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AMC Live: In this podcast, we discuss naked short selling, Friday's unnatural price action & what REALLY likely happened, & what the behavioral analysis platform is predicting about AMC stock based on human emotion and a metric of other previous trends.
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Three: two whoa: what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, it is your boy trey back again here for another freaking live stream and i've got a beautiful guest here with us. You can't see his face. This is uh, just a decision that you know he's been respect. Privacy here obviously, but this is bam - investor on the call uh bam to say something real quick.

Just we can hear you all right, hey trey, thanks for the invite awesome great to have you here, brother, oh, it looks like the streaming. Software might have done something. Goofy got to make sure this is still working. Okay, i think it's still good.

Well, that's good. Let's see just want to make sure looks like they can see us all right. You guys. Let me know in the chat everything working all right lamp is lit.

I just want to make sure this is all good before we start chatting here give me one sec bam yeah. It looks fine all right dope. So essentially, you guys can tell, by the title of the video we're talking about a couple, different assets and facets here and we kind of want to briefly touch on the naked shorts. But i think to be honest with you, that is a waste of of jim's talent.

I think what he's really solid at is the the amc price action he's very good at predicting things that have come to fruition, he's actually predicted a lot of price action movements on his twitter and his own youtube page uh, based on what he calls. Behavioral analysis method, the bam method, and this is taking into consideration two different things. It's based on emotions, so he can actually quantify the emotions that trade out on amc, stock and other securities in the market very very well and he's actually predicted what he calls meltdown. So we're getting into this more he's a way more intelligent guy than i am, but he takes that into consideration with a lot of different trends, so one minute candles, five minute, half hour hour, daily weekly monthly.

He takes a huge wide array of data and analytics, and it gives price ranges zones of strength zones of weakness that we can anticipate for amc stocks. So you know without further ado. Obviously we just want to introduce you bam. Just say out of the the people you know give kind of your background and what kind of brought you to amc stock and why you believe to be an asset to the ape community here, yeah, so um.

I first became engaged in sort of the ape community back in in late april um. I took a look at two different stocks. I took a look at gamestop, uh, simple gme, and i took a look at uh amc and decided that the model looked more bullish for amc um, so just a positive, real quick. I don't mean to interrupt you.

What was the reason for that? Do you think uh? You know, i don't know about the the underlying reason. All i know is in my work. It's really easy to see it's it's. Basically, i'm i'm transferring data to visual, and so it would literally be as easy for you to see as like.

Uh, i don't know just think about something, that's very easy to predict, so it's just it's in pictures too easy. So what i end up seeing on my side is, i see uh buy signals. I see these things that i sort of tried to relate to your audience and on twitter as sort of like a trampoline, so that if price drops hard, the harder price drops, the more the sort of trampoline rebound effect happens in the opposite direction. So i have all these set up ahead of time to where i know, based on my different time frame, fractals like a five minute bar chart or a daily bar chart or a one-hour bar chart.

All these individual fractals have their own individual personality and their setup. So i can tell when there's multiple sort of buy signals, those trampolines that are sitting down below the market, waiting to sort of buy the dip. I can tell if those are present in all my different time frame, fractals and then the way my my work is set up is the larger, the fractal, the larger the time frame, meaning like the monthly bar bar chart, the weekly the daily the 60 minute. The more powerful so in ape terminology, my monthly uh bar chart fractal, would be the gorilla and then you'd work.

Your way, all the way down to my 25 tick, which i don't know if that's a spider monkey, is that a spider monkey. What's the littlest guy that just sort of runs around eats fruit, i don't know so anyway. That's the way it works, so i can see visually how bullish how bullish things are, and then i have this predictive element of the model that shows me sort of a termination point of the bullish influences of human nature and where that sort of collides with a Date in the future, so when i combine both the trampoline effect, the uh potential upside velocity that would be generated by a pullback, so it's counter-intuitive, but a pullback uh, creates something in my model. It becomes even more bullish than an uptrend.

I combine that with this sort of uh timing element, which is the future date, that the zone of strength is supposed to be most powerful and every now and then i'll get what's called a. You know a collision date. So basically, my hourly model might point up into like last thursday, and friday is a good example that melt up window and my five-minute model is pointing up into that window to a specific uh time stamp. Intraday and my daily model might be pointing up into the exact same two or three days, and so i get this very powerful visual look at what is supposed to happen in the future per my model and then what i do is i match up.

The timing element with my best guess at the price level. So in my work, the timing element is much more predictable than the pricing portion, but every now and then i have something that's so compelling that i go public with it matching time and price, and so that was the case last thursday and friday when i had That 32 dollar retest that was potentially going to be hit directly into that thursday friday date and, of course, we melted up 100 and hit my retest vibrated on it and then moved up even higher. So that's sort of you know in a general sense how my stuff works, so i've actually got one of your charts pulled up here, and this is from june 3rd. You posted this at about 12 50 p.m, and this is uh.

The quote on your tweet is: did you trust a nemoy uh predictive technology at that tp lobe? This guy's stock velocity works hard, while i sleep and it's just showing you know, sort of the chart setup that you've got here and you've got the hourly triggers five triggers one triggers and we've got just this sort of pulled up here. So i'm not sure if you're gon na be able to look at this tweet that you put out on june 3rd at 12, 50 or so yeah walk us through exactly what you were just talking about. These zones of strength zones of weaknesses, melt ups, meltdowns, the the sort of things that you've been able to predict, because i remember probably the one that i was most impressed by is you predicted that it would bounce from that 37-ish dollar low to 64.? And you were actually spot on the money outside of a three dollar range to the upside. It actually went to 67 that same day, and i was absolutely i was like whoa.

That's incredible, so walk us through here. While we've got this chart pulled up what you're. Looking at essentially that's telling you hey, this is what's going to happen like we understand the behavioral analysis method and it's based on that emotion and based on previous trends. But we've just got to pull up here, walk us through it, essentially yeah.

So, for starters, i i was - i was planning on doing the big reveal for this new company, a nemo predictive technology. I was planning on doing this in a few more weeks out into the future. We have. We have some things that the developers are working on.

This weekend, to get us ready before uh next monday and all the new subscribers from uh bam that we brought in over the past uh couple weeks are going to get. You know free 30-day uh free 30-day access to our platform here, but i didn't intend for this thing to sort of take off the way it has. But i i use this because you know i'm not allowed to show um the trading platform that i have. Some of my behavioral analysis, stuff, tied into for you, know, licensing purposes, but since i own, along with my partners, the el nino predictive technology property, i'm allowed to show this.

So what i was doing is i was combining the elements of my vam model, meaning that i had a retest level sitting up at 64.50. That was an open, retest waiting to be hit right and then i looked at my bam time. Timing element right the window of strength, the zone of strength. I talk about z-o-s, that's a zone of strength.

Okay, then, i use my nemoy predictive technology terminal right, the animoy terminal to show people in real time in those videos that i tweeted out, um, that hey price is dropping down like a stone. It was sort of a scary moment there in the morning. It was a big price move where this yellow uh highlight is right, seven! Well, if you go to the far um, i don't know what you have up right now to be honest with you, but i have the live chart up in front of me from my terminal. So you know in in general we started the day at 12, but up at 67 and crashed down to 37 or whatever into uh um.

You know roughly uh uh 8 20 in the morning, something like that right. Yeah, 11 o'clock, 11, 20 right, okay. So anyway, when that happened, the um. Basically this is a catch.

The falling knife set up in a nemo because the velocity to the upside, when price, attacked that hourly trigger the velocity was a positive 86 cents. So it's sort of a no-brainer to go along per the model, i'm not a financial advisor and i never tell people whether to buy or sell, but for the model it would want to go long, put a stop underneath that hourly trigger and then our the beautiful Part about this from a risk reward standpoint was that our bogey was up at you know 64.50 into a specific time stamp. So i mean that's an example of something: that's not going to happen every day. If, even if i were to to have the the visibility and the granularity that i'm offering right now sort of you know in the twitter world, but it's but it is an example of how things work.

When everything aligns in both my behavioral analysis model and my anemo terminal so before we kind of dig into you know where i think that your behavioral analysis method is really interesting, which is friday. I kind of want to dig into each of these different uh. What you could call gears to the system, so you see hourly triggers here. I can also see the the velocity for hourly five and then the one velocity you kind of want to just walk through, because what it looks like to me is you had a bounce, essentially off, of the hourly trigger acting as support.

You know this. This essentially catch the falling knife situation like you were just mentioning and it bounced back up to 64.. So what are these hourly triggers? Why are they so important? What are the metrics for those and then the velocity? What do each of these mean? So i can't get too far into the secret sauce, but what it means from a user's perspective is when prices when, when prices above that hour, you're generally safe to be long a stock or to be looking at being on the long side of a stock. If the price, which is the black line, there, is below my hourly trigger, then it's sort of telling you you know, even if our bot, which is displayed in real time, whether he's long short or flat, even if the bot is uh well, if price is below That hourly trigger it's usually a pretty dangerous situation to buy unless uh positive divergence.

I don't want to. I might lose some of the people out there, but a positive divergence basically is if price is making a low or low. But you know the elephants right. I always talk about tracking the elephant's footsteps, which is what i'm doing here: they're footprints.

So if the elephants are in their buying, i can see it in this terminal. So basically there'll be a positive divergence, pretty similar to what you get in more standard. Uh momentum oscillators that and so basically as price, makes a lower low into that hourly trigger. It's really obvious when we drill down into the five minute velocity and the one minute velocity that they were not making posting more extreme velocity readings of the downside.

So that's a clear sign that the elephant is in there accumulating buying is letting up. So you combine all three of these time frames. The hourly velocity was still strongly to the upside price, was attacking the hourly trigger and reversing off of it. You check that.

That's bullish right. The five minute velocity was not in agreement that the stock was ready to fall apart. On the contrary, there were buyers stepping in less selling pressure. You checked that box and then the one minute velocity also told the same story and then um.

Our algorithm has some other things worked into it, so that it tells you when the bot actually goes long um. I don't have the the intelligence of the behavioral analysis built into the animoy terminal at this point, and i probably won't i use that for a private partners fund that i run and we have an automated. We have all the automated strategies running. You know in a very scalable place, that's unhackable and uh.

So that's what we're doing so. I won't share everything with the publisher, in my humble opinion, uh once we turn people loose into the animoi uh environment and give them some hand-holding and teach them sort of how to use this tool. I think i think i can completely level the playing field to where the little guy with 30 minutes of training can compete with any of the big guys, and i've said this before in one of my videos. I think the the ultimate insult to injury is, if all of you out there listening right now, are beating the big guys and the big guys are sitting behind a 25 000 bloomberg terminal dabbling on something that i'll probably charge 7.95 a month for for the basic Product and all of a sudden you're, you know you're in there mixing it up with the big guys, throwing some elbows.

That's kind of my goal: sweet man. So let me uh. Let me take your behavioral analysis method, we've kind of gotten into what this is and apply it to friday. We've had conversations right.

Am i still working yeah? Can you still hear me? Okay still good. Did you still hear me? Okay, troy. I can't hear you right now, but i can hear you okay, can you hear me if you're streaming is having a problem? You all right? I can hear you all right still good. I cannot hear you.

I can hear you right now all right, so essentially what i wanted to bring this into. I wanted to kind of round this back, can't hear you now trey. I can't hear you at all all right. I'm gon na pull up on my phone.

I'm gon na call you real, quick! Hey. Can you hear me? Okay? I can hear you all right. So i've got you pulled back up, we're just going to keep you on my phone here, but anywho. The next thing.

I kind of wanted to talk about is essentially how this applies into friday, because we had a conversation offline and there your your analysis, your thoughts on what was going to happen here down the road was essentially pretty bullish. On friday, you were anticipating what you'd call a melt up, which we can think of as essentially a parabolic move and, what's what's really fascinating, is your your behavioral analysis method has been spot on on basically predicting a lot of moves and it didn't happen. So you know i kind of blocked out a zone right here and you thought that this zone essentially pointed out some some trading that is unnatural to amc's price action, unnatural to the overall move and setup that was on on the charter attack. You know last week, but that these people would probably start to try to gain my zones of strength and zones and weakness.

To make me look bad and you know make me look like a buffoon and try to stop the accuracy of what was going on, because you know, quite frankly, you know, there's a couple elements in the success of the model and i've told people before that. You know if i were to be trying to do this, live with a utility stock or something that does carry a lot of emotion under the surface i would bomb phenomenally. I mean i would never stick to my neck out on the line and back out of the stock. I decided to hand pick this stock because it had all of the really ferocious human emotion under the surface, bullish and bearish.

That's perfect for very accurate price moves in both time and price okay, so i was confident, before i hand, picked this stock and decided to do this. You know basically forecasting suicide time and price live in front of an audience not only by the day but intraday time stamps. You know strengthened to a certain time weakness into a certain time over and over um, and we were hitting you know a lot of those timestamps within two minutes to the turning point in today and um so anyway. I knew coming into this thing that um there was a lot of risk.

I didn't know whether or not um. Some people would try to make me look bad, but i was warned about it. People were asking me to only do this privately for the members site. There's no sense in that, because if somebody wants to make me look like a buffoon they've already subscribed to my product and they've been watching anything.

I said so what i told people on thursday night was that um don't worry. I know what i'm doing and i sort of have a plan behind this um coming in, so what that plan was was basically, i was you know, trying to do a little misdirect and sprinkle in some. You know real data and i promise to twitter followers and subscribers that you know don't worry you guys. It's not something.

That's going to hurt. You it'll only tell me whether or not there's someone in here that's maybe trying to put some extra weight on the stock to make me look better, prevent a move so going into friday. There wasn't. There was never a forecast predicting a melt up.

What i was saying is if we were moving up into this zone of strength, that we could have the type of move we had last thursday and friday, so it definitely still was in a melt up fractal and it could kick off and ignite assuming it started To move up so early in the session, it was tracking perfectly and into my time zone my time stamps up and down, and then what happened was when i gave the fictitious time stamp. The market started to get really heavy right around that time and price was driven down about three dollars. Then, when we moved into the time period, where i had said - and i have hyped it highly for you know 48 straight hours - that you know we could not only melt up above the old high but go much higher than that on friday. And i also pointed out how disruptive that would be to you know certain people that try to game the market on options exploration friday right, a weekly expiration.

So what ended up happening is, in my opinion, and we're going to have some experts. Look at this and i'll talk a little bit more about. You know some people that might be able to really look at this at a granular level and have great success. What happened was, as we were moving into my um 305.

This is new york esp 305 time stamp, and it's the one that i published as a 1205, because i'm here on the west coast, as we were moving into that something very unusual happened. This is that white box that i've got pulled up here on the chart. Right now, okay, so i don't see that, but i'm looking at the original chart, so, okay, what's um, what happened was for five straight five minute bars of trading activity um from 240 esp moving into my 305 time stamp, the stock traded in less than a one Dollar range, so this is a stock that you know if you, if you look at it over the past two days, uh was obviously a wild trading stock and even during a five-minute bar had a broad large range now, there's normal pinning activity that goes on every Friday, whether or not there's anything nefarious about that who knows, but if someone has written the contracts right, it's originated, the calls originated the puts and they want to move to a certain strike price that avoids where all the volume is on the call side and put Sides to those you know those expire worthless and whoever is destroying just brings in all the premium um. You know there are algorithms that if somebody wanted to write those, they probably could do a pretty good job of pinning.

Some of it might be a natural force, but there was just something about the 20 minute period leading into my zone of strength um. It doesn't look right, so i asked a few people to take a look into the dark cool activity. Some smart guys. They thought they saw some some unusual things going on and then the most unusual thing about friday's activity was as soon as it passed through my 305 time stamp.

The stock immediately dropped three dollars during that the next five minute bar you know, so you were less than a one. Dollar range, sometimes like a 60 to 70 range, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 straight minutes, and then it drops three dollars. So to me, that seems, like somebody was sitting on this um and that they didn't get off of it in time as it rolled through my zone of strength, and then the stock was hit. So i, if there are some big data guys out there um, you know they're much more talented than i am at drilling down these things.

You know some of the community or someone else who might be listening. I'd encourage you guys to just do a deep dive on that 240 to 305 um period of trading activity and then also there's a person who i used to be friendly with who i would consider to be the foremost foremost expert at uh. Really taking a look at granular trading activity um, his name is eric scott hunsiter he's with nanex. He was the one who was awarded a 750 000 um whistleblower by the sec.

So i mean i don't know if there's anyone out there who's as good as he is at sort of doing a forensics into price movement and taking a look at if there's anything nefarious. Now i don't mind having egg on my face if uh, if i'm completely wrong about this right um, i don't mind at all. It would actually dispel some some things that i thought for a long time and it would. It would bring something real um.

It would improve the confidence in our markets, so it would be a win for everybody. I think um, you know i don't want to put eric on the spot. He's been a pretty private guy for a couple years here, but um, i'm just saying in general someone with that with talent um, i think, could you know either prove that there was something odd going on here or there was not, and if there was not. I honestly i don't i don't mind looking like uh, you know, looking like a knucklehead, i don't mind bam.

My uh, my computer is like melting right now this i can't even see my screens like if my internet looks good, but this looks like like this thing. Is crashed? I've never seen this on my computer, so welcome to my world what the heck just happened. Welcome my role, everyone everyone's thought for the past five years that uh, you know what was happening to my cell phone really wasn't happening was happening at home, but the office wasn't happening. So that's the other benefit of me.

Going public is welcome to my world. I've got a wired connection right now. I my internet should be fine. I can't see anything on my screens.

Everything just went black they're completely wrong. I've got a phd cyber security person. I've got a new team, that's setting up all my new systems and they're going to be monitored out of israel. 24.

7.. So anyway welcome to my world. But you know i'm not going away you're, not going away. Call me anytime, you want and we'll talk about anything you want all right man, i'm gon na, try and see if i can figure out what's going on with my computer and uh i'll, give you a call back thanks.

All right appreciate it.

By Trey

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    As for your computer: Your stream was still up with everything that was on your screen. So you lost your computer screen is all that happened. Probably blew a fuse to the backlight, blew a driver transister, etc. If the stream was still up, the data was still there and being transmitted. No conspiracy.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tabetha Lott says:

    Have you considered using Tails OS? It is a live system so it may be tricky to setup the way you need it, but in terms of safety and security, consider it a fortress of an operating system. Otherwise, the next best option (in my opinion and experience) is another Linux distro – BlackArch. Anyway, hope you take the time to consider these or others. Won’t make it impossible to hack and crack, but it’ll at least make them work for it.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars paul k says:

    Question. If your screen was all black how did you move the mouse to close the window at the end and "click"?

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars LuckyBird4U says:

    This BAM guy is very suspicious. His prediction did work on Friday. He didn’t really say anything during the 20-minute interview. Please do some research. Don’t let this guy ruin our community.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Benli89 says:

    Dont mean to sound skeptical but why didnt he wanna show his face? Isnt his face on his twitter?

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trey's Trades says:

    i don't know what just happened to my computer, but it is absolutely melted right now. Trying to figure out what to do to fix this. My apologies.

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