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You know, i know the problem, i know i did it today, guys didn't have the freaking classic subwood cup rocking, we got uh. We got regular coke in here because i actually made a bet with a guy my discord, his name's entropy first person to break on their diet pop spree passed to buy the other guy 100 shares of amc. So hey bottoms on the hat. We got some coke in here for you beautiful what is up everybody we're going to trace trades.

We freaking talk fast and don't skip class. I, like your preference, by saying that i'm not going to find survivors on our experts, so i think when i say the grain of salt, let's get into this video, so today, my friends, my family, my fellow girl gang we had a red day and not only Was this a red day? It was a green to red day, which is obviously freaking tough. I think it warns one of these things, but in the long term it's nothing to be concerned with. If you believe in the squeeze play itself, we have to be realist in terms of the day-to-day price action and accept the things that happen, so you can be psychologically and emotionally prepared for whatever is to come.

The earnings call from yesterday i am going to discuss by the way i know i haven't put a video out about that. I'm actually having adam aaron on for an interview tomorrow, night on the channel and it'll, be a live stream. I'm going to be asking a lot of questions that are gathered by the consensus of the apes, i'm looking through twitter, i'm looking through my discord. Looking through the youtube comments about things that you guys want to know from the man himself, and i can guarantee we're going to discuss earnings.

So that's where you're going to get the meat potato of where i have opinions and then, of course, i'll make a follow-up. Video with my sort of thoughts and synopsis on how that thing ended up going, but for today we're gon na go over the technical analysis. The vortex data shows the volume percentage ratio, so we can get an idea of where this thing could be headed in the next couple of days, given what has happened here in the past few days so without further ado baby, let's get into this video, so we're Gon na start off here with the ortex data, as you can see here, we had another increase on the date. Short interest is up 0.8, which is a net difference of 827 000 total shares boy.

The most interesting thing is not even that the short interest went up that 15.97 percent or so, which is you know, considerable amount i'll show you the short interest of free float here. That way, you can see it estimated interest of free float currently 15.84. As of yesterday and right now, estimated 15.97 still in the uprise right, it's still going up most interesting thing is that the cost to borrow maximum has gone up slightly now this isn't a significant enough difference to be something like whoa, that's monumental, that's huge, but paired That with the fact that the utilization continues to go up as it has it's at 93.55, meaning that there are more shares that are being taken out on loan every single day. That's increasing the difficulty of this stock to be borrowed now, keep in mind.

85 percent of the exchange reported data. This is the first video of mine that you've ever watched. This is just a conservative estimate in terms of what the short interest is actually doing on any given day, but that's still going up, i'm going to show you this in an actual trend line. So it's easy to visualize.

So look at the utilization here really quick. I've said this before i'll say it again. I say the same thing every single day, just anticipating, there's somebody new watching the videos, but when we had that first push up to 72 dollars and you had some of the shorts cover their positions down about 12 short interest off of 85 percent of the exchange Reported data we were 100 utilization right. It was maxed out for a prolonged period of time and we're starting to inch our way back up to that hard to borrow stock sort of realm of reality.

Now, where do we fall in terms of price action? When you see drops like we did today right when you see us drop down freaking 6 from a 10 green start to the day. Well, this is a combination of a couple different things you could have some naked shorts selling, although i got to be real with you guys. Whatever is already accounted in. The actual stock itself is basically priced in right.

It's not like every single day, they're creating new stuff new stuff new stuff. The main problem here is that you have likely shares out there that should not exist just based on mathematical, statistical analysis off of that shareholder vote right from the save website, but you also have high frequency training. You also have dark pull trading. You also have xyz factors that play into the overall price action.

What i think you saw today is systematic sell-off coming from high frequency trading. Now, if you look at the overall volume, this is where i can really see that the damage was done. Is we had 115 million shares of volume today, which means it was very purposefully, attacked hard today, you're getting a better idea of this when you look at the overall short sale volume percentage ratio which i'll cover tomorrow in some sort of way shape or form, but We don't have that data as of right now today is the tenth, and this is the ninth data. 56 percent of the overall market volume on the ninth was shorted volume now to come back to the overall chart and show you what this looks like.

We still had a pretty decent day. I mean it was still somewhat green. They said the percent change was 3.36, so keep it. In the back of your mind, you see and recognize that the shorts are still attacking the stock on a day-to-day basis.

I would not be surprised going into the next. You know tomorrow when we have the new data available in terms of how many shorts attack the stock. That is still in that pretty high realm 50 to 60 percent. Wouldn't surprise me the least bit right: that's not, it just shows it shows in the price action right.

You don't have to be a freaking rocket scientist to see what took place today. Sure. Maybe you had some people out there, some apes, some retail investors that sold their stock. I can't i can't speak for four million people.

Maybe they got scared in terms of what actually happened but think about this psychologically speaking, you come off a great earnings report. You get some really freaking, fantastic news. You can tell the ceo genuinely cares about the company and that this is removed. I would save mostly from fundamentals, but there's no reason after good earnings reports to have a sell-off like that, and it shows because if you look at the actual trading in the after hours right, let's just look at this on a five-minute candle chart set up right Here it was bullish.

I mean you could tell clear as day that people reacted very well to the earnings report. You actually see the specific moments in time the stock started moving based on what was being said during the actual call, that's huge and that's important to remember, because i don't think this is a sell. The stuff buy. The hype sell the news sort of play here, because that's not what amc is right.

You don't have people who are buying this just based on earning support and then trying to flip it right. That's not what the stock and trade is about for 90 percent of the people who buy this thing. This does everything you need to know. Look at the systemic sell-off that took place today.

These are hedge man. These are the people that you're fighting against. These are not the apes out there who are button heads it's the people, fighting against you, that's exactly what i mean just look at this. This is systematic stella, the text on this man.

I mean this doesn't even look technical. What's technical about this. Typically, you get some sort of relief bounce off of a sell-off like that. I mean this is a just think about this.

In your head. We were up 10 on the day at the height of the day, during the pre-market you were at 37.84 and he finished the day down 6. A 16 swing. That's absurd! Coming off of basically no volume, i mean really look at look at the huge uptick in volume here today: 77 million versus 115 million - that is like 1.6 times higher than you saw yesterday - that's red volume.

So that's, i think the most important and crucial thing that i can tell you guys is what happened today is just exactly what it is. It's heavy short selling high frequency trading, dark pool trading million, different things that play into the overall price action and reflected right. That's exactly what you saw now in terms of what we had happened today and what could happen in the future. We do have two sort of outcomes here right to be honest with you, i was pretty damn confident that getting a break over this 35 level of resistance.

This is where i was wrong. I'll admit that every single time that i'm wrong about something i'll tell you. Oh titan, i got a hairball. Oh jesus got a hairball buddy that you, i don't know what the heck that was.

I i got ta be honest. I thought we're gon na get a break over 35 and it would hold over that level. But this sort of heavy sell-off - that's not technical, because this is a technical breakout. It's an inverse head shoulders pattern head shoulder, shoulder neckline got the break over it right and it was.

It was solid. I mean that's a pretty good, decent setup on the hourly candles. So, where we're sitting right now, you've got two potential. Setups right.

You've got this ascending level of support. If we get a bounce off of this level right here to come up and re-test 35 dollars in the short term right in the next one two three days or if we do not get that bounce or recess 35 dollars, we are back to square one. With that 25 retest, never ever here to sugar coat anything i'll, tell you in the short term. If i think it's, i think it's bearish i'm on a long term.

Obviously i think this is going to go up. I think it's a squeeze just based on the things that this thing stands for and the data that backs it up, but that does not mean that in the short term, it's always going to go up and if it does not get this hold on the 30 Level - and it comes back down and retest this 25 to 30 zone, you could see a 25 retest, followed by what i like to call a relief bounce to get you back up to that 35 level of resistance. Now, i'm not here to sugarcoat anything right. This is an investment that has risk associated to it.

Do not put all of your life money all your savings into this anticipating any sort of timeline or any sort of exact dollar sign that you do not mathematically plan out and have a plan for right. There's. There's absolutely things that you need to as an individual person except financial responsibility and ex financial risk, for that is the trade, and we know what this is. My friends remind yourself every single day anytime, you get into something, there's conviction behind it right if it's an investment, there's conviction behind it, there's a why there's a thesis there's a hypothesis behind the squeeze trade here and if those things digging his his claws into my Scalp, look at my hands today, man, oh, he just goes nuts.

I don't know what to do. I got on this cat trick. I got him all these toys. He just likes to fight me.

I guess what do you do? I love you buddy. Even though you're a little, even though you're freaking crazy, all right much love for me at titan gang catch on the next one, peace out.

By Trey

30 thoughts on “Amc stock – ceo adam aron returns tomorrow for part iii”
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    Trey you need to look in the mirror. You are SICK

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    dont you apes realize that if you had just dumped this AMC crap you could have already made more money than if you had actually participated in the squeeze that ALREADY HAPPENED!!!! This guy is giving TERRIBLE trading advice do yourself a favor and dump this stock and learn to trade correctly

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    No STOP Loss ,No Date and No Expectations. ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๏ธ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ
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  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trey's Trades says:

    I'll be going over Earnings and questions for AA tomorrow during the interview – drop any big questions you have down below and I'll be compiling a list!

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