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Today we will talk about AMC and watch the live price action!
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Oh man, guys this is insane. This is the filthiest thing i've ever seen in my entire life. I don't know who out there has a position in amc right now, but i'll tell you what uh i i just i'm so pumped about what's happening here with the stock. I had to go live on this just so we can all watch the price action together.

I do have a position right now in amc, uh sitting at a total share basis of 1500 at a dollar cost average of 5.09, absolutely filthy, how's everybody doing, let's take a let's take a quick, read. Bro this day is going to be insane rolling. I agree. Boomstick anybody else in express express is popping right now this could be uh.

This could be the next amc. The way things are looking they're up over 100 up from three dollars and four cents, absolutely insane. That's just nuts! If we pull up uh discord, really quick and look at the most popular stocks right now across all discords, i think express is number three, let's see if it pops up, but last i checked express, was number three. So that's pretty nuts yeah 81.

Anyone discord. That's being talked about in amc being the number one times three baby. I only threw 50 bucks in it for a yellow, but effort green is green times three baby. What do you think will be the highest for today? Good question alex so it's.

This is a very interesting situation in the stock market. We've never ever ever seen. This kind of thing ever happen, uh in the market. We are very close to 20 right now and something that i want to show you is gme.

So, let's look at this on a one month: chart really quick, this traded at 19 dollars a share before this whole situation started and before the huge pop off they were 39. So they went from 39 to 85 to 194 to today a high of 365.. So if amc does anything even remotely similar to that, we could potentially be looking at double ups over double ups over double ups. I would not be surprised in the least bit to see this touch 20.

In fact, i could see it end of day touching uh 25 30 35 pretty easily, but don't get your hopes up take profit if you uh, if you're worried, uh, there's there's a risk involved here. The only reason i'm holding is because i got it very early. I got it at five dollars about 95 shares dollar cost average of 940.. That's not bad mongos.

The good stuff well it'll, be too late to get in after market opens great question. So if you want to mitigate risk here, i think the best case scenario for you. This is going to be very volatile. It's going to go up and down multiple dollars throughout the day.

Look for a pullback to the sixty one point: eight percent retracement at twelve dollars and seven cents, and i'm gon na stream for at least the next hour - maybe two hours that way we can keep up with the price action here. That's why i thought that i would do this just so that we can all see what's happening. I can help give you some reassurance uh on the price action, so we'll take a look at the technicals and the overall volume. The indicators we've got see what the what the territory's looking like, but it is ripping.

Oh, it's pushing 18 bucks, 18 bucks. We saw it, we saw a wick, let's see if it pushes it. 18. 10.

It's off it's off. We got a new high new high on amc, looking beautiful. Ah, if jimmy has any sign i'd, say no good good point for sure amc is ripping if it dips slightly at the opening, i'm going all in yeah i mean the only. The only thing that i have to say to you, benzio official, is be careful with this because there's a risk involved.

This is a very high risk stock, so whatever you put into this be willing to lose. If i end up going to zero on my 7 500, which i don't envision happening, but if it does happen, i i've already accepted that as a risk. But it's looking, it looks like a lemon smells like a lemon tastes like lemon. It's ripping man, it pushed 18 bucks.

Let's look for a little confirmation, but it looks like it's gon na rip. We just need the volume to keep flowing and the volume is high. We got a nice closing bar right here. Yo welcome mangled mango, buy amc, do not sell.

I'm not selling. I've got a overall position in amc sitting at. Let's uh find my position in all accounts. It's five dollars.

Nine cents 1500 shares bought it for seven thousand four hundred forty dollars. So pretty filthy. We're. Looking nice right now, charts, look absolutely beautiful check out express.

I saw that it's running right now and uh. I pulled this up on the discord and it is trending right now, so i've got something called stockbot and what this does is it tracks? The most talked about stocks top 10 across all discords. In the last hour, express was trading number three they're currently sitting at 81 count pretty high amc is still number one, though so i'm leaving all my all my eggs in this basket. Just because we know it's running, i'm not going to get too greedy.

I want to keep my positions in my other stocks, in fact, probably take some profits eventually from amc today and move it back over to uh some other stocks that i really like, but express is running. It doesn't look bad. It looks like it's it's coming up on a very critical level right now, so we're gon na watch for a push above this candle wick. If you see a push, it should run pretty hard 670 and it looks like it's gaining momentum.

Volume is following through. If you see a big closing bar volume like this, i imagine a push through pretty critical time. Coming up right now, nice doji candle bullish indicator. The wicks right now look very good a lot of buying pressure.

This is the only couple wicks that don't look good. That's not a great candle, but that's just price rejection at 670.. Um it looks good um. Is it still abide 15 to 16? I would wait for a pullback on amc.

I think it's going to be very, very volatile. Oh my god. That is insane push. 19.

Still moving 1914 new high new retracement of 12.55, so if it does pull back, i think it'll pull back to 1255.. So 1255, i think, is a buy zone. If you see a pull back there, but just just know, there's risk involved so be very careful. Get into the stock it might not keep running.

You may lose your money. Just be careful. That's all. I have to say yo all right beefed up position more with that 15 dip amen man, it's ripping.

It looks good, not selling. My amc until friday, i'm gon na keep holding the amc until i see this die down at discords. If it's still being talked about, it's gon na keep running uh this. This is crazy and this is gon na have a nasty short squeeze.

So if we come over here to the discord type in short amc we can get, we can see how many short positions there are currently in amc and for my understanding in memory. I think it is 36 percent, so we're gon na let that load come back, but i think there's a 36 short float percentage on this, which is extremely high. We could see a nasty squeeze just at a buy limit on bb, good stuff, good stuff, triple h. Bb is a good stock, and this has potential to do.

Oh, it looks like it might be, starting right now. Actually, that's filthy. This looks good, but bb is a good company, regardless i'm going to hold this, at least from the mid to long term. They're going to be a big disrupter if they can really capitalize on their tech for the autonomous driving sector.

I really like that. I like that they're getting into that. But bb is a good thing. I don't.

I have a position in bb as well. I think i'm in with like five thousand dollars: uh snpw screwed me. I have a video up on this, but i i got a phone call regarding a family emergency and i stepped away in the middle of a trade just completely forgetting i had that trade got absolutely wrecked, so i'm a big fat bag holder right now, but bb. I'm in at 1965.

235 shares 446 dollars, but i was down about 173 on the day i'll hold that for a while uh i, like bb, should i buy at the opening. I sold my amc yesterday at 4 40. I'm hurting, oh, i feel profits. Profit though it is what it is um, let's see, is amc still buy, pull back to 1255.

watch. For that, that's my personal opinion. If you buy at the top there's risk involved uh if you buy a pullback when the rsi is pulling closer to 30 and i'll update you guys when a good buy time is right. Now is not a good buy time.

It's ripping right! Now we don't want to buy when it's ripping buy the buy. The dips sell. The rips that's my opinion. What's the predicted price for amc man, that's like uh, trying to predict the weather if you're a weatherman.

I don't know why this changes to mc. It's already here, but i could see this i mean i thought twenty dollars we're already almost at 20. So that's insane uh. I i think if this really shorts and and squeezes hard, you can see a really fat filthy.

Double up. I mean gme went from uh 40 to 52 and then doubled up at a high of 119 doubled up again to the mid 200s and it traded at 365. This morning, absolutely insane. I could see a double up.

I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever. This touches 25. 30 bucks today, uh, i'm glad i found this guy welcome brian i'm glad you're part of the part of the crew here. What's good trey welcome g burner good to see you we're having lots of fun here today, i'm currently on quarantine for bullock uh.

So i got ta save my room for two weeks: nothing better to do than uh just watch some nasty price action on this chart. I am loving every single uh, every single piece of action here, sensei, let's get it welcome j skills. Thank you. My friend buy all down, buy all is a buying opportunity.

Don't worry about bio, it's it's ripping right now, but it should see a bounce off of a dollar 23.. If i remember correctly, i had a fibonacci drawing up and uh if we retrace this yeah, so dollar 21 from this base, if we change it over to here, you're looking at a dollar 25 bounce. So it's it's currently below that. It looks like it's going to retrace based on this base watch for a bounce off a dollar 21..

That's my that's my prediction! But there's probably people taking profits and moving over these crazy plays that'd be my guess. Um bb bb is good. I'm holding bb for the midterm, but in the short term it's got potential for a disgusting squeeze like an insane squeeze. It could do something.

Pretty gnarly looks like it's starting to get some volume. Pumping too i like bb, sell limit at 111 dollars. Oh man, if this hits a hundred dollars, i would uh i would be rocking so hard. I would have turned seven thousand dollars into 150 000.

That's insane uh! I don't know. I think this play is gon na make a lot of people millionaires. Just like gme did i'm losing my ass on snpw snpw. Crushed me.

This was so painful. Oh it's at 10 cents right now. Ah, that hurts that's painful to see. Hopefully, we see a little bit of a bounce here in the regular market hours, but it doesn't look good 20 bucks, man, it's ripping.

We got a new high and adjust the fibonacci we're gon na move the base to here good retracement. 1324.. That's what we're looking at for a new entry point 60 shares at 9. 30.

um. If you want to there's risk involved, 60 shares, isn't a lot. It depends on your your risk management right, so you're buying when this is extremely overbought our size over 70. Right now it's absolutely ripping we don't like buying on on the rips we like buying on the dips and you you will likely see a pullback right.

So if we look at this on the two day chart, we saw that it peaked out at 14. Bucks came all the way back down to eight. I think you're likely to see the same thing present itself. Don't don't succumb to fomo the opportunity will be there uh.

I sold my amc yesterday. 4. 40.. I know it's so painful.

Should i bite the opening wait for the pullback 13 24. Is the current current level to watch for i'm gon na scroll the bottom to keep up with everybody excited for videos the next two weeks, heck yeah! That's! What's up sorry, i just got here coming from ollie: what's your plan trade you're selling anything at open, not even a quarter for profit taking or are you that confident, thanks trey, life-changing money, good question ollie i got in at five dollars and nine cents, so i Think the risk for me is not extremely high. I don't feel bad leaving profits on the table uh if i'm up over 300 percent, because at this point uh 5, 10. 15.

20., i'm up over 300, so i've got 21 000 sitting in my account once this uh hits 8 30 we'll see that pop up and i'll show you guys but uh. I i think that the risk outweighs the reward or the reward outweighs the whisk the risk. I'm just so excited i'm slurring, all my words, hello from the netherlands. Welcome diamond collection.

Did you miss a boat if you're, looking if you're gon na buy 1324 is the current retracement? Well, actually we got to adjust it now, it's still ripping 1353! That's where we're looking right now, yeah you're likely to see a pullback. Please, please don't fumble this a lot of risk involved if you're gon na, if you're gon na get into this scalp it get in and out very, very fast day trading, otherwise hold jagex uh, we'll cover jagex, quick, but we're watching amc for the day. Jagex is uh dipping really hard because of what's happening with amc express and gme. Let's take a quick look at express, i'm interested to see what happens.

Oh, my god, that's so nasty! This thing is up almost two hundred percent close at three dollars, filthy. That is insane we're. Looking good uh do not feed the shorts i'll be holding for sure. Bngo bngo is probably dipping right now.

I think a lot of people are taking profits to get into these hot plays, just as i thought, today's a buying opportunity for bngo. If you want to get in we're gon na scroll down to the bottom, to keep up with everybody, um express hit eight dollars, that's so nasty 8. 30.. It's still going! That's insane! I can't believe that all right we're going to come back to amc.

22. 23. Bucks it pushed 33 dollars looking at a new high gon na retrace it from this base. Retracement we're gon na we're gon na flip.

These that's backwards. 23.54 retracement. Currently, 1893 is the new entry point based on this base, we'll update as we go almost 24 little bit of price rejection, red candle, red bar uh, still extremely high volume. Red volume is not very high.

Looking good, if we see a correction, this will probably be the time it looks like we're starting to see this correction happen. So, let's watch for a pullback to 1893.. That's my prediction: let's get this! What happened to atos atos, i'm guessing all plays against across the market are red right now, um etos people apply profit taking, so they can get in on these crazy runners, like amc gme express that is my my guess. Coss you bought costs yesterday and did poopy up today.

Can you check it out? Cos cos is uh. I think this was one of those plays where it got pumped. To be honest, let me look at that one month, quick change it over. It's not looking bad right now, that's nasty up from eight bucks.

This is a huge pump off of not a lot of volume. I'm guessing! This is going to continue to run in the end the regular market hours, but try not to chase, don't buy in right. Now, look for a pullback. We got a nice double bottom right here, which i call the george w that looks very clean cos looks good double bottom pull back.

15.50. That's a good entry point, come back to amc, check out the action 24! Oh, that is so nasty. I can't believe we're watching this happen guys. This is the most insane day in the market.

I think i've ever seen in my entire life, the short percentage is 63, that's huge that is so nasty. This is. This is looking like a gme setup guys. This is gross and think about this.

The higher this runs, the more uh you're gon na see shorts double down on their convictions, because that's what happened with gamestop you'd see those big institutional companies would up their short positions to try and make back the money and then just get extra squeeze. So i wouldn't be surprised if you see that happen with amc. I urge you please please please please, please do not short amc, you will be trading severely against the grain and the risk is extremely high. You may be able to squeeze out a couple dollars on one of these these dips, but this is so volatile, it's just it can it can turn on a penny i mean we went up from 14 bucks to 25 in a matter of like 10 minutes.

Please don't short this 21 dollars on e-trade nasty time for a shot of woodford. You know it is pretty early in the morning, but i don't mind i'll rip it for the for the crew bottoms up. My friends. We call this uh call a shot.

Take a shot, that's what i'm calling it all right, so we're seeing a pullback! Now amc is pulling back a little bit. We're gon na zoom in just keep track of what's happening here. We're gon na see if we have a bounce off of retracement at 2182. 23.6 percent still pulling back volume is still lower than the green bars, which is good.

This is probably profit-taking. People are probably locking in some profits right now, but i'm not scared. This isn't bad yet um. If we keep stair-stepping higher lows and higher highs, it looks pretty good and we do see that bounce we'll see if we follow through with a wide range bar sink back through looks like buyers are stepping in.

I like that wick underneath that's a good bottoming tail. It looks like we're going to see it bounce if we don't see it bouncing all right, so we push through 21, 20 and 71 cents is gon na, be the next level. So, let's look like we're gon na retest 2071 right now, two pretty big wide range red bars. So this is the price correction.

This is profit taking uh we're going to look for a bonus off of 2071. if it doesn't bounce off of here, we're looking at 1982 and then 1893.. These are the retracements, and this is very easy to do. You just take a fibonacci drive from the bottom and put the peak at the top of a run up, so we're gon na be looking at looks like uh.

Buyers are stepping back in maybe 2054.. That's how we're looking right now we'll keep you up to date, but i read some comments. Whatever consider a call, the problem with calls, is you can't capitalize on them and after hours? So if this runs up, it doubles up triples up quadruples up in the after hours or the pre market. You can't sell and if we see a gnarly pullback at market open uh, we can't capitalize on that.

But calls are a great tool. You can capitalize on a lot of gains with a lot less money, so it'd be it'd, be huge for sure. I don't personally have one. I just have a position, but it's a it's.

It's crazy amc looks good. That's a good one for a call. 420. 69.

Looks dirty uh read some more of all more stuff short volume: 24 on express how's express looking right now, little pullback will drop a quick fibonacci from the base. Looking like, we saw bounce off of 23 percent 812.. If you see another wide range candle bar that pushes past this level of resistance, if we zoom in really quick, you're gon na watch for a push above this candle wick, which is sitting at about eight dollars and 35 cents, if you see a push above 835 It'll continue its trend. Come back to amc trader.

I like jack daniels. Yes, i do big jack daniels, guy ctrm down to 34 or 34 cents, ctrm uh, i'm guessing is more profit-taking. People are people are getting out of. These plays to get into these crazy, crazy, hot stocks right now.

If you want to get into ctrm and you believe in the play, uh watch for a bottom out, it doesn't look like we found it yet we're going to change over to the 10-day chart. Take a quick, peek, critical level of support sitting at 33.8 cents and it does look like we've seen it bounce. I think that's going to be the basement. Come back to amc, uh changing over to the one day chart one minute, so it does look like.

We saw bounce, which is good. We saw bounce almost touched that 50 retracement coming back in. We got a wide range candle bar and golfing. Candlestick pattern looks like we're beginning.

The next run. Next is gon na be a push through and it does look like. We got it a push through this candle wick right here at uh, low of 22.79, currently trading at 23.03. Looking very good! We got to push through that, though, watch for a push over this level.

Push over 2325 is going to bring some more wide range bars. Bottoms up, amen, that's what's up that's! What's up, is it too late to buy when market opens uh watch for a pullback? That's my that's my two cents. If we draw a fibonacci from the bottom of this base right here, the lowest point on the day, you're looking at a retracement at best case scenario, for an entry point, this is just best case scenario. I can't guarantee it happens.

15, 14. short term. If you're. Looking for a quick in and out 1930.

uh, but we did have a nice bounce off of this 38 retracement. A lot of strong buying pressure. Currently retesting looks like a little bit of battle between uh bulls and bears. If we push through 22 and a half dollars, it's gon na keep running hey.

What's up all my stocks are red zone getting killed, yeah, i'm telling you! This is what's happening right now. People are profit taking from all their stocks to hop into these plays. I i sold out of zome to do a little bit of dollar cost averaging on uh snpw, which is absolutely getting murdered right now. I am i'm very sad about that.

Uh i honestly might sell out of snpw, but we'll see what happens. Uh, come back to amc, looks like we're gon na see a second re-test of that retracement, we'll watch and see what happens. I love jack daniels. That's not a new, a new i'm guessing you're, seeing more profit taking as well.

People are trying to hop into these. Plays because they're going absolutely nuts and we do see that happening, i'm still holding a new. I think this is an opportunity to dollar cost. My position is a dollar 13, and this is looking like it bounced off of uh 1.39 pretty well.

Thank you so much. I am a bot, thank you for the donation. I appreciate that 10 dollars you're a man you're the man. I appreciate you 100.

You don't have to do that, but it is much appreciated um. So that's what i'm looking at right. Now uh bounce off a dollar 39 and we did see that that'd probably be the basement. But if you see it push down a lot of uncharted territory, it could come back down to a dollar.

Four that'd be pretty unhealthy change. It back to amc, see what's happening. One day chart yeah we're still seeing that tug of war. We got a nice bounce zoom in really quick.

Look at these candle wicks, pretty critical level holding very well. We've got three candle wicks four candle wicks touching right around here, come on. Let me move this. There we go, got three candle wicks four candle wicks touching at 2137; that's a critical level to hold.

If we hold that you see it bounce, it doesn't look like. We might see that we want an engulfing candle stick here. If we see this push above and you see a wide range bar that engulfs this red candle, i see a continuation trend. Let's look at this.

Macroscopically looks like we may be seeing the beginning of a double bottom, which i like to call the george w that's critical. This will be huge. I'm excited to see what happens. Market opens only 11 minutes away.

We're getting close guys. Do you think things will bounce back tomorrow? After all the craziness? That's a great question um, it's tough to say i feel like this wall street bets thing is really really altering the market, and that is absolutely insane uh. This is unprecedented. This is this is historic.

Um - i've never seen this before. I don't think anybody's ever seen this before. So it's tough to say, what's gon na happen, i anticipate that people are just pulling because they want to get in on this. There's a lot of hype, a lot a little bit of fomo and uh people just want to make money on amc gme.

Let's take a look at express again express had a pullback bounce, really nice off at 38, wide range candle bar looks like it's gon na be getting another run. Looks good, though, looks promising. I really hope snpw doesn't bounce. No, that's so disgusting! I'm getting ripped on that not good at all, oof uh.

Let's change back to amc, quick 2140 we're still seeing a little bit of uh bounce here, it's consolidating nothing bad! Yet we need to hold over 21.50. Otherwise it is likely going to start another uh bleed. 2150, we see a green bar still moving thoughts on aph auph doing a little bit of bleeding, but they've got a lot of good news coming out. Uh, if you want to, i think, a dollar cost average is a good situation here.

Floor does look like 15, 16 and 55. Well, we closed it. 16 bucks 16 bucks looks like the floor. I like that.

A lot big question people have is when they should buy in yes, i will keep you guys up to date as i'm watching this. We'll change back over to the one day chart keep up with the live price action here. Uh. I think you're likely gon na see a pretty harsh pullback.

Eventually, today, like 15 bucks in between 15 and 17, i think is a safe, buy, but we'll have to wait and see. What happens i feel like wsb will not be allowed to continue this in some shape or form. I agree. This is gon na, be something that the sec definitely looks at very closely.

I think this is gon na be game, changing for sure about eight minutes away from open, looking very good, i'm gon na pull up. Where can i see this news and research quotes and watch list uh, i'm looking for a market bell daily dashboard there we go we'll keep this down here. Market opens in seven minutes still holding very well at 21.50. That's very reassuring.

Buyers are keeping the price up. We got a couple of wicks underneath here, which indicates sellers are trying to drive the price down, holding very well one two, three four candles with uh a bottoming tail good, strong, buying pressure, rsi, currently trading neutral, very nice pullback, nothing bad whatsoever. We are seeing a re-test of previous pullback at 41.. Not harsh whatsoever that looks good, looks very, very good.

Right now got four dollar call. 129 cost me 92. What would you all do? That's nasty you're sitting so filthy right now, uh. I think it's gon na keep running it's it's just a lot of buying pressure, a lot of crazy volume pumping into the stock right now i would let it go personally how much growth do you think we should expect for amc? That is so hard to say.

Man i have uh, this is unprecedented. This has never happened before. What i can say is all you need to do is look at gme to know the potential of this stock man retest new high we've got a new high on gme, guys pushed over very close to testing 400. That is dirty.

Look at this volume, huge green, closing bar on volume. High point of the day, looks like we're seeing a little bit of a pullback re-test, but it looks good. Oh man, that's dirty all right, so we did have a push. It's coming back underneath we're seeing a retest of 2054.

we're gon na look for a bounce on amc. We got a candle wick underneath 2016., i'm going to zoom in on this holding pretty well so far we see a bottle. We see it bottomed. It's coming underneath good long.

Wick looks like some selling pressure, though looks like we're going to retest 1930.. So if you're looking for a quick swing in and out in and out i'll, let you know if we see a bounce don't get into this. Unless you see it bounce, if you see a bounce off of 1930 and make sure you do some risk mitigation, there's risk involved here, retest of 1930 is coming hey. Thank you patty.

I appreciate that so much that's awesome. You didn't need to donate, but i really do appreciate that you did. That means a lot to me. Thank you, my friend, should i sell bile to get into amc for the day, simon uh, good question.

Biola is gon na, be a safe play. It's down right now, but it's not the end of the world. This is this is presenting a buying opportunity to you. We do need to keep core positions in our portfolio safe.

That way, they can continue to do what they do, because if this does go wrong uh you could end up losing the farm, and we don't want that to happen. So whatever you put into this be willing to lose it, we don't want you guys to uh, walk out homeless or and not have the shirt on your back. I'm going to check out smpw quick, so we saw a little bit of a bounce, looks a little better back to amc. Will it well it'll, be tough to pin anything on wsb for this once it's on reddit, it's public info, not all that different from a wsj article or kramer on tv yelling at you to buy x.

Now, that's true! I didn't really think of that. Um! That's a good point. I mean what they're doing is it's crazy? This is uh, it's crazy. What people can do with a 600 stimulus check and uh a a website platform from the early 2000s? It's it's insane.

This is unprecedented times. I don't think anybody's going to help be held legally responsible. I just would be surprised if we don't see the sec step in and change something here. So it looks like we're.

Seeing uh red volume, starting to close down a little bit starting to back off, looks like we're looking for an engulfing candlestick pattern. Now we held really well above 1930. We got an engulfing candlestick pattern. That's huge we're watching for this.

So, if you're looking for an entry, this looks good. This would be a good entry. Be very careful, though, make sure you don't put any money into this you're not willing to lose. We saw a bounce off of 1930 engulfing candlestick pattern looks like an upcoming trend.

Reversal, fng, montage hd. Thank you for the donation. I appreciate the five dollars. I am a bot if i lose everything i'm going on food stamps.

Oh no! No! No brother, don't don't bet the farm, don't bet the farm. It looks like it's going, though it looks like it's going if you got it at 1930 you're. Looking pretty good, we've got the engulfing candlestick pattern, still moving seeing a retest of 2054 50 retracement. I like this.

This engulfing candlestick pattern. That is a huge bullish reversal. Indication, that's a good bounce, as you can bounce off a level of support. I, like that, a lot what reddit is doing is bringing the power back to the people power to the people baby.

That's! What's up back up of 20, looking good night load! That must be by the dip buy the dip. Welcome my friend buy the dip is a cool dude. I i'm glad to have you as part of the discord you sent me a lot of good stuff in the in the pms. I appreciate that uh ctrm, it's pulling back right now.

A lot of people are taking profits at different stocks. We saw a bounce off of 33 cents good level of support. I don't think you're gon na see it drop below that that's a good entry point. Come back to amc, what is the exact name of the fibonacci indicator? So if we come over to my draw tools, let me enter again.

I don't know why it's not loading there we go so draw you come over to fibonacci, it's called fibonacci retracement infidelity pro you just click on that put the base at the bottom of a run-up peak at the top of a run-up, and it gives you ideas Of where you might see it retraced to take a quick look at the price action here. Looking very good, we got a doji candlestick pattern. The og is our bullish indicator, especially because we held at the high of this candle that looks good bottoming tail on the bottom of this looking for a push above 20 and 54 cents. So i pushed through pie of the candle 2058 we're looking to retest.

That 2050, 2048 2044. a little bit of indecision right now. Some red volume down volume, though, which is not bad, looks like another doji candle. When we see these consolidations and the volume is lower, that's good! You don't want to see a huge rip in red volume because that's going to push the stock price down.

This still looks good if we see another bounce off of 1930 and you miss your opportunity to buy in that's going to be your chance. It will hit 40 by friday. That'd be insane. Can you imagine, can you imagine that double up expr we'll check out expr again, one more time, expr, not bad good bounce? We are in a downward channel, though, so we need to break that critical time coming up.

One two three different touch points looks like. We are beginning a breakout. We need to see a hard push. Big wide range candle bar come back to mc third, most popular on stockbot.

Is it let's check this out? Expr yeah there they are number three amc is number one. A lot of a lot of push here: let's take a look at bb, how's bb, doing right now: they're, not bad, consolidating up and down price action. That's gon na be a midterm hold for me. Amc still holding very well another doji candle looks like we're tightening on price action.

Uh i'm going to adjust. This come out a little bit wider, seeing a little bit of selling pressure right. Now i'm going to scrap this fibonacci, we'll redraw it just so we can get better view of the overall candles, so it looks like we have a retest of 1930 low of the candle 1950 looking for a bounce, the low here was 19. That's where we're sitting right now low of this candle 1951 push under 1910 candlewick mark it open.

So i expect a little bit of volatility here with market open guys, there's gon na be a lot of volatility. So these first five ten minutes, uh they're, going to be wild you're gon na see a price swing up and down multiple dollar signs. So you need a strong stomach for this. If you have a position in the low fours uh low fives, i think you're sitting.

Okay, with amc just be very careful, don't put any money into this that you're not willing to lose price target. I could see this doubling up. It just depends on the overall um short squeeze right if people covered today um. I i think i read in the comment section that the short percentage on this the short flow to 63, which is extremely high - all right, so now we're going to see a re-test.

It looks like of some previous levels of support. We pushed under 19 dollars seeing a retest of 15 28. two pretty wide bar candle. Candlesticks, don't be scared, let's take out uh, let's take a look at gme, same thing's happening with gme and they are running up extremely high they're up 102 on the day and at 300, take a look at emc again amc's up on the day: 243.

244. 245. So they're giving a little bit back, not a bad thing, we're looking for a bounce off of 1527.. This may present itself as a good buying opportunity.

We're going to see what happens. Wsb was putting a lot of energy into noke. What do you think of them? I've heard that this might be potential in the future here, seeing the same thing happen: they're up three percent right now, so not a lot of it, not a lot of running uh. If you look at most popular stocks being talked about, they make number five on the list.

I think this has potential in the future. It's just not quite there. Yet amc was on this list sitting at number five or six for a couple of days before today. So i'm imagining bb or nok will be the next ones up on the list.

Come back to amc. We saw a green candle here. Let's see if we see it on amc, long, wick, underneath still pushing down i'm guessing we're gon na see a retest here at the base. I always look for streams during the market, i'm so glad you're doing one right now.

Thank you theo. I appreciate that. What's a good price target for expr? How high will this go? That's a good question that i don't think i can answer it's up. 129.

On the day that's filthy, um predicting! This is like trying to predict that gamestop would go from 19 to 380.. Who could have guessed that that's insane? Oh man, we see reversal on gamestop, gamestop and amc are pretty closely mirroring each other. If we change this right now, pull up gamestop. I think that you'll see pretty similar things on the charts, so we'll change it over to today.

Change it to one minute see the trend reversal. Amc has not quite had it yet. Thank you, sam dollar. I, like the i like the little stamp, the coffee.

Ah man, i wish i had some coffee, but i've just been drinking diet. Do i appreciate the four bucks all my friend thank you, my robin hood. Just crashed. Oh there's a lot of a lot of buying pressure right now, a lot of people trying to get in on this.

It's not surprising uh. I hope that you're working out, okay man, robin hood froze coss is cost off still. Is it going off? This is another one of those twitter plays. Little pullback looks like pretty similar price action to gme and amc right now, yeah, so it's just giving a little bit back right now, still 50.

On the day i i anticipated this happening, we're just seeing a little bit of a pullback, i'm not worried. Yet we do see. It looks like the beginning of a bounce, so we're gon na watch for a bounce here. What just happened did i see? Exp is suspended, really halted, huh 6.98 dang.

What is happening, amc is still moving is gme still moving, gme is still moving, express is not express, is halted, huh, they are 698.. I wonder if this is gon na end up happening crazy. Oh man, amc now or gme fidelity won't even load. Bb is go up today, bb could go up today.

It's looking like it's starting to we're. Seeing a little bit of a push volume is up nice uh. We got a big red bar right here. This could be shorts.

This could be shorts covering right now or selling. I shouldn't, i should say not covering, but we're seeing a nice wide range bar right now looks like it's starting, a good move. If we come over to amc, amc looks like it may be. Getting a trend reversal, but that's a pretty ugly, topping wick.

I think you're likely going to see a retest of 1530 or so it'll depend on. If we push we re-tested 17 and there was some price rejection - a lot of selling pressure, i think there's people taking profits right now. Uh. I told everyone earlier that robin hood is having issues yeah man.

I saw that too. It's just extreme demand, everything's going crazy right now. Uh here comes the halts yeah, it looks like we might see it express still halted. Gme jimmy's, still moving amc still moving.

That's a pretty ugly topping! Wick, though we'll see what happens. It's pushing 16 13. jay crazy says: should we sell amc or keep uh if you're, happy, walking away with profits, don't be afraid to do so uh. We are up a lot of money right now.

This stock is up over 200 percent. If i check out my current positions, amc is up a lot a lot. A lot 228 percent current value up, seventeen thousand dollars up twelve thousand dollars on the day and that's with a pretty bad bleed on snpw. I'm gon na continue to hold mine, but make do your own due diligence make your own risk management decisions.

It doesn't look bad as long as it doesn't get halted. I don't know if it has yet or not. It looks like it is still moving. 1610.

1596.. This looks like the beginning of maybe a cup looks like we may see a slow movement here. Do not sleep on noke. I think no could be good, it's just not there.

Yet it's getting ready. The volume is not quite there, not a lot of numbers here. In the pre-market - but i do think nokia will be the next move. Uh in the future express still halted still halted.

Gme jimmy is moving amc, seeing a retest of 15 30. pushing under 15 bucks price rejection. 15. 42 31.

We're looking for a bounce here. Uh, should i buy more amc on a dip today that is totally up to you. Um there's risk involved with amc, so just tread very, very cautiously. I think that i may end up getting into amc with a little heftier position.

It'll depend on snpw, which is absolutely bleeding right. Now, i'm going to take a look at snpw just out of curiosity quick, it does look like. We may have found a floor here at nine cents, but it's looking ugly amc looks like uh it's holding at fifteen dollars a couple of candle wicks underneath which is promising to see i like that, we're looking for a wide range bar, though we need a green Wide range, we need an engulfing, candlestick pattern and we'll know we have a trend reversal, amc to 80.. So if it gets halted, i see it as a good thing.

It will show people that the stock market is scared of the people. Oh man, that'd be crazy. Could you imagine that am i worried about a share offering well with a share offering that typically affects stocks, that people are actually investing in, but i think a lot of people are just kind of yoloing. This thing uh they're, just they're, getting in on the hype and they're chasing right and and i in a real world, a direct offering would matter.

Yes, i don't think it'll affect this in the current following days. I think once this is all said and done, though, amc is going to be in a whole different place than they were before. Um is cost halted. Let's take a quick peek, it does look like cost is still moving.

Let's see if we have any price action. 1673 hasn't moved, cost may be halted also, oh, my god, what a crazy day in the market. This is insane. I have never seen this happen.

This is unprecedented guys. This kind of thing has never happened in the market. We've got two stocks right now that are halted, cos and express amc is still active, gme still active, bb, still active and moving bb is moving really well. That looks good, come back to amc, see if we have any uh any sort of bounce yet looks like the beginning of a bounce.

We've got a nice cup, that's starting to form here, i'm going to take a look at snpw, still at 9.25, correcting a little bit. I may add to my position here: i'm gon na wait to see that we have a hard price move. If we don't i'm just gon na, let it run calls are down some bs fidelity under maintenance. I don't know why my fidelity is still running.

That's crazy express is active, good good, good good. Thank you for the update, guys appreciate that express is moving 588. A little bit of a bounce look for a hold over this level. I like that candle wick underneath looks like reverend reversal, looks clean if you're looking for a quick entry point, risk is involved, be very careful, you might lose money, have a stop-loss set.

Good entry. Looks like about now we're looking for a wide range candle bar. If you see a wide range that pushes above this candle wick that'll be very indicative. Coming close, we need a little bit of a push.

Volume should follow through testing. Wick is above if line follows through this looks like a bye. It might looks like a little bit of rejection. I'm waiting for a hard push before i get the confirmation there.

It is 605 there's the push that looks like a buy amc. Oh yeah, it's off! It's moving two wide range candle bars pushed above. The previous wick looks very clean. I like that it looks good.

It looks good still moving 17 24. It doesn't look like it's moved. Amc suspended. Oh, oh, my god, that's crazy! We are living in some crazy times.

Right now guys is gme still moving. It is dang, so since the stock is halted, what this means is um. The the market makers are just stopping the price action on this right. Now that doesn't mean it'll be closed for the rest of the day.

We saw this happen with express and express is moving again currently. Trading at 633 634 got that nice confirmation with the wide range bars amc we're just going to wait to see what happens. We have to wait for them to reopen it's suspended currently. In the meantime, it's halted crazy stuff guys, but in the meantime, i'm gon na come back over to snpw.

Look at some price action here looks like we are seeing a little bit of buying pressure, which is good down 31 percent. This is absolutely crushing me. I'm down a lot um, but on the day up fourteen thousand dollars. I cannot complain about that.

At all. Bb looks like it's running. Let's take a look at bb up 723 dollars little bit of price correction happening now. That's a good wide range and gulping candlestick pattern.

This is called a two lows high close and what that is is if we zoom in here on this candle wick pattern, we see a candle that opens high closes low, opens low closes high. So that's the two lows high close, that is a bullish indicator and that we do see the confirmation here with another wide range candle bar starting to form. I'm anticipating. We see a retest of bb at 23 dollars and 40 cents.

We're gon na wait to see what happens, but i'm anticipating that's what's happening next. A lot of buying pressure volume is good. Following through good wick, underneath weak selling pressure, bb looks solid, express got halted again. Oh my god, man can a halt, be a good sign.

It can mean a couple of things, so this basically means that market makers are not able to keep up with the price action on amc, they're slowing things down a little bit, there's extreme extreme extreme demand. If i had to guess they might not have enough shares to get people uh, there may be some issues in terms of getting the orders filled express is halted again. 679 halton man too much flow. That's a good point mark james, that's my guess.

As well. Amc up 18 thousand dollars 247 today, that is nice, 14 600 up on the day, pushing 40k. This is the filthiest day i've ever had in the market guys. This is nice.

I hope everybody's portfolios right now. Look absolutely filthy! This is a very exciting time. Cloud is down for me: anub is down, mbis is down a little bit. Smpw is crushing.

I am down at really bad amount for anybody. That's wondering what happened with snpw. I got a phone call from a family member and i was in the middle of a trade. I was uh.

I was scalping, i scalped the first time for about uh a thousand dollars scalp. The second time for about nine hundred dollars entered a third trade, got a phone call. It's a family situation, i'm not gon na disclose, but i had a third trade opened and i completely spaced my mind. My mind was completely with my family and i came back an hour later to being down like 50, and oh, my god, that that was painful.

Nokia's running, let's take a peek, it is five percent. This could be the beginning. Volume is high five percent up on the day positions. I huh looks like it's gon na.

Do it we see a test push through 505. that looks good. It came through and followed. I'm gon na put in a trade tab here just so that if i want to make a trade we can make that happen.

I'm gon na look at nokia and we may enter this. I'm gon na watch for a pullback. I don't feel comfortable getting in quite yet we'll look at it's trading at five dollars. Look at a thousand shares market preview, i'm guessing there's some pretty gnarly.

Gnarly problems happening right now in the market. Oh man, this is nasty. What price should i buy into bb? Thank you for the two dollars. I really appreciate that eric's we'll take a quick peek.

I wonder why that's happening preview so bb. I think a good entry point is in the low 20s. If you see a pullback entry at low 20s, we do have a nice retracement line right there, we'll check this out on the two day. Low 20s looks good.

Otherwise, if we see a pullback, i i put a video out on this and saying 1750 is a good point, but it looks like it's going to be some buying pressure today. So that is my guess: we're gon na come back to noke. Does anybody know if amc is live again, we'll take a look at positions? Amc is moving. I don't know why my order tab isn't working nope by 1000 order type market preview day.

That's kind of goofy we're gon na come back to amc all right. Let's change! This to the one day chart fidelity is freaking out right now, it's being real goofy all right, so it does look like we're seeing a little bit of uh selling pressure, a couple of long wicks here, big big, big, big, big red volume. If i had to guess this is shorting, this is people doubling down on short positions that could be really dirty. This is huge.

That is a big number. So if we end up seeing some buying pressure and people pushing this up, this could cause a nasty nasty squeeze. Does anybody have level twos on this drop level? Twos in the chat? If you do i'd, be interested to see we're gon na come back to noke. Still running 5 14.: i am confused as to why my trade bar is not working.

I don't want to buy in yet, but i just want to have it ready just in case yeah, that's being funky, i wonder if it's just with nokia, but look at amc. Buy preview by 1000 order type market day preview yeah, it must just be fidelity. Fidelity's goofing out, come back to amc, check out bile i'll. Look at bile, quick expr is active bio's on the move.

Dang look at that. That was a big buying opportunity at buck. 15. looks like it's going to keep running.

Bio's got a news. Catalyst coming up that could be good express, moving, they're tightening on price action. Right now looks like we're beginning a tightening squeeze we'll see how this plays out we'll come back to this. Take a look at amc again amc at 1434..

I think this was really heavily shorted guys. That is a lot of volume, 32 million in red volume. I think people shorted this if anybody's got the level twos. Let me know oh, but thank you.

Thank you for the for the level twos. I appreciate that by the dip. So looking at the level twos we've got quite a few bids. At 14, 14 17's got the most bids.

I think that's likely where you're gon na see it bounce. If it does happen, is it halted again? Why do i not see it moving? I think it's halted again. It's not moving god dang. That is insane.

This is the craziest thing i've ever seen. Man, i cannot believe what's going on. This is just unprecedented. I'm gon na open a new trade tab and see if i can figure out why this is doing that.

Come back trade, amc or how's the nokia. Looking we're going to come back to nokia, while amc amc is halted, noke is moving by 1000 order. Type market preview - i'm gon na, buy we're looking for a test of 514. very large wide range candle bar.

I'm gon na get a new trade ready just by the off chance that we see something go wrong here. Cell 1000 order type market preview. I've got this ready. I'm gon na watch this closely until amc goes back up again, pushing through 512.

take a look at positions. My dollar cost average got filled at not in yet still moving. Look at history, club bot position, nokia, one thousand and five ten. Currently, trading at five 11.

acm i'll take another quick, peek, quick or amc, i should say still halted, not moving. Come back to noke, i'm up 1800 on amc call buy 5 000 shares of nokia. Dang buy amc. I will i think, i'm going to.

I want to see a hard pullback, though the price action is currently halted. I've got nokia pulled up right here on the trade so i'll be able to watch this we are breaking. The market can never go wrong. Buying noke anything around five is a steal.

In my opinion, hold it for the year they signed with t-mobile that provide 5g largest cellular service in the u.s. I love nokia. I think it's a great company man amc is halted. Huh, nope nokia's trying really hard to move.

This is a critical level up. Seven percent on the day, 509., look at the positions nope down 10 bucks looks like it's getting ready to push we're waiting to see. Man snpw is absolutely crushing right now. I can't sell this, though i can't sell for an eight thousand ten thousand dollar loss.

That's just not doable. Oh, come back to noke amc is amc, live again, amc down to 15. amc, still halton yep, look at noke pushing 510. It's consolidating! We see a funneling of price action right now.

Tightening it's squeezing up! This is getting ready. It's either gon na move, really harsh up or really harshly down, so we're gon na get ready for that. If it's heavily shorter, it's a great company now amen eight men to that five, eleven five twelve. We need to see a retest of this candle wick.

It's coming up close coming up close, oh five, eleven five, ten five eleven we need to break through that candle. Look at 512.. Push through 512 is going to bring us to a re-test of 514. 510 511., we'll check out uh, bb, quick.

Oh the background.

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