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Naked shorts naked shorts boom. Look at these babies talk about an outfit american shorts. You got the freaking button-up t-shirt. You got ta freaking rock those bananas baby.

You guys. Let me know if the lag is any better. I tried to go over to my obs studio and just lower the bit rate in some of these technical settings and stuff, but uh. If there are any issues you let me know i'll, try and figure it out i'll, try and get this sucker rocking and cooking with crisco as soon as we possibly can.

But let me know right now, right. Whoever was in that last live stream. I know there's a little bit of a lag and it should be better here, so you guys just let me know looking good looking good, looking good much better. We are good, let's go baby, we're cooking, so in case you're, just tuning in now i didn't catch that last live stream.

Obviously i was having some lag issues, but i just went over to uh obs and adjusted the bitrate a little bit to to work with the fact that uh, apparently this freaking hotel's wired internet connection is absolute garbage. But we got our cooking up and the price is currently sitting at 48.48 cents down about 1.7 percent here in the pre-market and uh we're sitting. Okay, there was some really cool stuff that happened here in the last 24 hours you had amc actually come up publicly and state the overall situation, with how many shares are outstanding right, so 502 about million shares outstanding and about uh. You know 4.1 million individual investors.

Now, what's not clear about this and i'm waiting to get an answer back, i'm going to see if i can get a solution, some sort of answer as to what that really means is we don't know if that's only addressing retail investors or if that's retail investors And institutions - it shouldn't really include insiders, mostly because insiders don't really have a right to vote for their own company right, that's a little bit of a conflict of interest, but nonetheless right either way the math doesn't really add up. The math doesn't make sense when you think about the fact that if there's 4.1 million investors out there at 120 share average, that's about 492 million shares out of 502 million and then you've got short positions out there, which at the time of june, 2nd there's about 89 million that's more than the overall float, the don't make sense, the math don't add up, it doesn't make it lemon pep attendees. So, even if you take the worst case scenario, which is that 492 million shares is what everybody except for shorts owns, it doesn't add up right. That would leave no shares available and then how are you getting hundreds of millions of volume every single day? You'd need insane algorithmic trading which, by the way, is in and of itself just a garbage practice, but nonetheless the math don't add up it's a great confirmation that we've been on the right page, this entire time, then ortex actually came out and put out a tweet Talking about this share recall right, so i actually want to pull up the exact tweet, because i did retweet this.

It's some pretty interesting stuff now check this out. The unexpectedly high short interest implies that the shares returned in this period were eight typically, not shorted shares, but it's that shares that were borrowed, but not shorted bam, share, recall forcible share, recall this is something that happens when you've got a little more risk in a Particular stock and shorting that stock than you would like to see, so i'm pretty jacked on that. I'm happy with where we're sitting right now, ortex actually adjusted the overall short interest data. I was saying about 10 yesterday now it's at 12.7, with a cursor interest of 64.94 million.

Now keep in mind that this is exchange, reported short interest and there are ways for institutions and big firms, the hedges right to get out of reporting the actual short interest. Whatever you think it is whatever orthx says it is, i think it's much much much higher, because there's things that we can't quantify, you don't have the those deliveries in there. You don't have the naked shorts in there. There could be long positions that are actually being categorized or short positions, categorized as long positions right and then the t2 settlement right charles payne actually talked about this.

That t2 settlement is garbage because it takes two full days for any sort of transaction to clear for the liquidity to get pushed through the system. What happens in that full two days right? None of us can really even know this happens on both ends right. What? If we execute orders and during that two-day period of time, they're not even filling the order in actuality to push the stock price up, we there's no way to know and there's some crazy stuff happening here and it's being brought to the light by gary gensler. Hopefully, hopefully, the sec sec, do your damn job might want to look into a stock that has 492 million shares owned by either a institutions and retails, or be just the apes out here.

Right might want to look into this. You might want to might want to check out what's uh, what's going on with amc stock, but nonetheless that's what you got cooking up, it's down about 2.2 percent, as it is right now. You look at this on the hourly candles and amc has actually been holding up decently. Well, it broke this bull flag setup, but it's holding on pretty well, i'm thinking it might end up being a false breakdown, similar to how you had a false break out right here that 77 dollar mark.

So we just got ta, wait and see what actually ends up coming to fruition here, but it's looking pretty dang decent, i'm not too mad, i'm not too mad. So nothing about that right. We're gon na wait and see. You know how the date pans out, but i'm gon na be here until about 8 30 a.m, central standard time so about an hour and 20 minutes extra from here.

So we're gon na be here for a good minute. Appreciate everybody! That's tuned in here all the freaking apes out there, whether you're, an og ape your new ape right, appreciate everybody, that's stopping in when a doubt just out bro, i love it yeah, i don't know man, i i'm a kind of guy that likes to leave. One extra button down - maybe that's not the right thing to do, but i don't care - that's my style man you're not going to cramp that no one can cramp that good morning, dear trey, i hope you have a successful operation. I appreciate that things should go fine.

I'm not stressing out too much, i'm not stressing out too much. How many days are orders delayed, there's no way to know exactly. You know how many days orders are delayed by, but what i will tell you is this: a t2 settlement system right. This happens on both ends of the spectrum, the hedge funds and the retail investors.

Everybody that's, making transactions two days settlement time for that liquidity to get pushed through the system and the transaction to actually be finalized. What happens during that two-day period of time? None of us are ever going to know right what, if there's a conflict of interest for the market makers or the hedge funds or or or whoever's filling our order right. There could be a million things that are happening during that period of time and the one that's the scariest to me is this hedging against your position right. So, for instance, let's say that you're going through a dark pool system and get transactions filled, there are a number of brokerages that make that happen during that t2 settlement time.

What happens if you go through a dark pool system? People will do this because they make a fraction of a penny more profit per transaction. Your brokerage - and you know hedge funds. Both both will do this. What happens if it goes through this dark pool system, and you know that citadel citadel uh actually manages this dark pool system.

They feel some of these transactions, so, if you're making a buy you're making a purchase right? What happens if, on the back side of things, they're actually hedging against your position? They're shorting, your your position, that's a little scary to me! That's some stuff that i don't necessarily like seeing and that's what i fear right. I'm gon na come into my settings here. Really quick, because i'm noticing this already happening, give me one sec, apply that let's see what this does all right, anywho, i know i know it happens when there's more people that hop in here, i lowered the the bit rate on my stream. Hopefully that helps you guys.

Let me know ah and frustration, frustration, i'm getting frustrated bob saget, let's see if that helps you guys. Let me know, i think that, should it's looking a little better on my end now: okay, okay, that doesn't look bad. That doesn't look bad star player. Appreciate that audio is good.

Kenny is upset. I know what i know i i know it that looks a little better since the sec isn't doing anything about the naked shorty. Can you ask about fbi, intervention or tech cv, pain, mac, coors, we'll see what we can end up doing right, so i i've actually talked to a broad variety of people and while i'm uh, you know here rocking in oklahoma, doing doing uh doing my thing. I'm trying to make some connections and see if i can, you know, find ways to get stuff moving, because this is ultimately what i want to see.

I want to see a better market. I want to see better rulings filings coming out from the nscc, the dtcc, the dtc the sec, and if the dtcc is actually colluding with hedge funds, protect the losses on their short positions. That's some scary. They need to get crack down on heart if that's actually happening that would freaking blow my ah, i would not be a happy guy, but that's something that i'm definitely looking into man.

So i appreciate that i think, there's a big big big. You know lawsuit class action, lawsuit, that's gon na be coming here down the road. I think what i'm gon na end up having to do is uh just getting a different, different hotel, so kind of what i'm doing right now. For anybody that's curious is, since i don't really know how long i'm gon na be here, i'm not signing a lease on an apartment.

So what i'm gon na do for now is just pay out of pocket and i'm gon na stay in a hotel room. Every single day, because it's just a little bit cheaper than if i was to uh, you know, go get an airbnb or sign a lease. I don't want to commit to something. If i don't know, if i'm going to be here for a prolonged period of time, so you know where i'm sitting right now.

My first procedure is on june 30th, i'm actually going to get that small incision cut open on my chest and they're going to implant. What's called a loop monitor and that loop monitor is going to help me help the doctors essentially track what my heart rate's doing on a consistent basis, so i can figure out the arrhythmia, but for now i'm just going to have to bum around hotels and i'm Gon na try and find a better a better signal than what we've got rocking here for sure i can see it happening again. Honestly. What i'm gon na do is just lower this to minimum capacity.

I guess what i might have to do, which is absolute garbage, but i guess it is what it is anyway, we'll get into this next little question here. There's a lot of confusion on the share count, insider shares versus tooth versus retail. Can you get clarification on this? You know what i'm gon na do right now. Is i'm just gon na text the main i'll text, the man right now and see what we can get hey adam? A lot of people are curious as to the share count and average holding.

Can you clarify if this is only retail investors, 4.1 million and the average holding is 120 or, if that's everybody, including institution, insiders, retail and shares on loan, thanks and hope, you're having a great thursday i'll get you guys some answers when i know appreciate everybody, my Dudes strong mindsets and patience, friends, good things to come, love you all wyler love you dude, so we got ta drop this freaking arrow, real, quick. If you're new to the channel just just tuning in for the first time, guess what we we don't have the og lamp in the room right now, but don't worry because i've hidden that other other freaking ugly lamp i'll just move aside here for a second! So you guys can see what i'm talking about. I've got shark shorts and van gogh, covering up the the double-headed hydra of a bad luck charm sitting in the back of the room over here, because i don't want you guys to have to look at something you're. Not going to enjoy right, that's not our mistress, that's not our girl.

That's not! That's! Not! That's! Not the one. We've all come to know and love, so we're hiding that right now and the real lamp will come out here eventually uh from from the vehicle. I've got a lamp in my car, but just waiting to see what ends up happening. Nonetheless, trey's only fans is 140p.

Oh man, the quality on that looks not great. Ah, that's no fun. When trey, let's just take a peeky weekend, the luffy style open shirt. You know the stock is about to gum gum.

Go! Oh that's good! We on the float 12 000 people in here. Yes, sir share count doesn't matter if shares are delayed uh, so the share count is coming from june, 2nd. So all of the data that we have is from june 2nd regarding the average holdings per person as well. As you know how many actual people out there are holding stock in the company coming from june 2nd.

I know the quality on this isn't great. I apologize guys there's not much that i can really do about that at this current moment in time. I i've lowered things in the the the settings as low as i can to be able to get some sort of uh consistency here trey. What do you calculate to get the current price action for a stock or value of the company? Thank you.

Uh give us apes for what you do so the current value of the company we have to be. You know real here. It's not trading based on fundamentals. It's trading based on a short squeeze now the short squeeze thesis essentially, is that you know shorts have over leveraged themselves into different stocks in the market, amc being particularly one of them right.

So, with amc being over leveraged, you have a crap ton of short interest on this stock. You've got a crap ton of uh positions out there that probably shouldn't exist, including naked short positions, failure to delivers right. That's what derives the actual stock price and not so much the fundamentals. The fundamentals plans to the equation in the sense of the stronger the company, the less likely you are to have you know shorts, want to establish a position but uh.

This is kind of where the situation's sitting right now long-term fundamental value of this company will come, but it's not yet this isn't. This is not the time to buy into the company for a long term thesis it's just not quite there yet. So that's my personal opinion. Hopefully that makes sense to you, but it's a valuable company.

You want to look at a couple different things. You want to look at their qualitative analysis right, so where are they going to stand in the marketplace in one year? Five years? Ten years who's their competition, how does their competition fare on the balance sheets? How are their liabilities versus their assets? You want to compare all these things and see. Who is the best at that particular market? To me, amc is one of the best in that particular market. That's just my personal opinion.

That's a good tweet sec. Do your job. Is that trey's hoodie? I love it. You guys are so good.

That's such gold! That's such gold! All right! I can tweet that out. I can tweet that out why not boom blurry camera. I know so the reason that this camera is blurry right now, guys, i'm gon na end up actually going to a different uh location here eventually, but i had to lower the bitrate as low as it possibly goes, because, apparently, the wired connection in the place, i'm Staying right now is just not good, there's not much. I can do about that.

What i could maybe do is like just buy a modem and bring this bring that into the room and just set it up. If that's something you guys want me to do, i i probably can you just have to let me know um, maybe honestly i probably should, but this is all that i can do for the time being just based on you know my current situation once i get Back to my house, you know i'm living, you know living in north carolina and move out there. Again things will be picture perfect, but i just don't know what i'm going to get out there. So, for the time being, i'm just going to float around hotels until i know, but we'll see, what's up what happens? Ah, can you also ask him if this report is only usa and canada he'll get back to me, so once i hear back from him i'll, let everybody know what uh? What the good word is, what the freaking crisco is cooking up baby sick.

All right, i, like pixelated, tray yeah, it's like it's like playing a 16-bit video game back to the 90s. It's like uh, i'm not going to say that. But it's a step. Brothers quote.

I love it. All right. Group chats are saying people are selling their stocks to buy amc, hey. Well, i'm not going to endorse one way or the other.

What people want to do, but nonetheless, i don't think amc is a freaking dead cat in the least bit by the way for anybody. Uh that was looking at clove how's, it how's it how's it going um, that's obviously pretty ugly that looks like a picture, uh pump and dump to me. They always say amc is a pump and dump, but i don't know that that no, it doesn't look good. You made money on the way up here.

Congratulations, but i didn't want anything to do with this because it just seemed fishy to me. You know, there's always every single day in the market, there's going to be stocks that are ripping and are going to look more sexy than any play that you've done. Your research can you've got conviction on right, but in the long term i think amc is fundamentally stronger for a short thesis than any other stock out there for a couple of different reasons. Right, it comes down to the short interest, comes down to the the conviction and the community behind a certain security right.

The loyalty to the company - and i just haven't seen that in cloak glove came out of nowhere globe kid. Just i just like woke up one day. I was like what the glove is up: 70 where'd that come from right. These sort of things have to have some sort of build up like there's.

There's got to be a slow momentum, build into those sort of moves. So if you made money on the way up, congratulations there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. We're in the market to make money, in fact you know it's it's an opportunity right. If you want to take advantage of marketing conditions, that's awesome, but i i don't know i don't know.

I don't know how i like that. That's a little bit ugly. It's a little bit ugly, but amc. I am just so jacked at how strong this is.

I mean this is really holding up pretty dang decent right now. I'm actually gon na adjust this descending level of support here a little bit because it is still slightly setting higher lows and higher highs check this out. The low right here is at about 36 bucks. Here it's at about 38 bucks here, it's at 41..

Here it's at 44., so i mean it's still stair, stepping ever so slightly into the right direction. So that's pretty good to see pretty decent. All right, i got ta come back up here. Amc strong amc isn't getting clapped like.

Oh, it is what it is. What do you do? What do you do all right? What's a good call option for tomorrow. Personally, i wouldn't pick up a call option for tomorrow. That's not enough runway, especially since we're in a consolidation phase right so either calls or puts you don't want to really play calls or puts.

If there's not a lot of volatility and as of the last, you know four or five days, there hasn't been a lot of volatility. It's been trading kind of sideways, there's, not a lot of price action actually happening, and that's actually what market makers like to see. That's what uh that's where they make their cash is when stocks are trading sideways, so i would wait until you get a clean technical breakout which would be a break over this de-sunday level of resistance. As you got right here right, you have a little bit of a false breakout right here and a false breakout right here, but you want to see a confirmed, hard move in order to pick up some more call options right, so we're just waiting to see what Ends up uh, you want that volatility.

So once you see some volatility or if you want to play, you know further expirations, i think that's maybe a better way to go about it. So i'd say you know. If you want to play some further explorations, i wouldn't play tomorrow by any means you could look at 18 june 25 june or 2 july, and those will treat you pretty well because you got enough runway to get these. You know give these things time and you're, not fighting the theta, and you don't have to stress so much right.

You want to pick up tomorrow. Go you know, you feel free, it's your money at the end of the day, but there's no risk associated right. If it doesn't run up, you could lose that entire premium and the theta on these is nasty. That's not good! Theta! I mean check this out.

The 50 strike is worth 4.75 cents. A share, 475 bucks. One passing day you move into tomorrow. You cut that value in half if the price stays the exact same right.

That's not that's not good. I i just wouldn't touch it with no volatility, as it is right now. The ellie appreciate that george w on the one month, let's check it out. Oh, there is look at this: the big fat, tasty, nasty, dirty filthy.

You know what it is: george w you're looking for a break over this neckline right here to get some sort of hard move off of this technical setup, but george w, if you don't know, is a double bottom. That is something that we just came up here with at the channel that i thought was kind of funny. Pretty interesting name makes it easy to remember the big it looks like a w. Is it the jh dabia, but should be looking for a break first over this decent level of resistance and then over the neckline of this double bottom george w set up? How is theta determined too easy, so theta you've got stronger, theta higher theta the deeper out.

The money these uh - these calls go right, so these aren't updated as of right now, but they will be once market opens. You'll see that the deeper in the money you've got to call the less data you lose right and the further out the money, you're called the more theta you lose compared to how much the contract is worth right. So as of right now, these 80 strikes are worth 74 cents uh a share which means 74 bucks total - and this is i mean this - is gon na - have to update at some point but you're losing a lot of value on these. So, like 36 bucks out of 79 bucks is half your value so the further in the money, the less data you're fighting the farther out the money, the more theta you're fighting right.

If the strike price is over, the current market value more time, decay under market value, less time decay you hold on to that intrinsic value. A little bit stronger, the last or text update was from the 28th of may ie, 20 to 30 run up. Can we expect another huge short interest update when the data from 30 to 77 comes in it's very possible? In fact, i kind of want to show you something that i found to be interesting. So if you come to the advanced tab on ortex, you can actually see some pretty interesting stuff.

That's taking place right now, and i want to show you this. It's going to be the new shares on loan right, so you've got the average days for shares on loan sitting at about 54 right, so the average held position has been held for 54 days, which was back when this was trading at between 9 and 14. Bucks. Now we're going to take that off the table, and i want to show you these new shares on loan check this out.

New you've got a current spike there's a new spike on new shares on loan check. This out. These shorts are starting to add to their positions. That's a significant little jump right here i mean you look back at may 28th.

There was only about 4.6 million total new loans that had been taken, and this is starting to hop back up. I mean you're, looking at 14.5 million new shares on loan. So there's some new money in here. That's trying to short this back down and that's some good confirmation to me that there's some people who are trying to bet on this going back down and i don't think it's going to happen.

I think, where we're sitting right now is pretty freaking bullish. I mean the consolidation of the fact that it's holding strong right here is strength. That's a lot of strength. I like seeing that.

Oh, yes thank you loki appreciate that trey live again, we're back baby, absolutely video on potato mode. I know that quality is not good. There's nothing i can do about that. What i'm just gon na end up doing is going to a different hotel, so i'm here until saturday and then uh once that uh once i get out of this room, i'm gon na go somewhere else and get some better quality.

But i can't do anything about that. I use hotspot on my phone for a while, but once you use certain amount of data on your phone, it's uh. It slows down the quality, so i'd actually be doing worse. If i was on my my actual phone right now so not much, i can do about that tray massive amount of in the money options next friday, next friday, yeah.

So the june 18th options chain is filthy. It's nasty just 40 alone. You've got a crap ton of call options in the money. You've got currently 125 000 call options of that 40 strike.

23. 050. 20. 000.

20. 000. I mean this is gon na, be a huge, huge, huge expiration date, a lot of momentum. Building into this i mean look at this.

This is what's absurd. 33 000 call options at 145, bucks nasty, that's so gross. So if this ends up running the hedging, the gamma, the gamma, squeezing that would come from these sort of moves would be really filthy. We're sitting down about three point: four: seven percent, as it is right now, total volume on the day is at one point: two: one million weeble only shows you the weeble pre-market volume, so it actually could be higher than that.

If anybody wants to, let me know in the chat bar down below what it is feel free to do so that would definitely help me out. Stop beating your chest. I'm sorry it's a habit! Oh i don't even realize that i'm doing it half the time. I don't even realize i'm uh freaking.

It is what it is whatever, whatever love from the origin of apes, africa come on guys, push that like up to 10k, oh dude! Well, it's good to have you here, man, if you're, actually in africa and uh. You know you're joining in welcome it's great to have you here, welcome to the gorilla gang to all the new gorillas, all new apes out there who are cooking with crisco with the amc community. Let's drop some girls in the chat. We want to see all those new people who are joining the community and joining the family.

It's good to have you here: 2.6 mill. 2.9. There we go nice all right, sailor suit. We are the captain.

Now, oh yes, sir drake, can we find out why david ings is on the board of both citadel and the dtcc? Isn't that a conflict on interest? Let me check that out. If he is, i would say it is absolutely yes and that's what's crazy about these allegations david yeah! Look at this! So i've seen this floating around david inks is global head of operations at citadel and citadel securities and is responsible for all products across asset servicing billing cash management, clearing collateral management, uh reconciliation and control and settlements. Prior to joining citadel david served as chief operations officer of e-trade where he led operations globally across trade execution, global clearing middle office and shared services among other functions. David spent most of his career at goldman sachs, where he was managing a director and was a managing director and held numerous leadership positions over the course of a decade, including a global head of clearing operations and head of credit default swaps and equity derivative operations.

And he works for the dtcc huh global head of operations at citadel and citadel securities. I don't know about that. I don't know if i like that. Actually i know i don't like that.

Oh god, oh boy, oh boy, dtcc citadel. I just can't this shit's just stupid. This makes no sense. Look at this, this guy's the board of directors for dtcc.

So let me put this in perspective right for for my career, my job, that i work full time. You know my eight to five or whatever right. It is a conflict of interest. If we've got something called an investigative officer right people who will do investigations on certain situations, that'll happen without you know throughout that government job that i work.

And what will happen? Is you can't have a conflict of interest to the parties, whether it's the alleged or the accuser? You can't have any sort of allegiance to either of those parties. You can't have any sort of favor towards either of those parties, because you have to come in with a clear bias: no bias towards either party so that you can give a fair, fair answer on what's happening. Think about this as the same exact thing so david coming in working for the dtcc, which is supposed to essentially be an entity that governs the stock market, it protects people and keeps people off. You know safe whatever it may be.

This is the equivalent of. If i was an investigative officer and the alleged was my friend right, that is a conflict of interest and that's what i'm viewing this as man and for him to work for the dtc scene and also be at citadel citadel securities. The global head of operations at center down citadel securities - i don't know if i like that man, that's not good. That's a conflict of interest.

That's a little bit sketchy hold up a sec huh. It's like politicians, voting for a raise. It's definitely sketchy stuff. Man, hmm david ings, david ings, come on what in tarnation is on the board of directors for the dtcc.

He is also global. Head of operations for citadel in my government, facilitated line of work, we'd call this a conflict of interest. You know what i want for my birthday. I want no conflict of interest in uh in the dtcc that'd, be the ultimate birthday gift, actually there's a filing that might get approved on june 21st, which is my birthday coming up here, coming up here in 11 days, a little less than two weeks, and that Would be a hell of a birthday gift? All i want is a more fair market for the average retail investor and the apes baby.

That's what i want man, that's what i want. I think that's a pretty pretty good way to word this. What do you guys think? How old am i i'm 23. i'll turn 24 on the 21st congrats on your 40th? Oh, you know what it is.

You know what it is. Oh i got to post the link too. There we go june 21.. Well, happy birthday, dylan i'll, be uh.

Looking forward to celebrating with you all right, i'm gon na take this part out, hmm all right. There we go anywho back to it, as it is right now, you're. Looking at about negative 3.59 on the level twos you've got the largest cell walls at 47.71 47.73. This is the level two in case you're not familiar.

The bid in the ask will tell you what people are going to buy it for and willing to sell it for the larger the spread between the bid and the ask the the more difficult it is to come up profitably for day traders swing traders that sort Of stuff, so to see a tighter spread means that there's more availability to stock and you're not having to fight so hard to get orders filled on both ends of things. So uh pretty interesting to watch this as the day goes on. You see, you know less availability, the shares less availability to liquidity. You know these.

These spreads can actually open up a little bit, but it's also indicative of uh. You know big levels of resistance or support that you might end up seeing on any given stock on any given day so to see a decent cell wall at about 47.95 tells me that that can act as a level of resistance, so we're going to actually slap That up here here in the pre-market at about 47.95 or so, and you can see that it actually rejected right here off that candle wick right. So a top detail on a candle will tell you that there's a you know some sort of rejection of buyers at any significant level, and you can see that it lines up pretty decently. Well, with this consolidation that we had right there underneath the volumetric average price, the v-wap, this gold trend line right here - tells you the average price that anybody's paid on any given day so you're waiting to see a break back over that uh.

That volume at average price, because typically with that, will come a shift in momentum, more overall volume or liquidity getting put into the stock right. So that's what you got cooking up right now. What am i wearing? This is a cool shirt man. I like this shirt.

I like this shirt. Yes, sir use your phone's mobile hotspot, the wi-fi the hotel is too bogged down. I can't do it man, i already maxed out uh, it's gon na lag. If i use my hotspot, i've tried thanks man for everything.

I appreciate that the charts are all fugazi um. I wouldn't quite say that i wouldn't quite say that there are actual trends that you can read and give you the best opportunities to buy and kind of expect. What's coming, you know and looking at this, this is a technical trend. This is predictable, stuff right.

You can actually do something with this information, so i wouldn't quite say it's a fugazi um, but once things get volatile and you don't have any trends to base things off of there's not much, you can do with technical analysis like i've made videos in the past, Where i'm like look, there's no trend, i can't give you any sort of you know, anticipation and prediction as to what's going to actually happen. Silverback nut guardians reporting for duty. Sir, welcome back. It's good to see you.

You should get another phone to use for streaming. I'm actually thinking about getting uh a second phone, just just for for youtube stuff for sure love. You too man thank you. Uh tips tip star, what's dark pool, so what? What's going on with dark pool? I see a lot of people uh dropping.

This. Is this on twitter at all? I love that. Oh charles payne, my man, my man, charles thank you for that uh, but dark pool, so the dark boy essentially has a way for different brokers, dark pool price, okay, yeah yeah, so i haven't seen my replies. This is the real dark pool price leak from an insider at citadel.

This is the last time i'm reposting this. Please re-share this to get all the bears on our side. So if this is legit right, i'm going to give you both scenarios, because i'd rather be i'll. Give you the best case worst case scenario.

Worst case scenario is there's no such thing as a dark pool price leak. Right who knows who knows this is speculation. I don't know enough about what's actually happening behind the scenes of dark pools, to give you the actual confirmation, yes or no, that this is legit either way if it is legit and it's not the actual stock price. Whatever this may be right, it's 1533 bucks that tells you the whole story.

Man we've been saying this forever. We've been saying this forever. My friends literally there's more happening on amc that meets the eye. We have an overall trend.

We have ortex acting as a trend to follow in terms of what's going on, i'm telling you right now: amc stock, i i'm 99.9 convicted. There are shares out there that shouldn't exist, there's more being traded because simply put right if we were only to look at. What's actually going on and we take the worst case scenario with the share count: 492 million shares for 4.1 million investors right. You 120 shares a piece.

You got shorts out there, 89 million. That leaves no room for the flow worst case scenario you're, looking at almost 600 million shares that are circulating in the market, you're still getting hundreds of millions of volume every single day, worst case scenario. This is being diluted to some extent by shares that should not exist in the marketplace, so i can guarantee you that if that is true, the stock price should be higher. Is it 153 bucks? Wouldn't surprise me wouldn't surprise me at all.

I honestly, i wouldn't be surprised if there was a billion shares trading on the market. I just wouldn't because i've seen the way that this this works right. Think about this. Let me plant you with a hypothetical c amc has been talked about for six months and i would argue that it's one of the most talked about stocks on the market.

If not the most talked about stock on the market for six months. Think about all the people on on the internet who have bought this stock, who have held this stock, who have who have waited for this stock to make a move. Think about all the people, millions of average retail investors the little guy right. Millions of people think about all that you know like six months of people purchasing stock over and over and over and over and holding it like every single person.

I've talked to right and just face-to-face interactions. I've been holding this from february march april may different people getting at different times, but right like this, does not make sense to me that you would see this much volume on any average given day and it's just not going where it's you know, hypothetically supposed to Go i there's outside forces in this that are not being accounted for, that are holding this freaking stock down simple as it gets, the stream gets slower every time more people hop in god, dang it. Let me hold on a sec hold on hold on hold on. I know this this.

This quality is absolute garbage, but i'm trying my best to to give you the most that i can in terms of uh actual up to date, no lag we'll see. If that helps at all you guys, let me know, but uh, i'm telling you man, i'm telling you there's more to this that meets the eye. They're 100 is trey. Internet is perfect, so jealous.

I know my my internet is honestly amazing. Honestly amazing, it's it's incredible. You know what i'm gon na do hold on hold on a sec. This is probably a stupid joke, but i think it's funny.

I want to screenshot this uh, i'm gon na screenshot this i'm gon na tweet it out internet level. Nine thousand, oh man, you got ta have fun. You got ta have fun. I can get frustrated about my internet being slow and lagging and having awful bit nine quality, or i can laugh about it and just post it on the internet.

Oh man, internet level, 9000. Yes, sir, all right, dude trey when you had the one dollar stock on the screen. Yesterday you almost gave me art. Oh man, we like the stock.

We like the stock, no lag cool rock on rock on guys. Do me one favor. I covered up this freaking uh hydra of lamp back here, the double-headed beast, because this thing is just bad luck. Bad juju you've got an arrow drawn up which i'm about to adjust, drop a like on the live stream for og lamp.

This is the one i'm going to ask during this live stream. It helps out blah blah blah. I don't like asking about that, but every time i forget to do so, people remind me - and this is the one time i'll say it so uh. It would help out just do it appreciate that immensely orders being held back for days wouldn't surprise me, that's the problem with the t2 settlement system.

Right is you don't know, what's happening with your transactions during that two-day settlement period, there's a lot of sketchy stuff that can happen in two days, absolutely trey robin the deep v-neck polo shirt. Yes, sir, that's my style all right trey. If we can't trust the short data, how we know when the shorts have covered during the squeeze, so i'm not saying you can't trust it per se. But i'm saying it's an overall trend right, so ortex gives you an idea based off of 85 of the exchange data, the reported exchange data without any sort of finra mal reporting right.

We know there's finra reports that come out saying that hey the short interest was actually misrepresented by x party, wide party z party over a sustained period of time. So for that to be you know the case, you just have to pay attention to the overall trend. Now you'll know what shorts are covering, whether it be the naked shorts, the failures or delivers any sort of stock that shouldn't be out there right, maybe short positions that have actually been qualitated as long positions. There's a million ways that this can happen right.

That's what you got to pay attention to is you'll see it in the price action. The chart tells you the entire freaking story. I think that the short interest on this could easily be 150 to 200 percent higher than is actually being reported just based on what we know about the different research due diligence and number crunching. That's come out from different people from the halls of uh monte zuma.

To the hills of tripoli, where america's financial fighting force the gorillas of amc, jf wall, street viking dude, how did your uh how'd your thing? Go with the with the the now the financial media, this man, jf wall street viking, actually flew a plane with a banner uh over over some really cool locations and got some nice attention to amc stock. It's pretty cool, you're lacking because lamp is not with you. We need your lamp and uh matt tiny rockets, uh eddie's, wouldn't stand a chance. Lamp will come back.

Lamp will absolutely come back honestly, i'm just keeping it in there because i think i'm gon na end up located to a different hotel, just based on the freaking internet here, but we'll wait and see we'll wait and see. Did the hedges cover in the dark pool to keep the price down um? I think i think that people go through dark pools. There's a different there's, a couple different ways right, so you got dark pools. You've got otc over-the-counter trading right.

Both of these are not very highly regulated, there's not a lot of transparency and there's there's not much that you can do about knowing the actual situation any given security right. So this is the issue. If you know these hedge funds were to go through dark pool systems, they don't really have full transparency on what they're doing can they actually hide the fact that they're covering can they hide the the actual cover effect of a stock that is highly illegal? If that's what they're doing and they get caught doing it they'll get slapped very hard and there's going to be some some repercussions in terms of what they have to pay to make things right. You know with the actual stock price, so i i don't.

I'm inclined to believe no, but that's just me talk about the leaked citadel pictures of dark pool price for 1500. A share. I just saw that man it's uh, it was pretty freaking. I mean if it's legit, which it very well could be, there's no way to know for sure.

It's speculation. We can speculate, that's the most that we can do, but if it's legit um, that's some pretty freaking crazy stuff absolutely is um. I really do think that this is being synthetically held down. I mean i've showed this a million times i'll show you again simple as it gets right.

Amc is about supply and demand right. So let's just show you this really quick as simple as it gets. You've got supply and you've got demand. I've shown this a million times supply demand.

This is high low right high low. So what happens is this? Is the divergence point in a normal situation of supply and demand? Now, if you keep the demand the exact same, but you increase the supply, you get a lower divergence rate. It creates the synthetic appearance that there's lower overall demand right, and in this case you can think of demand. Essentially, as the share price, you have a lower overall share price right.

It's not good, that's not what you want to see. So that's what's happening. If this is the case, and that's what you know this leaked photo is speaking about, is the fact that there are likely shares out there that shouldn't exist, that is, suppressing the actual stock price for amc right and if these get cracked down on and that dark Pool data is legit you're gon na watch amc do some pretty nasty stuff, it'll, be filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy ndis, being added to the russell 2000. Let's go my girl mavis, yes, sir.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, you were fire on fox keep on keeping on. I appreciate that jason. I just tried to speak the truth.

Man tried to speak the truth. I was a little bit a little bit uh salty uh, salty, that uh cnbc tried to goose neck me. They tried. You know how goose necks are really like curved and bent, and you can they look like they could it's you get the picture.

They tried to goose neck me. So i was. I came out spitting a little bit. I came out spitting.

Maybe it was a little too a little too uh ferocious, but i try to keep it 100 man, i mean everything that i said was was just straight up. Facts, that's as simple as it gets. You know no chest speed. I know it's a habit to have it.

I can't help myself. I can't help myself. Microvision is running huh amc currently down about 4.5, which is not the end of the world. It is down here a little bit.

Microvision is up nine and a half 9.7. I'm assuming this is because of the news of them getting added to the russell um, which is pretty cool, stuff. Yeah. Russell 2000 has eight minutes ago, and that is 100, why this is running which could very easily um squeeze some shorts out of the positions here.

So that could be an opportunity for the short term, we'll wait and see amc. Can you explain what the russell 2000 is yeah very easily so check this out. The russell 2000. Essentially maximilian must sell fast before it drops to 10..

I'm not sure what you're talking about so the russell 2000. You can essentially think of as uh an index an index fund right. So this shows you essentially small cap index aims you know for for high market caps. You know decent stock prices.

These are essentially the top 2 000 small cap companies in the stock market. Right it'll show you a bunch of different things that you've got here, but you can just think of it as an index fund right. It's a way to essentially diversify your portfolio without actually having to pick your own subscribe, not subscribers, but uh your own companies, pretty cool stuff trevor. You heard my not a dead cat version.

Rj lee, please check it out. I have not seen it. I got ta be honest with you. I got ta be 100 hyaku pasento japanese for 100 in case you're wondering rj lee, not a dead cat.

I've got it pulled up. Man i'll check that out after uh i'll check it out. When i get to work. That'll, be my game plan, hey trey, why are you in hotels and not a house? So, to put it bluntly, i'm waiting to get uh heart surgery done.

So what i know right now is that i've got three main issues. I've got an arrhythmia that stems from misfirings of the neurons in my heart, so it's like electrical misfirings. Essentially, my body is telling my heart to speed up and slow down and it's not correlated with any sort of exercise or movement right, so they got to figure out what's going on there, which is why i'm getting the surgery done on june 30th. So i can implant a loop, monitor and track that the actual rhythms of my heart and figure out what's going on, that's the first problem.

The second problem is that my left and right ventricles are operating at about 45 for my right, ventricle and 35. My left ventricle of normal capacity, they got to figure out what's causing that then i've got a heart chem, which is a genetic defect that you know it's essentially just to put it simply a hole in my heart. They got to patch that up. That's going to be open-heart surgery, so what i'm waiting on essentially is for my job, my career, to make a decision based on all that information on what to do with me and for them to decide whether or not they can send me back to north carolina, Which is where my residency is, where my home is so until that you know time frame, i don't know, what's actually happening, i don't know.

What's gon na do what the future holds. I don't wan na you know commit to a lease on an apartment, because i don't know how long i'm gon na be here. So i'm just gon na keep moving around i'm gon na i'm gon na bum from airbnb to hotel to here to there and i'll figure something out, but for the time being, that's kind of my situation. That's why everything's rocking the way - it is, don't worry, you're still sexy at 360p.

Oh i'm not gon na. Do it. I'm not gon na beat my chest: i'm not gon na. Do it i'm not gon na do it looks like it might actually follow this arrow here, currently at 47.28 cents.

What you're, looking for on the actual stock price is a break over this descending level of resistance. You've had a little bit of a sell-off anytime that you're looking at a significant level of support or resistance. You want to see at least three touch points that signifies any respected level and you get them one. Two three different touch points you're waiting for a hard break, or this descending level of resistance to get out of this downtrend situation right.

So a one minute, candle, that'll, open and close above that, followed by five to ten minutes of consolidation or trend continuation over that signified level of uh resistance. That's what we're waiting on right! Now we are going to move arrow because lamp is held down the fort here for a decent amount of time and uh just get this cooking up to the new direction that we need to go. Lamp is chilling in my car right now we do have lamp. We covered up the hydra, the beast: the freaking uh, a two-headed uh dragon from from uh the depths, the depths of the shadow realm she's, not gon na.

Do us any bad luck anytime soon? I don't. I don't trust the lamp with two heads. I don't trust that, ah that ain't. For me, oh man, if you are a hilton, be sure you are paying for premium wi-fi, i'm not at a hilton, i'm not going to say the specific hotel that i'm at, because i don't want to put myself at risk for uh.

More issues like i've had in the past, but i've got everything cooked out to the max that i absolutely can hey trey. What's up the latest vortex dad only 12 short on amc, not convincing at all. Can you explain thanks, says pavi. So word tax gives you about 85 percent of the exchange reported data.

Now, there's a couple ways that big hedge funds and institutions and firms can show different short interests. I don't think or text is mispicturing anything at all in terms of what they're given right or text is supposed to report. What's given now, if you look at yesterday, it was actually 10 percent reported short interest, and today it's 12. and orthotex tweeted out about this.

Yesterday, saying, there's actually a higher than anticipated short interest that was given to us a couple days ago. So that's instance, one that they've actually admitted to the fact that the short interest reported before was actually higher than was given to them right. It was higher than was reported so what's given is the overall trend, it's 85 of the actual exchange reported short interest. That's just an overall generalized picture.

So what can we pull from? That is two things right. One scenario, a second scenario. One scenario is that some shorts have covered positions, given the fact that we ran from 30 up to 70. I would not be surprised if some did cover, but it gives you not the whole picture.

The second scenario is this right: they could report that shorts have covered, but it could actually be shares on loan that were actually forcibly recalled or shares on loan that were returned, such as ortex alluded to by giving us that that tweet, that we saw yesterday right And i wouldn't be surprised that once they get the next updated short interest report, you see that there's actually more shorts out here than uh are supposed to exist. So that's what i'm looking at right now, my friends, i think whatever you're given in terms of data, look at it as a trend. Right, don't look at it as the things about amc and i'll say this a million times over and over and over again there are things that are unquantifiable things that we might actually never know, that's as simple as it gets, and i'm personally okay with that, because I have faith in the in the conviction that i've been putting together on amc stock, all right very much appreciate that we need og lamp. Oh gee lamps in my car, we'll bring her up absolutely please keep telling everyone about citadel having a board member at the dtcc.

I tweeted it out man, i put it out there. I put it out there for everybody to see check this out. David ings is on the board of directors for the dtcc. He is also global head of operations for citadel in my government, facilitated line of work we'd call this a conflict of interest.

It's out there absolutely currently down about four point: four percent on the day here for amc, uh waiting for that breaker. For this decent level, resistance, we've drawn up the air we've done, the technical analysis. Lamp is holding down the freaking fort.

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