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What's up, what's up, what's up youtube, we're back again for a freaking emergency, live stream got back to it here, baby doing some amc live streaming, i'm not going to go into the details, but what i will say is this: i was able to get back on The computer, so that's as much as i'm going to say about that, but you guys can connect dots as much as i want to do, but we're back again to watch this freaking nasty price action that we've got cooking up on the day. We almost hit 30 freaking dollars, we saw 29.76 and on the level twos there that's absolutely barren. I want to look at what is happening here on on ortex, because i want to get an idea of why you're seeing this a little bit of a rejection here that 30 mark the true interest is back up again. 1.15.

You see the total shares that have been borrowed as a net change of 1.5 million. This is not the squeeze. It's not the squeeze baby, that's as simple as it freaking gets, not the squeeze, not the squeeze, not the squeeze. This is just beginning, my friends, that's as simple as it is no shorts have covered.

The only thing that has really happened is you've got call options that have run in the morning that are previously out the money that are now printing, some stupid ridiculous hedging right. It's gamma squeezing it's as simple as it gets. I mean look at this. Look at all these call options that expire this friday that are starting to get hedged for.

That is what's happening to me: you're getting a little bit of gamma action, but shorts haven't covered man, they haven't covered, the damage is still being done and you've still got freaking two hours of regular market hours left i mean that's absurd. It's absolutely disgusting. We drew up a big fat air right here because you know how it goes here. We we like to do some technical analysis and draw it out nice plain and simple for you and guess what we're gon na be here until market closed, and if this thing continues to rip in the after hours.

We're gon na continue to stream into the after hours baby. You know what it is: some big fat stupid boom boom candles. I mean look at this look at this candle right here. We went for 27.44 up to 29 bucks in a single candle.

We went up more than a dollar a dollar swinging, a candle who would have thought that would happen today, we're cooking with crisco baby. This is disgusting disgusting, disgusting stuff. I mean look at stonker tracker. Zero available shares to borrow the shorts, have got freaking nothing in their pockets right now, they're getting cooked they're, getting absolutely cooked they're, getting absolutely slapped slap stupid, stupid stupid.

I mean this is just disgusting. I mean look at this 27.50 as it sits right now. We're up 40 on the day as high as we were. We were up 50 on the day.

We closed the previous day, 7.90 lower than we're sitting right. Now we closed under 20 bucks. It was 19.50 ish cents, 56 cents. We are destroying the shorts right now.

They're down so much money earlier in the day, there was a total net loss of eight billion dollars for short positions, and now it is way worse than that f yeah. You already know what it is. Wyler love all you guys well hello, millionaire thanks for watching. So deserve this, it's coming it's coming along.

It's absolutely coming along i'll. Tell you what it's uh! It feels pretty dang cool, it's pretty dang cool! I haven't. I haven't quit my job. I haven't quit my job.

Don't worry, don't worry, but all i'm gon na say is. I was able to get back on the computer. That's all i can say about that. Let's go emc now they can stop us.

What in the chicken tending my guy tray, let's go we're freaking back at cooking with crisco baby. How can i miss out on this? I can't i can't miss out on this stupid. Freaking move we're getting right. Now i mean god dang it.

Oh, it's a little pop second man. This is nasty. There's this ridiculous ridiculous price action, that's as simple as it gets. You just can't beat it we're at 27 and 55 cents, 58 cents.

I mean the volatility on this is - is just this ridiculous: 486 million. In total volume here on the day absurd, we still got two hours of trading left 375 million volumes. What we had yesterday and we are over a hundred million higher than that this is heating up and the shores are just not giving up. I mean i just don't understand, i don't understand it doesn't make any freaking sense to me.

Look at this look at the short interest it's up today. I can't underestimate this. I can't underestimate this. This has to be a tweet.

It's got this. It's got. Ta get tweeted out it just has to this. Has to this is so ridiculous.

It makes no sense that makes no sense. I don't right understand short interest. May 27th holy freaking piss. Ah, oh man, jesus, oh, can you imagine what's happening with these guys right now.

Can you imagine what these guys are feeling and doing and saying in their offices right now? I can't even imagine it's got ta be like that meme, where that dog is just sitting in a freaking fire and he's saying this is fine. This is fine. It makes no sense. This is so disgusting.

You a matter of kings. Both of y'all have helped me turn 415k. Thank you for all your knowledge. You give bro much love.

Dude man is an absolute g that guy's way smarter than i am i'll. Give it to him 100 percent he's a data man, he is so level-headed and it brings nothing but the truth to the table that guy he knows his stuff, winning back my losses from robbing the hood a few months back absolutely david. Absolutely this isn't even the squeeze it's not even in the squeeze. This is a little bit of gamma squeeze.

I would bet right. You've got a little bit of gamma, some call options that are out the money they're. Now, in the money i mean, there's a huge amount for just this friday alone. If we crack 40 bucks, i mean jesus you're.

Looking at something ridiculous, i mean just stupid, stupid stupid. It would be ridiculous. Could it be that they have covered older shorts and establish new short positions, it's possible, but it doesn't make sense to do why would they cover a position only to double down again later i mean, maybe they cut a little bit of losses, but the other day The risk is still on the table with the amount of momentum here, the amount of people who are buying. It makes no sense to take a short position in a stock that is this volatile and is moving this hard because you can get caught just like that.

I mean look at this swing right here. Look at this swing. This happened from 1340 up to freaking 1402. 20 minutes.

You went from 25 bucks to 30. this they can get caught in that so easy. It makes no sense to take that sort of position. It just doesn't you don't want it, you just do not want to establish a short position with this sort of thing you just don't or text tweet.

Let me check this out. Let me check this out. Ortex holy freaking toledo, guys guys i'll, tell you what i'm back again for a freaking emergency live stream. Do me a favor just drop a like on the video? That's all! I want it's as simple as that mc hits it's higher highest price since early 2017 gaining up to 50 percent on the day.

If it goes to this price, resellers will lose over 800 million amc alone today. So far, 800 million so far bam holy freaking crap. We're almost at 500 million in total volume, and everybody is still holding i'm telling you this right now. Look at this.

This is the very definition of people freaking, just hottling the crap out of this stock. That's as simple as it is, people are holding this until it freaking is tendy time, that's as simple as it gets. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets out of hand we break 30. Today, if you end up seeing 100 gainer day, i mean that's what i was saying, this pivotal move over 25.80.

Who knows what can happen? I told we all said it. We all said it. We all said expect a hard ridiculous, dumb, filthy disgusting, stupid move after 25 and 80 cents, and it's starting to get it right now. This is ridiculous.

It's so nuts, it's doing a little bit of tray sideways right now, so you can think of this channel right here between 25 80 and 30. Bucks essentially, is the consolidation phase, so it's getting ready for that next rip up. If i had to take a guess, i mean it had a nasty push up to 29.76. That was a lot of liquidity, a lot of volume they got pumped in right there.

So if we just trade sideways back and forth until it ultimately retests 30 against the clean break over that, i mean that that's exactly what you're looking for! Essentially yes, sir 30 days left in the navy. So having this money is life. Changing thanks for keeping morale high. I got you brother and congrats congrats, train learning, so much hoddle love our community.

You know what it is when you're testifying to congress can i sit in the room as your lawyer with a t-shirt that says i am not a legal advisor. Absolutely man if you want to do that, feel free feel free to do so. Patty. Thank you for that joe biden, i'm not doing student loan forgiveness amc hold my drink huddle, my drink, that's what you meant to say out of my drink, oh man, my glasses, you're, absolutely right, you're! Absolutely right! I forgot about my glasses uh.

Where did i even put them, you know lamp hold down the fort i'll, be right back i'll, be right back all right, whoo, this nasty holy freaking crap. We got ta move this arrow right here. What you're looking for essentially is a bounce off this 25 80 level of resistance, but man we were up 50 at the peak of the day today, that is just nasty holy toledo, not a dead cat baby lamp lamp, i'm leaving lamp on forever, i'm leaving lamp On forever dumb question: is it okay to buy amc shares before the count? You absolutely can do that if you want to do that, feel free to do so, i think they are counted up until this friday. So that's what you're waiting on glasses straight for those? These extra crispy gains orangutang.

You know what it is: tandy, town everyone. Thank you for everything, bro man, you don't got ta. Thank me for nothing. I'll, tell you what we all do this together, it's just apes! It's the apes! Doing this man apes together, strong.

We all know what we hold it's as simple as that you're getting a little bit of a flush right here. It looks like some shorts are trying to flush this down. I don't know where they're getting the ammunition, but i'm going to check or texture really quick and just look what the short interest data is. Looking like, it is up 1.15 on the day, but i'm anticipating that's going to go up.

Let's look at stanco tracker here. Really quick still zero total short shares available to borrow, so i'm not sure we're really pulling this out of, but man they're really trying hard to flush. This down, i mean look at the volume on this over 500 million on the day. Each individual minute is getting well over millions in volume i mean that was a 5 million share push that was a purposeful, purposeful push trying to push it back underneath 25.

80.. So we'll see what ends up happening. We just need a nice bounce off that you got a bottoming tail right here, so that could be a little bit of a bear trap lamp off lamp on. Let's see if this ends up getting a nice reversal, but guys you, how can you be mad about any sort of price action after this today? This is disgusting, just nasty nasty nasty one thing i've already talked about is how much the money, how much money the banks will lose the next 10 to 30 years of mortgage interest from people paying off houses so much i haven't even thought of that you're.

Absolutely right man, banks, dude, could take a huge huge hit. I know there's some people out there who are hedging against banks, they're, essentially going long on amc and they're playing puts on banks because they're, anticipating that the value of each of them is going to go down a pretty immense amount, it's possible 100. Definitely. Definitely.

Oh man, are you able to exercise your options with the profits from the option itself? If you don't have the buying power to actually exercise it? If you sell some of the options, yes, you absolutely can. I hope for all of you big gorilla t. This is for you been watching since january ape strong. I appreciate that mitch.

We did this together, man, i'm telling you it's as simple as it is. We need some cracking. You know what i'm not going back to work today, i'm not going back to work today. Freaking screw it, we do need some kraken i'll, tell you what this is for the kraken kingdom baby, it's for all the apes.

I haven't done this in a long time, if you're new to the channel, if you've never watched a freaking trace, trades live stream. This is a tradition we give cheers and we give toast to all the freaking diamond narded and overeat apes out there who are howling on amc stock who have rolled this five month journey, and this is the cheers and a toast to you right. This is as simple as it gets five months of freaking ridiculous ups and downs highs and lows: criticism and insults bandwagoners, you name it there's been an immense amount of emotional rage. It's been absurd right and even through it all the people who hottled on the people who waited are starting to see the fruits of their labor and to everybody out there, none of those fake cobas, none of those none of those.

It's for you, that's as simple as it is all those freaking people who knew what they held, who waded through the journey who trusted the process trusted their conviction, trusted the due diligence and research. You were getting rewarded, it's as simple as that, and this kraken is down the hatch for you baby. We are cracking the kraken cheers. Ah beautiful love, how much this community cares about you.

Eight thousand of your closest friends tell me to put on your glasses. I know yeah, it's so bad. I always forget. I get too excited, i get too excited, but that's all right! That's all right! Brother! I'm glad you're back on.

I hope everything is all good on your end, though everything's good brother absolutely jared. So i i'm not gon na go into the details, but i didn't quit my job. I was just i'm able to live stream. That's all i need to know.

That's all you need to know. Cheers trey love. You brother, thank you riley. Should we start shorting citadel? Yes, sir, we should absolutely you want to make some big fat tendees.

Those guys are not going anywhere good. Nowhere good they're in the hurt box, without a doubt, without a doubt, just getting started baby. Let's go, you know what it is. Absolutely your spot on.

The money don't think we can short citadel. I don't know, i can't tell you an answer for that. I got to be honest. I think they have decaf in the lounge amc hands.

I'm not gon na get my hands on that. For sure spc chart looks the same as amc you know. What's crazy is gamestop, has almost nothing happening right now. It's just flat.

I was expecting gamestop to get carried a little bit by amc, but amc is just absolutely separated away. I mean this. Is disgusting disgusting disgusting separation? That's just nasty! Let's look at the five minutes you can see here: uh nice, rejection off that 25.80 level of support and now we're just looking for a two lows. High close, maybe possible candlestick pattern on these five minutes.

That's looking pretty nasty, i'm not minding that at all. I'm not minding that in the least bit. That's looking pretty tasty. Those are some nasty nasty attendees without a doubt, baby 25 and 57 cents.

Looking at 35 up on the day level. Twos are absolutely barren. Nothing but a couple hundred shares per spread on these, the guys that are shorting the stock right now are doing it at market they're, not putting in limit orders. That's the only thing i can think of, because they've got no ammunition nobody's selling the stock.

That's why the ask is empty simple, as that the bid is pretty empty too. So i'm wondering if those algorithm systems are just not trading this today that could that could definitely be what it is. I would imagine, there's just a lot of freaking market orders that are going in amc right now, 26.73 right now coming up to retest 27 bucks. Look at these candles guys i mean i cannot underestimate how much of a swing and how much volatility is starting to rock on this right now i mean this candle alone, you saw a low of 26 32 and a high of 27.23 you're.

Getting dollar swings on these candles dollar swings. This stock was five bucks a couple months ago. This is ridiculous. You should be so jacked right now.

This is absurd. This is absolute monumental price action and it's not even squeezing i mean look at this look at this. Look at vertex short interest is up 1.15 per cent right now, no total short shares available. This is as as good as it gets.

There's nothing else. I can say there's nothing else that i can say all i can do is drop a freaking arrow on here. All i can do is rub lamp and let lamp do the dirty work, because lamp knows this: freaking arrow draws up some decent technical analysis and brings us those lemon pep attendees baby. This is nasty, that's as good as it gets.

That is as good as it freaking gets. Oh man ta work. It's still working i'll check fit from january high to february low. Today's high is exactly 161.8 percent extension boom, hey man, absolutely technical analysis definitely does still work, but it's just harder to predict.

What's going to happen, when things are this volatile moving so hard trey, you 100, pull that i'm not saying anything like. I don't think i can do that crazy, smart to buy, puts on the banks they're going to suffer massive losses, thoughts. There are some people that are doing that right now. I don't think it's a bad idea.

Just only put puts on what you're willing to lose and give yourself decent runway right. That's as much as i can say got. None of the 13 call options expiring tomorrow. Holding the exercising as many as possible, tomorrow or thus afternoon, there you go man.

I think he got a crack and a possible shot at another 30 tests here today. But honestly, if this is where we close at 26, bucks don't be surprised that, after hours of pre-market push it's entirely possible the way this has moved so far, today: 518 million in total volume. This is consolidation right here. This is just winding up.

It's loading that spring again to get ready to re-test this high of about 29-76 or so that's looking pretty decent uh. Some maybe watched you for news and data tracking, but i know i was one that watched for hope. Thank you, trey tony. We all rely on each other, sometimes it's as simple as it is.

If i can borrow you some confidence i'll gladly gladly do it for you. You know my boyfriend bought a cab, uh kravin, uh crab and crab and take a shot with you for when this ripped cheers crack and kraken. Yes, sir, you know what it is. You know what it is.

This is not a sell-off. It is illegal price manipulation from the hedge uh efforts, so you know i can't uh. Obviously we can't prove anything. It's speculation right, but what i will tell you is it's shorting, they're, scrounging up any sort of ammunition.

They can to keep this down cause people just not selling right now. Maybe you have one or two percent of this volume. Five percent will be generous. That's day traders or swing traders.

It just took profit on it, but the majority of this is just pure organic growth. I mean it's just it's just shorter. It's people that are trying to hold the stock down, i'm waiting for ortex to update the numbers, but i'm anticipating it's going to go up. It's up 1.15.

1.19. Yeah. Look at that! Look at that! It's just shorter shorters are scrounging up any possible shares. They can to freaking hold this down.

They don't want it up. It's as simple as it gets they're trying their damnedest to freaking piss on you guys and they're, losing they're losing so freaking hard right now, we've been up almost 50 today alone. That's observer up almost 100. In the last three days, disgusting, it's just nasty, it's nasty trey.

Is it right? The hedges are trying to bring the price up to 50 bucks by tomorrow and then dump it down. So 8 starts selling, or is it just a myth? Nobody can prove it man. It's speculation. I've seen the news, i've seen people speculate that, but the thing is that i can't prove.

I don't think anybody can you know, but what i will tell you is this. I said this in the live stream just a minute ago. If, if freaking hedge funds are trying to get this to 50 bucks, people will make a crap ton of money on options and it'll get rolled back in that's a lot of liquidity. That'll go to the apes, that's as simple as it gets.

Let's meet up in los angeles when you come by your tesla roadster apes through highs and lows: dude, i'm all for it, i'm all for it. I'm going to travel across the country and meet a lot of cool people like this is all said and done. This is a dip for the day. I know i mean i know it.

I mean it is a 10 swing, but it's still consolidating me. This is a back and forth zone right now the volume is starting to pull back here a little bit, but that i mean it's, you just can't see how much growth is really how much up and down swings is happening because of these huge candles. I mean this candle right here alone. Right, look at this low of 27.47 high of 28.90 over a dollar swing.

In a one minute candle i mean we were looking at 5. 10. 15 cent swings before so, like you just it's hard to really see how much this is actually moving up and down with each individual candle because of the range that we've seen. Ah, you got to draw the up arrows.

It's technical analysis: man, it's as simple as it is amc has been the talk all day on cnbc. Well, they're, smart apes, man there's some smart apes. Is this a bull flag? It could end up being one you're, just looking for the ripple right so you're. Looking for those ups and downs, the swings so a bull flag, if you're not familiar, is a huge, huge, uh flagpole of green candles, followed by a consolidation phase that ends up having a decent level resistance and an ascending level of support.

This could be the beginning of it right, but we haven't had any tests of a decent level of resistance. Yet so far it's just sold off a little bit. So first thing you know small scale, you're looking for a break out of this descending level of resistance. So if you get a wide range candle, a boom boom candle that pushes, over this descending level right here and ultimately gets back up to you know what would be right about here at about 28 90 or so that's when you're starting to get back in that Range of the potential of a bull flag, but ultimately i'm fine.

We could consolidate the rest of the day for all i care, i don't know, what's gon na happen, but i'll tell you this. If we break over 30 dollars, you could be looking at something pretty stupid disgusting nasty coming up for sure. Thank you, john lfg. Let's go, you know what it is trey, how many 30 call options are we looking at seems? The level of suppression is strong against 30 bucks.

Great question: let's actually check that out. 19. 000. 19.

000 open interest at that 30 strike, as it sits right now: 28. 31, 000 at 28 bucks. So, even if we just get over 28, i mean that's a huge potential for some freaking hedging that could really make some fat attendees just woke up this afternoon. So i made more money than i grossed last year, co-holy toledo thank con for the apes.

I came late three weeks ago, but i'm all at a hundred percent you you who've, been holding since january, are saviors candy man we're all apes. If you buy and hold amc stock, it's as simple as it is you're an eight that's as simple as it is for sure for sure i thought trey was at work. I was supposed to go back, but i'm not gon na get into the details. All that you need to know is i'm here.

All i need to know is: i'm here is jimmy not following amc potentially, because this is a synthetic short squeeze pumped up by the hedge funds uh. What do you think the theory it may hit 50 and cause retail fun? I can't i can't prove or disprove anything, but what i will tell you is this right. Gamestop, obviously, is not getting any sort of sympathy play from from amc's run up. I've been seeing it for a long time.

I thought amc was a better place solely for the reason that it's a cheaper stock. You can buy more amc shares than you can gamestop, because gamestop is trading 237. On top of that, gamestop hasn't had any major technical breakouts gamestop to me is running because amc is running because you look at the gamestop chart, i mean gamestop is definitely gon na. I think it's gon na squeeze.

I do i absolutely do, but it's not at all time highs. It's not at year-to-date highs. It hasn't broken any technical levels, it's half of where it was in january. It's just not ready.

Yet it's not. There. Amc, on the other hand, is at a year-to-date high. It's higher than it's closed back in january.

It's already hit 29 bucks, and this isn't even a squeeze shorts haven't even covered. That's why i think amc is rocking right now and gamestop is just not doing much silverback, not guardians reporting for duty, sir. Yes, sir man, strong in new zealand, thanks for all the hard work bud steve. I appreciate that brother, but we're all chilling we're all apes, i'm just a regular dude who's here to to howl on the stock.

Just like all you guys, absolutely sorry for bashing your music trey yeah, you do what you want man, we don't have the same taste. We don't all have the same taste. It's all good! We're chilling we're chilling like villains man, uh. Let's get amc, accept doge trending! Last time amc ripped in january so did doge.

Let's get these two communities joining forces um we can get that moving. Maybe tomorrow, i've already got one trend out there that i'm trying to get. You know moving on the stock, but if we get too many at once, it it'll uh, it'll it'll saturate the market right. We got to focus on one thing at a time and i've already kind of got out the hashtag that i'm trying to get rocking.

I don't even think that tweeted out that i'm gon na be back, let me check did i do that? I can't even remember i cannot even remember oh, i did. I didn't even realize, who is this guy trey as a mustache? I know i'm some freaking weenie. I'm a weenie baby as uh as kevin would say, meet kevin. You know what it is daryl.

Thank you for that. Please take tomorrow off from work and stream. So tomorrow i actually have to get my mri done, my heart mri, but so i'll stream. In the morning, but i i can't miss that that's that's important, stuff um.

I i i'll see what i can do, but it's it's really tough to say what will happen man there. They appreciate that make sure to come to toronto. Canada absolutely will absolutely will. I know there's quite a few waves out in toronto.

Let's see 30 hodl, yes, sir. We want that 30 mark man. 29.76. Is the intraday high we're sitting at 27.20 cents right now, it's starting to get a little bit of volatility.

Look at the one minute candle right here, one minute candle. You got three million total volume that was a pretty definitive push to get this back up and retesting. What could be a potential bull flag, wait and see right now. What you've got cooking up is a beautiful, beautiful, big fat nasty george w set up you've got a double bottom and you're looking for a break over this neckline at about 20 27 and 64 cents so break over, that is going to be pretty filthy nasty.

That's what we're waiting on we're waiting on that breaker for 27.64, as it sits right now. You think people are scared to keep the stock pass tonight, since we have a short day tomorrow and off monday rally troops to hold into weekend. Please, hey man, it's as simple as this. The true apes know that know what they got to do, it's as simple as buy and hoddle.

If you can buy, then buy. If you can't then hot on, i think that's truly truly truly what it does come down to the squeeze hasn't even started. Yet. Can you talk a little on how we know when it starts? You'll know when it starts, because shorts will start covering short positions check this out short interest is up on the day.

Short interest is up 1.19 percent, so if you've got or text or any sort of data information that gives you the idea of how much short interest is rocking on any individual day. That's how you know it's short start covering. Then you've got the beginning of a short squeeze, but we just don't yet we don't, because shorts haven't started, covering they're still shorts, that are establishing new positions. It's not the squeeze! That's how you'll know trey lost my dab when i was 15 tomorrow marks 20 years.

Sending you extra love tomorrow, thank you. So much for the advice and positivity huddle leslie your pops passed away on the same day as mine. Did my pops passed away five years ago tomorrow, as well, so peace be with you leslie, i'm going to remember you tomorrow. When i uh, when i mourn for my father and i celebrate the memories, i just keep doing what you got to do absolutely i'm hollering from my dad he's my wife he's my.

Why simple? As that hey trey appreciate all your dd and hard work, silver back, we're all gorillas mate, we all are absolutely amc - is a dead cat. What darth traitor? You forgot, the knot, you forgot the knot. What are you talking about? I heard this was a dead cat. Is that rich rich? Is that your youtube channel is that your youtube channel rich i'm a little confused 57 contracts, uh 40 strike january 2022 and 450 shares? Let's go.

You know what it is baby, yes, sir. Thank you so much for your knowledge. That's put in an option at 28 bucks i'm gon na hide until it expires tomorrow, thoughts, i i think, there's risk associated. Obviously what i would do is this i would.

I would take profits at least to cover your initial risk and premium and then let the rest ride if you're looking for a grand slam, that's as simple as it is. Thank you so much for all your knowledge. I just put an option at 28. I already read that hey brother: i want to make a comment about the merge store.

We want to rep the brand. We need the merge store. You said: you're uncomfortable taking profits from apes, that's on donating merch sales. So i would, i would definitely be down to to donate sales from the merge store, but it is back up.

I've got to back up and running, i forgot to say something: we got to back up an army, because so many people were demanding that we get that back up. So if you want to check out the merch store, it is in the description box down below, but i'm not trying to push it. You guys want to check it out, feel free, but that's not my concern right now. The the real story and the real things happening is amc stock.

I'm focused on this, but i appreciate that man, absolutely thanks. Trey with this. My first car will be in r8. Yes, ethan we're here for you we're here, for you am i gon na buy a lambo to match your shirt, tesla roadster, tesla roadster.

You know what it is. You know what it is. Thirty dollars. One cent derrick, you got ta spot on the money.

Man. You know what it is today. I got my sister van luke seven watching her channel. I'm super excited hi sis, hey welcome van luke 7.

good to have you here good to have you here all right: gang, no r8. First, car bad idea go uh wreck a junker first, i always like the tesla roadster. That's what i'm going with. I like to test the roadster.

It's a beautiful sports car. What would tech show for beginning of squeeze uh? The short interest will start going down. You'll have a drastic decrease in short interest. Instead of the short interest going up, that's what's freaking wild about this is the short interest is going up, they're, not even covering yet i wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow we test 40 bucks.

I know that sounds crazy and it's crazy for me to even fathom, but i wouldn't be surprised. I wouldn't be. I mean the way this is moving so far. The momentum that we're getting on each of each individual move is absurd.

I mean this is just nastiness. This is just disgusting. This is freaking ridiculous price action, that's as simple as it gets. There's momentum, there's momentum and the volume is falling through.

It's increasing every single individual day, 537 million volume when this starts squeezing the volume's gon na be over a billion. It's gon na it is, it absolutely is the volume's gon na be over one billion shares traded per day easily when they start squeezing we're not there yet we're just not. This is winding up. This is winding up absolutely good luck at the hospital homie.

I appreciate that eight all one thousand nine shares are not selling, so we all hit the moon. We got each other thanks, trey eight gang really gang diamond everything, medical bills and parents house to save. Let's go hey, i'm with you brother, i'm with you absolutely huddle for them. We can get sushi in oklahoma.

After this thing takes off trey. I love sushi anthony. You know what it is absolutely trey. My name is liv and i'm 16 year old girl.

I put all the money i saved into this hey liberal. I hope this pays for you, i think, uh being so, young you've got a really awesome opportunity to make some life-changing wealth and i really hope you get the opportunity to make some really awesome. Awesome cash. I'll tell you what liv it's as simple as this i hold for you, the apes hold for you.

We all hold that's as simple as it is. If you can buy and hold that's as simple as it gets, that's the recipe, that's the secret sauce. That's the szechuan sauce! That's going to bring us our freaking schmeckles, guys it's buy and hodl. You know what it is looks like we're beginning a little bit of an uptrend, so we're down to this downtrend we're out of that little bit of a correction that we saw with that little bit of a short attack that we got we're up.

38 percent of the day dollars and nine cents, as it is right now waiting to see if we retest 29.76 by the end of the market hours. I would not be surprised in the least bit if we get an after hours push with the volume of momentum and liquidity. Getting pushed into this thing right now, especially because there's not as much price action typically and not as much of a risk of a halter of any sort of that happens during the after hours people i i wouldn't really want to bet on it. You're, looking at some volatility after hours, whether it's up or down, i think after hours of pre-market you're looking at another push, i really do ap from albuquerque new mexico, much love kyle.

I appreciate that brother bye, two, not the squeeze yet brother, rick and morty. I'm a huge rick and morty fan, i'm on season three right now, i'm rewatching re-watching darth trader. That's enough! You are uh, you are in timeout, darth trader, saying it's! A dead cat is full of a bunch of silly chicken sauce. How can you say it's a dead cat up, 38 shorts haven't covered.

I uh you're allowed to have your own opinions and i don't have to agree with you, but that is just pure nonsense that the numbers are just telling you the whole freaking story. It's not a dead cat, it's not a freaking dead cat. It's just not, there's no possible way. You silly chicken, you see the chicken.

What are you talking about? The short interest is up 1.19. Today it doesn't even squeeze it doesn't even close, not a dead cat. You silly chicken, a pickle rick, oh man, how do you know the stock is going crazy? We move uh one dollar plus, oh, i missed it. I got ta go back up.

Oh we moved one dollar plus in one minute, trey doesn't even say boom boom. Oh, i know man, i ah that's how you know man it's as simple as it is. That was a one dollar swing, huh. 26.

48. 27. 27. One dollar swing man, absolutely it was, but we're not even we're this, isn't that i'm not calling that a boom boom candle yeah that was just a break out of a descending level of resistance.

A boom boom candle is gon na, be a freaking two. Three four dollar swing. Once you get back up to 30 bucks, that's a boom boom candle, baby love! You bro thoughts on crypto hua go army. Crypto, i think, is going to make uh is going to have a lot of liquidity, get pumped into it.

When amc is done, but it's not my focus for now. Amc has been the focus for the last couple months and once that's done, crypto is a space that i'm gon na occupy after everybody's made their attendees. Please come to the uk brother one day. One day i got ta buy me a house i'ma keep going absolutely i'm with you, i'm with you.

10 contracts are june, 11, 1250, so pumped. I also bought a couple shirts from your store. I hope you can autograph hey man. Well, if i ever run into you jason, i got you baby.

I got you we're going to freaking pluto. You know what it is: vietnam to pluto, good shiga, good, shiga, good shiga man. You just got ta celebrate this. How can you not up 38 on the day we got the break over 25 and 80 cents and we're slowly winding back up to get up to 30.

This is the consolidation phase. This is the sort of boring stuff i say boring with an asterisk, because we're still swinging up. You know 25 50 cents, a dollar per candle right now, but this is the boring stuff where you're not seeing as much price action. This is the wind up.

This is the spring loading for that next push. I'm telling you it's as simple as it gets you get rips, followed by consolidation. Rip consolidate rip consolidate now you're waiting for that next rip after another consolidation phase. That's what it is right now we're waiting for that! Next freaking move consolidation gets you ready for that next push, so we're just waiting on that's as simple as it is.

We got to get that consolidation lay a new layer, a new base for people to establish positions. If they're wanting to do so. Looking at an obvious level of resistance at about 27.48 there's, obviously no cell walls on the level twos right now, so i can't even label off any freaking cell walls, but this is looking pretty freaking nasty. Oh man, amc's, not a dead cat.

Can you shut up? My cat tomato: let's go shout out to tomato man. You named your cat tomato, that's a that's a freaking ape right there, oh yeah bro. You look like donald cerrone with that uh when you had your mustache. I appreciate that man.

Thank you. Tram, confused! Three dollars! Isn't a penny what's going on dude, it makes no sense. I keep looking. I keep rubbing my eyes and i'm thinking wait a second.

What what the this isn't a penny. Yet, why isn't this had a penny, yet maybe i'm just reading this wrong. Guys guys is that a penny. Yet i've been waiting for this to go to a penny, but it's just it's just not doing it.

I i don't know i trusted this guy. I i trust in this analyst. He said i was going to a penny, so i so i i plant some puts for a dollar and it's just not it's just not it's not going up. Oh man, that just cracks me up.

I can't i can't train thanks for everything that you do. You give me the confidence to huddle absolutely brother, we're with you we're with you. I've been summoned pickle, rack, yes, pickle rick in the chat we love to see it. We really really do that's awesome.

Absolutely. My june 18th 40 calls maybe over 100k today. No, it wasn't going crazy when i bought them in april, not a dead cat. You know what it is man i am currently up on the day 170 000 and i'm not selling man not a chance.

There's still pennies. This isn't a short squeeze. This is still cooking, we're still waiting, that's as simple as it is a junior 18 for you. Oh, i read that trey and the girl that lost her.

Dad may 28th me too 2013 much love how long mookie rocha hey, but my thoughts will be with you too i'll i'll, be celebrating my pops good memories and mourning the loss and you'll be in my thoughts, leslie and mookie. Oh man, rip to your og ape gang. You think it's worth it to buy more amc now, absolutely i still think it hasn't squeezed, yet it hasn't squeezed simple as that. This is why the the freaking fomo on this is absurd, because people have to know they have to know that this hasn't squeezed.

Yet the shorts are still doubling down. They haven't covered. That's why the fomo is so ridiculous right now i don't know what i'm stepping on, but it's freaking goofy got ta move this over here holy toledo, guys i am just so jacked to the tits right now, dude i i should be more. I should be more careful about what i'm saying, but i'm too excited like if i get to monetize piss on it, i just don't even care dude we're so jacked sitting at 27.77 cents we're getting a little bit of a push.

I wouldn't call it a boom boom candle, yet this candle had a push from about 27 21 to a 27 20. 73. 50 cent swing right there. That was a pretty decent candle and got out of this level of resistance at about 27.50 or so waiting to see.

If we end up testing, i wouldn't even call this a decent level of resistance. We don't have any touch points, so i'm going to delete that for now, but the overall level resistance at 29.76. That's one way to see a push for the last one minute volume you saw a total of what appears to be about 2.2 million total. That's looking pretty pretty tasty, i can't lie.

I can't lie. That's looking nice, it's looking nice a little bit of a topping tail, but this is getting back on an uptrend back on an uptrend. I don't think this is done for the day. Yet i really don't.

I don't think this is done for the day, yet i'm gon na check vortex again and see if i have any sort of update in short interest short interest is up four percent so still up on the day, there was a couple of shares that were returned, But net neutral uh net net override up 1.36 million total shares in short interest. So that's looking pretty nasty. You got ta hide on my left hand, while i have the diamond tattoo on my right palm ebola. I got you baby epo all day, long i'll holler.

Your hand all day whatever you need. Oh man, what's a realistic floor. I think 500k is a little wild. I was thinking like oh man, it's up for each of you to decide.

I'm making it a very exact and driven point to say that your floor is what you decide to sell at that's where personal responsibility comes into play right. I can't tell you when to sell at as long as you've got a price target and a game plan right, because planning or feeling a plan is planning to fail. You just got ta have a plan as simple as it gets man. This arrow is just so spot on we're, so the technical analysis, lamp lamp just does the god's work it's as simple as it gets.

Lamp draws an arrow, and the arrow is where the stock goes simple, as it gets simple as it gets lamp off lamp on get a little bit of a bear trap cooking. This is the first stream that i've had in a little minute that was actually nice and green and we got a nice rip baby. Yes, sir. Yes, sir uncle bruce, who oh no do i got ta, do it like that? No oh, come on! It's all about peace and love, it's all about peace and love.

It's all about peace, it's all about! I don't even think of that. It's all about peace of love, man, we're fine, we're cooking. Let's just celebrate! Let's just celebrate, we don't got ta worry about that! Hey trey we're seeing a ton of fun telling the new apes to sell lower numbers like 50 fake accounts on facebook, etc. We need big voices like you to reinforce that this is not the squeeze and what is so.

I made a video this morning talking about it, so if you guys want to share that the video this morning, i i talk about that whole idea of a pseudo squeeze at 50 bucks. If you want to take advantage of that - and it goes to 50 bucks on friday - play some call options. Man make some filthy profits on some call options running in tomorrow. That's my that's my uh, you know suggestion not advice, obviously, but that's what i would do this one's up to 50 bucks in the tanks.

After that, at least you made your attendees on your call options and you can take that money, reinvest it back into stock. If that's what you want to do, i i uh either way we're winning either way people hide a lot until they get what they want. It's as simple as it is after amc, let's target naked, uh tyrell. So maybe i mean it's, i don't think you're ever gon na be able to duplicate this i'm gon.

Na be honest. I think amc is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I really do. I don't think you're gon na have another opportunity like this in the stock market.

If it happens, it's not gon na be anytime soon. I really don't. I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we get to all witness, write a history book in and develop a legacy 1970 dodge daytona 2013 dodge viper. I want to drive boomer cars, hey man, well, boomer cars are pretty neat i'll.

Tell you that right now, absolutely as long as you got something you want to do. Man, that's what's freaking cool about what's happening right now, is everybody's going to be able to change their lives and live on some freaking dreams? That's what it comes down to guys. I mean think about all the people's dreams and lives that are going to be changing forever. It's so freaking cool like i just that's why i'm holland? That's why i hot alone is for you guys it absolutely 100 is.

Is it worth uh buying slightly out the money call option for tomorrow, whatever you put into that there's a huge, huge, huge, huge amount of risk because you only have one day of runway, so that's a lottery ticket to a team. We can't predict what's going to happen tomorrow. I can't tell you anything for sure right, but if you're going to play tomorrow for a call option just put into it what you're willing to lose, that's the only thing that i ask genuinely genuinely genuinely. I just don't want you guys, betting, the form on a call option that expires tomorrow.

If you want to play it just view it as a lottery ticket simple, as that maybe father rest in peace and maybe surround with god's blessings march on brother. Absolutely you know what it is: wan na buy a house with my attendees, i'm with you, i'm with you absolutely live like stars. Lamp lamp, you're, doing you're doing decent all right. Looking at this right now, it's still respecting this ascending level of support.

I'm actually going to move this up, just a hair so that we can get all these different touch points. One two three different touch points and it's starting to get a little bit of another move right now. You've got four uh topping tails that are at about 28 dollars and 12 cents waiting for a break over about 28 12, and you should be looking at a pretty solid opportunity. This feels weird to do.

It feels weird to do but we're going to delete these levels of resistance that are down here on the chart to clean this up. We have graduated on from the low 20s and we are back on the hunt for the high 20s and the low 30s baby. So right now, we've got a level of support about 25 and 80 cents. If we're gon na rip back up to 30 bucks.

Who knows where this is gon na freaking go what is power hour and uh our i jack power i jack my x. I don't know if i understand what that means citadel assistant. I feel like you're trying to you're trying to get me, but i don't know if i got get i get got. I don't know.

If you got me, i got to be real, i might be confused, but power hours last hour of the day, baby we're coming up close we're coming up close. Thank you. As of today, i can afford my first car all because of your youtube following since january. Thank you ml.

You did it my man, you did it man or woman, you did it i'm just here and i'm chilling with everybody. That's as simple as it is adam aaron's got to be smiling absolutely you're spot on you're spot on two-card arsenal. Adam aaron is probably sitting in his chair right now. Thinking let's freaking go boys.

Let's freaking go stem cell therapy for everyone. If this pops, absolutely hot off the small guys, only 40 shares amc, 100k donald, i'm holding for everybody, i'm holding for you too, absolutely trey. I was told that the hedgehogs are going to try and crash it once it gets to 50 or on tuesday or wednesday. What are your thoughts? Do you think it'll just keep running up anyways uh, so if they do that, it's not a very smart move and i'll tell you exactly why i'm gon na make a video about this actually june 18.

40. Calls if these run in the money at 40, 193. 000 of these for june 18th, those running the money - that's a lot of hedging if they run up to 50 bucks they're digging their grave. It's gon na gamma squeeze like no tomorrow they'll get screwed they'll get screwed, but if they do it, man we'll make money and they will not be able to dig themselves out of that hole.

That's as simple as it is a buddy of mine played. Oh, i got ta scroll back up um, where the heck were we, a buddy of mine, plays play drums on the outro music for rick and morty dude, that's wild. I wish i had that kind of uh. That kind of resume absolutely so right now we're working.

What we're doing in case you're just tuning into the live stream? My friends we're consolidating this is back and forth trading price action right, we're just waiting to see if it's going to end up coming back up to this 30 level of resistance. It is still respecting this ascending level of support, as it sits right now. In fact, i'm going to move this down just a hair, so we get all the touch points from these wicks. What you're? Looking for for any respected level of support and resistance is touch points right, you're, just connecting dots.

We've got one two three four different touch points on this ascending level of support and we're waiting to see if it ends up getting a break over this level of resistance on the one minute candles at 28 dollars and 12 cents. That is the next overall level to watch, but this is slowly winding up. My friends is this slowly, making its way back up to that 30 range. I think that you're looking at a potential for another push here in the uh, the regular market hours to re-test 30 bucks and if it ends up breaking that you're.

Looking at tendingtown man, i'm telling you you're looking at the opportunity for some freaking stupid price action, because if this breaks freaking 30 bucks, it's gon na get nasty 35 40. Who knows what to rip it? To? After that? I mean honest to god: 25 to 30 happened in 20 minutes 20 minutes. It was fast. My friend says i should take profits that tomorrow this one fizzle.

Can you explain why this won't be a fizzle i'll? Tell you exactly why i won't fizzle because of two reasons: apes are buying and holding and shorts haven't covered their positions. Yet simple, as that short interest is up one point: zero, four percent on the day this doesn't close. This is, this is just the beginning of the end. This isn't that it hasn't done it.

It hasn't done it yet. This has not squeezed. It still has a lot of freaking runway to go. That's as simple as it is.

This ain't it this ain't, it there's more to come. This isn't a squeeze 2015 careless driver hit me with uh riding my motorcycle lost my right leg. Career in savings mustered together 183mc shares changing my stars dirk. That's the sort of that gets me out of bed in the morning to talk about this, honest to god, because this is the sort of thing that could really change people's lives beyond what anybody can comprehend genuinely the first time that i really connected the dots truly And truly understood the magnitude of what we're watching right now with amc stock in the history and the legacy that's being written is what i have that meet and greet north carolina, because when that happened, my friends i i met some people who are emotional about this.

Who, like you, can just tell like this, is life-changing stuff, where you can really really make a huge impact in your life forever and like i'm, never gon na. Forget that i'm gon na remember that forever, so that i can try and do my best work and bring you guys exactly what you need for this sort of stuff. I mean it's as simple as that. That's as simple as it gets has it sunk in.

Yet how many thousand people you've helped change their lives for the better? As a father to myself, i can promise you your dad is proud that always gets me. I'm sorry, it's it's very close to the day passed. I'm sorry!.

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