, it's up in a buck 34., absolutely insane. It has been crushing. Somebody said i think that has had a news catalyst and it did so. They acquired another bulk carrier.

Man they've been on an absolute rampage with these uh vessel acquisitions, so the more vessels they acquire, the more money they're gon na - be able to make right. You can you can view it as basically like a bitcoin mining company, buying more computers with more computers, you're gon na be able to mine more bitcoin well with more ships, they're gon na be able to transport more dry bulk cargos. So that's absolutely beautiful! You do like to see that as it's sitting right now, amc is in a downward moving channel. This is frustrating.

This is absolutely frustrating because the volume on this today is absolutely insane. We are seeing so much volume come into this guys. You were watching this before your eyes. This is insane absolutely mind: blowing how's the age sitting right now, eh is looking pretty good.

I did take a stake in eh at about a dollar cost average of 71.40. I bought 20 shares, so i think that comes out to about 1500 bucks just under that, and it is moving. I'm gon na be watching for a recess of about 90 on this, for a pretty solid uh, pretty solid swing. I'd be very happy walking away on eh up 20 or 30 percent.

What do i think about ocugen as of late? So at this point i think occugin is a play that you're really waiting on that uh fda approval and a possibility of commercialization in the states. So it had that crazy run out to 18.77 consolidating right now so far, no no, not much crazy volume, but it's just consolidating. So it's squeezing down a price action. You can see a little bit of a wedge formation beginning to form here.

I would anticipate at least technical setup wise that you're gon na see a pretty nice run uh in the next two days or so good buying point is gon na be on this descending or this uncertainty level of support at about 10 bucks. You see it pull back to ten dollars. I would eat that up. That's a great opportunity.

Amc is currently setting up about 4.3. As of now had that huge push in volume there in the pre-market, with huge huge volume pumping in in the first minute of the day, we saw 24 million total shares, which is absolutely insane but uh. I am not gon na be selling this not even for a break. Even i am not gon na be selling that for a break.

Even so, we might be beginning to see this the start of a george w here. This might be a george w. You already know what it is. Are we gon na drop it? Are we gon na drop it in the chat? Are we gon na do it? I already said it already said.

I already said it come on me me to it. Baby george damia, the george debia. It looks like a whammy is still suspended, just keeping a close eye on that. So we are waiting for a whammy to do something here, we're waiting for some news to come out.

Uh we did have a halt and there are a difficult, difficult scenarios that could be the reason behind that halt, which i will be talking about in the video that i'll be posting here later, i'm going to check and see if all of these videos have rendered In which case, if they have, i will post them so give me one second here, so it does look like this. Video is live, so i'm just going to come over here and take care of some business. Give me just a couple of seconds here, my friends and we will be back into the live stream. So i'm going to be posting up.

Whammy, lambie video is live for anybody out there. That wants to check it out. The sends video is live for anybody who wants to check that out and my mvis video is live for anybody that wants to check that out. I also have a video on agtc that i did put up here today if you'd like to check out any of those videos that i just talked about.

You are more than welcome to do so. I'm just going to pin a comment on all three of these videos that i just posted so that we can get that rocking. I was kept. I kept pretty busy this morning.

My friends, i got a late start. I got up about 4am set my alarm for 3 30, but i just got ta get myself through out of bed. It is what it is. It is, what it is senz is gon na beat my new baby.

I tell you what tell ya what let's eat. All right, so that video is good to go. Excuse me guys. I just want to make sure that i've got all these videos put up for everybody out there.

That is not watching the live stream that would like to check out these other videos. Just kind of pin a comment here on mvis, so that'll be good to go. What is up, everybody gorilla gang loves our girl, mavis, let's eat i'm gon na trip in that comment, really quick and then i just got ta, pin a comment on that last video and we will be good to go on uamy wyoming is halted all right. What is up, everybody truth be told nobody out.

There knows the actual news and reason why we got the uh. Let me run that actual news causing the halt, so stay tuned like the rest of us, eat all right. That is good to go as well. So if you want to check out any of those three videos, they are live for you now and you can do that whenever you'd please.

As i'm saying right now, amc is currently sitting at about 5.77. We've got a pretty solid level of buyers sitting on here. About even to the the sellers, i would say large by wall, saying about 5.72 cents, currently still on a dollar moving channel. We want to see a break over this descending level of resistance.

In fact, i am going to adjust this just a hair does look like we got a false break and this is a more realistic descending level of resistance. So i'm gon na delete this and we're watching for a push over. I would say about five dollars and eighty nine cents, cuz they're trading about five dollars and eighty one cents as it's sitting right now on the our side, we're looking at about forty 15 mma is starting to approach the 200 ema, as it's sitting right now, diet, Coke big taste, oh, the biggest taste baby, the biggest taste, it's a beautiful stock stock. What i got ta, i got ta get it together.

What's going on here, let's go amc. What do you think of adm p, so adm p? I do want to primarily focus on amc today, my friends. I really really do hope. You understand that i'm not trying to be disrespectful to anybody.

That's dropping a super chat, but i did label this video um. The amc live action and i really do want to focus on that. So i hope you understand that i'm not trying to be disrespectful in the least bit my friends so just take that for what it is, but as it's sitting right now, 80 mp does look like it broke down from this dec uh ascending level of support. It's doing a little bit of a sell-off right now, but 80 mp's time will come be patient.

We are looking for a hole over. The level of support, looks like right around here, so that's gon na be the next level you're watching for is a dollar twenty. Eight watch for all over a dollar twenty eight that'd be a pretty solid entry point. Rsi is sitting at 29.

So it's very oversold a lot of selling pressure. Several amazon affiliates bought shares of amc 100 100. So that is a great point that i do want to point out to you guys. I did share this on my uh twitter.

There are some big big institutions that support amazon that bought into amc check. This out amc has american international, the murrah public, the manufacturers, life insurance and stifle all of which are invested in amazon. That is very, very, very significant, so take that for what it is, but that's pretty good stuff, that's pretty good stuff. I feel very confident in that we're gon na give a quick update here on ticker symbol e h.

This is a stock that we have been talking about.

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