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Oh, what is up what's up what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, welcome back to another freaking episode of the traders podcast baby! This is episode number freaking, 74.. We've got to turn on lane, because this is an ultimate god, dang, beautiful freaking day baby. We are up 19, as it sits right now and god dang holy toledo, bob sagan. You cannot make this stuff up.

This is as good as it freaking gets. I mean honest to god. I anticipated a small dip coming up just because we had two straight days of freaking 20 gainer days, but that dip was nothing. That's as much as the shorts could do.

When will they ever learn? How many times we got to teach you this lesson old man? We had the most ridiculous freaking boom boom candle rocking over that 20 level of resistance here this morning this is looking absolutely lights out. I told you guys, i told you guys, i told you guys. I told you guys. We all freaking knew how pivotal that 20 move was gon na, be we're sitting absolutely disgusting right now coming up to the intraday high of 23.47, as it sits right now, we're sitting at 23.

42. 43 48. I saw 48 there for a second 56.60. This is freaking ripping right now this is the first stream and who knows how freaking long that i've been able to freaking watch a good beautiful green day baby.

This is looking disgusting. Look at the volume on the day we're looking at 308 million in total volume. The level 2 is absolutely barren, the shorts are doing absolutely nothing and they can't stop this freaking move and i'm going to show you the exact reason why i know that, let's look at this freaking vortex dad look at this short interest is up on the date Right check this out shares available to borrow currently sitting at 15 000.. It was at million this morning, a million a million a million.

They just can't stop. They can't stop. They just want more of a beating, they want to get absolutely demolished. I can't believe it.

It's absolutely absurd guys. This is disgusting, disgusting disgusting price action, so you have 23.69, not a short squeeze. This is not the squeeze it's as simple as that, at the very least, at the very freaking lease you might be seeing a little bit of gamma right, a little bit of market makers that are hedging some call options that have run in the money that are Previously out the money which is contributing to the overall price action, but guys this is not a squeeze it's as simple as that this is. This is not it's just not there's no freaking way, because the shorts have not covered.

That is an inverse relationship right. Shorts have to cover for there to be a squeeze the last three days. They have only continued to add to their short positions. The loss has got to be in the billions.

Absolutely disgusting price action and amc has absolutely separated itself from gamestop. It's it's not even close. To the same i mean the volume on gamestop right now is 8.51 million. Total shares, 329 million dollars of inflow.

Amc has 1.5 billion dollars of inflow 310 million in total volume. I mean this is just lights out: lights out, price action. The next level of resistance, you're looking at, is 24 freaking dollars guys. This is looking absolutely disgusting.

I mean there's just there's just nothing else to say: there's nothing else to say it's as simple as it gets. You've got some stupid fat boom boom candles. You've got the volume you've got the liquidity. You've got the apes we're buying and holding do you want to know how apes are buying and holding you want to know it's as simple as this you don't even have to ask just watch the chart.

This is the picture perfect example of apes buying and holding nobody's selling simple. As that the chart tells you the whole freaking story, guys the shorts got a little bit of ammunition. They loaded it here in the pre-market to drop it down 5-6 percent, but it's as simple as that nobody's selling right. Nobody is freaking selling the stock and it is going to not even moon man screw the moon, we're going to pluto pluto baby 23.78 coming up close to this 24 mark.

I would not be surprised in the least bit if you see this freaking hit that 25 mark here today and if it breaks 25 bucks the next level of resistance. Just looking at this in a grand scheme of things, look at the six month chart right. We've got the high of 25 and 80 cents, and that is the year-to-date high the highest. The stock has been since literally january.

If we break over that who knows. What'll happen. 30. 35.

40. 45.50. This is that's, that's that's it. I mean it's as simple as it gets after 25.80.

The only level that i think is particularly important. I can't even draw it up because it's so far out of the freaking stratosphere is that 40 mark, and that is because they've got a crap ton of call options that are expiring in the money on june 18th for amc stock at that particular strike. Right now check this out 40 strike as of right now has 193 000 call options of open interest, and that is almost twice as high as it was a week ago. So if that runs in the money, the amount of hedging that's gon na have to take place.

For those call options is disgusting. We've got some stupid. Big fat boom boom candles rocking on the stock right now. That's what i've got for the intro right here.

I'm gon na throw my glasses, don't yell at me guys, i'm just way too freaking excited we're gon na throw on the freaking vegeta shirt, because the prince of all sands is guiding us to moon and pluto baby kraken kingdom tandy town chicken church. It's as simple as it is simple as it freaking gets guys. This is disgusting. Careful with that monitor.

Today, i'm not going to bang on my desk too much, i'm not whoop whoop, you guys in the chat are going absolutely nuts. You guys are going nuts, i'm loving it. I'm loving the ducks too. You guys don't have to go from that stream over to mine.

You guys do whatever you want to do, but guys this is a day to celebrate. Freaking celebrate. I love the haircut and shave. Uh boss make it yeah, so i got talked to by all my bosses, man, all my bosses said you need to go to that stash and i said that i would keep it as long as as long as i was told to keep it.

You know that i could keep it, but i was told i'd have to shave so ishtar tre you're, the man. I love you bro. I owe you brother, you owe me nothing man, you push the buy and sell button simple as that simple as it gets, this uh can get my literally a wheelchair van and accessible him huddle for lillian, hey man, kelby, i'm highland for lillian, absolutely man we're all Doing it for each other, simple as that glasses and mustache, no mustache man, i got told to shave, i got told to shave. I wish i didn't, but it is what it is one day i'll grow, a beard simple, as that say with them on twitter, can we get occupy wall street amc training today to number one? I think we can apes together strong occupy wall street amc.

Let's do it i'll tweet that out, let's get her done. Let's freaking get her done. Maybe here we go holy toledo, the whole time that i've been at work guys, i've just been going absolutely nuts. My co-workers are loving.

This they're loving it. I i convinced some people, i told people what's going on with amc stock and they they decided to buy one as a nine bucks and they're all sitting pretty freaking happy right now, starting to think dumb money is a misnomer. Maybe it's just me absolutely. Oh man, dumb money, absolutely beautiful guys.

We were coming up so freaking close to twenty four dollars. I i'm usually the necessary evil. That is the the catalyst for the dip before the rip. But that's okay, this time around we're gon na watch rip all day long baby, because this is as bullish as it.

Freaking gets 23.82 cents looking at the level twos, let's see if there isn't even a resistance at 24. Bucks 34 000 shares. That's nothing per minute. Right now guys we're seeing 941 000 2 million 1.4 million.

I mean each minute of volume. This has been sustained through the entire day. It's almost a million in volume. I mean the lows have been 500 000..

The volume is going to destroy any sort of cell walls. These are cracks. They're cracks cracks cracks, it's absolutely nothing that can't get pushed through it's as simple as this. You draw a line, you draw an arrow and it pushes, through technical analysis, to a t baby simple, as that simple, as it gets level two is golden.

This is disgusting. The level twos are nasty right now. Shorts have nothing. They've got absolutely nothing, not bullish.

It's ape-ish absolutely man mike. I appreciate that ken is it possible. They are borrowing the shares and haven't used them yet, and they are going to drop them all once as a final scare. So we know that, according to ortex, the highest that shares on lord has ever been is about 155 million and, as it sits right now, there's 130 million.

So there could be about 25 million total shares that they could borrow out. If they want right. That lenders could reacquire and then lend out to other people, but that is entirely dependent on the fact that hey they have enough shares to even freaking lend to lenders right. We don't know if there is.

We just don't know right, it's possible, it's possible, but we can't predict it simple as that, so you get 23 and 91 cents right now. The freaking volume on this last minute, 832, 000 you're looking for a nice follow through in volume. So how do you know? You're gon na get a clean breaker for 24. Bucks is you'll, get a follow through on volume.

You're gon na get at least five to ten minutes of either trend, continuation or consolidation over that twenty four dollar mark. So that's what we're looking for twenty three dollars! Ninety eight cents, twenty twenty three, ninety seven, ninety eight, it's coming up very freaking, dirty close right now, if the volume pushes through and you get the liquidity to back up this move, you could be looking at 24, which could rip us up to 25 freaking dollars, Guys 25 bucks is that next pivotal psychological barrier that bush over 20 bucks is bringing us to pluto holy toledo. We knew this was coming. We were patient right.

The last five months of everything led us to this exact moment. I'm telling you everybody knew it. Everybody knew it all. Those people got called dumb money.

Who said you should move on, make money somewhere else right. This is an opportunity we see 24 right here. 24.4 looks like we're. Making the push we're waiting for a follow-through on volume.

2404 was the high of that candle, so you got 24.1 cent right now shorts are battling. You got a little bit of resistance right here at the 24 mark waiting to see that follow through 2406 2406. That is the high of this candle waiting for five minutes of train continuation or consolidation. Over that 24 mark we got a nice close on that no awake, 24.

15.. It looks like we might end up getting that fall through on volume. I'm gon na have to move this freaking arrow guys holy toledo, arrow can't even keep up air was lost in the sauce lamp lamp come on, lamb is trying her hardest. I'm telling you lamp is doing everything she can, but the freaking trend on this is just too filthy.

The trend is too filthy. She just can't keep up. She just can't keep up guys. I tell you what we know the apes are buy and hold, and you can see it in the freaking price action simple as that, every single time that this stock has gone down, it's just shorts.

It's just shorts watch the vortex data right last. Three days short interest has gone up and there has been almost no dips, meaning that everybody is buying and holding. I got ta remember to breathe, but i'm just too freaking sauced up right now. Man, i'm way too excited way too excited.

I haven't even had an energy drink today i haven't i'm just freaking jacked to the teeth. No, i'm just gon na say it. I'm just gon na, say jack to the tits baby. I didn't care about monetization today, who cares? This is too cool man? Look at this stuff 24.19: this is continuing to rip.

Who cares about the rsi? What's the rsi, who knows the rsi means absolutely nothing technical analysis never heard of it. Look at this stuff. We dipped down to 60 on the rsi this morning. For my morning, video we had that pre-market dip.

We were already way back up to 82. that cool off just didn't last holy toledo, just getting scooped scoop scoop scoop. This is disgusting. Oh my god whoo taking a breather taking a breather, all right trade.

They just bet more against amc, check or text yeah. We saw those numbers man, it's disgusting. It makes no sense how many times you got. Ta teach you this lesson old man short interest is almost up one percent today, up 0.95, you have 3.29 million return.

Shares 4.53 million borrowed shares net difference of about one and a quarter million, which is absurd. It makes no freaking sense and we haven't even squashed. This isn't even a squeeze. There was a ortex uh squeeze signal that came out.

Eps signal saying hey: this has an opportunity to squeeze, and this has not squeezed yet 24.38 cents. We've got some stupid, big fat, good chicken boom candles rocking on the chart. Right now. This is nasty.

24 37 is the high of that last candle, guys, i'm so freaking jacked to the teeth man that i get to scream during the rip. This is the this is. This is as good as it gets. My birthday wish has come to fruition, just nasty, just nasty, fomo baby.

You know what it is. You broke, the trade dip curse. Oh, i know man, it's wild, hey it had to end. It had to end every now and then even a blind squirrel finds a nut simple as that colby.

Well, i always say shaq, because i got no hoop skills, no hoop skills. I can't freaking shoot a hoop to save my life. Oh man, my guy, looks like a peaky blinder. With that cut should have kept the stash.

I know i wish i could have. I wish i could have let's get hedgie's getting wedgies trending hello. Thanks for what you do. Trey hey! I already tweeted out once a hashtag i like to spread them out, but i'll.

Remember that i remember that. Oh i missed you papa ape so much love ronnie. I appreciate that man. I wish i could stream the whole day honest to god.

I would do anything in the world to be able to do that right now, but i just i can't get out of work it's as simple as that. I've talked to a lot of people, and work has to get done. Unfortunately, no matter if we're watching the freaking history books getting written before us, but we'll give you guys the lunch break live stream. As often as i freaking can, my friends, absolutely absolutely the hoya crew loves you pearson.

My man, peterson from texas, dropped some freaking gorillas in the chat for my brother pierson he's one of my best friends who lives out in texas. I absolutely love that dude and the hoya crew man, hoya crew, dropped some gorillas in the freaking discord chat. That's what it's all about little rocket did a tweet with michael buffer and jim kramer wants to interview our leader. I think that means you.

He tweeted as well. No way you've got ta, be joking; no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I don't buy that little rocket, he tweeted michael buffer. When did that happen? Well, if it's important they'll reach out to me, if it is i'll reach out, but i don't know, i wouldn't call myself a leader, i'm just a dude who likes to stock man. There's a lot of people talking about amc stock, simple! As that toronto loves trey.

Can you please explain how we traded 2 billion shares in the past 11 days that the float is 493 million, since we are all holding wow kelly, you know what you know: what you're you're, pretty damn intelligent i'll, tell you what it doesn't make sense. You know why it doesn't make sense, because the math doesn't freaking add up it. Doesn't i said the same thing this morning to my co-worker i was like. Don't you think it's strange? Don't you think it's strange that uh that apes aren't over 80 of the total floor of the stock institution's own, like 100 million insiders on like 10 million short interest, is like freaking, 85 million and you're still seeing 300 to 400 million in total volume on any? Given day i mean that doesn't mean that 300 million shares exists extra right, but it just means that that many traded hands back and forth those amount of transactions right doesn't make sense at all good freaking question synthetics, that's the answer.

It's as simple as it is, failure to delivers and naked short selling have inflated the total float on the stock, and that's what we've been talking about for five months. Five months we've been talking about this and i would have waited two years. If that's what it took for everybody to see the true potential of what's lying in antsy stock, it's that freaking, simple you're watching the dude. This is coming to fruition.

Five months of research for millions of apes, crunching numbers doing math figuring all this out. It's finally coming it's coming man, i mean that's as simple as it gets, and this isn't even a squeeze. This isn't even a squeeze simple as that simple, as that, that's that's all that it is holly. Thank you for that 100 super chat.

Man. We all win the three w's. We will win. Absolutely man lfg.

You know what it is man i wish i worked with trey. Ah no, you don't want to do that. I'm too crazy, i'm doing energetic right now. It smells like lemon pepper in here, lemon pepper, tendees.

The chew pop catalyst is live. That is, i told somebody what drove the squeeze? It's either that or it was my uh, my stash or it was bob saget's video. Okay, look at the 52 week high. We hit it today, really, let's look at the year: oh, not including pre-market, you're.

Absolutely right! If you include pre-market, we have hit 25.80, but if you don't, this is a high man. Absolutely is we are over 24 dollars. I didn't even see that holy toledo. I didn't even see that we pushed that i'm not even paying attention.

This isn't the squeeze no danny's asking is this not the squeeze? It's not shorts are doubling down last three days. Four inches has gone up, it's not squeezed, it hasn't closed. It just hasn't it's as simple as it is short interest has gone up the last three days. You can't have a squeezer, that's what's covering it's as simple as it is you all throw out super chats like we already squeezed, i don't even you guys just put money in the stock.

I'm serious! You don't have to pay me. I'm chilling! I'm chilling! I just wanted to freaking connect with everybody for 40 minutes. I'm going to message you on discord, i'm trying to get a banner plan going this weekend for destin florida, i'm trying to crowdfund if interested wall street viking. My brother, i will check that out after i get off work appreciate that man according to 670-1, as long as the hair does not extend below or beside the lip you're good tell your bosses that they can learn.

I i know what uh what the regulation says, but i i was told very strongly that nobody's gon na respect me if i have a mustache, so it is what it is. It is what it is. Life goes on. This is just the full moon, gamma, absolutely you're, right, you're, right rkmk, but first two calls today up 300 thanks for everything, you've taught the smooth brain sliver back a lot.

It's okay, your army, semper fi, yeah man. If you're gon na play call options. This is the volatility you're looking for you make money on call options when it's volatile right. The worst thing for options is when you're trading sideways.

This is the time if you want to play calls. They are risky right only put into this. What you're willing to lose - and please please, please prioritize buying stock, because you won't have this sort of price action without buying stock first. But if you want to make money on the side right a little bit of your position, it's okay to have some call options.

As long as you recognize the risk, because you can make a crap ton of money on call options, that means stupid money for sure i have an amc, 23 dollar call that expires this friday. Should i sell it or wait till tomorrow? You could wait till tomorrow, but then you're risking the chance of a pullback and maybe a consolidation day. There is the rumor that hedge funds are trying to cause a pseudo squeeze on friday, where you run up to 50 bucks. So if it runs up to you know 50 on friday, you've got the opportunity to make a crap ton of money.

If what you what you want to do, you know this is what i would do you do. What you got to do man, this isn't advice. Obviously, uh you can take profits to cover your initial premium, the initial risk and let the rest ride. Then, if it runs, you know it's up to 30.

40. 50 bucks. You made a crap ton of cash simple as that right, that's just what i would do. Never too late to buy absolutely i'm up 600k at amc helped because of you since january to the moon, sean, that's filthy money, filthy, stupid, stupid money, sir! That's! What's up, i'm happy for you, brother! Go to six month one day and see what pattern has formed.

Six months, the biggest fattest nastiest, freaking george w ever seen in your goddamn life - and this is the neckline baby look at this - that is the stupidest george w i mean a break over this 2580 neckline is gon na bring you the most ridiculous technical breakout. I mean like this breakout from 1450 to now two three four five times that man i mean it's gon na, be a pivotal stupid, move, it's dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb move, you're, absolutely right. Man that is nasty. It is looking nasty nasty 24 45 is the high of the day, we're sitting at 24 and 46 cents.

I saw that there for a second 47 on the level twos you've got almost nothing in terms of resistance. 25 doesn't even have a wall. 25 bucks doesn't even have a cell wall right now. Are they even going to hold 125? We got to wait and see, but god damn pop second man.

This is disgusting price action if you've gotten online five minutes before when i was still on the treadmill. I'd be getting a lot more cardio in i'm. Sorry, dude, hey! You know what you know what life goes on: you're getting cardio right now, watching this, i'm sure your heart's beating pretty dang fast! That's what matters! This thing really starts to run so uh to some of the numbers i've been talking about. Are you gon na be able to livestream more than just lunch? So i can't talk a lot about my job and what the whole situation looks like, but i will tell you this: there will come a day and i think it's coming soon i'll be able to do this full time, but i can't i can't speak on it.

I got ta keep my mouth absolutely shut until all is said and done so you guys just have to trust me on this. One. Just trust me on it i'll do what i can try looking fresh hell of all, but we still need a good morning. Vietnam, papa all right.

You know what it is good morning. Vietnam holy toledo, guys nasty 24 48. We are just two cents below the psychological quarter, barrier of twenty four dollars and fifty cents. You can think of each individual quarter over twenty four dollars right each.

Like 24, 24, 25, 50, 75, 25 bucks, 25, 50 75. Each individual quarter might act as a level of resistance. So i'm assuming that's what you're seeing right here is a small small psychological barrier resistance at about 24.50 or so, but guys this is uncharted waters. I mean this is just pure organic stupid buying growth.

These are apes that are just hodling onto their freaking nards and ovaries, they're they're diamonds, ovaries and nards. Just watching this thing rip that's as simple as it is, and people just continue to fumble by the crap. Out of this thing, it's nasty! That's what's nuts about this, like i couldn't, even because this isn't a squeeze yet i could have never guessed the amount of foam that rolled into this in the last three days as fast as it happened. I mean this is gorilla strength.

You guys are incredible because this is also what it comes down to right: the apes out there who are buying and holding amc stock. You guys are doing this. You guys are doing this. It's absolutely nuts, it's absolutely stupid.

It makes knows it's so cool. It's so freaking cool, i'm loving it. Oh man take me to any town, senpai where's, those diamonds, hey they're, coming brother, oh they're, at my house, they're at my house shoot oh they're. Actually in my box they're my box just kidding, i brought them.

I brought them, but the freaking desk is pretty small here, so i could go get them real, quick, but they'll be right here for the next uh, the next video tonight. During the last few days, i've been so overwhelmingly positive. I wouldn't be here without you brother. You helped somebody today uh each day to the moon, my friend, we did it together, brother, i'm telling you i didn't do this.

You guys pushed by and still trying the cool air away. Caw is ripping up 70 thoughts. Big daddy, garcia! I got ta be honest with you, man, i'm focused on amc, the rip right now. That is my priority right.

This is absolutely 100. What i'm focusing on reports saying current hedges loss of 8 billion so far so far you guys have lost 8 billion. So far, that's got to be a tweet, that's a tweet right there! Absolutely! Oh man! Where is it? I want that simpsons one there it is there. It is.

Hedge funds have lost 8 billion dollars so far. Oh man, so good. Look at this we're coming up to retest that 24.50 level of resistance sitting at 24.44 cents right now, total volume on the day, 336 million. What did we see yesterday, guys total volume on the day? Yesterday was 375 million we're easily going to break that today? It is only 12 21 p.m.

Central standard time we've got another freaking two and a half hours left of uh regular market hours guys. This is disgusting price action. We got to move this arrow you're, absolutely right. What am i doing? What am i doing? I'm slacking big time slacking, you know what makes me so proud.

Is we get these these consolidation phases where the price action's a little bit flat and nobody panics? We all just patiently. Wait you all step away from your phones or your computers. You just wait for that next freaking rip, you set your price alerts, you do what you got to do and you get rewarded simple as it gets 24.64 cents. We got the clean break over 24.50.

Next level of resistance is 25 smackaroos, 25 schmeckles and we're coming up dangerously freaking close to that right now, 24-68, we got a big fat, stupid boom-boom candle that pushed you at 24.50 mark that level that one-minute candle guys. We saw two million total volume. Looking at the level two there's nothing at 25 bucks, nothing 2 215 shares. I want to see stockholm tracker here, really quick and just get an overall generalized picture at how many shares are available, and this is zero they're out of ammunition.

Today i don't know whether it's crashing up this year's guys, but holy toledo they're, losing their freaking butts they're losing their butts. There's absolutely no way. Oh they're gon na come out on top here. This is so mind-blowing guys.

I mean look at this. Look at this. How can you not get excited? Okay, you got ta, be excited right now you got ta, be excited. Look at this last three days of short interest has gone up.

It's up one percent today, that's ridiculous! That's so stupid! Look at this! Look at this look at it: 17.26 percent estimated current short interest of free float, nasty 24 and 82 cents is the high of the day sitting at 24.76 cents coming up to test that 25 mark of resistance, the psychological barrier we're up almost freaking we're up five Dollars on the day, guys five bucks, this stock used to be trading at five bucks, that's so nasty, that's so nasty holy toledo reports. I read that i know i'm usually in here trying to troll you to saying something funny stuff, but i just want to say thank you, jordan. I appreciate that man, i've been only for six months and when i didn't have the confidence to hold you're always there to love you man, it's too easy, jordan. I love that troll stuff.

I love it. You guys almost get me every time. I fall for a lot of it, so props to you, you keep trying you keep trying. I i like seeing the new the new content.

It makes my day diamond handed vet since january. I'm planning on amc, charity auction event and want to involve you as a guest speaker. How can i get in contact with you? I will drop my uh, my business email in the description box down below and if you want to get a hold of me, that's the place appreciate that brother. My dad lost his job thanks to copenhagen, hasn't been able to find a new job hollow.

For my dad, i've got you brother, you know what personal story time, my pops - i i'm not. Usually you know, i i keep things transparent, my pops, as you know my stepdad, the guy who raised me as a kid he passed away. It's gon na be five years ago tomorrow. Tomorrow is a five year anniversary from my dad died, and he told me something when i was a kid that i'll never forget.

I was a runner i tried. My life goal was to qualify for olympic trials in the marathon, and i i used to run the mile in high school. That was my starting event and my dad told me one day when i was, i had a bad race. I was just deep in the like, just in my head, not feeling it.

He said son someday, you're gon na break four minutes in the mile and what i got from that is not that i'm gon na break four minutes necessarily, but that i can borrow confidence from other people to do things in life that i want to do right And on the days where i i just felt down the dumps, the the comments on youtube were getting to me. I was starting to doubt my conviction in the stock. The price action was starting to make me doubt my conviction and the research that people have done right. I thought back of my pops and i borrowed some confidence from him and you freaking keep stepping forward man, so you find your pops.

You find your props, whoever that person is for you, man. Remember your why it's as simple as that, i'm never gon na forget why i got an amc stock and why i never stopped talking about it. It was a freaking talk about something that could be historical and write, a legacy for hundreds of thousands or millions of people. It's as simple as it gets so find your pops man it's as simple as it gets.

Is it awkward at work being a youtube sensation? Being around your co-workers all day, i try and keep it normal man, because i am really just a normal dude, but a lot of people like talking about it for sure absolutely hey. I appreciate the love guys absolutely thank you for all you've done for the community. Currently have 65 000 for the day nasty man. Let's see, i want to check i'm up 80 grand on the day nasty.

You know, you're the face of amc. I got ta scroll back up bob saget, uh wow, i'm really behind. Oh you're. Only the face of amc right: why are you the only youtuber as loud as a stock right now? No i'm not the face man, i'm just a dude.

I promise you. This is so nasty filthy disgusting, oh man, i'm never gon na pretend i'm not excited guys. I'm excited as tits, i'm so freaking jacked right now, 24.85. I saw 87 there for a second we're coming up super dang close to that 25 level of resistance.

This is looking nasty, stupid kelby. Thank you for that people are going nuts in the chat. I'm absolutely loving this, i'm absolutely loving. This find your guys's pops as simple as that we knew for months.

We knew for five months and i'll. Take all the criticism in the world. Take all the insults you guys can call me naive. All you want, because it's as simple as this i'm not holding for those people i'm holding for you, people, i'm holding for you, people it's as simple as it gets absolutely trey if you're ever in the dfw area.

Let me know i owe you a beer attendees i'll. Take you up on that will absolutely trey must have left lamp on all day, because this price action is ridiculous. I did brother, i did because lamp is a goddamn tradition at this point. Lamp holds the fourth down.

She is a wonderful woman. We love lame lamp really. Does it dirty lamp really likes to get down dirty for us yo trey. Will you sell the horn for the gorilla gang uh to tag robin hood everywhere possible to hold them accountable for not screwing us this time? Yes, actually, i can't even believe i thought of that good point.

Okay, you guys amc is winding up again. This is a warning: do not screw over your investors again. What do you guys think? What do you guys think i'll wait and see i need to buy lamp. Lamp is coming with me.

Don't you worry, lamp is doing it. Lamp is doing it absolutely all right. What we're different we'll do! This amc is winding up again. Please please, please do not hurt your investors.

That sounds better to me, a little less aggressive, a little less aggressive for sure. All right that looks good to me. Sweet! Oh, we stopped 25 for a second 25 and 17 cents is the high of the day. My friends holy freaking toledo, we're sitting at 24.95.

Right now. We saw 25 17 volume on that one minute, candle was 2.4 million. We still got five seconds left of this. One minute candle are we gon na get a break over 25 or we're gon na get a break? Are we gon na get a break holy toledo? 25.? Let's get it, let's get it 2501 2505..

We're waiting for this is what you're looking for is what you're. Looking for you're looking for a clean break over, you want a candle that closes above that level of resistance at 25 dollars, followed by five minutes of train continuation or consolidation of that 25 level, but guys this is looking disgusting. That's looking nasty! Oh! It's a little tricky. Please shout out my boys, pat and jeff, we're going crazy, good jacob, just shout out to pat and jeff guys, absolutely first trade, every hundred dollars on gamestop at 1301, made 2300 in january.

Talk about luck, research! Why and how for methods amcgme up 2500 for the year 11k, thanks brother, you did it man, i didn't do anything you guys did it 25-27. You guys are looking at tindy town, kraken kingdom. The next level is 25 and 80 cents we're waiting for the fall through here, but the guys. This is looking absolutely disgusting if this breaks 25.80 today you're looking at the oh, my god, this breaks 25.80, the pivotal high the highest, has been literally year.

Two dates: you were looking at the stupidest fattest attendees. I don't want to go back to work. Oh no! No! I got ta stay for this god dang it holy pop. Second man.

This is so nasty we're watching literally history, getting written right now, guys. 25 80. Is the year to date high and we are currently sitting 40 cents away right now, 40 cents. Is this the squeeze? No look at the freaking amc or tex data short interest is up 0.97 percent.

This is not the squeeze. This is pure organic fomo, stupid gorilla, strength, strength, baby sitting at 25 and 50 cents. 25 55. We saw 57 there for a second coming up to 25.80.

60. 65. 67. 69.

This is running. The volume on this is 355 million. On the day, 2569 is the intraday high. We are up 31 on the day.

Creeping up, super super quick to 25 and 80 cents. This is not the squeeze. This is just pure god. Dang orangutan silverback gorilla ape strings baby.

This is disgusting. 25 72. I saw there for one second, 25. 68.

69. 70. holy toledo. We don't know if we're going to crack on that first test, but god this is winding up god.

This is winding up holy to leo just gapping away from the previous price action. It is so hard to believe that, freaking three days ago, we were sitting down here at 13. Look at us we're almost up 100. In the last freaking three days, 25 40..

We saw 25 72 there for a second jesus. You should make a poll on twitter to see what everyone's price target is to see where we apes are as a whole. I don't think i can do that. That's considered collusion, if you guys do it.

That's okay. I've got i i'm almost certain. I talked to my my lawyer that i try to manage my my risk to hedge my risk. You know, and he said do anything that you can to not make it look like you're colluding, so i got ta be really really really really careful.

So that's not something i can do. I got ta be honest with you. I i wan na i wan na really really double down on the fact that i have to be careful in the shoes that i'm in right now that i'm not telling people what to do or even hinting at it. So i hope that's a good enough answer for you.

I appreciate the understanding for those who do means a lot to me guys if you just want to do me, one favor. This is my lunch break. Freaking stream. I am usually eating lunch at this time.

I'm not even going to get lunch i'm here, for you guys, i'm actually staying next to 10 minutes, i'm going to pick something up, just drop a like on the video. That's all i want don't even subscribe to me. I don't even care if you do right. You can do whatever you want to do just just tune in find a community whatever you want to do right, just drop a like on the video.

That's that's the one time i'm going to ask. That's all i'm asking for simple as it gets. I want to see a boom boom candle. We just got a couple of them baby.

That's looking disgusting five star! Thank you for that trade is my first super chat, so i want to ask: is 100k really achievable, i'm all in on amc regardless, but i'm just curious. It's going to take every single card lining up exactly perfectly. I'm not gon na say anything it's possible, but it's gon na take every card lining up exactly perfect. Nothing in the stock market is impossible.

Nothing is right. We've seen nasty nasty nasty moves, it's as simple as it gets nothing's impossible. All it's gon na take is every card lining up. Thank you trey, because of your life gon na change it.

Thank you all apes. She trey. I appreciate that. I, like that name, trey wow.

The life is mooning dude. This is disgusting just hanging right above 25 bucks, as it sits right now, 2506, but guys this is disgusting, price action. Sure these hedge funds, the box, is like a lighter attack just to buy time for themselves, so i mean they don't have any current available shares. To short, i mean no shares are available to borrow according to stanco trackers zero zero.

I mean they're just sitting nasty right now: they've eaten everything up, they've doubled down as heavy as they can and they're just getting squeezed to death and not even like in terms of like them covering, but just the price action. I mean they're down billions of dollars. Eight billion dollars - this is disgusting. It's nasty check the 52 week high we're sitting at it.

Baby, not including the the freaking pre-market. 25 80 - is the all-time high year to date, including pre-market. We are dangerously close to that right now, dangerously trey. How do you feel about people saying fake squeeze to 50 by friday? You know what i say about that if it fake squeezes to 50 by friday play some call options, make some money onto call options, take your profits and reinvest it in stock.

Let them do it, people will make money either way will continue to hold simple as it gets if they want to fake squeeze it to 50 on friday, make your money on your call options and freaking take those attendees and keep hotline. So it's at the price that you want to sell at too easy. Let them do it! People make money either way if they're, that stupid to fake squeeze it to 50 by friday, guess what they're screwing themselves? That's more liquidy and more ammunition and more damage that apes can do to the shorts and the market makers. That's as simple as it gets.

They want to play that game. Fine, we'll make money on it simple, as it gets. My wife yvonne is watching right now. She's, a big fan, please say hello to her thanks, yvonne shout out to you shout out to you.

I hope you're doing good the chat's going wild right now, you guys are absolutely cooking with crisco. We got to move this arrow and get that clean break over 25.80. That is the next level to watch for guys, but holy freaking crap. This is one on a massive massive push.

I mean that was so bullish. The moves on this is beautiful. You know what's awesome, the technical analysis analysis on this is so beautiful. Rip, consolidation, rip consolidation, we've been calling it to a team.

This is exactly what you're looking for right. You want rips, followed by time periods of time where it trades sideways, because that shows strength. It shows that it's getting ready for that next rip up that next leg up. This is nasty.

It's so disgusting. Is it weird that i'm still mostly calm about this price action, i'm containing myself for a few more digits jared, not weird at all. I understand man i'm excited because i get excited about a lot, not a lot right. I'd be excited on red days.

I would get excited on red days because i know what we're holding simple as that simple, as it gets 100 more shares from call option, profits and an exercise lfg. Let's go hayden we're with you, trisha, i'm a tow truck operator and last night working on an accident. I got my whole fire department to buy my brother-in-law lfg lfg. Only five thousand six hundred shares.

Now you were a whale whale alert drop some whales in the chat happy for you, trisha good job, good job, we're cooking man. This is as simple as it is. You know what this is. This is new money.

I told you. This is the time for fomo. I put out that video a couple days ago, and i said you want to see what fomo is wait and see. This is fomo.

This is new money, new retail investors, new apes, joining the freaking party and making freaking attendees 11 pep attendees on amc stock. Right now, this is all that this is new money, new formal liquidity getting pumped into the stock. No squeeze this isn't squeezed. Yet no squeeze ape money, we're sitting at 25 and 70 cents right now.

72. Is the intraday high we're coming up very dangerously close to 25.80? Are we gon na get the break over 25.80 guys? If we get that we can see 30? Today we can see 35 today, who knows how it'll go, because this is the year-to-date high? This could get out of hand very fast. This could get out of hand. Super super super fast, very quickly holy toledo, mexico, eight trip brother, keep rocking lamp, absolutely that was two different tweets little rocket, the video with michael buffer boxing guy that does ready to rumble jim cramer tweeted to talk to leader, oh okay, i'm gon na have to Check that out, you know i'm gon na look away.

I'm gon na look away and watch what's gon na happen. I can almost guarantee you what's gon na happen almost can guarantee it can almost guarantee it. Well, maybe if i just where would he be michael buffer? Uh boxing guy did a video with him. I don't think it's this dude on the top, can't be him russ smith, no i'll, search michael buffer.

Oh it is him. How about that? Did we do it? Oh baby, let's go 25.88. Is the intraday hi baby? Let's go: that's a tweet right there baby, that's a tweet. We got ta tweet that out.

They got ta tweet that out new year two dates: hi baby, lfg, lfg, lfg lfg holy smokes holy smokes. We were up 31 on the day. We saw 25 90 there for a second jesus christ, nasty holy toledo, amc just turned hdb loan recall to the moon hard to borrow yes, sir. Yes, sir, it's bound to happen.

We made a video to talk about. If you want to see what hard to borrow, is you want to see, a loan recall go check out that video. I made it's a it's, the loan recall hypothesis and it is a good one. It's gon na happen.

The time is coming. I have ten dollar six eighteen calls sell on friday, hot of those on man you're, making a crap ton of money with that being in the money. It's super deep on the money i mean your gamble on delts on those is disgusting, keep holding man. I think you're gon na continue to make money.

I think you are especially if you get a clean breaker for 25 and 80 cents holy crap. Look at this six month. One day i did brother, i did it's nasty shout out. Destin gorilla gang amc to the moon, apes, ddta, united diamond hands.

Apes is a dangerous combination. We did it but stay on the toes and don't underestimate our opponents. Sander tells me great for last, a few last hail marys, it's gon na happen. Man, honestly, i'm surprised, but how easy this has come the last three days i don't know if they've just given up or if they're, really trying to let this pseudo squeeze on friday, but guys this is a lot of money to be made.

It really is up 800 of my call options. Currently my eight-year-old jack dan and i are watching this go to the moon. Hey shout out to jack daniel man. That's some good! Whiskey! 26.09.

We got a new intraday high, a new year to date high. This is freaking going attendee town, kraken kingdom. Oh my god. This is stupid, so stupid, look at the level twos they've got absolutely nothing.

You see the difference right now. This is night and day night and day you can see that they've got no ammunition. The shorts got nothing, they can't even short this down. They can't lie to this down because there's no stock, it's hard to borrow they've, eaten it all up.

They're maxed out they're leveraged to the tents it's as simple as it gets, and now this is getting out of hand really quick. 26 20 is the new intraday high up 33 34. The volume on it is 377 million. It's already higher than yesterday's volume.

Chicken church is open and accepting apes as soon as applicable baby. Let's freaking go holy toledo holy freaking crap, 26 24 is the new intraday. I i want to see this on the rsi. I mean it's absolutely pointless to look but look at this on the earth.

Science at 85. - this is three straight days. We've been well over 70 on the rsi that is so nasty technical analysis never heard of her hey. You guys want to see the uh.

You guys want to see the the ascending level of support we got right now. You want to see this, you want to see the ascending level of support. Let me draw this up. You want to see some technical analysis, as you can see right here.

We have an ascending level of an ascending level of support with three different touch points. One two three different touch points holy crap that is so nasty. I can't believe they're still not covering we got ta check vortex, we got ta see what vortex has cooking up short interest is up 0.9 right now, still not covering still not covering still not the squeeze. This is so disgusting.

This is so dumb. This is so dumb. I can't handle this. I can't handle this.

Oh that's too good technical analysis never heard of her never heard of her. They could see bry holy toledo, commission some ape art, it's numbered and limited. What's your fave number one to a thousand we'll send on twitter when it's done same username, uh favorite number 26.: you do a live stream with big dots. It would be crazy.

Absolutely man we'll do another one we'll do another! One me and big dogs are buddies. Buddies for sure he's actually sending me uh a shirt in the mail porn star. Mustache is okay in the usmc, someone picked the wrong branch. I know i mean just kidding semper fi and let's make some money up 444 of the week.

Let's go hey proud of you brother, i'm glad you're cooking with crisco and making those fat attendees time for our show. It absolutely is brother 26 35, as it sits right now and sadly, i've got like one and a half or two minutes before i got ta. Go back to work, but i'm gon na stay here as long as i freaking possibly can to everybody. That's watching this live stream and everybody that's hollowed on man, we got ta leave it with supporting words.

Remember your! Why re find your pops find a dude out there? Who you want to fight for that? You want to change the life of who you want to make freaking proud. For me, it's as simple as it gets. It's my old man who passed away five years ago tomorrow, simple as it gets, i'm never gon na forget my why you guys we're holding for each other it's as simple as it is right, i'm holding for you, you guys are holding for me, we're all holding For each other, that's the beauty of the 3.2 million plus apes out there, who are making amc stock happen right now. You want to know if people are buying and holding simple as it gets people are buying holding, and this is the price action to confirm it.

Right here, the shorts are still doubling down they're still adding up the short interest is still going up. The price is still going up, nobody's freaking selling any sort of resistance. You're seeing is just shorts. I guarantee it there's no infants or butts it's as simple as it is 26.72 right now.

My friends is the intraday high, so you got 26 56 50.. I can't even keep up with it. I can't i mean the volume on this is just dumb right now, 3.5 3.5 holy freaking toledo, guys. I got ta get back to work, but i'll tell you what just do me.

A favor drop a like on the video on the way out. I will be putting out a video here tonight, i'm so appreciative to everybody. That's tuned in for this freaking lunch break live stream hot online. Remember your! Why do this for each other? My friends is as simple as it gets catch on the next one.

You bunch of freaking diamond, bald and ovaried gorillas out there, much love catch you later and peace.

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