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All right guys hold on hold on hold on before we get going. I got ta talk about this, because this is the coolest thing freaking ever so you know lamp a freaking, mistress lamp right here. Lamp does the dirty work. Lamp has brought us some big fat nasty attendees, a couple times check out what was just made.

For me, this is the coolest birthday gift. This is the sickest thing ever lamp on baby holy toledo. Look at this lamp lamp on lamp, popularly upon the lamp off. That is the coolest thing.

Ever it even changes. Colors look at this. You got white you've got blue. You've got, i think orange holy toledo, but this is even the coolest part check this out.

So everyone that's watched my channel for a while knows that my my step dad my pops he passed away about five years ago and on the back here. This is uh from a guy who referred to himself as pops right. This is uh. You know the father or someone i work with and on here he wrote your father would be proud of you, i'd be lying man, but instead it made me feel some sort of weight when i got it that was, that was a really cool gift.

That was a really cool thing to see, so i want to shout that out and uh now we get back into the video, so you know how she freaking rocks and rolls baby. What is up? Everybody welcome to trading trades. We freaking talk fast and don't skip class hundred percent say that i'm not a financial advisor expert so take so somebody said they're going to solve. Let's get into the video so that today, my friends, my family, my fellow, grow the gamer over the update here for ticker symbol, amc we're over the ortex data, the short volume percentage.

I want to go over stockholm tracker the call options that are currently in the money, as well as about uh. How many shares there are available to borrow finish this off with the technical analysis and today was kind of a boring day. It was doing this right that consolidation up and down up and down up and down uh at a pretty tight range of you know 58 ish to about 60 bucks. It hit 61.

immediately that market opened just briefly, and i want to show you a comparison, how this looks next to torchlight and clove, because i think this is going to actually show you what's really going down here right on a day to day, to day to Day to day basis, if the stock isn't ripping going up going up going up going up right, it's you might have that feeling in the back of your mind, like oh man, this might be done. This might be done, but i'm telling you this is absolute strength and i'm going to show you an example of what it looks like for a stock to not have healthy price action so without further ado baby, let's get into the video so we're just not here With ortex, i want to go over the current utilization and the short interest change, because i think these are the two things that i talked about the most on twitter and youtube today, right utilization went down. Why is this right? Does this mean that some sorts of cover positions doesn't mean that some shares on loan return? Well, my simple answer to you would be: no, because the shares on loans remain the same. In fact, it's actually gone up in the last seven days.

The 91.09 million total shares on loan, which is the difference about 4.64, which leads me to believe utilization is in the entire pine right. So 88.6 utilization means that all of all available shares there are to lend out right now. 88 are on loan. Well, if no shares were returned, you still have 91.09 million total shares on loan.

That would just mean that there are more available shares to lend at this current moment in time. There are some people out there, whether it's banks, institutions firms. You know we don't know who the borrowers are by me any means, but that just means that they're they're taking out an extra risk of allowing more people to borrow stock if they would so desire to do so. So don't be stressed out by the utilization in the short term, this could actually drop that cost.

To borrow it, didn't you know, for the time being, it's still sitting at a maximum of 19 percent, which is you know that annualized interest rate that shorts will pay on their positions, but that's just the short term right. So that's kind of what you've got looking up right now, in fact, that utilization going down just means that there's actually more ceiling on the stock right. Remember the last time the shares on loan, the short interests are so vastly different, a lot of short covered positions. Then the actual short interest report came into ortex and they adjusted it.

The short interest is actually higher than they'd estimated. It was like 10 or 11 percent of what they were estimating and they adjusted it to about 12 and a half. So who knows how? Many of these actual shares on loan are shorted into the market they're claiming it's about 70.4 million up about 0.42 today, but it could be higher right. I always think the worst case scenario, i say worst case scenario out of 85 percent of exchange, reported reported data.

You've got about 70.4 million total shares on low, not including failure deliveries, not including any sort of naked short positions, not including these algorithmic tradings, the high frequency trading right. This is just purely the numbers that are available to us, and that trend is that the shortened interest is going up so a good thing to see short volume percentage, you're still in that consolidation zone right, so these shorts are still about the same. It's doing this. It's going up.

It's going down going up going down right this consolidation phase, which lines up pretty dang well with the overall stock price right, it's doing the same thing on stock price, going up going down going up going down. This is the fluff you can think of essentially this sort of price action, where there's no rips, no dips for the extreme up or downside as the necessary fluff right, the the boring stuff that no one likes watching that sets up parabolic moves for the upside right. We saw that exact same thing back here: the fluff, the up the down the up the down the up and down that established that base of foundation, consolidation and support that allowed 77 to come to fruition. You're watching that exact same thing happen right now, so that's kind of what you got rocking up right here.

The same thing is happening in that short volume percentage. It's doing this, it's just that consolidation zone right shorts are kind of dabbling with it. They don't want to establish huge positions because they don't know if it's going to break for the up or the downside, yet so we're just kind of tipping their toes in the water, but nonetheless that short volume percentage does coincide with the fact that the short interest Is going up, this is a t2 system right, which means that any sort of shares that are returned on loan. It's a two-day lag because that's how long it takes for that actual transaction to get established in the system.

For you to see that any sorts of you know cover their positions, stockholder tracker has about 91 000 total options expiring the money 34 000 more at 60, and that's actually a little bit higher than yesterday, because we did go up just a hair. I think it was like a three cent gain overall. The three cent gain so not like any more call. Options are in the money, but that just implies that more people bought call options than there were yesterday.

So this could have caused a little bit of some sort of gamma effect, but we really didn't see much crazy price action today. I think we're going to see a little bit of a gamma push is that that 60 strike with 34 911 calls, especially because if we were to run over 60 bucks right thursday and friday is not a lot of expiration, they don't have a lot of time And the premiums get pretty cheap on those those strike prices, so those market makers, the options market makers have to hedge for that, especially as it gets close to that expiration date. So you could see a pretty good push over that 60 mark. If it was to come to fruition right, don't set expectations, you always want to expect the worst hope for the best right.

This is the best case scenario always get that breakover 60. You've got 28 000, so it calls according to weeble and even more than that. According to stonker tracker about 650 000 total shares available to borrow, which is actually down a little bit from where you saw earlier in the day, which leads me to believe either. A some shares that were available for lending are just taken off the market.

At this point or b, they got sorted into the market and that is definitely possible. When you look at the overall freaking price action on the day and the the after hours, you saw a little bit of a selloff right, we're down about point four percent here in the after hours. So just nothing significant. But it's enough to be like huh.

That could have been some sort of shorting down into the close or could have been some private. Taking i like to think it was the shorting, but you uh, you make your own freaking decisions. My friends, that's entirely up to you. So with that being said, let's look at the technical analysis on amc stock here for the day, and i want to look at the hourly candles.

That is the time frame, we're looking at the sun and just show you a comparison to what torchlight and clove looks like right now. If you were scared about what amc stock is doing right now, because it's doing this right, it's just got that slow, favored upside level of support that is setting level of support not doing a whole lot of crazy stuff. It's just in that fluff phase right the boring piece, that's greatly better than what you're seeing happen on torchlight and on clothes right. Both of these stocks had insane rips up, followed by no sort of floor, no sort of foundation.

The difference between clove, torchlight and amc is when amc made it rip up to 77. True, it did sell off from 77 bucks all the way down to 38, but it bounced. It found that floor that basement right. It had a strong retracement off of that level.

So let me just show you a comparison right: let's drop a retracement from what would be the bottom down here about 11 to 77 bucks. It retraced picture perfect at 61.8 percent. That's so that's i mean it's not ideally like 50, obviously, but 61.8, not bad. Let's look at torchlight: what's the difference here on this retracement now this is going to be a much different retracement than what you saw here with amc.

That's a 78.6 retracement and it might only sound like you know: 20 something percent 10. Some percent right, but that's a big chunk. I mean that's a difference of in a much cheaper stock. You know four dollars and 90 cents at 621..

That'd be a bounce out of 621, instead of all the way down to under five bucks and that's a wide difference, i mean, if you look at amc and make that same comparison, you would be looking at. Let me just redrop this fibonacci retracement you'd be looking at a sell-off instead of down to 30 some dollars down to 26, i mean that's a big difference: 10 freaking dollars. So that's the difference between what you're seeing happen in torchlight clover. You know all these different sort of stocks amc is strong.

This is beautiful. This consolidation phase is not sexy right. This is the same thing. We saw between five and a half dollars and six and a half dollars.

It's the same thing: you saw between nine and a half dollars and fourteen dollars, it's the boring in the middle, like it's, it's it's the lettuce and your freaking cheeseburger. No one gets excited about the lettuce and the cheeseburger they're getting excited excited about the burger. I started stuttering is excited about the burger i mean you can just see. I didn't start saying lettuce, so you get the whole picture right.

This is the boring stuff. It's the stuff, that's like oh big whoop. They do right. We just had another day of doing this.

Doing this doing this. That's fine! I'm kicking my my feet back man, i'm kicking my feet back because i know i know this boring stuff, the fluff in the middle of your burger man. It's all part of the process that makes up that juicy freaking cheeseburger. So i'm just waiting for that.

Burger to you know finish: cooking we've got the condiments laid out right and when she's cooked up you slap that patty on push the buns together, you take a big nasty bite. You'll get that rip. It's just a matter of waiting it out right. Who knows, i could be wrong, maybe maybe uh, maybe maybe it ends up going for the downside, but so far man.

This is bullish. This is as bullish as it gets. You've got a beautiful upside level of support. It bounced off this fibonacci retracement zone out of 51, almost picture perfect, and once it gets this recess of that 63 zone, you're looking good right if it gets a break over that 70 would very easily come to fruition.

In my personal opinion, right now, once you get that 63 test, if it rejects i mentioned this before, but i was assuming there's at least one new guy or gal. That's watching my videos right. If i reject 63 bucks, i think you're, looking at a recess of this ascending level of support, this upside support line, which, if it were to happen tomorrow, would be about 60. If it was to happen in the after hours.

Pre-Market would be about 59 and then, if it was to reject that you'd be looking at somewhere in the middle of this fibonacci retracement box, which i would call you know, 54 to 56 bucks being that pullback for a dip buy or options call by. If that was something that you're interested in doing, of course, that's your own financial responsibility, your own financial decision, but that's kind of what i'm seeing on the charts. My friends, this is bullish right patience. Kick your feet back drink a beer, drink of water, whatever it is that you like to consume to keep yourself hydrated myself, i like subway cup, i like the edgy tears.

I like the stuff that freaking gets me gets me going. You know how it is, but nonetheless just kick your feedback man, i'm telling you. If looking at the charts right now, it's stressing you out just freaking turn it off set a price alert, walk away, go, get, go, get some grub. Go hang out with your family.

Go kick kick back at the pool the lake, whatever you want to do, don't stress about it! I'm chilling right now. This is the stuff in the middle that you just got ta wait out. You know if you're looking for another upside run, another rip on amc stock just got ta, kick your feet back man, it's all about the process. It's all about the journey and i love the journey.

Dude. That's the most beautiful part of any sort of story is, is reading the story and not necessarily the end. So that's what i've got for this video uh, much love to everybody, blah blah blah drop a like and subscribe. I'm gon na do my friends catch y'all.

The next one light taps light taps baby, much love and peace.

By Trey

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