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AMC Stock Squeeze: In this video we discuss why AMC stock hasn't squoze yet, what a short squeeze truly is, and how you'll know it has in fact been squoze.
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Guys you already know what freaking time it is. We can't we can't have a day like this and not celebrate celebrate that's so disgusting. Oh, what a crazy crazy day! Look at the after hours, guys, i'm so excited to talk about this one. Oh man cheers to a step in the right direction: drinking that gorilla juice, cracking open the kraken baby for the girly gang bottoms up, cheers to you guys.

Oh put some hair on your chest. What is up everybody welcome to trades traders. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market. Oh let's get in my nostrils as well as buy holders still opinions.

All these given stocks, like remember by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert, so they're going to say the great assault. Let's get into the video today my friends we're giving you an update on ticker symbol, a m c bay b, what a freaking absolutely crazy day. You cannot beat the price action we had on this almost hit 12 freaking dollars, and i think the most overlying question and thing that i've seen pop up in terms of um what's going on here with amc, is have we already seen the short squeeze and i'm Going to break this down for you in the simplest ape language that you could possibly ask for the simple answer to you is no we're going to give you the complete rundown as to why that is and how you are going to know when this is short. Squeezing what you can do to predict that short squeeze, so you can come out on top right and other important information that we should know regarding this stock.

So we try to break down as much information as we can per video, so you can walk away. Maybe a little bit better off than you were before right. That's always the goal with these videos, so without further ado, as chris sane would say, baby, let's get into this beast. So what i've got drawn up for us right now come over here to microsoft.

Whiteboard short squeeze 101 baby, we've got kong versus zilla baby. Who will come out on top? We already know the answer to this question. My friends and family is kong, baby, not a dead cat. We got a dead chicken, though we got a silly chicken.

Look at this dumb chicken, all right anyways, what is shorting so i've drawn this out in the simplest way that you can possibly imagine this is. This is too easy check this out. Uh you've got a broker right, so broker would be hypothetically speaking, a bank. It starts over here with the broker so broker right.

We've got over here, hedgie hedgie says: hey man, i want to borrow from you shares so that i can sell them into the market and lower the stock price. I'm betting on the stock price going down so hedgie comes over here to broker the bank and he asks for let's just say: hypothetically 100 million shares and broker says all right. Here's 100 million shares you do with them. What you want and uh then hedging comes back here and he has these shares and he sells them into the market, so he is out 100 million shares right.

He took profits on 100 million shares. His goal is to purchase them back for cheaper, so we're step. One step one broke: your spot, 700 million shares, 100 million shares comes out, goes over to hedgy hedgy sells out, 100 million shares he's got some money in his pocket right now. It's in the market market, which is tendy.

It's us right, attendees rocking these shares. That came in from uh from hedgy right and then pushes the stock price down. So if you look at uh, you know an entry point, maybe one would be here right and then two sold into the market drops down right on you're, seeing it right about here at two right, and this was a long long process. So where did this take place right? If we look at this on a one-year chart, i'd imagine you saw it take place for a long time down this whole stretch down this whole stretch down this whole stretch as well.

That's what we're looking at right there in terms of where we are now, where are we at right? Now? We are still here number two: we've still got shares that are being held in the market right that were sold out to people such as us who um basically are holding these short positions right. They are still, they still have to buy back their shares right. So the next step for them is going to be to purchase back. These shares that's step three step.

Three is us tendy right? We hold the shares of these short positions that need they need to purchase back eventually and edgy is looking to get them back. However, it has not happened yet we can look at different numbers, but you can see this before your very eyes: 300. 000. Total short shares available as of three hours ago and still 100 utilization according to ortex.

So that's huge. We are still at number two right now, so in very simple language. Right you've got the broker sends over 100 million shares of hedgie hedgie sells 100 million shares, which means he needs to buy back 100 million shares from tendy right 10d over here hasn't done it. Yet, but once he does, hedji sends those 100 million shares back to the broker and you're good to go.

But what happens then, if broker over here, says, hey guys uh, you are really getting cooked right now, we're gon na margin call you and you need to come up with those shares right now, there's two choices: they have either a they can purchase back these shares Or b they get some of their assets liquidated and that takes care of their their debt, essentially that the broker has been spotting them. So that's what you're looking at right here in simple terms: the the broker loans, the shares hedgie, sells the shares and she buys them back um and then hedgie returns the shares back to the market. But what, if you think about naked shorting right? So what's naked? Shorting the broker - let's say that, hypothetically speaking, they don't have any shares. Well, that's cool for them, because they're just going to create some.

So in this hypothetical situation, right with 100 million shares, let's just assume that we've got a 370 million share float, which is from what i believe, the actual number that we have according to market watch. We're gon na double check that, just to give you an absolute correct answer, we're looking at 374 million total public float right. So let's just assume that, but a lot of these shares have already been lent out right. We know we've got 100 utilization on the stock and it's still being shorted.

So where are these shares coming from right? We can see this according to fintel, we've got 100 utilization, and yet we saw 24.7 million in short volume today and there's no way they came out profitable. On that i mean look at this. Look at the stock price. We look at this on a one day.

Chart there was almost no period of time where they could have possibly come out profitable on that, and yet they kept shorting the stock anyways. So where is this coming from very, very possibly and as we've mentioned naked shorty synthetic shares being created and circulating in the market so that they can uh try their hardest to drive the stock price down? But that's not good right, because we've talked about the supply and demand chain right if you've got high supply and low demand. That means uh. It's that's where we're sitting right now right.

So if we've got bam, bam, supply demand right here. Right you've got equilibrium, but instead you shift over this supply to there right. This is high. This is low.

This is high. This is low right that divergence between supply and demand starts to go down, so the higher the supply, the lower the demand, that's what's being created by these naked shorting, which is definitely taking place. I would be willing to bet you money on that right and i know i've heard this argument. It's illegal, it's illegal.

How can they get away with it? Lawyers watching lawyers, my friends and that's where the dtcc rule comes into place, which i talked about in the previous video if you've not seen that yet go check it out. It was my video on amc from yesterday that will explain it in more detail. I'm not going to get into the weeds there, but this is very, very possible. These these uh naked shorts and the failure deliveries that are going on on longs, which we can talk about here later, are definitely contributing to the situation.

So you've got a 370 million share, float well, they're, increasing that right, they're, creating shares to short right the the brokers sending these out to the hedges right they're, creating shares synthetic shares, so they can keep sending these out because they want to make money right. They know that the interest rate's going to keep accruing they're going to get their money back regardless, so they're just going to keep creating these synthetic shares. Stocks with ftds and ious on logs also come into consideration because all shares are out on loan right. These brokers very likely do not hold very many shares of amc at this current moment.

That brings us in a short borrowed fee. What is this, how is this calculated right so check this out? You've got easy to borrow, and you've got hard to borrow easy to borrow is not amc's current situation. We can look at uh fintel right now, and it says that the short bar fee rate is 11.8 earlier. This morning was at about 10, but it has gone back up which we'll we'll get into right now so easy to borrow means.

There's a lot of available shares right. So there's a high amount of the total flow that's circulating in the market, it's being bought. You know sold back and forth back and forth very, very fast, very frequently, so the change over percentage is very high and it's a highly liquid stock, meaning that uh there's a lot of liquidity that can get pumped into this thing in terms of buyers and sellers Constantly pushing this through the market hard to borrow is where amc is sitting and continuing to grow towards. This typically indicates high volatility right, so a stock that has a lot of high implied volatility, lowest shares or no shares available to borrow right, sometimes - and i've already seen this i've seen screenshots of amc where people can't even short the stock right.

Just as an example, when that tells you how how this is sitting right now, that short bar of rate is going to continue to go up as the amount of available legal shares is low and guys, as retail investors, we're not going to get the opportunity to Get a hold of these naked short positions, so they're, not gon na disclose this to you right these. These uh, these brokers are working hand in hand with these hedge funds because they are trying to either a make money or b make them money either way right. We know this is happening and it's not a highly liquid stock. So there's not a lot of cash, that's being circulated because most people are holding their positions.

So what does this mean in in dumb ape terms hard to borrow would be referring to? We have a peer ape is holding many, many shares ape, could include long institutions or retail investors right. A lot of shares being held a lot of shares being held means, there's not a lot of shares available, so low availability, and because of this you have a problem. These brokers can't get their hands on shares without creating synthetics. They can only get away with this.

For so long, we know that amc is rumored to be doing a share recount right because they know what's going on here. They know there should be way less share circulating in the market. I mean we've talked about this before we'll get into it when it gets to the charts, but that's what you're, looking at so easy to borrow was low risk. That's why you see lower interest rates hard to borrow, has high risk involved.

So that's why you're seeing the interest rate start to go up and that's a good thing, because that puts pressure on these hedge funds to start to cover their positions, which they have not done yet right and we're going to get into that soon. So with that being said, what are the limits short squeeze? Borrow rate down big right. So that's what you're! That's what you're looking at right now for the short squeeze the borrow rate uh is, is decreasing right. There's not a lot of available shares to borrow utilization.

Would drop that's how you're going to know so what i'm, basically explaining to you is: how does this short squeeze happen? How do you know what's happening? The borrow rate is going to go down right, so this number right here you've got 300 000. Total short shares available. It's going to it's gon na you're gon na have more shares available, so, instead of being down in that 10 000 range, it's gon na go back up to the million two million three million five million. Ten million right, you're gon na see that the utilization's gon na drop according to ortex right.

So ortex has 100 utilization. You're gon na see that go back down to 90, 85, 80, 70. 60. 50.

40 right available shares will go up big, so that's huge as well. I'm sorry, i got this mixed up. The borrow rate so that the borrow rate is the interest, so the interest rate will go down, so this will drop from 11 and then this will also go up to 300 000 up to the millions right. So you get the picture here, hundreds to thousands of percent of climb guys.

This was not a short squeeze uh, even when this hit. You know, i would say, 25 bucks way back here in uh. Who knows how long ago it feels like forever back here when it briefly touched 25. I don't even think that was a short squeeze.

I think that was a gamma squeeze right that was call-offs and stacking on top of each other and being hedged by these hedge funds right, so they could match their liquidity issues, so it's usually triggered by a gamma squeeze which we have talked about here on the Channel previously, that's what you're looking for. So to recap right, the borrow rate goes down. You've got utilization, drops you've got the shares available, goes up right. So to recap that is uh right here.

This will go up. Bar rate will go down immensely. This is all huge, huge, huge drops, utilization, huge, huge, huge drop, hundreds and thousands of percent of uh share increase in market value. So that's huge now what what's next limit orders limit orders are absolutely huge, and why is this so right? Why do people be? Why do people keep talking about this? High demand and low supply can create an infinite upside and i'm not kidding when i say that, so what i mean by this is check this out.

As an example, hedges short, 100 million shares. This is a hypothetical right, so if hedgies are short, 100 million shares and this hypothetically speaking, there are floating shares of about 30 30 million total. So if you take 100 million minus 30 million, that would mean that 70 million shares purchased need to be buy holders, which is you, the 10 d, 10 d gets to decide when and where and how much they're willing to take for a share price on the Stock, so that's the huge piece here and that's why limit orders are so crucial because, hypothetically speaking, right of course we're not going to get everybody on board. That's not entirely possible! But if we can get the majority of people on board 80 85 to you guys make your own decisions right.

This is just hypothetical, i'm telling you how short squeezes can happen if, hypothetically speaking, we had a huge mass of people who all decided screw it. I'm not selling my mc for anything less than a thousand dollars, and that was the only availability they had to get their orders filled these hedge funds. When they decide to buy back their shares, they would have to purchase back at 1 000 freaking dollars because think about this supply and demand. If there is no supply, this is absolutely cut off no supply.

The demand is extremely high because they need to cover they can't get out of this and the dtcc rule that was just enacted right. This is really putting pressure on it because they can't just keep creating synthetic shares. Ious failed to deliver in order to cover their butts right. That's huge! We've got institutions that have went long on this fighting against these.

These short positions that we know are currently happening, and that is going to put pressure on them as well. So that's huge! That's big big, big news and that's where this limit order comes into place. Hypothetically speaking, right, i'm not telling it's gon na hit a thousand dollars by any means. What i am saying is, it can happen it 100 can short squeezes are entirely dependent on when buyers lose interest right.

When you want to decide to sell when you are happy with how much you've made, that is when the stuff, when the stock price starts to drop, so that is why people just keep saying that gamestop can hit 500, 000 and and amc can hit a thousand Dollars or whatever it might be, it's actually legitimately possible. So take that for what it is, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang, so i wanted to walk you through a short short squeeze. 101. Quick lessons.

Let you understand that we're just going to give you a quick recap so short squeeze. What is shorting you've got. The broker borrow shares to hedgy hedges sells them into the market. He has to buy.

Those back. Hedgie ends up purchasing back from the market, which can cause a short squeeze and then giving them back to the broker or the bank right naked shorting we've talked through that. That's when there's no shares available, they create synthetic shares which are sent out, creates false selling pressure. It increases the supply, decreases, the demand right and this can increase the short borrow fee right.

So, what's the short borrow fee rate, this is easy. To borrow hard to borrow. Amc is hard to borrow right now, because there's high volatility, low shares or none and it's a not very liquid stock, so short squeeze how you're going to know what's happening. The bar rate will go down big right that short bar percentage, the utilization will drop, the available shares will go up big and you'll see hundreds to thousands of percent of growth in a single day.

So that's what you're looking for right here on that short squeeze potential. What are we looking at in terms of numbers? We've got a short bar fee rate of 11.81 as of an hour ago, 300 000, total short shares available, which is also very very low, and even still today, even though we suck crazy, absolutely insane price action right, we went up to almost 12 freaking dollars. It's it's. We still had shorts trying to drive the price down 24.7 million, which was 18 of the total market volume of 136 million during the regular market hours.

So that's huge - and you can see this right here. We had crazy, crazy price action during the regular market. Hours went all the way up to 1180 and these guys are going to get screwed. All it's gon na take is for you guys to keep buying and holding the stock.

That's literally, that's really it that's all it takes. As you can see, i haven't sold out a single share. In fact, i keep purchasing more and more and more. I've got 2 313 total shares of amc right now, sitting at a dollar cost average of 872.

I have averaged up - and i still 100 believe in the short squeeze potential on this stock, so guys, my friends, my family, we're going to finish off here with the chart set up. What are we looking at? What is uh? What is this chart setup looking like? Well, if we look at this on a daily candle, i think this is very interesting. I talked about this, my previous video. I said we have a nasty nasty cup and handle set up with a little mini george w in there, so a double handle.

Essentially, that is getting us set for the most nasty takeoff that you could possibly imagine so check this out. If you were to drop, you guys could probably see this right off the bat you're gon na drop levels of resistance right. We've got this this mark right here at about 11, even and we're actually above that right now right in the after hours, we're up to what would it be right? Uh, 1090, so we just broke beneath that, but nonetheless right we went up to almost 12. So what does this mean right if we were to come back here and check this out again? What you're looking at is there's a large large gap in price action between 12 bucks and 13 30..

So i would not be surprised in the least bit to see us touch that 13 30 mark coming up here very very soon beyond that right, there's not much level of support. Besides up here or resistance, i should say at 16 bucks break over 16. I would not be surprised at least bid to see 20 very very soon, so this is the second green day in a row. My friends, the nasdaq, is seemingly finishing its correction, which is absolutely monumental right.

We've got a great great technical setup. We've got this ascending level of support that is starting to ride out here guys. Am i telling you i'm telling you patience pays if you just ride this out, my friends, i have the utmost conviction that you're going to see some nasty gnarly gains with amc. We've got a little bit of a double top here on the monthly chart ready to take a quick peek.

You can see it has tested out that 1184 twice now rejected, but i have a feeling, i'm telling you what, when it breaks that it is going to come with a violent, violent move, the volume is just starting to pick up again, as we've mentioned. This is not even close to the volume that we've seen in the past. This is just getting started and i cannot wait for this day to come. My friends, it has been a long long long journey.

I know you guys out there. I've probably been getting sick of these amc videos, but i tell you what keep keep keep keep keep going? The time will come. This is not a dead cat. This is not a dead cat.

This is not a dead cat. I'm telling you i'm telling you i've waited i'm sorry, i'm just so pumped right now. This is i've been waiting so long for this for these for these days to come, because we knew what we were holding, we knew the numbers right and it just feels dang freaking good. So that is what i have for you guys today.

If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weeble. This is version 4 for the desktop great platform that allows you to start training at 4am. The pre-market use my link.

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Thank you for watching my friends and i will see you all next time. Peace.

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