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Oh baby, good morning, good morning, good morning, what's up vietnam? How are we doing this morning, guys it is your boy trey from trace trades coming back again for another freaking amc live stream baby the traders podcast episode 67, closing in very fast on that trader's podcast episode, 69. stupid. I know i know i know i shouldn't uh. I shouldn't think that's funny, but you know it kind of is anywho.

Today. Amc obviously is very freaking deep in the red, but there's a lot of other stuff to talk about that has coincided with amc being down. 8.4 today we're gon na go through all this sort of stuff, but the first thing i want to do is show you this right, a technical analysis. Now i put out videos last couple of days, one two three four days or so saying: hey guys.

If this does not respect this bull flag, if it breaks this bull flag, you're, looking at a second scenario and to me this scenario was a breakdown to a fibonacci retracement, which is what this box is right here, where i expect to see some sort of bounce Right and so far as it sits, it is respecting that pretty decently i mis-drew this just a hair got to drop down a little bit, but this is what you're looking for the 50 to 61.8 percent retracement off of the peak of about 15 and 80 cents, Or so, which comes out to about 12 dollars and 24 cents or 12.92, and now it has broken that bull flag. This is a scenario that is is pretty likely now. I can't guarantee where, in this box, you're gon na see that bounce end up happening. But this is where i'm expecting to see some sort of rejection of price.

And if you were to extend this just the hair right, you can see that it's already falling into that box and it's getting a little bit of rejection. So i don't know where this box is it'll continue to bleed, but i am expecting somewhere in that 12. 20 to 12 85-ish range to be where we get that bounce for amc to get back into some good bullish territory. I actually uh deposited another little bit of money into my account and i did average down on a little bit of shares and also average down on some of my call options that i've got for amc.

I averaged out on my uh my 15 calls for june 18th and i also bought some of the amc 13 calls for june 18th as well. I picked up about five of those but uh these these dips guys these are freaking fire sales. It's not very often that you're gon na be able to get dips like this. On amc, after eight straight green days, i mean i'll.

Tell you what i'm i'm absolutely fine with having one red day if it sits that way, but with amc you know what it is guys. You can see this flip on a dime. It can happen very, very, very stupid, freaking fast, so just keep watching it go minute by minute by minute, but nonetheless there's another thing i want to talk about, and that is the crash of the market and this bitcoin sell-off. Now i want to tell you this because this is really important to my mind, so look at this.

What about this movement on ethereum or bitcoin looks natural to you and i'll. Tell you right now. If your answer is, is something looks natural? It's not! It's absolutely not natural forty thousand dollars and forty thousand seven ninety eight uh dollars down to twenty nine thousand come on ethereum dropping from freaking thirty five hundred dollars yesterday down to under 2 000, giving back 1700 bucks in a single day, not natural. I will tell you right now: i don't know if it's it's freaking hedge funds or big institutions getting liquidated if they're just pulling out their money, but there is something that is not natural about this.

This is not retail investors. I can guarantee you that right now you can make the argument you can make the argument that it's because of the china ban on crypto, but when that news came out, the stock market did not react to it. This harshly immediately right news catalysts when they come out typically will have an effect on a stock or a security pretty much immediately after it comes out. That's the whole point of the news catalyst coming out right, whether it's positive or negative.

So i don't personally believe that the china ban right caused this crash. I don't see it, i think it could have. You know it could have added to it, but it's not the it's, not the catalyst. It's not the cause of all of cryptocurrency down.

Freaking. 20. 25, i mean i was looking at my coinbase uh coinbase app and i saw the overall cryptocurrency market was freaking down like 20 or 25 today, which is absurd. I've never ever ever ever seen that in the last freaking six months, watching crypto i mean it.

Just does not happen. This is not natural, you don't see markets like overall markets down 20. Think about it. What if you saw the spy, what if you saw the spy down freaking 20 one day? What would you do? What would you do if you woke up - and you saw spy, was down 20 think about the spy and then think about crypto the fact that crypto was down 20 in a single day? That's outrageous! The only explanation that i've got is that big money is moving their cash out of cryptocurrency.

We've said this a million times i'll say it again right. I very very firmly believe that the market is gon na. Take a big freaking dump right before amc makes its money moves now. I don't know if it's gon na happen today, if it's gon na happen tomorrow, but i think there's a lot of shady stuff happening with amc stock and the market.

My friends so that's kind of what i've got for what's happening with cryptocurrency. Obviously, the market is a sea of red right now it is like freaking drinking from the the bath of blood that freaking, the god of war. Aries, would bathe in man. I mean this is outrageously, outrageously red.

I mean freaking, look at this mara, this gap down holy freaking crap. What is what is happening here? Amc the spy nyt you've got coinbase down freaking 8.4. Obviously, because this is uh, you know where people will make transactions for crypto but jeez. This is some stupid, stupid red that you've got rocking in the market right now, and it coincides very clearly, i believe, with the heavily shorted stocks such as amc, i 100 believe it.

You can't freaking change my mind. They also, i see, i see your comment man. They didn't trigger the ssr in amc by 0.01, which is absurdly close absurdly, absolutely close, the ssr, the short sale rule, if you're not familiar, is if you make a 10 drop from the previous day's close. Obviously it does not include the pre-market or after hours.

However, if the pre-market after hours are down 10, you immediately open down 10 percent ssr is triggered, meaning that you can only short on the upticks, meaning that the shorts have to hit the ask. They can't slap the bid right. So that's what the ssr is. Does it have a big impact on amc? Does it help it go green? It makes a little bit of a difference right, but it's not the sole proprietor that would drive amc to go up.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is how much buying pressure is, how much buying pressure there is on any given day, but that's kind of what you got cooking up right now with amc. I want to show you guys also the ortex data ortex actually came out with a tweet about the utilization drop down to 29. What they basically stated was this: they said that there was uh. There was parties out there that were not reporting their data on short interest and utilization, and my immediate thought was: hmm: it's pretty funny.

It's pretty funny that they're not reporting data right now, one of the most critical pivotal times of amc. I've never seen that not in the freaking four months that i've been using or text not once come on, come on. You guys got ta know this. You guys got ta know this game, it's a stupid game.

It's a dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, stupid game short interest is up 1.75, as it sits right now. Borrowed shares 3.47 million return shares 1.15 million, we're getting back into that trend of shorts, doubling down on positions so we'll see if that trend ends up continuing. But that's kind of what you're looking at in terms of what amc is sitting at right now on ortex. So that's kind of my my opening spiel.

I i probably should have waited for some more people to roll in, but that's kind of what we got rocking right now, with amc what's going on with the market, what's going on with cryptocurrency last thing that i want to say before we have this discussion with The uh, the entire you know the entire freaking gorilla gang out here is - i did put up a video. This was heavily requested about the story of the amc, squeeze and kind of a 15 minute recap of the reason why apes are holding and where this can go, what what people can do to help this sort of cause. So if you want to check this out, i am going to be streaming for quite a while here today i don't mind if you tune out for a little while and go check out the video. It's all good, if not that's cool too, but this is something that you guys wanted to see.

So i put it out there for everybody who wanted to make that happen. So that's kind of what i've got for this quick little recap right here: let's connect with the freaking gorillas out. There drop some gorillas in the chat. I know amc is red today, but we're gon na hang in there, regardless right, i'm doing absolutely fine, i'm not stressing the least bit, and i am down significantly on amc, i'm down 3 700 bucks on stock alone.

My call options down 8 20 on the 15 calls down 800 on the uh. The 25 calls i mean, i'm i'm down pretty heavy on some of these uh. These call options. So i feel your pain right, you're, not alone, but i'm gon na keep holding on, because i believe in the stock.

I believe in the the the cause i believe in the freaking legacy, we're writing and i'm not going anywhere i'll. Tell you that i will hold this until the sink ship, the the sig ships until the ship sinks - if that's what it takes now that i think it'll happen, but you get the point you get the point. So that's enough of that. Let's get into the freaking! Live stream, don't know what you heard about me, but a hedge can't get a dollar out of me.

No cadillac, no perms! You can't see that i'm a mf and pimp wyler. Thank you for that brother. I've still got that that latency turned down, so the lag shouldn't be too bad either by the way. Hopefully, you guys are digging made some fan art for us on twitter, the xavier guzman.

Let me check that out real real, quick, like real, quick, like little peeky wiki. As we always say, you know what i don't have lamp on. What kind of catastrophe is this? I don't know what i'm doing with my life man holy toledo, you guys honestly i'll leave, can't believe i didn't have lamp on. Obviously lamp is the star of the show here, so i'm just the accomplice, i'm just the accomplice that gets to pass on the messages but return lamp on.

Hopefully you guys forgive me, i'm sorry for that uh that freaking mistake, but it won't happen again. It won't happen again. My apologies twitter is loading super slow right now holy toledo, we'll come back to that in just a second here swear jar. Did i swear, i didn't even hear it.

I don't think i swore you guys are going to say a sword. Anyways, just because you want to see me bye all right here we go now. I think it's good now, it's loading. So let me check this out the xavier guzman.

Oh, this is cool. I dig it man, that's money, check this out gorilla army, baby gg! I, like the attendees drawn in there too, that's good stuff, that's freaking, sick dude! Thank you for that. Thank you for that you're a boss. So, looking at the level twos right now, you've got the largest cell wallet about 12.92 cents, but you can see that the ask is absolutely freaking loaded to the teeth.

It's outrageous there's a lot of freaking uh activity on the ask which we can only anticipate is shorting because they are trying to suppress this as heavy as they can clearly tree underneath the volumetric average price, which is this gold indicator right here, the v op tells You, the average price that anybody has paid on the given day trading, underneath that means that the mean person, the meat in the middle right uh, is not red on the day they're bag holding - albeit it's not by much right - obviously we're right beneath the v-wap. But if we get back over that, i would expect a little bit more momentum to come. I'm going to leave this box, but we can easily draw that up again if we want to here in a little while arrow. Oh, what am i doing of course.

Of course, of course, of course, how long is this going to take? This is what i'm thinking this is about the timeline that i'm hoping for guys in case you're new to the channel in case you're new to the freaking traders, podcast the live stream. We got cooking with the gorilla gang we draw up arrows because this is the king of technical analysis. It's simple stuff, you draw an arrow and the stock will follow. I learned that from rain or tail the king of ta, you don't make the rules.

You know. I don't make the rules, we just follow them, it's as simple. As that, oh man trey. I hope you read through my dd is playing out across the board for the entire market.

I did brother, i did, and you were absolutely right. You uh it's the the piece of the market and cryptocurrency tanking was absolutely 100 spot on and you know i didn't go quite as into detail as you did, but i'll tell you this we i i made a video talking about this about two months ago, saying That you're gon na see hedge funds in the market be a sea of blood red when this thing makes its freaking move. Thank you, michael. What up trey three day here in a row still dealing with some mental battles, i'm at 877 shares on amc.

Would you love to do some video edits for you in the apes, berserk man, absolutely brother, hey. I hope that your your mental battles, clear up you've, got the apes rocking with you cooking with crisco, we'll be we'll be just fine, my friend uh. What was that amc floor website from yesterday? Also the china band's bs it added, but not the cause. It was hard to buy crypto in china before the ban, absolutely kyle, and i can't remember the name of that website.

But if you google, the amc floor, it should pop up. It definitely should pop up uh. Could they be avoiding margin, calls of liquidity? Absolutely man. I think that's exactly what it is.

So if hedge funds are liquidating their own positions, they're trying to cover their butt, so they have enough collateral essentially to make up for any losses they might have in short positions. It definitely helps shorts. Today, i'm not gon na lie to you to be down. Eight percent, but this is the first red day that we've seen in the last eight days, which nine days actually so eight straight green days and one red day here so far, but we don't know what's gon na happen right anything can happen on the flip of A dime all of a sudden, if you get a little bit of momentum, a little bit of follow-through with volume and liquidity get back over the v-wap.

You can see this thing freaking rip again i mean it's. Just it's just gon na depend on how things go. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up uh consolidating here in this little range for a little while but uh like i said we had two two options: we either respect that bull flag or we bounce down to that freaking, 12. 20 to 1280 range - and this is exactly where we're sitting right now - is that 1280 range, so that is, it is what it is.

It is what it is. I'm gon na keep hodling on man, meatball sub italian urban cheese, provolone spinach and banana peppers trey. I, like that name man i like that name. I like that name.

Absolutely you don't lose until you sell crypto will recover absolutely man. Absolutely i should have should have taken a leaky wiki before i started the live stream, but obviously i did not i'm gon na go. Do that really quick? I apologize because we actually just started, but i am going to uh, beat my pants over the cool kids peanut pants. I'm not gon na follow that uh that advice from adam sandler, but i'll be right back guys.

It shouldn't take too long. Give me just 30 seconds boom. I didn't even forget to unmute my mic. You're done good you're done.

Good people love you! Lamp people love! You! People love! You all right! Edgy's heavy on the chat today: hey that's the way of the red day, man, the red day, you'll always get them. You'll always get the cobas. You sure will matt coors retweeted the zeke elliott video about amc. If anyone wants to see it, i also retweeted that for anybody who wants to check that out, it's actually pretty cool.

It's cool to see him, it's good to see for sure. Where is that right here? You know what it is: zeke elliott, baby, zeke elliott his beard is magnificent. I wish i could grow a beard that nice been green for eight days straight. All right, trying to check twitter dmr tag, doing a tweet about synthetic puts and calls.

I believe citadel is doing. Why aren't your thoughts, superman? 212321? That's probably a good topic to talk about. Let me look into it. Let me check it out real quick.

The volume today is extremely low compared to what we've seen the last three days so far. Today, we've got 34.7 million in volume, which really is not that much all right, so citadel is using synthetic puts and calls. Let me just pull this up quick uh both because these strategies require less margin. They're trying to make their position seem balanced.

Therefore, avoiding margin call, i would not be surprised with that, not the least bit a synthetic point is an option strategy that combines a short stock position with a long call option on that same stock to mimic a long put option. It's also called a synthetic synthetic long put essential investor has a short position and a stock purchases and at the money call option on that same stock. So is this what citadel just pulled off it's very possible? They could be trying to mitigate the risk and look like they're not overexposed. Do you have too much exposure essentially to uh some really rough days? I was referring to other youtubers wanting to collab.

Please no fake news. Wait! What's going on review, dork everything good brother get back to me on that man. I want to make sure everything's good with you, man, hopefully uh. Hopefully no one's spreading some stuff about you.

I can clear it up if you need it because you're an absolute ape, you're good, dude, you're, an absolutely good dude. What's up review door good, to see you brother good, to see you uh discount, bye, bye, bye! It is very cheap right now and what do we got cooking up like i said before, if you just tuned in, we got uh some new people who are cooking up right now, who just hopped into the live stream, but i i i kind of had two Different hypothesis on what could happen here with amc stocks, so essentially you've got this bull flag set up which was being respected up until literally today in the pre-market, and then it ended up bouncing off of that which led me to believe that you're likely going to See a bounce down to a 50 to 61.8 percent retracement on the fibonacci, and this level is critical because, if it bounces off of that, this means that this is a really solid, buy zone. If you were looking to average down in your position, oh man, if my funds had taken one more day to clear, i could have bought this for cheaper, but i'm not mad, because ultimately our average cost is not going to matter that much when we're on the Freaking, moon i'll tell you that right now pull down shorts. I don't know if i'm gon na do that.

I don't think that's the move. I don't think that's the move uh when transferring a huge amount of gains to your banks or anything to know about withdrawing a high amount of cash or anything about that process. All that i would do is make sure that you contact your bank, because, if you deposit, freaking millions of dollars out of nowhere, you might run into issues where they think that's fraudulence or something so just communicate with your bank, and that should definitely help out the Process, that's what i would do jordan belfort said: oh, i got ta scroll back up, jordan belford said bitcoin would go up before down yeah funny, funny news that makes sense. It makes sense, make love to lamp.

I don't think i'm gon na do that. I don't think i'm gon na do that. That's not probably something i should be doing. Ssr has been trigger tray we did hit.

Did we hit down 10 percent on the day? Did we hit down 10 so we're down a buck 33 right now, uh from yesterday's close buck 32, which means we would have closed that. I think we closed at 1402, so 10, we'll just do 90 of 1402 uh 14.02 times 0.9 is 1261.. I don't think we quite hit it yet i don't think we've quite hit it yet we're very dangerously close, but we haven't hit that ssr, yet not from what i know i could be wrong could be wrong. What are your thoughts on citadel buying? The 750k shares to use and selling pre-marketing after hours to drive price down, so i actually made a video about it, but, to be honest with you that 750 000 shares is not enough ammunition to do something like this right.

I personally believe that, if citadel has to do anything, they would just short it they would just shorten over leverage again trying to ladder it down. We don't know if that's what ended up happening, but i'm not really concerned about their 750 000 shares. What concerns me more is how much liquidity they put into calls and puts, because if they make a lot of money on that, that's more liquidity and ammunition that they have um to get rocking ssr is already active until may. 21St.

1263 is the trigger price. Oh there we go there, we go 12. 63 is the trigger price and it is activated. It should be activated.

Hedges pulled out the crypto to cover shorts diamond hands, amc 100k to the moon, yeah man, i'm absolutely in agreement with you dean. Absolutely. I said the same thing at the beginning of the stream. You might not have been here, you might have been, but uh.

I i think i mean this is simple as this. This isn't a natural movement. The the crypto market being down over 20 as a collective whole, would be the same as seeing the spy down 20 as a collective whole. It just doesn't happen that sort of thing does not happen.

That's not a natural movement, not at least bit. It just doesn't happen it's as simple as that, it's as simple as freaking that absolutely ah man do. We need extra loot for the squeeze. It's gon na be a volatile journey, guys, i'm telling you that right now, i'm telling you i mean just on the day alone.

I am down, i think, like freaking, seven or eight thousand dollars, which it is what it is. I mean that's just how the the cookie crumbles sometimes, but i'm not stressing over it, because no losses or gains are realized until you hit that buy or sell button. Look at its domco tracker, i'm saying that there's 3.1 million total shares available to borrow so either a a lot of shares have been returned and that's just how many are available or b there are more available shares than there were previously. I believe it could be a combination of both.

I just believe that a lot of lenders recalled stock. They recalled shares because they just see that this is way overexposed to risk. The squeeze score on this is 10 out of 10. According to e horror, i didn't take a bunch of data and algorithmic um data to compile that score, and i still believe it's the case.

I still believe 100 that afc is a squeezable stock, even though it pulled back here today i mean red days happen. We've seen red days over the last five months, i'm used to it. I don't know if you guys are used to it, but i'm not stressing over this, not in the least bit not even a little. I leave calls choose two months plus out at uh delta value of 90 cents, jay tran i've actually got a friend that i uh i went to school with what kind of school training his name was sunny tran.

So it's cool to see that welcome brother uh traders averaged up four dollars a share and i'm still green around 26. Is it worth it to support the ape family? It is oh, it is worth it to support the family. Absolutely man, i'm with you, i'm with you. There are people who have average costs in the 15 16..

There are people have it in the freaking, eights and nines. I mean at the end of the day we just got ta feed each other. It's as simple as it is. Oh man, do you think june 2nd will be our catalyst to the moon.

It could act as it ultimately, what a catalyst needs to do right. So a news, catalyst, positive or negative just needs a response factor right. So it's for a positive news, catalyst to drive us to the moon. What you're looking for essentially is hype and reaction out of retail investors in the ape community.

You want new money to want to come in because of how positive and powerful the news catalyst is. So, if june 2nd comes around and they reveal something stupid like groundbreaking numbers that are just showcasing. How freaking, absurdly malpractice and corrupted the the stock movement on amc, is that's going to be what we're looking for? That's that's exactly it and that's going to draw on the new money because they're like dang wow. This is going to have to get fixed.

There's no way fans or buts, i'm going to buy this freaking stock because that's all the motor comes down to is we're looking for new money right. The people who, with the amc stock, would have been here for a long time, um they're waiting it out. I mean that's essentially what it is. I saw a comment on one of my youtube videos and i thought it was very fascinating.

I thought it was a good good topic to uh to bring up, and it was this. This guy said. I think there are a lot of retail investors out there that are watching and patiently waiting for the right move to get into amc stock, and i think that's absolutely what it is. People like to buy green and they like to sell red.

I think there are people out there that are waiting to buy the green and buy that first initial rip and move over that 14.50 mark. I think that's ultimately 100 uh. What we're waiting on you made my son tear up in a good way. Yesterday, i'm extremely grateful for you trey, you were the man jf wall street viking.

Well, i i'm glad to hear that dude. I hope that his youtube channel does well, and i wish nothing but the best for you and your family and your son, absolutely ssr is triggered for anybody. That is wondering. So what does the short sale rule? Do we don't know if it actually gets held up or if they actually regulate the rulings here, but essentially what this is supposed to do is you're only supposed to be able to short on the ask.

You can't slap the bid right, meaning you have to short the upticks and not just the down ticks. So looking at the ask right now, this is likely all of the shorting that has taken place on amc stock and you look at ortex. You look at the overall data. You can see that the short interest is starting to go up again according to ortex.

It was up one point, something percent here earlier in the day now it's up about 1.33, so you've got way more shares borrowed some shares returned net difference of about 1.76 million, the max cost to borrow 17.11, so it's obviously gone down significantly, and that number is Likely going to go down if the price continues to drop so we're looking for some sort of sustainability and some sort of move and some sort of liquidity and volume to get this back up over that v-wap. That's obviously gon na be the first line, but we can't sugarcoat it i mean today is is a red day. That's as simple as it is today is a pretty pretty gnarly red day, but you look at the entire market and that's just how things are rocking. According you know, accordingly, right now, the whole market is just ac, don't be a paper hand, says david.

I feel you brother, i feel you i'm not paper handing nothing nada, joy. I know you heard this a lot thanks for watching community days, like this used to scare me i'm trained to buy on these days. Matt, i'm telling you i'm just a regular dude i'll hold on with everybody i'll hide, along with everybody. Here, we're straight chilling.

Vortex data is t plus two right, so that is looking at at least the short interest. At the very least, that is looking at what you saw two days ago right. So if you look back two days ago, one two - you likely saw an increase of short interest data by about one point: some change percent on this consolidation day that we saw right here right. So that's what i would expect.

I would expect that the majority of extra interest changes you're seeing right now came from two days ago. Volume is low, you're. Absolutely right. Volume is disgusting right now, not good disgusting either.

38.75 million. I mean it's definitely higher than we've seen in previous days, but i think what you're going to be looking at by the end of the day best case scenario is 100 million. Plus i mean if we could get over 100 million total volume - i'm not mad about that, but we just want the majority of it to be green, green volume. I'm curious to see what the actual short volume percentage was yesterday.

Let me look at the daily short sale volume percentage, uh website that i've got here, cooking yeah. It was stupid high yesterday, so may 18th. You saw that. Oh i got to refresh this.

Oh no! It's good! The total short volume was 61 yesterday. If that doesn't tell you the story, i don't know what will 66.2 million total short volume yesterday is an absurdly high number and that's just data man, that's as simple as it gets. That's just data. That's telling you right now! Look at this uptrend, so we saw the utilization drop a little bit right.

We saw some of the shares on loan get returned, and now you have this huge uptick in reversal in terms of shorting they're, trying to double down on their positions. To get this thing. Rocking i mean the highest we've seen this revolving percentage is 65. I'm gon na be very interested to see how high the short volume percentage is today, by the end of the day we get that data tomorrow, i'm anticipating it's gon na be pretty stupid high, but we'll have to wait and see man i mean this tells you The story, it's just being shorted, it's as simple as it is, there's more shorting taking place on the stock right now than there is buying.

What are your thoughts on buying crypto at the moment? Do you think it could still complete or foul on the bottom? I don't know if crypto has found the absolute bottom, but i will tell you this: a drop of 20 is a buy that i want to make if you're bullish on crypto, it's it's a very, very solid blind without a doubt, without a doubt, trey you've. Given me a brand new lifeblood, i think he's super thankful. We love you. Thank you, smash cast, you did it yourself.

I have call options for 14.5 expiring this friday. Do you think i should hold until friday or sell i'm down 77 thanks. Trey says destiny. So for this friday i got to be honest with you.

I can't guarantee anybody that you're going to see a retest of and 50 cents by friday and in fact, for you to make money on those 14.5 you've got to work really really heavily against theta. The time decay right, so you break even on those depending on what price you paid, it's probably going to be in that 15.5 16 range, which is going to be really really hard, depending on what you paid for it right. So if it was me, you know this is just me personally, i would probably try to retain whatever sort of value you have in those 14.5 strikes and you can roll it out into a further exploration if you'd like, but there is always the chance that it Does rebound so like if it ends up coming back and you did sell them. You know today looking for a further expiration on those call options.

You know it's it's a weighing the pros and cons. Personally i it's gon na be. I think it could take some time. I think it's to take a little bit of time to get back out of this 12 and 50 cent range or so, where this fibonacci retracement lines up.

You might see you know retest a bounce immediately today, but nobody knows right, it's very, very difficult to save we're going to see that immediate bounce. Today or not. What i will tell you is it's very obviously being targeted. You look at the level twos and you've got a lot of ammunition to fight against right.

This is just me, i would probably retain the value and try to push it out for a further exploration like i, like the june 18 strikes. I think that gives a decent amount of time, you're, not fighting against the theta too bad um, but it's entirely up to you hold like your first girlfriend make an amc. Video took a couple days first time, editing friends said i should share with you. It's only three minutes, long on youtube: the squeeze cometh the squeeze cometh huh.

First video. I will uh i'll check that out once uh the stream is over, but i appreciate you sending it my way. I'll definitely show it some love the squeeze cometh there. It is just hollow from jack dines.

I got it pulled up, move the arrow that arrow's not doing the trick today. Lamp come on lamp. What are you doing? This is some chili silly chicken, silly chicken talk, i'm not getting you, i'm not getting your lamp. I don't know i don't know what you're laying down, but this isn't making sense.

So, let's continue to rock down into this fibonacci retracement zone, as it sits right now. Looking at this on the one month chart you can see it like i'd mentioned that you're looking at that 12 ish range. Looking for that bounce, so somewhere in this zone, is where i'm anticipating and getting a reversal. I could be wrong, but that's the trend that amc seems to follow over the past five months.

Is that 50 to 61.8 retracement off of the rips? That's typically where she does it, that is the typical zone. Jeez, look at that rip down at 12 34.. This is getting flushed hard. Look at that volume on that 1.2 million in volume on that ripped down to this freaking fibonacci retracement zone.

They really are trying to push this down anytime, that you see volume increase on a wide range candle bar. That's a purposeful move that is a coordinated attack on the stock on the downside, the same way that you see, volume tick up on huge uh wide range candles. Those are coordinated, buys for the upside right. These are shorts strategically trying to play chess and push this thing down underneath critical levels.

So, let's look at this on the one month chart i'd, be curious to see what you're looking at in terms of uh levels of support and resistance. There i'm gon na have to zoom out a bit. Let's see so right here, where we're sitting 12 29 you've got a little bit yeah, so that lines up with one two three different touch points. Almost four different touch points at about 12 40..

So that's the level of support that they're trying to break you. Look for these three levels of uh. Three touch points to signify, respected level of supported resistance and they tried to push it underneath that, so that was a pretty coordinated attack. If i had to take a stab at it volume increase, you got four touch points on a one month, long chart right.

They really are trying to push underneath that because they view that as a critical level of support, so they they've got two different touch points right here. There could be a little bit of a bear, trap, wait and see if it gets a bounce there. Lamp lamp on at 12 34. - let's see if we can get a bounce off of it, but if not like i mentioned, i, i believe that you're looking at a fibonacci retracement zone down to about that 12 range.

That would be the best case scenario. In my eyes, all right here, i send you an email about helping with your obs. Whenever you have free time, you have to read. Email is pop aside appreciate that man, i definitely got to check my email.

I i got to admit guys and i apologize for anybody that sends me dd and sends me emails and stuff when i'm done at the end of the day, with all with all the youtube stuff and making videos for you guys and doing the live streams. Uh. It's it's like 9, 10 11 hour days some days and i just try to eat dinner and relax a little bit, but it's definitely something i get better better at. So i apologize um pop aside.

Let's see pop aside, i'm not seeing it yet, but i'll. Look through that a little bit closer here in a little while uh step away from your computer for a second it'll moon. Now i went to the bathroom earlier. Nothing freaking happened.

Nothing happened! Look at this freaking 55 000 share wall at 12 and 50 cents with the ssr triggered. You shouldn't see this sort of thing they're supposed to hit the oh, never mind just kidding the ass. They have to hit the ass, so that's not surprising, never mind they're they're shorting, the uptick right here so 12.50, obviously acting as a level of resistance wouldn't see if it falls through with this arrow. But you can see that it's trying to get a bounce off of this uh, this level of support at about 12.36 cents or so four bottoming tails on the last four candles, and that looks like a little bit of a bear trap setup.

So we're hoping that it follows through, and you get the beginning of a bounce to come. Hopefully retest that volume average price it tested it uh two different times right here and got a false breakout right here to get back up to about 13 and 31 cents. But we're looking for that ultimate bounce, that's uh! That's what we're waiting on as it sits right now, bounce back up to that v-wap volume at average price, which is sitting at 12.83. Today's discouraging you uh! If today's discouraging you ain't built for stocks, they have ups and downs, there are ups and downs man i'll tell you what i'll tell you what i'm down on stock alone on stock alone on amc, i'm down five grand i'm not stressing at least bit! That's how the cookie crumbles, that's how the cookie crumbles, there's no realized gains or losses until you buy or sell.

I had eighty thousand dollars in my account yesterday. Now it's at seventy five thousand dollars. You know, that's how it goes. Send you a meme in your twitter dm my handle is average rob 808.

i'll check it out. Man i'll check her out looks like it's getting a little bit of a balance, i'm not too mad about that 12.55. We'll see if this level of support at 12 34 is significant or not, if it will end up uh end up rocking tesla has diamond look at this. This is obviously about bitcoin, elon musk says tesla has diamond hands.

Oh, let's go! This is the way, obviously about bitcoin, but that's interesting, interesting. Oh, what did i just do? I have way too many tabs open. I have way too many tabs open. I got ta get rid of some of these, but we'll get there we'll get there right anywho.

I wanted to check that uh message for the meme: let's see, search twitter, i'm not trying to doxxyman, so i'm gon na do this in private just so that nobody uh messages you or sees anything that was private or something. Hopefully this will eventually respond. Come on twitter being slow today, holy toledo, okay! Well, that just closed out i'll, try again twitter, averagerob808 uh! I think this is you yeah there we go view. These are pretty good.

I can get behind that. I dig it leonardo dicaprio, with my face on it. I can't show his face without doxing some messages, so i probably won't be able to uh to show that, but i dig it dude, that's good stuff, relax, pay chance lots of bots accounts. Today on twitter, oh yeah man, they're gon na come they're gon na come.

I'm telling you it's freaking, uh psychological warfare, that's how it goes. That's absolutely how it goes. Bitcoin would be 20k based on trends best time to buy. You think it's gon na go down to twenty thousand dollars.

Huh that'd be a pretty significant drop. I mean. Let's look at this on the uh the year chart. It looks like i got ta bounce off of this sort of level of support at 29 000, but the next floor is at 20 gr, 20 grand if it drops below this.

So it really really really needs to hold right here. Otherwise, like you're saying, the next level of support is at 20 000, which would be a significant loss. You'd have quite a few bag holders on bitcoin. If that was the case, that would be disgusting.

That is not bueno. You don't want to see that you really don't want to see that guys if we have any cobas in the chat. You let me know, and i can address it - i'm really light with the band hammer. But if it's it's obvious bots that are rocking in the chat you just got: ta drop the name and i'll clean it up.

You you, let me know i want you guys to be comfortable and cooking with crisco. Guys. Today is one of those days where it's really important to surround yourself with community. This isn't anything to do with technical analysis.

Isn't anything to do with data right? This is just basic human psychology. It is hard to look at a portfolio because money is emotional. Money has ties to emotion, it's very, very difficult to uh to see yourself losing money hypothetically on paper right. So what advice i can give you right now is to psychologically ground yourself in your conviction in the stock.

If you believe in what amc is and how far it's going to go right, i have said this on and off throughout the last five months. The price of anc to me is psychological, and i'm gon na tell you why? Because if you have true conviction in a stock and the fundamental conviction that you're basing that off of has not changed, which is this is a heavily short stock, it's being heavily manipulated. It's not a good short anymore, because they're a fundamentally stronger company than they were five months ago. If none of those things have changed, which in my eyes, they have not right, it's still a fundamentally strong stock that is being fought against the grain right now.

It's still being heavily manipulated, still back malpractice, there's still corruption, there's still heavy short interest in this. If none of those things have changed, then the price is psychological. You want to buy this for as cheap as you freaking can, while waiting for this thing to go to freaking tenney town, that's, ultimately what it comes down to right. So, on days like this, when you're looking at you know hypothetical losses on paper, i think it's very important to surround yourself with people who believe in the same cause as you who could talk you through.

You know the tough times that can borrow you confidence if you're lacking the confidence on these red days, because i'll tell you what there are days and sometimes i lack the confidence and i need the community. You know to back me up a little bit to make it feel like hey, not not confirmation bias, but a reminder of the due diligence and research and data and numbers and conviction that we believe in amc for right. It's important to know that sort of thing, because on these red days there are going to be those psychological warfare, tactics that are taking place with the bots, with the media, with the news with the hedge funds, with the naked shorting, with everything that you see happening Right now, just remember just remember why that's as simple as it is so on days like this, all i ask, is you have a community and a place to call home when you really need it? We know the risks. We know the risk associated with amc and i'll.

Tell you what i said it time and time again i'll ride this ship to freaking zero dollars. If that's what it came down to because that's how convicted i am in amc stock, i wouldn't put 80 grand in this. If i didn't believe it was going to go somewhere i'll. Tell you that right now we are on the 12's right, that's not even bad! I mean we're at nine dollars a freaking week ago, i'll take this all day, long, hey trey! What's going on with that sec ruling regarding the synthetic shares that we're supposed to be bought back by today.

So we don't know what the timeline for that is like, but what i will say is, hypothetically speaking: what's supposed to happen, is the sec is going to crack down on uh naked short shares that are circulating on the market right now, we'll wait and see if That comes to fruition, but that was the filing. Essentially, what is my internet doing? Can you guys see me? Okay? Is this lagging? Let me know if you guys can see me on my end. It looks like things might have froze, but let me know thank you. For the discount head he's about 140 more shares using trade 10 at checkout, we're like gang gg, you know what it is.

You know what it is tell aaron to release the numbers. People are losing money, so i'm gon na be talking with adam aaron. Like i said, we're gon na have another interview sometime in early june and when that comes, there's gon na be a lot of questions that i'm gon na. Ask him based on what you guys wan na hear.

One of them to me is gon na. Be this thing about the the stock split: there's been a lot of people talking about stock, split and there's a lot of people that want to ask about dividends. So i'm going to ask about both of those things for sure, but as more time passes, and you guys have more questions - you want answered we're just going to formulate that it's as simple as that, i'm not asking questions that i want to know. I'm asking questions that you guys want to know, so that's essential.

It's going to come down to no lag good, stuff, cool cool cool. It looked like it was on my end, but sometimes youtube's, just goofy. Thank you uh. Thank you for that.

Super chat. Asia, asia. Black, i don't know what the message was: sorry that you retracted it, but hopefully you got you're good, hopefully you're good check, ethereum yeah ethereum has taken a massive dump. Ethereum is crashing harder than almost bitcoin.

It dropped down from freaking 4 383 bucks to 1800. Tell me that's natural: what about this looks freaking natural, it's not there's nothing natural about that. It lost just as much ground as it took for freaking days. I mean these are daily candles that you see right here right.

Look at these daily candles in a single day you flush down literally freaking 10 days worth of buying. That's not natural. Come on come on what about a 20 drop on ethereum? Basically, the equivalent of a blue chip stock is natural. This would be like watching.

Tesla apple microsoft, crashed 20 in a single day. That just doesn't happen. That sort of thing just doesn't happen. It's outrageous! It's outrageous! Does this red day signify, i got ta scroll back up.

I think um. Could this red day signify the waters residing or receding before a total wave? It totally could i mean: we've talked about it before the similarities between amc and volkswagen, although there are different squeezes right, there's there's fundamentally much much much much different things about the data and the lead-ups to each of these, but volkswagen before this major run-up. Had it come down to that a major dip back down to previous levels, so um it could be it totally. Could i can't tell you for sure, but i think it's no coincidence, that cryptocurrency in the entire market is taking absolute crap today, at the same time that uh amc and uh gamestop, i'm just assuming, are red.

Let's look at what gamestop is: we haven't even looked at our brother today, gamestop also down pretty heavy on the day, but not as bad as amc is. This is down about 5.6 and uh much lower volume. So, let's look at the order flow on this. Gamestop has had 44 million dollars of inflow 57 of outflow, we're looking at amc, comparatively amc inflow and outflow 105 million 109 million there's not even that big of a difference.

Here i mean four million dollar difference. This is down 12 right now. Let's look at the gamestop difference: 44 versus 57. There's a 13 million difference here and gamestop is only down five.

What is happening? I mean this just tells you. The story guys come on come on. Look at the malpractice and corruption here, four million dollar usd outflow difference right. Four million dollar net negative gamestop is a difference of 13 million and it's down only five percent.

What is going on? That's absurd! That's freaking, absurd, crazy stuff! You guys i mean it's so simple, it's so simple if it makes sense if it's simple and you're not understanding the process, it's probably because it doesn't make sense and there's something: that's making it not make sense. That's the only thing i think of guys. I mean seriously freaking seriously legit, there's so many confirmations that we have that there's malpractice taking place in the stock market. This is just another one.

This is just another one: the outflow versus inflow - that's just another confirmation to me, but the big one is is just the freaking volume that we get on any given day. If you haven't watched my video, i'm going to show you something really quick, i want to show you my microsoft whiteboard check this out well hold on. First, i'm going to clear out of some of these freaking tabs, because i've got way too many tabs open close out of this one. Maybe this is probably why my internet's being all goofy, honestly, all right close out of that one aye aye aye.

I did this myself say i, no oh, no, that's chai, not cha. I can't see it well, i'm just gon na answer it in right here whiteboard. Maybe this will eventually load. Hedge funds are attacking my internet.

That's what it is absolutely there. I do have a wired connection. It is a wired connection. I probably just have too many tabs open, but anyways.

I want to show you something that i uh that i worked on for one of my videos here today and it's very freaking, simple math cute desktop pick. Thank you for that. I appreciate it. Life is simple: i'm just i'm a simple guy come on lamp, but anyways.

I want to show you this so check this out. I drew this up this morning for a video that i made, but in case you haven't watched that video i want. I want to walk you through some basic math that we've got cooking right now for uh for amc stock, and the float right now check this out whenever this freaking loads we'll get there eventually all right. So, let's just let's just do some quick math right, we're gon na take january 27th, we're just gon na take yesterday's volume.

So yesterday's volume, what do we have total on the day total? On the day yesterday, we saw 170 million total shares right. So if there was 170 million total shares yesterday that were traded, we know that there is about a 417 million free float on the stock right. So there's a 417 million free float on the stock. That would mean that 170 million out of 417 million 170.

That's about 40, so that's 40 of the free float in a single day right now. Let's just do some quick math. If there's 417 million share free float - and we know the retail investors on about 80 or 333 million institutional investors, if you're just to take black black rock and vanguard 65 million total shares on loan right now according to ortex, is about 132 million right, then you've Got 10 million shares for insiders? You add all this up. You've got about 540 million shares, which is more than the total free float by over 800 million.

It's about 120 million extra. So if we saw 170 million in volume, which is about 40 of the free flow, where is it coming from if there is actually more shares trading on the free flow, just based on this alone, right? Where are they getting the actual shares for the trading? If this is what's being currently held, if this is all that's being currently held right now, it's 540 million ish shares. Where are they coming up with 170 million? That's to me signify some of the malpractice and corruption taking place at the amc stock. It's as simple as that, it's as simple as that, it's just simple math.

That's that's really! All that it is. I don't get it man, i really don't i really don't hey cool is 23 hold on look at my anc floor website. It says zero dollars. Was it hacked or was i on the wrong page? So i'm not sure if it was hacked or not, because i don't know the actual name of the website.

I can't remember, but it was sent in yesterday. If anybody has it drop it in the chat bar, where are these shares coming from they're created from naked shorts and from failure to delivers right, they're they're they're pulled out of thin air, but it makes no sense at all for anybody that says that hey what's Trending on emc stock is all that there is. I just don't. I don't see how that makes any sense, because math is simple right.

If you just do two plus two equals four, but all of a sudden, 2 plus 2 on your math says it equals 50.

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