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What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube? Welcome back to another episode of the traders podcast, it is a beautiful morning out here in fort sill oklahoma. We are straight chilling. I got my glasses rocking again. I've got my headphones rocking again listening to some beautiful anime right now i love i love jamming.

Let me turn off this uh desktop all right. The desktop audio is off just wanted to make. Sure of that does look like she is, so that's good. This is why you guys have to hear that junk anyways we're going to be watching some live price action here on amc.

This is your guys's time we're going to talk some numbers we're going to talk some different information. I've still got my position rocking in amc. Right now, i've got 1367 shares at a dollar cost average of 8.45, and i am planning on buying some call options. However, you do need to have settled cash in order to purchase those call options, so i'm waiting on some money to settle uh.

You cannot purchase call options on margin, otherwise i would have done so already, but regardless the situation stays the same. We are sitting real dirty right now in the pre market we are up about 0.33 sitting at 9.20 cents right now, baby. That is an absolutely beautiful day, quick update on uh sos, i'm also playing this right now as a swing trade opportunity, and that has been treating me pretty dang. Well as well, it's going to say that's 14.65 percent up here in the pre-market nice little bullish, flag formation, starting to come up on the on the charts right now.

Getting pretty dirty looks absolutely beautiful, not complaining at all about this setup man what a day, what a day welcome back gorilla gang if you're, not mine, dropping a like on the video that is a uh a1 steak. Sauce thing to do my friends: it really does mean a lot. We get this to 500 likes right off the bat i'll. Tell you what i will slam my whole cup of water.

I know you guys love seeing me drink that uh, that nasty flavorless garbage, but uh we'll do what we got to do. Also the wee bowl link. If you want to check that out, you go ahead. If not, that is totally fine, and that is what we've got here for the intro.

I'm going to leave it at that. So i'm going to answer this question coming in from john fields, john fields hope you're doing well. My friend good morning trey. I bought an option strike price of 650 at 117.

Now it's worth 277 ends this friday. I make more money. If i exercise right, so you can actually make more money. Sometimes, if you sell those options, if you want to, you, know, sell that and take the profits you're already up over 100.

You know there's nothing wrong with that, but it's totally up to you 100 up to you. I will not uh. I will not. I will not knock you it's it's totally your decision, my friend um people take profits at different points.

If you want to take profits off your call option and reinvest it back in amc, there's nothing wrong with that either. So uh, that's that's personally, my two cents. What i would do is uh, i would man you already got this. You guys already got this to 500 likes.

That's funny! Uh, you guys uh. You guys have to make the call yourself. What i would do is exercise so that can dollar cost average. My position lower, you do end up giving up your premium right, so you're, basically paying uh.

Your strike price was 170 or 1.17, so you pay 117 bucks to lock in that strike price of 650, which ends up lowering your overall dollar cost average on the stock. Ah man, i would rather drink an entire glass of whiskey than a glass of water, and that is a sad thing to say, but it is true, my friends so so far in the pre-market, we are very low on volume, not a lot of volume. Pumping into this, but that does not concern me right, so the price action is a little bit choppy. If we look at the active stocks right now, sundial is you know from yesterday the leading uh stock in terms of volume i'll be interested to see what we see here in the regular market hours.

However, that is what we're sitting at right. Now. Sundown was number one, sos was number two amc was number three and amc has not even seen as much volume as it has. In the past we saw a total of 142 million total shares of volume.

So that's that's pretty solid man i'll. Take that every single day of the week, it's starting to heat up, look at this disgusting cup and handle formation. We've got a huge freaking cup and, if you're not familiar with what a cup and handle is, it's super super simple you've got a cup. You've got the beginning of a handle and i'm going to show you this really quick.

So we just pull up a cup and handle formation here cup and handle uh formation. I'll, show you exactly what i'm talking about so check this out. This is a cup and handle you've got a cup followed by a handle, a small little sell-off. This is literally a picture-perfect cup and handle setup right.

So what this usually means is it's a bullish indicator, and that is a dirty dirty cup and handle formation starting to come up here on the daily candle chart. Setup right, you got the cup right here. You've got a little bit of a handle formation. You got this small little handle right that small sell-off, and now i guess what's coming my personal opinion, you already know what it is.

You already know what it is. You know what it is a huge run. I wish, i could say, george w, but that's not even a w. It's just a! U that's just a doubt.

That's a that's! A! U get rid of the w get rid of the devil. Oh man, kelsey francis water, equals nasty, flavorless garbage. I didn't realize. I said that that's hilarious, that's hilarious, all right! Kakashi sensei! Is that you, you already know i'm rocking the naruto hoodie right now.

I got this as a gift from my uncle mike shout out to uncle mike that dude is a living legend. I got ta show you a picture of this guy. You got ta, you got ta see uncle mike since you can rock with this dude. He is uh absolute g, i've.

I know i've got a picture of him on my instagram, so let me find it really quick. We've got a picture together at uh a dirt race. Here it is. This is uncle mike man me and uncle mike.

I was chilling. I had my diet. Do i just finished off, i was using her as a spitter. I had a beard at the time this was over the summer and then this is my uncle mike.

We were chilling just watching some races, but uh, that's the guy. He bought me this hoodie, and this is my supreme goku t-shirt, not real supreme. Unfortunately, i was uh not that well off at the time i was uh just rocking the you know, simple, simple, simple life, but you know it is what it is. It is what it is yeah so so far.

Amc today is at six dollars and twenty three cents. We saw a nice a nice little push in volume right at 7am. We got 118 000 total shares coming to the books. Uh, not a lot of volume.

Pumping right now, though, it's pretty pretty flat, which is why i got this choppy price action. Typically, if you see these candles and they're just flat candles right, they're, not moving, that's because of a lack of price action, it causes this choppiness. So if you're looking to date, trade this right now, this would not be a good opportunity for a day trade, not the least bit. You don't want to play stocks like this.

That's my personal opinion. You look better with the beard i wish i wish. I could grow a beard man, but i can't i can't grow a beard in the army. This is uh.

This is what i haven't shaved. I i think that was probably about a month and some change month and a half i'm irish. So it comes in a little bit red and uh. This is, i didn't, trim it at all.

I just let it rock and i trimmed her down. You know, step by step. That was a full beard, brought her down to a goatee and sideburns straight goatee, handlebar uh handlebar handlebar, with a sole patch handlebar mustache straight mustache. You already know what it is, but i grew up pretty decent beard.

I think genetics for sure your next stream be pretty dang good check out uh. Oh we're gon na we're gon na rock with gridlock. So good luck says. I know your bladder is gon na explode with all that water.

We make you drink. Yeah dude. I've been peeing way more than i usually do. It's been unusual, i'm not used to that.

I'm not used to having to pee that much idea. Idex, so you're go you're doing yourself in a service. If you don't purchase this as a long-term stock - and i truly truly mean that this is a stock that is going to be over 10 end of year in my opinion - and it might take some it might take some time it might be a slow grower. But look at this nasty, you already know what it is.

You already know what it is come on. Come on. You know what it is. You know what it is.

It's a george w! That's a disgusting setup, my friends that is set to rip that could be really dirty. So we got a double bottom right here. A george w, which is typically just have an upcoming, run, we're getting ready to break a really critical level of resistance. As you can see right now right, it's hovering right below this resistance.

At about 376., we're going to push over that it'll be a hard hard move. So you can write this as a momentum play. You've got the 15mm about to cross over the 200ma. It's consolidating a little bit right now: consolidation, favors buyers, you've got that nice unusual trading volume starting to pop up volume, starting to pop up a little bit in the pre-market.

I i would not be surprised to see this move over the next couple of days. It looks like a solid setup check out the ortex overview on amc. I think the insider's, an analyst is trying to dupe everyone into believing a bunch of bs go gg. You already know what it is man, so i won't pull up or text.

I actually had it pulled up already. I was anticipating this and i want to show you guys something in regards to amc versus uh gamestop. I think you're gon na you know get a lot of interest out of this. So what you're saying right now, let's check this out, we'll look at the analyst ratings we've got four cell and five hold ratings, return potential of negative 72 percent you're exactly on the money.

You've got a bunch of insiders and analysts trying to do people out of their money. I see no possible way. We have a 72 percent downside. It is just not going to happen.

You are not going to see the stock go from nine dollars where it's trading right now. Let me find uh amc, i'm just gon na type it in you're, not gon na see the stock go from nine dollars down to two and a half you're, just not going to see that it's not going to happen. I just do not believe that at all it's uh it's inside us trying to trick you right uh, it's it's it's goofy as it gets, but what i do find interesting check this out. Amc compared to gamestop.

We've got 96 utilization rate. That means that 96 of the current legal uh available short shares to lend are currently being held well check out. Gamestop you're, going to find a lot of interest in this gamestop is currently at 74.6. Some people say that gamestop has higher short interest than amc right and you read different numbers in a bunch of different places, but i think that uh - it's it's not true.

I take this with the most conviction out of any sorts that i would read because i pay for vortex. I pay 500 a year, so i get relevant information for more techs and i think that speaks a lot about what's going on here. I think that's worth paying attention to um, so my personal opinion, my friends, i do think that amc has higher short interest overall than gamestop. Does i mean we see that clear as day right here on utilization rate, the days to cover is a little bit lower here on gamestop days to cover on amc, but let's come back and check this out currently sitting at 0.71 going up right and that's considering The fact that the volume of a three month period, which is what they take that days to cover ratio on over a three month period right, is nothing compared to what it was.

I mean we look at the p the previous month. The volume is so much higher than we've seen. You know the previous two months before that i mean you can see the discrepancy here. So that's a skewed number for both amc and gamestop and nonetheless, amc's got a higher days to cover and it's got a higher amount of short utilization.

So that's that's some pretty critical stuff to pay attention to. I think that is definitely worth noting. 100 percent yakuman pasento all right, buying call options once owned. If the value climbs can i sell the controlled options for profits without actually paying the cost of the shares? Yes, you can you 100 cans? If you want to take a profit on any options, you can 100.

Do that. There's no shame in that at all everybody's in a different situation. If you want to take profits and you can reinvest it right, that's that's totally up to you. It's 100, your call! So uh the answer is, yes, very simply: hey trey good morning come from jessica.

I know this is all amc, but you think you can look at asti real, quick trying to figure out an entry thanks. So i will primarily focus on uh afc here today. I'll give you a brief rundown on oh jesus, whoa holy toledo, what the heck that is nasty! I would not. I would not enter into this.

I would stay away. This is way too much of a run-up for my liking. You might get lucky and you might hit it off, but personally i just find way too much risk with a stock like this. I do not like buying into this.

If you want to buy into it feel free to do so, but i would at least wait for a pullback. I would wait for a pullback um i'd watch for a pretty harsh pullback. I think it's likely going to happen so i'm going to rewind here a little bit last time. I retraced 61.8 percent.

If it does that again, what are you looking at you're looking at an entry point around 0.048, that's about what it would pull back down to. So it's up to you. I could be wrong, i don't think about the company, but based on a technical setup alone. That's a heavy chase.

I'd be very cautious. That's way way, overbought way, overbought be careful all right good morning. Bro hope your eyes are doing better. Thank you.

I'm a bot, dude you're, always you're, always rocking here my eyes are doing. Okay, i've got some dilation drops in right now, i'm not sure if you guys can see, but my eyes are super super dilated. Without these glasses on. I can't see a freaking thing, but it's it's a win or lose situation.

I mean without these eye drops in. I can't keep my eyes open, so i take it for what it is. I i i'm just i'm grateful that they are able to help me out. Uncle bruce is really dope.

Gorilla gang diamond hands, we'll be celebrating very soon dude uncle bruce is a g that guy was a wizard. He knows what he's talking about and everything i saw some people in the comments section. They were freaking out a little bit. They were like man.

Should we transition over to gamestop? Should we get out of amc? Should it should you know? Are we making a mistake by holding amc? I don't think that's necessarily the case right. You can take the same fundamental basics right. The premise of what he's talking about still applies to amc. It's just a cheaper stock right, there's more shares outstanding, but there's more people that are available to hold the stock because it's cheaper right.

I personally believe that amc is just as set up if not more setup than gamestop is to have a dirty dirty, dirty run. So i i feel absolutely fine with uh with what we were talking about. You can take those those fundamentals and apply it here. It all makes sense.

Drake girls, don't drink water, oh yeah, baby. You already know what it is. You already know what it is amc. Oh beautiful eric.

I appreciate that african gorilla, slash information, gorillas, drink water. I got ta pull this up now i got ta see what you're talking about that looks interesting. Do gorillas drink water. I can't believe this is an actual article.

Gorillas do not drink water. This is because they eat succulent vegetation, most of which is composed of water. And morning do so they get enough moisture from their food. That's the goofiest thing ever.

That's awesome, gorillas! Don't drink water. You heard it there. You heard it there! There's water in my food man, there's water in my food, i'm straight chilling. I am straight up chilling all right.

So what are we looking at in terms of the amc set up right now, currently sitting at about 9 and 20 cents volume, starting to slightly pick up here? But not a lot pumping in, i think you're gon na see most of the volume starts to rock. During the regular market hours, so i'm gon na pull up intel. I'm interested to see what the amc short interest is here on fintel and just to get an idea of what we're looking at i'm going to close out of some of these uh browsers. So, according to fintel, we have got 25 percent of yesterday's total market volume was short volume and we were still rocketing.

We still up went up 15. That's monumental. Total short share is availability right now, it's sitting: 150 000 that was updated as of 33 minutes ago. So it looks like that is: uh went down a little bit, but we're gon na check out.

I borrowed desk and that'll, give us a better idea. So, according to desk right, what do we have? 250 000 was the last time that they updated, which would have been at 16.45 yesterday. So, according to fintel, it's already went down. You've already got shorts that are doubling down in positions: they're they're, hammering down this stock.

So that's huge! You know, i don't even know. We've got about 320 000 in total volume, so that would mean you know, hypothetically speaking, that half of this about is or at least 100 000 of this has been short volume, trying to pump the stock down and that's possible because if you look at this right At pre-market open right, what do we see a huge sell-off? We got a crap ton of shares coming into this, pushing it down, so i believe it it's possible, it's 100 possible. That could be the case. This is not free.

This is not a free chicken, dude free, my grandma, you said it every single stream dude. You said every single stream. I love it. I love it very slowly.

Can you run through how you pick your stocks and where you learned your method? 100. So my long-term stocks are my short-term stocks. There's there's there's a different way that you can rock these right. Uh.

I see you guys talking about rocket. I know the rocket's running pretty decent right now, it's up about 15. Here in the pre market, we can come back to that next, but how i pick my long-term stocks is, i i focus more on fundamental analysis, so i'd say 80 of my long-term stocks. I i try to focus on fundamental basics.

What is the potential for growth right, the unquantifiable, it's the qualitative, you know prospects of a company. Why do they matter? Where is this going to matter in a market? How does it compare to current economic economic situations? Is there a current? You know economic leader that is dominating that market space and how are they going to be able to compete with them right? I focus on those qualitative products and then the quantitative right. How are their, how are their spreadsheets how's their income statements, how much cash they're sitting on have they been growing quarter quarter year over year? Right, that's! That's! The next thing i want to focus on. I probably focus more on the qualitative over the quantitative, especially with penny stocks.

If you're looking at you know a dime in the rough something that could have exponential growth um. So that's what i look for in terms of long-term stocks, short-term stocks. I focus way more on technical analysis. In fact, i think that you're trying to capitalize on trader psychology the overall sentiment towards the stock right.

If news comes out and you think that it's going to be negative right, it's going to destroy the stock, but everybody ends up reacting positively to it. You want to ride that train. You want to trade with the grain right, so i focus on that. I focus on trader sentiment, then i look for three boxes.

I try to find uh a good technical setup right, so the 15 ma crossing over the 200 ema, which, if i remember correctly, would have been idex. This is a perfect technical setup. So if you look inside of one month's chart i'll look for that 15mm to start gapping up towards the 200 email, i look for an unusual bump in trading volume. That's two of the boxes.

I look for the third being a news catalyst that would that would justify that spike in price action and right here we've got what could be a possible news, catalyst which was a article coming from penny stocks 19 hours ago. So if you click you check all three of those boxes. You've got a perfect setup for a a swing trade opportunity, a short-term stock opportunity right. So that's what i look for in terms of a short-term trade - and you know with sos, for example, that's the west.

I got in with it was: it was a perfect meet and i don't believe in the stock long term. I think they're kind of a hoax, i'm not going to hold this stock long term, but you had a perfect setup right. It has a great technical setup. You've got unusual trading volume and you've got a news article that explains that usual trading volume.

So all three boxes were checked. I i pulled the trigger i'm in this stock right now and as it's sitting, i'm currently up 13 in a day right. So i i can't be too mad about that in the least bit and honestly man, i think you could have pulled any any stock yesterday, you could have pulled the hat out of the bag and made money, but that's what i look for 100, all righty, all Righty, if you guys would not mind dropping a like on the video, if you're, just tuning in, if you're new to the channel, welcome to the gorilla game, we cover live amc price action every day that i am available uh monday through friday. I try to cover it for at least a couple hours a day, yeah great to have you here as a part of the crew, show some love so the new gorillas, my friends, drop some girls in the chat.

You already know what it is gorilla gang. Let's uh, let's cook with some crisco baby, bought 16 contracts for june 18th at 12. What are the chances? The seller of these those contracts backs out of the stock rockets? So if you already have possession of those contracts right, you already purchased them um, then you're good to go. There's, there's no uh! There's no issue with the seller backing out uh if you own those contracts.

Those are your contracts now they're your possession right. So it's it's you're totally good to go. My friend can i please watch andrew mo money vids on uh some problems with potential jimmy and amc squeeze andrew mo money vids on some? Oh, do you want me to do that right now on the live stream uh? I i think you know to be respectful of everybody watching right now. I would what i would probably try to do is watch them on my on my downtime so that i can analyze it.

Give you guys an idea, maybe a rebuttal. I like andrew mo money. I think he's a really intelligent guy. In fact, i plan on bringing him onto the live stream.

I sent him an email yesterday and i'm gon na be chatting with him. We're gon na we're gon na bring him onto the podcast and talk about amc and gamestop because he's been covering every single day just like we have, and i think he's actually fighting a good fight. I think he's fighting a good fight. I feel like he's pretty bullish on amc gamestop.

He has done a lot of homework. He comes in with a great data. Analytical uh perspective, something that's um that i don't typically you know do as much right. I focus more on fundamentals.

You know, i would say qualitative fundamentals and you know technical analysis perspectives, so he's a very intelligent guy, we're planning on bringing him on so watch. For that theo says thinking of making an update on a noob looks like it's finally paying off. Oh 100 man. You already know it, you already know it so i i made an update video this morning on ctrm.

I haven't posted it, yet i could post it now and if you guys want to check it out after this live stream, you can definitely do so, but i'm going to be posting an update on a new probably later here tonight. So that's that's my two cents. My friend yeah, that's what i thought too alfred. That's what i thought too 100, so i'll i'll watch those videos on my own side and then give you guys what i'm thinking dude keenan needs to come on.

Keenan needs to go on this livestream man. That is, that would be the perfect energy that guy is a wizard. I absolutely love keenan. He has got honestly he's, probably one of the very few people on youtube in the investing.

You know, sector that has more energy than i do. I think he would out talk me. I had 100 do uncle bruce too man uncle bruce and keenan are two dogs they're, just straight dogs. I love the guys.

Marvin says glad you're feeling better, my god, gg etfm take her name changing to fomo. Oh, that's a funny ticker name and focused on clean energy air, just in 100k, sell with us army navy. So let me uh check this out, really quick etfm. So i don't know what these guys do: vomo corporation otc market stock, which i assumed by the barcoding so they're, going through a company acquisition or they're just changing the ticker symbol.

I don't know for sure if they're doing some sort of merger or company acquisition that could be a big deal, but i don't know who they're potentially merging with looks like their cannabis play: no machinery equipment. Why is there a cannabis note in here? Well, that makes no sense at all, but uh that could be huge. That could be 100 huge. I don't know anything about the company, but they had a beautiful retracement.

They retraced a 50 spot on the dots. That's a that's a beautiful setup right. There um. I feel pretty comfortable with the buy-in.

That's not bad! That's not bad, especially because we got a pretty green. You know pre-market right now we got the 15 m8 that's starting to hook away from the 200 ema, which typically indicates upcoming volatility. That's not a bad setup whatsoever. I like that microvision is starting to take off huh.

Oh, oh she's, up six percent the pre market right now did we get news micro display, market statistics and research analysis detail the latest research reports 2001 and 2028 dude dude. I got ta roll, my sleeves you better, you better know. I'm rolling up my sleeves for this baby, that's nasty! What a filthy setup, dude holy toledo all right. The report covers detailed competitive outlook, including the market share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the global market.

Key players profile of the report include e-margin corporation universal display, corporation au optronics, corporation yada, yada, yada, yada yada. I don't see anything for microvision, but it's got micro display, which microvision definitely dabbles in that's huge man. Dang look at microvision go! That's dirty! That's filthy! Dirty! Look at this holy toledo. Up to 1868, i mean it's choppy, it's awful, not a lot of volume, but nonetheless that's a clean move.

My friends, that's dirty dirty dirty. I, like it all right so eric says thanks for doing this trade thoughts on sends with earnings on thursday, i'm so bullish on sensonics. This is a long term stock. My friend, you need to be patient here holy.

What is going on look at this go holy. What the holy there must have been something that happened. Look at this volume, 36. 000.

42. 000. It hit 367 here in the pre-market holy toledo. What is going on? We need to check this on stocks.

It's right now, asap asap, asap jesus christ. I just i'm losing it. I've got an options contract on sonic and i thought that was dead in the water, but i've got absolutely no reason why this is blowing up right. Now, let's check this out.

Dude dude, we got ta see since sonic's award us patent 10, 10, 932, 703, integrated optical filter system with low sensitivity, high angle of incidence, light for analyte sensor, benzingo, dude dude. Oh it's a little. I got ta put this in the discord right now. I got ta put this in the discord right now.

Oh my god give me one sec. Give me one sec. This is way too big. A news way too big sense is going to moon just started, moving pre-market, huge opportunity at everyone.

Uh huge news just released minutes ago regarding patents, you guys are such g's man. This is why the gorilla gang is freaking sick. We are all such goddamn wizards beautiful, look at this holy toledo. You can see that right off the bat you can see it right off the bat.

There is nothing you didn't know about that. When you see volume like this pump it in the pre-market or any huge spike in volume, you need to automatically start drawing conclusions because that's not random people, don't all of a sudden decide hey. Let's all just buy this stock for absolutely no reason. Unless you're talking about amc or gamestop, but nonetheless dude that is monumental, this is that's big news, i'm absolutely just amped.

On that i got my heart beating. I got my heart beating a lot that makes me pretty happy. I'm not gon na lie. Not gon na lie at all all right, hey trick.

Can you look up uh your pm on insta, i sent you a screenshot. My name is uh jan, so i will check that out right now. In fact, i'm also going to take an opportunity here to read off some of my uh dms that i got. I do apologize that i am not able to answer a lot of these.

I work full time my friends so bear with me. You know i try my best to answer as many people as i can it's coming from jam shoot. I've got so many messages in here. Let me double check it's coming from my name: oh jan jan.

Okay. What time did you send it at jan? Let's see if i can find you no, my friend, so this is uh, something that i think is worth mentioning. Did you send it yesterday um, let's go back up here ago, tom terrik, oh here we go here. We go found it all right.

So i'm just gon na save this really quick i'll pull it up. So, according to jan, what we have here - hey trey, another uh, two times 420 000 order. Yesterday after market closed, do you see this? I did not see that that's absolutely huge, let's scroll in here and check this out, so we've got 424 000, followed by 424, 000 back to back right after market closed what the heck on the the day after. Oh my god, another one no way.

I didn't see that dude, that's monumental, so check this out the same exact setup as yesterday, right or i should say on you know friday. We had two huge 400 000 plus orders coming right after the bell. I do not think that's by accident check that out back-to-back days of training days that we have these huge buy orders come in right after the bell right after the bell. That's monumental, dude, i'm so glad you mentioned that holy toledo.

To me, that's an institutional buyer. Seen some people speculate, some people are saying: is it possible? That's a retail investor. I personally don't think so i don't think that's the case. I think that's an institutional investor that has a formulated plan.

If there's anything in back to back. That means something. That means something my friend, so that's huge, absolutely huge, dang good find. I didn't know that i didn't even see that gorilla game dude gorilla gang together, strong we're looking we're cooking with crisco we're rocking all right.

So, let's come back here to sin. Sonic looks like they're still moving right now, they're at 9.5 percent they're just still going to town baby. That is what i love to see guys. I got to increase my stake here.

I got to increase my stake. I can't lie. I cannot lie. Let me uh.

Let me come over here extended hours, yes, i'm gon na purchase. Another uh 150 shares right now, real quick here, i'm gon na set my limit order to 385. By sends we got ta. We got ta cook that in in fact, i honestly might set that up more 300..

I'm lost i'm a long-term investor on sensonics, and i tell you what i've got nothing but good things to say about this company. My order got filled to my total position at sensonics. Right now is 631 shares. Total market value of 2423 bucks currently up uh six percent.

As it's sitting right now, i will not be selling we're not going anywhere baby honestly, i don't know why i didn't buy it right away. I don't know why i didn't uh how i didn't bump it up more uh, hella hello, i'm sure shoot. I'm not saying that right, hello, it's vg! Oh dude! I don't know i was struggling so much welcome to the channel brother good to have you here. Welcome to the gorilla gang, we always we're always welcoming new people great to have you here, i'm not sure if you've been rocking, but it's good to see you look at sin.

Sonic's go! Look at this volume, my friends, i'm telling you what this is going to be a nasty nasty run. I do not think it's going to treat you bad in the least bit we're going to look for a break here, we're looking for a break. Oh, we already got it 392.. Look at her go, we got the break over.

We got the break over 388, it's currently sitting at 391. 392.. This is gon na be a lead. Oh man.

This is gon na gap. This is gon na, be nasty, dude holy toledo, jesus, all right, hey trey! Can you check out cfms for all the other gorillas out here? I'm superbly bullish on them. Yeah, 100. Man.

Let me check it out real, quick cfms. They had a pretty nasty gap up in the pre-market and they pulled back, i should say the after hours um. What was the news there had to be news: yeah clearance in australia, for i total rps, the only personalized, posterior stabilized total knee replacement system. It looks like a solid entry point.

I mean it's already pulled back a lot. The only thing that concerns me is how how much red volume came out of this, but if you're long term on the stock, that's a great buying opportunity and it looks like we got the bounce off of 1.24 so that can still treat you pretty. Well, i don't mind that setup at all: that's pretty solid, pretty solid sends gon na break 4.4. I'm with you man, i'm with you 100 sitting at 382.

Right now had a little micro pullback. I tested out 388 currently set at 381 on level. Twos. We've got a large cell wall sitting at 390, which is where the current level of resistance is sitting on the bid side of things very, even spread across the bid.

So i'm not upset about that in the least bit. If this continues to pull back, i'm just going to keep adding my position there. I'm also going to continue to add my position on amc, but i would like to see it pull back a little bit more than 916 915. If i'm gon na do that, my dollar cost average on amc is currently sitting at 8, 45, 7 right now.

So i'm waiting for a little more of a pullback there and i will add to my position more as well, but uh that that man this is. This is exactly what it is exactly what it is: donatello dude. I love that name. I was a huge teenage mutant.

Ninja turtles fan growing up as a kid i could never get enough of them could never get enough. Look at since sonic's do its thing, certainly sitting at 384 right now, just dirty that candle wick, underneath that is a beautiful hammer. Candle - this is a great setup, so we've got. I wouldn't quite call that a doji, you know that's a kind of an indecision candle right here, this this red, one uh where you've got.

You know a really hollow log, followed by some long wicks, but you've got that. That's uh that hammer candle that shooting star, which is typically a sign of a upcoming uh reversal, that's typically a sign of weak selling pressure. So i like to see that a lot. I think that sensonix is gon na have a nasty day today.

That is huge, huge, huge, huge news guys. I like that. A lot agtc pre-market, not a whole lot happening, but that is a stock. I also think it's gon na have a pretty solid move.

Eventually uh rocket, so rocket to me is a stock that i think is gon na do pretty well from my understanding. It's got a really heavy short stake. I have really heavy short interest. I looked at this in the pre market, didn't take a stake, but that could be a pretty solid long-term position um if you're looking for an opportunity here.

What you're looking for is a break over this level of resistance. It should come with a hard move. So if you want an entry right now, i don't mind that at all um i'd say: you're gon na buy in pretty solid, however, keep in mind that it's run up a pretty decent amount. So far in the pre-market right.

It's it's up from 23 bucks up to 28 dollars, it's already up, uh 15, so it could have a little bit of a sell-off. My example for that being five: if we look at the five-day chart, look what happened last time we had a huge run in the pre-market it sold off right. So just be careful, be careful holding this to me it's a long-term stock. I wouldn't scalp this personally.

I think it's got more long-term potential. Gon na come back here to amc. We're gon na give you guys a quick update in case you were just tuning in welcome to the traders podcast great to have everybody here. We give this video to 2 500 likes.

I will go fill up my gorilla gang mug with some more gorilla juice, not water, because gorillas don't drink water baby. We have. We have first hand knowledge, saying that is a fact check this out uh. Maybe i already closed out of the tab.

Somebody somebody had it here: i got ta, go back up and show you guys. We got to show you exactly what we're talking about. Gorillas in fact, do not drink water, and that is why i drink gorilla juice because gorillas do not drink water. They do not, that is factual, gorillas do not drink water.

I drink gorilla juice, so anywho drop a like a little self-support things. Amc right now has insane short utilization cruising about 9 19 cents here in the pre-market. I'm gon na take my toes here. A little bit.

I'm gon na buy a little more amc, just a touch. I'm gon na buy uh. Probably another uh 50 shares as of right now. So i'm gon na dabble, i'm gon na buy 15 shares we're going to set it at a uh limit price of 9 18.

that is going to be about 459 dollars hit and buy, and we've got that order, locked and loaded. You wait for that. To drop back down when that fills, you we'll see it feel right here on your screen, but i'm going to continue to add to my position here in amc. I am as bullish as bullish gets on this stock utilization currency at 96.

In case you were just tuning in we've got this pulled up for you. We can just show you real, quick, 96.12 utilization. What does this mean? The current lendable shares available for shorting have really been scooped up and gobbled. That's huge huge news.

We also had somebody uh talk about the the recent uh huge buy that came in last night right right after market closed, we had about 900 000 shares come into the stock again, absolutely monumental. That is huge. That's huge to pay attention to as well and noob had huge news. I'm gon na put out a video on this this evening.

However, if you want to rock with the new, it had a huge pullback, and this is an opportunity i am telling you you are not going to go wrong buying into a new right now. In fact, i think this has got huge awesome swing trade opportunity. I might actually uh purchase a small stake here just for a swing trade uh. What's it say right now, 1.67 i'll purchase myself 200 shares uh.

No, i can get more than that 500. i'll buy myself. 500 shares about a thousand dollars worth 550.. I'm gon na buy myself 550 shares and i'm gon na swing this today, because i think it's gon na have a solid solid day.

I am very confident they had news, come out saying that they had a google services agreement uh they they got a deal with. Google, which is huge - this is an ai adsense company and i am very, very bullish on a new, so i'm gon na be personally taking a stake here currently trading at a dollar sixty eight, so i'm gon na set my sell limit for uh 1.70. Just so, i can lock that in we've got 550 shares extended hours. Yes, locking that in right now i'm going to swing this, i'm going to personally be swinging a nouveau.

I think it's got long-term potential without a doubt, but i've got other stocks that i'm more bullish on at the moment. So take that for what it is going to answer some more of the super chats. Thank you, everybody's tuned in. I appreciate everybody immensely welcome to the gorilla gang.

Don't sleep on hive blockchain. You said that about ctrm and admp. You guys have to have patience stocks. Don't just go to the moon immediately right, so ccrm the situation is the same.

Ccrm has insane short utilization right now, it's at 100 right, that's monumental! That's not by mistake. Numbers are numbers right. Sometimes stocks don't move in a single day. Sometimes it takes patience.

Admp is the exact same way. Adamus pharmaceuticals. This stock could 100 still do its thing. We had crazy sell-off in the the technology industry in the biopharmaceutical sector since sonics agtc admp right all these stocks took a major beatdown, i think even tn xp, which is a great stock.

You know, i don't suppose this is a. It is a pharmaceutical just kidding same thing right. This is across the sector. This is not just one particular stock.

So take that for what it is, you got ta you got ta you can't just cherry pick. You can't cherry pick all right. Let's go back down here, gon na read out some of these super chats. Thank you everybody.

I appreciate you all right. Trey levy, bro price predictions today for amc flu, raza uh, so amc. I personally believe it's got a lot of potential to break 10 bucks. I think, since we've got a pretty solid green day in the pre market across all stocks, you can see this right in front of your eyes right, huge huge day for pre-market.

I think it's it's a very high possibility that you see you know, amc follow suit, because amc held up very well when the market was red and when the market's green it moves very well as well. We've got a solid, green pre-market here so far, so i think it's a solid, solid opportunity. Without a doubt. I think it's gon na have a solid day, no doubt in my mind what is sonic's doing right now.

We got ta check back in on our girl since up 11 percent sitting at three nine uh 388 right now. Dirty dirty, dirty dirty, cannot beat this price action. Man, trch meta, tesla, quick prediction, i'll pick, one of those i'll touch on trch torchlight is a stock that i have a personal position in i've got this in my other brokerage account. I've got about two thousand dollars worth and for good reason.

They've got a merger coming to the spotlight here with metamaterials, which is a kind of a hybrid uh stock play where they've got. You know the potential for sort of green energy as well as i'll. Just pull them up here. Really quick, mmatf metamaterials you're going to take a look at their profile machinery, industrial goods, equipment and components, uh industrial machinery equipment - then you've got you know, uh torchlight, which is previously a gas and oil company they're trying to move into this kind of hybrid system of Clean energy and technology and industrial services, i think it's gon na be a huge, huge, huge merger that not a lot of people are talking about without a doubt, so i think it's going to be a solid stock for sure i i think it's a long-term stock.

I would hold this for a long time. I'm not going to be selling this for probably a couple of years in the term sensonics to me. If they get that 180 days, cgm approval right, they can make that happen. I think it's going to be a triple digit company, they're, going to be a competitor to dexcom.

The reason i say it's got potential to be a triple digit company is because dexcom is trading at 400 bucks right now and they are the leading cgm glucose monitoring system company. So that's huge, huge, huge, huge huge for sure. I don't know what my order's not feeling that's pretty goofy. I've got 50 orders ready to get filled at 918.

They are not going through. So that's kind of that's kind of interesting. I'm not sure why that is also. I got ta.

Let everybody know in the discord that i ended up buying a nuvo. I usually let everybody know so. Give me just one second here, come over to my trades. Tab buy a new 550 shares at what was my uh average price.

Come back to that a new average price of 1.68 at 168 swinging for a couple days or swinging for a day to a couple days, looking for rejection and a solid nickel and dime gainer at trade shrewdness there we go cooking, we're good to go anyways pretty Solid day here so far since onyx or idex, i like said sonic's a little more, i don't think idx is bad. You choose them between two of my favorite whiskeys. Do i want to drink my wood for the reserve, or do i want to drink some jack daniels depends on the day you know uh. I don't think you're gon na go wrong either way since sonic to me is gon na be a massive massive stock.

Look at this disgusting bullish flag, starting to form this. This volume in the pre-market is dirty, absolutely dirty volume in the pre-market so far, uh starting to form that bullish flag. Once you get a push over that that descending level of resistance, it should come with a pretty hard break. I am very, very excited.

This is going to be a dirty day. Uh been rick roll free for years back to day zero. Oh man, dr goku, that makes me so sad. All right, marcus is saying: can you explain why jsj fell even after good news yesterday nina said hurry and moon, so i can use my earnings to get incense jmj, so sometimes there are plays of jnj.

Sometimes there are plays that, don't make sense right. So here's an example for me: um, oh amy whammy got dinged for an sec violation right, they had a direct offering they didn't file it the correct way and you saw a huge pump in volume. I was convinced that this stock would get slammed they get crushed, but they didn't, it would have been back here actually and they didn't get crushed. They ended up holding up very, very well and uh.

Sometimes you know traitor sentiment for whatever reason or another attention. Sometimes, even if it's bad attention is attention and what you want to pay attention to is how is the attention coming in? Sometimes people see that as a ding right, so it depends on. You know how that plays out. I don't know what the news was.

So let me take a quick peek at jnj accelerated, kobe 19 vaccine shipment. Yesterday we had one hour ago, man, they get a lot of news jesus, so sometimes it's because of by the hype, sell the news right. So sometimes people play a stock looking for a particular news right, so they're riding the hype riding the hype waiting for the for the news to come when the news comes they get out. That could definitely be what took place with j and j.

I don't know for sure right, that's not a stock that i have uh holding in that's just not my personal cup of tea, but that'd be my my my hypothesis. My order did end up getting filled by the way, and now my position is 1417 shares at a dollar cost average of eight dollars and 48 cents looks like we're lagging a little bit here, all right, she's. Coming back sorry about that guys. Thank you, dr goku.

We got chris chris says happy tuesday, trade. Thank you for the donation, man. I appreciate that immensely uh new board of director for mbis, really that news come out. Let's check this out.

I bet it's on stock twits, for whatever reason my internet is lagging bad jesus. My apologies guys, the hotel wi-fi is getting slammed right now come on waiting for this to refresh having some issues shoot. I think my internet crashed guys, i'm so sorry all right, we're back we're back for whatever reason guys. My internet just took a big poop, but we're back we're cooking with crisco we're back in action anyways.

I was going to check out mbas on stock twits. So let's check this out here. Mbis stock twits come on all right, nbis stock twits. I'm so sorry about this stupid, uh stupid lag another bod joining from google.

Oh that's huge! This time she was head of global strategic partnerships. That's massive guys! That's absolutely huge! That's huge huge, huge huge! I love that i'd love to see that, especially from the the fact that they're from google, you definitely want to pay attention to where uh, where management's coming from, if they've got experience working with different companies, that's a big big pro. Also, you guys got this video to 2000 likes, which means i need to drink more water. I tell you what we give this to 2500 by the time i get back, we'll be slamming this down, so we'll be back.

Give me one second here, i'm just gon na just gon na get myself some liquid all right, we're back we're cooking with crisco baby. My apologies, my apologies. I am actually not rotc. I commissioned i'm an officer at this point, jake uh, so i am a 14 alpha.

My job is uh an air defense artillery officer. That is my thing. That's your pc. It can't keep up.

It definitely could be um. I don't know why. I think maybe i got ta go and do a little storage clean for sure i might just have too much stuff stored here. So we're gon na come back to amc.

I wan na i wan na you know not be clickbaity. I wan na give people what they clicked on the video for. So let's just take a quick peek here at uh amc. What are we peaking at so far here right? Well in terms of a technical setup, i'll walk you through what i've got you know pulled up here.

We've got an ascending level of support right, which means we've got at least three touch points that that signifies. We've got a respected level of support. We are continuing to respect that. It's high, it's rugging that a little bit right now we're sitting at 920, not seeing a lot of action so far here in the pre-market.

However, if you look at yesterday right, it was pretty flat in the pre-market until we got moving again. We had that gap up immediately and then it was pretty much just consolidation right. So i'm not overly worried about that. I think that's actually a pretty solid sign.

It could be pretty good, it could be pretty freaking solid and then we did break out of that downward moving channel right. We got a decent level of resistance. We got a candle that opened and closed above that descending level of resistance, which signifies to me that we are out of that downward trend. Right and now we are back on some upward trajectory.

What is the major level of resistance? We're going to be watching for right. Well, let's take a quick peek. We know that we've got this right here say about 9 and 35 cents. We've got those three touch points beyond that 935 number we've got around here.

My classes aren't working too good at about 10 and 29 cents. We get this over double digits baby, and this holds it is gon na, be off to the races i'll be so pumped to see that happen. The more this stabilizes, the more that it continues to hold steady right, the better off the stock is going to be guys. You got that rocking, so fast uh man that was quick.

We got up to 2500 likes just like that. All right i put her down. I put her down we're cooking with crisco baby, all right so thoughts on zome, zometica, very bullish. I'm gon na make a video on this either today or tomorrow, but uh zometica is a company that has a lot of potential for march.

I talked about this way back in the day. You know we had a lot of excitement, a lot of anticipation to me this is a six or seven bagger, i'm just gon na hit six or seven bucks when they commercialize their uh. True forma system. It's gon na be solid.

In fact, this is a great buying opportunity. We got the 15 ma just crossed over the 200 ema, it's starting to hook parallel right now, so that means consolidation, consolidation, favors buyers. I think that is a good opportunity in order to uh get the stock for a pretty solid discount without a doubt, if you are a part of the gorilla gang. Thank you for joining uh.

If you wan na, if you don't mind, you know hitting that sub button, if you wan na, hang out with the gorillas we cook with crisco every single day, baby gorilla gang is chilling straight chilling show some love drop, some girls in the chat for all the.

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    Same with options. I assume MM constantly monitor and hedge the options they have written, thus we have to assume that at least a part of outstanding are hedged shares for all those options. It seems to me a wild guess that naked options ATM/ITM would be so overbought that they could initiate a gamma squeeze. Where is data supporting such a guess? Gamma means, MM hedge by buying shares as soon as gamma assumes a value considered critical by the MM, and they would surely start to buy not on the last moment when options get actually called.

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