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AMC Stock - In this video, we go over everything going on with AMC stock right now.
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Naked shorts yeah, oh man, i've got such a stupid sense of humor. I don't know what is up everybody over the trace trades. We freaking talk fast and don't skip class baby like a professor by saying that i'm not a financial adviser nor expert, so insecurity. The grain of salt, let's get into the video so today, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gay, i'm gon na stop beating my chest because people get mad when i want to do that now, we're giving you update on ticker symbol, amc now! This is not the end of the road by any means for me and i've seen a lot of you know, fear, uncertainty and doubt the fun right.

That's been circulating. Uh all over. You know twitter all over. You know, reddit youtube, discords right, i get it.

I get it right, we're nervous because there's different things that are happening, that maybe you know you think, wouldn't be happening so we're gon na alleviate some of that concern here and give you the overall vortex data, the short volume percentage. I want to give you the stock tracker, the call options and the money i want to show you the call options chain how many are currently in the money right now, which could lead to some gamma squeezing if we get some further out, you know uh call Options that run out the money to in the money. So you know finish off here with the technical analysis which you got a beautiful, beautiful setup on right now, lots of great things happening we'll give you a closing message at the end. So, let's get into this video and save as much time as we can right now on the ortex data.

You've got a short interest change of about 1.21 for the downside. Now this could mean that there's some shares on loan that have been recalled. I've spoke about this in a previous video would have been a couple weeks ago. But if you go to my twitter, i actually you know kind of walk you through that exact process, and we kind of you know guess that this would happen.

So it's right here. It's called hedges force recalls could be happening. Gon na check out that video, it is on my twitter. Otherwise just you know find that on youtube.

I think it walks through pretty well what this process is right now. I think there are some shares that were out on those that got recalled forcibly because there's a lot of risk associated here, but don't get it twisted right. You still have 92 million total shares on loan. You've still got an estimated 58.61 million short interest, which is a significant amount right that could still cause a lot of squeeze.

That's 85 total exchange data. This is what's reported to this exchange data right and we know a lot of things are not being reported. Naked shorts failures to delivers the whole nine yards here. The malpractice, corruption and fraudulence that has led to this amc situation cannot be forgotten.

That's as simple as it gets, i want to, you know, give you this. There are unquantifiables with amc right, so this sort of play right here, there's a lot of things that we may never know. We have to be okay with that as the individual retail investors. The apes, if you want to make a momentum trade in this stock right, you know for me this is this - is it this is my why this is the story.

This is the legacy right. There are a lot of things that we might never fully uncover unless there's some sort of huge whistleblower, some sort of huge exposure that comes out about some specific hedge fund institution market makers, and you know the whole nine hours. There's a huge circle of malpractice. That has to be taking place for this sort of stuff to happen, but nonetheless there are unquantifiables.

There are things that we may never know, and i'm personally, okay with that, because i know there's room on the table here. I've watched this stock for the last six months and there are things that can possibly happen. So you know worst case scenario. Let's assume the absolute worst right.

85 of the total exchange data. You've got 58 million. Total shares short interest right. This is what's reported.

This is enough for another move. I guarantee it there's! No. If answer buts about that, there's more room on the table for this to come right, then the shortstop line percentage. I want to listen.

My live stream here at lunch, break if you're able to catch that, but it's down two percent compared to june 4th, which should have been uh. You know a couple training days before that. I'm just gon na refresh this really quick, but it wasn't that 30-ish percent range 36 was what we saw yesterday, which was monday compared to june 4th, which was about 38, so down here a little bit, and this could just be because some of those shares are Being recalled, which gives them less overall ammunition to want to short a stock with right, very, very possible, it doesn't mean that there's not algorithmic trading taking place, it doesn't mean. There's not naked shorting taking place doesn't mean that there's stock, you know out there options out there that have been failed to be delivered on right, there's a lot of things that can contribute to this exact piece in the movement, so keep that in the back of Your mind, stockholm tracker currently has 135 000 total call options expiring in the money, meaning that those options underneath the current market value as of right now, uh for june 11th and you'll get 48 000 more.

If you cross over that 60 mark, which is a significant number now this morning, there were zero total shares available to borrow an hour's 3.7 million, and that's a point and a concern that people have had. Where are these shares coming from? Well, it doesn't necessarily mean that these shares were all returned at once. It could just simply be that there are lenders out there who weren't previously lending but are lending now think of it like this. If the pi equals you know, 100 million and now all of a sudden, the pie equals 110 million, but the the slices in there are the exact same.

What's been taken out what hasn't been taken out? You just have more of the overall pie available right, so it could be as simple as this lenders are now. You know giving out stock that they weren't previously lending out that could very easily contribute to what you're, seeing right now, with the total shares available easy. As it gets simple, as you can put it right, 3.7 million total shares available to borrow to eat those up raises the ceiling. It does not get any simpler than that right.

They want to short the stock. They want to play stupid games. They can win stupid prizes. You want to piss on the electric fence, we'll turn that on it's as simple as it gets.

I'm telling you right now. I want to come over here to the chart, because there's some people who are getting a little bit complacent right, clove had a beautiful beautiful day. Today it was up like 70 or so, and this can make you feel like what am i doing right? Why am i in amc right now that i picked the wrong stock? Did i make the wrong decision? Should i have taken profits right? I understand where you're coming from right. It's very easy to want to have fomo if you're missing out when other stocks are running, but your stock is not but remember this right.

Amc was the little brother to gamestop in january. It did you know very, very small, moves compared to what gamestop did now. You have the exact opposite where amc was up almost 100 in a single day, but gamestop was up 10. 15 20 right amc has been leading the charge on this, so we can't cherry pick the good days and the bad days right.

There's going to be days out there and there's other more appealing stocks on that individual given day than you have on. Maybe today right today it was just a small gain of about five cents. Four cents point: zero: nine percent right! That's not sexy! I understand right, but in the grand scheme of things when in doubt zoom out simple as it gets, you are riding a stupid, beautiful disgusting, filthy nasty, ascending level of support. The stair-stepping action that you're, seeing right now with amc, is violent.

That is superior bullish. Ape moves that is happening right now. This is being held together by freaking gorilla glue, put together by millions of silverbacks orangutans apes and gorillas out there simple, as it gets. That's literally what it is right, stair, step, higher low, higher low higher low higher low, high or low easy, as it gets look at this.

This is setting level support you're, always looking for at least three touch points to signify any respected level of support or resistance. You can draw them horizontal or you can draw them favoring, the upside or the downside. They work equally, both ways. All that you want is to connect the dots right now.

You're connecting dots right here, you've easily got the three touch points. You find that you're at this divergence point here tomorrow in the pre market right, and that is significant now why i think this is significant is because, since we have been so favored for the upside, i'm inclined to believe that you're gon na have a break for The upside over this horizontal level of resistance at about 58.73 right now check this out the forward test trend. This is a historical thing that has come to fruition, time and time and time and time and time again with amc, that's how he predicted the break over 1450. That's how he predicted the break over six and a half bucks.

So we predicted a lot of the moves that have happened with amc stock. It's how we predicted this break out of this downtrend that we saw back here right the four test trend. We have it playing out again right check this out one two three different times that has tested this level at about 58.73 now, including today, right and this fourth test. I really do firmly believe just based on the trends here, nine times out of ten.

It has gotten that break on the fourth test of any significant level of resistance, so i am very inclined to believe that, given that trend given the overall bullish, you know momentum that you've got rocking on the stock, you're more inclined to see that break over 58.73 And ultimately, what i think to be that recess of 60 dollars which we're bringing to 65 so bring it to 70, which will bring it to those all-time highs. And, ultimately, you know some awesome gamma, squeezing some awesome shorts, starting to get pressured down a little bit. Fomo buying right all these things, combined together to make the freaking beautiful pudding. That is amc stock right.

So that's what you kind of got rocking up now. I've been asked this a million times, and i think this is a good way to leave. It off is trey. How do we know if the unquantifiables are happening? You'll know you? Will the stock price will do things that you have never ever ever seen it do right if it if it was to go 100 up from 55 as compared to 30 right or maybe 200 300 400.

Those are the unquantifiables man. You don't get one two three. Four hundred percent moves, naturally that is gamma squeezing short, squeezing naked short squeezing. You know it's a combination of a bunch of different factors where people are getting slapped super hard and it pushes the price in an astronomical unnatural, parabolic move.

That's how you'll know right - and this is why i believe - maybe some shorts have covered back here in this 38 to 77 range, because i was 100 day right. That's some gamma, squeezing that some shorts covering not all of them, i'm not saying that was a short squeeze. Trust me when i say it's not because i am still freaking. I really do believe this has more on the table simple as it gets right.

I really do you're just looking for these technical breakouts follow the lines here i mean it's. It's some people don't believe that it works, but i'm telling you trends are trends that simple as that right. If there's no trends, i won't you right. If there's no trends, then we have no trend.

We just have to see what's going to happen, but we have a trend here right so follow the lines for all these trends. This is the four test trend. You've got this beautiful, pennant formation. You know rocking right here and all that you're looking for is that break over 58.73 to ultimately get back up to 70 and then the all-time high, which is 77, which will give us that test of 100 bucks right things are looking fine, my friends when, in Doubt zoom out we're going so freaking far a month ago or we had a month ago guys i mean just look at this.

Look at the weekly candles check this out a month ago, one two: three, four weeks ago, we were at a low of 12, we're at 55 bucks right now, right if you've been, if you've been a part of this battle since 801 january february march april, even May you're up a significant amount of money right now. You really are the risk for you. If your dollar cost is anywhere under 20. Bucks is pretty freaking low if you've got a dollar cost in that 40.

50. 60. 70 range right anywhere. In the midst of that, i think there's still more on the table right, i feel super bullish on amc stock.

We just have to have some patience right, simple as it gets. I'm probably i'm modeling for you, i'm doing this for the apes 100. I'm here to send a message to the short sellers that says: hey we see you, we don't approve of what you're doing and we're going to do something about it and that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah. I know those people drop a like consider, subscribing whatever you want to do catch you on the next one, my friends, my family, my fellow guerrilla, gang, much love and peace.

By Trey

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    Im in AMC, but I’ve never met a trustworthy person who presents themselves like this guy.

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    thanks Trey – so glad to have you on our side on this adventorous ride! – not such defectors like the other guy from the street, who showed his cloven hoof yesterday, guess everybody knows … Clover will not make it – it's for daytraders, who are out for easy money, not for apes who stand for something !! HODL !

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    Please share ****** amc 3.2 million individual investors. Each hold 200 shares = greater than float. I know more people with +200 share. Naked short worst than I thought. Really yo the moon for amc.

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    we are being played by the shorters, buying clover, luring us in and cashing big on AMC again.

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    Youtubers constantly saying squeeze after this or the price is flying past 100 this week in which when this doesn't happen it dishearten many, put no times or dates on it! I work Monday to Friday 9 till 6! And currently have made 17k from AMC which is alot of money here in London (for the average man anyway)! Unfortunately it is not life changing, I am holding till u can quit and my family and friends are looked after!!

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    AMC will be caught up to GME price point in 2 months . No worries here. Then we both squeeze. I own both so I benefit from both but my heart is in AMC. You don't fuck with my movie theaters!!!

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    Tomorrow there will be a big move. Up or down, I expect some volatility, and I'm more inclined to believe it'll be for the upside based on technicals and trend

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