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Today we will talk about AMC, the current market climate, and other current events affecting investors.
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Good morning everybody welcome to the trace trades podcast, the traders podcast episode 17.. We are back again baby for another day of live amc action today. So far in the pre-market, it's been pretty quiet, it hasn't been hasn't been too crazy. We've seen a little bit of a push here, uh initially right at the bell right at pre-market, open at about 4 00 a.m.

We didn't see a test of seven dollars and fifty cents came all the way back down about six dollars and seventy two cents. Small little run up here, we can see, ran on a pretty nice upward. Moving trend broke that right came back down, but currently uh flatlined a little bit. It's it's not what i would call bar coding.

We will talk about that more so once we get some more people rolling in here, but welcome welcome gorilla gang. It is great to have everybody back again for another podcast. This is my last day on quarantine. Sadly so uh tomorrow, i'm gon na start up work.

We will still do these podcasts, but they are gon na be earlier in the morning and probably not quite as long but hey guys. I tell you what i will continue to put out coverage as much as i can and we will keep rocking the amc game. Baby for everybody out there wondering i am drinking water, i am drinking water just so you know i'm taking care of the throat love you caesar. I don't know who came up with that, but i love it.

I do have some cough drops as well guys i'm gon na be rocking these throughout the livestream. So just trying to take care of that voice, i did get it kind of beat up feeling much better. Today it is uh. It is absolutely ten times better than it was previously.

I can talk without coffin doesn't hurt too bad, not doing too rough. How is everybody doing this morning? Oh yeah castle, uh castle mallard. My voice is doing much better. Today, it's still a little bit rough.

It's not 100, but it doesn't hurt to talk uh. I took some some tea and honey and uh some cough drops the lemon flavor, the lemon flavor. I'm telling you is the only way to go. I'm rocking some headphones today, i'm listening to some music.

In the background, just listening to uh, i like anime, i'm listening to an attack on titan anime playlist just keeps me occupied. I like i like keeping the mind rocking mark mcgowan. Thank you, my friend, for the super chat. I appreciate you very much thinking on averaging down from 380 at 8 16..

What would be a good price, and should i wait 30 to an hour after opening see how the market reacts thanks, hey! Thank you for the super chat. First and foremost, my friend, i would suggest waiting to see the first uh 30 to 30 minutes or so of the market. What we do know is we have a nice level of support right about here at about six dollars and 87 cents as well as right. Here at uh, if we zoom in really quick about six dollars and fifty cents, so i think if you take time anywhere between you know, six dollars and fifty cents and six eighty, it's gon na treat you pretty well, it's gon na treat you pretty well uh! You should be able to get into the stock for a pretty good price.

I don't anticipate it dropping much lower than 650. My friends, i do think 66 650 is the floor and i will give you a reason as to why uh once more people run to the podcast here, but that will treat you very well. My friend, i think that's a great price to average down in. I do still have my position in amc, as you can see right here.

I've got my complete weeble portfolio pulled up, so i can be completely transparent with you guys. I've got 380 shares of amc and weeble and about 180 infidelity, so just under 600 shares about 550 total i did have more previously, but my fidelity account got liquidated. I lost about 30 000 between amc, bb and nokia, but that is all right. We're still in the game guys every opportunity that i have to add to this.

I'm definitely doing so as it sits right now. We do have amc, starting a slight upward trend line. What we have here is a downward trend, and i'm going to point this out to you it's very easy to see. So what we're looking for is a break above this descending level of resistance and how you find this.

My friends is by touching as many candle wick touch points as you can. We see one two three four different touch points. We always look for at least three to signify and validate a trend line, so a wide range candle bar breaking above this descending level of resistance will signify that we've escaped from this downward trend, which it does appear that we found so now. The next step is going to be riding on this ascending level of support, which we do have as a validated trend line, because we have more than three touch points.

One two, three four five six different touch points here, so this descending level of support is validated. It should treat you pretty well xenix, nearly 100k baby, well-deserved guerilla gangs, xenix. My friend, i watch your videos all the time. I love the.

I love the uh, the red dead redemption. I watch that all the time, though, the red dead redemption fails. Those are god dang awesome. I love it.

John fields tell your commander, you have a sore throat. You think you need to know two weeks of isolation. I've got coven, i've got coven cg. I've got coven trust me.

It's it's real lacy white good morning, hey you changed your name carly. Her name was carly before uh. I appreciate that i appreciate the super chat. Everybody.

Thank you very much for tuning in to the traders. Podcast traders commander-in-chief amc. I love it. I love that my friend appreciate it.

Attack on titan ost is goaded. Oh my god. I know it don't even get me started. I absolutely love attack on titan, i'm a huge, huge anime nerd.

I've actually got an attack on titan sleeve for anybody wondering on my leg. Let me pull this up really quick on my instagram for anybody. That's curious, uh i'll, just find this really quick to do to do wherever it is so this is it right here, so i've got luffy on my calf. I've got shenron wrapping around my leg, naruto and sasuke on the front on my shin vegeta up here.

In my quad this is awesome from black clover that was healing up. I just got that tattoo and then the colossal titan right up there, where the, where the sensitive spot is, but it's a fun uh. It's not quite done yet, but i love it. I love it for sure man good good times all right, sasha, thanks trey, you were awesome.

I appreciate that very much. Thank you to everybody tuned in to the traders podcast. I appreciate it. If you would not mind doing me, one favorite gorilla, gang traders and fellow people alike.

Please drop a like on this video because we like this freaking stock baby. That is all that i ask as it sits right now. Amc is sitting up about point. Eight percent in the pre market sitting on the r side about 58 points, not too bad.

We did see a small pullback. If we zoom out here. Look at this macroscopically, i'm going to show you something really quick. We did see some downward selling pressure.

We opened the pre market and it saw a high of about 7 and 50 cents and then a little bit of sell-off right down to about 672.. We did test 672 uh or close to it right, but we are still stair stepping higher lows and higher highs, which is what we're looking for in terms of uh good forward direction towards setting uh setting us up for the future. Now, what is it going to take for for amc to continue this nice upward trajectory that we're expecting right for the squeeze to happen? I've got some numbers pulled up for you, guys from fintel, and i've actually been asked a lot about a couple different things. I've been asked about uh.

Why did intel change the numbers? What's up with the wanda situation right what's up with wall street bets? Are they disbanding are we? Are we not doing this anymore? Guess what i'm still going to be in this amc game? We're going to keep talking to uh, keep talking everybody about this amc stuff, i'm not going anywhere anytime. Soon. No worries about that. My friend.

If you're worried about amc hold long term, the average is 20 to 30, i'm holding till she's up, i'm with you baby, of course, i'm not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence, make your own financial decisions, but i will continue to hold amc and i will let you guys know when i decide to get out, because i don't think the game is over as long as there's short interest in this stock. We are sitting absolutely beautiful, cynics energy, dude hcmc just had huge news.

I don't understand it too well, but it sounds amazing. We can check that out. Real quick, so hcmc is a stock. That's currently going through a lawsuit, hcmc announced a sale of five million dollars.

A preferred stock ooh, that's gon na be dirty that will be disgusting. I think hcmc is gon na have a dirty dirty day. That should be filthy man. I'm excited convertible into common stock, initially at 150 premiums, the company's most recent closing price announced an equity capital raised to the sale in a private placement of 5 million of a series d preferred stock to certain institutional investors.

That should be huge. I'm going to keep today primarily focused on amc, but thank you for that update my friend. I will put out a video talking about uh hcmc here in the future. That is a stock that i'm watching very closely.

Welcome to everybody tune in to the traders podcast. We are watching amc live and we will also be watching gamestop very closely as well i'll have both of these stocks pulled up and they both mirror each other pretty closely. As you can see here, uh gamestop saw a pretty nice run here in the pre-market nice little jump. It did, of course, not quite mirror amc and the fact that it had a nicer run up to about 75.8 cents, but didn't see the same downward channel now.

Why is this? It could be two reasons it could be a. I find this to be less likely that you're seeing the same sort of buyers step into gamestop, as you are amc or b. It's the same market makers and hedge funds that are manipulating the stock price. That is what i find to be more likely.

Of course, you guys, you guys, keep up to date with your own decision making you make your own opinions, but that is my take on the gamestop and afc situations. You are seeing the same hedge funds short in attack and ladder attack these stocks. Now we have not seen quite as much selling pressure today in gamestop and amc as usual. This is a good you see, gamestop is running pretty solid right now and and amc, if i was to guess, is going to mirror that very soon we do see a nice wide range candle bar signifying to me that we might have an upcoming run.

Our slide is trading at 73 at this given moment, so we do have a lot of bullish momentum. Volume per one minute. We're looking at about 50 000 shares here 25. Here it is picking up a little bit.

It is picking up so volume drives volatility. Volatility is going to help drive those higher price valuations, so we are looking to see a continuation of that overall volume volume lately. What has it been looking like? Well, if you take a look at this on the daily chart right, we can just take a quick peek at what the daily volume has been looking like, and it has actually been starting to pick up a little bit. We found a nice, a nice uh average.

A nice momentum we're seeing in a given day about 219 million shares here, 159 million here and 193 million here. So we've started to find that that uh equilibrium at about between 150 million and 200 million shares, which is really going to help, give some predictability to amc. This is the first time guys in a long time that i've actually been able to read the charts. A little bit because it's not so freaking crazy, volatile and i'm actually really really excited about that.

So looking pretty good here in the pre market, we are up about two percent just under that we have some nice wide range candle bars, starting to pick up some nice buying pressure and momentum levels we're gon na be watching, for we did break out of this Downward trend line this descending level of resistance, so the next level we're gon na be watching for, is gon na be right around here, which we are testing right. Now you can see, there's a candle wick touching then we've got one candle wick, two candle wicks. We look for three three candle wicks signifies that you have a justifiable and respected level of resistance or support, so this is going to be the next level to break it. 697..

Thank you, everybody tuned in right now. I appreciate you guys immensely adam. Thank you for the super chat. My friend good morning, trey update on cciv plus nbs before open, please 1.5 billion bitcoin bought by tesla.

I didn't see that i did see that uh crypto is really freaking rocking. I saw that touch 42. 000. Absolutely insane filthy stuff hold on a sec.

I want to keep uh keep the throat hydrated. This is warm water. I've got a cough drop in trying to take care of the throat because it was a little rough, but it is doing better. My friends so mvis is gon na.

Do some nasty nasty stuff. It is looking dirty right now. The last couple days i think, the last four days. It has actually gone up almost 70 percent and guys i've been telling you this forever.

I've been saying, mbis is gon na rock it mbis is, i honestly got ta think at the end of the year. This is gon na be a triple digit stock. That sounds insane, but i'm not kidding you. Mbis is an insane company.

They are so overlooked. They're going to be great, i'm telling you right now, as for ci cciv, take a quick peek here, currently trading down 2.3 percent 2.3 in the pre-market, which is not bad. This gives you an entry point right. We do have an ascending level of support, as it would seem.

We've got one two three different touch points here, so this is a respected, ascending level of support. We always look for three touch points and, if you're looking for a quick entry point, you could try and get in on this ascending level of support which, right now i look at about 33 dollars and 75 cents. We are going to keep this live stream, primarily focused on amc and gamestop, my friends just to respect everybody that is tuning in for that uh specificity. But i definitely do appreciate you guys.

Thank you so much my friends for tuning in to another episode of the traders, podcast all right, all right, we've got uh michelle. Thank you for the super chat, my friend edward. Let's, let's go my girl made us to the moon. My girl, i love mavis mavis - is my absolute love.

I love my girlfriend the death, but if i had to have a side chick, it would be mavis. She has an absolute powerhouse of a stock, absolutely beautiful woman, just a god. Dang train, oh gorilla, gang michelle. Someone said wanda converted her shares, so i do have that article pulled up.

I will be taking a look at that. Thank you very much, my friends, for bringing that to my attention. We will address that because i do think there's some things in the air that we need to clear up regarding uh wanda, converting her shares. This might be a scare tactic.

I'll tell you more about why in a little bit, but i don't believe that is the case, because you would see it in the stock price bucks fan publication called pulse mentioned you this morning, really no way pulse trader pulse. You want to drop a link. Does anybody have a link to that if you've got a link to that uh that pulse article that'd be really cool, uh publication called pulse you're gon na have to let me know my friend if you find that for me, i'll definitely check it out still am Seeing gme today can we take a look at the aka gush we can take. We can check that out.

I do really really want to focus on primarily amc and gamestop this morning. My friends, so gush is gapped up a little bit here about 2.5. In a nice upward, moving channel if you're looking for an entry point good stock strength, you're going to see a 50 retracement which for this case, would be about 54.46 coming back to amc, we're still sitting up about 1.36 here in the pre-market, we do have a New upward uh moving channel with one two three touch points in order for this to be broken, what we're gon na be looking for is a break beneath this ascending level of support. We do have what appears to be a two lows: high close candlestick pattern.

What does not a candlestick available that indicates an upcoming bullish run, so if this does end up playing it, we do end up respecting this descending level of support. We're looking at a squeeze down in price action here within the next five minutes, either a we're gon na break beneath this. This ascending level of support or b we're gon na have a hard push or this level of resistance right here, which is sitting at about seven dollars or so. Thank you bc for the super chat.

I appreciate you. Bucks fan, john leonard. I appreciate everybody. Elon tweet related to the app for crypto ing, yeah man.

I saw that elon musk put 1.5 billion dollars into uh into crypto from his tesla corporation guys, i'm gon na start looking into crypto a little bit more. I'm not gon na lie. It does scare me it does scare me because it isn't the current centralized currency system and there is risk involved, but i'll tell you right now, there's less risk involved with crypto than there is with amc. I want to.

I want to say this over and over and over again to anybody who might be new here. If you cannot afford to lose the money you put into amc. Please please, please do not get into this investment. It is not called wall street guarantees.

It's called wall street bets, there's a lot of inherent risk involved with getting into this play, but i'm definitely gon na be looking into crypto. My friend, thank you. Bucks fan i'm gon na check this out one sec. So let me just pull this up.

I am going to put this into my other tab, really quick and just check it out before i pull it up on the screen. All right. The stock price of cash from marine time is trading at over 10 pre-market. This is why it happened.

There's no direct news from the company, but it appears that it's being hyped on social media investors on social media are studying the short interest data and there are investors, oh what dude that's insane no way. Oh, my freaking, gosh plus youtube channel trace trades, discuss the potential of ctrm based on its fundamentals in recent news: jesus christ, jesus christ - that is so cool yeah, no way that gets me so amped, i'm so fired up right now, dude crazy. Thanks for sharing that man, that's insane, oh man, i like ctrm, it's a good company. It is a good company.

I appreciate you sharing that john leonard kroy jesse. Thank you guys for the super chat. I appreciate everybody tuned in right now to the traders podcast. If you don't mind dropping a like on the video just because gorilla gang's strong, my friends, that does mean a lot to me.

What do you expect to see in tomorrow's sec report for short interest, even though it will be two weeks old? Last report was january. 15Th good question, so this brings me into the next thing that i wanted to talk about, which is the amc short interest. Right, fintel is doing some sketchy sketchy stuff and i actually have a coder that is in my discord, who who knows how to read websites like this, and he can break down the coding on a site, and we know, based on that that this is manually entered Data, so this isn't this isn't coming straight from a system. This is a person crunching a number and putting it into this website.

So right now, what we see is: according to fintel, it is 59.4 million or 30 percent short volume compared to the overall market volume. Well, check this out, i'm not kidding you. I made this video, probably one or two hours before they changed the data. Look at this february 5th february 5th i'll, show you the exact side by side.

Look at this. This is going to blow your freaking mind, you're, going to be absolutely mind: blown thirty percent, sixty percent. What's this huh? What's this check this out, the chart says sixty percent or thirty percent here right, but the chart says sixty percent here. These are the same day.

This was literally recorded yesterday february 7th, so there's some goofy stuff going on right now, there's some goofy stuff. I i do not believe it's 30. I believe these numbers are more accurate and, to be honest with you, this is this is just my speculation. It's just an opinion, there's no way to know for sure.

What's going on right, we can only make speculations but based on what i've seen so far with the short interest, data 60 seems the most likely, and that is because we see what's been happening with the stock price. We look at this in the last five days. Right actually, last month, you can see how much has been short attacked. You can see that this is not a 30 short attack.

There's no freaking way, there's no way. I believe that not in the least bit look at this order flow distribution, we've always had more buyers stepping into the stock than sellers 306.47 compared to 288.29. This has been literally every single day. We know there's more people buying than selling.

We know people are holding this stock, so even if even if you have some people that are selling out of their position, it is not going to crash the price like this there's no way. 60 short volume ratio is what i believe is the numbers for this stock. I it's some goofy stuff, i don't know what to make of it. But what do i think of the sec report for short interest? I think two weeks ago it is going to be a pretty high number.

If we look back two weeks right, we can just take a peek on the one month chart one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen. This would have been just before we saw the initial run and, to be honest with you, i don't think this is a short squeeze. I think this is a gamma squeeze, which is pretty much the compounding effect of call options, call options you know, building on each other building on each other, because when you purchase one option, that's worth 100 shares, so it can really drive the stock price up. A lot - and i think this is more of a gamma squeeze than a short squeeze.

I think the shorts are still holding their positions in this and we have the data to to give confirmation for that right. So take that for what it is. That's my opinion. My friend kroy new noob here, what's the name of the program you're using to look at all the stocks, this is weibull.

Weeble is a great uh brokerage platform. They start trading at four a.m: uh in the pre-market they're one of the only platforms that allows you to trade, pretty much all extended hours. I love it. There's a link for uh weeble in the description box down below.

If you want to check it out, if not that's cool, my friend, i'm just here chilling my buddy jesse ocg and a covert stock that has potential to boom with a pro covered vaccination for us already had a big spike. I saw that i saw that i haven't put out a video, yet to be honest with you, because i don't want people to jump on this to trigger happy. There's a lot of risk involved here, a lot of risk uh they had a public offering first off. So i do think it's pretty likely to see a sell-off and mark it open.

I don't want people to get burned. I'd rather put out a video with this with this company later today. Uh then in the morning, and just have people get ripped on that. So that's my opinion, but it has a lot of potential for sure.

I'm with you all right. I would be careful trusting a guy who can read the code back in which dictates what gets shown on the page is not public and you cannot access it. Hey thanks lenny, i mean you guys, take it for what it is, i'm simply a guy giving you the information, that's presented to me right. We can all form our own opinions.

That's just my take, but i appreciate that lenny. It really does mean a lot if intel amc graph shows 60. Does it and that still blows my mind. That is insane.

I mean my freaking day, so i'm gon na update this really quick and if we update the fintel short interest right, just take a quick peek here it says 30, but on my on my video, it says 60.. So that's my two cents. I personally think it's still 60. I think there's some goofy stuff going on there's no way it just dropped 30 out of nowhere there's no way they miss estimated by literally half as much i don't buy that i don't buy that as it sits right now.

What are we looking at? Well, we do have a nice fat double bottom, you know what it is. You know what it is. You know what it is. You know what it is.

George w sitting right here, which is typically a nice bottom out indicator that usually signifies that we have found the bottom of a bleed. So this very well could be the bottom and we have stair stepped a higher low and a higher high compared to where we opened the day in the pre market right. So we are setting higher lows and higher highs back here. The low is 672 here.

The low is about 680. stair, stepping we're at a nice, slow, ascending, uh, ascending level of support, which is a good signifier of bullish territory. We are still up about 1.4 here in the pre-market, which is not looking too bad. We also are still stair stepping.

We did break beneath this ascending level of support. You see the wide range candle bar for confirmation, which does signify that that level is no more uh respected. So we do have a new ascending level of support, which is going to be looking like this one. Two three touch points: that's what we look for for a respected level.

If we see a wide range candle bar that breaks beneath this. That is going to say that we have broken that ascending level of support, and we are going to be looking at this level of support as the next level to watch for it's all boots to phil. Sarah pop squash, mr mean thank you guys for the super chat. Welcome to everybody, that's new to the traders podcast.

We do appreciate you being here immensely tail tall boots to phil, keep the face brother from one bed to another. I appreciate that my friend it does mean a lot. It really does sarah. What about gme is that play over? I don't necessarily think it's over, but i'm not quite as bullish on gamestop as i am amc uh, it is up more in the pre-market than amc.

Is it's up 11 um seeing a decent amount of volume? It's actually seeing a pretty good amount of volume. 22. 000. 14 000, and this is a more expensive stock than amc.

So that might be why you're seeing a little more volatility with gamestop, but it isn't looking bad right now, not at all uh. It isn't. A nice upward. Moving channel we've got um we're looking to break a descending level of resistance, which we did.

We got a nice wide range candle bar right here. We are we're, moving, really solid right now, uh three one, two three four five different touch points on this descending level of support. If we continue to respect this level, i think a market open which is in about seven minutes, should go pretty well. I feel pretty good about where we're at right now with gamestop, i'm not quite as bullish with gamestop as amc, but don't let that deter you.

I just like amc more based on the current situation, and that is, if you were able to catch my last video i find it likely within sometime this year. I don't think this is going to be like anytime soon, so just i don't want to get you guys hopes up. I want to be completely realistic with you, but i do find it possible and very likely that amc is bought out by either amazon or netflix, and if this does happen, shareholders profit from an acquisition. So, for example, microvision right microvision is a stock that i absolutely love.

It's probably my favorite stock in the market. My girl mavis. Oh, i absolutely love her. She has a goddamn powerhouse um if, if that company is acquired by a company like, let's say apple for 10 billion dollars, well, shareholders are paid per billion dollars in acquisition and it comes out to about seven dollars a share for microvision, so per billion dollars in Acquisition, let's say they paid 10 billion dollars to acquire microvision.

You would take 10 times 7 times. The amount of shares that you own so 70 per share. That is huge. So if amazon or or netflix were to acquire amc what would happen? Well, i don't know how much it would come out super share, but you receive a cut based on every single billion dollars in acquisition, so you would walk away ahead if that was the situation worst case scenario, my friends.

If this does not squeeze right, i still believe in this company long term there's a potential. This doesn't squeeze, there's always that potential there's risk involved. This is not called wall street guarantees, it's wall street bets and if it does not squeeze, i still believe in the potential of this company. I still think they can grow.

I don't think you're going to be a bag holder for long if you do become a bag holder right. I see a lot of potential in amc and that's why i continue to talk about the stock and give you guys the information that i see as relevant. All right, all right, all right since could hit 10 this week. Oh i love sends sense, is huge sends to me, could be a triple digit company, they're huge because they uh their glucose monitoring system, rivals the current system that exists and the current system that exists.

I can't remember the name i think it's dex dex dexcom, it could be that is it dexcom, yeah dexcom, so the current utilizable uh glucose monitoring system is dexcom, which is 400 stock right, so sends replaces that, because they have 24 7 glucose monitoring, they could be Huge huge huge, like i'm, talking triple digits, absolutely insane think long term with sense. That is a stock you don't want to sell all right, mr mean octane is direct offering at premium 765.. Thank you for sharing that guys. So, typically, if a direct offering does come to fruition right, uh the premium that sold, that is typically what you'll see it fall down to, maybe within five or ten percent up or down right.

So if you want to buy into ocgn, i do think you're gon na do pretty well between 740 and probably about eight dollars would be my estimate, lacey great channel, for protecting your crypto. Oh thank you. I appreciate that lacey you're the best thanks for the vine info gon na pick some up today, hey manny's, dark. Thank you.

Everybody! That's dropping a super chat. I do appreciate everybody here does mean a lot to me. Hugo love, your channel man. Could you make? Maybe do a video looking in the gtll definitely i'll keep that in the back of my mind, my friend, i do appreciate you so a quick update on amc, my friends, we are sitting up just over half a percent just uh under half a percent, as i Was here in the pre-market about four minutes away from the bell? We've seen some pretty interesting price action, it's been up and down up and down, but we are still stair stepping and setting higher lows and higher highs.

We're looking for a candle wick. That signifies that we're not breaking below this level of ascending support. We want to see a wide range candle bar that comes back up and holds that ascending level of support with you open here in three minutes currently on the our side, we're sitting at 38.. So this is oversold territory if you're looking to improve your position in the stock.

What is a good entry point? Well, if you're tuning in now, you probably didn't catch it yet, but i do think that six dollars and 50 cents is going to treat you pretty well as a solid entry point into the stock. I do have it leveled off here's the level of support so somewhere between six dollars and 50 cents, and i would say 670 - is gon na treat you pretty well. I think that is a good good, solid entry point and i don't think it's going to drop much lower than that. I truly truly think that we have found the bottom on amc, and this is my reasoning for it.

We have one two, three, four, five, six different bounces off of six dollars and fifty cents. We've got three freaking george debbies george w baby. That is a huge, huge indicator to me. This could very easily be the bottom.

Of course, there's no way to predict the future. I don't have a crystal ball, if i did god, dang i'd, be making millions i'd make sure that all you guys are are lying and shorting the crap out of every stock that that goes to the moon. Every single day, but that is totally fine guys i feel good about where mc is going. I've got my money on the line.

I will continue to hold with everybody here with a gorilla gang here at trace trades. My friends, i absolutely love, what's happening right now. Mbs is popping huh, oh yeah, my girl, mavis, it's a dream. Come true.

The dream come true. I can't tell you how many people have told me when i made my videos on nbis. This is a dead cat. This is a dead cat.

Why would you hold this garbage get out of here, get out of here, justin schmidt? Would you sell zom now and buy back in and dip or hold strong got it at 80 cents? I would hold justin hold your zone. Zoma is a great company. Some people think it's a bad company, but i don't think so. I actually like zome a lot.

I like them a lot a lot. I think they're gon na be, i said four or five dollars in march and nobody believed me, but now you guys probably see that i see rl sam, my friend. I will check this out briefly, but i really really do want to focus on amc and gamestop. Today, as that is what the focus of the video is um - and i want to respect people's time here but arc israel um, it's a little choppy, it's a little choppy it's hard to read.

Let me check this out on the one month. It's it's moving, nice! It's in a nice upward, moving channel i'd, say a good entry point is going to be about 35 30.. If you get this at 35 30 that should treat pretty well all right. We are 30 seconds away from the bell.

My friends on amc live before the bell here at the traders podcast. Thank you to everybody tuned in right now. I do appreciate everybody immensely welcome if you are new welcome back. If you are not, it is absolutely beautiful.

Uh. My position in amc here on weeble is 389 shares. I do have about 170 shares in my fidelity account, just under 600 shares in total on amc all right. I want to read off some names here from the super chat.

They get everybody tuned in right now, geo the legend christina chris, steve, jason edward appreciate everybody tuning in immensely great stream, but check out uwmc largest space merger and they dropped earnings with 800 gains from previous year, but it's shorted my friend i do want to keep This focused on amc, as i did mention earlier. I do apologize, i don't mean to disrespect you, but i want to respect people's time and what they did. Click onto the video to watch all right. We do have market open here.

First minute of volume we are seeing about 5 million total shares so far. It is a red volume. We are looking at a low, currently sitting right around what appears to be six dollars and 80 cents. If you're looking for an entry point, i would wait until we see a confirmation of a bounce off of a significant level.

Looking at the level twos, there are a lot of buy orders sitting at six dollars and eight cents. We have 19 000 total shares there. We do still, we have currently have more buyers than sellers. We have a pretty even spread across the ask side of the level too.

What the level two does is. It tells us where significant levels of resistance and support may be on the charts. So what we're watching for next is since we broke under 680, we do have a nice large wall at and seventy cents, as it sits right now, so we're waiting to see if this will be a justified level of support. I anticipate that a good entry point for this is gon na, be six dollars and fifty cents.

We may very well easily see this drop down to 650 and we'll see if we see a nice bounce. If we do not, we will signify the next level of support for you guys now. The next level of significant support is gon na be 660. We have six uh, seven thousand total sellers at six dollars and sixty cents right now.

Buyers as i was so we're waiting to see if we see a bounce here currently seeing some pretty decent volume, it is all red six million here at the first minute of the bell currently looking at about 500 000 in the second minute drop below 660.. Currently, sitting at uh 656. next big wall is gon na, be at 6.50 we have 41 000 total shares. So looking for a bounce off of 650, we have much much more buyers and sellers currently on the level twos than we have uh for sellers.

Much more buyers and sellers looking absolutely beautiful. Looking for a bounce here off 650., we do see the first little bit of green. Overall, the volume is now looking bad on the other side we're sitting at 20. This is pretty severely oversold at this given moment.

A little bit of green here this may be the bottom we're going to see a lot of buyers at 6.50, pretty even spread across the ask pretty even spread across the ass. We do have the first big wall sitting at about six dollars and seventy cents see a little bit of uh buying pressure, stepping back in first green candle right now on amc, all right, all right, all right, juan corporation selling, amc stock thoughts. So my opinion on this is, i think this is some fake news and let me tell you why so we're going to read this. I already had it pulled up because i anticipated this question coming up.

Stock conversion allows china's wanted group to sell amc shares after retail trading frenzy. China's wan na group, the major shareholder and amc entertainment holdings conducted a share conversion of permit sales of its stock. In the cinema operator, a target of the recent wall street bets retail frenzy. Amc said in exchange filing wan na american entertainment awana unit, converted its class b common stock to namc to class a shares on february 1st in order to permit sales of its common stock.

Amc said in the filing the united states securities and exchange commission on february 5th. The finally did not give details on the amount of stock converted class a shares or say whether wanda had sold any shares in amc uh. One did not immediately return to request for comment. This was posted on february 8th, which is today, and i don't think, she's sold and this, let me tell you why, because if she did sell her common stock right, you would you would know it, you would see it in the price action.

You wouldn't see a drop of two percent of goodison. Now you would see a drop of like 30 40 50. This stock would come all the way back down to three dollars. Two dollars: i'm not kidding you if she sells her stock.

You are going to know because, all of a sudden, if she just all of a sudden, she sells out of millions of shares, think about what that's going to do the price. It would be basically a reverse squeeze you're, going to see the exact opposite thing of what we're trying to do so you're going to know if she sells her shares, it'll drop to two or three dollars at that point. It'll be end game, basically, because all the shorts will be able to cover right at that point, you're holding the stock for its value and not necessarily for the squeeze potential. The squeeze potential to me is still alive.

It is still very possible. We still see there's a huge amount of short interest. According to my last video there's 60 short volume comparatively to the overall market volume that we see right. So i think you should not worry about that too much.

I do feel pretty good about the amc situation. I don't think wanda has sold her shares. We know right now guys that the news and the media have been pointing out hit pieces and fake news trying to scare people into selling their shares. We've seen a crap ton of uh of articles come up from market watch, uh the motley fool right.

You guys have seen them you've seen them on twitter. You've seen them on facebook, you've seen them everywhere, they're trying to scare you guys as long as the media continues to put out hit pieces on amc and gamestop. This will continue so as long as you're, seeing those you guys should be rubbing your hands like this hell yeah, i'm gon na be able to buy this stock for way cheaper than that. It's worth.

That's always the goal, all right guys. So we didn't see that bounce off of 6.53 - it does look like this may have been the bottom. For now, we've got a large buy wall at six dollars and sixty cents, so this is going to signify. This could be a nice potential level of support as it sits right now.

We are seeing a nice bounce. I always look for wide range candle bars to signify a comeback from a wide range red candle bar. We are getting those we don't want small stair stepping. We don't want candles that are looking something like this.

We don't want, we don't want. You know a two three sprints, two or three cent spread on a candle. We want these nice clean, wide range candle bars to signify that we've got some pretty heavy buying pressure. Now, i'm loving that guys, i'm loving it we're seeing pretty high amount of sellers right now.

There are more sellers than buyers, pretty big wall between 685 and 688. So we're gon na draw that up right now to signify where the next level of resistance is likely going to be, and it does appear that they stepped back in, as we saw so between here. I anticipate there being a pretty solid level of resistance between 683 and 686. We are going to watch that very closely long wick on top technically typically signifies that we've got some pretty heavy selling pressure that wick on top indicates weak buying presence and strong selling presence to be completely transparent.

I'm never going to bs you guys. That is how the charts look right now, edward jason. Thank you guys for the super chats jimmy hi tray my twitter at beck black hawk. You went viral big hit in argentina.

My friend, everyone love you here, please check out hey. I appreciate that my friend i will pull that up on my phone right now. Just take a quick peek, beck blackhawk for anybody that would like to follow me on twitter. I will show that uh really quick.

I do have it pulled up here in case you're interested if you're not that's totally fine, i really care my friends. I promise you but my uh my handle is trades tray t-r-a-d-e-s-t-r-e-y. If you'd like to check me out, my instagram is uh. Handle t-r-e-y underscore c-o-l-l-i-n-s underscore zero zero one.

That is my instagram. If you are interested, if not, i totally understand it, but i did check you out here. My friend jimmy appreciate the appreciate the love and the super chat. Thank you very much.

My friend my sell order for visa hasn't gone through yet yeah man brokerage accounts are still being pretty goofy. I uh, i don't quite understand everything going on right now. Harry someone should follow. Wanda also want a restructure to prevent a hostile takeover.

She ain't going nowhere. I'm with you i'm with you. I genuinely think that hit piece is just meant to scare people, 100 percent - all right, stephen scam, robert jones, scam, el ocon. Thank you guys so much for the super chats.

It does mean a lot to me. I've seen some questions asking about ctrm. I do have my position in ctrm, currently they're setting up 89 cents. I predict that they're gon na touch about a dollar fifty sometime in the next couple of days.

They do have a high amount of short interest for anybody. Wondering i do a position in ccrm. I have about 1325 shares uh, which is a value total cost of about one thousand. Ninety nine dollars uh, i like them.

I like them they're a good company. I 100, i'm on board with ctrm octn, is also rocketing. Right now it didn't pull back at all from that direct offering, which is actually genuinely surprising, there's a lot of hype surrounding this stock right now, if you're looking to get a position in ocg and be very careful, wait for some sort of pullback, they are training About 62 on the rsi, as it sits right now coming back here to amc, we are currently down 3.7. On the day we have a nice large, bywall, still sitting at about six dollars and fifty cents.

So i do predict. This is gon na, be a good entry point into the stock. We are looking for a nice bounce off of six dollars and fifty cents that should treat you pretty well uh. As an entry point, i do see some people saying that nvis is running.

Oh yeah ho ho up 14 on the day. What is going on baby? Oh, i love this stock. I absolutely love you. I love you mavis, what a beauty, what a god dang beauty, oof, oof, god dang! I wouldn't buy it right now, but it looks beautiful i'll tell you that i will tell you that for sure, quick question, good entry point for mvis today, all right, so i would wait for some sort of pullback, but a typical good retracement for microvision is about 50, so if you're looking for an immediate entry point right now, it'd be about 13 just under 13, that is my two cents about mvis and i love her hello, con trey love.

What you're doing here, i'm holding 641 shares of amc. I also want to get into mbis when you recommend buying in i hope that you're able to just catch that right now remember to take care of yourself. Thank you all right, jory davis. Thank you for the super chat, my friend and james as well from reading corp docs.

It seems like juana converted to retire the shares to decrease supply to bring up demand in the stock price. Wanda will not sell they've been advocating now to file bankruptcy. My exact point, i'm totally with you, my friend, because it's not in their interest to hurt their company right, she's gon na do everything she can to increase the overall company value selling. Those shares is not gon na.

Do anything right, i'm with you, i'm with you. So, as we are seeing right now, we did break beneath six dollars and fifty cents. The next level is significant at six dollars and thirty five cents and six forty. We see pretty even spread between these levels right here, so we're looking for a bounce somewhere between this price zone currently have much more buyers and sellers guys you're watching this in real time we have had more buyers and sellers pretty much so far in the open.

Here, as the day has been progressing looking for a nice bounce as it sits right now, we are in a pretty harsh downward moving channel, currently being oversold up the wazoo currently sitting at 20 on the rsi. I'm gon na check this out on the one month chart to get an idea of the macroscopic uh price action that we are seeing and as it sits, we are currently trading at 34 on the rsi. This has been oversold for one two, three four five six consecutive days. It is only a matter of time until we see this finally reach the bottom, and it does appear that we may see that we're looking for a nice wide-range candle bar to signify the bounce here and then we will move potentially into an upward momentum.

Moving channel. As it sits right now, we do have the 15 ma training underneath the 200 ema signifying we're in bearish territory. We're looking for a reversal and for this trend line to start moving back up. It'll.

Look something like this right. We need the trend line to start moving up and reapproach. This 200 dma the purple trend line, while the 200 ema will continue to move down as such, signifying a crossover, and that is what we're gon na be looking for. With these two indicators to signify that we are back in bullish territory, james good price to buy an nvis is gon na, be right under 13.

That should treat you pretty well joey check out this article. Tray amc is most owned on robin hood. I did see that i saw that people have been sharing that on my discord, let me just pull this up real quick on my uh computer i'll, pull this up on. My second monitor yeah.

That's true! Thank you for sharing that article god man. I do appreciate that if you do want to, if you want to check out an article, just send it over here on the super chat, and i will check that out all right. Robin hood is a new most held stock and it's not apple or tesla. Most investors aren't big fans of heightened periods of volatility, but that's not the case for millennial novice investors, as evidenced by online investing app robinhood.

Last year. Robin had picked up about three million new users. That's notable given the average age of its users is only 31. robinhood's commission free trades fractional share, investing yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda amc, but there's a brand new company, that's brushed aside ford, tesla and finally apple to become the new most held stock on the platform.

As of february 4th amc, no i'm not kidding movie theater chain. Amc. Entertainment is held by more robin hood users than any other stock listed on a major us exchange. That is a win in my books, guys i absolutely love it beautiful.

So i don't like robin hood as a company, but this does signify to me that people are holding amc. That's huge! That is absolutely phenomenal. I love seeing that check your ig messages from nj fresh at death. Please important i'll! Take a quick peek man, so my my instagram has quite a few messages.

My friend, it is actually really hard to read to him. I've got probably like 300 messages in here. I do apologize honestly, my friend, i'm probably not going to be able to see this i'll see if i can, if i can order them by um time yeah. So i'm sorry, i'm probably not gon na - be able to find that my friend i apologize if you wan na, send it to me over twitter.

That should be easier for me to see, send it to me over twitter and i will check it out there alex. Thank you for the super chat. My friend i do appreciate that is everybody tuning in to the traders. Podcast now welcome.

If you are a first time part of the gorilla gang here at traders trades trace trades traders, trades i've got too much energy. We're checking out live price action on amc as well as gamestop. That is the focus here for the day. Gamestop is bleeding pretty bad right now, they're actually uh down actually up about one percent, but it's a pretty harsh downward selling pressure.

We do have a level of support that was signified here with four different. Five different touch points broke beneath that with a wide range candle bar, and we have not found a bottom. Yet as it sits. There is currently a level of support signified by the level twos right here at about 64., so we're looking for a bounce off of 64..

We do have a can of wick to justify that we're looking for a wide range candle bar or an engulfing candlestick pattern. In order to escape out of this downward trend, as it sits right now, we did just recently have the 15ma crossback underneath the 200 ema here, signifying a trend reversal into bearish territory out of the bullish territory that we were almost at at market open. We did have the 15 ma cross over the 200 ema as it sat right there. Amc is currently staying down about 7 right now, new low being at six dollars and 30 cents.

We've got a large bywall sitting about 625, with 8 300 total shares guys. I want to show you something very interesting, so i've got the options pulled up for amc and i've got the calls right now check this out the 20. The 20 call. We currently have 15 000 total options in play.

There's open interest on 15 000 20. Calls that are going to be expiring on the 12th of february. That seems pretty interesting, i'm very interested to see how that plays out. That is a that's.

A very significant amount of 20 calls just want to point that out to my friends, absolutely filthy. At the end of the day, my friends, even though we are down right now, something that i want to put into perspective, for you is the rate at which we are starting to to drop, is decreasing. We're not dropping 30 days anymore. This is slowing down, the volatility is dropping and it's so hard to read these, because we've got these ugly freaking candle wicks, which to me to be honest with you are stop-loss hunts.

Basically, people will set limit orders at like 16 17 18, and it will very briefly hit up right here right. We see the peak here at about 1730. Sell people out come all the way back down right and it's a way to get people out of their place. That's to me what these huge spikes are.

There's nothing else i can. Think of that would do that. So take that for what it is, we're clearly trading at 33 on the rsi on the one month chart we have been in oversold territory for five or six consecutive trading days. It is only a matter of time until we do see the bottom here.

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