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AMC Stock - in this video, we discuss the upcoming call options and potential historical price action.
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You guys you want to know something that just makes me freaking bust bust, a gut man. It's this there's people that think there's people that are playing puts, as you can see right here, for seven dollars or lower on june, would not be me. Wouldn't that be me, that makes no sense at all. What is up everybody, i'm going to straight straight.

Freaking, talk fast and don't skip class, maybe like a preface by saying that i'm not a financial, advisor or expert so take what i say: the grain of salt. Let's get into the video so today my friends, my fellow gorilla gang, i want to talk about the call options, because i believe that this is going to be the pivotal week. In fact, i've never been excited as excited about a week as i am right now than probably since the battle of 801. This is some crazy stuff that could potentially be happening here and especially considering the technical breakout that we ended up getting on the uh.

The one hour candles this break over this descending level of resistance. You guys should be jacked because we have the setup of all setups and in fact this is going to be some record-breaking gamma squeezing that could take place and if you are new to the movement. My friends, this is the video for you, so i've actually put together some really cool information. I want to talk about call options.

I want to talk about gamma squeezes and i want to talk about the why. I think this is the week that is going to trigger the end the end game, the squeeze baby, the quadruple digits that are eventually going to move us to tandy town, chicken church kraken kingdom for amc, my friends. So let's just dig right into this video. So as i've drawn up right here, you can see what call options we currently have.

If you look at the the options chain, the open interest on all these calls, you can see that there's a pis ton of call options for june 18th and their has been for a very long time. The 40 strike was the beginning. It was the dfv of call options for june 18th and ever since, you've seen this slowly start to stack up right now. What's important about this, why why would this even matter so call options, contribute to price action through something called gamma, squeezing right, gamma, squeezing you can think of essentially as market makers who write up call options right, they're, essentially in charge of getting transactions filled, they make Profit on the difference between the ask and the bid what people are going to buy for what people are willing to sell for, and they make all this sort of stuff happen.

They write up call options right now. I'm gon na run you through some basic numbers in the money, means that the current call option. The strike price is underneath the market value. They need to be hedged for right.

There's an opportunity there for people who have these call options to exercise if they'd like to do so with that being said, they're currently, 375 000 call options that are in the money, which is about 37.5 million shares. Now. I think some of these call options are already hedged for right, which ones particularly well, i would say, maybe anything between you know: half a dollar, obviously to who knows maybe 30 35 40. Maybe these 40 ones haven't quite been hedged for yet, but nonetheless i would imagine that a great deal of these have been hedged for and that already in the money zone, because the risk for them is, you know extronomically astronomically high, but some of these inevitably will Not have been hedged for, because market makers don't have to buy stock if they don't have to, they want the price to go back down, so they don't have to purchase that stock by the off chance that people want to exercise.

So who knows out of these? You know 375 000 call options 37.5 million share equivalent, since the one call option is worth 100 shares, maybe 20 million of these, maybe 15, maybe 25 million have been hedged for, but something that we do know right is that these cannot have been hedged for because They're still out the money, meaning that the current strike price is above the current market value. Now here's some quick numbers right all the call options that would potentially be in the money if we were to close over 59 dollars and be 457 thousand five hundred. Two thousand number: sixty nine five hundred fifty nine thousand over seventy nine six hundred nine thousand over a hundred and six hundred and seventy nine thousand over a hundred and forty five whoa. This cannot be understated guys.

This is some stupid, ridiculous opportunity that is laid out in front of us and what is probably the most interesting and fascinating thing is this 145 dollar strike there are 41 000 of these 145 dollar strikes and there's a you know, just some: it's a common belief. Amongst the stock market is, if you see a large clustering of, buys or call options or put options. You know in any sort of security that typically comes from whales, big guys, the institutions who are trying to make money in a certain security right now. I do believe that a lot of these 145 strikes are retail, but a fair amount of these i'd be willing to bet my attendees that these are whales.

These are institutions that are betting. The stock is going to squeeze this week and we've got some crazy opportunity for that overall gammon to start taking effect. Now. Why is this important right? I want to run you through the numbers.

Hypothetically speaking, we've already got 37.5 million shares that need to be hedged for if they are not already hedged, for this is a process that takes place, and you can't really guess when it's happening. Unless you see the price action correlation right, in fact, i believe you actually saw some delta hedging some gamma, squeezing to close off. You know the last trading day friday. In fact, this sort of move right here, i would imagine - was some combination.

I was keeping. Let's keep you knock on the door, but nonetheless i think that you've got some gamma squeezing that took place here right. This is a small example of what you can see happen. Another example of some gamma, squeezing that i think did take place, would be back on the charts a little ways back when we ran from you know: 40 bucks up to 77..

That inevitably was some game of squeezing that did end up happening. Let me just pause it, so i can get this uh racking up all right, so this move right here. This was also an example of gamma, squeezing with far less call options that were getting hedged for that you currently have right now now. Why would some of these not be hedged for right? Why is there the potential that some of these call options have not quite been hedged for, because they were so far away from expiration that market makers were hoping that these would go back down right? They don't want to have to buy stock, they don't have to expose themselves to risk if they don't need to right.

Some of these inevitably are, but not all of them, and that is an important piece to talk about right. So, let's just take the worst case and best case scenario. Let's say that, hypothetically speaking, we were to close off friday at 60. Freaking schmeckles right that'll be 45.7 million.

Total shares that need to be hedged for by the off chance that people want to exercise. Think about it like this right. If you wanted to go and purchase a car, a car dealership is expecting 100 people to come in and buy a car. They better have at least 100 cars available by the op chance that every single one of these people wanted to purchase a car, probably more than that by the opportunities that more come in and they're expecting right.

So that's an important piece of the equation and what's wrong with this number, this 45.7 million is, if you look at the total share, count right. This is coming straight from adam here, and this is in legal, binding documentation. This is what we had as of june 2nd right. 502 million shares 492 million of these currently being held right, which leaves you about 10 million shares available to trade, whether it be high frequency trading naked shorts.

You know just people who are day trading scalping swing, training, whatever it is 10 million as of june. Second, i added plus or minus 10 to 30 million, because this is just what my estimate would be since we don't know that you know numbers change right. It's a day to day to day basis, maybe it's up, maybe it's down about 10 to 30 million right, but what we know about the apes is that they have been known to hold stock right. The apes have been hotline this thing since freaking january and what you have here, that does not make sense, and this is where market makers are getting into trouble.

This is why i think that this whole issue that is built to where we are right now is much bigger than just the hedge funds, institutions and big firms that are betting against apec stock. It's a systemic issue, is you wouldn't have the shares available for them to even buy this right? 45.7 million shares does not equal 10 million plus or minus 10 to 30 million right. That's like the best case scenario, 67.9 million wait. Where are they going to buy these from hedging takes place in the market? That's what gamma squeezing is right.

They have to buy this at market value, which is why you can see huge run-ups from call options right. Obviously, you need the underlying stock to be bought in order for you to have any sort of you know, call option gamma squeeze. However, it is possible right, so where are they going to buy these from you now? This is where things get crazy. This is where you should be rubbing your freaking hands together, a lack of supply causes an increase in demand.

It's just how it is right now think about this. If we were out to 145 bucks, that is 67.9 million shares that would need to be hedged for now. I want to put this into uh into into freaking context, for you right look at this. This is going to blow your mind as of right now.

What we haven't reported to us from this exchange reported data, 60.45 million shares of total current short interest. 60.45 million shares will have to get long at some point in time, as this continues. Its run up right. Think about this 67.9 million shares is like a second short squeeze.

That's insanity, the price action from that just pure straight green buying on 67.9 million shares is absurd. Just look at the freaking daily volume on this freaking shark man. It's nasty, i mean just check this out check this out. 215 million shares were traded on the last trading day, jan june 11th, right 215 million.

Imagine 67.9 million. That was purely buying pressure. That's disgusting! It could really trigger something, absolutely filthy. It happened the last time we had some massive call options right and i think it's going to happen again.

I don't know if it's going to hit 145 bucks right. I can't predict the future, but i'm telling you the setup. Is there the setup is there for something nasty and the big big thing is: there's no supply, 10 million shares of supply plus or minus 10 to 30 million? Does not equal 67.9 million shares? So how are they going to get this to happen? Basic laws of supply and demand, my friends, low supply, equals high demand. That is what triggers massive price moves.

I'm telling you! I think this next week is going to be the most disgusting week. We have seen on amc stock, yet as long as people are buying underlying stock to support the call options that are currently out the money right, you cannot have gamma, squeezing without people buying underlying stock. This is the setup right now. I want to walk you through this a little process.

In case you don't know a lot about delta hedging, gamma, squeezing short squeezing and all that sort of stuff right, so delta. Hedging is this process that i'm talking about that causes gamma, squeezing we've got it written on three steps: right, black is one redis, two red green is three market makers handle a lot of transactions, whether it be for institutions whether it be for the apes right and Some of these transactions are calls which, by the way, is a huge, huge amount of calls as you've seen back here. You've got as of right now. 375 000 call options that are currently on the money and i'd be willing to bet you my own attendees, that not all of these are hedged for right.

So what happens? They write up these call options. They send them out as a way to leverage a lot of liquidity, while not actually having the underlying stock, because market makers are essentially banking on the stock. Not hitting these ridiculous out the money calls which is where they falter baby, because guess what happens? People buy stock, people have bought the stock and it starts running up the price right price goes up. So what happens now? Market makers that roll up out the money call options have to start buying underlying stock for these calls from the market.

The people who own the actual stock, as well as call options right apes, buy stock to buy stock right. This comes from the market, so market makers have to find some sort of seller to be able to buy the stock for their calls, so they can hypothetically deliver these call options to the apes and to the institutions. We're writing up these, who bought these call options right and what happens? What happens if people do not want to sell their stock? They don't want to sell it, but guess what price goes up if the price is too low for somebody to want to sell their stock price goes up. That's as simple as it is.

This triggers gamma squeezes. This is exactly the sort of setup that you're hoping and looking for for amc stock. This is monumental. I stand by what i said.

I said this months ago. I thought the squeeze would happen in may or june, and i think it is still going to happen in june. I think we are so stupid. Dangerously close, i think that we have weeded out this little bit of a sell-off right.

We've weeded out this little bit of a pullback we're getting ready for that next rip up the technical setup on this is beautiful. We got to balance out the 200 exponential moving average that large scale macroscopic trend line right, we're back out of this decent level of resistance. You've got the setup and gamma squeezing can trigger this endless feedback loop between short, squeezing and gamma, squeezing right, more call options running in the money, more shorts, covering positions, more call, options, running the money, more short, cutting positions which leads to this endless loop of price. Increasing until people are done with the stock - and this is exactly what you want to see for amc - to go up to those quadruple, digit numbers in terms of a squeeze this to me, my friends, is the catalyst that is going to blow loose.

This is stupid. Right last week, i'm gon na be honest with you. We had a 50 50 coin, flip a 50 50 shot of breaking that descending level resistance and getting moving, and the apes showed up to batman. They hit a grand slam and they got a great technical setup on this.

This is looking ridiculous right if you hold any sort of call options if you hold stock, if you're waiting for amc to move, i'm telling you this is a pivotal week, if you're, if you're here looking at amc stock right now and you're thinking yourself, man sitting On the sidelines, i don't know, the risk is pretty high right now. This doesn't seem like something i want to touch. This is the freaking week. This is a monumental pivotal shift week.

Right i'll tell you this right now: if most of these call-offs expire worthless out the money right, they don't end up running in the money. They don't get hedged for. You don't see these start to run you're going to be looking at a delayed timeline. You just are i'm not going to anybody, that's a lot of liquidity to go if you get pissed into the shadow run right, but if this ends up happening, this is the week that is going to to literally define how this squeeze goes.

These are numbers. These are fact this is fact if this happens and these start to run in the money and they get hedge for the gamma squeeze starts coming. You are looking at the absolute most disgusting, historical gamma, squeeze short squeeze combination that you have ever seen in the market. In your entire life - and that is what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah - i know the hospital drop a like and share subscribe.

If you want to do my friends catch you on the next one, much love and peace.

By Trey

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