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Today we will talk about AMC and watch the live price action!
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What is up, what is up what is up here? We are guys another day live welcome. Everybody looks like we've got quite a few people here already huh dang 139 people. Look at this chat bar going nuts sunpower guys look at this yeah. It's up.

It's up. 11 dang, which makes me happy because uh sun power - maybe you mean some pacific, but you could be talking about a different stock. I don't know anyways welcome back to another episode of the traders podcast. This is episode.

Six, we're gon na be watching the live price action on amc, noke, bb, gme and any other stocks that you'd like me to keep an eye on. I will gladly pull up for you how's everybody doing today. Let's read some of these comments. Huh hold the line.

I'm with you amc's froze at 3, 13 25. looks like they did gap up at 15 15, but i don't know if the price action's still frozen or not that's weird. How would they gap from 13, 23 or 25 up to 15 15.? That must be a glitch, but that's crazy. Boys today is the day faith.

It is we're expecting a squeeze a gamma squeeze either today or monday. I expect it today xenix. Thank you for the three dollars baby day. Three baby hold the line boys we're in it together, my friends we're in it together.

Let's do it big time i'll, tell you what i don't know. If everybody out there was able to see my video, but the last 12 hours for me were an absolute disaster. So i had a position in noke, bb and amc, as you guys all know right. I had about 46 000 invested in these three uh stocks and right as i got off the live stream, i'm not kidding you one or two minutes later i watched my positions.

Sell themselves they liquidated and i didn't use - i didn't use margin to buy into these. This is my own personal cache and it was gone. They just disappeared, so i called my brokerage account. I called fidelity and i said what the heck what's going on? First off they were, they put me on hold for like an hour which was yeah but everybody.

What do you do? I mean that's, how it goes but um i i called them and they said no, you you actually closed this, but there's no way. I did you guys know me: you watch this whole live stream. I would never sell out at a 30 000 loss, which is what this came out to by the way i had 46 000. In my account yesterday and fidelity closed out of my positions.

I know fidelity did this to multiple people. Robin hood did this to people. I think ameritrade did this to people they closed out of all my positions at the literal lowest. So if you look at bb on the two day, we look at uh noka on the two day and we look at amc on the two day.

They sold me out literally right here at 1450, 470 and amc at like eight dollars, so i got swagged. I got absolutely swagged, i lost a lot of money. It is what it is, i'm not i'm not mad about the money i'll make that back, but i'm frustrated because i know this is happening to other people. The amount of market manipulation happening on right now.

All these brokerage accounts that are screwing people for the big guys that just it makes me angry. It makes me angry. You guys already know how i feel, but i i'm here for you, i'm here for the community. It just makes me angry that they're able to manipulate the market all they want and uh and now they're they're, getting their feelings hurt because oh crap now they're doing what we've been doing forever.

But what do you do? It is what it is. Let's start reading, some comments looks like they're violating the uptick rule on amc. Look at level two i'll try and pull that up on mom on my weeble quick level, two on amc, i'll, pull this up; amc huh! That's interesting! Weird yeah! You already know it. We already know that uh, we already know the market manipulation happening here, feels so much better when you stream, when i'm like 30., amen brother tray for president 2024.

Maybe all right just do it says tray sold out of it. Trade paper trades, don't believe him. I used to support, but now he's just a wolf in sheep's clothing, with a plan to lure us sheep in to buy his discord. No, you couldn't be farther from the truth, man, i uh.

You can think what you want, and i am never gon na sit here and make you guys believe what i say it's up to you to decide what you think, but i'm gon na tell you how it is and uh how it is is no. No right minded person would sell for a thirty thousand dollar loss. I would never do that. It doesn't make sense who who, in the right, mind, sell at a loss of thirty thousand dollars.

When i was sitting at 46k, you can think what you want, but i know the truth and i know people out there know the truth, man, so it is what it is. Let's go stay together. Just this man literally gives us insights on, plays he's not even in and he's transparent about it. How is he a sheep? I'm with you brother.

I appreciate that honestly i'll. Let people think what they want to think. I put myself out there and people are going to have their own opinions and i can't control that all i can do is control myself i'll keep doing me and everybody that enjoys the ride. I appreciate having you along: that's what it's going to come down to.

Let's take a look at all the charts here. Real quick, it looks like nook is having a nice bounce, we got a bounce off of uh 4.90, which looks pretty solid. Very significant level of support here looks like we're. Gon na have a recess pretty soon, so we're gon na retest these candle wicks right here.

This will be the immediate level of resistance at about 508, so we're going to watch for a push through 508 and things will be looking pretty good bb. On the other hand, is bleeding a little bit we haven't seen. We might have found a bottom we're going to drop a support line. Really quick looks like it might have been 1581.

we're gon na have to wait and find out, but as of now it looks like 1581 was. The bottom does look like amc is on the move again, no longer halted, gme found a bounce bounced off of 300. We do have a candle wick that touches slightly below that, but we did have some price rejection buyers set back in that's a two lows: high close to a t right there. That is a good looking candle pattern.

Two lows: i close very bullish indicator. Typically, a sign of reversal incoming, he is the wolf in sheep's clothing. The accuser is the abuser. I let people think what they want.

My friend, i don't care, i i know who i am and i know there are people out there who who know what i am too and i'm just gon na. Let people have their own opinions. I appreciate the support, though my friend for sure, by amc and snpw. I am a big time bank holder in snpw, so i don't know if you guys track this or not, but i was day trading this stock.

I had two closed positions for uh about 1800 and i entered a third trade and i got a phone call and i stepped away from the computer, not even thinking about it. It was a family family situation that i'm not gon na get into, but um it's. It is what it is. But what do you do all right? Um trey is the one 23 year old who is in college dead.

I appreciate everything. You do you're an inspiration. Man guys dad. I appreciate that brother you'll, do it just keep working? Anybody can do anything.

I 100 agree with that. Trey will amc and naked squeeze amc. I know for sure. Well, i wouldn't be surprised with naked because i feel like that is a pretty heavily shorted stock.

I think that's why it was targeted thomas power. Thank you for the thank you for the donation, man, you guys really don't have to do that, and it means a lot to me, but you don't have to. I promise. That's mad about your account, keep going here's a small something i earn because of you.

You can invest it better than i do man. Ah i appreciate that so much seriously. You guys really don't have to do that. I just genuinely enjoy doing these live streams, and i mean that uh.

Thank you. So much we're gon na scroll. The bottom keep up with everybody give thumbs up if you believe in him, hey appreciate that, if you guys want to drop a like, it really does help uh help out the channel. I appreciate it.

Anyways means a lot to me. At least. I know you guys are rocking. Can i do a quick analysis of noke sure? Can we're gon na pull no cod here on the two day chart and take a look at how things well we're gon na put on the one day? That's that's pretty bad data to read, but on the one day it looks like we do have a current double top, so we got ta really push through that level of resistance.

So this is not going to move so right off the bat. I know we need to push through 5 17.. We are the move right now. If we look at the current candlesticks, we got that nice bounce off of 490..

We got this nice wide range candle bar, pretty long wick, underneath here, like that hammer candle, and he did just push through 508 pretty seamlessly. It seems like so we're going to look for a retest of 517 and if we get a push through you're going to know it because you're going to see a wide range candle bar now. What do i mean by that wide range? Candle bar is something like this right here, we're looking for a huge push where we jump up multiple cents at once, so this is a wide range candle bar this one right here. So if you see that happen, i would be pretty confident in saying it's gon na break 520 and start approaching some newer highs.

I will uh. I will assess ctrm ctrm right now. This is one of those stocks that was pumped by wsb wall street buys and right now, they're, currently a little lower on volume than we've seen that it's still higher than usual. But it does look like it's being pretty heavily sold a lot of red.

A lot of red bars, so let's do a retracement from the peak here and i'm gon na change this to the color white, so everybody can see and let's just take a quick peek at what we got. I don't know why zoomed like that come on there. We go all right so right now we're hovering right above uh, it looks like the 65 cent retracement at 67 cents, so this next level at 68 cents. If we push through that you're pretty likely to see a retest of some of these previous highs in that 70 uh 75 cent range looks pretty good, though it's not bad, there's still green on the day.

Can you also help to see expr? I will put up expr we'll keep that up. At the same time, i'm gon na change this over to a one day chart you guys will have to excuse that i'm not showing my uh. My whole account situation right now, i'll keep it up to about here, but i i'm really really skeptical on how how my positions got sold and either thinks hey. Somebody got into my my account or b fidelity sold it.

So i'm not going to show the top of my screen there, but you guys can see right now all right, nocus testing. We got to come back to milk. Oh it's very close! 518.. We need a wide range candle bar and it'll push.

This looks like it could be it. We need that to push through, though it's hovering right now we're going to zoom in yeah. It looks like it might reject. We really need that push.

I don't like that. Top candle wick, it might not go but we're gon na see we need to follow through wide range candle bar. If we see three wicks up here that it's probably gon na reject we'll find out what happens? Did i stop trading nvis? So, with all of my stocks, guys uh, i got sold out of a lot of positions when, when fidelity closed they closed me out of amc, bb noke, i had to reestablish my position at amc. They left me with about 10 percent of my bb and noke and they sold me out of mbis and a new.

So this is what i was left with. I don't know how it happened. Uh you guys, can take it for what it is um. I don't know i'll have to re-establish eventually, but i obviously can't sell any of these for a loss right now.

I got absolutely swacked, there's no way around it. What is my prediction for amc today? Well, i do think amc's got some really solid squeeze potential and the thing is if this holds over nine dollars, shorts have to cover higher than they bought, and it's going to push this thing insanely high and we're. We should expect to see a squeeze today and likely monday. So if you can hold this for the day - and we can keep this above nine dollars, i think you're gon na see something pretty filthy happen with amc same with.

Gme gme is inevitable. At this point i mean i do know that shorts have doubled down triple down quadruple down on their short positions, trying to like make up for the fact that they're down pretty bad, but we don't know at what point. At least i don't i do know. Gme has a 250 short interest, meaning that there are 250 percent of the regular shares being traded on this stock, currently being shorted, which i don't think is legal.

But what do you do? It is what it is all right trey. How are they dropping so fast? If the green buy volume is so much higher market manipulation, man, a perfect example of this is uh gme check this out. Look at this. This is this is whack.

This makes no sense at all. So, look at all this green volume right literally millions of shares being traded every five minutes and it went up from 84 to 230. yeah. That's a pretty good pump, but look at this 400.

These are in 100 000 range and it dropped from 500 to 110. That doesn't make sense. That's market manipulation. Oh joe, thank you so much for the donation.

My friend, you really didn't have to do that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So much amc to the moon. Let's go i'm with you, i'm with you. 100. I'm in on amc, i had a much larger position.

Obviously, but we you all know it already happened. If you saw my last video i i got, i got my position sold. Oh yeah nope just pushed. We got the wide range candle bar confirmation.

519.. If we see it push to 521 in a hole, it's gon na, it's gon na keep it's gon na keep moving. I don't know why this isn't zooming in on my amc right now, it's being pretty goofy. I think all this crazy volume coming into these stocks is literally like freaking out the system.

It's just not responding right all right. You know what i'm going to do, i'm just going to switch it to gme and then back to amc and see. If that fixes the problem there we go all right so currently amc holding up at 13 19.. We drop a level of support.

We got a nice, can away confirmation here at 1287, so that should be a nice level to hold us off. If we do continue to bleed we've got one touch point two touch points. Three touch points looks pretty good right now, not bad k. Dubs.

Thank you. So much for the five dollars my friend seriously seriously seriously. That means a lot to me found you four days ago and already my favorite youtuber streamer appreciate that for real for real, i enjoy doing this. It's a lot of fun uh! I i'm gon na keep doing it for sure timothy woods thanks for the five dollars man, you guys are crazy.

You guys are all awesome. Thank you, so much sundial i'll check out sundial and knack so sundial right now. I know this is one of the wsb pump stocks at the moment, so let's drop a retracement and we're gon na get an idea of what we're looking at here. I don't have a position in sundial personally, but let's just take a peek.

So currently we are a little bit below this 85 cent uh retracement here. So this is uncharted territory. It does look like they broke underneath this level of support, they did yeah. So it looks like the next level of support, unless this is a false breakout or a false breakdown is 68 cents.

So you really need to see some wide range candles step back in and push the price back up and it looks like they're trying, but there's some pretty long wicks there. That indicates some pretty weak buying pressure and strong selling pressure. So it might bleed a little bit. That's my opinion.

Knack i'll check out quick as well knock up 10 on the day. Look at that! That's pretty cool dang! You know it's tough, to do any sort of technical analysis on these on these charts right now, because every single stock out there is trading completely based on on uh catalyst. It's it's literally. If wsb mentions the stock, then it does well it's insane, but they are doing pretty well right now, retracing looks like it's going to recess 70 cents.

We do have a candle wick touch here. So that's my prediction and it does look like we broke past this level of resistance right here and we did unless it pulled back, but it doesn't look like it yet yeah it did. So. That's that's what i've got for you tyler.

Oh my gosh, guys. You guys all rock thank you for the 25 tyler. That means a lot to me seriously seriously. You guys are the best.

I couldn't ask for more broken low-fire records. Thanks for the analysis, i really appreciate your expertise, nah man. Thank you. Thank you for being here.

I genuinely enjoy doing this with everybody. It's a lot of fun and adam's gaming media. You know, you'll see this one. All your discord is getting wrecked by bot or hacked.

I don't know, can you fix a lot of us, hoping it's getting wrecked? Really, let's check that out quick getting wrecked by a bot what bot? Ah, i don't see a bot in here i might just be confused, but let me know what you're talking about, because i don't see it hmm um thoughts on naked naked. Let's take a quick peek, so if we look at naked right now looks like it's doing a little bit of retracement just do it. Why are you watching this chat? Why are you just gon na watch? This chat just to hate. You do you man, but i don't care if you're gon na drop all that hate stuff i'll, just i'll just block you off the chat, all right so naked right now is sitting at uh.

It's coming up on a retracement on a dollar 61.. Let me look at these candle wicks, quick yeah, so they might they might bounce here. If you do see a bounce that'd be pretty promising because that's mean it's in an upward moving channel, and that would be good. But if it doesn't you're likely to see another bounce off of a buck 60 best case scenario.

If it doesn't you're going to look at a bleed and a retest of pretty likely right around here, where we see another level of support at a dollar 32., that is my take right now, uh. Let me look at the overall movement yeah, it's a little bearish right now, but if we can push over a dollar two dollars a push over two bucks, it should reverse for sure all right. I'm gon na scroll the bottom here and pull back up um we're gon na keep naked up. I'm fine with that.

So nokia's looking pretty solid. They are really trying to push over this 517 mark. But i don't like these wicks uh bb right now found a nice bottom at uh 1581. We are seeing a bounce nice little bit of buying pressure.

Let's look at the wicks on the candles. A lot of buying pressure, those those bottoming tails, are typically indicating of weak sellers and strong buyers. We've got a nice strong, green hammer, candle right here, so that's good. That looks pretty good amc.

I don't like that long wick right there, but all we need to do is hold over nine dollars for the squeeze to happen. So this the the price today is psychological. We need to close nine dollars and above and we'll be sitting pretty good. If you go to any army schools or deployment, what do you plan on doing with your position selling and putting into the treasury bonds or leaving? As is that's a great question, so i will end up deploying eventually and what i think i will end up doing is moving my stocks into my long-term plays so likely putting my money into fuel cell nvis uh.

I really like a new whammy. I think all those plays have a lot of potential over the next year and that's likely, where i'll be ending up, putting my money for the time being thoughts on dogecoin, i'm probably saying that wrong. It's probably dogecoin uh it's in and out kind of play. I don't know i'm not personally gon na mess with it, but i know some people made a lot of money and i think it was pumped on wsb.

So for me, that play is to get in and get out and make some quick cash. But that's just me personally man, so i'm still confused about the bot. Does anybody know what's going on with the discord, because i don't see any bot in here unless it's the other one huh, i'm not entirely sure, because i'm not seeing it we'll come back. I appreciate seeing you again spent the last days just watching charts in your live stream exciting times.

Thank you julius appreciate that my friend glad to have you here. What price should i buy? More amc, great question: let's take a look at the charts here and we're going to come out to a two-day, so we can see the overall levels that we are playing with so looking at this right now we do see that we've got a level of support Right here at 1190, followed by a level of support here at about 8 63 with one two. Three four five touch points. So if we break 1190 you're pretty likely to see a good entry at that 863 mark, but it'll depend on if we hold or not it's it's looking like we might, but i'm not entirely sure.

Yet what i don't necessarily like that i'm seeing here is we've got some topping tails on these candle wicks and that's typically indicating of weak buying pressure. But i think there's some some market manipulation happening guys for real uh. There's a lot of buy orders on the level twos when i checked like 10 minutes ago - and i don't know if they're not being filled or what's going on, but i feel like we should definitely be seeing some more of some more green. But we had some nice movement here in the price uh price action in the pre-market in the after hours from yesterday.

So if you look at this, we're up from 896 opened at 30, 12, 54.. So pretty good movement, pretty good movement, i'm not i'm not concerned! Yet not at all, oh man. Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

Thank you for the five dollars. Moises jack's brother. 10. 10.

A.M. Rebellion coming analysis. Please, let's take a quick peek at jegs. Oh it's up, 20 on the day, that's gnarly and we've got some pretty crazy volume pumping in right.

Now that looks good. Let's take a look at some significant levels, so it's bouncing back very nicely because it dipped down pretty hard. I think people scoop that up as an opportunity. So let's look at the retracement from this last run-up and get an idea of some, maybe possible resistance levels so, based on this retracement, we did push through a previous level of resistance.

Here it looks like unless we came back down, i can't see that candle wick yet yeah, so there is a little bit of price rejection, so the 350 is going to be the first level. You want to break through good entry point on this. Let's take a quick peek, it's currently being a little bit overbought 54 on the rsi. If you can get this under three dollars, i think you're gon na do pretty well, that's my personal take trey.

Can you reach the same squeeze levels as gme? Also love the streams. Thank you andrew glad to have you here. I love the streams as well. It's fun to talk with everybody.

Uh the squeeze on amc will be a little bit different. It depends on the overall short volume right. That's what that's! What causes the squeeze gme has a 250 short interest, which means that, out of all the shares that exist, there are 250 percent more short interest shares. I don't think it's legal for them to do that in the first place, but uh that that that's that's the scenario so when that gets squeezed, it's gon na be absolutely filthy.

Insane like crazy amc, will still have a good squeeze. I think their short interest is 63 percent, so that means only a third of the shares being traded on, amc are of buying or long interest, so it'll it'll be a good squeeze. One thing that i'm looking at on amc right now is: it does look like we got a bounce off of 1190 if we get a wide range candle bar. That should indicate to me that we are going to be good and see that bounce 12.

24. Does look like we're getting it, but we're gon na have to wait another minute or two to see two or three more candle confirmation, we'll say: that's a bounce sundial did a direct offering opinion on it. If this was the normal market, that would be scary but uh. Sadly, people are not.

People are not investing based on fundamentals right now, they're, just basically investing in wherever the money's going and right now the money's going on all these wsb plays. So it's honestly it's hard to imagine this to truly say it as it is, but this wsb and hedge fund thing is going to completely change the market forever like we're not going to be looking at the market in the same way, pretty much ever again whether This be a trader's market, the sec, creating new policies, uh legislation et cetera, it's going to change the way the market runs and it's pretty crazy, hey i bought to amc with 2 000 bucks and it shows filled, but the shares aren't showing up for me what Platform are you using what brokerage account uh i've heard of other people having this problem? So it's not surprising. I'm telling you they're trying to do everything they can to manipulate this market. People are freaking out, love from dubai.

That's sick! It's gon na have that kind of reach. Thanks for watching my friend, i appreciate it. Robin hood allowed me to get into milk, but won't fill my amc's. That's weird because i thought that that robin hood said that they would allow fills on amc now, but only as a set amount like, i think it was like 150 shares is what they're maxing you out at, which is that makes no sense to me at all.

I don't know why would you even it's? It doesn't make sense. It's market manipulation to at sea, they're they're on the side of these hedge funds, and i actually showed this picture before, but i'm going to pull it up now. Just to show you guys something really really crazy. That's going to catch your mind, catch your eyes, so check this out.

This guy says robin hood insider information. I work for robin hood. Don't kill me low level, technical stuff, comp sciences, major, not finance, side, guess what we overheard today, vladimir yes founder vladimir and the c-suite received calls from sequoia capital and the white house that pressured in the closing trading on gme, etc. I guarantee the same took place at each raid and the others who closed trading file reports on the sec page.

If i wasn't scared to be out of work, yada, yada yada, it's it's crazy stuff, there's a lot of big wigs that are that are getting involved here. We don't even realize the magnitude of this stuff. They are scared. They're grasping at straws, um they're hurting a lot more than we're hurting.

Let me put it that way: robin the hood, love from grease tray, hey appreciate that also, how can you predict when the stocks will squeeze good question, so we are expecting some options to expire today and they have to close by the end of the day. So you could see a squeeze leading from the after hours into monday or friday end of right before the bell into monday. I expect a pretty hard move um today and monday. That's my personal, take on that and we're expecting more options to expire next friday.

So i know gamestop in general, if you read all the discord threads uh, all the reddit threads, etc. People are holding this for quite a while. This is not going to be done anytime soon, especially with gamestop. It actually makes me laugh quite a bit to see it but uh, but gamestop people are actually legitimately not selling this until five thousand dollars, like people have limit orders set for five thousand dollars, which is absolutely insane.

Let's turn the tide and buy doge. Ah man, you know i've thought about it, but i don't know i feel pretty content with the stocks that i've got crypto and uh cryptocurrencies kind of scares me a little bit. It's uh can't wait for the pandemic to be over, so i can see movies at amc with my amc gains big time we're going to buy a freaking amc chain. Honestly, why? Not? It's all good! Now trey it was on my own left discord re-entered and it's all good to go baby.

Oh good, stuff, adam's gaming media pro. I'm glad to hear that i was a little confused. I didn't i didn't know what was going on, but i appreciate it at what price should i sell? Amc um, that's a good question. So it's totally up to you what you want to do with amc.

What i'm doing is i'm holding until this ends, but if you want to take profits, i'm not a financial advisor. I'm not here to give you advice. This is 100 your decision. What you decide to do, but um just be very, very cautious right.

So this is going to be a volatile stock if you're up 50 and you're happy go ahead and walk away, you're not going to be no one's going to yell at you. Oh moises lucy here. Thank you so much. I appreciate the the donations for real jagex brothers.

10 am rebellion coming analysis, please anything on cciv brother, only stock channel. I watch i appreciate you so much my friend, let's uh. Let's take a look at jagex i'll check out jagex and ccib dang at 10 a.m. Huh that'd be pretty crazy, so based on what i'm seeing right now i stand by what i said earlier in the stream.

I think if you can get this in the low threes, you're gon na do pretty well for sure um right now, it's holding up pretty well at this level of support, three dollars and ten cents or so so, if you can get into 310, i think you're Gon na do pretty good volume. Let's take a look at that compared to the rest, a lot of red bars, but it is trading higher than usual, and that garners my attention without a doubt. Oh man, i mean, if that's true, it doesn't seem like a bad opportunity, because this isn't really that that much risk this is this hasn't taken off. Yet we've seen these price levels for jagex before so that's not surprising at all and cciv cciv.

Oh man, she's going to the she's going to mars dang, that's filthy! Look at that girl! Look at her go! You know i'll, give you all the technical analysis you need right now on ccib. Let me draw it up for you. Let me draw it up, for, let me draw this up for you. This is uh.

This is what cciv is looking like. Not too bad. Very clean movements looks good on the rsi indicator, just straight up to the to the moon. Look at that green volume.

Guys! That's insane rsi, pretty overbought. Look at this on the five day. Just get a comparison. It's touching 75 on the five day as well, but this is uh quite a bit down from some of these previous highs.

So this is a good buying opportunity. It looks like and not a lot of risk because it's still pretty far down from the the previous previous levels that we've seen that looks good. Thank you again for the five dollars my friend mike gooding. Oh man, thank you guys for the donations.

You really don't have to do that. I genuinely appreciate it so much uh. I can't honestly it blows my mind. The way this channel is grown.

It's i'm so grateful. I can't even describe it all right. I'm gon na scroll down to the bottom, keep up with everybody is apple, a buy or sell right now to invest in amc. Personally, i think that people should keep their their funds in their their plays that they they'd like long term right because, first and foremost, we're investors right.

I'm not asking you to do as i do uh, even though i have my positions in amc, milk, bb uh. If you like apple - and you want to hold apple, feel free to do so right, they are down a little bit today and typically you don't want to sell when it's being oversold, you want to sell when it's being overbought, so i would continue to hold. Personally. That's just me all right, the only one i forgot to check bngo, let's take a peek, the ngo looks good.

It's bouncing. We found a bottom. So that's good to see found the bottom here at about ten dollars got one two three four different touch points at 9.95 saw a nice bounce. Nice wide range candle bar by the looks of it.

Rsi is at 57, so it is back in buying territory. Looks pretty good, i'm gon na change this to one minute and give us some ideas of what we're looking at looks like we found some stair stepping in an upward channel. That's the first thing that comes to my mind, right off the bat. So we've got this nice clean upward channel right here.

We're gon na get these touch points the most recent ones. So if this does continue, i would expect to at least hold above 11 30.. It should continue to move. It looks good tesla for today, day trading.

Let's take a peek yeah, there's opportunity there for sure it's trading at 823. Right now i mean, if you got it at 823 and sold at 842, still turn a pretty good profit. That's not bad! If you've got a crap ton of money, i have a bot man you're such a loyal dude. I appreciate you being here.

Thank you. Thank you good morning, buddy. Let's squeeze these hedges, i'm with you 100 100. My friend glad to have you here glad to have you over from the discord.

I'm a part of the trio g he's always supporting the brick man, please don't spam. I know people don't appreciate that. I i try to be pretty nice and neutral on these live streams, but i prefer not to have to uh mute you on this chat. I want to be able to get to as many people as i can so please be respectful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all right. Let's do a quick update on amc, bb and noke, so nope, we'll start off with.

I really like this wide range candle bar. That's good! We've got a bottoming tail right here. This looks like a setup for a perfect four bar play. What do i mean by a four bar play? Well, a four bar play is when you've got a wide range candle.

Stick like we see right here, wide range, followed by a red candle, green candle, another green candle and typically you'll see another wide range candle bar coming after that signifying an upcoming break. Then we've got a bottoming tail underneath that red candle, if i had to get into this for a day trade - that's probably where i would buy in but we'll see what happens seven or eight times out of ten that typically works out we'll come back to it. Bb did see it bounce. We have a little bit of a stair step down.

The low here was 15.92 low. Here was 15.85, so not a big difference, but a little one. We did see a bounce. We've got a two.

Those high close candlestick pattern. Moving kind of slowly volume, nothing crazy as of now well compared to the last five days and it is down, we've got a decent amount of red volume. So that's where bb is at currently amc amc. I thought it was halted, but it is not.

We saw a bounce off 1190, which is good uh, we're looking for a wide range candle to get back over this level of resistance at 12.85, and it looks like we might get it, but we need a push if it hovers here for too long. It's likely to reject that's typically how it'll work all right. Let's scroll, the bottom here, keep up with everybody, fubo football tv fubo is the stuff. I actually like football.

A lot. I think they've got a lot of potential. They do. They do live streaming, uh services and their their big focus is with sports.

I i could see it being a really huge company for the future. They had a lot of hype. So if you look at the six month, you can see they went absolutely insane. They went up from 10 bucks to 60 and some change, which is absolutely nuts, and they did some correction, but those look like they're back on the run up, which is good to see, do a little bit of a retracement here and they're holding pretty well over.

This retracement at 42.25, or so so that's good bounce off of that should continue this run and they are in an upward moving channel. We've got a new higher low here, higher low here and the higher low here. They're moving really well, that's actually, a george w. We got a double bottom george, w ascending beautiful stuff.

I'm gon na check out snpw see how that's doing for the day, as i do have a position in this stock. I am just curious because i'm down pretty bad, oh smpw's got a double bottom here. It was a stair stepping double bottom, but we broke out of that downward channel. So that's good to see and currently on, an upward moving channel and it's pretty clean up 23 on the day 11 cents.

That feels good to see good stuff. All right, expr expr, looks pretty solid right now wide range candle bar up 33. On the day. We did see a stair-stepping double bottom, which is a little concerning, but it looks like all these kind of uh wsb players are mimicking each other.

So if we come out and zoom out here on amc, same thing happened here: stair stepping double bottom noke, not quite the same, but we we this. Let's exclude that bb stair, stepping double bottom exp, stair, stepping double bottom. If this doesn't scream to you market manipulation, when three of these wsb players are doing the exact same thing, i don't know what does pretty crazy. Oh man peter.

Thank you so much for the donation, my friend seriously, you rock you seriously rock. I appreciate it so much you guys. Don't have to do that. I genuinely enjoy doing these live streams.

It's honestly like talking to the team. It's like it's bringing me back to my days when i was on the on the track and cross country team. I'm a big competitive guy. It's it's fun for sure.

I love being able to do this with everybody. I'm gon na remove this uh. Maybe i think the chat is frozen. Oh there we go there, we go there.

We go all right uavs. I will check out uavs quick after this we're gon na give an update on amc, noke and bb. So oh umvs is looking pretty good. I mean they're down on the day, but we are seeing a nice upward moving channel pretty decent amount of volume.

The pre-market was a little bit choppy. I don't like seeing candlesticks like that, but it is moving very nicely if it continues this movement. It should be good that was a pretty hard selloff at the open up of not a lot of volume, which doesn't make a lot of sense, but uvs looks pretty solid, yeah, not bad. I think they were 13 bucks a little while back yeah.

They were good. Buy zone huge, buy zone, in my opinion, jaron suarez. Thank you so much for the five dollars my friend. What's your personal price target for amc, even though you said you were gon na hold all right uh for amc, i could very easily see this touching 40 to 50 dollars.

In my personal opinion, uh. I i think, when this squeezes you're looking at a double or triple up very easily - and i i know that's a very large number, but i think it's possible - keep in mind gme before this huge run-up started a month ago was trading at about twenty dollars. Twenty dollars, seventeen bucks. So if gm you can go from 17 bucks to 500, there's 100 percent chance that amc can do that soon.

Now, keep in mind too gme's short position is 250. Amc's is like 66., so it's not as high the squeeze isn't going to be as gnarly as gme, but that's still a very, very high short position, so this should be pretty pretty filthy justin. Thank you for the five dollars block. Just.

Do it all right all right, uh, i got ta find him when, when he pops up in the chat, i know, that's the guy, that's dropping hate. I don't mind what people think of me. Man, i mean it. It is what it is i'll i'll.

Just keep doing me and then people are free to think whatever they want. If i see his name pop up again, we'll do something about it. I don't want to make anybody here feeling comfortable all right, we're gon na scroll, the bottom and roll with what everybody's looking at man look at that filthy bar. That is a huge wide bar.

I like seeing that candle tell oh tails, looking pretty good too man. There's so many plays popping off right now you could not possibly keep up with all these. I wonder: what's the most popular across all discords right now, i'm gon na pull up the discord come over to stockbot and check pop. This will show us the most talked about stocks across all discords.

In the last hour number one is gme number two amc number three noke naked cciv is up there, so ccib has got another. Wsb plays same with fubo bb neo's up there, too wow, but anyways for tell uh you're buying on a pretty overbought territory right now, if you decide to get in so just be very careful, i would. I would consider setting a truly stop-loss to mitigate your risk unless you want to, unless you want to hold this like everything else, but it's tough to say what's gon na happen here, right, uh volume, obviously trading extremely high to the past. Let's take a look at the last 10 days: let's load this up.

Oh so not quite i mean it's pretty high, but we've seen it that high before it does look good, though tail looks pretty pretty solid. Um entry point we'll change this to the one minute. It's in an upward moving channel so until we see a breakdown, there's a little bit of risk involved with getting it at this point, so just be careful, johnny smeds! Thank you! So much for the donation. You guys rock appreciate it so so much you were the man greetings from finland.

We are three guys watching you and drinking some beers money. You know what i would consider drinking a beer right now, but uh. I had a twitch stream last night for the patreon and uh. I i had a little bit too much woodford reserve, so i'm kind of chilling out right now, i'm ready to relax, but that makes me happy.

Sundial sundial is one of those uh wsb plays. You know the marijuana company, it is what we know what it is right uh. I think they had a direct offering as well, but this isn't really going to affect the stock price right now, because nobody's investing based on fundamentals. Everybody is investing based on the hype.

Everybody's investing and trading based on these wsb plays the market is insane right now like it makes no sense me doing. Technical analysis is actually very difficult because all catalyst outweighs technical analysis and when you've got catalysts changing every single hour, there's there's nothing. You can do to read the charts because they can just reject, or they can go up just like that on a flip of a bat. You know pretty crazy, but sundial does have a lot of hype around it.

A lot of red volume right now, though, down 10 on the day, does not look like we've quite found a bottom, so just be careful getting in. We might have found the bottom at 72 cents, but i'm not i'm not convinced yet watch for a hard move. If you see a break above this level right here at 75 cents point seven, eight, i think at that point i feel more comfortable, but we did have a price rejection here with that candle wick, so just be careful uh just do it all right. Man we're gon na get you out of this chat, have a good day.

Man, peace, just do it. I am just not happy we're just we're just not doing it just do it. You are uh you're gon na have to go. I don't really appreciate you making other people feel uncomfortable here, so we're just gon na remove you from uh from this chat report all right, one! Second guys.

While i get this done and then we will continue on with the stream all right so coming in from dinaj joseph thank you for the donation, my friend, what do you think amc squeeze will happen? I think the amc squeeze is going to happen either in the after hours today, friday or starting on monday. There are options that are expiring today and if we close above nine dollars, they're going to have to pay up, they're gon na have to cover, and when that happens, there's a high short interest in the five dollar range and the nine dollar range. That's where a lot of these options are and if we keep that it's above nine dollars, it's going to be a disgusting squeeze and we're expecting more options to expire next friday. So this is just going to continue to run for sure all right next level.

Mods. Thank you for the donation, my friend seriously, you guys all rock. Ah man, i can't tell you how cool it is to have this kind of community. I genuinely enjoy everybody's presence here.

I love doing these live streams. It's a ton of fun all right, so i ain't selling amc have a few shares of gme, too amen. That's! What's up when i get paid on the first i mean you guys already are aware, but uh my fidelity account got closed against my uh against my will and i lost 30 thousand dollars. But when i get paid, i'm gon na be dropping a pretty hefty check.

Back into uh weeble, i'm transferring out of fidelity because they them closing my positions off of no basis, i'm not having that so, but i will be buying gme. That's a long story. I always go on these tangents guys. You got ta.

Tell me to shut up. You got ta tell me to shut up when i get running like this. I am a bot. Thank you so much for the five dollars.

We have a positive community thanks trey, i'm always gon na try to keep it. That way. That's what's up! That's! What's up! That's what's up, i really appreciate everybody here seriously: ton of fun we're gon na keep it this way. I promise you: do you mind speaking on the level two on bb, please i'll pull it up right now, so i'm gon na pull up the level two on weeble for bb and we're gon na take a look at the the buys and the cells, the bids And the asks okay, so right now it looks like we've got a lot of orders at 16 19 on bb for an ask, but the bid most most orders sitting at 1585 and 1580..

So there's some people trying to buy this down here at that floor at 1580 to 85.. I think that'll do pretty well. I think baby's gon na be good, but the thing that concerns me is there's gon na be a pretty decent wall at 16. So that's a very tough resistance level.

I think it was like 16 000 orders so pushing through 16 bucks is going to take a while. That's a big wall tyler. Thank you so much. Thank you for the five dollars again.

My friend t t: let's eat your boy yam. I love that name, brother, that's good, stuff, trey, it's time to quit your job and go full time. Oh you got. You know what i i.

I am an active duty, i'm active duty military. So unfortunately, it's not that easy. I do have a obligation. I have to serve at least four years.

I really do appreciate you guys that want me to do that, but i can promise you one thing when i finish my four years, youtube is to 100 percent. Be my full-time job. I will be an investor and a youtuber for all you guys and i will continue to provide content. The best that i possibly can smpw is actually legit company.

You should hold bro, that's my plan when i was when i was getting beat down pretty hard. I actually did some reading and i was like you know what this isn't a bad day: trade to have to have messed up on uh, so i'm gon na hold for sure and they're up a decent amount. Today too, so that's gon na help. In the long run, but still a long ways to go, as you can see pretty rough, all right do you have to sell when the short squeeze happens or still hold on amc lorena, it's completely up to you.

I think the squeeze is going to last about a week, so what we know is that we have options that expire this friday and next friday and they're gon na have to cover on those options, and then they this. This still has potential to keep running right. So it's totally up to you. If you want to take profits, i'm not gon na, advise you one way or the other.

I will be personally holding amc up until next friday, at the very least and potentially longer what's the volume looking like on gme good question, based on what i'm seeing on the one month. Chart right here doesn't look extremely high, but keep in mind the stock price. On gme is a lot higher than these other, these other stocks right, so people probably can't buy as many shares of this, especially now that are starting to run up more. So that's something you need to keep in the back of your mind, buying this at 20 and buying this at 300 is a lot different, but overall we do have a triple bottom here to george delvius, which is bullish.

I expect this to run at some point today and if it doesn't run at some point today, it's going to later today, um in the after hours monday, it's gon na be pretty solid. The man is in trouble, support, please brothers and sisters, nah, we're all good. My friend love the energy bro, keep it up good things coming mate. I appreciate you too, my friend i i'm enjoying everything we're doing it's a blast.

For me. This is play i'm on a two week: quarantine right now for the army uh. So i'm just i'm. Just chilling in my hotel room waiting for everything to to get rocking and get working, but in the meantime, why not do this? You know it's a blast.

Jeremiah rudolph number one fan: hey hook, em baby hook, em, let's go, let's go to town! Thank you for the ten dollars. My friend, you rock you guys don't have to donate. It is very, very greatly appreciated, though, and uh. It means a lot to me.

Thank you. So much all right. Let's give an update, quick on amc, noke and bb bb. I'm not liking the price action on a ton right now.

It's it's not got. It doesn't have a lot of volume. The volume is a little bit down compared to what we've seen in the past. Uh just take a quick peek here at the candles gon na push this up, so you can get a better view on the price action it does look like.

We are stair stepping slightly that is a slightly higher low, so that's good higher low higher low higher low we've got uh two lows high closed here. Two of those high close here looks like it'll, be another two of those high close here now. What does that mean? A two low's high closes when you have a red candle opens high closes low, followed by a green candle, closes, opens low, closes high. So that's good.

This is a bullish indicator. This might be a trend reversal. So, just looking at that right now, that could be a good sign and we are also tightening up on the price action. So if we look at the top of this peak right here, we can see that it's starting to squeeze down and it squeezed down his confirmation to buyers that it's not going to rip right down and just dip and rip, and this typically is going to help People make the decision to invest and put their money in.

Of course, if any sort of news comes out from wsb or robin hood starts banning people again or something that's going to change things, the news catalyst will outweigh the technical analysis, but that's how it looks right now, synax for life. My friend, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I appreciate it so much for the five dollars. Let's go amc man, i i love seeing you over the discord. You are active. You are active in that amc, channel we're having a blast.

Afc doesn't look bad, it's honestly, holding up very well. I mean, i know it's bleeding a little bit right now, but keep in mind it's still up. 47. On the day we closed it at 865., which is not good, so we're looking a lot better right now and we are stair-stepping higher lows higher highs right now.

We we closed off at 1190, for this bounce looks like we're closing off at about 12 30 for this bounce, so we're moving very slowly, but we're moving go full time. Love your analysis. Azrx convinced me, acrx was a good play. I was pumped about that.

I was so pumped when i found that guys. I remember that night very clearly. I was scanning stocks and i looked for probably an hour or an hour and a half and i scanned through like 100 stocks, 100 penny stocks for the best setup and this one. Oh, it was a filthy setup, ended up working out perfectly.

If you got into this when i, when i recommended it, you would have made a pretty good chunk simon. Here we go dude. I was on the radio today in the uk on the vine show.

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