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In this video, we talk about the current data and technical trends on AMC stock, the federal reserve impact on the AMC and the economy, and a basic run through of technical analysis using MVIS, MARA, & AMC as examples.
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You guys have no idea, you guys have no idea how hard it was to make this whole freaking video without busting out laughing. I remember i started and i was like uh. Oh man, i got ta, keep it together. I was trying to make this this straight up literally just me eating a sandwich, but oh man that was tough, either freaking way.

What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders. Sell opinions on these given stocks, i like reference by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and experts, don't take it to say the grain of salt, let's get into the video. So today we're going to give you guys an update on ticker symbol, amc, obviously, and i'm actually going to be going over a couple different things here.

So i want to go over the data, the numbers for here today and then i want to come to amc and do a little bit of technical analysis for you. I want to talk about the the federal reserve printing off a lot of money for the stimulus package and how that's actually going to affect amc and the market as a whole. And then i want to take like three four five minutes. At the end of this video to go over technical analysis right, i want to teach you guys exactly what i look for in terms of technical analysis, so that, if i'm not here, if you know, there's obviously way better resources than me out there to look this Sort of stuff up, but i i do know a decent amount about how to read charts so that if i'm not here right, you can read charts yourself and know exactly what's happening with the stock.

The price action. What's to look for what not to look for what matters and that sort of stuff, so let's just get into the video, save you guys some time we're gon na start off here with the data that is going on here with amc right. So i've got over text pulled up, and this is the second day in a row that we've actually seen the short interest go down right. So yesterday was down, i think, like three percent, or so you saw a little less than five million shares that were actually returned overall, so the short range went down right and today you have about 2.06 million net borrowed change, which means that there were there were 2.6 uh 2.06 million more shares that returned than were borrowed, which means that the shortage went down to about 22.94 percent.

Remember this does not include etfs does not include naked shorts, which i really do highly believe is taking place. The only reference point that i have for that is coming back to the only reference point i need, i should say, is coming back to 1.2 billion in total volume on january 27th. Back when we had about 150 million shares total of the free float that were, they were circulating the market right. That would mean that you'd have eight times over the free float, changing hands which i just don't think is possible anywho that that this is still an insignificant number.

I'm gon na double down on what i said last time right. This is not going to change the grand scheme of things if you stacked. You know today and yesterday up one two three four weeks in a row at that point. I'm a little bit concerned right because then you're taking away the chance of a short squeeze.

But two days in a row of this is really not that important. And i say that because you need to look at the overall grand scheme of things right days of cover has been going up dramatically for a very, very, very long time. Think about it like a stock right. So if a stock was just going to rip rip, rip rip up up and up and up and up and up over a two three week period of time, eventually it's gon na cool off it's got.

It's got to do a little bit of a correction. It's got to pull back and you're, seeing the same thing happen right now in terms of short interest: they're, taking a little bit of a breather right, they're returning some shares and some people have asked the question trey. Why does this not reflect on the price action, and i i really try not to say this word on on youtube anymore, but i really do think there's some sketchy stuff happening in terms of market manipulation, and nobody has an answer right. All we can do is speculate, but it is incredibly fascinating that you have five million shares that returned yesterday.

Two million shares that were returned the day and the stock only went down because that doesn't really make any sense at all. If any of you guys have an idea as to what this is feel free to, let me know your hypothesis, your speculation, but i genuinely can't think of anything. The only thing that i can think of is maybe you've got some lenders out there who are asking deliberately for their stock back because they think it's a risky short position. That's that's the only thing that i can think of right, but also keep in the back of your mind.

This overall basic cover is going up 1.16 on the short interest divided by the three month average volume on the two-week average volume. It's down a little bit again. We see it at 3.63 day before is at 3.73, but that's still incredibly high it's higher than when we saw the squeeze up to 25, which means this is still very, very, very, very primed for a good short squeeze. But what we want to talk about is this: you've got 150 million total shares on loan 100 utilization.

36 of the of the shares on loan make up the free flow percentage right. That means that 36 percent of uh you know all available shares to the market are currently lent out. Right. 23 of the actual shares out on loan are only being shorted, which means that there's a little bit of discrepancy here right.

So if 150 million shares are out on loan - and you saw previously - there was only 93 million total shares that were actually shorted. That means they actually have availability to another 60 million shares that are simply being lent out right. So this utilization being maxed out just means that there's no available lendable shares. However, 150 million total shares on loan and you had 90 93 million total actually short shares, and here it says 95.85.

So it's actually up a little bit, but then that leave about 50 million total shares, so they still even have ammunition right, so them returning two million shares doesn't mean jack. It doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. This is just giving more availability for them to double down when they, when they continue to want to do so, and i do think that's going to happen right, take a step back. Look at this macroscopically, it's an overall trend.

It's a chart! It's it's! The market! The ebbs and the flows, it's that simple right, so we're sitting absolutely fine. The short interest is still absolutely disgusting. I mean look at gamestop and i don't even think gamestop short interest uh. It maybe is a little bit better than this, but it's not by a lot.

So let's take a look. It was at 23 over here. Just a hair under that gamestop is that also 23, so they're, both sitting in the same spot, free flow on loan for game, stop is actually lower and the utilization for game stop also lower short interest on on game. Stop actually went up today, but you get the picture right.

Both are sitting in almost identical positions, so amc is sitting fine, because game stop is absolutely squeezable, which means that amc is also absolutely squeezable. So i i'm not stressing all these numbers slight change right in the downtrend, but look at this like a chart and you're gon na be sitting absolutely fine. There's absolute flows, there's ups and there's downs, we're gon na get back on that territory where they continue to double down their positions, which is just going to hurt them more. One thing that i want to touch on is gon na, be that short bar fee rate.

So what what attributes to this? We talked about this at my discord today, and there are some questions. I've talked about it before on the channel, but in case you're new. I always assume there's somebody new uh, the short bar of fear rate essentially goes up or goes down uh in correlation with the risk of holding a short position right. So this is basically incentive to short positions to cover and not to hold a prolonged short position in a security or a stock such as amc right.

So now it's sitting at thirteen point four three percent, according to uh ortex, if you look at eyeball desk, it's sitting at 16.2 percent, this takes different exchanges right. I think ortex uses about 85 of all current exchanges that that you know give data to you know to different. You know data sources like this right, so this isn't even a complete picture. Maybe that's why i borrow desk looks a little bit different.

I don't know for sure, but either way this is going to go up and it's going to go down depending on. I think two factors right now right so since the utilization is maxed out, there's no more really landable shares out there for people to borrow. There's two ways: this can go either a they scoop up. All of these shares that are out on loan right free float on loan 35.92.

This matches right so as this continues to go up and this stock becomes harder and harder and harder to borrow that short bar fee rate is going to continue to climb and, secondly, is going to be buying pressure. So anytime, the stock price goes up. That increases the risk of an overall short position which is going to drive up this cost. To borrow it's going to make it a riskier investment they're going to put pressure on short positions, saying hey, you can take this! If you want, you can take a stab at this, but just know we're going to charge you 13.43 annually and whatever your short position is, so it costs them money.

This is where the saying comes from right: it costs us nothing to hold. It costs them everything to hold right, so we are sitting in a much much much much much better boat than uh. The detroit positions are right now because there's no absolutely no risk to us until we hit that sell button right, so uh, that's kind of what that cost of borrower is attributed to, and that's why it's been going down right. Look at eyebrow desk! You can see that it hasn't been trending down over the last couple of days, and this is directly because the stock price has been going down right.

It's not a coincidence. You need to look at trends in the overall market and you can see that that is a trend that is in fact taking place right now. So that's what you're kind of looking at in terms of the cost of borrow going down. That's why you're looking at the available shares have you know they go up and down up and down, but nonetheless that's the overall trend that you're, seeing as of right now now look at the daily short sale volume, uh ratio right the percentage you can see that Yesterday, we actually saw 43 of the overall volume was short volume, so this is starting a little bit of an uptick again right and i believe this is because you've seen some of the shares that were being returned.

So it's very possible since over the last few days we have seen shares returned that you continue to see this number start to go up over the next one or two weeks and that short volume percentage will start to go up once again. So that's kind of what you're looking at right here we did see 43. This is lagging a little bit. I don't have the data for today, but you will get that tomorrow.

I'll get that out to you. You can take a look at what we're looking at, but nonetheless this is obviously still being very heavily short stock and you can see there's kind of a support level right here, where we always have at least 30 of the total market volume. As short volume keep in mind, you can't even short this on weeble or most brokerage accounts, which means that this shorting must be institutional investors. I just don't see any other way, because it's been a hard to borrow stock since freaking january of january, which is nuts.

It's hard to believe in playing the game that long, but you get the point right. Institutions are still short in the stock, we're still turning in that right direction. That's what you're looking at in terms of the numbers here today now i kind of want to touch on a couple other things, then we're going to the technical analysis. But if you look at the overall market and what was really ripping today, you can see that the spine, i'm going to show you really quick i'll, show you the spy really fast.

The spine actually had a slight green day in the in the after hours. It's down a little bit, but it's sold off immediately at market open, lasted up until about 12 30, and then it recovered to form this neckline right. So it didn't get that break back up to new highs intraday and it just ended up forming this neckline. Having a slight sell-off in the after hours - and you can see this - this really well lined up with amc right.

So the reason that i'm bringing this up is because, if you look at the spy overall, let's just look at the overall trend of the market that we've seen going on over the last couple of months. You can tell that any day that the spy or or you know the overall market is having a little bit of a rough patch. It doesn't know what it's what it's doing the uncertainty right. The amc reflects on that price action right.

Amc will also have a little bit of uncertainty, so the entire market as a whole having some uncertainty, not really knowing what direction it's going is playing directly into the hands of every stock in the market, and that includes amc. Keep in mind that amc makes up etf funds right. Amc is a part of a lot of different etf funds, so if those are having rough days, consequently, amc could very well go down, so that could be contributing to the overall price section we are seeing on amc, and i lastly wanted to talk about this stimulus Money now, why does this matter right, so i kind of want to take. This is just a this.

Is one guy's opinion right? Don't take this? Take this at uh. You know at face valley, take it for what it is, but i believe that you were gon na see a pretty large amount of inflation - uh - maybe not this year, but over the next two three four years, and i want to tell you why right so there Was 10 trillion dollars in 2020? Part of the economic stimulus by the federal reserve, which i do think we needed to have at the time - that's an entire different topic. But this was sent into the market, and this was probably the most money that has been printed by the federal reserve in a very very long time, if not of all time, right 10 trillion dollars is a lot of freaking cash. Now.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? I was talking about this on my discord before i, you know made this video and we were talking about what this means for the entire market and why? I think this is important for amc i'll get into here in a second is because it's going to be really hard to beat inflation. I believe over the next two three four years. If everything comes to fruition right, so let's just look at the spy right now spy over the last year. So, let's just look what the spy's done over the last year and you can see that it was at 272 dollars and has gone all the way up to 420 dollars in the last year.

Now, keep in mind that that was after the crazy crash that we saw back in march, but that is an incredible incredible incredible amount of growth. Why is this? Because you have two different factors playing into the stock market right now, you've got the federal reserve printed 10 trillion dollars and you've got quarantine and covid which brought new money into the market which caused this rapid rapid rapid bull market that we have never, maybe not. Never but haven't seen in a very very long time right. I believe that some of these gains are kind of an illusion, and i'm going to tell you why.

So, let's just say that the spy and the nasdaq you know the typical amount of growth that you see year over year over year is somewhere between six and ten percent right this year you saw on a one year time frame. Let me just look at this again: you saw it go from 272 dollars at its low to 420 dollars. So if you were to double up 272, that would come out to 550ish bucks 540 bucks right. So you saw some significant, significant, significant growth, and that beats very, very blatantly the the usual growth that you would see out of the spy i mean this is look at this one year, time frame right 339 dollars compared to 259.

You know a year before that. So that is some exponential growth coming out of the spy, and i believe it's because of those two factors: right: new money coming to the market and the 10 trillion dollars, and why i think that 10 trillion dollars is important is because inflation, inevitably, in my opinion, Is going to go up, and that means that the actual gains in the market were not as much as you truly thought. They were, i mean think about how much money. This is look at this check this out.

20. 20. 10 trillion dollar federal reserve stimulus package. This is how much space in 100 bills it would take to lay out 10 trillion dollars.

Look at this zero, 100 million, 200 million 300 four, four five, six, seven! It just keeps going and going and going you get the picture here. It's an insane insane insane amount of capital, three kilometers. It would take to lay out how how how far this goes right. I was reading that wrong.

My apologies, but you get the picture. It's a lot of cash, so the market ripping the way that it is right now is actually just barely. Maybe it beats inflation by a little bit, but a lot of the gains are synthetic they're, not real right, you're, just basically catching up with what the economy is going to do in the long term. So where does this come into the equation with amc right? So i had a hypothesis that i worked with with a fellow member of my discord.

His name is uranium potato and it's what is going to happen to the market after amc moons, we came up with this right, so you've got some really really major hedge funds. Institutions that are shorting the stocks like amc and gamestop, and when these squeeze, i think two things are going to happen right. You're, going to see a lot of short positions, get covered which is going to cause the the stocks that are heavily shorted to spike. Have crazy, crazy, crazy, run-ups think back to january you saw nokia, blackberry, gamestop, amc cost.

There was just a handful of really heavily short stocks that went absolutely ape. They went nuts right and on the flip side i think you're gon na have this happen. You're gon na have some blue chip stocks. You're gon na have some really well established companies that essentially the same hedge funds that are shorting.

These stocks probably also have long positions in other companies that get liquidated and what's gon na happen there right. Well, what will happen there is those stocks will likely take some pretty big plummets and what i think about is viacom and discovery. There's another stock here recently that had a really really harsh sell-off. I can't think of what it was, but you'll have something like this right.

A lot of retail investors in here inevitably got screwed and it's sad to say, but it's the truth. Right 100 drop all the way down to 37 bucks and 59 cents is drastic, and i find it very, very extremely likely that you see this happen now. How does the sign of the 10 trillion dollar piece that is talked about right? So if, hypothetically speaking, all the gains that we saw, you know over the last year played in part because of you know new money coming into the market and 10 trillion dollars being printed out by the federal reserve. A lot of these gains are illusionary, so if you're holding long-term positions outside of stocks like amc or gamestop, some of those gains, if you're not careful, could not only be lost but inevitably really fall behind inflation over the next two three four years.

So this kind of brings me to an overall point and, like i said this is a guy's hypothesis. This is just me, rambling thinking about some different stuff that i thought was interesting. You guys, let me know what you think, but this brings me to the idea of where you you definitely want to manage your risk levels and make sure that you've got stop losses set on your long-term positions right. So, just because it's a long-term position, doesn't it mean you need to hold it forever and ever never never.

Never right microvision, for example, microvision my girl, mavis, absolutely loved. My girl mavis went on a rampage over the period of a pretty decent amount of time, and i haven't making videos on other stocks here on youtube, because the problem my primary focus has been amc is that is where the majority of people have their money right. Now i get it right, that's the majority of my subscriber base. So i try to give you guys what i think is important right, but in my discord we still talk about other stocks and even though microvision is a long-term stock for me, if, if stocks run up a crazy, crazy, crazy amount - and you have fear that you're Gon na lose some of your gains, it's okay, to take gains out of your long-term positions and re-establish them at the bottom, because you can buy more shares.

You lock in that realized profit, which is absolutely massive right, and you want to make sure that you're not you're not getting beat out by this inflation that i think is going to be coming down the road. Do i think it's going to happen in 2021? Probably not, i think that the federal reserve is going to keep kicking that can down the road as long as they possibly humanly can, but eventually it's going to catch up 10 trillion dollars is a lot of freaking cash. There's a lot of liquidity. Eventually, it's going to catch up with the american economy right so make sure that you're you're, basically being careful about your bets, i shouldn't even say better investments and managing that risk, because it's it's going to play a factor in the way that the american dollar is Worth something here down the road and what's freaking fascinating to me, is i think that amc is going to be a catalyst that causes a really really harsh bear market after everything takes a crazy, crazy turn.

You know when hedge funds start getting liquidated. When you see some some really really bad losses, the the squeeze stocks are moving, the blue chips get liquidated, they take. Some big hits right. It's going to give you an opportunity in a bear market to buy some stuff for really really cheap and then not only you're beating inflation with this by the way, because when you make your freaking, you know 500, one thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand percent Returns on amc, you're way, beating inflation, you're being inflation like to the freaking teeth.

You should be jacked in the teeth with how bad it being inflation, like the money, you're gon na make from that compared to the rest of the market which is going to you know, and this is all hypothetical right. I can't tell you exactly what's going to happen, but if nfc plays out the way that all of us are imagining it right all the research that's been done by apes out there, uh you're gon na be sitting in a pretty good spot. So after amc is over exit strategy and and management of wealth and liquidity is going to be a really important factor that you want to pay attention to. I mentioned it before, but once we get closer to the day in which amc is going to squeeze, i'm going to put out a video talking about uh, you know exit strategy and then i want to make a video talking about what i'm going to do with My money and what i think is you know personally a good idea to to manage wealth in a good way, so think about people who win the lottery right.

People who win the lottery. Well, i don't know the statistic, but it's something absurd. Most people that win the lottery end up going broke again. It's because they don't know how to manage new found wealth and that's a little bit of what's scary, not not so much that people aren't intelligent enough to manage wealth, but that people don't know the questions to ask.

You know it's like if you, if you're used to living on a 10 000 a year, salary and all of a sudden, you have a 10 million dollar year salary and you don't know anything about managing a 10 million dollar a year's salary. You know you're gon na be sitting in a different position right. You might not manage that wealth in the right way and that's no ding on anybody. I probably wouldn't know how to manage 10 million i'll.

Tell you that right now, like i, don't make 10 million dollars a year, but you get my point right. So the two big things that i want to drive home with this is like i do think inflation is going to go up. So when amc does make its move and other stocks, i think inevitably get you know, margin called liquid data. You see some really big blue chips.

Take hits make sure that you're you're managing your risk, you're locking in some profits and you're being smart with your capital, because i don't want you guys to get beat up by inflation. That is going to be the biggest kick in the nards that is humanly possible. So that's kind of what i want to talk about in terms of that and then lastly, i want to talk about the technical analysis on amc now. I've i've talked about this stuff in the past, but i want to like bare bones: give you exactly what i look for in terms of technical setups so that you guys can do this yourself.

So there are three main indicators that i use, and that is this blue trend line, this purple trend line - and this is the rsi which is a relative strength index. Then i pay attention to volume and then just pure candles. I know other people use like the macd and some other indicators, but i keep it bare bones minimum because i think of it like this. These are the foundation.

This is 90 to 95 of the mountain, and all the extra tools are the extra five percent, the tip right. So the majority of retail investors don't really need that tip as much as they need the foundation. So, let's establish that first right, 15ma is the. Is this bluetooth right here? It's the moving average.

It's a 15 day price action based valuation trendline, it's a lagging trend line that gives you an idea of the microscopic price action on a stock. It tells you what has happened so you can predict what might happen in the future and then this 200 ema, this purple trend line, is the exponential moving average. This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period. If you wanted to set this up in your own weeble account, i have a link down below.

If you want to check that out, you get two free stocks with 100 deposit. If not, i don't really care uh. You can do it right here. So you just you just click on this little.

You know indicators button. Then edit indicators, you turn on email. You turn on ma and then i also use the vw, but that's for day trading, not as important. So the ema right here you want to go to length and press in 200.

That's 200 days. M8. You want to come down here and type in 15.. That's 15 days! You can change the color.

If you want styles right here as such right and then the rsi, if you want to turn that on, is just uh, let me all edit indicators, all indicators. Where is it? Well, you it's in alphabetical order, so here it is rsi. So if you want to turn on rsi, that's right, therefore, you can also change the length period of time on these as well. I only use the 14 day rsi, that's the time frame that i use for that you can set it whatever you want to do, but that's what i find works best for me as you get the most actual volatility in terms of the prices uh, the stocks Price action right.

So what do i look for in terms of these specific indicators and the volume right? So if i was to look at this on a one month trend line, you know one month chart which i am right here right. Let's just look at what we got here, so there are important things that tell you when a stock is bullish and when a stock is bearish right. So one thing in particular is when you see the 15 ma cross over the 200 ema, followed by or prefaced by a bump and trading volume. Now, what does this mean? It means that the 15 day price action, the previous 15 days of price action, is more bullish than the previous 200 days of price action.

If you get three things right, you get this crossover. You get an unusual bump in trading volume, which we got right here and a news catalyst that is sustainable over a long period of time. This can be indicative of an upcoming bullish run on the flip side. Right, if you have the 15 m8 that is about to gap underneath the 200 ema, this is usually a sign of an upcoming bearish run right, a a little bit of a sell-off and, i would say a hyper-inflated sell-off right.

So, like you see here right, 15 minute crossover, 200ma, you got that bump in trading volume and we went on a four-day run right here. Right that tells you that tells you that hey! I can anticipate that we might have a potential run. It doesn't always happen. You can see right here, but that it didn't follow up, but it also was prefaced by a huge bump in red volume.

So that's not a great indicator right. You want to match this up with green volume. So that's typically a really really good sign. You want to, you, know, match it up and make sure it's not you know, being you need all the boxes right because well the more i i should say confirmations.

You can stack right. You that fifteen-minute crossing over the 2008, the volume falling through the news cattle's falling through the more you can have you know, confidence in the fact that the stock is going to run so continue to stack up those those boxes right 15 to make crossing over you've Got a bump in green trading volume. You've got a news, catalyst, that's sustainable! Maybe it's like an interview. Maybe it's uh.

They announced they're going to acquire a movie theater. Maybe they announced that they're going to release the data from the share recount which, by the way i don't have any information on. I i did email adam and i'm waiting to hear back. I haven't heard anything um, but it's something like that: sustainable hype that can drive a price.

You know a stock price action over a sustainable period of time. So you know, look at the chart set up right now. What do we have? What do i think is important at this point right, so we talked about the volume why this is important right. I like seeing that bump in volume i like seeing an uptrend in volume.

You can typically see the uptrend and volume more so on the daily candle. So if you just come down here and press day that'll give you a better indication but uh, you want to see an overall uptrend in volume right. So if you came back here, you could have got a really good indication that there was going to be a nice run because you had an uptrend in volume uh. If you change this over to, let's just do the the one month and i'll scroll back, but i'd be willing to bet you that 15 ma and the volume bump happened so like right here you see it right, 15 m8 gap.

It doesn't always even have to cross. You can just gap up right, so the 15 gaps away from the 200ma right here you've got this unusual bump in trading volume. It even happened way back here. So if you took a stab at it backwards trading at 2.64 cents, you could have still made some stupid, stupid fat cash right 264.

You get this unusual bump in trading volume compared to the previous days of price action right, 15 may crossed over and then for the next freaking week straight, went on a stupid, stupid bull run right and it was sustained by the news catalyst which acted as wall Street bets talking about gamestop, which led into the wall street bets talking about amc. Now the same thing can be said about what's going on here right, so we've talked about the volume we talked about. The the two indicators i like to use. The rsi gives you an idea of when a stock is overbought or oversold the rsi anything over 70 is typically overbought territory.

This is when you like to sell a stock and when rsi is down at 30 or below it's usually over uh overbought is what i meant to say up here. Oversold is underneath 30. right. This is typically when you want to buy a stock.

Now, if you look historically at the trend of amc, it has some really really harsh oversold territories right, and this is giving you an idea of the previous price action. So we can take a guess at future price action, so we've seen that it's got as low as 19 here it's kind of as low as 1920. Here it's got as low as 26 here and then we went on a couple day spree where it. You know it touched down at 30, it touched down at 30 and it bounced and it bounced.

If it continues this trend, we could anticipate a little bit of a bounce off of this 30 rsi, which could indicate that we get a little bit of a reversal tomorrow. But that's just one confirmation right. If you look at this in another sense, we've got a descending level resistance. This is purely looking at it in the sense of uh.

Okay. You know these are candles. We can see that this is a hypothetical level, a an artificial level that can't be breached for whatever reason, and if you get a break over this, you can see that 15 minute back hooked back up rsi starts to hook back up. You get green volume that follows through which will lead to the 15 ma gapping away from the 200 ema right.

So it's a whole bunch of different things that you're looking for in terms of what is making a stock bullish so kind of. To recap: all the indicators right rsi: you want to see that bounce off this 30. This is typically the time that you want to buy for a stock right for a swing trade for amc, even right, any any sort of stock. That's that's! When you're looking to buy for a good position, you want to see that 15 to me gap away from the tuner dma you.

You definitely want that in good bullish territory, uh you, you also want to look at. You know we'll just talk about briefly. The candlestick charts and the patterns and stuff - and i think this will be the best noticeable on on the one day right and all these things are applicable on any time frame. You can use this on a one day chart on a 10 day chart on a one month, a three month, a six month, a one year, a five year.

Any time frame, these all apply right. It's just different time zones. So, if you're using a larger time scale, it's just more applicable for a larger time, scale smaller time scale, it's more applicable on a smaller time scale right. So, for instance, right here, you've got the 15ma that that's uh that hooks underneath the 200dma right here, which indicates that hey, we might see a little bit of a selloff, and it did in fact come to fruition right.

You also see that we're training underneath the volumeted average price, which is this gold trendline. This is the average price that somebody paid on the day. So, if we're trading underneath that it means that most people that bought our bag holding on the day, if we're trading above it, it means that most people that bought are green on the date right. So you know you stack all these sort of things and we can.

We can move into what i'm talking about here next, which is the overall you know, candlestick patterns. So let me delete this really quick, all the all the drawings that i've got on here and i'll show you what i'm talking about so trend lines is what i'm going to touch on here and then in future videos i'll touch on some other stuff, but trend Lines right, so what do you see here? You can see that we've got a level of resistance. Resistance and support is super simple. I know that most people understand this stuff, but if you don't we're just going to assume that there's at least one person who does it so resistance is when you get at least three touch points on any an artificial or uh synthetic level that just can't be Crossed - and you get it here right - one two uh we'll adjust this here, just a little bit three four five six, and when you finally get a hard break over that, you can signify and assume that you're gon na develop a new trend right.

So at this point right here, we have developed a new trend now, what is that it's a little bit of an inverse head and shoulders pattern right now? What does that mean? It means that you've got a neckline right here such as this. You get two touch, points touch touch and a head, so here's the head: here's a shoulder! Here's a shoulder! Typically, when you get a break over this as long as it's not a false break, which you've got right here, you get a nice bullish run on the horizon, and this is what i was assuming people were playing for right here. That's why you get this bump in trading volume they were trying to get back up the volume average price they're trying to get over this neckline setup, and it just didn't come to fruition. So we ended up maintaining this overall.

You know consolidation phase right here, so candlestick patterns. If you want to play it super super super simple play trend lines, connect dots! It's really that freaking easy right, so look for three touch points to signify any respected level of support or resistance, and you can see that we got that right here just about right. One two uh almost three touch points, but if you get a third bounce off that, i would say that it's a signified level of support on the the one day. You know time frame looking at the one month right.

Let's, just you know, do this: on a one month, we can show you another example. So, on the one month you can see we had a level of support. For the time being, it was very, very extended support, but nonetheless it was being respected. You can see that every single time it touched this trend line right here.

It bounced off you get at least three touch points, one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight. It doesn't need to bounce exactly off right. It's an overall trend. It's an art, not an exact science but uh.

This is what you're looking for right. So you do the same thing with support and resistance. They can be, they can be uh horizontal or they can be trending up or trending down, ascending or descending, either way. That's all that you're looking for it's really that freaking simple three touch points to respect any level of support or resistance.

If you use these specific pieces of technical analysis, the 15ma, the 200ma pay attention to volume, pay attention to the rsi and pay attention to the overall trend lines. Candlestick patterns right, you are going to be set you're, going to be able to read 90 of what amc stock is doing on any given day, and now that i can't live stream on a consistent basis because of my 9 to 5 job uh you'll be able To monitor, what's going on with the mc stock, you can apply this to freaking anything right so like, for example, let's pull up microvision, i'm gon na show you what i'm talking about here with microvision right, so microvision uh. This is another stock that we talked about on my discord, i brought it up on the video uh. You know a couple days ago.

I said: if you have microvision stock, it's pretty likely that we see the sell off. It ran up a crazy, crazy amount. A stock that goes up, 200 percent in four or five days is very likely. Gon na have a sell-off or a correction right ended up happening.

So what are you looking for right now with microvision, for example, you're? Looking for a break over this descending level of resistance right, you got three touch points, one two, three, almost four, but we'll count that four right uh. You want to take the most recent price action. So we'll just move this down here a little bit, but once you get a hard breaker of this descending level resistance, you can expect another little bit of a bull run and i will i will show you an opposite example, which is this, so this acted as Support in the past right, you get three touch points, one two, three, four: you get a wide range candle bar, which is a candle that covers a lot of price action that breaks beneath it and that ensues an upcoming sell-off right. So if you were to use these two, you know support and resistance trend lines at any given time.

You can predict a lot of what's going to happen down the road right and then, after a break over this decent level resistance, whereas the next level resistance gon na, be let's do a horizontal one. One uh we'll drop this a little bit here. One two three four different touch points right here. So after a break over, you know if it happened tomorrow at 17.50.

Next level resistance would be at about 21 bucks. Now, i'm not telling you to buy or sell microvision right now. This is a long-term stock. In my portfolio, but it's an example right now: let's look at mara.

Another example: mars is a fascinating stock because i think that it's going to have a nice bull run coming up soon and it's because you've got the 15 million. That's starting to hook back up towards that 200 ema and a little bit of a hook down here today, which indicates that the 15 you know days of price action. The last 15 days is a little less bullish than the previous 200, but i do anticipate you're gon na see that 15 may start to hook back up towards that 200 email. Why is this? It's because you see that the the candles are starting to move up towards that 15 ma if you're trading over the 15 ma or the 200 dma with the candle price action.

That indicates that you're in really good bullish territory on that given day. So if you see that these candles start to hook up and cross the two, the 15 ma, i would anticipate the 15 mm will cross back up to the 200 you'll get a nice bump in green volume and uh. You can expect a nice bullish run up coming in the future right now. Let's look at support and resistance levels.

So right now you know a good trade on this would have been if you saw the beginning of an inverse head and shoulders pattern head shoulder, and you can assume that the next shoulder was coming right here. Right 15mm starts to hook back up. You can take a position, you know at 28 bucks if you want a confirmation of a good bottom you're going to take it at 32. Once you see that head start to form right, you'll still be sitting pretty good right now and a break over this level of resistance right here at the neckline is going to indicate a really nice bullish run.

And why do i say that right you've got one. Two three: four: five, six, seven, eight nine ten different touch points all the way back to march 10th. So you you can use both previous support lines and resistance lines as a equal, respected level, so you're watching for a break over this level of resistance right here at about 37.74, and once you get it, you can expect a really nice clean bullish run right. So that's another great example of what you're looking at right here and on the flip side, you've got a level of support right.

You can see this this. This respected level right here of support that has three touch points. One two three, four, five, six, seven uh i'll say: seven right, so seven touch points in the previous. You know, let's say one month, a couple a little more than one month right.

So this is acting as a level of support. You can anticipate that the stock will either bounce off of this or, if it breaks it, move really hard for the downside. So you know i just want to give you guys a couple different examples of walking through you know the different touch points that i'm looking for in terms of technical analysis, what looks like a good trade, what looks like it might sell off xyz, and you guys Can plug this into freaking anything? So hopefully you know i try to make that kind of quick kind of just touching on a lot of different things all at once. Hopefully, you found some value in that video and that's what i've got for you guys today.

So if you enjoyed the video drop, a like blah blah blah consider subscribing, if you want to you, know the whole spiel, that's what i've got for you guys today. So thank you for watching my friends, my family and my fellow gorilla gang peace of love. Later.

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