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What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, how are we doing it's your boy tray from treasures coming back again for another freaking traders podcast? This is episode number 88 and holy toledo. We've got a little piece of news, a little piece of news to start off the morning with what were the freaking odds of this huh. Look at that stuff. Look at this as of literally just recently adam aaron, just tweeted.

This out, we've got a new proxy statement, supplement that just came out check this out. Let's just read this here really quick. This proxy statement supplement uh supplements dated july 6th, which is today uh supplements the definitive proxy statement filed by amc. It is removal of proposal, one for the stockholder consideration, which was a 25 million share authorization, and i can promise you one thing.

You go check out what adam aaron just tweeted. He listens. Man, he listens, he looks he sees he hears. He acts it's no secret.

I think shareholders should authorize 25 million more afc shares, but what you think is important to us. Many ask many. No amc does not want to proceed with such a split, so we're cancelling the july vote on more shares and no more such requests in 2021, and that's probably the most fascinating piece to me. Is this right here and no more such requests in 2021 they're not going to ask again well it's! This is twitter, i'm not i'm not a lawyer by any means, but coming from adam aaron's mouth no freaking share dilution in 2021.

So that's a pretty beautiful thing to see, and even if uh you know they, you know pull it back at 2022. It takes time for those sort of things to get enacted. So i'm super jacked about this. That's looking nice! How can you not be happy after seeing something like that in the morning so beautiful day? We don't have to worry about voting.

Yes, voting notice, your authorization anymore. There's no need for that split. There's no need for the 8.8. There's no need for the cobas.

No need for the division. We can freaking chill out man now, it's just the apes, the stock and what's happening every single day. So that's a beautiful freaking thing to see, and on top of that, you've got some pretty nice stuff happening here in the pre-market up. 3.27 percent to 53.66 cents, the high of the pre-market is 54.36, which is looking pretty freaking tasty.

You do have an overall higher highs, higher low sort of setup right now, a setting level of support a setting level of resistance. We need uh. We need to drop an arrow, i'm not going to forget. Don't you worry not this time, not this time.

I'll, tell you what if you guys got my video last night. This is something that we were ready for. We got this all ready, there's a reason. We're green in the pre market, i'm telling you right now.

I will tell you right now. The only reason we're green in the pre-market is because of the arrows it's 100 hyaku pasento, the arrows that we drew up in yesterday's video. So that's i'm just playing guys! I'm just playing - maybe maybe i'm playing, maybe i'm playing. Who knows but anyways, that's looking real freaking decent.

So how can you? How can you not be happy? How can you not be happy this morning? That's a nice thing to see amc. You got short interest coins. Saying about 18.24, if you're new to the channel new to amc stock new to all this sort of stuff right, the short interest percentage of free float simply just tells you. How many shares approximately compared to the free float, which is about 500 million shares, are being sorted into the market, which is about 18.24 or 93.32 million? According to 85 percent of the exchange reported data does not really take into consideration.

You know naked short selling. Some failure to delivers uh, it doesn't take a consideration. The high frequency trading - and you also have amc currently on this right here. The threshold list, which happens when you have consecutive days of failures or delivers that are over ten thousand uh shares worth a day or about point five percent of the overall shares outstanding.

This is coming from right here. Right check. This out threshold securities are equity securities that have an aggregate failure to deliver position for five consecutive settlement days at a registered clearing agency, totaling 10 000 shares or more and equal to at least 0.5 of the issue, with total shares outstanding. So this is actually some good news, because this creates essentially some more regulation and uh accountability towards the market makers that have to essentially deliver on shares on sort of call options that are being exercised and they can't deliver on.

So that's a beautiful thing to see. I'm jacked about that. You guys should be jacked about this. This is looking nice.

This is looking nice i'll. Tell you what there are only apes. There are only freaking apes. You had a total of 41 short volume percentage yesterday in comparison to or not not yesterday but friday last week, uh, which is still a pretty decent amount, but it is down taking a pretty immense amount which is surprising to see just based on the price action.

We saw last friday, but that's what you got cooking right now, my friends, i see the adam aaron tweet thing in the chat bar right here we did just talk about that and the beautiful part in case you're, just tuning in i probably should have waited until Some more people rolled up because there's no more such requests in 2021. They will not be asking again for share authorization, which means no split, no division, no, no differing like we can just. We can just come together for similarities instead of arguing about the differences, which is something that i'm super freaking jacked about. I love seeing that.

So that's what got cooking up this morning, i'll answer any questions that you guys have to the best of my ability. We are currently setting up 4.10 in the pre market. It's a beautiful freaking day and the volume so far isn't bad. 432.

000 - and i mentioned this in yesterday's video, but the volume seems to have found a nice little consolidation phase right here and maybe be getting an uptick with that news that came out today, hopefully knock on wood. The mainstream media doesn't find any sort of stupid freaking way to spin that negatively. I don't know how how you possibly could when people are reacting while the market's reacting well, but man it's a beautiful morning. It's a beautiful freaking morning i'll tell you that right now, smolder boulder soldier, okay, we got this ready ready for this.

We got the aviators. We got the apiary ready, we're gon na hit you with the smolder boulder. Let's go, you know what it is. You know what it is got ta have those apiece ready man, you never know when you're gon na need them.

You never know you never know volume 900k already and rising fast. Yes, sir. Yes, sir you've got the volume on weeble only shows you the weibull pre-market volume, so maybe it could be something nice. It could be something nice you guys.

Let me know if the stream starts lagging at all. It looks good on my end um, but i can change it if i have to amc up almost five percent pre-market. Yes, sir up three point: seven five percent high of the day was 54 36 glasses train, so my eyes are actually doing decent in terms of the light sensitivity and uh. You know that that whole sort of thing i actually going to go to the optometrist today, because i haven't been able to see it on my left eye for a couple months.

It's kind of kind of concerning, so i'm going to try and figure that out good morning brother glad to see you in a good mood by the way. What's your favorite burger spot so where i'm living, i like to go to uh a place called bricktown brewery. They've got different, uh local ipas that they bring on tap, which i really enjoy. I like trying out new stuff, i'm from minnesota.

After all, in minnesota's, you know the minnesotans they're well known for for being the snappy snobby craft, beer kind of guy. So that's where i'm at that's, where i'm at where's the spoon i got the spoon baby. Don't worry, don't worry ken, don't worry we're chilling, i'm not gon na get bit by a spider today! Oh, i suppose i better say this too, because i always get asked at least one or two times um. The the wound on my chest is healing up nice, the the stitches doing pretty good.

I can actually feel i can feel that little uh that loop monitor it's kind of cool i'll, be laying in bed and i'll just be like tapping on my chest. I'm like oh still there it's decent yeah, the okc breakdown brewery. I've been there a few times. Breakdown's so good man they're burgers.

What makes a good burger i'm telling you is cooked medium. It's got to be a little pink in the middle and the bun. It can't be that freaking burger king sort of dog poop bun. It's got to be a nice freaking like brioche sort of textured bun man.

It's got to be decent, the the bun is uh the game changer without a doubt. Without a doubt, amc equals american millionaires club. Oh yeah, oh yeah, you know what it is. You know what it is.

Tell me what you fought a hotter stock in the market. You can't do it, you can't do it. Yes, sir. Oh man, s b, burgers are far better.

I haven't had it. I got to be honest ruiz, barbecue i'll. Try that out too try that too sitting up about 3.52 look at the level twos right now in case you do not know, i always assume, there's at least one new person. That's checking out this.

You know the stock checking out the live stream, checking out the videos, whatever the level twos right here is data that essentially tells you what people are willing to buy and sell for, and it's nice in the pre-market, because you can only execute limit orders in the Pre-Market and you can execute market orders and limit orders during the regular market hours. So this can tell you where you can find levels of resistance and support and is especially nice to use in the extended hours, because that's literally the only means that people can buy and sell at so looking at the level twos right now, it's honestly pretty barren On the ask side of things, you really don't have any large levels of resistance on the bid side, which is what people are trying to buy at uh, 5350 and 5320, are the two levels of support and in each one minute window of trading you're getting anywhere Between i'd argue 3. 000 to you know: 11, 000, 15, 000 somewhere in that neighborhood. So that's what you can you can easily easily pop that up.

It just takes a little bit of a push and some buying pressure to come back up. Adam sweden, bullish af. Yes, sir, yes, sir, you know what it is. Oh man, i'm not i'm so excited about that guys.

Let me tell you what i'm excited about that tweet, because i've gotten so much flack over this adam aaron stuff. I i understand right. I get it! I'm a 24 year old kid. I don't know a whole lot about a whole lot, i'm the middle of nowhere.

Who knows what i'm freaking doing right, but i stood by him because i truly do believe, as the ceo of a company he's doing damn near a perfect job, not not perfect, but close to he's doing a great job. I would argue one of the best jobs of managing the company and also listening to the shareholders. You find me one ceo out there right find me one if it was a different ceo in adam aaron's shoes. What do you think they would do? What do you think they would do? They would try to raise as much freaking cash as they could.

You know, despite regardless of the fact that shareholders don't want dilution right now. He listen man, you listen and at the same time, yes, he did kill some momentum at one point in time when he sold some shares into the market, but he's trying to manage his company as well as appease to the apes man and he's doing it. I'm telling you i mean this guy, this guy. It makes me so happy to see two things.

It makes me happy to see, first and foremost and most importantly, that the aids were heard and that there's not gon na be any need for that division across the board. In terms of voting right, i've said this a million times most of the time. Politics just divide people, and this isn't something political by any means, but it's it's not what we need to do right. It's not what the apes want.

It's this sort of stuff, the eight versus ape sort of thing right. You don't need that anymore. There's no excuse for there's no reason for it right. All that it is now is the stock.

All there is is apes. Secondly, man, i'm just pumped to see adam aaron, getting getting the freaking message across getting things done, because that's that's, ultimately what it is man. Yes, sir uh good morning, brother glad to see you in a good mood. Alright, i read that shout out crystal gomez my girlfriend.

I convinced her to buy 300 shares away both up 300, always glad to watch your videos. Keep your health in good shape. The rock man dwayne, the rock johnson. I can't believe you came to my my stream dude.

I don't know, i don't know dwayne the rock johnson had a girlfriend named crystal. That's pretty dope, that's pretty dope man good for you! No i'm happy for you, brother. Absolutely! That's awesome, that's awesome. Did i do pt today, so i'm actually on a profile right.

So i can't talk specifically about my job. I am in the army, i'm an active duty officer. I can't say more than that right, but i'm on a profile. Just for my heart health, so i they don't.

Let me work out which uh to be honest with you i'd be nervous about. I would i would be a little bit nervous about it. My stepdad, you know, even if it's not biological, he passed away five years ago from a heart attack, so it's home man, i'm not here to screw around with that stuff, i'm uh i'm trying to take care of my health. You know my mom's side of the family's had seizures and stuff, so we'll we'll see what it is when they finally diagnose it and try and fix things, but we're on we're on our way.

We're on our way. Am i doing fine, i'm doing great jrw. Thank you for that. My brother always happy to see his green.

You healthy and my tits jacked great waking up with the gorilla fam get merch store back up, bro air taps. So for some reason man, i don't talk about it a whole lot. The merge store, because i really care about that stuff - you do what you want to do. That's on you, i'm not here to promote that um, but the merge store has been having problems executing orders, so i'm taking it down.

So we fix that that problem, because i don't want you guys waiting for your stuff if you're gon na buy anything um, i'm not gon na, say if i, when the date comes, and it goes back up uh, because i'm not here to do that. That's not that's not my job on youtube. I don't care. If you buy my stuff or not.

That's, that's your call. Not mine right, but it'll it'll go it'll, get back up just give it time traven diamond hand. Since my birthday january 29th, through ups and downs, now up 100 grand. Could you play not at a cat, uh rj lee light taps? Yes, sir, we can play that for you.

You guys want to listen to that right now or what? What are we thinking good morning from miami michael i'm going to be in miami july 23rd through the 25th? So if you want to meet up man i'll, be there and i'll give you more details on twitter, andrea, i don't think i missed your super chat, yet i'm coming through all right yeah and why not? Let's send it huh, but first let me take a selfie. Oh man, i haven't seen that in a long time i thought i saw that uh matt coors tweeted. I try to show my brother, some love and then i'll play a song for you guys all right here we go miami in the hizzy, no wait! Man, my throat is being goofy this morning. All right make sure that my desktop audio is cooking and cowabunga.

There we go, let you guys have it for a sec today, my friends and family, my fellow gorilla gang we're back again to give you a little more of an update on ticker symbol, a m c. This is this: is it's not going to be bullish? It's not going to be bearish hope you guys like that, not a cat, not a dick there. It is baby, oh man, so we broke underneath this ascending level of support right here and just beneath the volume average price, the v wap. This gold indicator gold trend line in case you're, not familiar is this the average price that anybody's paid on any single day right typically trading above that is a bullish thing and brings along more momentum and more volume.

You can see that it can kind of act as a level of support and or resistance. So you'd like to get back over that v-wop that volume at average price and i've seen this a couple times. People say trey: why does technical analysis matter in a black swan event? True technical analysis won't change what is to come, but it can give you an indication of what's to come to mentally and psychologically prepare you, because it's a game of attrition right. If you're playing the eighth game, you know side of amc, it's a game of attrition.

So being mentally prepared for anything is good, did you say scammer in the chat? Is that goddamn phrase trades account in here? I swear to god. Oh, where are you chicken i'm gon na find you? Oh that's not it. That's not it. If i see that guy, i tell you what he's got some big nuts, not diamond nuts he's got some some freaking plastic nuts that ain't it.

That's not the move, even with the withdrawal of uh 25 million share requests. It's still very important to cast your vote. Share account, yes, sir andrew, so make sure that you you're still taking the time to read up on that proxy statement. It should have gotten emailed to you if you did not get emailed.

I do think it's worth emailing amc directly to see what you can get done to get that proxy statement, because your vote matters man. It definitely does that goddamn kelvin, oh calvin, you're done you're done. You're done goofed. You done goofed you're out of here gone all right, driving through a hurricane to build a music festival.

Thor celebrates by smashing his hammer amc. Let's go baby wall street viking. How is florida doing right now? Is it getting hit pretty hard? Is it getting hit pretty hard, i'm a little nervous. I've been i've been hearing that there's a pretty decent storm coming and hopefully uh, hopefully nothing bad happens when i, when i come out there, and hopefully people are safe, that's the most important thing, all right! Happy tuesday monday, you were looking good brother.

Let's beat the piss out of the hedges this week. Yes, sir straight to the abyss straight to the shadow realm. Oh man, hi trey from luxembourg welcome brother welcome good to have you here, fort myers you're, going to florida. This weekend, i'm not going there this weekend, i'm going uh, i'm going july 23rd through the 25th, not raining yet that's good! That's good dope, hi hope, all's well in holland, it's around eight bucks.

I got my mother and i could you shout out to angela thanks man: hey shout out angela hope, you're you're, making some some filthy cash we're gon na. Do some air taps air tapity tapping tap tap tap tap tap for you! This is it. My chest is almost healed, so i'll get back to the light taps. I'm gon na give it one more day: uh yeah man.

Ah, this is cool, it's so cool! I love that thing. I love that thing. That's so good, all right, trey! Thank you. So much for working so hard, i haven't done much man joey, face i'll.

Tell you what you know. I've seen this a million times, and i want that sort of recognition. That's not what it's about right! For me. It's! This simple amc was a high conviction stock for a couple reasons, because i believe in the apes, i believe in speaking out against systemic problems in the stock market, and i believe that it was worth more than it was trading at and that's as simple as it Gets were that the only guy that did that hell, no, not even close, there was a lot of people that thought i was going to do this.

The only difference is that i got to speak about it on youtube. You know at the end of the day, joey you pulled the buy button. You you pulled the trigger man, you you push buy, you haven't hit zell. Maybe you did maybe didn't that's not my business.

I don't care um, but nonetheless you know you guys. You guys make your own decisions and that's what's freaking cool about this. Is i just get to speak about something i like man, i get to speak about this every single day. It's a lot of fun, that's as simple as it gets so jason.

Please don't do that jason. Please don't do that. I'm not gon na read that, but man, please don't please share dm'd you a picture of it. The cow i put on my side for any apes that land motivation jason.

I need to know where you sent it to my man, all right hatred order, hoodie on the merch store notice after it confirmed that it was the wrong size. I tried to email support, but i haven't gotten an answer back. Yet any help is appreciated thanks lfg. So dawson i'll i'll actually send a text to uh my man and just make sure that we can get that taken care of.

Give me one quick sec, dawson moen said he ordered a hoodie and it was accidentally the wrong size said he emailed us any chance. We can help the guy there. You go man, cowabunga god jason, oh god, jason. Oh, my god, i can't read.

I can't read your comments out loud. Jesus jesus turn lamp on hold on a sec. Let me get uh. Let me get the a plan, real quick, that shouldn't take too long hold on one sec hold on one sec, i'll, be right back i'll, be right, back yeah! I do this every time, nah, all right! Let him come! I don't come i'll! Wait! Oh wait! Oh man, that's too good! That's too good! Look at this nice bounce off the volume at average price.

I don't mind that so yes, i'll read this again can't wait to bump this in my land, but we needed to get this released, so i could put it on itunes. I guess i don't really mind it's uh. It's doable, i suppose it's doable. Oh, i was just waiting for you, obviously liz, obviously, obviously so steven says teach people to turn off stock sharing or help the or they help the hedge funds.

So if you want to turn off that stock uh lending program right, you can definitely do that. There's actually a video out. This isn't my channel. I don't know who made this, but it's weeble stock lending trace trades clips.

I don't know who made this, but this teaches the whole process. If you want to shut it off, it's right here, i'll turn off stock lending income program, the slip man just the name. This the name sounds goofy a stock lending income program. What kind of person wants to slip? I don't want to slip get out of here.

That's a bunch of garbage junk junk junkie, junk got your zenkai boost brody! Yes, sir, oh man, oh gee lamp got us here, not getting any love as a lamp stand. Hey! Oh oh gee, lamp's chilling, og lamp is here. We got her cooking up. The mistress is in the house, the mistress is cooking.

Paul says we love you. Man take care and keep us informed about your health. Also, let's meet miami's guerrilla gang blessings. Brother, i'm gon na absolutely be doing that man.

So once i uh once i get out to miami i'm gon na tweet it out we're gon na come up with some sort of details. I think we're actually trying to get some sort of venue there. So i'm going to watch some uh. Some bands play i'm gon na, go watch some music and we're gon na set aside a couple hours just to be able to meet some people and uh shake some hands and hear some stories.

That's what i love doing man i love making it real. I'm like i like making things tangible. You know, because you guys ultimately matter, i mean this is something that you can't uh. You can't really get.

The full gravity of behind a screen is the real people's lives, so the two times that i've done. You know some sort of meet and greet met some people, it's been really fulfilling and rewarding, because you can't connect real stories as much as you can. You know to a face and that's what i want to do man. I want to hear you guys stories.

I want to hear how your lives have changed. I want to hear where you came from. I want to hear what you're going to do with your money. I want to hear just who you are man.

I just i just love. I love meeting people. That's all it is uh silva cooper says: trey amc is releasing more shares, question mark uh; no, they actually just withdrew the 25 million share authorization. So that's off the table and adam aaron also tweeted they're not going to ask again in 2021..

If you haven't seen that tweet yet i'll pull that up for you, it's right here check this out and no more such requests in 2021. No more share vote requests. So that's uh, that's about as clear as it gets that's about as clear as it gets wall street wall street assassin. Thank you brother.

My family life has changed because i'm seeing you february 3rd, when i first watched youtube at gme craze. It's impressive that you remember the exact day. Thank you for that. Thank you to a genuine man who has found us calling showing love uh truth, love, kindness and integrity.

I don't you, don't need the money, but you know what to do wall street. I appreciate that brother. Thank you. Thank you.

You're uh you're, real bro man. I'm glad i'm glad that you're doing good man. That's that's also what it's all about, whether it's uh you know the money is awesome, i'm all about money. Obviously, people like making money, but i only want so you know i want enough money to be free.

That's as simple as it is. You know the rest of it's about community about people, because let me tell you something: you know when you die uh and you're on. You know you're in your death's bed, you're, not gon na think about how much money you have that i'm not i'm not! I'm gon na think about the people that i met along the way through the journey of making enough money to be free within that freedom, hopefully allowing me to be happy and to do the things that i want to do and to pursue. You know different things in life, that's what i want for people.

Man get out of robin hood. I love that. Oh, oh jeez, rick. How come you always get to pick all the adventures? Rick, nothing to worry about floridians! Don't even get out of bed for anything! Less than a category three, even that's only the party florida man walks through hurricane to go, go drink kraken at a festival, oh geez spatula, says.

Well, i quit my job after the moas. I can't simply just quit my job, it's not that simple um, but i i will eventually be doing this full time. I just can't speak on when i'll be there in miami. Let me know trade north carolina.

Yes, sir i'll be i'll, see you there, brother i'll, see you there, i'm in miami and only rained overnight, i'm close to 8th street just for you to have an idea in miami beach good to know, i'm going to be uh going to the hard rock uh Hotel, i think it's called - i don't know off the top of my head, but that's where i'm going um we're going to go watch some. Some people play. I think post malone will be there. 21, savage, it's a bunch of rap bands which maybe you're not into maybe you are.

I like, i like rap. It takes me there for sure you guys, let me know if it lags at all. I saw a little bit of a lag there. Give me up to date: oh it's definitely doing it.

It's definitely doing it. Give me one sec, bob saget, so frustrating coming down to that freaking 64-bit. Let's see, if that does anything all right lagging yeah. Hopefully that fixes it.

Hopefully that fixes it good afternoon from manchester england great to see you great mood man, i'm always in a good mood every day, wake up every day, wake up. It takes a lot to get me in a bad mood. Bitrate is fine, sweet rap bands. I can't believe i did rap bands.

Dude wrap pants are the coolest. This is why this is why i've got the dance moves. That's why i got the moves man, my music tastes. I like uh, i like rap, and i like metal, which is two pretty much entirely different things, but they both take me there.

They both have their spot. It's all about the vibe, it's all about what you're wanting on the day my favorite band of all time. I don't know if there's any metal heads in the in the uh chat right now is of mice and men. I've actually got the the logo for that band tattooed.

On my wrist, this was the first legal tattoo that i ever got when i was uh 18.. You probably can't even see it, but it's right here, you're gon na do oklahoma meet up by chance. Yes, sir patrick, we definitely will. We definitely will iggy boris appreciate that what are we doing right now with amc we're trading over the volume average price? The 200 ema and the 15 ma what are all these indicators? Why do they matter? What does this tell you right? So the 200 exponential moving average is probably the strongest indicator level of support outside of actual tangible levels of support right, because this is a 200-day average moving price is a lagging trend.

You know lagging trend line that tells you uh. You know an overall level of support that you could expect right. It's just that smooth out 200 day price action. The 15m is a very short-term one.

That's that blue trend line right here, training over all three of these. It's pretty solid. That means you've got some nice trend, continuation, nice momentum and if we just change this for a brief second to the, where is this not chart settings line style? I'm gon na change this just for a brief second to this, the high kin. You can actually see the overall trends if you're not very acquainted to watching actual candles and you've got a lot of green in here man i mean that's, that's some pretty solid, follow through in terms of trends, so i'm feeling pretty good about this.

This looks good. Oh, we got it, we got to move this arrow, that's the problem, that's a problem! This arrow's not doing it. We got to move her over. We got to move her over.

I love it motionless and white. Another good band. I, like, after the burial i've been jammed to them a lot lately twitter. All right.

Let me look jason see what i can find. Oh now, that's cool. I dig that heck yeah man jason rocking the freaking sick, decal. Look at that thing, yeah baby! Let's go! I, like that eight for the o - that's probably the coolest part.

This is not financial advice. Obviously, never is never ever even if there's a fire portable cyrus. Oh, i haven't listened to the new album, i'm gon na download that right now see. This is what the apes are.

Look at. This look at this help me out help me out. I didn't really had a new album. When did it come out? Oh, it's new new! Well, i'm downloading that right now, i'm gon na! Listen to that on my way to work boom got my tickets for ufc at amc for saturday uh for ufc at amc, i'm pumped yeah man, i'm gon na go watch two, i'm not typically a huge.

You know i don't watch ufc religiously by any means, but until football comes back around man, i'm definitely gon na go out for sure. Am i still on medical leave? Are you going to be on all day, so i got to go back into work. I got to go back into work today, yeah. What about joe rogan brandon? Have you watched, charlie's videos on dark pool and ads at all? If so, what do you think about it? Being the key to price action and stuff ernie revert, i got ta be honest with you man.

I make it a point to really limit my i'm gon na give this a sec. No ah come on. Stop this junk. It fix itself.

I'm gon na wait, i'm gon na wait till the chat, looks good you guys. Let me know you guys, let me know i'll, wait it out lagging lag lag. I know man. I know i know i know i know i know.

Is it better? You guys? Let me know it doesn't look like it's lagging on my end, but you guys, let me know back good back back back back all right. That looks decent to me sweet. So what i was about to say essentially is i try to stick to hard, tangible facts. Right - and there are some hard, tangible facts out there, so, for example, the threshold securities list that to me is confirmation of naked shorts failure to delivers i'll use circulating on the market.

Those things that i can tangibly see and prove with my own two eyes in front of my face right. The problem with dark pools and off exchange trading, which is a legit problem, is there's not transparency. I haven't seen any sort of resource that i can validate and trust myself and speak on, because i don't have access to that sort of information. So i try not to speak on exact numbers, data, price points or expectations regarding dark pools and off exchange trading.

What i say is this dark pools off exchange trading, what you need to know: they're used to execute block trades without moving the market in any sort of direction. They're used for a lack of transparency that tells you the intentions behind dark pool and off exchange trading. If that's what it's being used for right, that's all i need to know about it. That's all i need to know about it.

I'm, okay, not knowing everything, because i don't need to know everything. There's some things about amc that you have to be comfortable with one of them is that you're never going to know everything that's happening behind the scenes, you're just not you're, not until it's exposed by some sort of person, that's, ultimately what it comes down to by Person, what do i mean some sort of legal documentation right sec, nscc dtcc, i'm waiting this out man when that happens, it's so frustrating because, just like that, everybody left, what do i do? Ah goddamn, i'm shorting youtube. Yeah, you where's youtube sticker, all right, i've! Never i've never shorted a stock before but youtube. You're first youtube you're.

First, i'm coming god dang it yeesh. This looks better see. I don't understand this because it'll say i've got excellent, excellent connection and it works literally just fine and then i don't know we're out of the blue bam. Just piss pounded down to the shadow realm.

My my internet is being wired through a dark pool. You know this is the problem i was talking about. I was talking about dark pools and half exchange trading and all of a sudden bam yeah going through the dark pools. That's what it is 100 do.

I think robin hood will screw people over again. Do you recommend getting out of robin hood personally i'm staying away from uh robin hood, and i i don't like him, i really don't and they stated actually in a filing that hey we can't guarantee. This won't happen again. That's all.

I need to see for me to know that i wouldn't trust them. I just don't want anything to do with it. Youtube is google yeah, it's not gon na work. That's not gon na work.

Trey have you spoken scoped, edr, endeavor group holdings. It's the new mma sport marketing and owns the property, the ufc fights on barber and indy, so tyler tmi, i have not uh spoke and scoped edr, endeavor group uh holdings. Let me check it out real quick, look at it on a daily, oh they're, pretty new! Look at that i haven't touched it. I got ta, be honest, it's not one of my it's not my focus for now.

It's not my focus for now. Maybe someday i'll. Look at it, though hey brother, i'm, the ceo of the miami insider, wish you were here. This miami swim week, but pm me if you want to go out on a yacht while you're here, what get out of here, get out of here, no way ben no way, no way i'd be nuts yeah.

If you want man, i mean it's not the end of the world either way it'd be fun. Trey streaming gives me good vibes dude. I just like coming on. That's as simple as it is see.

Let me pull something up from robin hood here. I'm gon na see if i can actually find that uh that filing i think it was an s1 filing man. It is a bold move. It is a bold, bold, bold, move to go public right now.

That is bold. That's not! I don't know about that. That's a bad timing. He's got he's got some he's got some nuts he's got some nuts, but in this in his uh one of these filings they actually talked about how they can't guarantee that they're not going to have to halt buying or some sort of trading.

Again, i just don't want anything to do with them. Adam, taking the 25 million shares off the table until 2022. Yes, sir, it was tweeted out, it's in an official la you know, binding document which is beautiful, love to see it. You really do we're not going to run that 430 mile again says cody.

My pr is actually a 424. um, but hopefully, let's see if i can find it hold on i'll see. If i can find the actual day that i ran that i think it's on. Instagram, just for just for shits and gigs i'll pull it up, but if i can never start running again, i'd love to try, uh, try and train.

My ultimate goal was to break uh. I wanted to break 420, but i never got to hey 4. 20.. Let's see, where is the day right here, this is the day i broke it.

4. 24. 4. 24.

7.. That was the best mile ever in it, was actually snow on the ground. That day, that's a lot of fun, but i can't do that anymore. It's been a minute yeah, i'm not shorting robin hood.

I joke about shorting robin hood, but i want nothing to do with it. I'm gon na put my equity, i'm gon na put my capital where uh, where i think it's going to do its best, and i don't think i don't know if it's there. 450., nice uh trey, please go on joe rogan's podcast and talk about this and see market manipulation situation. This is the way so brandon the thing about joe rogan is he's got to reach out to you.

You can't really reach out to him, so if he ever reaches out to me, man i'd be down for sure, but i'm not uh, i'm not trying to you know, i'm not i'm not going to do anything yeah. Do i do it? How do you say it? I'm not gon na push something. You know. I can't push that on him.

He's got ta he's got ta reach out to me. That's that's sort of how it works uh with his show i've seen him say it before and honestly. I don't think he's put too many new things up on youtube, anyways, so we'll see if it ever happens, if he offers i'd, take the chance for sure i think he's a little out of the league, though he's a little bit out of my league talk about That huge 28.5 million trade friday 540 000 shares at 4, 40 p.m, yeah chris. So things to know about that sort of situation.

Big block trades doesn't necessarily mean that things are gon na go up or they're gon na go down. This means that big money is putting a lot of cash into the stock because they think it's going to go up and typically big money is smart money. So it's not a bad thing right. It could definitely be a sign that you're gon na see some nice bullish action today and on top of that, you're up three point: six: six percent on some really nice bullish news for a squeeze scenario.

So i i'm happy with that man, i'm still bullish on this absolutely trey reed. This is important, move the arrow. Oh, i'm so glad i stopped and looked at the chat there. That's good! That's good! You saved me! You honestly lamp lamp.

Lamp really holds it here. Lip does it. She really does surely does go army. Fellow officer here keep up the good work brother.

I watch your videos after work, hey jacob. I appreciate that man key levels you are watching today uh. So what am i watching for today? Watch for this? I'm gon na pull up the one hour candles and check this out. Oh, these arrows are doing that.

What does that come out to 58 bucks if it was to break 58 bucks there? That would break the downside, uh level of resistance that we have on this. Pretty large pennant formation so watch for that man. I can't even can't even take that serious look at all those arrows. Oh that's good! That's good! Can you please text adam aaron and uh? Thank him for this awesome move yeah man! Why not i'll text him right now? Hey adam, just wanted to take the time to thank you for listening to the apes people feel appreciated and heard beyond what is in a text, much love there.

We go put the shades back on. We can do that. All right, i just let him know i let him know that people feel heard. I think that's ultimately the most important thing, the aviators.

Yes, sir, oh man, tricky play the rg lead version, not a dead cat, please bro um. So i can play that once i'm getting ready to log off here, i will play it. I will play it heard: vinnie, pat paz, great rapper, thanks for everything by the way try buying hot since february, love from south sweden. Sweden, that's a ways, that's a ways uh, but i haven't.

I got to be honest. I i'm a big drake guy. I, like 21. um.

Those are probably my two favorite for sure nice text, i'm just trying to be nice. Man, that's as simple as it is he's a guy too everybody's human, everybody's, human. Just trying to show him some love. It feels good to be appreciated.

We'd love to see you on rogan man that'd be wild. I can't guarantee anything. I can't guarantee anything. Yeah.

I've got a new, so there's this place here in town that i actually i liked a lot. I freaking loved this joint. It was called ice tray and, if that's not a sign to get my hair cut there, i don't know what is but man, these guys they're, like massaging my scalp they're playing freaking jake cole on the intercom system. These guys were like we're going to make that airline super butter, smooth baby, that was nice holy toledo, i'm going back there every saturday for a haircut because that's a clean fade man.

They even did this thing. They did this thing: they uh they cut out like this little rigid. I don't know what the heck this is but looks nice, i'm pretty happy with that. Going back again for sure taiwan, that's a waste too ice tray.

Oh man, glad to see you good spirit, trade. Thank you, brother, appreciate that brother or sister appreciate it. Adam aaron had a new twitter response. Let me check it out.

That's pretty funny! That's pretty funny! I dig it yes, sir. It's worth it to take the time to read through the proxy and vote on the other matters. Even if 25 million shares is off the table, much love apes. Here we go what's the haircut name called uh ice tray? That's what it was.

That's what it was for sure that free still holding five thousand shares so five hundred dollars i'll be free, you're, a good friend thanks, trey, dude diamond, that's gnarly, dude good for you, man good for you, i'm happy for you. Brother amc as it is right now, is up three point: three, seven percent here in the pre-market, i'm gon na check or text to see if we have any sort of uh live update because we haven't quite gotten one yet today short interest change and a still, But you're seeing a 93.32 million total shares. 18.24 short interest of free float, and i want to look at stockholm tracker get an idea of about how many shares are available to borrow it's about 2.8 million, and this is up comparatively to where it was uh earlier. This morning, which doesn't necessarily mean that shorts have covered positions, as you can see here by the weeble pre-market volume, which only shows you the weeble pre-market volume, is not all the different brokerages out there.

There's not really enough volume to have. You know two million shares being covered, so this could just mean that there's more shares available for lending. In fact, that's what i would almost certainly guarantee was what actually ended up happening, not enough arrows. We want more arrows.

What do you guys think? What do you guys think uh? Don't give them 25 million more? Not this year, they're, not getting it man they're, not getting it. They retracted the the statement on the vote and uh they're not asking until 2022 anyways. So that's solid, that's good, good, stuff, good stuff! Good stuff for sure man, yes, sir 53 and 80 cents, as it is right now kind of doing the consolidation, the train sideways sort of junk right. So i'm actually going to draw up a new ascending level of support.

You look for touch points right, you're, just trying to connect dots. You got them here, we'll adjust this just a hair and then the downside is here. You've got a descending level of resistance, so i would assume about some sort of break over this paint formation that you've got rocking right now or bringing the next big decent move. So you're watching before i would argue a break between you know: 53, 90 to 54 10.

somewhere in that little box that zone hard push through there bringing a little bit of price action, i would say, maybe 50 cents to a buck somewhere that somewhere in that Neck of the woods two mil pre-market would be a solid start. That'd be solid man, heck yeah, ftd's from that merch store yeah dude, i'm gon na sell uh. I'm gon na sell shirts that that literally just say, uh iou. I owe you one amc, it'll be a picture of uh, you know a hedge fund or something uh tone.

Capone says trey. I took a second mortgage on my house for this play. Will it pay off? I have a lot on the line so tone. I got ta be honest with you man, i got ta be absolutely 100 honest with you um.

You need to be very careful about exposure and expectations, and you don't want to expect things out of a stock, because we can't predict the timeline. We can't predict how high it's going to go and we can't we can't predict when the squeeze is actually going to happen right. We can't it's just not it's not possible to a t to be able to guess those sort of things. So what i would be cautious of is expecting to be able to use this money by a certain date to pay things.

I view amc. I view my brokerage. Essentially it's money that i don't have it's money, that i don't touch it's money that i don't need. I don't put myself in a situation where i'm banking on any sort of money that i'm making in the stock market on a day-to-day basis.

So all that, i'm you know saying to you, man is it's worth considering how much actual exposure you've got to amc. Now i don't know what you can do about that. I don't know if it's legit, i don't know if you're trolling me, i don't know you know i'm just gon na assume that you know the best that you that's that's actually what's happening, but you got ta. Be careful that sort of stuff man there's there's no expectations, you got ta, be careful, never bet money, you don't have absolutely ultra rex.

This is this is the ultimate truth right, uh, there's no real gains or losses until you hit that sell, but right it's unrealized, profit loss, it's unrealized, profit loss, that's the most important thing here: oh dom, dom mcc uh, god dang it! Well. I read that i'm just not gon na read it out loud, but i appreciate that man. Thank you. On averaging up, i think averaging up is worth it to me right.

I i think it's that it's absolutely worth it. I bought another five grand or so this morning, uh put it on twitter. I think my average cost is like 53 and some change or something um, but i think it's worth it. I think, there's more upside.

If you want to make more money true, when you average up, it, doesn't make your profit loss percentage, look as nice like, because you are taking down that overall percentage, but you're making more money because you have more money in the stock. You have more shares in the stock, so you make more cash right. It's a psychological thing, so i know it's like. Oh man, i've got a 10 cost average.

I got a 15 20 cost average. I don't want to mess up. My dollar cost average right, but that's what's important, then, is doing technical analysis and trying to figure out the best entry point so that you're getting the cheapest bang for your buck. In terms of how much you know you're paying for the stock.

If that's what you're worried about? That's all that i have to say if you think it's gon na continue to go up absolutely 100 worth averaging up. You want to make more money, don't you, but that's entirely up to you. You got to make that decision. For yourself, i think it's going to go up more.

I think it's worth it for sure. Benion, you can't right. That's what's important about averaging up is doing it at a good point, managing your exposure, managing your risk, trying to get the best bang for your buck. Trying to get the lowest overall price that you can on any sort of buy, but i'll tell you what i think as high as the mc is going to go 50 bucks right now, you're gon na make money on you just are that's my opinion.

Okay, i only asked once a video we've got 9 600 people watching right now. If you just want to do me, a favor and clap that, like button that make me one happy chicken so anytime, i'm going to ask this whole live stream does help out. I don't even care if you subscribe, do what you want to do that. Make me one happy guys so appreciate that what am i going to be at hard rock in miami myself and a few uh office apes want to buy you a beard i'll be in july 23rd through the 25th.

I might actually end up rolling up thursday evening. I'm gon na see, if no, i didn't dang dang all right. What's the lowest option available to purchase, you mean the cheapest? Well, all that, i would say, is the premium on these options. Right now are pretty decently expensive um.

So what i would do just based on you know the the situation that amc has been in for quite some time give yourself some runway. It's entirely your decision, i'm just telling you what the risks are. The risk at you know the 9 july expiration is theta decay. You would lose a lot of intrinsic value with each passing day if it does not run into money.

So i think it's worth it personally to give yourself a nice little bit of expiration, whether it's 23 july 30 july 6 august 13 august. That's your decision to make, but you're not going to fight as much data or time decay or losing intrinsic value. You give yourself more time for those to run in the money uh woodbound wants to buy you a beer also deal. I do like.

I do like a good ipa. You like a good ipa, uh, trey being how we are on the threshold list. Wouldn't that indicate we're at 100 utilization, thomas good question i'm actually this is a very easy answer. Threshold list doesn't necessarily mean that we're at 100 utilization, because the threshold voice does not derive solely from naked short selling and the terms that you're thinking of it of right - it's it's failure to delivers.

So, let's just think about this logically for a second right, why is amc all of a sudden on this threshold list, because call option and derivative market activity on the stock has been absurd? There's been stupid. Ridiculous, filthy disgusting nasty leveraging happening in the options market on amc and it's not just the apes. I guarantee you it's big freaking firms, the the suits, the hedges right, they're, also playing this derivatives market and when these calls run in the money and market makers options. Market makers can't deliver on that.

It causes failure to deliver. So what happens then, if you've got amc? One of the most you know active derivatives. Market stocks in the stock market has a bunch of call options running the money failure to delivers. They can't deliver on all of it, because optimus market makers are prepared for that sort of crazy, stupid, ridiculous leveraging.

I mean a couple weeks back three or four weeks ago, 11 of the entire derivatives market was being traded in just freaking amc. That's where that derives from, and that's why i think it's on the threshold list is because they can't deliver when these calls run in the money. So that's you know doesn't necessarily mean the utilization's at 100 doesn't mean that you know it. I think it's at about 88 86, something like that, but i do think it's gon na go up once uh, you know more shorts established positions.

The thing is, though, new shares on loan are not being taken. Not a lot of people want to take that extra additional risk right. That's actually good news to me, because what that ends up doing is limiting how many shorts are actually establishing new positions for an unusual whales. There are no more shares to borrow and the sentiment is bullish.

One bullet two men, absolutely jake, i'm just thinking true to the the short interest diet. You know data that i've personally been using. We got the best ipas in austin texas come visit. Austin.

I got you brother dude, i'm absolutely down i'd love to try one, absolutely trey subway cup: let's go baby, my subway cup long time, broseph! Sorry, i don't get any streams as much anymore. My praise and positive eyes are with you homie.

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