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AMC Stock - In this video, we talk about collusion / market manipulation, financial responsibility, and upcoming weeks ahead.
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All right bam to celebrate the army's recent birthday 246th birthday. Of course, we got ta throw on the freaking american flag running shorts baby. What is up everybody over there straight three freaking talk fast and don't skip class baby. I like practice by saying that i'm gon na find you guys on our experts.

So let's take a second, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow world gang, as you can see here, the shorts trying to they trying to bring this sucker down to 54.88 cents here in the uh in the pre-market, and you zoom out a little bit. Look at this on the one hour candles is that the best kind of tip you got absolutely nothing worth talking about at all, not a dip. I i call that uh, i called it.

The captain crunch, the freaking cabin crunch, uh little circle berry that's about what fills up right there. It's not nothing we're talking about at all, but i want to talk about two small things right. First, one being collusion, second, one being the idea of uh. If this week doesn't go to plan right, so we're gon na start off here with collusion now, there's there's a topic.

That's been rolled around on on twitter. I've seen it asked about a bunch of times, and i kind of want to make some clarification points right. So we know that big hedge funds, the big firms, institutions, banks, market makers, the the financial media, all kind of come together for the same underlying message right. They all kind of work together to try and make it seem like amc stock is worth nothing more than a penny.

Looking at you rich greenfield how's that working out for you - and this just isn't going anywhere right, they work together to push stocks down. It's no mystery, no secret, that big hedge funds collude to make this sort of stuff happen right to try and bankrupt companies to try and steal from the retail investor. And i want to talk about this because if they can get away with it right that doesn't mean necessarily that retail investors should be doing this sort of stuff. This is a message that i've preached on the channel a million times it's financial responsibility, i'm never going to tell you when to buy.

I'm never going to tell you when to sell i'll, say this every single day of the week. You have your own. You know financial responsibility as your individual person to buy and sell stock. When you want to do so right, i can show you the facts.

I can show you the information. I can paint the picture for you right, but that's, ultimately your decision and you have to own that responsibility right, there's nobody else that can make that decision. For you, that's each individual person's responsibility right. We, as the retail investor, do not want to put anybody yourselves or or other people in danger of you know, collusion or market manipulation, because that's not what we're here to do right as a retail investor as an ape that is loving amc stock.

I just simply like the stock. I just simply hold the stock right um. I just want to see this company succeed. I want to make money and i want to see that other people can also make money by their own financial responsibility right.

So i just want to really double down on the fact, because i've seen that flooring around a lot uh - and we just need to remember that there are legal, binding things that are actually taking place here. So you know that's kind of the first small message that i've got for everybody and the second one is this idea of the call options and the gamma squeeze right. So i made a video this weekend talking about these call options, and i said guys there is a huge amount of opportunity here for us to get a insane gamma squeeze essentially a second short squeeze this week. If we can run these currently out, the money call options two in the money.

The amount of hedging that could take place would be disgusting, absolutes, filth, right and there's kind of two scenarios that take place here. Neither of them are the end of the world. Neither of them are going to be the absolutes one of them could actually, you know trigger, i think the short squeeze, but i'm running through both the first one is that these call options run in the money and it causes a gamma squeeze which can trigger a Short squeeze right if this goes over 100 bucks, it's lights out, it's freaking game over there's, no going back from that right, they're absolute! This is going to run this. This has to run if this gets over 100.

This gamma squeeze is the way that i think that it can. The second one is this: it extends the timeline, it does not cancel the timeline right. So i've seen that kind of floating around this idea of. If this does not gamma squeeze this week, you know it could be over, and that's not the case in the least bit right.

All that i uh all that i say when i, when i mention this gamma squeeze opportunity, is that it's a huge opportunity. It's an opportunity that the apes have been looking for for a very long time if you're, a retail investor. This is the sort of thing that you want to see. This is the sort of thing that you want to see as an ape.

Is this opportunity for gamma squeeze that can trigger some really heavy losses and pain for the short positions right? This is an opportunity. If we take it, you know if this ends up moving a huge, huge amount as an ape. This ends up gamma, squeezing it's an opportunity, that's as simple as it is. It's an opportunity to really constantly pay for the hedge funds and short positions that are in amc stock, who are colluding corrupting and committing to fraudulent financial treason with amc stock right.

But if this does not end up gamma, squeezing which, by the way, i don't think, is going to be this scenario, but i want to prepare you for both cases, because i'm not here to anybody right. We want to be ready for both things. If it does not get a squeeze this week, that's not the end of the world right as an ape. This is a message that we preached a million times over.

I am here myself personally, no matter how long this takes, because i know what the stock can do. I know what this stock can do. I know there's short interest here. I know that it has more potential than 77 dollars which is already hit and i'm gon na ride that out until it doesn't right, but this is an opportunity for sure and if this opportunity passes by it's gon na extend the timeline and that's okay right.

I do i honestly the way this thing is heating up getting my friends if this breaks over 60 bucks and gets that 70 mark you're looking at freaking some really heavy price action, i mean just look at the call options that are currently out the money between 60 and 70 bucks you've got 25 000 and 60 20 059, and all this that's 70 to 16 000. I mean that's a lot of gamma squeeze and hedging that can really take place if this starts getting out of hand for these short positions right, i think eight times nine times out of ten you're, really leaning way more heavily towards this gamut squeeze. I mean the momentum and the pressure. That's on these rule positions right now, and these call officers to start running in the money is absurd right.

I'm far more inclined to believe - and i put out a video yesterday talking about this - i really do think you're going to see a push for 70 bucks, especially if we clear over 60 today right. But if that doesn't happen, these call options don't run on the money. Don't panic right! We i, as the apes right you've, been preparing for this, whether it be crunching numbers doing due diligence, doing your research right, trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Reading this market climate for a very long time, you have you've studied this sort of stuff.

If you're an amc stock right now and you've been holding for a while. You know the game right, don't be, don't be swayed out of your financial responsibility to buy or sell stock at any given time by any single person on the internet fact check everybody, including myself, because i've been wrong. Take what people say not at face value but speculate and fact check everything right and make sure that you're just taking care of yourself financial responsibility you buy when you want to buy you sell when you want to sell that's what i've got for this video. So i am absolutely jacked for the way that this is heating up my friends, this is looking absolutely disgusting and i'm telling you i stand by it.

This thing breaks over 60 bucks today during this pre-market of the regular market hours. I really think you're gon na see a push for 70.. I mean that's a critical mass pivotal point. So that's what i've got for the video blah blah blah blah blah drop it like it's just subscribing.

We want to do my friends catch you on the next one, much love light, tap, light tap and peace.

By Trey

28 thoughts on “Amc stock – a message to apes”
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    AMC is a great buy at the moment, but do you have an Idea how well it would do? I just retired and I set aside $200,000 to invest aggressively with. mainly AMC and NIO. Let me know your thoughts y’all.

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  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brian Trombley says:

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    I know you mentioned that someone was impersonating you on Twitter on one of your other videos. I searched earlier and saw you had at least three profiles with similar photos. Could you please indicate on your YouTube profile that the others are NOT you? Thank you and from one fellow service member to another I pray for healing and perseverance for you.

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