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AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss all recent news, catalyst, numbers and statistics, and sentiments towards AMC, the hedge fund squeeze, and progress moving forward.
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Good evening, what's up everybody? No i'm just i'm just playing i'm just playing we're not going to do it like that today. What is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades. We get technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like your papers by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt.

Let's get into the video today we're going to give you guys an update on ticker symbol, amc, the whole amc situation right, what's going on with the short squeeze, what are the updated numbers regarding short interest, utilization, uh costs to borrow, etc? Uh short volume in general, we're gon na give you guys some recent news articles and i want to talk about the overall fintel numbers changing as i do think that is uh something a lot of people have been talking about here recently regarding the stock. So, let's get into the video first off, i do want to show you guys the price action that we have seen here over the last couple of days now i have been watching this uh this stock very closely. Obviously i do have a position in the stock, as you did see down below um, and we have seen some pretty pretty crazy, volatile price action. I do think a squeeze is still possible first and foremost, and one thing that i do want to preface by saying is: if you cannot put yourself in a financial situation where you can afford to lose this money, if you do put it here, please please, please Take care of yourself first feed your family pay! Your bills, keep the roof over your head.

I do not want anybody to to lose their home or their or their car because of a financial situation and decision that they made uh based on a stock. That is extremely risky. I've said this before it is called wall street bets, not wall street guarantees, because this stock is risky with high risk does come high reward. Now what is going on right now? Well, we saw quite a bit of crazy price action here.

We did touch 25.80 all the way down from a low of about three dollars just under three dollars, which is a little over 800 increase in price. Now, coming from this 2580, we have been funneling down in price action for quite some time now to what we are seeing right now right and we are still setting higher lows and higher highs, and if you connect as many touch points as you possibly can right, We've got one two three different touch points right here and it has been funneling, uh very, very tightly and the next couple of days the next one to two days are gon na, be pretty critical in price action. Uh, in the sense when we come back here on monday right, thank god for the weekend, because this has been quite the nightmare for a lot of people when we do come back here on monday. I do expect a pretty harsh movement because we have been tightening and compressing and price action throughout this entire period and the volume has been dropping right.

So with that in mind, i am going to point out a couple, different numbers and why? I think this is not a dead cat, as some people are referring to. Why i'm not letting it go right. Why? I think that there is still a situation here that is worth talking about. So let's get into the numbers after this, but this has been dropped.

Real low on the rsi for quite some time, it has been heavily shorted. You guys will have to excuse my voice by the way it has given up pretty hard right now, i've been doing a lot of coverage, a lot of videos regarding the stock and uh that that is the consequence. So what i have drawn up here is basically a pennant or wedge formation, and what is what a price uh when a stock squeezes down in price action like this? That is typically a sign that uh there is gon na, be an upcoming, violent movement and it's either gon na be up or it's gon na be down. I can't guarantee you that i can't predict the future anybody that gives you a price target on.

This is lying to you to be completely frank just because of how volatile and crazy the stock is, and the situation is, but when a stock does squeeze down this hard - and you exclude just a couple different touch points here like these - these wicks, where it touches Up at 16 and some change right, we obviously know that that is some market maker, crazy stuff happening right there, but essentially what you're seeing is in the next one to two days. I anticipate a pretty nice move and it's going to be backed by volume. If we don't see a lot of volume, that is not probably going to come to fruition, but today we did see more volume than we have seen in the past. We do change this over to a daily chart.

We can take a quick peek at this and today's volume was actually higher than we saw in the previous day and we have not seen a green day in quite some time guys it has been getting hammered. We've had one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight nine uh red candles on the daily chart in the past 10 days, which just shows you how heavily this is shorted. I don't care how many people take profits on a stock, guys you're, not gon na. Have nine out of ten days be red candles uh without any sort of short interest right, so there's there's absolutely no way.

There's no way that people taking profits for 10 days is why this is happening right now, people getting out of the stock. So i want to touch on that, first and foremost, a good entry point for the stock. Take this, for what it is, is is honestly right about now i don't see how much lower this can go, except for down here to a previous level of support, in which case this is going to look a lot like the volkswagen situation, where the stock price, Before it shot up to about 950 euros, came all the way back down to previous levels at about 100 euros. Well, that's the case right.

We're gon na have seen this stock come all the way back down to about four dollars and 63 cents before it goes back up for a second squeeze here uh, it is possible right. I've been asked. Trey was this the squeeze going up to 25 bucks? It did go up 800 percent, but in comparison to volkswagen, before that situation played out uh, it was not comparable right. So if you compared the volkswagen numbers to gamestop, it'd be the same as gamestop squeezing to 30 thousand dollars want to put that in the back of your mind.

Right so just keep that uh in the in your back pocket for what it is. The gamestop situation did take about four to five weeks to play out and for amc to do the same thing could take just as long so. This is a this is a game of uh, of uh of chicken with us in the hedge funds. So i want to point out a couple things to you, guys that i do have pulled up and first i want to talk about the overall short interest and short volume coming into the stock.

So fintel i haven't tweeted uh tweeted this so many times by a lot of different people, saying hey trey, the numbers on fintel changed drastically and if you go back to any of my previous videos, you can see when i was presenting the numbers. They were a lot lower, they were in the 30 short volume ratio range, meaning that the total short volume was about 30 of the total market volume. Well, fintel updated their numbers, so they must be doing a little bit of number crunching. They must have figured out a little more of the short volume coming into the stock and we can see that it is much higher than we thought it was the last three days and it has not updated february 5th.

Yet but the last three days we have seen over 50 of the total volume come in as short volume. So you asked me, you asked me this: is this a dead cat? My answer to you is no. This is not a dead cat. People would not be shorting the stock if it was a dead cat.

These hedge funds would not be trying to double down on their convictions. Just like. I am trying to double down on my convictions here right and i'm not a financial advisor. That's not financial advice.

Please please, please do not get into the stock if you do not have enough money to take care of yourself right. I want to say that first and foremost, but i am heavily convicted uh, i talked to a guy from uh. He was a hedge fund analyst. His name is justin he's got his own channel, uh, very intelligent man and he said uh trey.

I got into bitcoin and i've seen some ups and downs and i'll tell you this right now. If i had sold back when i, when it was twenty six thousand dollars, or i should say when it dropped to thirteen thousand dollars from 26 right, i would have missed on the crazy run up to 30 plus, you know. So if you have true conviction in a stock and the reason behind why you invested in it right, you have it, you have a purpose, you have an exit plan and an entry plan. You know why you got into the position in the first place, the numbers are psychological, the price is psychological, because it's a process, so i just want to keep that in the back of your mind, guys to me, i'm doing this stock as a long-term stock.

At the moment, the the fluctuations right, the ups and the downs i celebrate the green days and on the red days i think, to myself. Oh man, it's a fire sale. I could get the stock for cheaper than it was trading before right. It is scary.

It's incredibly incredibly hard to watch a stock consistently just get short attacked and pummeled and pummeled and pummeled right. I have a nvis is probably my favorite stock of all time. I love it absolutely love it. Lately.

It's been on a rampage and there was about a two week period of time where it was just getting hammered: shorted, shorted, shorted, all the way from 975 down to about four dollars and a half right, and if i'd gotten out of mvis back when that happened, You wouldn't be able to see this crazy, crazy run-up that we see right now where mbis was trading for over 12 dollars right. It's conviction. It comes down to conviction. Mbis was a heavily heavily shorted stock right and if i just let the the shorts cram me down to the ground, i wouldn't have been able to experience that run-up, and i want to make that comparison first and foremost, because it tells you exactly what i'm saying So, let's check out nvis on a three-month chart, you can see exactly what i'm talking about.

So mbis is a heavily shorted stock. You go over to stock twits you're gon na see a lot of bears no offense any bears out there. Shorting is a great way to make money right, but it hit 975 or so and was shorted all the way back down to a low of about four dollars and fifty cents. And i was down at one point about three thousand dollars and if i had sold right, i would have been able to experience this run-up, which did take a couple weeks to develop, but there's inevitably i guarantee it a squeeze action.

That's happening in here granted. It's not on the same scale as amc right, but i mean if you look at this exact setup right here. This looks a lot like what amc is going through right now, and i mean i can. I can pull this up and show you on a customized chart.

Of course, this is not the exact same situation. The numbers are different, but my point being the same premise right so we know mvis was a heavily shorted stock. We can just look at this on the on the three month. Chart again show you the whole process here you can see if we just look at this right now.

This is going to look a lot like what amc looks like at this given moment. So we're looking at uh amc on a one month, chart very very similar guys had a huge run-up grant. This is a little dirtier price action, but huge pullback, huge, huge pullback we've got just getting hammered. These are two-hour candles right, uh, it's brutal, and this is where we are right now in terms of mvis's up now, if we zoom out here and look at nvis, it found a bottom eventually and when it did, it started to run it started to slowly move When it started slowly moving, it eventually saw this huge, huge, violent push and guys in terms of where amc is right now on nbis's squeeze down action right, the shorting process.

We are probably right about here right about here or so uh. That would be my estimate. So be patient. If you have true conviction in a stock, the price is psychological.

If i had taken my loss in mvis, i would not have been able to experience the run-up and make profit, because i have conviction in the process. I know why i got into the investment in the first place, because it's a great company, i believe in the premise of the company, i think they're going to grow right. Amc is for different reasons, but the premise is the same. I have conviction of the process that is my two cents about that coming back here, so we do see.

The last day of short volume was 89.7 million, which is 55 of the total market volume on the day extremely high. I have vortex pulled up. This is a subscription that i pay a monthly for, and it gives you the most relevant and up-to-date information. So i'm going to update this right now and show you the most recent information.

Current utilization, which is the total lendable shares available to be lent out, is 88.29 percent, meaning that out of all shortable shares that are lendable to shorts right. We only have about a little less than 12 available to lend meaning. There is an extremely high utilization and shorting of the stock at this given moment. The total annual interest - and i was asked this by a couple people - this is an annual accrued interest - is 5.12 according to uh fintel.

That might not sound like a lot but think about if you're playing with millions of dollars, you're playing with millions of dollars. That's a lot of money. My friends! That's a lot of money. The percentage free float on long 26.58 days to cover 0.66, meaning that the shorts are currently winning the battle here and i'm i'm actually pretty curious.

I'm going to pull up mvis here and show you guys what this looked like before. We saw a pretty huge run. So what was the short interest like for nvis back in the day when it was getting absolutely crushed after this huge run up right here? I'm gon na have to go back here, i'm not sure refresh the page. So if you take a a quick peek right, the days to cover for mbis at this point was about 2.9 and it was higher before so.

We saw a little bit of a squeeze. It ran up right, some shorts had to cover and they doubled down on their convictions right, making it a shortable stock, and it's been running up and they're getting squeezed right now in terms of where uh amc is in in uh in the mvis chart. I would anticipate we're somewhere around here somewhere around the bottom of this huge short attack now granted like i said this is different situations, but i do want to point that out, because every single stock is not a smooth journey. My friends, if you, if you cannot take the emotional roller coaster, if you cannot afford to lose any money that you put into this investment right, this uh this process of the hedge funds, please uh do not risk your your investment.

What is going on right? Well, i want to show you guys a couple different things i want to. I want to just explain to you what naked shorting is and what short laddering is short laddering stocks, so naked shorting. If you're not familiar, i'm just going to read this off to you. It is the illegal practice of shorting short selling shares that have not been affirmatively determined to exist.

They're counterfeit shares. Ordinarily traders must borrow a stock or determine that it can be borrowed before they sell. It short. So naked sorting refers to stock short pressure on a stock that may be larger than the tradable shares in the market despite being made illegal after the 2008-9 financial crisis.

Naked shorting continues to happen because of loopholes and rules and discrepancies between paper and electronic trading systems. So it is an illegal practice in which um hedge funds institutions are able to short a stock and create shares that don't exist which creates selling pressure that does not exist and tricks people into selling their overall shares in the stock short laddering. This is also a process which i think is happening right now now, what is a short ladder attack right, hedge funds and investors? Shorting stocks is nothing new, etcetera short ladder attack is a very intentional maneuver that requires highly detailed planning. Historically, it has helped funds grow.

Their assets under management or rapidly, however, in instances like the gamestop fiasco, it can backfire with a little help from retail investors. What does it mean? A short letter attack has multiple moving parts. The process starts when a firm or fund takes on a sizable short position. In a stock from there, they will do what they can to lower the stock's value since they're, using a short sale to bet against the stock.

They make money when the stock's value shrinks. In some instances a fund might put a company into bankruptcy. This is the goal because they don't have to pay taxes, they don't have to buy back their shares. So basically, what happens in a short ladder attack.

Is you have two two groups of people right, one one hedge fund and a second hedge fund, and what they'll do is they'll sell and buy back to each other in increments that are slightly lower uh than the the price and when you're sorting a stock, you Can do this uh you can you can you can sell your stock slightly lower than the overall stock price and they will sell and buy back from each other in increments in order to ladder down the stock price and we've seen this happen with amc? If we come back to the stock amc right, we're gon na pull this up amc in my opinion, of course, this is speculation. We can only. We can only make assumptions based on what the charts look like, but amc 100 looks like it has been short ladder attacked. It ends up forming what looks like a ladder.

If you draw a trend line, it looks like a ladder. It stays in this really harsh downward channel where you have a descending level of support and a descending level of resistance. Because of what is happening now check this out. We had a red day today.

Amc finished off, i think negative uh, just that just a bit 6.83 and if we look at the overall order flow, there is more inflow than outflow, meaning that more people were buying the stock than selling, and that indicates to you that there's a little bit of Market manipulation happening right now, right, we've had a lot of buy orders just looking at the level twos right now. There are way more bids than there are asks, and this has been repetitive so repetitive throughout the process, we have been a little bit more green right. We've been green here, leading into the after hours. We are slowly still stepping back up currently trading at 693, but you get the fundamentals of what i'm saying right now is this stock is not a dead cat.

This is still being heavily short attacked. This is still being heavily manipulated. I 100 believe in the cause here and i'm not going to be selling a single share because of that now i want to show you guys something. This is uh well first, i want to show you this look at the comparative price action between amc and gamestop over the last five days.

What does this tell you? Do i even need to say anything, my friends look at this look at this. This tells you everything you need to know it's insane. It is the exact same chart pattern. The exact same chart pattern.

I've heard some arguments. I've heard some arguments well, it's most likely because you're having the same buyers and sellers that are stepping into the stock and buying and selling at the same time, bs there's no freaking way. There's no freaking way. You're gon na have the exact same setup between gamestop and amc.

There's no way you're gon na have the exact same people buy and sell at the exact same time. Throughout the day, i don't care how coordinated wall street bets is. This tells you everything you need to know about the market manipulation happening before your eyes. It's insane! It's absolutely mind-blowing! You want a meme right here.

This is a meme for you guerrilla game. Jesus. It's it's crazy and i want to pull this up as well. This is very interesting and i've got one more thing.

I want to point out to you guys after this talking about dalian wanda. Is it mathematically impossible? The gamestop shorts were covered, some simple math for simple gamblers, and now this does not exactly apply to amc. My friends but uh it does it does. It does relate very strongly.

Take this for what it is. This is a reddit article right and and take the language for what it is as well. I will not be reading it. This is coming from somebody else.

Not me, this is posted two hours ago. Listen up people. It is mathematically impossible for shorts to be covered by now. If it was possible to cover like that, do you think more short squeezes would ever happen.

It's simple! Let's use the worst possible numbers here. January 15th, 226 percent of the 51 million floating shares were shorted, which is more than the existing shares. Telling you naked sorting is very possible and i think honestly, realistic. In the situation 51 million times 2.26 equals 115.26 million shares.

Let's say they shorted the shares at five dollars. They borrowed at least 576 million dollars worth of stock to do that over half a billion just to set up this short now, people are saying they covered by shorting at 300, 400. 500. Okay, let's say they covered a 300.

you're telling me melvin was able to come up with 300 times 115.26, which is 34.5 billion dollars loan to cover their massive screw-up, even if they covered half the shorts at 100 per share. We're still talking about 5.75 billion u.s dollars just to cover their original screw-up, and they would have had to fabricate three times as many fake shares as they did in the first place. Remember 226 percent short overflow. It would have to be 452 now to cover hold your shares, he's not a financial advisor.

Neither am i i'm simply a guy reading, another guy's post here on reddit guy or gal right, but this is very interesting and relevant information. The same thing applies to amc. Now, let's look at amc on the three-month chart here. Let's assume - and this was a coordinated attack - keep this in the back of your mind right.

We have a lot of different people shorting this this stock at different prices over the last year. So, honestly, a one year is gon na be more relevant. Let's say that we've got people shorting the stock between six dollars, maybe four dollars down here at two dollars. We do know that some people are short of this.

In fact, i can pull this up on marketbeat and show you some prices over the last uh last period of time where this this stock was shorted. So let's pull up amc on market beat and i'm going to show you this. So if we look at this, these are the reporting dates right. These are the the prices on record date, looking at the short interest.

So if we take a quick peek here right, we can see that their price on report date - 863. 220. 198. 280.

427. We can see that there's a lot of different numbers here being bounced around so worst case scenario. Let's say that some shorts were able to cover on amc. This is not including options options expire.

That's different shorts can cover at any given time that they'd like to right. So let's say that some of them covered 863. They could have possibly covered right. This 220 not possible one in 198, not possible 280, not possible 427, not possible right.

You guys get where i'm going with this, my point being, even if they shorted and they double down on their convictions. We know there was a huge amount of short interest pumping into the stocks here. 17.76 million shares here, 21.89 million shares here right. That is a lot of shares and it's only going up and up and up right.

So my point being in order for them to have completely covered, we would not still be seeing the amount of short volume coming into the stock. They'd not be trying to double down on their convictions and drive this price down in order to save their butts very, very important, and i think that does apply here in a lot of ways, and i hope that it acts as a vote of confidence and conviction. For you, if you are thinking about either selling or holding, of course, i'm not a financial advisor, i promise you please please, please make your own financial decisions and do not put yourself in a hole in order to stay in this stock. Last thing i want to talk about is this dalian wanda just converted their 50 mm class b shares to class a shares today may increase, float and decrease short interest significantly, and i want to add my two cents here because i'm sure there's a lot of people Out there talking about this, amc just announced that large investor dalian wanda just converted their 50 mm class b shares to class a shares.

Today, it's unclear that wanda will be doing what what she will be doing with these shares, but if they decide to sell them similar to silver lake, converting its amc notes to equity and selling into the market, they could increase. The amc float by 50 mm shares and decrease short interest significantly. If juana sells its shares into the market, the short interest would decrease, and so the chances of a big short squeeze would also decrease. Here's the announcement coming from the - and you can't see it here - class, a common sock, amc, new york, stock exchange, uh coming from delaware right and this is applying to exactly who it was so it's for dally and wanda uh.

If we wanted to read through this, you can feel free to do so. If you want to check this out, but essentially one thing that i want to double down on is, i don't think dally. Wanda is gon na sell these shares immediately upon receiving right. So why would you sell shares at the absolute bottom of the investment? Why would you sell the shares when they are being oversold? Traders and investors are the only people on the planet that uh that buy things when they're over overpriced and sell things when they're undervalued? I don't think that you're going to see that happening with dalia wanda, i think that uh dalian wanda most likely got into this stock uh thinking she can turn a profit here and where big money goes where big money puts their investment is important, and i want To put that, in the back of your mind as a vote of confidence, and it's true if she does end up selling these shares on monday morning, that is really going to change the situation on amc.

I will update you that uh, as always i'll, always be real with you i'll tell you what the situation looks like right now days to cover are low, meaning shorts can cover their positions in a more timely manner, but this is the case with uh, with gamestop. Before it had a run up with volkswagen before it had to run up with nvis before it had a run-up right, all these stocks, before they squeeze there's potential for them to have the situation happen where they're getting hammered because shorts don't want to lose just as Bad as we don't want to lose my friends - and i truly truly mean that that is the most relevant information that i have today on amc. If i can leave you with any parting words right, it is this: if you, if you truly feel convicted in a stock, just as i feel convicted in mbis and my long-term investments right, you truly believe in the end goal. You've done your due diligence, you believe in the process, you believe in the ethics and the reason behind this.

You believe it's gon na squeeze and make money. The price is psychological, no matter how low it goes right. You no loss is realized until it's sold. It's a paper loss.

It's a paper loss, my friends. I was down three thousand dollars in mvis and i didn't sell and if i had, i would have lost three thousand dollars. I would have never experienced the run-up. No losses realized until you sell, and this price is psychological in my mind.

So that is what i have for the video today guys if you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing. If you like to see more content like this, lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble. This is version four for uh, the desktop for weeble great platform.

If you use my uh my link, you get four free stocks with 100 deposit great way to support the channel if you're not interested. That's totally fine, my friends, i'm just glad you're taking the time to watch my videos and be a part of the gorilla gang. So that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time.


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    There are still great stocks on the market with big room for growth, and consistent investors with a steady approach should be able to seize opportunities created by the uncertainty. For stock markets, these are the best times.

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    Someone posted that this is kind of like a staring contest, except the shorts have to keep their eyes open (because they have interest to pay for borrowing shares to short), while the longs just have to keep their eyes closed. And which ever side can keep their eyes open or closed the longest, wins.

    For the longs, there is only opportunity loss for maintaining their long positions and their paper losses until they sell.
    For the shorts, it is also opportunity cost plus the interest they are charged for borrowing shares they don't own.

    Don't get bluffed into folding a winning hand.

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    Every bit of media I see on AMC the broker or person being interviewed looks so nervous. Something is off. I am holding to see what the outcome is. The short % is said to be released on the 9th. We will see what they owe. AMC is going to have a movie about themselves lol..

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    So the question is what do we all have to do to WIN this???

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lost Soul says:

    Soo Wanda investments ent owns amc as of Friday they filed a 8k to covert shares to tradeable shares, they bought for 2.6 billion current cap 1.9 billion. This is interesting because they could have liquidated for well over 20$ a share ( profit from the 2.6 billion paid) at any time pre covid, I don’t believe they plan on selling shares at this low of a price( it’d be real dumb). This in turn leads me to believe that they are counting on the stock to rise above the 20$ threshold. Rumors and speculation is Amazon is once again interested in acquiring amc since it is now the debt has been significantly lowered thanks to us the smooth brains that bought and now hold. This is an interesting situation when it comes to the squeeze related to what vw did a few yrs back. It reached 30k a share because a short squeeze was there and Porsche was acquiring the company. This is of course my speculation, I raise chicken wtf do I know aside from shorts haven’t covered it’s mathematically impossible GOOD Mornin y’all!

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RyAn Noel says:

    I’ll ride the elevator to the basement ya only lose when ya sell

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alex Magallanes says:

    Dalian Wanda is a Chinese trade group. I don’t think they’re gonna sell. But I think they’re getting ready for the squeeze

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Connor Yates says:

    I put half my mortgage deposit i had saved on this at $15 haha 😄 holding till its squeezes or untill amc opens back up, big up Trey one of the realist trying to help us the 99% more wealthy and intelligent.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheChosenLowBob says:

    Please correct me if i'm wrong. The actual free float of AMC is at 114.94 Mio. Finviz says there's a short float of 38.87%. But this calculation is based on the short volume from january 15 as it was at 44.76 Mio shares. The actual short volume according to fintel is at 118.89 Mio. shares. That means that 103.43% of the free float of AMC is shorted?

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Unidentified Drifter says:

    @Trey's Trades, a correction to naked will be that some market makers under specific circumstances ALLOW for naked short shares to linger in their system, where most of naked usually covered in short period of time, some lingering for pretty long time.
    I believe, naked shorts in amc AND gme is the product of actions of CITADEL who is an official DMM of NYSE, and was covering Melvin for a reason! Because if they won't cover and buyout Melvin, there would come investigation of bankruptcies and ALL THEIR DARK SCHEME would be uncovered and some heads would fly off the shoulders. 😉

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars brian spangler says:

    I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain will buy more amc best worst case post covid amc opens back up and I'm holding a fairly good dividend stock

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Win By 2 says:

    @Trey's Trades been watching before you became a YT star (this week)lol but was wondering you would you be interested on coming on and doing a podcast to talk about the current AMC,,GME situation? I Want to keep shedding light on this situation as I feel like people deserve to know what is going on, let me know man stay safe 🦍🚀💎🤲

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian M says:

    Did anyone else go look up "Dalian Wanda"? I found this interesting….A quick Wikipedia search shows it was actually part of an AMC Acquisition in 2012 to present…some class B shares (32%) were repurchased back from Wanda Group…even though they became a minority owner with Silver Lake Partners- they still have majority control over board of directors…thoughts?

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MC_Prosperity says:

    The key word that pops out here is 'illegal' .. what the HF's have done and are still doing… this needs to stop right away and they need to be investigated immediately and audit them and watch closely so they don't pull anymore deceitful tactics. What they are doing is undermining everyone's confidence in the markets and that it is not a viable place to invest anymore as it is not being monitored. My trust in the market has been shaken to its core over how they are allowed to get away with this. It's a damn disgrace how the NYSE and SEC , etc. have turned a blind eye at this whole GME/AMC situation.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jing Huo says:

    Short interest% = shorted share / floating share;

    GME short interest is 26.39M / 51.03M = 51.72%

    AMC short interest is 44.16M / 56.57M = 78.06%

    as of 02/06/21

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ever Creating says:

    I applaud you for being crazy enough to dig into this stock and address the manipulation – never watched you before but I’m checking all your $AMC vids. Keep that same energy.
    To all those in comments- just know one thing “they” are definitely doing is scanning through ALL comments monitoring for fear, weakness, and strong influence and disruption. If you know what it is /you know what it is. Move in silence 🤫 Learn how to hold your own faith (nuts) without needing too much outside validation … that way you can’t be manipulated. Glta💎🖐🏾💎

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Deep Value Investing says:

    GME has an amazing PE ratio and is an amazing long term hold and day trading is dumb unless you’re a pro

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dom_shakeblunt says:

    I’d rather watch my position in amc/gme go to 0$ and still hold than take a 3500 L not a loss if we hold !!!

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