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Oh lee deleto, what's up what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, how are we doing it? Is your boy trey from trader trades coming back again for another freaking live stream here it is the traders podcast episode, number drop them in the chat 69.. We're watching! Amc's live price action as it sits right now and we are actually a little bit green here on the day up about 0.87 at the moment, just trying to reclaim this v-wap guys for everybody. That is mad, that i didn't have my freaking, my glasses cooking. For a long time they were broken, they were absolutely annihilated destroyed.

I mean the freaking lens on. This is absolutely just detached from reality, but i went to that meet and greet yesterday, and there was a nice gentleman named ethan who ended up giving me a pair of blue light glasses. So we got that cooking up and uh, no more, no more glasses. In the chat, because we do have a new pair, a new pair of freaking blue light glasses that should hopefully help out this whole uh whole concept we got cooking up, but anywho amc, as i mentioned, is green on the day up about point six: three percent, As it is right now just battling that view of the volume average price, we should not have that short sale rule the ssr activated today that did end yesterday, but looking at the level twos they're not super loaded up, they actually don't.

Look that bad. I mean you're looking at uh. A couple thousand shares from 1265 to 1270 is the largest cell wall that we see popping up right now, but i do want to show you the ortex data, because that short interest is actually going up again here today. It's hitting up three point: four, six percent of the day, current range percentage of free float is 15.4 uh short interest, looking like about 77 million or so, and i actually put out a video this morning that i think is definitely worth your time watching.

If you do want to check that out, it is my hypothesis and my thoughts essentially on the current short interest situation and the synthetics. So at any point during this video, you want to go check that out here is the uh, the name of it. It is just uh, the synthetics are are worse than you think. Essentially that is it.

The synthetic shares are worse than you think. It's like a 15 minute video, but i think i walked through pretty well what the whole process looks like why the synthetics are created. Why they're as bad as they are, and it's an interesting topic to talk about so if you want to look into that, feel free to do so. But we do have your interest rating up, as it is right now sitting about 12.58 cents, just below that v-lot volume average price of about 0.24 of the day we've been as high as up two percent on the day.

Up to about 12.84 we'll see what ends up happening, but it looks like freaking crypto is taking another dump right now: huge, unnatural, ridiculous flush on ethereum, dogecoin and bitcoin. All at the exact same time i mean that is just absurdness. That is not a natural move. There's absolutely nothing technical about the way that this is.

In fact this is the uh. This is an inverse head and shoulders pattern setup, which is typically, as i have an upcoming bullish reversal. If you get a break over the neckline at 41 657 now you could argue. This is a a bull trap, but bull traps, especially with blue chip stocks like this, don't make freaking three four: five percent flushes in the matter of a couple of minutes.

I mean this is one two, three four five, six, seven ish minutes that this ended up flushing down absolutely absurd: ridiculous, stupid, unnatural movement. That's just not how cryptocurrency moves, so i'm a little bit sketched out by that man, and this has happened twice in the last week, where you see those huge, huge flushes and the first time you ended up seeing some news articles that were coming out on the News saying: hey margin calls happen on cryptocurrency, so i would not be surprised to see that that is happening again, and i do believe that the market and crypto market is going to tank and pull back pretty hard. And it's going to correlate directly with what you're going to watch on amc, but today's chart alone tells the story spike flush, spike flush, so unnatural it is. It absolutely is man, that's just not how stocks move consolidation uh little rips up little rips down! That's where the stock market works.

We don't see huge flushes like this. In ethereum i mean that's just not how this is the equivalent of tesla, taking a flush like that you're not going to see tesla drop, seven or eight percent in the matter of freaking 10 minutes, that's just not how it works. This is the blue chip. Stocks of freaking cryptocurrencies is aetherium and bitcoin, and both of these have the most ridiculous, unnatural flushes that i've seen out of any cryptocurrency it.

It just doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. It doesn't make any sense at all. It's not how it's supposed to reflect uh in the price section. That's what you just saw rocking.

I saw that five dollar super chat. That said, that was for justin, if you, if you turned into matt's, live stream yesterday that made me laugh dude. That was a that was a freaking, really cool uh cool thing to see, but i'm glad you guys are liking the other glasses, but we're just gon na be covering amc stock here for a couple of hours. This is my last day in north carolina.

For the time being, i do have to go back to oklahoma and get back to work and that sort of stuff, but i will be here today - uh and i'll - be live streaming for a couple hours. I will not be going bell to bell today because i do have to buy one last thing from my house, so it's fully furnished for all my roommates they're gon na be moving in. I got ta buy a couch and i got ta buy a tv. A sectional, so that is gon na be on the agenda today.

I also wan na bring the girl out for some olive garden for some lunch, just essentially as uh one last nice dinner. Well, i shouldn't say nice, because olive garden is what it is, but i like olive garden, i, like unlimited bread, sticks, and you know me, we do those one meal a day, sort of things, but i'm very excited for this. It's it's going to be really fun. Last thing i want to say before we kind of dive into the community and chat about what everybody's up to is that meet and greet yesterday was absolutely freaking sick.

I really really really really enjoyed that not just because like it was, it was cool to see the people but like to hear people's stories like here the reason why people are holding emc stock and honest to god. That is exactly what this movement embodies to me is that this is real people's lives, there's real people's money, real people's emotions, real people stories that need to be told - and i learned a lot about a lot of people, which is absolutely phenomenal. Man uh just a couple of names that i remember off the top of my head. I met ethan.

I remember meeting prater um. Let me keep thinking here. Those are the two for sure i met like 30 people, so that was tough um. I spaced it on one of them.

It's on the tip of my tongue, a tip of my tongue. This was made for me too. By the way, this is really freaking cool, so this was painted by uh by a nice girl. She i think she was still in high school, but she put this together.

It's a little plaque that says some really cool stuff on it. It says george debia, you already know what it is. Knowledge is power. This is the way hoddle you got a building.

It's amc, theaters, there's little stickers that say gorilla juice, which is what i call water, because water tastes like junk uh you've got now playing, not a dead cat, tandy town there's a picture of me and adam air on the side of the building. But this is really freaking cool man so to everybody that dropped some stuff. I absolutely appreciate it. We actually have some donuts as well that were given to me that i'm very excited to eat, for you guys we'll do another freaking donut review at some point, and these are given to me by ethan these glasses, so shout out to ethan man ethan's an absolute Ape absolute goat, we appreciate - i really do immensely appreciate that.

So that's what i've got for that. I just wanted to to say thank you to everybody that popped out. If you are watching this live stream for everybody, that's supported. There's a lot of fun to hear everybody hear everybody's story, not a good cat amc watching day off.

Let's go joey joey was another man pm jesus patriot master gunner. He was also there not a dead cat on twitter baby. You know what it is: where's live stream live streams right here, man, we're chilling we're absolutely chilling all right. Crypto is falling hard.

It's it's outrageous. I mean ethereum. Just look at ethereum's dump right now. This is such an unnatural move.

That is just not the way that freaking cryptocurrency or any stock like this is not not natural. This is not natural. It's not the way that cryptocurrency works, doge going down 10 ethereum down 10 bitcoin down 10 7. I should say all making absurdly ridiculous, stupid flushes that are just not natural.

In the least least least bit i mean this is not how it works not in the least bit, so that is very strange to watch we're watching some crazy, crazy flushes and that's a lot of liquidity, big money. So what causes this sort of flushing ethereum bitcoin dogecoin? What pulls those stocks down like this? It's big money taking money out of the cryptocurrency right when they liquidate like that they sell off their stock. They control a lot of the overall price value of any sort of cryptocurrency or any sort of stock or security in the stock market, and it's just pulling back hard - and this is just further to me - validating what we've been talking about forever. It's likely margin calls.

It's either that or they're managing the risk limiting their exposure to a lot of the over leveraging. That they've been doing on the short side for different stocks in the stock market, and i was looking at mara because mara is also flushing alongside this, and i would not be surprised in the least bit to see riot doing something very freaking. Similar right is also flushing super hot. I mean this is just not natural.

That's not a natural price move. It's just not look at this riding a beautiful, beautiful, ascending level of support. You don't even i mean this is maybe a small small small bull trap, but you wouldn't see a retracement over 100 off of a small bull trap like that. You just wouldn't that's not a natural move.

This is people panicking the essentially bitcoin ethereum dogecoin. All the major blue chips of cryptocurrency pulling back, and this is reflecting on the entire stock market, guys it's telling you the whole story so afc as it sits right now. Like we mentioned, the short interest is up almost three and a half percent on the day. We're gon na come back here to ortex and just take a quick peeky weekend.

What this is looking like real, quick up three point: four six percent, as i mentioned, and i wan na talk a little bit about this actual picture right. What is actually going on with amc uh short interest right, so if you, if you are not able to catch that video, let's give you a really brief rundown, but you've got two things that contribute overall to this inflated share. Uh float that we've got rock on, amc, has naked shorts and failure to delivers and the truth is the majority of apes likely hold both of these things and it's not trackable, and it's not tangible. It's an intangible number that we will never know to break this down the simplest way possible.

You're. Looking at an equation that says x equals, let's make a random number 1 billion right, but we know that x is supposed to equal 150 million, and x is going to be the exact same. As let's just say, the total shares are available for lending right 150 to 150 million. This is the number that 150 155.

I should say this is the number we're supposed to see, but for whatever reason x is saying equals one billion. The reason for this is that you're looking at an incomplete equation right - this is what the retail investor sees. You can think of this, as this is the reported interest. The report short data that is given to the retail investor, but truth is since this is what we're showing we're being left out.

This is the box of what we see right. This is what we don't see. There's another variable right here and this other variable is synthetics. It's the naked short selling and stuff it delivers.

What gets caused essentially, is that inflated overall supply, which causes selling pressure and the way that it gets taken off the market is when we decide to sell back the synthetic shares or it gets cracked down on it. They have to be bought back at some point or another. What they're hoping for is that people paper hand out and they just get away scot-free and nobody ever catches onto the game that they play, because this is what they've done for decades and decades and decades. But this is essentially what you're looking at guys is an incomplete equation right.

The short interest, yes, is useful, but it does not tell the entire picture. It really. Doesn't it's an overall trend, you're looking at a 60-second recap of a 60 minute game and it's it's a very fascinating freaking thing to watch in real time, because i i was never in a million years, i thought i'd get to see something like that and be Exposed to that sort of malpractice that soon i mean it's absolutely absurd. It's absurd! I would have never guessed it.

We need you to draw an arrow. What am i doing? What am i doing? I absolutely do absolutely got ta draw an air, and it looks like this has some good timing too. I appreciate that. Keep it real, keep it real.

You know what it is. You know what it is. Much love hope. We appreciate that fernando good to see you back where i knew you.

Would you don't go from living your car to successful, let it bump in the road like yesterday. Stop you so essential, hard worker brother, i'm doing absolutely fine, absolutely man! I promise you promise. He promised you yesterday, i don't. I don't get frustrated with red days, not in the least bit right uh.

I i take a lot of pride in the community and i i really want the best for everybody, and you saw that passion and emotion come out of me in that sort of way and i'm the sort of guy that believes that, if you don't know the Right thing to do, sometimes it's better just to collect yourself and take a step back to think about what the right answer is in a certain situation. That's just what i ended up doing. You know that was 100 what it was. So i appreciate everybody's patience and i appreciate everybody uh, you know being cool and showing support and doing doing what you got to do.

But i'll tell you what man there ain't a single thing in the world that can stop me from talking about amc stock and getting this thing to freaking deadly town, chicken church kraken kingdom. Speaking of which check this out, you know what it is. You know what it is you guys have been asking, and so i shall deliver. You know what it is.

Oh man, how do we solve the hedge fund's ability to create unlimited synthetic shares? Doesn't this dilute all of our shares? They can do this forever. They cannot do it forever, but what do we do? The sec ends up investigating this sort of thing, or the share recount reveals enough to get the sec to investigate something or the people who are creating synthetic stock through phalanx delivers and naked shorting bear some red flags right. Essentially, they cross the line, which is unacceptable to look away from, and the governing bodies who watch the stock market and make sure that all the plumbings are doing exactly what they're supposed to do. They finally step in and they say, hey look.

This is way too freaking far. This is way too far. You got ta, take a step back and and think about like how extremely out of hand this is really going to get and that's exactly what it is. Things are getting out of hand.

I mean this is noticeable to a regular retail investor. This sort of like look at this look, let's just look at freaking ethereum and this sort of stuff, and you might not think this is not related to amc right - why? Why would i care, but it is, it is related because this is the sort of thing that that flushes out a lot of retail money - and this has happened on amc stock. I mean we've seen it if you, if you want any sort of proof right, you want any sort of proof to the sort of malicious attacks that have happened with amc stock. Let's just go back and look at the time that it tested 14.50 during the regular market hours right check this out.

You think this is the natural flush down. Do you think that is come on come on? It's just not it's just freaking, not! That was a purposeful attack that has taken place. Many many many times across many many many securities on the stock market and amc was the final freaking straw. Where apes stood together and said, look man we're hottling on it's.

The apes got a strong movement, we're sick of the malpractice, corruption and fraudulence, and eventually they got to listen to our voices. It's as simple, as that, i think, about every major movement. That's ever happened in us history. This is obviously a global thing.

There's a lot of people from across the world - oh lamps, not on my bad, but we like think about this. Just the us itself, history. Whenever anything comes to fruition, it changes history, people leave a legacy. There's blood on the line.

Man, like i'm, not gon na, lie to anybody here. There have been people who have gotten everything taken away from them because of this movement. There are i, i 100 recognize that, just as every big movement there's always been blood in every war, there's blood man, it's as simple as it is right, but the big thing is that we remember everybody. We remember all the stories.

Remember the legacy the history and how much this actually means what this means for the u.s economy, the u.s stock market, moving down the road because think about this right. I've talked with some friends from the uk just an example. The uk, for instance, does not allow a lot of the fraudulent behaviors that take place in the u.s stock market because they recognize the illegality of it and how quickly human nature can take over something like a computer system to steal, because that's what it is. It's theft, it's absolute theft.

What's what's led us to this point in amc, stock stocks movement, so that's my two cents on that man. Eventually, war will have a winner and it will have a loser and how we lose man. How do we lose as you give up it's as simple as that right i was watching a joe rogan podcast this morning. I don't know if anybody's a fan, but he was talking about fear factor and he said some of that that stuck with me, i think it's a pretty cool message to pass along.

I take no credit for it, i'm not that freaking intelligent, but he was saying um. You've got got like pivotal moments in your life right that define you as a person and they're going to be difficult. They're difficult things in life and afc is difficult. There's a lot of difficult things about what's going on right now with amc stock, but he said: look you've got two choices.

You know, one choice is you, can you can give up? You can let that one pivotal moment in your life define who you are for the rest of your life, that pivotal time, that one time where everything was on the line - and you had the opportunity to do something - really cool to change your life to change. Other people's lives and you can give up and say that's it. I can't do it and you're gon na remember that forever or you can step up and say: hey look man, i'm gon na keep pushing i'm gon na keep pushing until the final answer comes to fruition. Right until i get that end goal.

That end result that i want to see that's how you're going to define yourself for the rest of your life. You know, and i'm not telling you to buy or sell right, but that's something that stuck with me and something i want to remember for the rest of my life is that i had an opportunity to to do something that can really change my life and a Lot of people's lives forever and if i'm wrong, you know what i gave it everything that i had man. I gave him my full energy. I gave him my full attention, like i made the purposeful decision to say: hey, i'm gon na talk about ansi stock.

Until this thing's done, i'm gon na do as much research dd technical analysis talk about all the things that i can until this thing either comes to fruition or we're all wrong, and that's as simple as it is. I'm gon na keep talking about it. It's as simple as that, i'm loving that in the chat man crypto's flushing dude it's getting piss-pounded. It is disgusting, ethereum, bitcoin dogecoin, all taking huge, huge, huge, massive dumps right now.

It is absurd. It is disgusting, that's just not natural net. It's not it's! Not natural movements at all, hey, troy, missy pal, hey, welcome back good to have you brother good to have you good to have you absolutely hey, buddy dmd, a link this morning to sec litigation against naked short selling, big win a step in the right direction. Uh is that on twitter, let me take a peeky wiki, i'm guessing it is complaint.

What was the date for the filing jury trial demanded? I want to see a date on this. It's probably at the bottom may 19. 2021 boom. You know what it is.

Immediate attention is what they're asking for, let's see, yeah complain, jury trial demanded see, that's exactly what it is plan to the securities exchange commission for its complaint against defendant btig llc alleges as follows. This actually concerns the misconduct of registered broker dealer btig, which repeatedly violated the order, marketing and locate requirements of rules. 200G. 203 b1.

A regulation show on the securities exchange act of uh 1934 regulation show regulates the short selling of securities and was designed in part to restrict naked short selling and to reduce failure to delivers. Finally, we were just talking about both of these contributing to synthetic stocks. In the stock market, announcing an official document short selling is the unlawful practice of short selling shares that have not been borrowed or located. If sellers are engaged in organization, the volume of stocks sold may be larger than the tradable shares in the market.

It can lead to failures to deliver which occur when a seller fails to deliver securities that is sold by the settlement date. You know it is extremely humorous to me that i literally just made a video about this this morning, and this came out two days ago. Wow, what were the odds? What were the freaking odds, mr whiskey? What were the odds of that? That's pretty interesting man. I might have to dig into that a little bit and make a video but very fascinating for sure, with this huge flush that we're seeing right now on amc, i wonder how ortex is looking short interest still up 3.46.

I'm gon na be curious to see if that ends up dropping down anymore, but we're down about 1.37, as it sits right now, just flushing pretty freaking hard. I mean that is a nasty flush. That's looking pretty rough down to about 12 and 37 cents. Another grand scheme of things, though you know it's just it, shows you what's happening.

It really does. Let's look at this on the three months chart. What do you got cooking right now in a little bit of a consolidation zone, so we're training back and forth between this fibonacci retracement zone, just below 12 bucks right, you got this 12 touch touch point right here and then right above 13 bucks. So we can trade back and forth between 12 and 13, ultimately waiting to see if we're gon na get that retest of 13.

Obviously right now on the downswing, but eventually we're gon na find a bottom we're looking for a big fat nasty george w set up. I wonder if we're gon na get it right here, looking for that george w bounce double bottom, essentially off of this level of support at about 12.36. That's what i'm waiting to see my man. He has glasses again, i know it.

I know it. I know it. I thought people be excited about that shout out to ethan drop ethan in the chat. Try use the name, wolffan or discord and send you a message.

Please read much love brother thanks for all your sacrifices and integrity you've shown since january and every single stream i'll do it brother. I appreciate that. Let me uh. Let me pull up discord right now and see if i can find it wolfy all right: okay, man, yeah so i'll, read through that after this live stream is over.

Like i said, i'm not gon na be on here for a super long time, but i'll be i'll, be live streaming for a couple of hours, but i appreciate that and i see your message - i've got it pulled up absolutely i'm planning to drop 1k today. Should i wait for uh ph or do it now ph you mean after hours. I would wait for a bottom here. What i would do is i would wait for a bottom you're looking for a bottom out on this uh, this flush that we're seeing happen right now on on the short side right, because the volume is definitely picking up, which indicates to me that this is some Pretty purposeful short attacks that is coming in right now on amc stock, currently sitting at about 12 dollars and 30 cents at the low of the day.

You can see these level twos are loading up really freaking fast. I mean look at the bid in the ask side by side by side by side lots of freaking short selling on both sides of this right. Now, oh power hour, bob saget man, smooth brain, i'm telling you i'm telling you that's some smooth brain stuff. I am such a smooth brain.

Are we getting a bounce on uh a little bit of a bounce? I wouldn't quite call this the end of the downtrend you're. Looking for a break out of this descending level of resistance, that's gon na take a little bit of work. That's gon na take some work to get out of, because that was a nasty flush. I think people are gon na be worried about getting the rug pulled out.

People don't wan na buy on down days like that down rips the volume will probably be lower on down rips hey, i'm stuck in the washing machine, trace pink tank top. No, it smells in here take care of yourself. Thanks for all you do man. I was saying this yesterday.

I never in a million years thought that i would have enamel objects for my freaking household and hotel room that would have twitter handles and youtube handles. That is the craziest thing ever that is pretty freaking wild people are saying that uh ortex put out a tweet. So let me check this out. Let's see what we got cooking i'll have to watch that a little while too ortex all right short interest, update, increased borrowing, amc so far today, we've seen 24 times as many shares borrowed has returned 15.42 percent uh of free float for live, show interest data.

Oh man, how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man they will never learn, looks like we got the first little bit of a green candle right here, but it's going to take more than one green candle to get out of that downtrend Because that was about 10 minutes of flush you're. Looking for at least i would say, five minutes of train continuation or consolidation to signify to me that we have negated some of that freaking downtrend, because that was a pretty pretty rough flush. I'm not gon na lie new glasses, new tray yeah. These glasses are not bad.

They definitely do the trick. They help with the blue light for sure i notice the difference. I already noticed the difference. Hatred happy fridays tweeted you some wholesome content: hey denda apes, together strong, let's see what we got for everybody, hey denda, hey traders wanted to show you some more ape love what we got i'm pouring new.

I bought two shares. Let me get some gains to buy more, let's go to the moon. What's your venmo fam 14 bucks! Let's go that's freaking sick! Look at that! Somebody been mowed uh somebody even mowed this guy, some money to buy another share. That's awesome! Absolutely beautiful! You love to see it.

You really do. That is some wholesome content. That is some wholesome content bitcoin at 20k. Do you think it's going to drop that freaking low man sitting at 38, 000 right now, finally, getting a little bit of a bounce, but man that would be a stupid, historic flush? I mean to go from 40 000 to 20 000.

That is a huge huge flush. I mean. Let's look at this on the on the one year, you'd be giving back literally six months of gains in a matter of a couple of days. I mean look at how rough this downtrend is.

That is nasty. That is a stupid, stupid, stupid, downtrend, nothing natural about that. Nothing, absolutely nothing! This whole community movement are so wholesome, absolutely dude. Absolutely so adam aaron isn't doing the recount.

He is it's going to be the first week of june. That's where you can expect some answers. Justin is here, welcome, welcome, justin good to have you. I just don't care why people didn't listen to my dd with blue chip stocks cryptos i and all the dd posted on weeble people would have saved a lot of money.

Uh! That's a good question man. Some people might not uh, you know they need to see things with their own eyes. I suppose check news on weeble united married time. Capital increase their amc position by 130, 1 365 whoa.

Where is this? Let's look at this investment company uh united maritime capital buys pro shares, trust beyond me. Amc plug power, riot blockchain, yada, yada yada new purchases plug. I want to see amc there. It is added to holding an amc, entertainment by uh, 1 365.

The purchase prices were between a buck 98 and 19.90 with an estimated average price of 761.. The stock is now traded around 12.55 cents. The impact to a portfolio due to this purchase was 1.16. The holdings were 160 uh, 146 500 shares as of 2021 march 31st.

So that's pretty cool, they hold a huge huge amount, but that's that's. Definitely a significant increase. There's no doubt about that. No doubt about the fact that it's uh it's a significant increase.

Justin. You love to see it. You really do trey, stop forcing me to pay. You super chats justin gate what the heck he's paying it back.

He taught me a lot and wish i could have been there yesterday. Hey reuben, we'll do another one in the future. He absolutely will, when the crap really hits the fan and the big boys get margin called crypto will be in some real danger. Be careful, i agree with you man.

I really do 100. I 100 agree. I think the stock market and crypto is going to take huge, huge, stupid fat. Stupid dumps ridiculous dumps.

Oh man, did you see rich greenfield tweet about adam aaron? I did he uh. He was talking about me that that freaking, unless it's a new one, that silly chicken that's silly freaking chicken, what a dude - let's just check this out rich greenfield, i love how rich greenfield's neck pops up before rich greenfield. That's too good! That's funny! That's pretty good stuff, tweets and replies. Let's see if he said anything else, he retweeted this ah hold on.

They should all be ashamed of themselves, and the worst part is that ceo, adam and his management team are encouraging this behavior. Is it true that the ceo is encouraging household because that's a story read the last transcript aaron said that he and amc would each make a 50 000 donation to the diane fosse gorilla fund? Am i like this? What what that doesn't make any sense? How are you saying that he's encouraging this, because he donated a hundred thousand dollars to gorillas in one way in what way? In what way is this encouraging jack dino league squad piss? It's nothing! That's the dumbest thing! I've ever heard that doesn't make this! That's just that's just that that just makes no sense at all. That's sick! No! Oh! It's a little! What get out of here oh, come on! Come on! You're telling me a guy donating money to a charity is encouraging bad behavior. I don't know man seems like you're grasping at some straws yikes.

Oh my god. Oh oh, i did not see that. I'm really glad you brought that to my attention what the heck, what is that holy toledo, jeez jeez whoo, that was that was a good laugh. That was a good chuckle.

You know what that good chuckle brought us a nice little decent boom boom candle. That was some good karma right there. Getting a nice laugh out of that. That was a good laugh.

That was a good laugh. I like it. Oh jeez, the chat's going nuts you guys are freaking. Cracking me up.

Oh, what the heck was that that's some funny stuff. That is some funny funny funny stuff jesus. Did you see the 4chan post, alleging the dip and krypto unsure if it's valid, but it lines up? What's going on huddle eight, i didn't see the 4chan post. If anybody has a link, let me know, let me know, please do the trade get a motorcycle.

I don't think so. I don't think i own one. Oh jeez, here's the super, so you can pay to have your lawn cut, ps, where's arrow. Oh, we got to move air, we got to move air, my bad, my bad.

I don't think i'm going to pay something. I don't know if i know anybody that would mow my lawn for me. So that's that's a piece of why i got ta. I can't stream bell the bell.

It is: i got ta buy a couch, i bought a tv and i got ta mow. My lawn elon's got some dandelions that are attracting some rabbits and uh it'd be cool if they trap attracted monkeys and gorillas and silverbacks and orangutans, but i don't have any need for rabbits in my yard. I'd much rather have a you know: a freaking uh, a freaking bunch of cool gorillas rocking out here, but that is what it is. We got a little bit of a big fat.

You know what it is forming up. George w double bottom setup right here, so we got this downtrend right here. As you can see, this huge selloff, 10 minute sell-off five to eight minutes of consolidation. Now we got a little bit of a follow-through, so we're looking for a follow-up on this nice grip candle right here this one minute, candle with five minutes of train continuation or consolidation to get the next leg up for a good move.

We didn't end up holding this level of support right here at about 12 36, but that's okay, we're down about one percent of the days sitting about 12 and 42 cents. So far it is a little bit of a red day, but we just got ta wait and see. What's gon na turn around looks like bitcoin ethereum might be getting a little bit of a bounce here, doge going down about seven percent ethereum down eight point: six uh bitcoin down about five point: nine, we're gon na look at this on one minute candles and just See how much they bounce they're definitely getting a little bit of a bounce here, but it's gon na take a lot of work to make back that freaking uh that flush that we just saw. I mean that was a six or seven thousand dollar flush, which is pretty significant.

Pretty pretty huge offer a kid to cut your grass in exchange for you, uh buying him shares of amc. I think that's fair, i think that's fair, i think so i think so enjoy your last day. Man thanks for meeting up last night, had a blast heading to quick, stop for a donut and you're honored, braider hey. I was just shouting you out brother thanks for popping out thanks for popping out it was cool to meet you.

It was cool to meet you. You got a rocking man, bottom beard. I wish that i could grow something like that, but my job man - they don't. They don't want to happen trey, maybe a sell-off due to margin calls reminds me of wednesday fire sale, definitely not natural.

It's just i. I anticipate the same thing clifton. If it's not a margin, call they're liquidating their own their own holdings in cryptocurrency to make up some of their overexposure. I think in other positions we said it a million times right, uh, essential hard workers has mentioned.

This is dd and i've done probably less intense. Dd finding the same stuff that, when, when amc moves, when it all comes and goes, what you're going to see happen is an inverse relationship in the stock market. Blue chips. All your good stocks, including cryptocurrency, will take huge pullbacks, an amc, gamestop naked express microvision.

All those heavy short stocks will have their moon date. It's essentially what it is. It's 100 eight, a kid will cut your lawn for two shares says chris. There we go.

That sounds fair. I bet the crypto dump is in part due to the irs announcing a crackdown on taxing crypto, uh monero price, going up 100 and the last day sort of confirms this. I wouldn't be surprised, i could contribute to it for sure it definitely could andre. I sent you a dm on twitter yesterday feel free to check it out.

My nickname is uh the rio chain. Uh cheers bro stay strong, i'm chilling brother, i'm doing absolutely good. I hope you are too, i say absolutely a lot. Maybe i stopped saying that so much, but it's just kind of one of my words.

You said you sent me a dm dm on twitter. You can do arrows in weeble, buddy, uh, you're awesome, the number's the lie. The dd is correct. Don't let the okay! I didn't know that, so how do i is that a real thing did i really not know this all this time? How do i, what the? How do i do that holy toledo? Am i just figuring this out what in tarnation, but how do i do it? How do i get that screen holy crap? Would you look at that? Would you look at that? Oh, oh, oh! Oh! What? What all this time? All this time i've been drawing arrows and i could have just freaking done that.

That's funny! That's some cool stuff! It really doesn't take much. It really doesn't take much to get me excited wow, but the more you know, man, the more you know the more you know i just want to say. Thank you videos to help me know the way. I appreciate that brother, but i'll tell you what what brah i know isn't that wild isn't that wild? Isn't that wild? That's so cool, that's good stuff! Absolutely if they can't count synthetics, but we hold synthetics.

Does this mean we don't get to vote? I don't understand how it can't be counted in an entirety. So the thing is that if we get mailed a proxy statement, it's because you hold a share right. So if you're, a shareholder and - and they can file that right, essentially sending you your proxy they'll - be able to count up, not all, i don't think but they'll be able to crack down on what they know. Well, they can definitively prove through that shareholder control.

How many people get mailed a proxy statement is a way to to essentially know how many synthetics are out there. I don't know what the number is going to be. I don't know how what their finding is going to be, but what i will tell you is this: i think it is going to be an opportunity to expose some of the crazy stuff. That's happening right now.

How does matt k put emojis? He doesn't use weeble. He uses a different brokerage. That's what it is all right. Coming back up, uh trey appreciate your energy as it helps us stay steadfast.

It was awesome to see apes on twitter and ready get your back tree h. Stick together, hey thank you! Jarvis, i'm chilling man. It was good to see it's good to see the community uh doing what the community does as simple as that. The old arrows were synthetic, they didn't exist, they didn't, they never were real, they were never real, they were never real volume is what's hurting us we're going to continue to consolidate unless you get massive volume, so the volume the way that it is right now right, You're always going to have lower volume on red days as compared to green days, and that's just the nature of this beast right.

That's the nature of amc stock. So, as you can see here, you're absolutely right. The volume yesterday was low and it was a red day. We saw the first red day in a good minute.

Besides this day, the volume is turning down on these two last days, because the volume is red right. You typically get people that buy and uh. You know buy on green days and sell on red days and that's the problem with that equation. Is that you're not getting the people that are selling on red days, because people are holding the stock? It's as simple as that? It's as simple as that now that you have glasses amc with boom, bow chicka, wow glad to see your energy back.

I saw that you're super tall and actually wear pants. I do occasionally wear pants mic, but i'm not that tall. I was standing next to a guy. That was a little bit shorter.

That's that's! Really! All there was i'm about five foot eleven. I think the average height for a guy is five, nine, so just a hair above average five eleven. I wish i could say six foot, but i can't i can't say six foot. I wish that i could.

I wish that i could airbnb versus alibaba, which is a better buy for long term, thanks for daily knowledge and awesome personality, amc sensei, i personally do like airbnb, but i think the thing about them is i'm waiting to see how they handle and how they do. When hotels are back at full capacity, when uh covering quarantine restrictions are pretty much uh irrelevant at some point in time, so i personally would favor airbnb, but that's just an opinion. Man - and i say that because alibaba from what i've seen in the past has had some problems with uh, i wouldn't say fraudulence, but some mishandlings and they've got some cr, pretty crazy flushes. Consequently, because of it, i i like airbnb, i don't know how they've been holding up.

Let me just look at it technically, airbnb. Definitely downtrend, let's get your uh alibaba is airbnb has not been ipod for that long. These are daily candles, but it's in a downtrend too it just uh the market as a whole. You've got a lot of blue chips that have been making some pullbacks.

Six four shrimps or six inches means a yeah. It does yeah absolutely five: nine podcast, 69 nice dude time flies time flies. It really does it really truly? Does i'm still blown away by the order flow? I love the channel watch every day, you're, the one that made me feel like i could do this thanks. Bro dude the order flow makes no sense.

Let's look at this today once again, once again, wouldn't you know it? Inflow is higher than outflow, weird, strange huh. That makes no sense at all. Well, how about we just compare this to uh to gamestop here really quick, gamestop green on the day and you've got a pretty large uh large difference here, inflow higher than alpha and it's green on the day. You've got a difference of 29 million versus 37.

So that's about a 7 million dollar difference. Amc you've got a three million dollar difference and it's red wow huh interesting interesting, really very strange, very strange! Hmm! Whenever you're back in the land of ten thousand likes, let me treat you to a bottle of crack and a couple of brews you're number one. My man, hey man, i'll take you up on that. I absolutely will definitely definitely definitely do that man krypto, is just having a tough time this morning.

Look at this look at ethereum. You got a little bit of an inverse head and shoulders pattern that could be starting to form up here, but we got ta, wait and see. That's gon na play out bitcoin down 7.8 percent right now, not as much of an inverse head and shoulders pattern. Here.

That's showing a little more weakness than ethereum is at the moment, but geez i mean that's some absurd, absurd sell-off. It really is proportionately. Jimmy inflow is way higher. It is, it is true, but the influent amc is higher than the outflow and it's red.

That's just the point that i'm proving is the inflow on gamestop is higher than the outflow, but it's green and then you've got the opposite for amc, where the inflow is higher than the outflow, but it's red it just doesn't make sense. That goes against. Basically, everything you're supposed to believe about inflow versus outflow. Are you on tinker a b, i'm from midwest uh city oklahoma, tinker afb, i'm not sure.

If i know what that is, i i live in oklahoma. I can't say exactly where, but but uh about an hour away from oklahoma city, it's friday, can you give a shout out to my big diamond hand, bros ryan graves and chris holbert? Also, your b day is a day away from my son's gemini season jim and i gemini, i should say, hey well, shout out to ryan graves and chris holbert i'll tell you what your son's got. A pretty cool birthday june 21st is my birthday. It's actually a month from today how about that almost 24.

check out hedgiemade account look up the tweet by gear, uh, barry gensler from 15 hours ago, gary ben or barry genzler. Let me check this out. Barry gensler huh barry. Look at this.

Okay. Let's see we got 15 hours ago, federal financial regulators should be ready to bring cases against bad actors and crypto and other emerging technologies. Wait i'm confused. How long has this existed? How long has he's got 28 tweets, 8 500 followers fixing chairs in the u.s securities and exchange commission new to the social parody world? So go easy on me.

How does he have 8 500 followers? Barry gensler, hmm interesting! So there's a gary there's a gary from 1957 barry. I don't know about that. I don't know about that. Hmm federal financial regulators should be ready to bring cases against bad actors and crypto and other emerging technologies.

Do you agree? Wow i mean for a hedgie made account it's doing decently well, followed by rich greenfield's neck. I love that. I love that interesting account wow. It's doing that's something i like that parody account parody account it's fake.

Obviously i i totally get it. I totally get it. I get the story interesting. Do we want to read that uh that article? Yes, sir? Please do trade right over the entire document this morning.

This could be the first of many cases. There we go adrian i'll, do it. The game is rigged boys. It will never be fair huddle and it hasn't been for decades.

We like the bigger arrows. Should we draw a bigger arrow? You know, i think you're, probably right it's easier to draw it this way, but not everything in life is easy. Not everything in life is easy. We'll go like that.

We'll go like that. Cowabunga! You know what it is. It's gary. I thought it was gary yeah.

You should go to barry gentler and help him elaborate subjects for discussion for amc gme on his twitter. Should i say something to it good morning the most beautiful girl in the community, nah man, i'm just a regular dude. I built like a stick. I just take pride in being an average man, glad to see that you've seen me feeling better today, muscular brother, i'm absolutely chilling matthew.

I appreciate that this crypto dump is manipulation. Big players will snap up all bitcoin ethereum h bar xrp 88, cheap, because these will go up thousand percent in three years. I'm with you, i'm with you make an arrow out of arrows. That's a concept right there.

Now that's a concept. Let's try that out. Let's see what this looks like, let's see, let's just give it a shot. I'm curious as to what this will do.

This might look kind of strange, but we're here for experimentation man, let's give it a shot. No, i don't want that. This looks a little goofy. I don't know, let's give it, let's see, let's see what happens, let's see, what happens? That's not right.

What is this? Oh man that doesn't look anything like an arrow that looks like freaking geometry. I don't, like geometry. I think we're gon na stick with uh with what we know and love stick with what we know and love, it's that simple god, that's a discombobulated, looking arrow there, we go bam, bop lamp on all right, so we're giving you guys an update here, real quick On uh amc, what we got cooking up on the charts, as you can see, we are currently down about one point. Two, seven percent of the day on the level two is pretty even spread across the the ask.

You got a pretty decent buy wall at about three cents: 12.33 thousand two hundred total shares at uh, twelve thirty three. So let's hold this up pretty decently and that lines up uh. I wouldn't quite call that level of support, but it is a buy wall with that eighteen thousand share spread right there, but you're looking through you know a couple thousand shares on each individual painting to push through and since the volume is decently low, that's going to Take a little bit of uh pressure to end up getting that break over these uh these different levels or subway cup. Oh, i suppose you can't see it we'll put it right.

There subway cup is chilling, don't worry the affiliate, buying and selling point of crypto and take profits to flush amc, and so definitely it's definitely a possible thing. That's the danger of big money right so think about this. When you make a purchase on bitcoin, ethereum dogecoin whatever it is, to be honest with you to be completely blunt, your purchase probably doesn't make a large impact on the overall price action on that crypto on that on that coin. Right but when a big money buy comes in, they push, they push stock price up, they do they 100 do and when they sell, they push stock price down, which leads other people to either buy or sell, depending on the overall momentum of that cryptocurrency or security.

In the stock market right, so they can dictate a lot of what happens with with different prices, which is sad. I don't know what the the answer that is, or if there even is an answer, but it is a 100. You know fact that they do affect. Overall price action it does any thoughts on the t plus 21 plus 35 convergence.

I dmed you on twitter. Yesterday, big poo gorilla, i'm not saying dates but may 24th to 25th uh, so big poo gorilla. I will check that out here a little while, but i really have a hard time putting out dates. I i just have.

I don't enjoy doing it mostly because it's very difficult, i don't like letting people down. I think when you put dates out there, you lose people in the ape community, the the truth is, and this is as simple as it gets. Nobody knows, nobody knows when the exact date is going to be. We can talk about dtcc filings, the sec files, nfcc filings.

We can talk about uh. You know the overall short interest on something we can talk about this. We can talk about that, but the ultimate truth is that we don't know if any of those things are ultimately going to lead us to where we want to go. There's steps in our direction: they're confirmation boxes the liquidations, all the filings, all the short interests, all the numbers right, but we that's all that's the most that we can do the most we can do is speculate and and wait i mean i - i hate that answer Because i wish that i knew a date, but i don't i don't people tell me to check out lou's tweet yeah.

We checked this out earlier man, that's good stuff to see it really is good, good, good lover of expensive bacon. I, like that. That's cool! That's cool so proud of this community. You guys crack me up hot line.

Everyone we're going to win this war at 500k, lfg baby, uh, more stocks less! You can't see anything! I promise these have lining, so these are shark shorts right. These are running shorts, they're! Pretty nice, i like them, i wore them because every freaking day in the stock market is shark week, we're out there swimming looking for blood as simple as that, we need to get adam aaron and his fellow nba owner mark cuban on a live stream with you. Dude, i don't think i'll ever have the opportunity to live stream on with mark cuban. That would be pretty wild that'd be pretty wild.

If that was if it was possible, i would do it for sure trey wears short shorts. I do 100 hit lamp, i'm not going to hit my girl. I love lamp. Lamp takes me there.

She does running shorts yeah, they are people say they're boxers, but i used to run i'll. Show you i'll show you some pictures, because i know there's probably those uh there's people like those are boxers, but they're they're like shorts, i'll, tell you what i'll tell you what they are. Let me show you this running shorts america running shorts, running shorts, running shorts. I, like my running shorts, they take me there.

They definitely take me there. Oh, this is a good one. This is a throwback. I had some beer running shorts, but i lost them.

This is me and my buddy shotgunning a beer after we finished a half marathon. He didn't do a very good job. He got a lot of it on the ground, but it was a lot of fun. Nonetheless, that was a good race that was a lot of fun.

Skinny minnie, i was a two. I was a small guy for sure. Definitely we should super chat, squeeze tray now, zeke. Now, don't do that.

I don't want. I don't want that. I promise you. I promise you no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! There was already one justin.

You can't recreate the justin. You can't billboard's live in vegas and i saw confirmation that we do have an amc banner at the indy 500 glock nine drop on the facts. Let's go you'll have seen it waste beer dude. I know honestly, i was like i told him afterwards.

I was like brandon, this is my friend brandon brandon, you absolutely butchered a perfectly good bud light. What did you just do ah sad day, sad day? That's how life goes. That's how life goes. What do you do? Uh nulu versus wall street tweet?.

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    I think you & Lou vs wall street should team up. If that could happen the would be in BIG trouble. We are an amazing and awesome ARMY.

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    Reach out to Ted Cruz, he is somebody who commented on it. He would do something good for us, AOC said something about the squeeze. But she is an idiot

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    You guys are crazy…I am not trying to hate as I hold AMC shares but I am starting to think a little deep here…they are never gonna let us get rich because it defeats the purpose of the government controlling society so they will side with hedges. Second I believe Wanda sold out cause they have inside info and will tank. Why sell if you know it might squeeze. I hear people saying “Wanda had to sell because they were ordered by the Chinese gov to sell American assets”. Bullshit!!! If that’s the case then why did they keep 10,000 shares.???

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    You just gotta love people hating on other apes for selling, calling them paper hands. Yet, with Wanda, who sold millions of shares, they rationalize. Seriously. You guys deserve to be duped for not having an outcry against Wanda. They sold us off three times. First in January, then in March, and now in May, when we had the perfect storm again!! And people are not angry!?!?!? Wanda is on the board of AMC.

    When I heard those news, I immediately sold. My average was $6.34. Yeah, go ahead, call me paper hands, shills, fuds, w/e. But your hypocrisy is astonishing, when one can't say anything about Wanda, yet you try to reprehend other apes for taking a profit.

    The apes have two weaknesses. They're not open to criticism and they rationalize. I hope that the ones that are in red numbers make it out with green numbers. I really hope that you win something. But if you keep holding and others are making profits, then don't be angry a few months from now. You have to see that while you're holding and holding, many are selling at your expense. Many, the day traders, are coming in to ride the train and leave when the price is $14-16 dollars, making good profits. Sorry apes, but, again, if you're not making profits for not being more clever, then this is entirely your fault.

    And if you're quoting that reddit theory, key word being "theory", about AMC gathering info with SEC to sue the shorters for manipulating the price. My goodness, why are you rationalizing these things? Wake up!!!

    By August, we're going to see what Vanguard and Blackrock did with their shares. For one, I think that Blackrock has been lending them to Citadel, as they were known to help the short against Tesla in 2018. But then again, both, Vanguard and Blackrock probably sold their shares.

    Now, if you have 3 super big whales, Vanguard, Blackrock and Wanda, selling their shares. This means they didn't believe in the squeeze. I sold when I heard about Wanda. But I also thing other people sold. Now, if you haven't sold and you're still winning, then more power to you. You do what you want. But if the floor is truly $100K or $500K, then what does it matter if you have 10 shares or 100, you will still be a millionaire, right?

    Those who are in red, don't worry the price will again rise, as I think the apes will continue to hold. You are the new apes, the ones in red numbers. The ones that bought at $13-15. So you will hold, the price will rise again, people will ride the train, then you will leave. Honestly, I didn't see it before, because I didn't know better.

    Call me whatever you want. But if you're mad at me for selling, then rationalize that I need to feed my family. Just like you rationalize that Wanda just "had to do it". Get out of here, hypocrites!!!

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    Has anyone ever tried to place a limit order at $ 50,000 or $ 100,000? My broker has a limit of max 250,000 per order. If I go below $ 100,000 then my broker tells me this: The price you entered $ 50000.0000 is too high compared to the last price $ 12.0800. The upper limit is $ 14.4960.

    The broker's answer: "Price limit: Many stock exchanges define a range of accessibility and reject orders with a price limit outside this range. This is to prevent the excess of volatile price movements in the price of securities. Therefore, an order can be rejected whose price is too high or too low compared to the current rate. "

    I buy through DEGIRO on the NYSE.

    Degiro is a European brokerage company based in Amsterdam and has been part of the flatex Group since this year.

    DeGiro B.V. merged with flatexDEGIRO Bank AG in early 2021 and created the largest execution-only online broker in Europe with its own banking license.

    How about you in Webull, Ameritrade, Robinhood etc. ???

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    In few months or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

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    We could use some big guns for a class action lawsuits against the SEC for not stopping the naked shorting. We are 3mil strong, sometimes they need a push to do the right thing.

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    In all, Wanda sold 30.4 million shares between May 13 through May 18 for roughly $426.9 million. Shares of AMC fell 3.8% Friday to $12.08 following news of the stock sale.

    The filing didn’t provide a reason for the sale, and a Wanda representative was unavailable for comment.

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    It’s over….Wanda sold its stake over the past week. The theater chain’s shares have skyrocketed 160% in the past 12 months, buoyed by a Reddit-fueled frenzy that started with the videogame retailer GameStop Corp. and bolstered the fortunes of other companies affected by the pandemic, including AMC.

    In all, Wanda sold 30.4 million shares between May 13 through May 18 for roughly $426.9 million. Shares of AMC fell 3.8% Friday to $12.08 following news of the stock sale.

    The filing didn’t provide a reason for the sale, and a Wanda representative was unavailable for comment.

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    (ie: general strike used)
    4 x $10 calls, 4 x $15, 2 x $17, 5 x $40
    SELL 3x$10s, $15s, $17s and $40s @ $15 share price
    DIPBUY 4x$12s 4x$17 2x$20 5×42
    RINSE AND REPEAT ALL THE WAY UP. Increasing shares and contracts along the way.

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    we are thankful for your hard work"
    and I will also be a proud mom if my kid grow up to be like you..
    Sorry! I had to leave my input.

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    Question: I'm new to investment and I came across a video about AMC stock. I decided to purchase some shares. Are the shares that I am buying is fake shares or real? I heard a lot of synthetic shares floating around. This might be a stupid question. Thank you

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