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Today we will talk about AMC next week, the current market climate, and other current events affecting investors.
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What is up, what is up, what is up, should i take the the raider taiyo intro today? What is up my friends? Hey, hey! What's up my friends, how are we doing today guys how we doing ash akshay says hold big time, baby welcome, cosmo salas? What are your thoughts on silver, great squeeze potential? I know that it is a pretty heavily shorted stock, we'll check out silver. Really quick on on weeble looks pretty good right now great chart set up. It doesn't look bad at all. Uh retracement wise pullback held pretty well above 38.2 percent.

I know it is pretty heavily shorted that could be a good stock. I am going to pull up fintel just so. We've got that ready by the off chance that we do want to check this out um, but i we're gon na focus today on amc gme, any questions you might have we're gon na pull up some reddit threads, the whole nine yards and uh just check out All the stuff that you that you want to look at, maybe it's been 10. uh hold on a sec.

So let's pull up short interest, slv fintel man. I knew i was right. I doubted myself. I shouldn't doubt myself, hey hey! What's up everybody trey try to get on brian jones live.

I checked out brian jung on youtube. He's a pretty big channel he's a big channel he's got he's, got the fancy check mark. I don't know if i'd ever be able to swing that, but if you guys want me on his live, what you can do is go over to his videos and and comment and see if we can make that happen. But i don't know if he's ever going to pay attention to a channel like me guys, i'm pretty small, i'm pretty small, but let's check out the silver short interest as of january 29th.

It is 13 million, a total short volume ratio of 12 percent compared to their total market volume uh. As far as cover dates go, it does not say that here from my understanding, but they do update this on a daily basis. As far as the total short volume compared to total volume - and that is what's gon na cause, the overall short volume ratio, uh pretty high ratio, though 11.82, that's pretty high, okay. So, let's uh, let's just read off a couple of comments and then i do want to take some time today to read through some of these wall street bets uh reddit threads, so that i can give you guys my thoughts, my reaction uh, initially to what is Happening here, if you would not mind dropping a like on the video, it does help support the channel pretty decent amount.

If not that's cool too, i'm just glad to have you here watching. So, let's read from mr bro: what happens if the short squeeze happens and after or pre hours, because i can't sell after a pre-market? Well, fear not because that's not possible, it should not happen, and i feel confident in saying this because um what we know about about options right is, you cannot exercise them in extended hours, so you cannot buy options or sell options during pre or after hours sessions. So we do expect that this is going to play out on amc, starting uh in the regular market hours now. Does that mean that we're not going to see a run-up in the initial pre-market open, no uh, we very likely will.

I think it's pretty unlikely that we see you know a harsh pullback down to these 11 10. Nine dollar ranges, because that would mean people are taking profits, anticipating that the squeeze won't happen, but i think it's pretty likely to happen so uh. I don't think that's a huge issue. I don't think that's a that's a large possibility.

What i anticipate happening - and i have this drawn up on the charts already. We are currently in an ascending wedge formation right now, so we've got this support line, which is acting as a bounce off level. Right we've seen two bounces off of this and an ascending trend line right now, which is being very heavily respected as a level of support. We've got one two three four five six different touch points here and if this does end up playing out what i anticipate is gon na happen if it does not break through this, this uh support or this resistance level at 1588, so you'll likely see a bounce It'll be respected as a level of support again and then at market open you're, pretty likely to see a pretty heavy amount of buying pressure, maybe followed by a small pullback as all stocks do pull back as we've seen here.

But i think you're likely to see this thing run. I feel pretty good about it. Sam dollar, good, to see you here again my friend you're, so loyal. I know you're always at all these live streams.

Howdy trey welcome back. Please remember to send a pre-alert out, starting in one hour 30 minutes, so we don't miss your priceless commentary. I did put out a. I did schedule this about 20 minutes ahead of time.

I know that wasn't a lot of time. I had a video that i was recording and i will be putting this out later, but i was recording a reaction video to one of dead inside's videos regarding the amc, gme situation, and it was like a half hour, long, video and uh. I realized that my mic was not plugged in so i just sat there for a half an hour talking to my screen, which is uh. It is what it is.

What do you do, but i will do that in the future. Thank you again. My friend uh we're gon na get this question from ivan ria, if under 25, do you think we should pump more money in? That's a that's a good question, so i want you to know right off the bat that there is an extreme amount of risk involved with amc right so uh, i'm gon na try and break this down as simple as i can in terms of risk reward ratio. What risk reward ratio is, is let's say that you have 500 that you're putting into a stock right, we put 500 into amc and we think the upside is that we can turn that 500 into a 2500 profit, meaning we turn that into three thousand dollars.

Well, that's a five to one risk reward ratio so, honestly, what it comes down to is how how much do you think the stock is going to grow? How much are you willing to put into that risk reward ratio and are you comfortable with that risk mitigation level? So, personally, i think the the likelihood of this opening at 25 uh at actual market open. You know it might happen. It's it's possible. I think the majority of the damage that'll be done on this.

The amount of growth we see is going to come in the regular market hours. You might see a little run up here in the pre-market. I think likely you're going to see this uh this. This upward tren trending trend line, uh being bounced off as a level of support until we open and break through this level of support and resistance at 1588, and then a pretty harsh move after that, but uh.

I think that we've got some pretty good upside here. This is gon na, be a couple week, runner just based on the numbers that we know in case you have not been able to keep up with the overall price action happening with with uh amc. I am going to pull up, and this is off of fintel. We do have this updated as of january 29th, so this is uh very relevant.

Very recent information. I'm just gon na pull this up really quick, so you can see the overall short interest. So, as of january 29, 2021, we have an overall short volume of 147 million shares, which is a short volume ratio of 24 compared to the overall market volume. Now this is different from the outstanding shares right.

The total shares that exist on the stock. This is how many shares were traded on the previous day, which was 600 million. So that's what we know right now, based on the information that was presented to us - and this is what we see as of late so on january 29th - actually yeah 147 million. So we know that people are doubling down right now on their convictions.

These hedge funds are actually adding to their short positions, because the previous day it was 65 million shares. So this is going up. This is this is a very, very high amount of short volume. I think it's gon na be a multiple week runner, i feel pretty good about it.

Yolo man, that's that's the that's. The very definition i see a comment about ctrm and ctrm is something that i did want to talk about today. I think ctrm is a strong, buy now keep in mind the overall risk level involved. I do want you guys to keep that in the back of your mind, but i've got something drawn up for you that i think is very interesting here on the charts.

So we've got an upward moving trend line that was being respected as a level of support we broke down beneath that and now we have a new uh trending channel right. So this this exact trend line might not come to fruition. We don't have any touch points. Yet this is a guess on what might happen, but if we continue upwards, if we see some upward movement, i anticipate that this previous level of support will be an acting level of resistance and you might see some bounces leading into the regular market hours in which It does push through that and see some pretty violent price action.

We know that the short interest on ctrm is extremely high. If we pull up ctrm on fintel, it will show us the most recent information regarding ctrm short interest and, let's just search that really quick. So that everybody can see in case you are not aware, i did put out a video on this yesterday, which does talk about it in extreme detail. If you are interested, we have a total short volume of 66 million shares or 23 short volume ratio, which is actually just as high as amc's overall short volume ratio, which is the short volume compared to the market volume on that trading day, and this is growing People are doubling down on their convictions right now, we've got a total short volume ratio of 22.5 extremely extremely high.

I think there's a large possibility that you see ctrm have a pretty good squeeze if it sees green volume if people do end up buying into the stock, there's a lot less people that are paying attention to ctrm compared to amc. So this is going to depend on heavy volume, we're looking for a continuation of heavy volume, so something like this day right. We see a lot of volume here where it's going to cause shorts to have to cover higher that could cause a squeeze on ctrm. I would love that i i personally like ccrm regardless.

I think it's a good company, if you don't know what they do. They engage in ocean transportation with dry bulk cargos and bulk carrier vessels. They recently acquired a new bulk carrier vessel uh. This was a little while back it had some debt financing, uh 15.3 million dollars, but they did acquire a cape sized bulk carrier vessel back on the 20th of january.

I think it's a pretty solid company, i don't mind them. Ctrm is the next gme you idiot. I don't know why you got ta call me an idiot, but i i already like ctrm. I think it's a great company.

I think the squeeze potential is extremely high for sure on market beat it says. Amc has a current short volume of 44.67 million shares, but this is the only first position below. What's about the other positions? That's a good question, so i will address that really quick. So if we pull up amc short interest on market beat, let's just check this out really quick, so market beat amc short interest.

What we can see is that, as you said, they have 44.67 million shares and these days to cover indicate how much time they have to cover those overall positions. So this price on record date, eight dollars and 63 cents - shows okay, that's the price in which they executed. This 44.67 million shares sold short and the overall dollar volume sold short right here. Percentage change, 14.6 percent from the previous amount of shares, sold short and there's a lot of there's a lot of low prices in here, they're gon na have to cover pretty high.

I feel pretty good about where we're at right now, so essentially, what we're looking at if we come back here on the last year of short volume right, we know these guys have to cover 8.4 days have to cover, looks uh, looks promising. I i've been trying to pay attention to fintel. I know there are quite a few people out there that that prefer that i use fintel as it is updated daily and what we do know based on fintel is that uh at least, i think it's actually a higher overall number. If we come back to amc short interest here on fintel, come back to this, take a quick peek click out of these extra browsers, and it is uh 147 million.

So it's actually higher. That's a higher overall short volume and if we see a lot of volume pump into this and it pumps up, they're gon na have to cover very high and the squeeze should be pretty nasty. Beckons t says: can you explain the whole nine dollar options expiring in the money thing? Why would that cause a gamma squeeze? So if you're not familiar with what a gamma squeeze is i'm glad you asked that question? Thank you very much. We'll just read you off a quick description, because this is gon na be able to describe it better than i can related to the short squeeze is something known as a gamma squeeze a gamma squeeze takes things one step further, forcing additional stock buying activity due to Open options, positions on the underlying stock, a gamma squeezes behind a large part of the recent meteoric rise and the share price of gamestop.

So essentially, if we have open positions and options right, open options, positions on an underlying stock such as gamestop such as amc right market makers have to come up with shares right. They can't just. They can't make something come out of nothing unless you're gamestop, for instance - and you know people can short 250 percent of the total - the total outstanding shares, but essentially what this does is. It increases the overall demand.

It decreases the overall float, which then increases the overall volatility going into the stock. Oh reposted, i wasn't calling you an idiot, it was to the bears in the chat. I love you. Thank you, my friend.

It's all good. I didn't take it to heart, i'm a pretty easygoing guy, but that's what the gamma squeeze is referring to so uh gamma squeeze takes takes things a step further because essentially it forces uh, there's, there's less availability to these stocks, so with amc, for example, if this Gamma squeeze, which i do anticipate happening. Market makers are going to be struggling a little bit to get some orders filled uh. It should be a nasty squeeze, and that's specifically talking about monday and the fact that we closed above nine dollars is significant, because if we look here on market watch - and this is what i actually like market or market beat for a lot - is - we know that The price on record date was 863, so the close-up of nine dollars means that these guys have to cover in the money they're out they're getting they're getting crapped on right.

Now. It's it's ugly, so to close above nine dollars means that we have high high likely expectations for them to squeeze this stock to some new overall highs, and i hope that answers your question to the best of my ability, ayodele doom. Thank you for the 20 donation. My friend, let's go i'd, love to see it.

Let's check out sundial 100 with you, my friend sundial has opportunity also for a squeeze and it's uh. It's not maybe not as much as previous, but sundial actually has some interesting things that we can talk about here. So we are currently in an ascending wedge formation. We do have one two three different touch points here, so this is a respected level of support on an upward channel right.

So this is a respected upward channel and on the flip side, we have a respected level of resistance on a downward channel. One two three different touch points here. We always look for three touch points on both trend lines and when that is respected, and you come to this meet in the middle area, right, we're, compressing and tightening up price action. It has to give one weight.

It either has to break through this resistance or break below this level of support on that trend line. If we break through this top level of resistance, it should be violent. That typically follows through with some pretty heavy volume, and we do know that sundial is a pretty heavily shorted stock. So if you pull up sundial quick on fintel, let's look at the last known day of short interest on sundial.

We check this out really quick. Overall short interest on sundial click on this, and we know, based on january 29th, that they have an overall short volume of 255 million shares, which is a short volume ratio of 25. Compared to the 1 billion shares in trading volume that it saw. On the previous day, now, if we look at how this compares to previous times uh pretty decently high, i mean we saw 502 million right here in short volume, so not as much some people probably covered, which is why we saw this absolutely filthy.

Looking run-up right here, but i think that there's a lot more room to run because you can't short in the in the pre-market or the after hours right, but if there's options i don't know, if there's any options on sunday, let's take a peek there are. There are options on sundial, so if there's options these can't be exercised in the pre-market or or after hours, so they're gon na have to cover, and that could be pretty filthy, tyler hackenbach. Thank you for the five dollars my friend. What is your thoughts on buying call options for amc when market opens tomorrow great question, so options are a great tool to leverage overall uh overall action and uh returns on a stock.

So we see right now is what we have available for current call options right. So we've got uh a change right here. In percentage we've got the last we've got the ask: we've got the bid. We've got the open interest delta gamma - i'm not i'm, not very.

I don't keep up with this stuff very much, but what we do know is right here: we've got the expiration date of five february. 21 goes out pretty far. If you're, looking for a quick, flip, i'd recommend getting maybe like the 12 february calls, and we can see some different options here so typically, when you're looking at an option, you want to look at what has the most open interest, because typically people don't put their Money somewhere where they don't think it's going to pan out right. So we've got a lot of open interest right here at uh, 714 uh open interest right and that's an increase of 150.

That's pretty significant levels to watch for uh and we've got the last. The ask and the bid, which is at six dollars at a fifteen dollar strike. So that's basically people saying hey. I think this is going to hit 15 and uh.

You know it is a pretty high overall bid on the stock compared to what you'd usually see, but it's high demand and uh the higher up. You go right, so here we've got a 16 call. Uh is a little bit cheaper and i i think you can probably go higher than this honestly, but this is what's available to me right now on weeble, so i don't think it's a bad deal. I don't think so at all.

I think it's very very likely that we see a push over 16 and then keep in mind uh all the extra money that goes above that 16. You can capitalize on it. You can really lock in some nasty nasty filthy returns. So i don't think it's a bad idea at all uh, i i would say uh i would say, go for it.

I don't typically play around with options, not because i don't like them they're a great tool for leverage but uh. I just prefer to hold real stock and that's just my personal opinion, but tyler. Thank you for the donation. I do think it is some pretty solid opportunity.

Eric says what is my average price, so i am in the process of transferring over my fidelity account to weeble and in weeble my average price is much lower than my fidelity, but i am an amc right now, with 142 shares 1900 in market value and an Average price of 8.74. So that's what my wee bull looks like. If we were to pull up my fidelity uh, i don't currently use it right now, just because of that whole situation that happened, if you guys have been keeping track of the channel. There are a lot of brokerage accounts that close people's accounts because of sec, suspicious activity or market manipulation, activity and my account got hit pretty hard, so i bought back in and they call it a wash sale.

So, in order for me to break even on amc, it has to hit like 25 or something so that's what they have is my average price tyler. Thank you again for the five dollar donation. I do appreciate that you did not have to do that. That means a lot to me when the hedge funds cover their position.

Is it possible that they sell new shorts at the same time to keep the price low? It is possible, but it's not not recommended uh. I i think, that's a very stupid idea for them to do, and actually i want to show you guys something that i saw on reddit that i think is very interesting. You guys are actually gon na you're gon na find this pretty interesting. There's they're freaking out guys these these hedge funds are freaking out uh.

I don't know why this is lagging right now i'll come back over to weeble and then see if i can just refresh this um page. If not, i will just pull it back up. So we'll just do that right now, uh, let me pull up a new browser in internet explorer new window and we're gon na pull up wall street bets reddit, and i want to show you guys something i was. I was kind of streaming through this stuff uh, while i was waiting for the stream to start and it's pretty interesting.

So i don't know why my internet's been all goofy right. Now, it's not pulling out my window. What i'm going to do is i can't close them all well, essentially, what this is saying i'll just tell you about the article. While i wait for this to to pull up but um, there are big hedge funds that are closing out of their positions in their actual long-term plays, such as, like google, facebook, amazon, they're selling out of these positions in order to get back into amc and gme.

And either sell more short positions or go long to make up for their losses in the stock, so i think that you're more likely to see them go long as as goofy as that sounds because i think they've maybe finally realized that trading against the grain makes No sense whatsoever, i don't know why you would ever decide to go short on gamestop or amc right now. That just sounds like a death wish, but um. That's the current situation right now so um. I i think it's unlikely.

I mean if it does happen, it's just gon na add to the squeeze. It's just gon na add to the squeeze sean. Thank you for the five dollar donation. What is your prediction price for amc next friday? Now it is difficult overall to take a stab at what the actual price is gon na be on a stock, and it looks like my brokerage account is - is frozen right now, so i don't know what's going on here.

Okay, this is pretty goofy. I think my internet's freaking out right now, it's uh at the amount of volume coming in on this on this live stream, one sec here i might have to restart my weeble. So let me just let me just close out of weeble and then reopen this up. That should help the overall situation here come on shoot, what's going on guys, my computer's freaking out right now it is not a very happy happy guy.

I don't know if you guys are seeing this, but my computer is is freaking out and i've got a nice computer, so this is kind of confusing. Oh man, i can't even see what you guys are commenting. What the heck is happening right now come on guys. You'll have to excuse this uh this this jet lag my my uh, my computer is not cooperating whatsoever right now, we'll pull up weeble here and see if this does the trick come on.

Oh my gosh! Well, this is awkward. Oh gosh dang it! I apologize right now. I cannot read anything you guys are saying on the chat. My my computer is absolutely lagging.

It is so frozen right now. I don't know if you guys are seeing this, but i'm trying to click on stuff, and it is not working at all man. What is going on? Maybe it's. Finally, loading looks like we might be loading guys, nor maybe not okay.

You know what i'm gon na do. I'm gon na start a second live stream. Here, i'm gon na restart my computer. You guys will have to come back.

I know this is frustrating it's frustrating to me too, but i will be back. I promise you my apologies. My computer is not working right now, okay, guys, we are back. I so so sincerely apologize for that that huge uh malfunction with my computer.

I don't know what the heck just happened, but my my uh, my streaming service went absolutely nuts. I think it's because i think it's because of mike mike crashed the entire computer mike crashed everything. What are you doing mike? You put a lot of people in a goofy situation. All right we are back, though i i do sincerely apologize, so sean my prediction for amc next weekend.

I will now answer your question. So if we pull up amc here on the charts, we are going to get back to our regularly scheduled programming here and look at this on the one month. So on the one month, we're gon na change this to a 30 minute frequency. What i anticipate happening and i'm going to add here the uh, the um extra hours as well.

So let me just go to settings and i should no, maybe it's not here. Where was it on weeble again chart settings there, we go, show extended hours. So if we look at the extended hours, my anticipation by friday is that this is going to be a multiple week squeeze, and that is because all right mike you got to go. What are you doing? What are you doing? Um? We are going to put you in timeout, no good.

You got to go in timeout, my friend, so what we know about uh. What we know about amc is that we are expecting a multiple multiple day. Uh short interest close. So if we change this over to amc short interest, i'll pull this back up here and show you what we're looking at so let's go over to market beat and, as i stated earlier, uh, we expect that this is going to last for quite a while.

We've got multiple days to cover here, ranging between a day to eight days. So that's two weeks of trading. I would not be surprised in the least bit to see this touch anywhere between 50 to 100 and if you think that's out of the question, i want you guys to realize that volkswagen squeezed um thousands of percent - and i want to actually show you an interesting Article i'm going to pull up the these wall street bets thread again on reddit, and i want to show you guys something so there's a couple of really good things in here that i'm actually going to go through with you guys and read off, as as the Stream progresses, but one thing that i thought was very interesting: it was a due diligence due diligence tab. So let me find this really quick, and that is right here so get this.

I remember reading this. So the reason gamestop hasn't dropped in price, despite the hedge fund's best efforts is because the majority of the shares have been bought by retail investors. Um the stock is around 300 right now, the short squeeze hasn't even happened. Yet it's realistic.

The stock could go to five thousand dollars plus per share if the gme short squeeze in proportion reached the same comparable levels as the volkswagen porsche squeeze gme could stop, could reach 30 000 per share and amc is very closely mirroring, what's happening with gme right now. It's not the same situation, but it's very similar, so i think it's pretty likely that you see this break a hundred dollars. I know that sounds that sounds ridiculous, but i i sincerely sincerely think it's possible that we see this stock break 100 dollars. It'd be absolutely insane, i don't know if that'll happen by friday.

I think that's going to be a two-week process, but i think it's very likely that we see that happening sebastian. Thank you so much for the two dollars. Thank you for doing this live q. A i i genuinely enjoy it, it's a lot of fun for me and i will always continue to do so.

If amc goes to seven hundred dollars, ken says i retire. If amc goes to seven hundred dollars, man if amc goes to seven hundred dollars, i'm gon na wish that i still have my 20 000 in this. That's for sure, aaron carlos another clown. He probably tried to short gme when it was 50 burned his account.

Oh man, i mean, i think it's it's pretty likely to keep running for sure. I actually want to read off a couple of reddit threads for you guys. So i apologize if i miss anything in the comments section, but this is something that i wanted to cover. Uh i wanted to read through some of this and give you my thought process on some of this stuff.

So, let's start off with a couple of these things, one thing that i really enjoy that i'm seeing on the reddit threads right now is this is so much more than a meme, a meme stock, a meme movement right, so what's happening right now is not only Are we sticking it to the these hedge funds right where people or people are like hey? You know what the one percent has been taking money from these people, for who knows how long right, but what's happening is people are actually taking the gains that they're gon na have from these stocks and do good things with it. So look at this paying for heart surgeries of two children from around the world as my way of gaining back from gme gains. This is honestly built such a crazy community and i can think of my discord alone. The patreon - and there are guys in there that have actually built like real friendships and relationships because of what's happening right now.

People are coming together. It's a unifying thing. It's nuts. I would first like to say that i truly love each and every one of you.

I'm not going to say that we've not only changed the game for the little guys, but we've improved the lives of many individuals, including myself. I invested in gme when it was 9 because you you guys, told me to do so back late last year. So i took all my planner gains and dropped it into gme, stock and diamond handed this thing. Needless to say, it's the best decision i ever made.

I made more money than i ever thought i could make. It still doesn't feel real, knowing that when gme goes to ten thousand a share, i will have an eight figure net worth tens of millions of dollars absolutely insane and he's planning on giving back, which is absolutely cool. I love seeing the the community that's happening and building right now with uh with this gme amc thing, and while this is, you know a yolo trade right, it's it goes against all logic. When you look at technical analysis, fundamental analysis, i mean gamestop.

This is not a good company, i mean if we look at the i'm just going to show you it on on um weeble, because it's a little bit easier. But if you look at gamestop and their financials red red red red, let's go to their annual 2020 negative 2019 negative 2018. They saw some profit, but overall this company has not been doing well, so it makes sense for it to be shorted. I mean hypothetically, but the that's not that's, not the reasoning behind it.

It's the process and it's the idea. It's the idea that these guys market manipulate and take advantage of of the little guy, and now people are sticking it back to them and we're seeing what's happening right now. It's absolutely insane eric! Thank you so much for the 5 donation, my friend, that means so much to me. You don't have to do it, but it is so highly appreciated.

Raj airy for the last month, you've changed my life, both financially and entertainment, wise. I appreciate your updates and everything you do. I appreciate that my friend i seriously honest to god, enjoy doing this, and it is a lot of fun to get on here and talk about this with all of you all right mike burrow. Do you own any lordstown motor shares? I do not currently own lordstown motor uh.

My position in fidelity got compromised uh, pretty heavily based on on on some things that are happening right now with the the market climate and essentially, what happened is uh. A lot of brokerage accounts such as fidelity, um and robinhood to 12. Ameritrade people are having their positions closed because of sec market manipulation or unusual trading activity guidelines and my account got swacked hard. I don't have my fidelity pulled up right now, but i had forty six thousand dollars and you can verify this by clicking on any of my videos.

I had forty six thousand dollars in my account and a lot of it was very heavily weighted in amc, bb and nokia, and all my positions and those stocks got closed down um at their very lowest point. So, with uh with amc, for example, i can show you the exact moment on the chart in which they close my account down here right when it touched seven dollars. Bb they closed my account down here when it hit thirteen dollars. They closed my position in nope down here when it hit four dollars and sixty cents i got swagged and like i get it whatever like.

It ended up staying back down at 460 in the end, but i actually believe in nokia as a company. I think they're going to go back up and for me to absolutely just lose that it doesn't make sense. It is what it is. It is what it is.

What do you do, but i'm not going to sit here and complain about that's not what the reason for this live stream is. So, let's come back to your guys's questions. I want gme at eighty dollars. Shorted, you do you do you man? I think anybody that shorts gamestop right now has a death wish.

I guess so i would never ever ever ever in a million years i would never short a stock, but i'll tell you the last stock that i would short right now. That's gamestop! Oh big time. 11 24 is when they auto sold everyone at trace trades. Oh yeah, that's the exact time that it happened to me.

That's the exact time i literally finished a live stream here and my my positions closed literally right in front of my eyes in front of like i watched it happen, it was insane. I couldn't believe it. I was like. I was watching and i was doing this.

I was like, i think i had a 10 minute mental breakdown i was, it was brutal. It was tough, all right, love hanging out with you trey. I appreciate everything you do and the hard work you put into the due diligence. You do i'm taking classes on stocks, but i'm learning a lot from you huge thanks, anytime cody.

It's really a lot easier than people make it out to be. I don't think i don't think reading charts is hard. I it took me about a month to figure it out and then some trial and error in the markets, but i promise you, you can learn this and you can do very well. Ctrm is safer.

Coming from tom, i 100 agree, ctrm is a safe play and it's a good company. I mean not to say that amc isn't a good company. They were 600 million dollars in debt. They did go through that uh.

That financing. If we look at the news see if it pulls up here, uh stock price do retail traders yada yada. So it's not here on on the on the news tab on weeble, but they did end up creating more shares to cover that 600 million dollars in debt, and i think amc's gon na be better off in the long term. But uh ctrm is definitely a safer stock.

I agree slobber thank you for the dollar. My friend, i appreciate the donation, joe sang, thank you as well, for the donation had to catch one once had to catch you once this weekend, but it's bedtime hopefully i'll catch. You tomorrow, when market opens, you sure, will man i do this every single day. I do work a full-time job, so i make sure i get up bright and early every single day i wake up at 3am cst, so that i can get onto the the youtube videos.

I will probably continue my live streams. Of course, that is extremely early for some of you, but uh the videos will be posted as well for anybody who is looking to watch them afterwards, all right, raj. Sorry, if it's been said already what strike price for amc tomorrow monday. So if we look at amc monday, we are expecting a gamma squeeze to happen, and i did explain this previously, but by the off chance that you were not able to catch it.

I'll explain to you what a gamma squeeze is and this this little snippet off the internet will do it better than i can. A gamma squeeze takes things one step further from a regular short squeeze, forcing additional stock buying activity due to open options. Positions on the underlying stock, a gamma squeezes behind a large part of the recent meteoric rise in the sharp price of gamestop. So this is what happened with gamestop gamestop saw a gamma squeeze, and this is basically a low float.

High demand and market makers struggle to get shares filled, and you see a huge, huge, huge run up because of these open underlying options on stocks. So i expect the same thing to happen with amc, maybe not to 500 right, but i do anticipate that you are going to see some pretty violent movement and i think you are likely to see monday at least a retest of 25 likely. 30. 35.

40.. That's my prediction: don't hold me to it! That's my prediction: uh there's, there's absolutely no way that anybody can predict what this, what the price is going to hit right. Nobody could predicted that the gamestop would have gone from 10 to 500 in four days right. So just keep that in the back of your mind, eric thank you again for the donation.

My friend, can you go over the potential short squeeze on bb? It seems amc, bb and gme all mimic each other based on technical analysis, overly short interest low. So that's worrisome, yeah, no problem, my friends, so the reason that they're mirroring each other is because all these stocks are being a manipulated by market makers and and the hedge funds that are shorting these companies right and b. These are all on the wall street bets reddit threads. So whatever those guys talk about on the wall street bets threads is going to affect what happens with the stock price on all these stocks, so bb nokia, amc, uh, gme, even sundial ctrm.

All these stocks have been posted on these on these threads, which have hundreds of thousands of people watching them, and with that many people watching you're gon na see a very similar amount of price action, bb the charts as well as nokia. They don't look great right. We saw we saw some pretty harsh, sell-off and bb and nokia's charts look honestly very, very similar, but there is hope right so as in terms of squeeze. If we come over to um the website here, we pull up bb stock short interest on fintel and let's check this out really quick, i don't anticipate it being very high.

Uh 93 million shares short volume ratio of 16. So that's not bad. I mean that's. Not! That's really not that bad, the the interest is there and if we check out the last strike the last known, uh price on these short interest stocks.

So let's pull this up really quick. You can easily find this. You just got to go over to market beat and we pull this up and it gives us the exact price as of january 15th in which these were sold at, which is 14.65 well right, now we're trading at 1404.. So the likelihood that some of them covered is possible.

I'm not going to lie to you, it's very possible that some of them may have covered, but in terms of potential of the company i actually like blackberry, a lot as well as nokia. So my opinion is, if you are willing to hold a loss for a little while, whenever you have extra extra dry powder extra cash flow in your account uh. It's worth it to me to average down, because i actually believe in bb as a company. I think they're gon na be a big game changer and i can see them if they really capitalize on their ai and their technology side of things that they're moving forward with coming back into those mid 50s, the 60s even a year or two down the road.

Being a triple digit stock company, that's my opinion, my friend. I hope that helps storm and storm sore storm, horrific, that's a cool name! I like that trey. My message and due diligence is on your last vid on hcmc. A play is being suppressed by youtube and on reddit, please expose and check out with us right now.

This is big on your last video on hcmc. Well, i'll, pull it up really quick! My friend, thank you for the donation. By the way, i do appreciate that a lot, and let me just check this out so this is coming from stormoth stormorrific i that name makes me laugh. My friend i like that a lot so we're gon na pull this up and just pause the video.

So you guys don't have to listen at all and we're gon na find out what this is and what you're talking about so we'll scroll down. Some of these comments see if i can find what you're saying you have to check this out. You cannot buy any silver on app mix today, except for collector coins go to their sites to read their notice on the top home page. They say due to unprecedented demand.

They are unable to sell any silver. What the heck is going on. Man, i'm afraid there. There will be a silver squeeze: are they afraid there will be a silver squeeze? Could you please talk about this in a video we'd love to know your thoughts thanks, i'm guessing that this? Is you if it's not you i apologize, but this is what we're gon na cover here, really quick and essentially you're spot on the money.

People are scared, they're scared, crapless, there's a lot of different brokerage accounts, big institutionals, these these huge media sources trying to scare people out of their money and something that comes to mind for me right off the bat here. Let's come over to wall street bets, and i think i saw this as an article that absolutely blew my mind. There was an overall short interest article that i saw. Maybe this was on twitter, but regardless i've seen twitter news sources and ads popping up on wall street bets of uh big media sources that are saying hey gamestop.

Has these squeezes check out 10 other companies that have these same squeezes and what they're trying to do is divide people they're, trying to they're trying to move the money somewhere else so that these guys can get out so they can. They can cover their butts. So this is talking about silver right here. Citadel is the fifth largest owner of silver.

It's imperative. We do not squeeze it. These are hedge funds, bots spamming awards, so citadel does appear to have a long position in silver. Take that for what it is, i'm just presenting the information to you as i see it, but uh.

I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit if what you're saying is true and they are hiding this right, because we know this to be the case with robin hood. Some different brokerage accounts restricted trading, either completely disallowing it or how many shares you can buy. They're trying their best to cover - that's that's exactly what it is: you're right, my friend slobber sloth, thank you for the five dollars my friend. I do appreciate that.

Let's say someone has 500 to drop into amc for monday. How would you approach buying for the day so, let's take a quick peek here, uh on amc, so we'll pull this back up instead of bb, and this is how i anticipate the price action happening now give to keep in mind right. Technical analysis is 100 trumped by any sort of news, catalyst, media coverage or wall street bets threads, because that is going to all like think about this. If a technical setup is good, but all of a sudden, a hit piece comes out, the hit piece always wins, and that's the case here with amc.

So if there's a huge piece or or a huge article that comes out wall street bets, put something out, that's going to trump the charts here. But what the charts say currently is something along the lines of this you're likely to see a bounce. I'm guessing off of this level of support. We do have one two three different contact points validated and respected level of resistance, a bounce off of that followed by a bounce off of support and then a push through.

That is my prediction. So, if you're looking for a good entry point, i think if you see this slipping under that support line, that is not going to last, that is gon na, be a candle wick that drops below something like this and, if you're able to capitalize on that, you Are going to absolutely crush this stock? So if you can get into this honestly, i think 13 bucks you're still gon na make money, but if you really really want to mitigate your risk, we do know that there's a support level uh. If i just draw a big quick line for everybody down here at about eight dollars and 72 cents, i don't think it's extremely likely. We see this happen, but there could be a situation like this, where we see a candlewick touchdown here for us for just a bit, maybe a minute at most and you can buy shares there right.

Otherwise, i think an entry point down here at 12 is equally as solid uh. I don't think you're going to go wrong getting into that price point. I hope that helps answer your question. Pierre doji man doj.

I get asked this all the time. Doj is it's an interesting stock? It scares the crap out of me. I don't want anything to do with it personally, but i will give you my best uh technical analysis that i possibly can, regardless of my opinion. So if we look really quick at doge on the - and i always call it doge - but i know it's doge we'll take a quick peek at this on the charts we're seeing that it's starting to pick up a little bit in volume here.

So it did. It did shoot up really high up to about. It appears, let's take a quick, peek, all the way up to almost eight cents, and then it came all the way back down to a price of 2.3 cents and right now, trading at 4.1. Well, there's gon na be some significant levels to watch for here we've got a pretty ugly downward channel that we did break out of right, uh a bottom mount or a top out top out top out it breaks, and now we have some consolidation getting ready for The next leg up and what's going to be a significant level to watch for well, if we just drop, really quick, a an overall uh.

Where is this horizontal line? So a level of support? We see that we've got a level of resistance right here, which is hovering just beneath and it may have broke through that. I'm going to call that right here. So i did break through that and then the second one that we're looking at is likely going to be right around here. We've got one two three different contact points both being acted as a level of support and resistance.

Four, five, six. So once we break through four point - seven: seven cents - i feel more comfortable, saying that the continuation will happen, but getting in right now feels very highly like a chase right. So i know this is still currently being actively traded, but tread very cautiously. This stock is unpredictable.

There's not a lot of news catalysts that we that we can predict on where this is going to go. Watch for that pushover 4.77, if you're, looking for a pullback opportunity, i'll drop a quick fibonacci retracement, not a time zone, uh retracement - and this may give us an idea of what we could see for a safer entry point. And i, like the best entry point around 3.7 cents or 3.5 cents. I hope that answers your question.

My friend welcome back trade. Thank you sandela. I had some malfunctions. I don't know what the heck was going on with my computer, that was that was wild.

It absolutely crashed. It must have been that guy. That was spamming in the chat. That's the only thing that makes sense, stormy, the storm-horrific, it's the latest new commentary on p-h-u-n, oh okay, i'll come back to that real quick! Thank you again for the donation.

My friend, i appreciate that so much so if we sort this by newest comments, all right all right now we got it now we got it. Thank you. I appreciate it. Please take this one.

Serious trade love you. This is for the current stream. We need to focus on gme and amc, but there is a blatant hiding of foon it's starting to run 526 million naked shorts on a stock, with a float of only 39 million trading at two dollars. A share.

This smells like gme, but much much better position to skyrocket, trying to see who is behind the move. It looks and smells a lot like jimmy, but lower entry point way way higher short percentage, with only 39 million float. It's silly. How prime this one is to pop all technical and in-depth analysis? Videos on youtube about this ticker have been taken down with six hours of upload by youtube themselves.

Not copywriter strikes. Oh my gosh! That's that's crazy. They don't want this one to reach, because this has scary cost and gme vibes it's floating around reddit and twitter, but this could make people rich. In my opinion, let's do a quick analysis as a group.

Oh my gosh man, that's insane! Well, let's look at the chart setup really quick. You've got my you've got my interest for sure. Oh man, that's nasty, dude storm storm stormerific! That's disgusting! Jesus man! If this, if this ends up panning out, that could be pretty nasty. Well, let's look at the overall short interest.

I take your word for it. I trust you, but i am going to search it just so we can get the most up-to-date information so short interest on foom. That is pretty filthy man. I'm glad you brought that to my attention: 9 million in short volume overall market volume of 70.6 million short volume ratio 14.

And if we come back here to what you said, it looks like 526 million naked shorts on a stock. Hmm. So that doesn't quite add up it's possible. I mean if what you're saying they're taking down youtube videos talking about this stock, that wouldn't be surprising if it's, if it's something crazy, um the overall market volume is 70 million, but if the float is really small, that could be disgusting.

That could be really really crazy. It's been extremely high in the past man, it looks like it's got, some squeeze opportunities for sure, but it's already run a lot. Oh, but i guess gamestop did the same thing. So you don't know you just don't know.

We do know that we've got a big fat uh, we got a double top here, but it did pan out a little bit of uh inverse head and shoulders actually. So this is pretty bullish. I don't mind that got a shoulder. A shoulder.

A head, neckline, ran up retraced very nicely to 23.6 percent volume is up, looks good yeah. I don't mind that at all i'm gon na pull up the rsi indicator, really quick and just get a peek at that over bot corrections wise, not too harsh came down to 35. yeah, i'm in oh man. I think a safe entry point here.

I don't know if it's going to pull back that much but 259. and if youtube is pulling this down trying to avoid the same run-up like you've seen with gme and amc, i wouldn't i, wouldn't i wouldn't doubt it honestly. I might test your theory. I might make a video on this and talk about it and see what happens uh once i get done with this live stream.

We're gon na see how that works out. Thank you for that. I appreciate it is by all shorted white price action is expected, so buy. All is a good play.

Thank you for the donation, kids kudo. I appreciate that so much biol is not from my understanding of very heavily shorted stock. We can take a quick peek at this just to get an idea so buy all short interest pull this up. I don't anticipate it being very high whoa.

Maybe i was wrong. 5 million shares 27 total short volume ratio as of january 29th, a little little lower than we've seen in the past, which may be why we saw a pretty nice run right here up to a buck 59. This might have been some shorts covering that caused that uh, that small squeeze on the stock up uh pretty unusual trading volume - it was higher than usual. Foon was three hundred dollars dang.

I didn't know that that's crazy, but bio was still a good play. They're they're a biola, they're bio lace, first off and they focus on laser dentistry, so uh doing oral surgeries using lasers and water lace systems, it's very unique and if they can really commercialize and patent their systems, there's a lot of revenue and uh i'd, say nicheness To that market, because i don't think there's really any other company doing what biolas is doing so that demand is always going to be there, and i can see that being a pretty solid play. I like it a lot, i'm going to be re-establishing in the bio once everything everything crazy settles down a little bit. I don't currently have a position, but i will get back into this into the future.

Thank you, josh lyon, for the donation. What are my thoughts on arb they're, a crypto miner, my opinion with crypto miners um, i'm guessing it's this one, maybe not arb. Maybe it's this top one arbitrage or the blockchain ar bkf. I'm going to guess it's this one since it says blockchain, but the problem with companies like this is it very heavily.

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