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AMC Stock - In this video, we discuss AMC stock ortex and short interest data, short volume percentage, current available shares, SEC naked short selling ding, and technical analysis.
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Oh, let's go baby holy little 15 gator freaking day, not too freaking bad. What is up everybody welcome to the trade trades, really freaking talk fast and don't skip class baby. I like your practice by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert. So let's say when i say the grand assault, let's get into the video, so today, my friends, my family, my fellow guru, gang we're gon na, be talking about secret selling.

Amc we're gon na give you the ortex data. I wan na go over the short volume percentage, the stocko tracker, but shows us about how many available shares there are to borrow, as well as call options that are currently in the money. I'll walk you through. Why that's an important process finish this off with a technical analysis, but, first and foremost, i'd like to start off by talking about my mri stuff, because i know it's something that a lot of people have been curious about want to know how everything's going give you Guys, the overall update and kind of, what's rocking with my personal life, so i got my my mri results back from my heart.

I've uh i've had some heart issues. If you, if you're new to the channel, i have to there's just some complications that i've got so i'll walk you through what they found it was. It was about three different things right, so they did end up confirming that i have a heart shunt now, essentially, what this is it's a hole in one of my ventricles that makes unoxygenated blood mixed with the oxygenated blood, which obviously is problematic. This causes me to have to pass out to have different.

You know bodily effects that end up creating scar tissue in the actual muscle of the heart, as well as long-term long-term effects. That obviously are ideal. I also found that my right and left ventricles are not operating at full capacity. My left ventricle is operating currently at 41.1 percent calculated ejection fraction.

My right ventricle is operating at 35.4 ejection fraction calculated. So those are the big things and then the last thing, which is the first step that we're taking towards getting everything fixed, is they found that i've got some sort of irregular, heartbeat and arrhythmia that is caused by you know some sort of misfiring of the neurons In my heart, so i don't know what's causing that they don't know what's causing that either, but the first step that we're taking essentially is going to be they're gon na, be cutting my chest open and implanting. You know some sort of they call it a loop which i think is essentially just like a heart rate monitor they want to watch the rhythm they want to see what i've got. Irregular spikes then keep track of that sort of stuff and give me some sort of you know diagnostic uh on what's actually causing this.

What sort of arrhythmia i've got so they've got? Some sort of you know course of action, a game plan to move forward, but that that surgery to get that implant down is gon na be june 30th, as it sits right now, uh. So that's! You know the first kind of step that we're taking, but it did get confirmed that i'm very likely going to be having open heart surgery, so i've got that coming up the open heart surgery. You know i've asked if they can do this to the artery, but that's i guess not something they typically do for people my age, so they will be cracking my chest open. I don't know when the time is for that, but they do have to seal up that hole in my heart, so that is something that is going to be coming up, something that doesn't need to get taken care of i'm doing.

Okay, my friends, i'm just it was a little bit surreal to hear in person, but there's way more important things going on right now than that, so let's just get into the meat and potatoes. I want to give you guys the updates that you guys know. I'm. Okay, you know what's rocking, we know what's coming up here with that that whole situation, but we're cooking with crisco baby and don't worry, i'm not gon na hit the side of my chest.

I'm not gon na hit the side of my chest anymore, but nonetheless, let's just get into the stocking. We got cooking up right now. So with that being said right, let's look at the overall or text information. So, as you can see here, you've got a lot of shares.

According to this that have been returned now. This is the short interest change, keep in mind that you've got a t2 system right here. So any sort of shares on loan that have been returned take two days to register in the system, so this could have been shares that were returned from loan previously last you know thursday or friday - probably friday, just based on that t2 system right, so not all Of these may actually be the current short interest. Percentage of free float notice that this number over here 13.94 is different than you've got right now, so we'll have to see what this number is in the morning.

This does indicate that maybe some of the legitimate shares that are out on loan could have covered. That is an explanation. Right. We've got another explanation.

I'd like to give you both sides, i'm not going to say either way or the other. What we will do is talk about the overall price action and give you some sort of freaking 10-d town synopsis of what's been cooking up with the stock, but another explanation is: if you look at the s3 data which ehor dusaneski puts on twitter, it still has A very high squeeze potential and the short interest on that looks vastly different right, so i'm actually going to pull up twitter here really quick and to show you exactly what i'm talking about, because he puts out information on a pretty regular basis. Eword dusanewski right here keeps track of the s3 data on all sorts of different stocks. So you can see right here.

The short interest is 3.57 billion dollars, 74.51 million shores uh shares shorted, which is about 14.91 short interest of the flow. Now that is a different number that you've got rocking up right now with ortex, and we just the difference here is whether or not they're taking into consideration all exchanges. Keep in mind that our text gives you about. 85 of the overall exchange reported reported being the key word, because we know there's malpractice that takes place in terms of reporting their actual short interest on stocks, not including naked shorts, not including failure to deliveries which derive from call options running in the money being exercised And the market makers that right those contracts are not able to deliver on the stock, for those particular call options right.

So this is an estimate, it's a trend. It does not tell you the entire picture right. It does not consider naked shorts yeah. It doesn't give you the whole picture.

This is a trend. The trend is, and i honestly wouldn't be surprised if at least some of the shares that were shorted have been covered. You still have 11.86 percent short interest of free float in order for a squeeze to reach its full capacity, which i think is very possible here. I think it is going to happen.

You need every single short to cover and you need the naked shorts to cover you. The failure to the livers to get cracked on the synthetic shares that are circulating on the market need to get cracked down on there's more on the table here at 100. Believe it now, let's just look at the daily short sale volume percentage. This has been extremely low, and i think this is coinciding very well with the fact that the shares on loan has been going down significantly now does not mean there's not some sort of malpractice and corruption taking place.

In fact, if you look at the price action today, i'll be willing to bet you a pretty decent chunk of change, that there was some sort of algorithmic trading or short laddering that took place with this little momentum piece right here now, i'm very particular about stating These sort of things, but this sort of you know setup, was extremely bullish. You had a a two step, essentially one small one, one large one bull flag set up now. If you look at this on the hourly candles check, this out, you've got a massive bull flag set up that was broken to the upside. You had another bull flag set up on the one minute candles that was broken to the upside.

This sort of momentum doesn't typically come with a sell-off and it pushed down underneath the volume at average prices, gold trend line and a single one minute candle. That is a a calculated move. So i would not be surprised if you had some sort of algorithmic trading short ladder attacks, which is essentially two parties, two hedge funds, two institutions that trade back and forth slapping the bid in the ass back and forth or at market order, whatever it ends up Being right, essentially just laddering down using a very small amount of shares over and over and over and over, to drive price down and simulate selling pressure. So, even though you've got a low overall short volume percentage, that does not mean that there's still not other malpractice.

Taking place which contributes to the overall price action, you could have seen some people who ended up. You know taking small profits today, but i find that unlikely is based on momentum alone. People like to buy green people like to sell red. This was insane momentum.

This sort of technical breakout would, by all means, indicate that you would test that 60 plus dollar range. So i think some big money stepped into the ball here right and tried to push us back down. They could have used dark pools. They could have used a variety of different methods right.

We don't know at the end of the day and we're not going to know the short valley percentage for today until tomorrow, but nonetheless that's what you've got cooking up right here. Stockholm tracking currently got about 550 000 total shares available to borrow, which is actually lower than we saw at the beginning of the day, so that is well not at the beginning of the day, but intraday at the very least right. So that's a good thing to see. This means that this available shares are currently there for shorting are getting eaten up, which is a sign that this is still being a shorted stock right.

I actually want to come back to ortex. This is something that matt pointed out to me and i think it's pretty fascinating, so check this out. I want to show you the average lifespan, on how long these short positions have been held. Now.

Look at this. This uh light green trend line right here, where my mouse is hovering right check this out the average length that alone has been held as 53 days. As of what appears to be june, 4th, that's a pretty freaking long time. The people who have short positions in this stock are down a significant, significant amount of money, they're banking, on this going back down.

If the average day that a share has been on loan is 53 days, let's just look back 53 days ago right, we're just gon na ballpark this and go back two months right check this out. We're gon na go back two months. It's currently june 7th, if we just go back to that, be may april 7th right. What was the price on april 7th you're looking at 10, these guys could be down freaking 500 percent right now.

These guys are deep in the water they're getting freaking pissed on hard hard, hard they're, not in pretty territory. So that's what you got cooking up right there and i think the most interesting piece that we saw today is that the sec charged a training firm with naked short selling baby you'll have to freaking, see it. That is cracking kingdom. If i ever freaking seen it baby, i wanted to put this down, but oh this looks good.

The black roast kraken, i'm not gon na put any down, though, because i know what's gon na happen in the chat bar in the comment section down below people are gon na, be like you shouldn't be drinking it, but you know with your hard stuff and i Get it i get it i shouldn't, but uh anyways, getting back into this, that's kind of what you got here for the holistic picture, on the data side of things for amc stock. Looking at the technicals, we did end up getting a breakout over this overall bull flag, set up this decent level of resistance. Yesterday, i put out a video saying: i think this is likely going to happen. I thought you get a break over this descending trend line.

Is based on the four trend test rule. Typically, if you get four touch points on any given level of resistance, the fourth break will get the push and you got it here, one two, three four tests: it got the breakthrough right, so that's a clean break and the way that it's holding on is very Strong the reason i believe that is because, if you draw up a fibonacci retracement which gives you the idea of the overall strength on a chart, it is only retraced down to about 38.2 percent, which is very, very strong. That shows you that people who have bought the stock over the last 24 hours period of time are holding that stock right, they're, not selling it. Even with this minor sell-off that we saw here back down to that that 52.51 range overall guys up 14.8 percent on the day - that's beautiful, that's freaking, nasty disgusting, absolute filth, that is going to bring us attended, town, kraken, kingdom, chicken church.

You know what it is. My friends we're just waiting on the next big move. So what do you got cooking up right now? What can we expect tomorrow? You've got a nasty double bottom george, w set up rocking right here that was from this bull flag right. So what you're? Looking at next is a clean break over this level of resistance.

We've got three different touch points on these hourly two or two hour. Candles right check this out that comes out to about 59.33, so a clean break over hour to call 60 bucks should bring you to 62, which is gon na, bring it to that next level of resistance at about 71, which will then retest that pre-market high that We saw at 77 bucks. I really do genuinely believe this week is going to be extremely bullish. The strength that we saw today, we closed very, very dang near close, the the the daily intraday high, which shows you a lot of freaking strengths right even after that sell-off people step back in and bought that stock, which is beautiful.

That just shows you, the absolute massive silverback gorilla, orangutan strength that you've got cooking up on amc right now, so everything is looking beautiful. I am expecting a retest of that 60 level of resistance, whether it be a gap up in the pre-market right or you know the regular market hours. I really do think there's going to be a test that comes with that, especially considering that the last two days have been a little bit of consolidation, getting ready for that next rip up right. I've said this a million times i'll say it again: rips fall by consolidation are bullish, and that is what this was.

Even if it was a volatile consolidation right doesn't mean barcoding barcoding, referring to essentially stocks that just trade pennies by penny by penny by penny spreads. That's not healthy price action, but this is that's consolidation. 280, that's very, very bullish, and i love seeing that overall sort of price action that we've got cooking up right now. So that's looking pretty dang decent watch that 60 dollar break, i'm hoping that it comes tomorrow.

I think it will come tomorrow. 60 dollars will bring. You 62 62 will bring 65 to 70 to test that all-time high on amc stock, which will bring us to you know what it is come on. Just say it a lot see how it feels hundred schmackles baby.

So that's what i've got cooking up for you, guys, thanks for tuning in blah blah blah blah blah blah drop it like consider subscribing. If you want to do my friends, much love catch y'all. The next one and peace.

By Trey

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