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AMC Stock - In this video, we discuss the ortex data, short volume percentage, current available shares, and technical analysis.
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Oh guys, guys guys guys, let me tell you something, as you can see here by this ascending level of support. We've got. We've got some really stupid, gorilla strength on the amc chart today, baby holy toledo. What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades where we freaking talk fast and hodl, the mass baby.

I like the reference by saying that i'm not a financial adviser and we're experts, so taking this a grain of salt, let's get into the freaking video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow guerrilla, again we're going to give you an update on ticker symbol, amc here, obviously in case this is your first time watching a freaking trace trades video we're going to go over the overall or text data, which is the Short interest data: i want to go over the short volume percentage ratio, so i have an idea of how much running has been taking place. I want to go over the uh. The stocko trackers have an idea of how many shares are currently, you know, available to short positions.

Approximately this is reported data right and does not take into consideration all exchanges so keep that in the back of your mind as well. I also want to look at citadel's holdings and filings because i think that's pretty fascinating stuff as well shows that we're actually making progress in terms of where amc is doing damage to these freaking hedge funds. We've seen the numbers we've seen the billions of dollars liquidity. That's getting pissed away by these short positions and their pride and then we're gon na finish off with the overall technical analysis and give you guys an idea of what i think might end up happening.

But, of course like i said, this is a time frame where technical analysis kind of gets thrown out the window so without further a freaking do baby, let's get into the video, so we're gon na start off here with ortex right. I wan na start off with vortex primarily to show you one thing: i'm gon na say is every single freaking day. This is not a short squeeze. I'm going to tell you exactly why check this out return shares 3.32 million borrowed shares.

3.75 million borrowed change. 424. 000, more shares that a bit shorter to the market baby - that's 85.1 million now taking into consideration the failure to deliver which are essentially options that end up expiring in the money they they don't have the shares available for those who exercise and they end up sending Out ious synthetic shares right those end up essentially causing synthetic selling pressure, doesn't also take into consideration the naked short positions that we don't know are circulating on the market or any of the shares that exist on the market that should not freaking exist right with all This right, the last two days we were up like 4.5 net short interest. Let's look at this overall trend line guys.

This is absurd check this out two days ago, we're at 14.55 now we're at 15.88, and that is insanity. That's stupid! That's ridiculous and look at the overall price action guys. You know what's crazy about this, we're gon na. Do this more.

We get into the technical analysis, but this is just pure stupid. Organic fomo growth. There's! Nothing! Absolutely there's nothing about this! That's a short squeeze! Maybe a little bit of gamma right. There could be some gamma, because there's unusual options, trading activity call options, training, that's happening, but no way shape or form.

Is this a freaking short squeeze, and that is what is absolutely sexy about this we're sitting beautifully. Casabar is sitting about the same has not gone up significantly, but that i'm assuming is because there are a couple of shares on loan that are still available. We've seen that max out about 155 million, that's the highest, it's been so i'm assuming there is still some ammunition that can be taken by short positions that are just not out there. I have a hypothesis as to why the shares on loan has not been growing.

That much only short interest has it's, because lenders don't want to borrow any more stock. They don't want to lend out any more stock because they see the extreme amount of risk that is associated with this. If you saw my video about a a forced recall, i think that is exactly the reason why the shares on loan is staying. The exact same, i don't think it's gon na go, maybe it'll go up more, maybe, but it doesn't make sense.

Why would any sort of lender want to lend out stock to anybody? Why would you be taking on that extra risk for you, as a lender, to have any opportunity to go? Freaking defaulted on loans right? It's! It's probably not going to happen, so this is pretty much what you're looking at right. It's it's a dirty dirty number! I remember this in my live stream earlier, but in case you were not watching. I want to show the overall daily short sale volume percentage, and this is absurd. The numbers are disgusting, five straight days, doing over 50 percent, we've seen 56, 57, 61, 60 and 53, and i'm very excited to see what the numbers are tomorrow, because, as we saw, the short volume and the short interest were up today, they were and still we're, Freaking crushing these short positions guys this is disgusting.

This is as good as it. Freaking gets, they're shorting taking place, and this fomo this buying the volume on the days. It's just it's absurd. You can't beat it.

I mean that's, essentially, all it comes down to is liquidity that comes into this stock right now is just destroying every short position out there i mean we saw freaking 1 460 million right. So this is freaking. That's a lot of capital! That's a ton of capital! Guys, that's absurd! That's a crap ton of money, so this is why the freaking shorts are just losing that's as simple as it is now. The next thing i want to show you is the stock tracker.

It shows you the available shares to borrow, keep in mind that this is not show all exchanges, and this is only showing reported data, as we know, there's a lot of malpracticing a lot of male reporting that takes place from hedge funds and institutions that either lend Stock or lend stock or short stock right, so this is probably only a trend. It's not the whole picture, but it's still useful because we can see that they're continuing the double down positions, there's not a lot of available shares to borrow you can also see. There's a lot of call options expiring in the money you can think of these as an opportunity to get hedged for if these end up expiring in the money, guys that's market makers that have to hedge and if they can't deliver on those those options again, exercise Failure to deliver synthetic stock, more freaking money - that's got to get pissed into the stock market by the hedge funds and market makers that are not practicing corrupting and committing to fraudulence on amc stock right that are going to end up going into amc, ape freaking hands. So that is looking absolutely disgusting now.

The next thing i want to show you is citadel now keep in mind these two periods of time reporting period and file date, so the reporting period was actually on march 31st and the filing date was on may 21st, and i just saw this pop up on My live stream today, so i dug into it a little bit, and this is some fascinating stuff. So i can't tell you the exact time frame this reporting period could be like, as of this date, up until now like up until may 21st. Maybe this is like the time period in which they hold these two holdings. If you have a you know, a direct answer, please feel free feel free to.

Let me know, because i i got ta be honest with you, i'm just gon na assume. You know the absolute worst case scenario as of march 31st. This is what they had and it was two holdings. They held two stocks worth about six million dollars no freaking way.

I mean the damage we're doing stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid damage to these guys now keep in mind also. They have calls and puts on amc stock, as well as about three quarters of a million shares, so this could be out of date, it very very, very easily. Could be, but this is a way to show you the trend, the damage we're doing because to go from freaking sick. You know they have 6.9 million dollars of net worth.

As of this last filing from previously in the billions, i mean look at this difference. This is absurd check this out. If this freaking loads hold on a sec, i mean that's an astronomical difference. 407 billion dollars was their previous market value in holdings, so holy toledo guys.

We are really doing some damage on these short. These shorters these hedge funds and institutions that are betting against the mc stock and the freaking adam aaron and the company of amc and, most importantly, the retail investors and the apes man. I mean we're doing it as simple as that, it's as simple as that, and we haven't even really cracked down on these guys yet, but that is the god, honest truth, we're sitting at 19.89 cents. The shorts have not covered in the least bit you're.

Still seeing the short interest go up, you might be seeing a little bit of a gamma squeeze right, but this is not a short squeeze plain and simple. This is the beginning. This is the beginning of the end, in my personal opinion like this there's just no, if answer butts data is data numbers don't lie. Man, men live women line, numbers don't lie, that's like what should know sure lies someone's above the capital.

So all these other freaking media news sources that are trying to tell you this is dumb money, but guys this is absurd. I i cannot double down on this enough. This is pure organic growth and fomo to a t. I said it yesterday in my video guys.

You want to see what fomo really is. I don't toss that term around loosely and it's for a reason, because this is fomo. Seeing freaking 375 million in total volume in a day is fomo. This is pure fomo.

We we are still winding up. I mean the strength on this is the most frankly incident empty stock easily. In the last six months we are knocking on the door of some all-time freaking highs the highest. This has ever gone is 25 in the market back on january 27th and we are knocking on the door i'll tell you what right i'm gon na get into the technical analysis.

I'm gon na go over the overall trends of what you guys can maybe expect a couple scenarios but, like i said before, right, keep in mind. This is where technical analysis and trend is very tough to predict outside of intraday very minute time frames right so check this out, there's two ways that this can go. If we break 20 dollars. If we break it clean, we break 20 dollars square on the nose.

It just pushes through and it continues on trend or or consolidates over 20 bucks, you're gon na see lights out. Man you're gon na see 23 24, 25. 28. 30..

It's gon na run it's gon na be stupid. I think you'll be looking at a year-long high. A year-to-date high - i really do, i think, that's ultimately what's gon na come down to it could happen in the pre-market could happen now in the after hours. I mean we've seen it before right and if it pushes, through that 20 mark you're, looking at tandy town you're looking at kraken kingdom, that's as simple as it freaking gets.

That is a critical, critical psychological barrier of resistance. You can see here on the level twos. The ask has 98 000 shares waiting to get filled, trying to keep that down a cell wall trying to keep the retail investors underneath 20. That is a huge level if you get a clean break over 20 guys, whatever stock you want.

Whatever calls you own, you, you are ready to watch them, start printing, that's it's as simple as it gets right now. Here's another scenario if it tests 20. This is the worst case scenario right, i'm not saying anything's going to happen. I think the first case is more likely just based on how things are going, but the rsi is obviously very extended.

We have nothing but freaking our green candles for literally the last two days, so there's a chance right, there's a chance that we end up getting a small pullback and that's okay. I'm gon na show you the actual day long chart as an example of what to watch for for what i mean by selling on the way down, as we get further into the video but anyways worst case scenario. What happens if we end up breaking, but you know we don't get that push over 20 and it comes down right. Well, you might have a little bit of retracement.

This is obviously extended and when this squeezes it's not just going to go straight up, it is going to have rips and dips it's as simple as that right, it's the market. It's going to be volatile! That's why i'm saying this isn't a squeeze. Yet this is just pure: organic growth squeezes aren't slow, burners like this. It's just that's such a truth right.

This isn't. A squeeze squeezes are violent, volatile moves where you get freaking swings of 50 100, 150 percent that happen within minutes sometimes half hour hour, and it swings both ways up and down and up and down and up and down, and you could be looking at that. Coming up here relatively soon, so i want to prepare you mentally for that right now. If that happens, it tests 20 and it comes back down.

You've got two main zones that i'm watching for i'm not saying anything's gon na happen, i'm preparing you for worst case scenario, the strongest level of support that we've got and there's not much of any, because it's been so straight up over the last two days. Is this you've got support where we had consolidation here in the pre-market and after hours on this day, save about 17 and 24 cents if it were to break that you're? Looking at a fibonacci retracement zone between 50 and 61.8 percent between what appears to be about 16.05 and 1680., now i can't guarantee you anything, but if it drops down to there, that is the dip zone to buy right. That's why i think you're gon na get the most bang for your buck with the amount of fomo the amount of momentum, the amount of volume and volatility that we've got rocket on amc stock right now, right, that's the worst case scenario, more likely one. Just as yesterday's video is you get a clean break over 20 and you're.

Looking at the beginning of the move, man, that's as simple as it is. We called that 1450 move right. The whole ape community recognized the importance of 1450. We saw how much of a violent swing we could have over 1450 and 20.

Bucks is that next psychological barrier, what's after 20 bucks, my friends simple as it gets you're looking at the all-time highs 25.80, that is gon na, be the ultimate level. If we get a new year to date, hi guys that to me boom freaking done simple as that and that's what i've got for the video today, so blah blah blah the whole hospital drop a like consider, subscribing whatever you want to freaking, do my guys hot A lot of my apes - and i want to leave you one last message before we log off to all those people who beard the laughing the name calling the criticizing peace, be with you, that's what it's all about my friends catch in the next one, much love And peace.

By Trey

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