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All right, all right, all right, all right all right! Welcome back gorilla gang! How are we doing this morning? Welcome back to another episode of the traders, podcast 29. I'm sorry that i wasn't streaming here the last uh last couple of days, but i'll tell you what i uh. I have had the worst string of luck in terms of uh in terms of health complications. As you guys know, i had those latter infarctions happen and i've got another condition called uh anterior uveitis, it's a uh inflammation of the eye, causes light sensitivity, uh some some blindness.

I actually can't see it on my right eye right now for anybody, that's wondering, but i've got that going on in my right eye right now, so i've been trying to limit my screen time, but you know what we're gon na suck it up here today. Baby, we're gon na stream for probably about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half and cover some uh live amc price action as well as go over some different numbers, some different stuff, that's going on here in terms of uh. You know the amc situation, there's any other hot stocks that you guys want to talk about as well. We can definitely do that, but the main focus here today is going to be on amc, because i'll tell you what the market has been looking a little bit rough lately, it's been a little bit rough, so uh we're gon na make it work.

We're gon na make it work we're going to do. What we want to do is you're all right, my eye's doing, okay, my friends, it's uh! It's a little irritated. It's a little bit irritated um! You probably can't see it my webcam's, not the greatest, but it's still pretty red um for anybody who doesn't know. I have a little bit of an eye situation going on here, so i'm just going to show you this here, really quick, guys we're going to come over here to youtube and i'm going to show you on my community board.

Just in case you didn't catch it. I've got something called the anterior uveitis. It just causes a little bit of inflammation in the eye a little bit of light sensitivity, but we're gon na make it work. We're gon na make it work, my friends because we got ta, we got ta go on the game's got ta go on! Try wearing some glasses that block out the blue light.

I'm definitely gon na buy some man 100 nathan, thanks for the suggestion, so a quick little update here on amc, i actually purchased more shares uh. If you can see up here, my position in weibull is sitting at 641 shares of a dollar cost average of eight dollars and seven cents. In my other brokerage account, i've got 155 shares which makes up a grand total of just under 800 shares. Uh of amc.

I've been adding at every opportunity that i've got uh. My my total position is at the moment worth four thousand seven hundred ninety four dollars. I am down seven percent 383 bucks. We are almost in the green guys.

We were crushing beautiful, kill, denver's for 3k and 20 minutes in pre-market. Let's go dude, that's off to you free spin, that's! What's up! That is! What's up, let's take a quick peek! Oh that's nasty dude see how you find these stocks. That's so crazy that blows. My mind, you know, i mean the news must have got blown out completely out of proportion.

Novo integrated science is now under nvos. Okay, so it must have been a merger play, i'm assuming, but i don't know for sure. That's that's a tech awesome dude. That is what i'm talking about so as we're sitting right now.

Uh amc is down a little bit here in the pre-market, it's down about three percent, but take a macroscopic perspective here and let's look at the last five days. We're gon na delete all this uh. All this junk that i've got drawn up here, we have finally escaped this consolidation phase, we're out of it we're out of it now. So we we had a long period of consolidation.

Look at the last month we had uh. It would be one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen days until we started seeing some green we're on a pretty nice run right now. If we look at the last three days, we have had three straight green candles, which is beautiful. That's exactly what we're looking for guys so starting to really get moving here and i'm actually interested to know um.

I can't remember the name of the website, but there's a website that was predicting the next 10 days of price action here. I think it was uh free timing, something like that and they predicted that uh amc would hit. You know something similar to this. I don't remember the exact numbers, but pretty solid, it's nice to see uh some green happening.

If we look at this on on the daily candles, guys, that is a nasty nasty cup right there, look at that massive dip. We had this consolidation phase, for, as i mentioned about you, know, 13 days. We had that little bit of a bleed consolidation for about a week. Finally, getting a little bit green here, that's good we're starting to get some momentum rolling, absolutely loving it.

Thank you. Custologist 420. I love it dude. I love it.

That's! What's up dude, i got my uh. I got some cups in the mail. I've got my george debian cup rocking rocking and rolling, and then i've got my gorilla gang cup over here. That's got some water in it.

I got to get the morning coffee in only one cup. Only one cup - that's we're gon na be rocking it today, but uh we got ta. We got ta, get that caffeine rolling because not rocking a lot of sleep right now. People always say tree: you got ta, lay off the cocaine, lay off the adderall i'll.

Tell you what i don't eat drugs, i'm just crazy, i'm just crazy! I'm just a crazy dude anywho we're gon na look at uh jocelyn. Thank you for the super chat. We're gon na take a quick peek at rolls royce, so i know that rolls royce is one of those stocks that has a lot of hype. It's got a lot of hype, there's a lot of people that follow it and it's an otc market stock.

So you cannot purchase this on uh weeble you'd have to go over to like fidelity charles schwab. One of those brokerage accounts would allow you to trade this, but it's finally broken out of this downward channel. It has been on a downward channel for a long time. The whole last year, the uh, the downward selling pressure on this has been immense, and if we look at this on a one-month chart, it looks like it is finally beginning a little bit of bullish momentum.

We've got the 15 mma crossing over the 200 dma. I don't have a position in rolls royce, but uh it's looking pretty solid. It's on a nice descending level of support. Right now, we've got at least three touch points, which is what we look for right.

So that looks pretty solid if you're. Looking at an entry point here, i think it's gon na end up respecting this descending level of support. But what you're also watching for is a break above this level of resistance. We've got a triple top here, so one uh one, two three different touch points here that it was rejected.

So we really need to push through this this uh third time and if it doesn't uh you're likely gon na see a little bit of price rejection, because that's a squeeze and tighten down in price action. But you've got the 50ma trading over the 200ma nice consistent volume, so the volume backs it up. I would imagine that it's going to push. I don't like i don't mind that setup at all.

I do believe that rolls-royce is working on releasing some electric vehicles as well. I don't think it's a company that ever go bankrupt, but they really need to capitalize on their uh on their electric vehicles. If i think they want to compete with some of these other uh vehicle makers order, my cup - oh beautiful, john guys, you got to send me pictures of your merch on instagram or twitter. When you get it, you can post it or you can send it to me whatever you want to do, i want to see you guys rocking that stuff, because that is so cool, so cool.

I can't believe that i've got a cup with a george w on it dude. That is all that i can ask for that is the coolest thing ever i tell you what i started my youtube channel december 16th of 2020., so i started this a little less than two months ago. It would have been uh two months on the 16th. Obviously, what a dumb thing to say, but uh it's been a journey.

It's been a journey, i'm very thankful for you guys really appreciate. All the non-vice brother yesterday was like black friday in the stock market, thanksgiving version. Oh big time, big time i put out a video talking about it. Some people didn't like it, but i'm real i'm going to keep it real with you guys.

I don't want to sugarcoat anything. What we saw is a massive sell-off. There were stocks that were down 30 in the pre-market yesterday and i took that opportunity to scoop up shares for cheap. I got into mvis in my weeble account.

I have a huge stake in my other brokerage account um, but i got to do it on uh weeble, my average price is 14.56 and i'm already up 21 on that. Just because of that massive sell-off. So my personal advice, if you want any sort of of course, i'm not a financial advisor, but if you want some sort of advice at all, is to always have a little bit of dry powder sitting around for massive massive sell-offs, because that is the opportunity for You guys to get into these uh these stocks were super super cheap right. So just keep that in the back of your mind, uh stocks, don't only just go up weird, weird surprise.

They also go down so always keep some cash on the side, for when stocks have a massive sell-off, they will happen right. Even in bullish markets. You're gon na have pullback days. You're gon na have red days, save your cash for then right.

Maybe you miss out on a run-up. Maybe you still buy it on the run-ups right, but keep the majority of your long-term positions. Keep that cash for when you see these massive sell-offs, because they're gon na be rocking really well. What has to happen for a penny stock that not be considered a penny stock anymore? Different people define it differently.

I consider penny stock to be anything under 10, so anything under 10. I will consider a penny stock uh. Once you hit that 10 plus threshold, you typically see more stability, a little less volatility and more consistent volume, which makes it a more predictable stock. So an example, for this is fuel cell is a stock that i talked about back when i was about seven bucks and ended up hitting thirty dollars, but before it hit thirty dollars, it had to break over ten and hold over ten, which we ended up getting.

So i pushed over ten dollars. We got that push about 14. treated that 10 level as a level of support, and then it kept running. So if you get a stock that holds over 10 bucks, i would say for 10 days.

I treat it like the nasdaq compliance right, any stock that stays over a dollar. I would consider that no longer a penny stock, it is a penny stock graduate you give them the diploma and uh put them on their merry way to suffer in the real world. Oh man, but man i'm so excited for amc. This has been absolutely beautiful guys.

I don't think you have seen anything yet in regards to what is potentially happening here with amc. Let me show you a little bit of why so check this out. If we look at february 26, the strikes on the calls right, we've got a lot of options in a variance of a different strike variation. So we look here: we've got five thousand at five dollars.

That's in the money. 11. 800 at 5.5. In the money 21.

000 in the money - 43 000 in the money - 23 000 in the money. If we close over eight dollars, i think that's gon na be somewhere around 120 000 call options that would end up in the money which could cause what is called a gamma squeeze. So i see a lot of people asking hey trey: what's the difference between a gamma squeeze and a short squeeze, i want to show you guys gamestop as an idea of a comparison, so gamestop started off as a gamma squeeze and then finished as a short squeeze. So this is the initial gamma squeeze.

In my opinion, you see this push up from 28 bucks to you know, somewhere around 60 60 and before that was sitting at about 30.. So this is the beginning of the gamma squeeze. You see a push up to that 60 dollar mark and that gamma squeeze initiated the short squeeze. It puts pressure on the shorts that hold positions right because the stock price is going up.

They can't cover their positions anymore. You start to get momentum more buyers start buying into the process right now, gamma squeeze which happened back here for gamestop those call options basically expiring in the money which has to be purchased right, because one option is worth 100 shares. So, like amc hypothetically, if you have uh 120 000 call options. What does that come out to? Well, i'm not great at math.

I think that is 1.2 million, total shares that have to be purchased or 12 million shares. So that is astronomical. That's a huge amount of buying pressure that is gon na end up coming on monday. So i think monday, if we hold over eight dollars.

Of course nobody can tell you for sure. Don't let anybody tell you they know exactly what's going to happen because nobody does right. This is just hypothetical if these end up expiring in the money and they they are not uh sold before right. This is going to depend on people holding their call options.

They don't get if they end up getting sold. You can see the beginning of a gamma squeeze similar to what gamestop had happened. So we got the gamma squeeze starts pushing a little bit. We start getting those shorts that get burned a little bit ended up, hitting about 514 bucks at its peak and then a little bit of a sell-off, and something i find very interesting is that amc has kind of removed itself from gamestop here a little bit.

If we look at the last uh, let's say one, two, three four: five: six, seven, eight nine days gamestop actually hasn't been growing in comparison to amc. It's actually just stagnating. It's consolidating right now so we're finally starting to see a little bit of separation between price action in terms of gamestop and amc. So that's pretty interesting, my friends, i don't mind that setup at all.

I think i think amc's getting ready to do something nasty, and you see here that we are finally back in some actual bullish territory. Baby we've got the 15m that just recently crossed over the 200 dma. Another thing that i want to point out to you is that we've got these two two indicators hooking away from each other now. What does this mean? I'm gon na describe this to you in the simplest way that i possibly can so if you've got the 15 m8 and the 200 dma pulled up and you've got.

This is the 15 ma, and this is the 200 ema going a little bit down. They're hooking away from each other, which means they're going in different directions. That typically indicates an increase in volatility to come. Now, if you had the 15 ma on top here - and you had the 200 ema on the bottom and they are about parallel.

That typically indicates upcoming consolidation on the flip side. If you've got the let's say this is the 15 ma right here going down, and this is the 200 ema and uh they are hooking into each other. So we're just going to do this here, really quick, we're going to adjust this just a hair. So let's say this: 200 dma is on the bottom, and you've got the 15 15 ma up here on the top and they're hooking in towards each other.

That typically, will indicate a decrease in volatility and upcoming bearish action, so keep that for uh what it is, of course, technical analysis does not always play out. That is, i would say, a seven or eight times out of ten sort of situation, news, catalyst and uh different trader sentiment will always trump the technical analysis setup. But if we lived in a vacuum right, that is what that means. That means that we are looking at an increase in volatility to come, the volume the volume has been absolutely astronomical so far here on amc, the last couple of days.

In fact, we hit 263 million in volume. Yesterday, guys i've been saying this forever. I've been saying this forever guys without the volume we're not gon na have that squeeze and the volume is finally starting to pick back up now. Why do i say that? Why do i say that we can't have a squeeze without the volume? Well, i tell you this because uh people will compare this to volkswagen.

They'll, say well, trey, volkswagen squeezed off of not a lot of volume and that's true, but the difference being that there were only two entities that forced that short squeeze. It was porsche and the government from germany right they both took heavy heavy stakes, and it was much more coordinated than this wall street bets. The average retail investor rate we've actually got millions of people that are trading amc right now and to expect every single one of them to do. The exact same thing is is not going to happen.

That's just not realistic right, and nor can we make that happen. That's uh, that's just probably not legal! So with that being said, the volume is what's going to be important, because, with that volume we're going to have that volatility start driving you're going to get that snowball that ape effect ape effect that snowball volume effect right. The momentum is going to start picking back up again we're going to be cooking with absolute crisco on on amc guys. I am so pumped looking beautiful here.

We have some of these super chats. Thank you. Everybody tuning in right now welcome to the traders podcast uh. If you are not mine, dropping a like for the gorilla gang.

That is all that i want my friends that is uh. Do it do it for george w, do it for george w damon welcome to the channel we're glad to have you here as a part of the community and as a fellow gorilla brother? Why are you such a beast? I'm definitely not guys. Peep the shirt keep the shirt. I've got a harambee shirt on baby.

You got ta rock with the gorillas, absolutely beautiful check. Tgb held the boiler yesterday with copper futures increasing, seems positive with current setup, so we'll take a quick peek here at tgb. It's down a little bit here in the pre-market, but it did hold up, as you were saying when the market was getting absolutely swagged here. Yesterday, uh broke this ascending, maybe not quite yet it's it's close.

It's gon na test, this descending level of support. So we want to see a hold over this descending level of support and if we get it uh, this entry point right here to buck 96 looks really really nice right. Now, it's currently training at 1.93. So, honestly, i don't think you're gon na be able to beat that if it continues to run, we do have the 15 ma, starting to hook down a little bit here, see that it's uh it's starting to push down.

I got a little bit of downward pressure on that 15mm. That typically indicates an upcoming decrease in volatility, so you want to see some volume step into this in the regular market hours and that should drive the price action a little bit more here in the future. But it doesn't look like a bad setup man. I don't mind that at all, if the copper futures are increasing, that's typically a sign of upcoming bullish price action.

So i don't mind i don't mind that set up at all. It looks good man. Good call fine been following you for four weeks: man super happy of your success. I've been in at 500 shares early on at 16, 30 now 1500 at 10, 50.

dude you're, rocking you're, cooking with crisco brother. That's a that's a steak! That's a heavy steak baby! I love that i had a much heavier steak in amc. I had a crazy steak. I had uh i had about a twenty thousand dollar stake in amc before my account at fidelity got liquidated, but i've been slowly building it back up.

I've been slowly building it back up, we've got uh, i believe, as i said earlier, about 641 shares in this account 155. In my other account and uh we're rocking so uh, i'm gon na keep adding i'm gon na keep adding, as often as i can. In fact, i plan on buying a little bit more today. I don't have any dry powder in the account, but i do plan on transferring over, depending on the price action that we see here in the in the regular market hours if it is uh.

If it's a little bit bearish at the open right, we see this test out seven bucks. I am going to definitely add to my position: dollar cost average down. So we've got a nice level of support here at seven dollars. We've got one.

Two three touch points. Four touch points, almost five touch points, so we just take this up. A hair, i'd, say seven dollars and ten cents is a a point in which we're probably going to test out as a level of support here, as this is still a volatile stock right. So just keep that in the back of your mind, don't be scared if you see it open a little bit red, and why do i say that? Well, i want to show you this.

So if we actually just uh, take a quick peek at the most recent price action here uh yesterday we opened up a little bit green, but then i sell off down to six bucks and if you see that happen again, don't be scared. We still, under the day, very green. We ended the day up ten percent right. So if you see you come down to six bucks, that's an opportunity for you to add to your position.

We got that nasty george david too, look at that dirty. So if i'll tell you what, if i see that i'm adding my position, because this has got some nice bullish momentum - the volume is picking up every day and as as long as that volume continues to pick up as we've been seeing. I see no reason why this can't continue to run the volume is doing absolutely awesome. The uh, the price is climbing every single day.

You can't beat that you can't beat that we've got a lot of signs point in the direction of a potential run-up. Is it possible for you to expand a bit on the amc, computer price prediction? What is making it say 400 later this year? One second here so fidelity in my previous video had a predicted price of 636 dollars by the end of may or early june. Now, you're, probably thinking what in the heck, is fidelity thinking when they say 636 bucks, but what they do is they take it from a non-biased perspective, a pure numbers perspective, so they crunch numbers based on previous price action, a million different indicators, volume indicators right. They look at the call options, the put options, and my anticipation is that fidelity is saying hey, you know what, if we've got these call options here right and some of these expire in the money that could force a gamma squeeze right similar to gamestop and hey.

You know fidelity is also looking at the short interest numbers. They can see all the numbers they they know. They know exactly how many people are shorting and how many shares are getting shorted on the stock. How many people are buying long in the stock? How many people are holding a stock right and they see hey since this gamma squeeze has potential? If that happens, it can cause a short squeeze, because the short interest on the stock has extremely extremely high, so that is my two cents.

I think that the fidelity system is taking an algorithmic standpoint and they're, basically just looking at the data that is available to every single uh, i shouldn't say every single person, but to the brokerage firm and saying hey just based on these numbers. This is the possibility here i do want to run through the or text data here, so we're just going to pull up or text amc and see if there's anything new in my video that i put out yesterday was at 92 utilization and it's up she's up Even more these shorts - oh my god, the hedgies are trying to steal our attendees baby they're at 93.25 utilization right now. If you don't know what utilization is, this is referring to the overall amount of short shares that are currently available for lending. So zero percent means that no shares have been borrowed.

100 means that all shares have been borrowed for shorting, so currently, there's only 6.75 percent of current lendable short shares available. To borrow that's an astronomical number. The days to cover has been slowly creeping up. That is at point six four.

This is not referring to the fact that shorts have to cover their positions in point six four days right, shorts can hold their positions as long as they actually want to. What this is referring to is the short interest divided by the three month: uh volume right the three month daily volume average, and i think the number is a little bit skewed here. I think if you took the actual days to cover over a one month period instead of three months and i'm going to show you why i say that so, if you look at this on a yearly chart right, look at the volume, the volume in the previous Two months before this month was nothing like what we're seeing in the past month, which means the data is skewed right. This is an asterisk in comparison to the previous volume, so that that number, that dates to cover is not as relevant as it was previously right.

So take that into consideration when you're looking at that basic cover. This is unusual, unusual trading volume. That is skewing that statistic a little bit. I would anticipate that data cover would be higher if you saw you know the the average taken from a one month average.

Instead, so that's pretty significant information, my friends, it costs to borrow nothing crazy. It is three percent annually and you might be thinking that's a bad thing, but i actually don't view it as a bad thing. I view it as somewhat of a good thing, because uh what this is saying is shorts. You know.

Risk for holding their positions according to or text is not very high, which means that they're more likely to hold their positions since their their interest rate is not super high. So take that with a grain of salt, but that's what i'm picking up here. I i don't mind that at all henny knight says trey 600 plus come on bro that doesn't sound right at all and i have a stake in this dude. I'm not saying it's gon na happen, i'm not saying that's gon na happen.

I i presented that as a number coming from fidelity right, so i personally don't know if 600 is possible either. I actually stated this in my my most recent video. I said if this hit 600 600, i will buy one lucky person, a tesla but uh i'll. Just show you this picture really quick.

This is fidelity active trader pro. They anticipate that sometime in the middle of may you're gon na see it hit 636 bucks. I'm not saying that's going to happen, but uh, i think it is going to squeeze. When is it going to squeeze, nobody can save right.

It's gon na depend a lot on uh, a bunch of different factors coming into this situation, but uh. I i definitely think, there's gon na be some solid. You know a solid upside here without a doubt. Gon na swing poai in at 130, would like to get your take.

It's a medical device company that uses ai i'll check it out, quick p-o-a-i, all right so p-o-a-i. If we just check this out on the one month chart, i'm assuming you got this as a uh as a recovery play, i don't mind that as a recovery play, that's not bad at all. If you bought on this dip opportunity, that looks pretty solid. It's already on an upward moving channel again here, you bought in at 130 yeah you're sitting pretty good right now.

What you're gon na be watching for is a test of this level of resistance right here about a dollar sixty-six if it pushes, through that you're gon na be looking at a test right around here of about a dollar eighty-seven and if it pushes through that you're Gon na be looking at a test right here about 210.. I think you could get a pretty easy double up here. I think it could double up within the next uh next, five to seven days, five to seven training days that wouldn't be bad at all. You heard much about rule 204.

T amc, headers, have 35 days to buy back love your content, i'm all in and it's seven dollars in average dude, that's solid. I actually haven't heard of that, but we're gon na check it out right now, so we can all educate ourselves here, a little bit. Rule 204 t. So, let's just check this out.

Amendment to regulation show to adopt exchange act, rule 2040, a small entity, compliance guide. They adopted as an interim final temporary rule. Rule 4 204 t of regulation show under the securities exchange act of 1934 to address potentially abusive, naked short selling and all equity securities. Temporary rule expires on july 31.

2009. So that's old news 2009. So if that expired back in 2009, this may not be in in effect anymore. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up.

I'm not gon na i'm, not i'm gon na, hear on the side of caution and say that it doesn't look likely right. But if i can get a link, if somebody's got a link to the most recent 204 t, stating that this is no longer uh expired right because it says here expired in 2009. So if that's the case, i i personally think that's uh. That's not legit! All right go back up here.

What would you consider a good call option for cents trying to establish a position, but currently do not have the capital so since onyx my call options that i have were a 5.5 strike expiring on 19 march 2021, i'm currently down on those - and i was sitting Pretty good until we had that massive massive market correction right, that's like negative 30 day across the board um, but if you want something a little less risky. What i would say is extending this out until april. I would say april at a 5.5 strike is pretty solid, your premium per share and this option is 75 cents, so that cost you 75 bucks per option. The open interest on this is 2 500 shares or 200 2500 options.

You've got 10 000 at five bucks. So, there's quite a bit of interest at that five dollar um that five dollar strike it's going to cost you a little bit more right. It's going to cost you 80 cents. It's actually just went down: it's not 80 cents for the premium per share, which would be 80 bucks.

I i would personally pay a little bit more for the the more safety net uh that'd be pretty solid. I bought emc at 540 was forced to sell yesterday at 650. Is it worth buying more now i i'm personally not a financial advisor, but i'm going to be holding my position because i believe they're still upset. If that answers your question, my friend hope that does george w, let's go baby, we love it damon.

Can you give an update on hcmc i'm hyped for a move, so i put out htmc videos, probably every other day um. It has been a little bit uh down, it's been bleeding a little bit, but it's starting to consolidate here. A little bit had a little bit of a hit because the market took a big hit and the otc market typically will reflect those uh really rough rough hits but uh. Nonetheless, i still think hcmc is okay, something that you should keep in.

The back of your mind with this play is lawsuits can typically take a long time, so i've seen some misconceptions saying that um this is going to be settled by february 26th and the only the only thing that i want to say is that it doesn't necessarily Mean it's gon na be settled on that date. It means that they have to act upon that dates right, so philip morris has to respond whether they're gon na go to court or they're gon na pay a settlement by the 26th, which is two days from now. So if they go to court, this could be a play. That is an actual long-term play, meaning you hold this for sometimes court cases take up.

To years i mean, there's a company called max d m-a-x-d that has uh had a lawsuit against google for a very, very long time. I think, like 10 years they're just finally starting to come to a roads close here, so hcmc might take a little bit of time, but i still think that it's got the upside for sure. Thank you, zach matthew shenik. Can you please take a look at ticker kos, it looks like an inverter head.

Shoulders may be forming yeah. I can do that. My friend no problem, hey everybody tune into the traders podcast. I recognize everybody in the chat drop.

Some gorillas, if you're rocking with a gorilla gang, absolutely uh, love everybody's time here today. Thank you for coming in. I apologize that i i haven't been streaming the last couple days i had a mix of a couple different things pop up my eye condition. Re-Flirt back up, which is the most annoying thing in the world, patrick my optometrist.

If you're watching this right now, he knows how how frustrating this is. My brother-in-law is my uh, my optometrist, and he he helps me out a lot. He helps me out a lot, but uh you'd be correct. This is a little bit of an inverted head and shoulders.

So you've got a head right here. It's not a strong one, but it is nonetheless head shoulder shoulder and then this would be the neckline. So if you're going to push over that neckline, that would be a pretty solid run. It does look like it's getting ready to do that and what i actually like a lot is it held up well in that market sell-off yesterday in the pre-market, it's still bullish.

It didn't get back a lot, it didn't retrace below the previous highs. So that's that's a pretty solid setup. I don't mind that at all, if you're looking for an entry point, i would say uh watch for a test of this descending level of support get in about 296.. That's really pretty! Well, my friend ctrm ctrm.

I am still 100 bullish on my friend. It is just taking a hit right now, so this is uh. This is a penny stock. That's getting kind of beat down, but i don't think the time is over.

We saw that huge sell-off because of uh. You know the market sell out there. A lot of stocks are down like 30 20 30 percent ctrm was no exception, but this looks like to me the absolute basement and a great recovery plate, so this previous ascending level of support is going to act as a level of resistance. Now i would anticipate that it is going to continue to respect that ascending level of support.

We've got the 15 mma starting to hook in towards the 200 ema about to cross over. This is my favorite kind of play to get into. So if you get some volume that falls through here, look at all the people that bought in on this dip right, that's a huge, like 97 million shares in one hour, you get the volume that falls through here. That could be a pretty solid push.

Silvery merger coming i'm hearing better things. When that happens, your thoughts knack i keep reading to just hold out, but it's not looking so hot, so knack for me was a couple day play. I swung that i made a couple bucks off it and i sold out um, but you know that's probably how i would view it. I think it's time will come till ray if it ends up merging as you're saying could be a solid stock.

You know i don't i don't uh personally, invest in cannabis. There's things that interest me more, i'm more interested in the technology sector, the 3d printing sector, the biopharmaceutical sector. When i make long-term investments, i want to get into things that i actually personally relate to and are interesting for me to learn about right. So i'm actually genuinely interested in learning about microvision.

I'm genuinely interested in learning about sensonics, i'm genuinely interested in learning about agtc right. All these stocks are long-term plays for me and personally, till ray doesn't have any sentimental value for me, because i'm just not that interested in cannabis. I'm just not not to say that's, not a bad stock right, because there's a bunch of different stocks out there that are going to run well till rate could very easily be one of them, especially if that merger goes well. But i think when you make investments, you need to realize that you need to have some sort of connection and fundamental conviction towards that stock right.

It needs to be something that you're excited to learn about and keep up with, and that's just not so rare. For me, but with that being said, it doesn't look like i found a nice bottom. It held up pretty decently. Well in that market, sell-off um, so i would say you know.

Buying right now is pretty safe. The 15mm is starting to hook back up towards the 200dma, so you could ride a nice little portion of momentum. Here, rsi is sitting at about 61.. It's got some nice bullish momentum, very clean action right, a lot of green candles following each other.

The pullbacks aren't harsh, it looks solid to me. My friend, gon na, come back here to amc. Just take a quick peek at the price action. We are currently down two percent in the pre-market, not sitting too bad.

We got a nice bottom out right here which looks solid and it looks like we're making the beginning of a little bit of a double bottom. If we do end up getting that, what are you going to be looking at right, it'd, be a george w. You already know you already know, i don't even have to say it. Why do you even have to say it? My friends, you already know this could be a george w, which looks solid, so we're looking for a bounce off of this level of support sitting at about seven dollars and thirty four cents, currently trading at seven dollars and fifty two cents on the level twos.

We've got a lot of buyers waiting to buy in at seven forty nine ten thousand two hundred shares and ten thousand seven hundred shares at seven forty six, which is very solid. I think that is gon na end up holding up pretty well, not a lot of sellers here on the ask, and i think that's for good reason. I don't think there's a huge amount of current available short shares for lending, so uh amc isn't in a good situation. My friends utilization is high.

We know there have been failure to delivers every single day for weeks now, which means that the the amount of shares available right or at least in the clearing houses, the amount of shares that are being held by clearinghouses, is pretty low. So i'm excited my friends. This is uh. This is big news for me.

I think we are really really getting ready to rip here. All right amc goes 500. I will get a tattoo that says: trace trades, dude, i'm holding you to that diesel, i'm holding you to that. I'm holding you to that, i'm taking a picture 100 taking a picture of that.

Ah man, you don't have to do that, but it'd be funny. You make my day got in on a sense call with 3.5 strike price for 45 bucks yesterday during sale, expiring, 19 march. Would you exercise or sell when leaving that position? I would personally sell it um. You can't exercise it if you want so essentially, if you exercise it, you get to.

You know: you're you're able to buy those hundred shares at that strike of 3.5, so you'd still end up up money, but uh personally, i think you're gon na make more money. Just selling the premium so take that for what it is, that's just my personal take, but you do what you want to do. My friend kill todd gaming. Thank you for the super chat.

Jacob go pack go no. Ah gosh dang it you're gon na have to unsubscribe. You have to do that to unsubscribe dude, i'm a vikings fan. I have a personal made jersey.

It's got my uh the year i was born on at 97. uh. It's got my name on the back. It's pretty sick.

It was for my uh, my uncle mike shout out to uncle mike dude drop drop uncle mike in the chat if you're rocking, with uncle mike i'll agree by mvis she's moving dude mbis is cooking with crisco baby. What a monster up ten percent in the pre market - god dang - that is filthy - i honestly got so lucky buying this. I timed the bottom dang near perfect, so i nibbled a little bit i nibbled at 15 bucks. I bought a pretty good snake at 15, so i'll show you 15 bucks here.

I bought it at 15 bucks and we got that wick here and then it drops down to 14 and i scooped that up. I scooped that up so my average cost on weeble is uh 14.50, something cents. You can probably see it right here. 1456..

I am so happy with that. That's solid! I couldn't have timed that bottom, better, very, very happy! If you were part of the discord and you were able to buy in at that moment, i uh - i did tell the discord about it when uh, when i decided to buy in uh you'd, be sitting pretty dang filthy right now. That is a solid, buy opportunity. All right, trey good, calling zeke in their d5 launches today, dude.

I tell you what i call them. When i see them, i saw some potential with zeken and they have been running. They've been running they're up 13.64 here in the pre-market, absolutely crushing. I i told people to break 10 bucks and i got some people that said trey.

This is a chase why'd. You tell us to buy this uh, i'm telling you this is gon na, be fine. In fact, i think it's even got more room to run. We got a george w for him.

We got a double bottom. This has got an ascending level of support when the whole market was selling off. Let's look at this on a one-month chart. Look at the the hold here.

It didn't give back everything right. It bounced off of this previous low and uh kept running. We got that george w for me now it's back on that ascending level of support right zeke is gon na, be a good player. I think uh.

I think it's gon na be a solid company. If you like, bitcoin you like blockchain right, i think zkin is like a mara or riot that you can get ahead of. In fact, i think they're gon na have their own cryptocurrency and it's to be uh s. I g sig that's going to do pretty well, so i'm excited for that.

I'm excited for their defy you're. Looking at pre-sale potential company here trey have 100 000 cash dude! That's a lot of money! Dude! What's the number one stock, you put it in right now. My personal favorite stock in the market will never ever change. Microvision mbis, i think, is a surefire stock that is going to continue to grow for the entire year.

If you don't like uh sen, if you don't like microvision, i think sonics is another good play. I think agtc is another good play. You want to put it into something. That's got proven success.

I think x01 e is also a pretty solid stack. Of course, these are all plays that i have a position in uh so take that with a grain of salt. I think cciv would be another solid. One.

Cciv is at a huge discount right now. So if you want to purchase something, that's cheap right, cciv to me is a stock. If you hold it for five to eight years, it's gon na treat you really really dang. Well, so those are the stocks that i would be watching for my man.

That is a lot of money. I'll tell you what i don't have that much money in my bank account not anymore close fsr. I bought big on the dip. Yesterday.

Look at rip free market fisker. I saw a news article holy to little. That's nasty dude holy crap geez, yeah fisker's running that is a nasty recovery play man. That's solid, you're, looking solid man.

25 is not bad, not bad at all. It's probably gon na pull back. I would maybe lock in a little bit of profits. The hdmc 10q financials filing ending november 20th was horrendous.

Ceo stated in that substantial doubts company can continue his ongoing concern without new revenue stream. Lawsuit is last hope, not good hcmc. I'm assuming you meant hcmc stated in that substantial doubts company can continue as ongoing concern without new revenue streams. So personally, i think with hcmc what you're playing it as is not necessarily for the company but as a rebrand for the company right.

So if they can take the revenue that they uh that they make from that lawsuit right um, that's that's what you're playing the stock has i'm not necessarily stating that you're in hcmc for the company itself right, i'm saying as a speculative play as an otc market Stock right there's a reason that it's trading as low as it is there's a reason. It's got as many outstanding shares as it has uh. There's there's a reason for it is that .003 right now right, there's a there's, a reason for that. It's because the proven success of the company was not high.

I mean before this lawsuit happened. They were training at almost zero dollars, so there's risk involved, and i've stated that i've stated that my friend so uh thank you for pointing that out for anybody out there. That is wondering about acmc. Just keep that in the back of your mind, ah, to get stronger like up here.

Have you looked at bngo at all? What are your thoughts on the recent activity? I'm bullish on the ngo, i uh. I don't personally talk about bngo, because this is a stock that i i covered and i i had a direct offering video out on it and um. I got a lot of smoke for telling people it's gon na pull back, but you know i still i'm still bullish on bngo. I think it's gon na be a solid, solid company.

The only thing that i don't like is a pullback up underneath 10, but it's recovering nicely. I think, if you're buying right now, you're gon na get traded really well, i think it's gon na continue to run. Is there somewhere that lists what companies are holding the shorts on amc there might be, but i don't know what site would say that what i do know. Ah man, that light hurts my eye.

Oh i'm gon na close, my right eye here, uh. What i do know is that there's different sources that tell you about you know available short volume and that's what i pay attention to the most. So i'm gon na pull up. I borrowed desk god dang.

I can't see uh. What we see here from yesterday is we had about 1.5 million shares available for short trading, so all of the 23rd, i think the lowest it dropped down to is 1.4 million, which is which isn't bad, but there was a point in which we only had 65 000 total short shares available, which is super super low. Actually, 10 000 was the lowest on the 22nd, so uh. Needless to say, whoever is holding.

This is very likely going to get burned if they continue playing with fire. I think there's a lot of potential upside guys without a doubt. Without a doubt, i like that black screen a lot better than you dz ds. I mean what do you think of square? They bought 200 million bitcoin yesterday, you're gon na see this happen.

You're gon na see a lot of companies buying the bitcoin tesla started a movement in my opinion, uh they're down a little bit here, but i think they're gon na sit. Fine, i mean the company is what it is. You look at their financials. We look at the the annuals right, all green, so their revenue continues to grow year over year.

Their gross profit continues to grow year over year, their cost of revenue a little bit high. I'd like to see those margins a little bit lower, but uh. That's pretty solid: their research and development costs 670 million dollars they're putting back into essentially finding new ways to improve and renovate the company marketing administrative expenses. They spend a lot of money on marketing the company, so that's pretty solid.

I do not mind that at all. It's not a good time to get into mvis, not as good as yesterday, but uh it wouldn't be bad. You know personally my opinion. I know this isn't a popular opinion.

I think you're gon na see another pullback in the market here. I think the next one to two weeks is gon na, be a little bit bloody. It's gon na be a little bit volatile and uh. That's something that people need to keep in the back of their minds when they're looking at the stock market here, the next two weeks is: we've been on an absolute rampage um for quite a while.

Now i'm gon na pull the nasdaq and just show you guys to give a little bit of perspective and what things have been looking like, it's been pretty crazy, so i'm gon na show you the five-year chart. What we see here is that yesterday we broke beneath an ascending level of support. These are weekly candles. So that's a that's! A pretty big deal um.

So this is a one-week candle in which we have, and the only thing that i like about this quite a bit - is that we've got a long wick underneath here it was a nice recovery ready to recover very well. So that could indicate that it's the bottom, but it might not be so i would. I would anticipate worst case scenario. You see a little bit of a pullback here, uh for the next one to two weeks, but i don't think it's gon na last much more than that.

I would anticipate a one to two week: bear market, so i'd watch for another red day. You can nibble a little bit nibble a little bit of microvision, but don't uh don't dump all your powder into it. That's what i would do drink water. I do.

I've got my water, my gorilla gang mug baby. Look at this thing! Oh it's so sexy! I absolutely love this cup. I shouldn't get this excited about it, but god dang, that's cool god dang. That is sick.

You know what it is. George w gon na move that back over all right going to come back here to amc. I want to show you guys some uh, some different information. In case you were not able to catch.

My previous video there was a new institutional buyer that stepped into the company, and i want to show this to you guys, really quick. So we're going to look at anc institutional ownership, i'm going to pull up market beat so market beat, has a new institution that stepped in on the 23rd. From my understanding, and that is principal financial group incorporated, they stepped in with 250 700 shares, which is .46 million dollars on the 16th. Look at all the companies that bought into this eight companies bought into this stock on the 16th for everybody out there.

That is saying this is a dead cat right. You do not get institutions that buy into a dead cat. You would not have charles schwab dumping 1.7 million 1.7 million shares into this or 20 000 or 142 890 000 right lmr partners. Llp would not put almost 1 million shares into this or 2 million dollars if they didn't see potential upside here.

That is solid. 636 curious of that all go shares a piper with hunter hell, break it down barney style, please uh! If that algo shares a pipe with hunter, i'm not sure if i understand what you're saying algorithm, i'm assuming you mean algorithm shares a pipe with hunter. You know i break it down free barney style. If i could, but apparently i don't even have the barney style understanding of what that is, if you could break it down for me and tell me what you mean i'll check it out, my friend updates on zeke and hope you were able to catch that dancing.

Painter, i have an option on vz at a 58 strike: expiring 3-5 uh. What do you think? 880 amc? Let's go gorillas, do it for harambe baby, do it for harambe expiring, on march 5th, huh uh 58 strike so you're, pretty close already, i'm betting that your break even is probably around 59 or 60, especially because you know the the time of decay has been. You know running you're, pretty close to expiration here it looks solid though i think, there's i think, there's opportunity it's starting to run it's starting to move um you're, looking for a break over this level of resistance right here, a hole at the very least it looks Like it broke it, but i don't know if i'm convinced yet that's not a huge wide range candle bar and i don't like these candles that are following. I personally think it's going to pull back.

I don't want to lie to you, man. I think it's going to pull back typically when you have a gap up like this, followed by red candles. That means you're going to see a fill of that gap or a pullback, but uh it's possible. I mean it is on an ascending channel.

That'd be my anticipation for it's a day a little bit of a pullback, at least at the open, but if it continues to respect it as sending all the support you could, you could have that work out pretty well, i'm gon na come back here to amc. Do you think amc will drop below seven dollars at all today? I think it's gon na test about seven ten, that's my my guess. So we just zoom out here a little bit and take a quick peek at everything. We've got a level of support at about seven dollars and eleven cents, and it's already tested that one seven dollars and ten cents, which i think would treat you pretty well as a buying opportunity or an average down opportunity.

I would i would. I would take advantage of that personally um, that's my two cents there. If it doesn't, i think 734 will treat you pretty well as well, but just look at yesterday right, if you look at yesterday, it dropped down to six bucks at open. So don't be scared if it drops it open right.

That's an opportunity for you to scoop up shares when you've got volatile fast, fast, fast, moves, whether it's up or down right, um, you're gon na do pretty solid you're gon na be pretty solid. It's it's got.

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