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Absolute tabs, like tabs light taps light taps light times. What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube good morning, vietnam, it is your boy trey from trade street coming back again here for another freaking morning, live stream. Some more amc live price action. This is number eight uh episode.

86. It's been a minute. You know, we've done quite a few of these, which is actually pretty strange to me. I think about this a lot i think about matt cooper's, doing a seven hour live stream every day for six months.

That's nasty that dude's got some freaking diamond nards, but nonetheless welcome back to the channel. If you are new here, welcome drop some freaking gorillas in the chat. If you are uh, if you are a returning freaking viewer, it is great to have the gorilla game back and cook up with crisco amc up 1.57 here in the pre-market 91 cents, which is absolutely beautiful hanging right below that 50 or right above that 59 mark, Which is a good thing, we're very close to this decent level of resistance on the pennant formation forming up on the hourly candles check this out on the one hour candle mark we are so stupid close. I would say that a break over 59.50 is going to bring you that pennant break and we are super damn close to that right now, 5902 pre-market high 59.15, with a little bit of rejection, pre-market volume also a little bit low right.

It's about 156 000.. I saw this question pop up in the chat bar. While we were waiting to get going and it was regarding why it's barcoding, why not see a lot of price action? It was kind of flat here in the pre-market, and that's because it was low volume right volume drives volatility. So, if you're not seeing a lot of price action on the candles they're doing this right, like a candle right here, is just flat, doesn't move that comes from a lack of trading right.

There's no transaction taking place, there's nobody that wants to buy there's nobody that wants to sell, so the price just stays the exact same, which causes it to have that flat candle sort of thing. So, if you're not seeing a lot of price action like this, for example right this sort of barcoding right here, this sort of you know penny by penny movement up and down up and down up and down that comes from low volume right because there's just not Any buyers or sellers that are trying to push the price up in any given direction, so it can really fall into the hands of maybe a little bit of high frequency trading, algorithm trading, but the truth be told it just wasn't a lot of volume. So that's to me why you saw that you know stock not doing a whole lot here in the pre market or the after hours. Yesterday, up until now, right and as pre-markets and brokerages start to open pre-markets, they start to open up right that drives the price.

Actually, you get a little more volatility. You get some more of these big fat nasty boo-boo candles that we're talking about right here. So i want to show you ortex, really quick. Just give you the usual morning update they're going to give us the live, update change here.

You know sometime in the next half hour, 45 minutes typically, but it's currently at 18.97 short interest of free float, which is stupid. It's so gross 97 million total shares shorted into the market, as it is right now, based on 85 percent of the exchange reported data. Now, what does that mean if you're new here first time, watching amc stock reported data is what the short you know? The schroeder's essentially reported to the exchanges saying hey: this is what i actually shorted into the market. It only takes 85 percent of that total number.

Now, if you want to have your absolute your mind, freaking blown look at the that i almost swore the finra finds right check. This out finn refines we're gon na check out april, so finra uh firm's fine reported for april 21st. This shows you right. Some of these huge things that can happen from just purely mal reporting and the missed practice that takes place sometimes on big hedge funds, right they get dinked all the time for amount reporting.

So, that's definitely why i say the reported data knock on wood because we don't know what's actually happening right. We don't know what the short interest is just based on what they're reporting right, because we know there can be mail reporting that takes place. Would that also be said? I just want to look at the daily show volume percentage and you had a huge uptick. Yesterday, 54 of the total market volume yesterday was short volume and even still, and even still, we were up 7.49 on a date which is a beautiful thing to see so that's kind of what you're looking at as it is right now, if i want to finish Off a stocko tracker and the available shares to borrow right now, it's sitting at zero, or was you know what about 716.? Now it's at about 300 000..

This could simply be that there are less firms out there, less lenders that are trying to get exposure to a short position in the stock they're, just not landing out the shears, which makes that total available shares to borrow go down pretty substantially. So that's what you're! Looking at right here so with that being said, man i mean we're having a pretty decent freaking pre-market. It looks nice and decent up to about 58.90 1.36 gain on the day. I don't know how much you know, action we're going to get here in the pre-market, but i do have to work as per usual in the morning.

So i just want to give you guys as much time as i could and answer. Any questions have a spot to hang out freaking chill out. Ask some questions shoot the whatever you want to do. That's what we're here for man absolutely so welcome to the channel good to have everybody here, that's kind of what i've got for this introduction regarding the vortex data, the current short sale volume percentage ratio, the current available shares to borrow into the market right sitting, pretty Decent not looking too freaking shabby.

I saw somebody ask somebody asked if i have adhd. Probably i've just got a lot of energy, not much. I can do about that good morning. Trade love from miami i'm actually going out to miami in late july.

So uh. It's good to see you here, gerardo light, taps always light taps, always always light taps. You know what it is. Uh, let's fg check twitter same username has something made for you for your b day, man, jason x9897 i'll check it out real quick man for sure.

Oh, that's, sick. I love it dude! That's awesome! Thank you for that check this out. Amc. 801 number.

26. Chicken, tendees baby. You love to see it. You love to see it.

You really do that's nice! Thanks brother. I appreciate that eat ape trolls, no more caffeine. I actually got about four and a half hours of sleep last night, so i feel pretty decent. I feel pretty good it ain't bad good morning.

Brother welcome uh, welcome jf wall street viking. Good to see you here, man, absolutely jf wall street vikings, actually, the guy that made that miami thing happen, he's the dude. So freaking drop some girls in the chat for wall street viking. That's sick! I don't know how you pulled that off man, but you've got some freaking uh you've got some diamond diamond hands: dude, that's sick, absolutely nasty nasty from ohio the threshold list.

So i've seen this kind of pop around on twitter right and i always like to say this first and foremost before anything: it's not to set expectations for any sort of filing that comes out right. It's okay! It's an extra benefit. It's like the peak on the top of a mountain right. It's a snow on the top of the mountain makes it look nice and pretty, but we don't expect anything from filings until we see the action to back it up right, because we've got we've been there before.

We've absolutely been there before right, where we have these expectations. We're like. Oh, this problem is going to change this. The spawn is going to change that right and maybe it does to a small small degree, but it's better to set your your standards a little bit lower and hope for the best right, because then you're just going to be surprised, pleasantly surprised.

If things end up going well and not disappointed, if things don't go well right, we don't want to do that. We want to keep it real. We want people to freaking, be hanging out whether or not things happen or not. Right.

That's why i look at the bare bones: minimum basics every single day, technical analysis. What's the short interest, look like a failure to deliver has been accounted for, has naked shorting been accounted for, as is dark pool trading and off exchange trading still happening right. All those things still happening, you still have an afc case right. You just do the short interest right now: 19, it's freaking beautiful, so i've seen that kind of floating around.

Just like this uh this thing about the um. I think it's called show the show regulation, but i to be honest with you: i'm just not gon na hype it up, i'm just not, which is maybe that disappoints some people. I understand i get it, i get it, but i'd much much much rather keep it real. I just would i'd much.

Rather, people were pleasantly surprised but disappointed. We played that game too many times. We just have seven to ten uh day. Hedgies have to cover positions.

Uh, do your dd guys well, i'd have to see a source for that. Man show me a source and we can check it out. I train apes cheers from singapore. Yes, man, that's a waste, that's a freaking ways, threshold list, so i think the threshold list.

Essentially, what that means is it's a it's a harder to borrow stock right um, that's from the the basics that i've read. I got to be honest. The last freaking 24 hours, i've been doing so much stuff uh. I had to have a couple of conversations.

Last night, which weren't weren't a super good time, obviously, but they were necessary, they were necessary uh nonetheless, but anyways um. Let's just dig into that huh, let's look into the threshold list, so this is coming from frank nez. How about that? A threshold security protects stocks that have had five consecutive settlement days and a clearinghouse has failed to deliver. Protection from the sec also requires that the stock fcds total more than ten thousand shares, which amc easily does i'll fail to deliver for our new retail investors, basically means that an investor's trading contract such as call option, was not executed when it should have been ftd.

Is a naked shorting? If you don't know what either of these are failure. Delivery, essentially, is what a call option from uh. You know expires in the money. People decide to exercise it, and market makers can't deliver on the underlying stock for each of the contracts, or at least some of the contracts right.

That's a failure to deliver it's an iou naked short selling is creating a short that should not exist. Just based on a lack of supply is threshold security, significant to amc threshold security comes with regulations that heavily play in our favor. One of the regulations is known as rule 204. This is the one that uh this is the one the entire community is going to be amped about requires brokers and dealers that are participants of a clearinghouse to close out failure to deliver positions.

Yes, you heard that correctly, here's a source straight from the sec's key points under three regulation show closing out requires a broker or dealers to purchase or borrow securities of like kind and quantity right. So this is something that the sec is regulating and mandating. If that is coming directly from an sec document, however right we do know that there are hedge funds out there, who sometimes will not do that anyways, they they'd rather get slapped on the wrist and pay it fine. So this could be a great great, great thing right, but we don't want to get too hyped up for any individual thing because truth be told.

I think this is going to run its course, no matter what i saw this on twitter, and i thought this was fascinating. It's this idea of. If you knew the squeeze, is going to happen in exactly a year, would you be able to wait it out right? I think i would i'd be absolutely fine, i'm freaking chilling. I waited a year to get a freaking 25 cent an hour raise back when i used to sling wings at the cafe.

In my my local hometown. You know the difference here. Is you don't know when you just don't know when right, but the squeeze itself with the amount of attention this gets the amount of shorting? This gets the systemic problems. This has it it's it's almost inevitable.

I am inevitable. I love that, oh man, but you get the point right. It's a good thing to hope for just don't get your hopes up. That's all that.

I'm saying right, it's great to be educated and reading these sort of things. Absolutely absolutely absolutely, but you guys get my point so pretty cool thing. I've seen this, i i didn't make a video on it. I didn't really discuss it too much on twitter here yet, but this could do something cool it definitely could it could for sure.

It just depends on if the actual hedge funds and the market makers hold through on failure to delivers and actually deliver on the underlying ious with stock right. If that happens, you're sitting pretty good, beautiful i'll wait more than a year for life. Changing money would be nice to pay less taxes. Yes, sir, that long-term capital gap, capital gains tax; yes, sir.

Yes, sir, all right how'd you sleep, bro, watch, rick and morty, yet chemistry bro. I got about four and a half hours, i'm sitting pretty good, but i have not watched the the new episode of rick and morty. I have to man, it's not on it's not on hulu. I didn't see on hbo max either so i'll have to check back in, but i am very excited for that because i love rick and morty.

Oh geez rick. How come you always get to pick all the adventures, rick rock and roll? Thank you for that. Thank you. Thank you.

Amc is really the best player in the whole market. Right now. I've said this before and i'll say it again right the three best performing you know. Currencies are not, i shouldn't say, currencies but securities out of all of 2021 gamestop amc, dogecoin.

Think about that all those people saying it was a silly silly chicken investment yeah get out of here. You know the deal sec added amc to the threshold securities watch list. What does this mean? Hopefully we're able to catch that man? It definitely could do something good. It essentially just means they have to, or should, market makers and hedge funds who who fail to deliver on stock, should purchase the underlying stock and deliver on ious for failures or delivers, and if there's a lot of fairness delivers, which we know amc has millions if They hold through on that it can drive a lot of pretty filthy price action.

For sure, am i okay, i'm doing good man? Thank you. Tazzy appreciate that at the threshold, let's stay on point hold after 13 days. We can talk about it, i'm not stressing about it either way, man, it's something that could do something, but if it doesn't, it doesn't affect anything right. It's either a neutral or b positive.

It can't be negative right. That's the way that you got to look at it, absolutely god, dang freaking youtube. Tell me, is it lagging for you guys is the local key. On your end, you guys, let me know if i have to lower the bitrate a little bit.

I will new cam needed, no, the camera's fine, it's just kind of dark in here. My my left eye is being goofy today, so i have the lights pretty pretty dim. Thank you. A rally appreciate that king mcdogg says: what's your price for amc, i uh personally, i'm not setting price targets.

That's not my job for you right. My job is not to tell you when to buy and when to sell, it's simply to talk about the stock and pass along information. That's what i like to do right. It's your individual decision and personally i challenge each of you to think critically about what you are looking for out of the stock right.

When do you want to sell? When do you want to buy right? Those are your financial decisions, your financial responsibility. I i'm just not i'm not there to do that. You know. That's not my that's not my job, it's just not um.

All i ask, is you do some research? Do your due diligence think critically about it and have a plan right? Because if you don't have a plan, you don't know what's going on, you know you need to have some sort of plan, even if you're planning as simple as buying a hotel. Until you see this thing, you know start it's it's decline whatever. It may be right. Just have a plan, that's all i ask you don't need me for that.

You really don't. I promise you. You do not need me for that. If you, if you've, been watching these videos for a month two months three months, you know you know the spiel.

You know the deal you know what the stock is going to do now. It's just a matter of waiting it out, it's as simple as it is look at this starting to go 59.31 cents. Two two percent gain here so far in the pre-market. Look at the ask this is something actually pretty fascinating about the ask, as there is pretty uh pretty wide, i mean look at this 59 dollars all the way up to 74.99.

There's really not a lot of cell walls right now on the level twos. These are getting eaten up, pretty damn quick, honestly and the volume here, the pre-market there's nothing crazy, either. 488 000 total volume here on weeble. I know there's this: the weeble only shows the weeble pre-market volume, but man that's looking pretty decent 59.37, as i mentioned before.

A break over 59.50 to uh - i would argue you know, 60-ish dollars somewhere in that in between will get out of that pendant formation if it gets followed through for an hour of either trend continuation or consolidation over that level, that's looking pretty freaking tasty. Look at that look at this go! Look at these honest to god. That is so cool. Look at the ask.

Look at the ask all the way up to freaking 63.50. It was in the 70s man. I love it 1.2 million on td. There we go good stuff forget taking a pre-workout, just listen to trey lfg like to abstract.

I like that. Oh no, look at this. What am i doing? We don't have lamp on bam, god that thing's so cool pops. If you're watching right now, i appreciate that i appreciate that sick lamp man that thing's cool i freaking love it 5949 has a new pre-market high of 2.24 as it is right now.

I think that's actually a little bit higher than we saw in yesterday's price action. I'm gon na double check, but i'm pretty sure we peeked out yesterday about 59 30., 59.25 and right here, 59.28 right here: 5936 yeah, 5936 yesterday. So we're rivaling that right now that's pretty tasty man! Oh no! No! I don't have an arrow! Oh geez, rick! Oh, no, all right guys if you're new to the channel. This is your first time watching a freaking trace trades video.

This is simple stuff. I learned this from lamp. This took years of practice right i had to drop out of college. I had to drop out of high school honestly i didn't even graduate high school.

I had to stop everything. I was doing just to learn how to draw arrows like this, so we can get freaking technical analysis down to a t. It's simple stuff! You draw an arrow pointing up. Typically, the stock follows on the way up: simple as it gets.

I don't make the rules. I follow them. That is uh. That is how technical analysis works.

Guys. I'm telling you it's time to unsub it's time to unsub. If you start a live stream with training, he doesn't draw the arrow. I have wasted all of your time.

I've wasted all of your time. I've wasted wasted all all the energy that you have available to life man. That's no good! That's no good! No! I do have agree you're right blake. I have a degree.

It was a joke. There's a joke as a joke, i'm just playing i'm just playing amc is on what did that say? Amc is on the threshold securities list. What does that mean for us? Thanks? Probably dude, hopefully we'll catch that man just right over that just right over that. A minute ago, uh nhl winner classic party in minnesota in 2022, i'd be down.

Man i'd be down. I want to go to a vikings game so bad. I watched two vikings games and both times was when i was at st claude state university for a year and we had to do a certain amount of hours, essentially um. What's the word, volunteering right for the ncaa and the job that i worked for both of those games was one of the security guys on the field and keep in mind at the time.

I built the about the exact same as i am now. Maybe even like 5-10 pounds lighter uh and i just had to stand there like this and try and act tough to keep people from freaking, all the drunk guys from jumping into the the field and trying to storm the players or something, but it was cool. I remember adrian peterson ran past me uh after one of his plays, and i was like holy toledo, this guy's jacked, it was nasty, absolutely crazy for sure. Oh geez trey, is that the original lamp that you had in the hotel.

The mistress no comment, robert, the og's, no, the og's know what lamp that is, the og's. No, yes, sir, you know what it is. All right, all hail: the magic lamp yeah man absolutely morning, trey from london. Where do you learn? Japanese love your hand-drawn cartoon character, strong.

I actually took quite a few japanese classes in college um. That's where i mean japanese classes in college. I took. I took four of them and i watched a lot of anime.

So that's where you know the majority of my. My japanese comes from um watashiwa nihonjin, oh hanashimas. I speak a little bit of japanese. That's about what i would say morning: trade from london.

Oh, i read that you in the army. I was in abram's crewman 19 kilo ape el paso. Also, do you have adhd? I got that no shame bro, it's a superpower in cincinnati. Now i am in the army, that's about as much as i can say.

I can say i'm in the army, i can say i'm an officer. I can't say anything else. Unfortunately, i i got ta watch out for uh for some some some rules and regulations. You know what it is.

You know what it is. I that's funny. Okay, shout out queens new york still slapping that ass, let's go 59.47 as it is right now. You've got a small cell wall saying about 59.50, with a size of 6 200 total shares.

So that's a small wallet pusher. You can see it's hugging right beneath that line, because there is just a small little bit of resistance here in terms of people that are trying to sell stock at that designated level. Nice. Japanese today, oh i like that.

I like that katakana, that's good! That's good! Oh man, i'm loving this, the weebs in the chat, the weebs in the chat, hey man, that's what it's all about! Weeps, together weaves check out: stephanie cameron, tweet big money, incorporated stephanie cameron, i'll check that out quick 2.29 gainer cameraman. Did i spell that right? Stephanie? Oh, i spelled it with ph, stefanie doesn't pop up. I don't have anything man i apologize. If you give me a handle i'll check it out, that's funny.

I got a kick out of that. That's good! That's good! Only japanese, i know is pokemon. Yes, sir. Hey, that's something, that's something i love it.

I love it. Martin, i got ta be honest. I don't know that many kanji, i know, probably about 150 kanji, but i can read kira. You know how to katakana and hiragana.

Just fine kanji is freaking, tough there's. So many of them so many of them not stock relay, but i'm calling vikings defense top five. This season thoughts got ta rep that vikings j on a stream soon, you know i'm gon na go throw it on. What do we think? What do we think? Should i throw in the vikings jersey i'll? Do it don't make me, do it i'll, pull down my freaking deep v-neck and go slap that sucker on ah stefanie stephanie probably was just spelling it wrong.

Let me check again: ah there we go so which tweet was it big money incorporated check out where they are loaded to sell today? Oh interesting, 150, bucks, 70 and a thousand? Well, that's something! That's pretty neat! That's pretty neat! I dig it no expectations. Man, no expectations, it'd be cool. If it came to fruition, though totally would totally would, but in terms of the vikings defense, what do i think i think it's gon na really depend on how the the previous year's rookies play uh our corners got smoked last year. It was really tough to watch man, it's like just too many injuries.

There was too many injuries, everybody was getting hurt, nobody could stay healthy and you can't play as a solid defense. Without your guys. Staying healthy, you know, um, like our offense, was actually solid. We scored like an average, i think, like 26 points, a game, but we were one of the most scored on teams and that's tough, so the the defense.

I hope the young guys stay healthy, that's what it really comes down to. They got to stay healthy. They got to play better than they did last year. All right did you see the fest landing drop yesterday, not an after party, yet no, no moas dates.

We're not going anywhere just a place for apes to meet up party and celebrate being apes uh. I did get that sent to me wall street viking. I got ta be honest. Like i said i just had some stuff going on last night that i i had to take care of, but i will check this out right now for sure.

Look at that nice sort of uh two loads high, close candlestick pattern that we got right there. I'm gon na explain to you what that is really quick. So two, those high close, is when you have a red candlestick right. That open side closes low, followed by a green candle that opens low, closes high, very close to or near or at the previous candle.

It's typically a good sign of rejection. So i like seeing that for sure we're happy to announce that it will be at the paris las vegas featuring a live performance by jay hunter mav. Come to me, trades train come celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of the journey with apes starting out january 20th. 2022, first after party we're gon na celebrate being apes.

Yes, sir vegas better have a lot of lemon pepper attendees. You already know what it is all right. We got, ta move the arrow guys, you know the spiel, you know how she rocks. You know how she rocks and rolls you move the arrow.

Typically, his stock follows it's doing pretty good, ah joke without my spit. I do that way too much. I got ta calm down. I get too excited uh.

This is the raven's ear tray. Hopefully, lamar jackson plays a little better in the playoffs he's, always freaking lights out during the regular market, not the regular market. What the! Ah, you can see my brain's wired during the regular season, but then post season comes - and i feel like it - just freezes up under pressure, like he's just got to keep playing the same in the after season shiloh. I appreciate that.

Thank you. It's dr uh slicia thompson as well today's a good day because tremaine is streaming christina. Thank you for that. I'm chilling dude! I uh! I love uh.

I love streaming. It's honestly a blast. This is about. This is a happy place.

You know no matter what i've got going on in the day, but i've got a stream going. I know that i've got that to look forward to you know it's good it just it keeps the mind occupied, i'm a guy that definitely has to keep busy. You know what it is. You know what it is.

It's the browns here this year, dude it was so cool to see them, make the playoffs so cool. How could you not get excited about that? I could not get excited amc. New york stock exchange threshold securities shorts have 13 days to cover could be seven and five days of ftd's uh overwhelming amc so far counted. I'm gon na get a call from matt real quick hold on a sec that was mad.

He just wanted to call and tell me uh and tell me he loves his father, because that man is my son, oh geez, oh cheese, rick, i love it. I needed my mic on purpose. I try to keep his uh his his privacy. You know well to some extent, i just don't know what he wants to talk about when he calls like.

I i talk with him and if he says hey, it's cool you're gon na mute, then i do if not then whatever it is what it is uh. Thank you for service to our country in our ape nation to those who bought 60. We are coming for you and we eating 10 days today. Baby, i don't know 8 left behind.

Yes, sir, this this game, ain't done, it ain't done at 60. Bucks i'll tell you that i'll tell you that, yes, morty more yes, morty more we're gon na go on lots of adventures. Morty can they buy those ftds on dark pool and it won't affect the price we see um. To be honest with you, i can't speak on the regulations of dark pools because i've never used one.

That's the problem is the transparency of the dark pool right. I don't know why my sleeves rolled up i'm gon na roll, these back down uh. We don't know that you know that what actually happens in the dark pool, because the retail trader can't trade on the dark pool. You know we don't know how how it actually can affect to a t, the stock price, because we don't get to trade that right.

They do so it's possible. Potentially, i can't speak on the fact that it's not possible, but can we control that? Can you control whether or not they buy ftds on darkpool or off exchange trading? No, you really can't you know. So what what is their harm in? Essentially, worrying about it, there's not it's there's not. We don't want to disprove factor speculation.

The fact is that the news is either neutral or positive. It's either going to do nothing or it's going to affect things in a good way. So worst case scenario we're still exactly where we are right now. Right set the standard at just the bare minimums that we know will have to happen.

Shorts have to cover eventually financial deliveries have to get delivered on right, eventually, something's going to happen. Those are the things that i'm choosing to focus on, and that's just me do what you got ta do, though man i mean that's just something that i'm not personally going to worry about, because i think, regardless of whether or not they get delivered on dark pools, You're still gon na have good price action. You're still gon na have a squeeze, so i'm chilling uh. Did you get zeal brad by chance? I watched some of his videos.

I don't know if he's ever gon na get back to me, though i don't know if he wants to. I don't know. If he wants to talk with me. Just leave this tray make stock go up.

Oh yeah, i got ta roll these back up. I got ta roll these back up. Look at this. That was not a coincidence, not a coincidence.

We just need sleeveless tray, deep v's, deep v's and we're freaking chillin. At that point. Look at this 59.37 cents. 59.50.

Is the pre-market high in a little bit of a bounce here, but you still got cell wall about 59.50 up 2.19 here in the pre-market breakover 5950 is gon na get us dang close to that penny. Looking pretty freaking tasty baby, look at that. That is some lemon pepper attendees. If i ever seen him man drake needs to write a new song jeez, mr anderson, something what's that saying mr anderson, the matrix, i guess yes, sir, thank you for being you.

Thank you for your info. I sincerely hope you have a longevity of good health, hey man, chad. I appreciate that brother. My my surgery is tomorrow, so we'll we'll get that uh we'll get that done, and hopefully everything goes smooth.

It shouldn't be anything crazy shouldn't, be anything crazy. Honestly, i feel like i'll be fine afterwards, but we'll see doctor said it's about 48 hour recovery, give us more morty, oh geez rick. I guess i can do that. Rick will be a good uh buy price for amc.

Well, the most important thing is you recognize. That's entirely your decision, i'm not here to make that choice for you right, but what i do think is you're dangerously close to a technical break out of a large-scale pennant formation. If it breaks over 60 bucks, then it holds it for an hour. That's what you're! Looking for right that hold of trend continuation consolidation over 60 bucks, it very well could test out 63..

So you know what you're banking on essentially if you're to buy right now is a technical break within the next couple of trading days. So that's entirely up to you: do you think it's going to have a technical breakdown, the next one, two three trading days or do you think it's gon na have another dip right? I personally believe that it's gon na have the technical breakout just based on the fact that it's really hugging up on here and this pennant formation is gon na end in the next couple of days. But that's what i think right you got ta make that decision for yourself lamp on lamp on lamp off. Oh man, good luck with this appreciate that man sleeves up lamp on oh yeah, man, too, easy too easy.

If you're loving me, what do you think about the breakout levels are for today this week? Thanks for being the man, i think 59.50 is a pretty critical one. I'd say: there's a zone right, a zone between 59 50 and 60 bucks which is gon na then bring you to 63., where we've rejected three times right: 63 dollar. Rejection three times is pretty critical check this out. Right.

Look at this. I don't know why. Weeble does this: it needs to fix this bug one two three times it's rejected at about 63 bucks. We need to get that technical break over 63 and i can guarantee you that's a technical breakout zone because if it breaks over that it's gon na it's gon na fly 70 bucks, i think, is what's coming after that 63 mark there's a beer called.

I live. I love lamp made by evil genius. No way. Oh, that's sick! That's the coolest thing ever i love it.

Matt called to say amc going to the moon today. Oh absolutely, i thought that was. I thought that was obvious. I thought that was of course, of course, of course.

Of course. Of course, uh do you believe it's likely possible amc will hit four digits cher. I got ta be honest with you right, i'm not here to set price targets. You know i i feel no, it's! It's okay that you're asking.

I have absolutely no problem with that, but that's not my job to tell you where i think the stock is going to go. Do your own research! Do your own due diligence crunch, your own numbers and figure out what you think the stock is going to do the most important thing with this and what i think is the coolest about where this whole, you know the eighth community is right. The ape gang is each individual person has educated themselves and got themselves up to speed and made their own financial decisions and made their own money to get where this is right. Now it's a beautiful thing right, that's your own financial responsibility to come up with.

I'm not here to do that for you. I wish that i could be right, but i can't i can't do that. I can't i can't influence your decision to buy and or to sell. That's not my job.

I love that alexander newman appreciate that brother. Have you seen training212 forcing investors to lend their amc shares by uh july 13th? Otherwise, you will not be able to buy in stock, only sell. I have to fact check that to see if it's legit, but let me check this out in second, is this one new? I see this on reddit two hours ago. Trade 212 are forcing users.

Oh that's, not a good enough source for me. Does anybody have a source ah having a hard time? Reading this hmm, i i can't validate that man. I need to see an actual source. My source can't be reddit.

I need something to back that up. Twitter, i use 212 and haven't been contacted, saw a screenshot on stock twits, though okay, a little blurry uh, there's not much. I can do about that. I have to keep the bitrate about where it's at otherwise uh things get a little laggy look on the t212 uh trading 212.

blood pressure. Blood pressure causes blurriness. That could be it. I don't know, i'd have to dig pretty deep into that.

If anybody has a source, just let me know, go ahead and drop it. Otherwise. I can't i can't validate that. I have to see it with my own eyes, vikings play at carolina panthers october 17th.

Let's go i'll dm you on twitter under tar heels. Let's do it baby, let's do it. I loved when teddy was over at the panthers teddy bridgewater cool dude cool dude. I have 2212 and they're.

Making us search up their new tc source is hold and don't give no dates. Move that arrow. Yes, sir, i got you i'm gon na see if i can find my glasses really quick. My uh, my eye is not.

I can't. I can't really see my screen right now. Uveitis is kicking me. Give me one sec, my friends i'll be right.

Back. Give me 30 seconds: okay, i don't like how these look, but i'm having a hard time seeing so i put them on football as well broseph, and please know that the subway cup household is all written for you, including my six-year-old son rj, who is watching right Now and says hello, let's all get candies, which i call attendees from kenny g candies. Yes, sir beautiful thank you tracy subway cup, my sub wake up hey! I fill you up. That's what's just for your surgery.

Appreciate that john. Thank you man. Thank you cruising at 59.27 cents. I want to check ortex, really quick and just see if we have an update on uh current short interest or not eight fest, nothing yet 18.97.

I'm waiting for that live update. You like the glasses guys. Thank you guys. I appreciate that, let's have a party comments on volume, uh princess, dark pool data tweet.

I can check it out proceed to party. I love you myself. Wake up! Oh. I already commented on this before.

If that's dark pool it's it's something to be hopeful for, but not expecting right. They are blue blockers yeah. These are blue, blocker glasses. Thank you dirk appreciate that appreciate that dirk seriously, i can say it a million times, but i really cannot influence your guys's decision to buy or sell.

I cannot. I cannot do that. Hey man been here since january love what you do. I've learned so much from you uh.

I much appreciate my dude keep up the good work. Thank you. Matthew appreciate that brother zoom. In on the amc.

I can go like that wait. Why does it look like that? It looks good. Doesn't it here how about well, if i go full screen, we can't see the level twos. We can do this, though how's that look uh after spending 22 years working corp jobs.

In april, i followed my passion to work at a bike shop in the summer to teach college clearly landing on the moon will help the family do what we want to do rob. I love that story. Man, that's awesome, hell yeah, let's freaking, go dude light taps drop, some light taps on the chat for rob. Let's go watching with my buddies, nick mark and connor.

I love everything you do. Trey keep up. The great work appreciate that brother is 60 shares enough. Fabian.

You've got the wrong mentality. Man you've got the wrong mentality, it's not about how many shares you've got. I don't care, i don't care man. If you could have you could have one share, you could have ten shares a thousand ten thousand.

A hundred thousand. I give the you have as many shares as you want man, your name you're an ape as long as you're, not a coba. We just don't want kobas in the chat. No cobas, no flood spreaders, no shills, no bots.

None of that negativity right! It's as simple as this, the amc case is buy and hodl if you're an investor at amc. That's to me what the majority of people are watching right, they're, just buying and holding that's what i see on the charts man. That's what the charts tell me. People are just buying and holding it doesn't matter.

How many shares you got. I don't care your name you're an ape. You matter, you're, a part of the community break the wedgies to smack the hedges kachiga kachiga. Let's go yeah 5950 is the pre-market highest 59.34 right now broke just beneath this ascending level of support.

If you want to find any level of support resistance, you're new to the channel right, you're new to technical analysis, you're just connecting dots, super easy right, you're, just drawing a line where the eye wants that line to be, and you you look for these three touch Points one two, three four different touch points here: it broke just beneath that hugging right below it, but it could have been a false break right. It's still hugging that line and that's the whole point of technical analysis is an art, not a science. Are you looking for generalized trends and generalized lines, which you definitely have here? 59 44 right here? Look at this get a little bit of a push. I like that in case, you're wondering what this wick is right here.

This is pre-markets opening right, so different, brokerages, open pre-markets at different times 6 a.m. Summer center time is one 7 a.m. Central standard time is another which will make this 8 a.m. Uh eastern standard time right here, where you get that huge pre-market spike.

That's why the volume was astronomical with that one minute window right there, why you got that long, wick, that's typically how she works. Look at this 59-46, damn close to 59.50, which is that pre-market high. That is where the cell wall is 3000 shares. That's really not a whole lot.

It shouldn't take much to push through that. If, if we're gon na test that out here, look at this coming up, dang freaking, close dang, close you'd love to see it. I love you in japanese to my girlfriend natsuka. This is her account, oh baby, all right, natsukawa, hopefully uh.

Hopefully, hopefully i made her smile. I can literally tell you're in the company office - oh chris, my god do me like that. Ah, ah i do work a desk job. I do.

I won't lie drake. You do a one-hour fashion show, with only you sporting, all your very short shorts, no melinda. Why i got ta say that why i got ta say it: oh man, how about this outfit huh? How about this? This is cool. This is a.

This is a look bam. I've got the pants rolled up, just as so, this is a vibe. This is a vibe. These aren't even shorts.

These are just pants. This is what i like doing. It gets hot. It gets hot in oklahoma brooklyn when you're gon na wear your george w t-shirt.

Again, i wore it a couple days ago. I think i try to rotate through stuff but uh that one's dirty i got ta watch it. I got ta watch it. Ah you're a drone operator, no, no, no, no, no, no, no loves the van gogh van gogh ones are cool starry night.

I like those two for sure that fit guys. I don't make the rules, i just follow them. This is called fashion. Okay, rocking the freaking blue light glasses.

You got ta have the v-neck. With the sleeves rolled up, you got ta, be wearing sweatpants rolled up to the knees. I don't make the rules. I don't make the rules, it's just how it goes, that's how it goes.

59.39. Still have that cell wall at about 59.50 guys there's not much to talk about when the stock is moving very slow right, not a whole lot of crazy boom boom candles happening. We got a nice move from 5901 to 59.50 in about a five minute move honestly, that was a nice 50 cent spread right there, uh just waiting for that next big move, which i think is going to come after 59.50 here in the pre market. So that's what you're watching for thank you for service brother we'd love to have you out on one of our veterinary veteran events check us out black dog hunting.

Are you on twitter man? I am not a veteran, but it would be cool to definitely connect. Oh there you are yeah sick. I've got you pulled up. Oh is your heart brother.

Oh, how is my heart heart's doing? Okay, i'm doing all right, uh, there's good days and bad days yesterday was a was an interesting day. I didn't have any flare-ups or nothing but um. Sometimes you have good days and bad days. It's as simple as it gets yesterday.

Last night was a tougher day. Last night was tough for sure. I went into the weeds, it's not that important, but i was definitely struggling a little bit. That's how life goes.

Man you just got. Ta surround yourself with your people. I've said this a million times the opposite of happiness is loneliness and if you're lonely just got ta be with your people, man remove an arrow to the right to the window to the wall. Oh man, trey.

I sent you a tweet on the trading 212 share. Lending source mitch, i need your handle. Give me your hand a little check that out brother. Can you shout out my boy steph from de la meal, capital uh, it's his birthday today.

Well shout out to him. Man hope steph is having a great birthday. Absolutely man get out of here vikings and panthers. I'm definitely doing it, man absolutely jeff.

Please read my other super chat. If you can my son's watching, i i read it man, hopefully i'll catch it, hopefully i'll catch it. I know a little bit behind it's your favorite anime opening. Oh, i really like the new hero, academia, opening, that's a pretty decent one, the most recent episode they made a new opening and it was really freaking decent.

I loved it loved it. I think black clover's got a really good one. I like full metal, alchemist opening. I think that one's solid um hatred nobody's talking about the annual meeting share count.

Increase of 25 million shares states that the total shares would increase to 549 million. Math doesn't make sense. 501 plus 25 should be 526 23 million extra shares, so i have to dig into that. I got to be honest.

I have made it a point not to even read the proxy material yet because i don't want to make a decision based on the information that i have right now right things can change between now and the last day of voting. So i'm making it a point to wait until all the available information to me, you know ends up coming to my attention, but if i do read it - and that is the case, you can rest damn easy. Knowing i'm gon na make a video about it right. Absolutely 100 would make a video about it.

If that's the case, you already know it so i'll think into it. Man i'll take it to a baby gorilla appreciate that any uh chance of a short dip on the open. So i could spend my 4k of uncooked indies before we crack sex uh. Sexy come on guys, almost not an accident.

That's got to be it. That's got to be it 23 million go to the management that could be it yeah. So maybe if it's, if you vote on the manager like i said, i haven't read it, i haven't read it because i'm making it a point not to uh not to make a decision right right now and waiting it out right. But if that's the case, i could explain it for sure.

60. 60.. Oh look at that 5948. When we see a dip, the most volatile part of the entire day is immediately at market open, so the first 15 20 minutes.

If it's gon na happen it'll be, then it would definitely be. Then uh all right ron says hit the like button guys. I only asked once a live stream. That's it! That's the only time i ask if you want to drop a like on this live stream.

Don't do it for me, do it for lamp back here, do it for the freaking gorilla the gorilla gang lamp lamp off lamp on uh. It helps helps feed. Her helps. Take care of her helps her stay nourished.

I got ta wash her got. Ta keep her clean. I appreciate it. If you do.

If not, i don't really give a it's all you you do what you got ta do crack sexy baby come on. Do it? Oh man, well my eyes, bad glasses go on stay with me all right dad! I did it, i did it, i did it. I've got my glasses on it's definitely a little agitated right now, oh yeah. I can't see anything on my left eye.

That's all right! I can see it on my right eye, so we're chilling. You just want to say much, love and appreciation was slash, am suffering from depression. Your channel in the ape nation really helped me realize that i should get help on the road to recovery diamond backhand. Dude trust me when i say that you're not alone - and i know how you feel so - i'm an extroverted guy right, there's no secret.

It's no secret at all. My greatest fears in life are not having enough money to be free and being lonely, because being lonely to me means not being happy, and i had to really you know, approach something that scared me a lot growing up as a kid and that's being isolated and Living alone that never in my entire life have i lived entirely by myself. Like i have the last six months, i don't have you know i've been in this either an airbnb or a hotel by myself for six months. That's tough! I mean that's really a mentally hard thing for me to have to grasp.

So i know what you're saying man, it's different, i'm not saying that the situation's the same, like your your struggles, are different than mine. You know they're, not gon na be the same. It shouldn't be the same, but um getting help and having people to lean on. That's what matters man genuinely uh.

Do what you got to do. Man be happy, be happy. Would you ever create amc skits? I am uh, i'm not intelligent enough to to make that sort of stuff happen. I'm sure i could like come up with the concepts and something more creative could do it, but we're gon na sell one level twos.

Oh, i got ta scroll back up where'd that go oh gon na slam, us no, i wouldn't say they're gon na slam, us it's just a hard wall to push through at 59.50 or so harder, while the push through military beat down as well, something you never Realize until y'all peace and love, semper, fi luke, mar man i'll do what i got to do brother, nothing better than a solid sun amc. I love it. I love the lion span here, you're absolutely immune to any disappointment rebuilding since 57. What was your new brother? Keep that motivation up, see you in tinytown man.

I feel bad for stafford. I really do stafford is a good quarterback who has just not had a great team for a good minute. You look like the terminator. I love it.

These glasses dude tray read my free chat. I love this guy. I did man. Are you doing? Zometica i've been on amc man for a couple of months.

I'm gon na get back to other stocks when the time comes, but for me that time is not now. For me, it's not. The time is not now. I feel like my uh, my energy and drive and focus is best served on where i think the hottest stock in the market is, which is amc.

All right just did some ass on how much tax off to pay my current earnings. 41K. As it's 28 the uk, we make sure people don't forget about their tax. I've got a video out about it.

Man uh, if you don't know what you got to do about taxes, long term versus short-term. You know. Short-Term taxes on your gains in the market are two different things. It's worth watching or at least learning about right.

I've got a video on it. So if you want to check that out, it's on the channel and ban those guns bro, we appreciate you respect the army bed dude i've built like a stick. I don't know what you're talking about. I am not a very big guy 160 pounds - probably 158 somewhere in that ballpark somewhere in that ballpark um.

We had ambry pr thanks for your february video on it. Yes, sir, that was what you needed to watch for absolutely absolutely. I appreciate that gina the surgery should go, fine, i'm not stressing about it, i'm not stressing about it, not stressing jujutsu kaizen. Oh, that is such a good anime.

Well, i watched that dude. I had low expectations, but it set the bar man that was solid. That was a really really good anime. I love that.

I love that a lot. How tall am i 5.11 and 5.11 understand threshold list? The sec implements a regulation show in january 2005 in an effort to reduce naked short selling practices. There you go greg. Metler said it, and i do think amc stock is a security that has been naked, short sold on quite frequently and quite a lot, especially considering how hard to borrow the security was for a very prolonged period of time.

Right. Lack of supply increase in demand means either a you pay for the demand or b. You increase the supply to artificially lower the demand right. That's just how it is, and that's what naked short selling accomplishes.

That's what they try to do. Hey trey! Could you play not a dead cat while you're at work? We was up 100 last time. He did that nighthawk. Should we do it? What do you think should we play not a dead cat on repeat, while i'm at work leave the stream running for like freaking nine hours? Oh man, best of luck with surgery following a while same age, my b day in july.

Thank you for inspiring me to learn the market become an ape bryce man well happy almost 24th birthday brother i'd love to see it, love to see it. Thoughts on tokyo, revengers i haven't seen it. I got ta, be honest, vikings at panthers. Yes, sir summer pack, nut guard is reporting soon at save cents up 1.86 percent here in the pre-market.

It's just hugging right beneath that 59.50 level here in the in the pre-market volume so far on weeble is 933 000.

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