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What is up, what is up, what is up, what is up everybody welcome back to another episode of the traders, podcast man. I think this is actually episode 18, but it says 17 up there. I got to get my stuff together. What am i doing rocking a cough drop today? The voice is getting better for anybody out.

There wondering also have some cups of water over here to sip on no energy drinks, no mountain dew don't want uh, don't want you guys freaking out or anything, but we are back. I'm sorry that you guys missed me here yesterday. I am back working full time. I am an active duty officer in the military and i'm sure that most of you are able to catch my video, but i had some pretty crazy stuff go down here yesterday, so i uh i wanted to take care of myself put myself in a good mental Spot you guys deserve the best of me.

I don't wan na. I don't wan na come on here and be a big poopy, pants uh piece of crap, so we're rocking we're cooking with crisco guys coming back here for some live. Amc action, hope everybody's doing well. Gon na read out some comments here.

Uh. Thank you for everybody. That's joining! Welcome to the gorilla gang, absolutely loving it gon na roll up the sleeves, because we got ta get ready for another day. Baby got ta, get ready for another day.

Let's go! Oh thanks for the super chat, my friend good morning, train fellow central mn kid here with heart troubles in my past, as well sending thoughts and prayers your way, my man. I appreciate that my friend 100 guys, i'm telling you life, is all about what you make it. I'm gon na be absolutely fine um for those who weren't able to catch the video. Basically, what happened stupid i got ta get.

There was some guy. That said, you need to get wireless headphones. Man you're, not wrong. This is actually my gaming headset, but for those who didn't catch the last video i put out a video saying, um why i wasn't around yesterday and essentially, over the last six months, i've had some uh some health issues, and you know i thought they were seizures.

My my mom has a history of seizures, my mom's side of the family, so i just pinned it off. As that you know, i went to the i went to the er one time, the other two times. I stayed at home, but i wanted to do some medical processing yesterday for some military stuff and um. They did an ekg on my heart and uh.

Did an ultrasound ran an enzyme test and they found out that i've got some damage um. That essentially stems from what can only be a heart attack. I think it was called the lateral infarction, if i remember correctly, so that that damage only comes if you have had a history of heart attacks and uh they're gon na see what happens. But for now i have i'm going into a couple: more cardiologist appointments and i'll keep you guys up to date.

As always, i take a lot of pride in being a transparent channel and i'm never gon na bs. You guys i'm always gon na, keep it real, but hey man. That is what it is. We're gon na we're gon na, keep it uh we're gon na, keep it separate so josh.

Thank you as well. My friend, i do appreciate you, but life is good. My friends, i feel great, my energy is always there, i'm a happy guy and there's always an inherent tomorrow. I've always said that and um.

I believe it. I believe it 100 we're just gon na make the most out of every day and get ready for the next one. So gon na check out amc here, uh watching the live price action, it does look like we might have found a bottom macroscopically speaking. I've got a couple different things drawn up here, for those who are wondering.

Thank you to everybody that has joined. Do not mind, drop a like on the video for george debbie. That is all that i ask my friends. Thank you kim afria entry point today and i'm holding amc strong uh we'll check out afria, but i do want to focus on amc and gamestop.

So i'm just going to give a quick update and then i'll get back to your question. But essentially, what we've seen happen right? We had this huge run-up, which we thought was. You know a short squeeze. In my opinion, this is probably a gamma squeeze, which is uh call options compounding on each other, and we saw a nice run.

It went from about 4.64 cents up to 25 and 80 cents, and then we saw you know a lot of volatility. There was an extreme amount of volume coming into this right. Huge pump up to 25 bucks came all the way back down to 1278, which is a terrible retracement, not good at all. Ah, what does that come out to just about 78.6 somewhere in the middle, probably about 70 retracement, which does not show strength? Obviously, but with a volatile stock, when you see this much volume, pumping, you're gon na get people that take profits right and that does affect the overall price action saw that happen ran back up, had a nice comeback to about 22 and 20 cents, or so right.

We do have what is a little bit of a head and shoulders pattern here and our dead end up selling off. We see the beginning of short ladder, attacks which are essentially hedge funds, buying and selling back to each other. We can only speculate this. Of course, there's no way to know for sure, but that is my speculation.

Based on what we're seeing here in the price action right, very slow and steady, climb back up saw a little bit of buying pressure broke this uh, this ascending channel with a wide range candle bar huge sellout for a couple days, and then we stabilized, we saw A little bit of a green day here and it's been a slow bleed since right, still being shorted, uh still being shorted for sure, but we did finally see a bounce off of a level of support at 5 and 26 cents here in the pre-market. We are up about 5.64, which is a good start to what could be an upcoming reversal. So that does look good, i'm very very excited about that. Currently, on the rsi, we are actually sitting at 46, which is just about the highest we've seen in quite some time in one two, three four five six seven days so for a week now, we've just been getting pounded, pounded, pounded.

This is the first amount of buying pressure they've actually seen on the stock, which is good. If you look at the level twos really quick, we can see that there's a pretty big cell wall at 585, but there's a pretty equal amount of buyers and sellers outside of this one wall, and this is actually a lot different than what we've been seeing on. The level twos lately because, as of late we've, been seeing a spread like this right. A couple hundred shares to a thousand shares spread penny by penny by penny across the board on the level twos, which is how you see that short shorting down right.

That attacking on the stock and it's what what drives the price down such an immense amount, but we're not seeing that right now we do see that most sellers at one specific point, which does end up creating some sort of a wall right, a resistance. But we much rather have a level of resistance than that laddering down right that laddering down and shorting is absolutely terrible. We don't want to see it anymore. That's what we're looking at right now, gon na read out some super chats.

Thank you to everybody. That's joining us today for the episode 18 of the traders, podcast we'll be here until about 7, 45 or 8 o'clock. That is when i have to start work, so you guys have me until then, my friends, all right, gon na read off some chats. Thank you to everybody that has joined all right, josh appreciate you kim uh, your afria entry point i'll check that out real quick, that's not aphro! All right, so checking out afria right now, i'm gon na look at the one month chart.

This feels a little bit like a chase. My friend um. I wait for some sort of pullback. We haven't had it yet.

Volume is pretty good huge gap here between oh, the 200. Ema is not on here. That would explain it, but i'll pull that back up there. We go all right, so the 200 dma and the 15ma are pretty much crossed together, but we do have a gap here between the 15mm and the 200dm.

So this is bullish. Territory, microscopically, just a hair. Uh but it looks good, i would wait for a pullback to probably either this level of support at 29.00 or down to the retracement at uh 23.6, which is 28.63 coming back here to amc gon na read off these chats. I do appreciate everybody immensely tim.

Thank you very much. My friend fellow army signal warrant currently in centcom amc to the moon. That's! What's up my brother, i appreciate you jay tom, appreciate you as well glad you're, good spirit. I was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis, i'm actually getting tested.

For that i mean a test for that. For sure discharge from the army got to move forward. Mc has a heartbreak sold, half hey man everybody's in different situations. We got ta, we got ta, take care of ourselves, feed our family.

Keep the roof overhead pay our bills. You got ta, do what you got ta do brother. I appreciate that uh kiana we here in boston, m.a, are praying for you brother. I appreciate that gorilla gang, always apes drop some gorillas in the chat.

You already know how it is. You already know how it is barry. I appreciate you superman, appreciate you as well. Let's get this george debbies george w jessica brew my coffee.

Now i had some coffee this morning. I get chewed out by so many people. Now they say trey you can't drink that coffee anymore, that's bad for you! I can't do without it. I can't do that.

I don't sleep enough. Admp we'll check out 80 mp in a little bit here, tyler um i'll, put up very briefly, but i do think admp has some pretty good potential. This is a stock that i have talked about. It did have a nice upward.

Moving channel broke that ascending level of support did see a bounce off this level of support at 1.48, which i did predict and we are about to test a level of resistance currently on the rsi sitting at 61. So it does have some nice buying momentum. If you get a little push here, uh, it could be a pretty good move. You've got a nice huge uh dip right here, bounce off that level of support next level.

The watch is gon na be 266.. I think an entry at about 1.60 is going to treat you pretty well coming back here to amc. We are going to take a look at the short interest numbers for everybody out there. That is interested in checking that out uh.

There's a lot of discrepancies right. There's a lot of people wondering what the heck is actually true. What's right, what's wrong, nobody knows right, and i've got a couple different, interesting things that i think are going to be very interesting to point out to you but um. Let's get into the short interest.

Hey josh, i appreciate that uh look at the eth chart, yeah, that's probably going off huh it's doing pretty good yeah! It's not bad nice enough for moving channel. I think a pretty clean entry point for this is gon na, be pretty much now that doesn't look bad, it's 50 on the rsi. I don't mind that if you're gon na hold for a while, but i'm gon na come back to amc and i'm gon na show you guys some different short interest report numbers. So we can get an idea of what we're looking at.

But before we do that. We're gon na come over here to the one minute chart, show you guys what the the pre-market is looking like right now, we do have what i like to call. You already know. You already know what it is.

You already know what it is. You already know what it is say it come on say it with me. It's just fun to say that george dabia and it's ascending george w nonetheless, and we do have a nice validated ascending level of support to uh validate this, this growth in price. We are positive in the pre-market 4.36 percent, which is the best we've seen in quite some time.

The only thing that gives me some concern, my friends and i'm always going to be transparent with you, i'm going to keep it real is the volume is dying. We need volume to set back up or the volatility is never going to come back, so we do need that volume. Otherwise, the demand right is it. We need that supply and demand to really crank this thing and with an increase in demand and a decrease in supply is going to shoot up that volatility.

It's the basics of supply and demand is going to make each share worth a lot more money when there's less available to trade. So if we get a little increase in volume here that should help a lot um. I i think, finra not putting out that uh that short report - that's that's com, that's a pretty sketchy stuff! I'm actually really excited to talk about this. So let's get over here to i've got some some websites pulled up.

So i've got a couple different sources that i want to show you guys in terms of uh short interest right. First off, i like using fintel fintel, does update on a daily basis, but we do know that they either screwed up one, which is what they claim. They say: hey, we actually messed up some uh some information here, i'm gon na pull them up on twitter. I think they actually made a statement about it.

So if you check out fintel, i think they made a statement saying yeah. This is the first time that we've ever messed up, yada, yada and uh. I don't know man, i don't know how i feel about that. It's probably ways back here and it does seem it is so maybe we're not gon na be able to find it, but regardless fintel had different numbers on their charts or on their short interest before a couple days back right, there's actually exactly double.

So i don't know how they messed it up by literally double that seems absolutely insane, because it was literally exactly double right. So if we come back here and scroll, you guys can check out my previous videos and you'll know exactly what i'm talking about, but this was previously 60.46 percent and about 118 million total short volume. They cut it in half, which is absolutely insane so take this. For what it is, i i kind of take what fintel says with a grain of salt at this point, but the last couple days the short volume has been decreasing.

We decided 59 million, 39 million and 20.7 million, which is 30 of the total volume. On the day, 31 and 20 right, so it's still high in comparison to the overall volume which has been dying down, and i think part of this has to do with the fact that so many people are holding the stock right. There's not as many free available shares, which we can see here right as of 33 minutes ago. There are 2.3 million, total short shares available.

That's what it looks like right now on fintel now, if we come over here to uh ortex, this is a service that i pay about 600 a year in order to be able to use, get the most relevant information right. I'm going to update this just to make sure that everything on here is cooking with crisco baby, and what do we have? We've got the settlement date of 29 january, which was updated here yesterday. It was released yesterday right. What does this say says that the shares sold short was 37.72 million, which is a 12 short percentage of free float? Now that would come out to the overall short interest right and every single website is telling us different things.

It's it's incredibly confusing and hard to find relevant information regarding the short interest, but there are things on here that lead me to believe that there's a lot of st there's, not a dead cat. I've already said it a million times. You guys know my opinion. I do think this is something that could take some time.

Oh shoot, you guys can't see god dang it. What am i doing hold on a sec guys, all right? That should be good. I apologize i apologize. I i had it just locked on for weeble, but i've got it fixed now.

I appreciate you guys. Let me know my apologies, so i'm gon na come back and i'm gon na start over just in case you guys weren't able to catch this, but the shortened interest numbers on fintel take these with a grain of salt because they did change their numbers. They cut them exactly in half, so i don't know how they how they ended up, screwing it up literally by half, because that blows my mind. But what we have available here is a couple different things.

We can see that as of 33 minutes ago. The short shares availability is 2.3 million. Total shares that's as of 33 minutes ago, so pretty low, pretty low supply in terms of the demand that we've seen here in the past there's a short borrow fee rate not as high as it was either and then we've got the short volume ratio numbers for The last 10 days and i'll tell you this right now i take this with a grain of salt because they did end up changing their numbers, as i mentioned before, cutting them in half right. So i they lost a lot of credibility in my eyes, but i do want to show you as many resources as i can so that you guys know exactly what we've got going right now now you can't hear me my microphone's on should be rocking, but anyways Of the last couple days, the short volume ratio has been decreasing: 20.34.

31.10. 30.23. That's what we're looking at personally, i think it's gon na end up being higher than this and i'll. Tell you why i've got an article pulled up, which i think is very interesting to talk about, but i want to keep that in the back of your mind.

I know the screen is too big, guys it's uh. This is how this is set up right now. Zoom out all right, let me see what i can do. Um we're gon na we're gon na try and fit this to screen shift.

So as of right now, my friends - i'm not super uh, i'm not super savvy with uh with or what uh i was about to say or text with uh obs. This is the best that i can do, but i will read you the numbers they are there. I know it's harder to read, but we do have it available for us, so what you can't see on the right side of the screen. All this is the dates right and the utilization is in the top right right here.

So what we have available on ortex is the free the percentage free float on loan, which is currently twenty seven point. Four four percent we've got shares on loan, which is eighty five point. Eight seven million days to cover is actually going up. The days of cover, as it goes up, indicates that it's gon na be more difficult for shorts to cover their positions right, so keep that, in the back of your mind, what i, what i find the most interesting is the current utilization.

Current utilization is 89.75, which is higher than we've seen in the past. It is starting to increase, which is good. I'm going to show you what utilization is in case. You do not know utilization is the ratio between the number of shares on loan across all outstanding loans in the wholesale market and the number of shares available for lending at lending programs.

Zero percent means that no shares have been borrowed or lend to these lending programs. 100 means that all shares are available to borrow or lend and a lending program have in fact been linked, and this is why i think there's some discrepancies here. So if we have 89.75 current utilization, meaning that almost 10 percent is only available to lend out right to shorts, that's a big deal that doesn't add up to the short interest. Now do keep in mind that the short interest report date that did come out was as of january 29th.

This is not talking about the current, like the utilization we have up here is, as of today, the short interest that was reported on the 29th right. That's covering some previous days so just keep that in the back of your mind that uh, that is, that is something that this is talking about january 29th. This is not updated to today right, that's the short interest that was reported as of january 29th. That was a settlement date for january 29th, short interest.

So i think the utilization is actually quite a bit higher than what we see right here on amc. And if you actually look at this right now, you can see that it lines up pretty well with one that spiked a little bit. So there were probably some shorts that covered when this was getting gamma squeezes a little bit that added to the overall price action right, so keep that, in the back of your mind, when you are reading these numbers, i do still think the utilization is high. The short interest is high.

The short volume is high right. We've got 85.87 million shares out on loan right now, which is higher than it was seven days ago by almost 20 million. That's a change of 25 percent. That shows you that there's growth in the amount of shorts that are actually adding to their positions here, which validates the fact that we have been right about what we think our our assumptions about what's happening on.

The charts is true right because we can see it right here. There's data. This is just straight facts. This is data.

You can see it in front of your eyes. The shares on loan have been increasing it's up. 25. Almost 20 million in total.

Keep that in the back of your mind, my friends, that's important, that's important! You come over here to market beat right, they don't have any updated information, they have nothing new yet, but as of january 15th, we do see the 44.67 million total short shares sold short, which does line up exactly with ortex, so i'll. Take that, as fact as of now at least price on record date is 863., what i'm interested to see is when they release january 29th, here on amc, uh on amc and market beat right, i'm interested to see the price on record date. That is going to be very interesting. We see the days to cover being 0.6 right, so it's easier for shorts to cover on this given day um.

Keep that in the back of your mind, that's that's what we have available right now now check this out. I've got this article pulled up on gme and amc short interest on reddit. Now, let's just check this out. Finra fintel and wall street journal are reporting different percentages.

Finra for gamestop uh says short interest of seventy eight point. Four six percent figuring out for amc short interest is fifteen point seven. Apparently some people have reported that it's not updating for them and they see uh. Thirty eight point: one two: i usually use fintel, not finra.

So please correct me if i'm wrong here, i don't know if guys are assuming the short interest on finra is a percentage of the float short interest does not equal short interest percent of flow. They are different. Some other posts that recently updated are just throwing a percent sign on there and saying it's percent of float, fintel for gamestop, says 44.02 and for amc it says 68.48 wsj, says 41.95 and 66.06. I personally think it's somewhere around 80.

I've done some number crunching. It took me a little while right, i think it's somewhere between 75 and 80, and i've actually seen some sources that validate that, so keep keep it on your back pocket. Take it for what it is, and this is something that i want to show you as well. This is an sec la law filing right, so we've got finra finding morgan stanley, two million dollars for short interest, reporting and short sale rule violations.

This happened back in 2015, so we know, historically speaking, there are instances where, where this does happen, where incorrect short interest is reported, i do see in the chat here that morningstar is the official stat tracker that intel uses for accuracy. Is this correct? Thanks for all you do from what i understand, morningstar is a pretty validated source right, but you do need to keep in mind that we do see different numbers literally everywhere. So take every single piece of short interest data that you see with a grain of salt, because there's a huge discrepancy, there's big differences. We can see on fintel at 68 on wsj at 66.

We can see on ortex that, apparently it is, you know 12.05, which is a short percentage of free float right, so we've got different numbers literally everywhere, like i said, i personally think it's somewhere between 75 and 80, based on the numbers that i've i've put together. I actually had somebody send me a message on instagram it'd. Take me a while to find, but he did some number crunching too, and he came up with about the same numbers and he based that on about a five-day, uh spreadsheet, for data. I think it's somewhere around 75 to 80.

That's what we have right here and we do see that in the past this kind of thing does happen. These short rules, sale, the short sale rule, violations right. Morgan stanley was fined two million dollars for short interest, reporting and short sale rule violations. So i wouldn't surprise me right: this is speculation, there's no way to know for sure there's no way to validate this 100, but i do find it extremely likely that this kind of thing can happen and has happened and probably will continue to happen.

So just keep that, in the back of your mind, i am going to reset this to screen. Don't worry, fixing that right now bit to screen before you guys drop this in the comments i already know. I already know there we go all right, so that is what that looks like right now. My take is there's a lot of different information out there and i don't want you guys to stress too much about uh the short numbers right, because we know what the short numbers are.

We know they're high. We can see it on the charts. We can see it on the short data we can see it on the level twos right. If we come over here to ortex, as we did in the past, you can see that the overall numbers are continuing to stay hydrated.

Thank you. We can see the numbers are increasing right. We can see this isn't going anywhere. Fintel has had as apparently right.

They cut their numbers in half for whatever reason, but we can see that they've got somewhere between 20 to 30 percent. Now, apparently, that they've either messed up or or changed the numbers for whatever. Whatever reason we can see that it's still high anything above 10 short volume on a stock is extremely high, guys, i'm telling you that right now, i feel good about where we're at right. Now these are lemon cough drops, for anybody wondering try to keep that throat.

Hydrated, it's a good flavor. I can't do the cherry ones. Cherry tastes, weird, don't like it! We're gon na read out some super chats here. I do appreciate everybody that has donated a super chat.

You guys do rock. I appreciate it immensely. I'm gon na read awesome names here. Thank you to everybody.

Ryan says, please date, my wife, i think my girlfriend would like that, but i appreciate the appreciate that for sure john crane best streaming better than howard stern thanks for all the inside stay healthy brother. I appreciate you my friend, israel. I appreciate it too cynic's energy. Anyone who shares the knowledge like this deserves the best karma get well.

My friend your journey has just started. I'd like to see you do more. I will continue to do more of my friends. I will always be here, there's always an inherent tomorrow.

I mean that bad for life good morning praying for your good health. I appreciate that my friend that honestly means a lot. It does um. What's a good point price point for fpdsb and if this stream is only for amc, i'm sorry i just it is.

That's all right, that's all right, i'm not sure i probably typed in the wrong yeah there we go so i'll check this out. Just briefly, this is going to be an amc focus stream, but it is all good. My friend i'd wait for a pullback at least some right. The volume is extremely high, but if you see a pullback to 632, i feel more comfortable with you getting in.

It's run up a lot. It's really overbought. So if you buy in make sure you set a trolling stop-loss that way you can get a better entry point. I'd say for like five to ten percent.

That's my two cents, orphan pipe would love a bit of your trading backstory be well. I will i'll do that in the future. I will thank you just wanted to say thank you jesse, by the way for the guidance and hope things go well with your health. I cashed out i'm big on doge and invested in the stocks.

I've been talking over the past few weeks and i'm up more hey man, that's what it's all about! It's too easy, my friends, it is i'm telling you anybody can learn to how to how to trade the market. I am not that inherently smart of a man i'll tell you that right now this could be it it's a little price. It's a little choppy it's a little choppy, but we might have another george w bottom here bottom here, not a lot of volume popping into amc right now. In a one-minute time frame, we are seeing about a thousand total shares being pushed into the stock, and here it's actually, oh man, that's ugly one or two yuck, not a lot of volume.

Guys that's going to hurt the volatility, i'm going to be honest with you. We need the volume to pick up in order for this to really get moving again mty grade. Thank you ocg and finish pullback on its way to 50 bucks plus we'll bring my profits to amc. I i said that ocg would be a good good stock and people uh people were mad.

They thought that i was uh putting people in the hurt locker, but i predicted it comes down to 11. So i don't know, i don't know what people are talking about. You show people real quick, how to buy above the ask a lot of people spreading the wrong info. How buy above the ask.

So if the ask is at 5 - let's say you know: 583, the bid being at about 572. What you can do, i suppose, i'm kind of confused by what you're saying why, above the ask huh, i don't think i've ever bought above the ask to be honest with you. If you wouldn't mind just clarifying that would mean that'd mean a lot to me. I can't i can't give some good clarification.

I just need you to describe that a little bit more i'd appreciate that. Thank you, my friend, jack raider. Please go whole food plant-based heart, healthy diet. I have gone vegan in the past and uh.

I lost a lot of weight. I couldn't i couldn't eat enough, i'm gon na be honest with you. I apologize. I, it is good for you.

I've seen the research. I actually got my undergraduate nutrition, which is why i was interested in trying it. I did it for about a year and uh. I just lost way too much weight, i'm about 170 pounds right now and at the time i was like 140..

I that's that was tough, that's tough! For me. I can't get enough to eat, but thank you. I appreciate that i know it's good for you. Please use coconut oil instead of crisco, oh man, i appreciate that.

Thank you, my friend. I appreciate that all right, i'm gon na read off a couple more super chats here appreciate everybody that has tuned into the traders. Podcast welcome gorilla gang welcome back if you're, not mine, dropping a like on the video for george w for the gorilla gang. That is all that i can ask for my friends how the heck are we number one stock holding a robin hood training on social media.

Low public float, acquisition, rumors shortened, your size still are going lower short laddering is not a myth. I'm with you man, i'm with you, there's so many things that are set up well here and exactly as you're saying this is the most held stock on robin hood above apple above tesla, above literally every other stock on robinhood. This is the most held stock, so, based on that, we know that um people are still holding. There are people that right have sold, and i want to really preface by saying i'm not a financial advisor.

This isn't advice. Feed yourself feed your family take care of yourself, but if you can afford to stay in this stock, why wouldn't you? Why? Wouldn't you? Because we don't want to sell at the lowest possible point - we don't want to sell when it's being oversold, but it's undervalued guys. Look at this, if you bought in at six bucks - and you didn't think it was worth selling at 25 right, you thought it was worth more than 25. Well now, it's six bucks again.

Why would you sell it? Why would you it doesn't make sense? It makes no sense if you did not think it was worth 25. You thought it was worth more right. Why would you sell it at six bucks? I'm not gon na, buy a brand new car and then return it the next day for a thousand dollars. If i paid thirty thousand, i'm not going to do that, i'm gon na sell for what i think it's worth, at least at least thirty thousand.

Maybe that's a bad analogy. Let's say that i bought a house right for a hundred thousand dollars. I put a crap ton of work into it. I renovated it right.

I made it super clean. I did everything i could to improve the equity of the home, and somebody offers me less than i paid for it or just as much as i paid for it right. A hundred thousand ninety thousand - i'm not gon na - take that offer. I'm gon na i'm gon na take the offer what i think it's worth right: 180.

200. 250. Whatever it is, you guys get the point, i'm a bot, it's hard to trust anything uh, knowing that the biggest corporations can be manipulated, they're, obviously hiding something hold strong. I have a bot you're, an og, my friend you're an og.

I appreciate you always you're always on these live streams. I appreciate you being a moderator. I appreciate everybody here chilling with the fam israel hey good morning. I see your video yesterday for the top 10 stocks to buy into what was the company that was suing another company and who was going to raise the stock like crazy, hcmc hcmc is the company.

These guys, i think, have potential to literally grow by thousands of percents they're gon na be solid. I've got a video out on them this morning. If you want to oh, actually it's not out yet i am going to post those really quick. If you were not just give me give me 60 seconds, i forgot that i did not post these videos.

There's probably people out there like what the heck man. Why didn't you? Why didn't you? Where did you put your videos? I've been waiting yeah. It is what it is. It is what it is.

The gorilla gang's got, ta eat baby all right, so i'm just gon na take care of this. Let's just take a minute to take care of the video, and once that is good to go we'll still be cooking with, i should say, coconut oil. Now it doesn't have the same ring to it. It doesn't have the same ring to it.

I, like crisco, i used to my mom used to make rice crispy bars with like the chocolate on top. I don't know about you guys when i was a kid i used to eat that stuff up i'd eat like 10 of them. At a time i used to be a lot chunkier when i was a kid go figure when you eat a lot of rice. Krispie bars all right, so this one is going to be posted right now, good to go all right.

So i just put out a video on the five five stocks that i think are gon na be good to swing. I will show this to you guys, just just because you are watching the live stream right now. Um - and i don't want you guys to miss out on the opportunities if you are looking for a little side - side gig, while we're rocking amc, as that is what i am doing, but to give you a brief rundown, they are over here on the side. For you, it is hcmc uh, snpw, clwd, asrt and avgr, i'm just gon na post, something here real, quick on the on the channel, and then we will get back to the video good luck to everybody rocking the market.

Today, let's eat baby all right, so that is good to go back to the stream. My friends so gon na recognize these names come back to the video. Give you guys an update on the price action here. Jeremy.

Thank you. I know that i'm skipping some of the things you guys said i do apologize. I want to stay up to date with the most recent information jeremy. Thank you, john tommy, uh nart curb! Oh, that's, sick man.

I appreciate that music man. What variables must occur for the squeeze to happen at what point is there enough of us still in thanks bro? I do think there's enough of us still in so essentially the laws of supply and demand. If you cut off the supply right, all of us are holding the shorts have to buy back their shares from somebody unless they're short ladder attacking right. Counterfeiting shares creating shares that don't exist.

Putting pressure on the market which we have seen happens, but at the end of the day, they're going to get busted for that eventually right they're going to realize, i mean you'd, be stupid not to realize that there's some crazy stuff happening right now, not to not To be offensive to anybody, but we can see that there's crazy stuff happening right now and they're gon na eventually get busted. So if we continue to hold this might take some time. Gamestop took five weeks to play out and before that it was months. It was a month long process right building into that overall squeeze that we did see up to 500.

So if you look at them on a three-month chart right, i think it was uh. Roaring kitty saw that there was a lot of short interest and he slowly built this up. It took time it took time right granted, they didn't see the bleed as much. They were more stagnating, but uh.

At the end of the day, you get what i'm saying right is the situation's the same it just might take a while morgan. Thank you mark. I appreciate you aaron eric uh swabilis gb bangin, appreciate that my brother man - oh my god, william, you don't have to do that. It's good to have you here my friend.

I appreciate that immensely gorilla gang. I appreciate everybody. That's taking the time to watch these live streams, d-man tommy, brett, hayes tomorrow. That's right! That's right! My friend, brett hayes says: tomorrows are awesome.

Let's look for tomorrow, my friends! That's all! It is d-man stefano uh, john jamie, the great area chain of commandments shave yeah. They did yeah, they did i'm done with quarantine, angela man. I appreciate that so much i should say woman. Thank you.

Thank you very much. Kamira seeley and trinity. Can you detail more about your heart issue? I have tran uh transposition of the great articles of tga. My bro and i are rooting for you.

So essentially what happened with my heart issue, i thought i was having seizures, but what they actually were was heart attacks. So i went into the the doctor. They did some screening, they ran an ekg, they did an ultrasound. They did an enzyme test and they found damage.

I think they called it a lateral, infarction and essentially what it is, is uh damage in my heart, the way that it beats because of uh previous heart attacks. So that's what it's sitting at right now. I feel healthy, i feel fine. So don't worry about me guys trinity, what platform you use to get hcmc charles schwab.

I don't currently have a position in hcmc, but you can trade otc market on charles schwab, infidelity, so checking out the price action right now here on um amc as it sits right now. We are not looking at a ton of volume. We do have a big pump right here of about 474 thousand shares, but in comparison to what we have seen in the past, the volatility is still pretty low. As we're sitting right now.

Uh we do have the george w right. That's the double bottom. Nonetheless, got a big cell wall at about 5.75 as it's sitting right now, i'm gon na be honest guys. I don't think the price action is gon na, be that fun to watch today without the volume.

The volatility is not gon na, be there. It's not gon na be there. I don't think this is a dead cat. I think it's gon na take time to play out, though, if you are currently down bad, what what advice can i give to you? What kind of comforting words can i give to you? I want to show you guys this.

I want to present you guys this. This is. We don't live in a vacuum right. I know situations are different but check this out.

Microvision, it's been on an absolute rampage. Lately they're up, they went, they wouldn't touch 16 bucks. Oh, that's such a disgusting setup. I'm so glad i own these guys all right, but if let me show you, the three-month chart microvision was a very heavily short stock.

I bought in the microvision because i i looked into the fundamentals of the company chris sane put out a video saying this is a weekly penny play get into this yadda yadda right and i got in i got in about eight bucks. It got up to about you know 10., i i thought it was worth more based on what i've read and i ended up being a bag holder. It came all the way down to 4.50. I was down like 50 on my investment, which is pretty dang close to what we're down right now on amc, i'm down 35 in amc in microvision, my friends, i was down like four thousand dollars: thirty five hundred four thousand dollars and if i had sold i'd, Have never experienced this, i would have never ever ever experienced this and in terms of where amc is right now compared to where microvision was.

I think we're about here. I think we're about here. I think we've just about found the bottom. It could drop lower.

It could maybe we don't live in a vacuum, there's no way to guarantee anything, but i do think we're very close to the bottom and if we're about here right then macroscopically speaking, i don't know why it's doing that all right, i'm gon na, adjust this. So there's an arrow pointing out where we are, i think we're about here in terms of where microvision was about there on the charts and if we see this slow, steady, climb right. This could be an indicator of upcoming action and look at this right. Look at the volume microvision had insane volume, it was pumping followed by a slow plead in volume.

Volume dropped volatility dropped right, looked like it was a dead cat. I got told a million times, microvision's a dead cat. Give it up give it up, give it up right, but it wasn't. I know what i held right, it's all about the the conviction you have in a stock.

It's the conviction, if you believe in the cause right, you believe in why you got into the company. You believe in the company you believe in the short right you believe in the acquisition of amazon or netflix to amc right, then the price is psychological. If i had to sat there and sweat about how i was down four thousand dollars, i would have made twenty thousand dollars on on microvision. I wouldn't and look at it now.

You know this could very easily be amc. That's all i'm saying: don't count your chickens yet don't count your chickens, yet my friends just be patient. The stock market is not instant gratification. It has been one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine days.

It's only been nine days since this has happened right. That's a little less than two weeks. It feels like forever. I feel, like i've been doing this for literally my whole life, but this is a very similar setup to to microvision my friends.

We don't live in a vacuum, but they are both heavily short stocks right. Microvision was getting clapped. Who knows how long and i'm glad i held it out and i'm telling you what i feel so convicted about amc. I don't care how much hate i get.

I don't care how many people say: i'm i'm screwing, i'm screwing people. I really do apologize if you feel like i've done that to you right. I try to be very transparent. To tell you, i'm not a financial advisor.

You need to feed yourself. First take care of your family, but i truly believe in the cost here. My friends i'm going to hold and i'm not going to get mad at anybody that decides to sell this, but i'm holding i'm holding i'm going to take every every opportunity i can to average down, because i think it's going to be worth it i'll tell you That right now going to read awesome super chats here. Thank you to everybody.

That's tuned in. I do appreciate you immensely if you're not mind dropping a like, because we like this stock because george w that's all i can ask all right g said i will take a quick peek at gsat. So gsat is a good company. This is global.

Star um they're running pretty solid right now i would say it's pretty overbought man. I mean it's 89 in the rsi. It is gon na pull back. It's gon na pull back where's he's gon na pull back to at least 23.6 in my opinion, and it does line up pretty well with uh some candle wicks.

We've got three touch points, which is all that i look for to validate a level of support or resistance, so we do get that and if it ends up dropping below that, i think the next likely point is gon na be about here, two dollars and seven Cents so i find 239 to be the most likely. There is a lot of buying momentum. If you want to get an entry point, 239 looks good, but it should continue to run. I did end up selling out of ccrm for anybody that is interested, not because i don't like the stock, but because i wanted to get into whammy and i think that ctr might have a small pullback uh.

I'm gon na check out the charts here today. I haven't looked at them yet, but ctrm is still a good play. If you guys are still holding looks like they didn't pull back but regardless i don't regret getting into a whammy. I do think it's going to have a lot of potential, but i think ctrm is still good.

So don't worry if you're still holding about the fact that i'm not in i just wanted to get into uamy and i needed some dry powder. All right. Sundial 150 shares at 114 are holding guys. I really do want to focus on amc and gamestop here today.

That is the point of this uh of this live stream just to respect people's time. They would not mind uh, just just being uh respectful of that. I would appreciate it a lot, but i will check out sundial really quick. This is the last one i'm gon na check out for the moment.

Sundial is a very heavily short stock. I can't believe it's trading at 273. That's insane. They are a debt free company.

Now, which is good um, that is a good thing. They're currently at the 38.2 percent, retracement seem to be holding pretty well 67 on the rsi. I think they're gon na have a pullback, i'm gon na be honest with you not too not to be a debbie downer, but they have been running for quite some time and all stocks pull back no matter what no stock except tesla is immune to a healthy Pullback, so i'd wait for that. I'd wait for a pullback if you're looking to get an entry point if you're holding and you want to hold this midterm, i would just average average up or down uh once it does pull back.

I think it'll be all right. All right, i'm buying more. I like that man. I appreciate that if i listen to your microvision suggestion, i'd be up really nice.

I sold nc, but going to get back in next week. Hey there, you go my friend, it's all good and there's nothing but love. There's nothing but love xsp a this is a very heavily short stock and it looks like it's getting ready to squeeze a little bit, there's some pretty long wicks up there, though i don't like that. That indicates a little bit of weak buying pressure either that or it's being shorted at this at the moment.

Still it is at 75 on the rsi currently up 14 here in the pre-market. That's gon na be a tough battle. Entry point right about now. It actually doesn't look too bad, but it's still pretty overbought i'd hold off all right nakia.

I appreciate you kyle, rance and john, if you guys are just tuning in right now. Welcome to the traders. Podcast welcome to the family the gorilla gang here at the traders community. It is great to have you here.

We are looking at amc right now. We did end up breaking this ascending level of support so to validate any level of support or resistance. We look for at least three touch points. We've got one two, three four five, six seven right and we look for a wide range candle bar either breaking above or below to signify that that level of support or resistance has been uh broken.

We do get that. What is a wide range candle bar if you're not familiar wide range candle bar is a candle that covers a lot of price action. So it's not a small one. A small candle would be something like this right, not very large.

So if we saw a break like this right, we already have that happen. We have a small candle that broke beneath it's a it's an art, not an exact science. So if you see a break like that, it could very easily bounce back up right. That would not signify to me that we have broken and it's sending level of support, but what does signify a breaking level of support is a wide range candle, which is something like this right.

It's a candle that covers a lot of price action. It's a hard push that is a purposeful um decision by sellers or buyers of whether it's shorts or longs right to either get out of their position or short the stock. At that exact moment right, there are a lot of people that that read, charts exactly like this and make those decisions based on when they think a chart's gon na break. I don't know if you guys watch, i think it's the shoot.

What's his name, he's got like 750 000 subscribers. He he day trades live streams every day uh, but he he's very good at this. He'll tell you way more than i know about uh about how to read this stuff but john white. I love whammy.

They're gon na be huge, they're gon na be really really big, especially with this. This uh ev sector thing that's going on right now. Antimony is a product. That's used in a lot of batteries and uh they're, basically selling the pickaxes to the miners.

My friends, the coal miners, they're gon na make money they're lagging they're, lagging for sure opinion on gamestop compared to amc. So if the numbers are true right and gamestop does have a higher short interest, it would mean that the potential for squeezing gamestop is higher. Personally, i feel, like people have a higher sentiment towards amc than gamestop at the moment, but they do mirror each other pretty well right. If we look at the overall price action, amc has actually been holding up better.

Lately, they've uh they've been gaining more in comparison to when gamestop is gaining they've been losing less in respect to when gamestop is losing right. That's a pretty good indicator to me. They have very similar, very, very similar setups. So if we look at um gamestop and amc side by side, i'm gon na zoom this out give you guys a better idea.

But look at the chart guys. I've said this a million times. I've said it a million million million billion times, but they do the exact same things. Look at this: they both got an inverse head and shoulders.

Here's the head! Here's a shoulder! Here's a shoulder! You've got a neckline right at the exact same time, bro bro come on get out of here. They both got an inverse head and shoulder right. We've got it here head shoulder shoulder neck line. They both have this.

This huge drop right here that gap down that gap down is what really freaks me out is that they both have this gap down. That is not something that happens by accident. That is not a decision made by buyers or sellers to make that happen. That's market makers that is 100 market makers, decision to gap the stock price.

I don't like seeing that that tells you everything you need to know guys if you do a side-by-side comparison of the charts on amc and gamestop over the last five days. Let's just take a look: it's gon na blow your freaking minds. Look at this look at this! You can't make this up. You can't make this stuff up.

They are the exact same chart, sell-off, sell-off spike spike, sell-off, sell-off huge drop bottom out double bottom right, they're. Both having it, what i do like to see, though, is they do both have this double bottom, which to me indicates macroscopically speaking, we should be at the floor. I do like seeing that on the five-day chart, but i wanted to show you that guys as a comparison in case you're new to the channel, you haven't been keeping track of everything going on it's crazy stuff, it's absolutely crazy stuff guys. I, like amc a little bit more.

I've got a higher sentiment towards amc and i listen to shoot. I don't know who put out the video, but i want to. I wish i could give credit, but i don't remember his name, but i listened to a guy. You guys would probably all see him he's got a huge channel.

It was all over stock, twits and stuff, but he was talking about how it was a mistake for gamestop not to capitalize on the increase in their share price. They didn't raise any money and amc did amc raise money, so even if this doesn't squeeze - which i still think is going to happen right. I think that amc has a bright future. They they raise like 700 million dollars to help, keep them in business until quarantine.


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