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AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss all recent news, catalyst, numbers and statistics, and sentiments towards AMC, the hedge fund squeeze, and progress moving forward.
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All right, i have to you, already know how it is for these amc videos. We got to start off with some good humor, because the situation, my friends, we all know what's going on right now, got it got to keep a smile on our face. This was made for me by uh by somebody on twitter. I put it, i put it on instagram, but it's uh, it's a picture of me back when i used to run uh cross country in college.

I dyed my hair uh bleached blonde dyed, my mustache black running. I had socks on my hands because it was like negative five degrees outside they're like good hand warmers. You know what i mean, but uh. This is sick.

They made this for me for uh reaching 100k subscribers, pretty cool, pretty cool, we're gon na get into amc. So what is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades. We give technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks i'll go first by saying that i'm not a financial, advisor and or expert so take what i say with the grain of salt.

Let's get into the video today we're gon na be giving you guys the update on ticker symbol, amc, amc, entertainment, holdings, right uh, so this is a situation that, unless you live under a rock has been has been playing off for quite some time and actually i've Got some good news to bring to you guys today we actually as i as i did think right. I predicted that we did find a bottom here on the stock and it does appear that we may have done that right. We did have ssr in place today from my understanding, which we'll go over for you if you're not familiar with that, did end up helping the overall situation, but nonetheless we did have a a pretty decent day. So we're gon na go over the charts right.

We're gon na look at this on that one month chart as well as the one day one minute chart to give us an idea of what we might be expecting here, both macroscopically and microscopically, a couple different indicators here right we've got the rsi, which is relative Strength index anything over 70 being overbought, anything under 30 being oversold, then we have the 200 ema, which is the exponential moving average. The purple trend line down here and the 15 day ma, which is this blue trend line right here? The 200 dma is the exponential moving average. This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200 day moving period, which gives us a macroscopic perspective of price action and then the 15 day ma is the moving average uh. Some brokerage accounts call this.

The sma the simple moving average: this is a price action based evaluation trend line over a 15 day moving period, which gives us a microscopic perspective of price action. We can use both these indicators to give us an idea of when you might be seeing an upcoming breakout or run. We've got quite a bit of stuff to talk about here. I am still holding my position here in amc, i'm going to pause the video, so i can enter my password without people seeing all right.

So, as you can see right here, i have 404 shares at a dollar cost average of uh. What would be 8.86? I am anticipating actually buying more amc here. I do have some extra dry powder laying around which i'm gon na be putting into this stock to dollar cost average down even a little bit more, especially because i do think we found the bottom here. So i'm still holding this strong i've got 150 shares over at my fidelity account.

I did have more before, if you're able to keep up with my story, i did have my account liquidated along with many other people, for what they claimed were collateral issues right, but that's not important. We're gon na get into the video today here got some numbers that i want to show you guys so we're gon na start off by showing you the latest fintel short interest right. Take this with a grain of salt, because we do know that fintel has manipulated the numbers here. They have changed them, they claimed it was a mistake right, but what i find very interesting is the fintel numbers were cut exactly in half and if you kept up with any of my previous videos, you know that i've covered fintel every single day that i put Out a amc update right and they were literally exactly double.

So if we come down here, look at the overall short interest rate, i shouldn't say the short interest, the short volume, the short volume ratio right. It was literally two times higher, so this 59.4 million previously was 118 million and 60.46 percent. They claim that. That's not that's, not the case anymore right.

They claim that it's getting lower right. We did have ssr in place today, um so i'll, be interested to see what the overall short volume did. Look like. We did a pretty decent day.

It wasn't bad, it wasn't bad. We didn't get absolutely slam dunked on by lebron james, so that was uh. That was good, but the overall numbers today were 20.72 million 20 short volume ratio, apparently right and 101.9 million total market volume on the day, which is still a little bit lower than we have seen here. That is decreasing every single day, as we have seen become very apparent, and i never want to bs you guys.

I want to keep it real and right now we're not going to see this. The squeeze happen until the volume starts picking up again without the volume volume drives volatility volatility is gon na drive the higher price valuations right, let alone the squeeze. The squeeze won't happen unless people step back into this so um. I think people have expectations that this might happen.

You know tomorrow or the next day when in reality, if we look at gamestop my friends, i wan na show you what gamestop did right. Gamestop was a was a uh, it's my uh freaking brokerage accounts. Being all weird but anyways i'll show you on the three-month chart. Gamestop was a planned attack by both hedge funds and these reddit guys.

The wsb group right gamestop took some time to develop. It took, i would say, two or three months so back. You know. Quite a while ago, roaring kitty decided um, hey i'm gon na get into the stock.

We see there's a high amount of short interest here. We see it's very heavily attacked right. It was ten dollars back here, very, very slowly. You see it creep up, so you creep up, so you creep up right, 10 bucks.

You see it at 17 bucks in in december. You see it go up to actually back down to 12 in about the mid december. Right comes up to about 20. At the end of december comes up to you know just a little under that the beginning of january, then it starts pushing a little bit right.

We see about a week-long process here, where it's kind of just kind of floating right. It's pumped up a little bit. We see the volume starting to jump, but we need this volume that you see down here and it might take time for this to play out. That's just the absolute truth.

It is, and i'm going to tell you why actually like amc's, set up a little more than game stops as we get into the video here. This is probably end up being long again. I do apologize, but i want to be as thorough and real as i possibly can. So those are the numbers we have right here.

We've gotten. I see people saying all the time it looks like the short interest is 15 right. Is that fact, is that factual? I have vortex right here. This is a product that i pay about 500 a year to get the most relevant information, and this is reported right.

You can see this right here. This was the report on uh. What would have been the settlement date of 29th january released on the 9th of february, which was yesterday? What we can see is, according to this, this source right. The short percentage of free float was 12.

I've seen a short percentage of free flow of about 15 right and if we just google, really quick what uh, what is short interest, we're gon na read this off to you short interest is the number of shares that have been sold short but have not yet Been covered or closed out short interest, which can be expressed as a number or percentage is an indicator of market sentiment. Extremely high short interest shows. Investors are very pessimistic, potentially over pessimistic or it's being heavily shorted right, um. What i'm looking for down here? What does short interest tell you provide insight into the potential direction of into an individual stock, as well as how bullish or bearish investors are about the market.

Overall, i typically find that it's, it's usually the highest on stocks that that big companies think are going to go bankrupt right. You do get retail investors at short stocks, but not to the extent where the short interest is going to be 70. 80. 90 percent.

That just doesn't happen right, that's kind of risky, so a large increase or decrease in his stock short interest from the previous month could be particularly indicative of sentiment. For example, when the short interest for a stock rises from 10 to 20. It may be a warning sign that sentiment is growing negative on a company. I don't think that's the case for amc right.

It was previously uh, but i don't think they're in the financial hardship which they were previously and we're going to talk about that as well. So take this for what it is right. According to ortex, the short in the short percentage of free float is 12.05 percent, but what i find most interesting here - i'm just gon na refresh this - to make sure that all the information is completely up to date. Is the utilization right here and the days to cover, as well as the shares on loan so check this out utilization has gone up compared to the last seven days.

It is currently sitting at just under 90, which is 89.75 percent. If we check out what utilization is in case you're not familiar, it's the ratio between the number of shares on loan across all outstanding loans in the wholesale market and the number of shares available for lending at lending programs. Zero percent means that no shares have been borrowed or length at these lending programs. 100 means that all shares available to borrow or lend at a lending program have in fact been lent.

So that means that there are just over 10 current uh available uh shares to short for these big institutional investors, these hedge funds right. So it's a pretty high utilization rate, which leads me to believe there may be a little bit of misinformation right. If you look at different sources, you get different numbers in regards to short interest right. You can look at market watch, you can look at fintel, you can look at or text right.

They all tell you different numbers market watt market beat, i should say i don't know if marketbeat has even updated their numbers. Yet i did check this earlier in the day and did not see anything, and we still have this january 15th report date. Uh price on record date, i am going to be interested to see, and i will point this out what the price on record date is when this report does come out, as that can be indicative of some upcoming things right uh, but we see the the overall Short volume here is 44.67 million, which, when you compare to vortex, is about the same thing, so that might be a pretty validated number now this is uh, you know, that's that's the the settlement right. That's that's the short interest that was that was uh found on that specific date of 15 january.

That's not necessarily saying hey. This is this is exactly what the numbers are right now. It's saying this is what the numbers were back then right and we can look at the stock right and even if even if intel is wrong or even if it's right, i should say - and this is all the numbers saying right - all the highest we've got is 31. 31 short interest is still very high and i still don't think that is uh.

That's that's factual. I think it is a little bit higher than that personally, but uh take that for what it is, i'm always going to present the information exactly as it is. I want to bs you guys. I want to give you the actual, factual information that we can do the best that we can.

With with what this does say, the put to call ratio has gone down as well, it is points 1.67 uh and that the put coming first call coming. Second, this does indicate there are likely more puts than calls on the stock. We can come over here to options and take a quick peek at amc. Look at both here the puts and the calls and just take a quick peek right.

So if we just take a look, we'll look at the calls first and take a peek at what we've got here, for you know 12 february 21, and we can see open interest. We've got the highest amount here. You know 3.54, 4.55, 5.5 and then up here. There's quite a bit: there's uh there's a lot here: nine dollars quite a bit at ten dollars.

I think there's quite a bit of twenty dollars as well. Eighteen thousand four hundred and sixty nine right, so that's pretty high. Unfortunately, i think these are gon na end up expiring, worthless. I hate to break it to my friends out there, but uh.

This 20 call does not look very promising at the moment and, let's just take a look at the overall puts right. So what we have for 12 february on puts, if we look at the open interest right, we see quite a few puts here at the five dollar range four and a half four. I i think two is a little bit steep. I i point five uh.

That's that's kind of rough, but you can see there's quite a bit of uh of open interest in these puts right so which would lead me to believe that we do have a higher amount of uh overall puts than uh than calls that which indicates this 1.67 Ratio, meaning that you probably have about 67, more uh, puts than calls so take that for what it is. I do want to present that information to you. I didn't have this in this article pulled up. I did go over this in my live stream, but in case you weren't able to catch it check this out.

It's the gme and amc short interest data. This further uh validates the fact that you're going to get different numbers, no matter where you look right. So finra fincel and wall street journal are reporting. Different percentages been run for amc has 15.7 percent.

Some people actually say that it's not updating for them. They still see thirty eight point one two, this guy uses fintel not finra. So please correct him. If he's wrong, uh short interest does not equal short interest of percentage of float, they are different.

Some other posts that recently updated are just showing a percent sign on there and saying it's percent of float, but what we have for fintel is 68.48. According to this and for wsg wall street journal, we have 66.06 percent short interest percent of flow, so you're getting different numbers, no matter where you go. This is a big discrepancy right. This short interest of 15.7 compared to short interest percent of float 68.48 or 66.

That's a big difference that that would change the game, a lot right and i i always err on the side of caution and assume the worst right. Maybe the worst case scenario. The short interest actually is 15 right. Maybe it's maybe there is potential that these these hedge funds have covered, but then i think about this.

You look at the price action and you know without a doubt, without a doubt, there are people out there and i do want to double down on this. If you need to take care of yourself, please please please! This is not financial advice. You need to feed yourself, keep the roof over your head, the whole nine yards right, but we can see the price action right. We can see how much this has gone down.

This does not just happen from retail investors, cashing out because they're scared right they're going to be those people. I know there's going to get hands that gets shaken out of this stock and it's understandable right. There are investors out there and traders that got into this. Simply because of the movement and because of uh people telling them hey, you should get into amc and they've never traded a stock in their life right, which, which i understand it's scary.

It's a scary thing and when you're watching, all that's happening is lose money right. You're gon na you're gon na sell, so there's definitely that happening, but i think more, more likely and more of what the cause is. Is the stocks just being shorted right? We we can see that even if this is just 30 short short volume compared to the overall market volume right um. That's that's to me.

What's happening right here, you can see this on the rsi right, extremely oversold volume is really dying down. We did have a nice little push here in the beginning of the day, but um it's gon na really take the volume pumping back up here in order for this to get moving again and i'm gon na talk about that. A little more later, i have a video pulled up um by let's just pull this up real, quick financial education that i do want to touch on, but the reason that i think that it's possible, we see that short interest is being incorrectly stated, is because of This we've seen it happen before this was posted in 2015. Finra find morgan stanley, two million dollars for short interest, reporting and short sale rule violations at

So what we see right here is the financial industry regulatory authority announced today that it has fined morgan stanley and cole llc 2 million dollars for short interest, reporting and short sale rule violations that span a period of more than six years and for failing to implement A supervisory system reasonably designed to detect and prevent such violations. So we've seen this has happened in the past. We do know that it is possible right. I would not put it past these uh these numbers to be incorrect right, whether it's inherently or by accident right.

I think it's more inherently right a little bit of planning happening, but we do see that that has happened and i wouldn't be surprised to see that be the case. I've got another article pulled up here. This is the overall institutional holdings. I was asked to cover this by a couple different people and i have another article - i'm actually pretty excited to talk about, but uh.

If we just look at the overall institutional holdings right, we can look at the active positions, the increased positions we have 102 holders worth 10.4 million shares decreased positions. This is uh about 56 and that's 4.69 million million shares right, held positions, 22. people that haven't messed with their stock 14.8, which means the total institutional shares is about 29.9 million. Now, if we look at hold on a second, let me just pull this up.

Okay, so check this out now i've got the the overall outstanding shares on amc, which we see is 216 million in total right now. If we come over here and check out, what we have is the total institutional shares of about 30 million we're just going to round that up to 30 million. That would mean that, as of right now, 30 million of the overall outstanding shares are out by institutional holdings. Long positions right so we're gon na take that down to zero six one, nine six uh one, eight six, so that's 186 million total outstanding shares right.

Well. Now we can come back to this to ortex and check this out percentage free float on the loan. If you're not familiar it's the percentage of the company's free float that is currently out on loan, we can see right now. The percentage on loan is 27.44.

Now, if we just do some quick, math right, we're gon na come back here, uh just do some quick, math uh. Do we're gon na calculate out what this comes to right? So if we take, we take 216 million total shares right and we subtract that 30 million mark you get 186 million total shares. Now. Take that times point uh.

What would that come out to be we're going to say um 63 right? That is going to be how many total shares are available, uh without retail investors holding, and that is about 117 million now 117 million compared to what we have here, as the total uh outstanding shares right of 216 million. We're just going to do some math real quick comes out to about 54, so that comes out to you know, maybe about 54 of total shares available to trade out in the market without without retail investors holding right. So that leads me to believe that you've got a pretty pretty decently small float available on the stock. I mean, even if you just don't, consider the retail investors right 54.

I mean it's. It's it's! Okay right! It's not anything! That's going to cause an extreme amount of supply and demand right supply and demand issues, but that is a number to keep in the back of your mind and why i wanted to show you uh that number in regards to the active positions that are here on Institutional holdings now one other thing i want to show you this was actually brought to me over the discord. I was sent a message asked to look into this uh, this article posted on august 9. 2013.

This is from the national exam program. Risk alert, strengthening practices for preventing and detecting legal options trading use the reset rate show closeout obligations. Page six, specifically, is what i want to look into so check this out: option activity related to hard to borrow and or threshold securities. Let's check, let's just take a quick, read one strategy that could be designed to take advantage of the potential profit opportunities created by a stock becoming hard to borrow their thereby putting the put call parity into imbalance is to initiate a reversal.

The activity is most often done by broker dealers who claim to rely on the exception to the locate requirement for options. Market makers found in rule 203 the options market makers claim that they can enter into the short stock position without first locating the shares to borrow because it is a part of bonafide market making activity. Although an options market maker engaged in bonafide market-making activity may claim an exception to the local locate requirement to comply with the reg show. The options market maker must still deliver shares in settlement of the short sale or, if i fail to deliver position results at the clearing firm.

The failed delivery must be closed out in accordance with rule 204 of rake show. It may be a violation regulation show, however, where the options market maker does not deliver shares and instead engages in a second subsequent transaction. In order to give the appearance of satisfying the clearing firm's obligation to purchase or borrow the security to close out the resulting settlement. Fail pursuant to rule 204 close out requirements in addition, we're a cleaning firm subject to the closeout requirement purchases or borrows securities on the applicable closeout date and, on that same date engages in sale transactions that can be used to re-establish or otherwise extend.

The clearing firm's failed position and for which the clearing firm is unable to demonstrate a legitimate economic purpose. The clearing firm will not be deemed to have satisfied the close-out requirements. So what is this saying? It's saying that there is a way that these market makers can go around the rules and stipulations to make it look like nothing. Illegal is happening.

I've read a lot about people having failure to deliver right. Their share is not getting filled. Um. You know we've had a lot of issues in that realm.

This is saying in plain print that uh there are ways for them to go about sort of dodging the legalities of these uh failure to delivers right, the the option activity related to hard to borrow and or threshold securities. They can get around that and they can. They can get out of the trouble right, so we can see plain as day that this is a situation that is possible. We've seen it happen right.

They know it here in this article right they're saying it clears day the national exam program right, they're, staying clear as day, exactly what i'm talking about and what you guys have been. You know keeping in the back of your mind anyways, so i want to present this to you as a validation to your thoughts right. This is just further validation of some of the crookedness. That's really happening here guys.

This is obviously all speculation right. None of us can prove anything, but what we can do is look at the news articles and the data that are provided directly to us and make sense out of it, and that is what i'm making sense out of right. One other thing that i have uh that i watch and i'm actually really happy to see this. He brings an interesting perspective to the value of the company.

Uh financial education put out a video regarding amc stock and he said that he is all in on amc and i'm just gon na go over the brief points that he talks about here on this uh whiteboard and show you some things that i found very interesting. So what i find very interesting is this: under two billion dollar market cap he says it can generate anywhere between 100 million and 400 million total uh sales in revenue right they could. They could pull in that much money. 400 million best case scenario.

I find that very likely and i'm glad that he brings this up because i think there's a lot of people out there that are scared, that if it doesn't squeeze they're, just gon na be out their money. Let me tell you right now: amc is not gon na be out your money, you're gon na you're gon na make it back if this doesn't squeeze. I'm gon na continue to hold, in fact i'll just continue to double down, because i think there's a lot of potential here and let me show you something that tells me why i don't think they're gon na go bankrupt. Why that's off the table? He's already pointed this out: i've already pointed this out company says they raised 917 million dollars last month, and actually it was more like 700 million 750, something like that.

After you know, fees and that kind of stuff, but they were able to basically generate enough cash on hand to continue operations for the next year, so that's gon na get them through this colvin pandemic. Right this, this quarantine stuff, where the movie theaters aren't really open and guys there are places where movie theaters are open again. California, definitely open. He's already said that in his video um, you know more more.

You know liberal areas where, where they're more strict on on regulations, i know that's not the case, but it's only a matter of time before amc theaters do open back up again and there's a lot of potential, not just for that, but for a potential amazon or Netflix buyout right uh, and if that does come to fruition, you are going to be clapping your hands, they're gon na be wishing you bought more shares because shareholders receive a stake in a company acquisition. It's part of why i like microvision, so much which, by the way, went absolutely nuts today anyways microvision is in bio, talk, rumors right! So, if they're bought out shareholders receive a stake of about seven dollars per billion dollars in acquisition. Hypothetically speaking, if they're bottled for 10 billion dollars, shareholders would receive about 70 dollars per share right now, i'm not saying that's how much amc's gon na be bought out for, but i am saying amc if it was bought out by netflix, who is known to be Looking into the streaming industry right to really capitalize on movies and that sector of of the market, guys would not surprise me in the least bit. Is that something that's going to happen tomorrow or this next month? Nobody knows right, i find it unlikely.

I think it's something that might take some time to develop, but i think the main reason why i want to bring that up in general is because i think some people are worried that if this doesn't squeeze - which i still think is going to happen, it might Take some time we need to be realistic with our time frames here and and come to the realization that right now, as the charts look right, there's not a lot there's, not enough volume. There's not! We need that volume to pick back up and i'm going to talk about this more later, but as it sits right now, the squeeze is going to take time. Gamestop took time to work out right. I don't think this is a squeeze.

I think this is a gamma gamma squeeze, which is just call options compounding on each other, forcing the stock price to go up. I think that there's still a lot of potential here and i do still think this is a pretty heavily shorted stock, because if it wasn't, it would be going up if it wasn't shorted everybody buying this. Their positions here would force the stock price up right. So we know that it's it's basic basic uh psychology of the charts.

You can read it and see the people what they're doing right. That's my take so take that for what it is right, the squeeze might take some time to develop and if it doesn't happen, we do know that there is potential with this company to make your money not just back but multiply it more than you put in. I think, by a pretty significant amount, i could see this stock without any sort of squeeze being a 15 20 20 stock uh by the end of 2021, more likely at the beginning of 2022, when movie theaters are really able to capitalize on uh generating revenue again. But take that for what it is.

I do want to put that out there as a little piece of something. One thing that i do want to address. I've had quite a few people reach out to me saying that there are youtube channels out there that are bashing me for being a scammer, and i want to come out first and foremost and say you guys can form your own opinions of me. Based on what i put out, i am very transparent.

I always say exactly how it is how i feel about things right, and i will always stand by that. I'm not going to change my opinion if you think i'm a scammer and - and you don't appreciate the channel and you think i'm doing you wrong. I apologize for that. My friends, i would suggest that you consider unsubscribing because um i'm never gon na ps, you guys, when a stock's.

Looking rough, i tell you, i tell you how it is the stock looked rough. I didn't. I didn't sugarcoat anything i said look. This looks pretty rough.

We see a bounce here, so this is the first positive sign that we've actually seen here on amc for a while. It's been rough, it's been rough, that's a fact. I've been i've been telling you guys the squeeze might take some time to develop and that's a fact. That's a factual thing.

I've been telling you guys. The volume is down, there's nothing that i've been telling you guys in these videos that hasn't been um from at least my understanding. True right, i do my best to present you guys with the best possible information i am in this play together with you guys right. So take that for what it is, i did want to address that it doesn't bother me in the least bit.

I want to tell you guys that i'm going to be sticking around no matter what and i'm playing this out to the very end, no matter what that means. So with that being said, let's look at the price action here today we did see a nice little push in volume here at the beginning of the day, and what i'm interested in is this compounding effect right. So, as the stock bleeds, you see, the volume start to drop because um it's it's, it's a sentiment thing right. So, as traders and investors begin to lose sentiment towards a stock, it pulls back on the volume less people are gon na put their money into it, which is what we see happening right here right, it starts to bleed, less people are buying, more people are selling There are retail investors that are selling like i understand it.

I understand it not. Everybody is in the same situation. There are new people out there that that think, man. Why did i even get into this right? They bought in high they sold low, which is the typical.

Only traders do that. Only traders will buy a thing buy things when they are overvalued, sell them when they're undervalued. But i'm telling you right now, i'm not going to do that and i'm gon na i'm gon na wait this out. But regardless the same thing will happen when the stock goes up in financial education.

The channel i just showed you was talking about this and i agree with it a lot so when a stock begins at upward momentum right, it starts getting some bullish territory back. If this ends up playing out right, i'm not saying this is going to happen, but just as an example, the volume will start to pick up and it'll compound right. So we see that happen. Right here picks up a little bit, picks up a little more picks up a little more picks up a little more and then it starts bleeding right.

This is the peak volume starts dropping down. We can see the same thing that happened with microvision right. Microvision volume started picking up a little bit right, we see a little bump starts picking up picking up picking up picking up it's a compounding effect here in the after hours. It was absolutely insane the volume was going to nuts right so take that for what it is.

I do think it's very likely to see that play out here with amc uh, the volume will be a big factor. We need that to step back in. That might take some time, but today was a good step in the right direction. I'm gon na delete everything that i've got here on the chart just so i can get a fresh start here, but essentially what we've seen is we got a nice bounce here on the bottom of the chart right we see the first uh level of what could Be you know a bottom out now, i'm not guaranteeing you.

This is going to be the absolute bottom of the stock at and 38 cents. As you know, we did see a bounce here right. We saw a bounce nice little push and then it did continue to bleed. So we could see something similar to that.

What i'm going to be looking for is a wide range candle right, a candle that covers a pretty decent amount of price zone right. So maybe a dollar a one hour window, where we see a nice push for about a dollar that to me will indicate that we've, given enough separation between this level, that we've escaped out of bearish territory, but the rsi does have a nice bounce. Here we were before sitting at about 26 and did see a high today about 52.. That's the most bullish.

The stock has been in quite some time, so it is good to see right. This could be the beginning of a reversal. Take that for what it is, but uh we do have the if we come out here and look at the one month chart real, quick, i'm going to show you the 15 ma starting its beginning of a reversal back towards the 200 ema. So this is bearish territory anytime.

This blue trend line is underneath the purple trend line that to me indicates that it is in uh bearish territory, and if you look here, you can see that the trend is starting to reverse. We've got that line starting to come back up, and if you see this reversal and maybe down the road, you see it cross right. You see this intersection right here, where the blue trend line meets this purple trend line which will continue downwards as the macroscopic trend. Here is downwards right that to me is going to indicate that we have seen a reversal and that's going to attract new investors, because there are investors out there that use the chart setups.

Just like i do and they're going to see that they're going to be like all right. This is back in bullish territory, i'm game right, so just keep that in the back of your mind, i want uh. It is that's what it's going to take for this to come back in the bullish territory. I don't think it's going to happen tomorrow right.

I don't think it might happen monday. It's going to take some time to develop and i just want to put that out there as it is right, but we have broken out of uh what appears to be a pretty harsh downward moving channel. We always look for at least three touch points, and if i do my best to get those right now, i will show you right one second, so we have one two three touch points wide range candle bar breaks above that we did end up finishing the day. A little bit low right, but uh, it's being respected, pretty well right now as a descending level of support.

So if we continue to see that line be respected as a level of support, you might see the beginning of an upward trend. So it does look like we have broken out of this overall downward selling pressure. Of course, we did have ssr in place today, so it'll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, right uh, if this is a pretty heavily shorted stock, keep that in the back of your mind, but that is what i have for the update for you today. I know this is a long video.

I hope you guys enjoyed everything. Thank you for watching the video. If you did enjoy it, please drop a like if it does help support the channel. Consider subscribing if you want to see more content like this.

Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble. This is version four for the desktop. If you use my link, you get two free stocks with a 100 deposit, i receive a free stock, great support the channel and, if you're not interested, my friends, that's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos.

So that's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

By Trey

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