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AMC Stock - In this video, we give the no bullshit, no sugar coating expectations leading into tomorrow's short term price action, short interest data, short volume percentage ratio, and a few parting words.
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We're gon na test out a theory here check this out: titan likes to bite stuff he's in uh he's in the kitten phase he likes to play, but ow buddy, but we're gon na try something out and see if he digs this we're gon na see. If he just likes attacking my arm, oh no, i already know the answer here: yeah you're, just like you just like to fight you just want to fight something. That's all it is that's all. It is in a buddy.

You freaking silly crazy chicken. You crazy chicken titan, look at you, go look at you go buddy! Oh man, i freaking love. You cat you're wild. You are a wild wild.

You won't stop all right. I'm gon na leave this right. Here you can go nuts, you can go nuts. What is up everybody on the choice, right, read, freaking, podcast and don't skip class.

I like their preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor expert, so take it and say the queen itself, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow girl, gang we're gon na give you an update on secret symbol, amc and the reason i made yesterday's video, i called it be ready for tomorrow, was because of exactly this. Now i thought that there was a chance. You got to pop underneath 30 bucks here, but once it did drop down, that's where you got that gap-filled zone which could potentially get filled for the downside right.

I'm not here to people i'm here to tell you guys what i think about the stock on any given day and sometimes telling what you think about a stock in a given day. Even if your long-term bullish on it means your short-term bearish and, in the short short term right, the next one, two days counting today, i was bearish because of exactly this there's a technical breakdown. You have a gap fill for the downside that has to get filled along the way to where we want this thing to freaking go. So that's what we saw happen today and i'm going to give you a little bit of a rundown on what the technical analysis is kind of gearing towards, because this is nowhere near the end right.

This does not mean the stock is done. It just means that, in the very short term, this is what you're looking at. This is a realistic picture, something you have to be ready for so we're gon na go over the vortex data, we're gon na short volume, percentage ratio, finish off the technical analysis and then we'll get you on your freaking way. Oh and then i've got one more thing.

Actually i have this uh, this reddit dd about the share count uh kind of through voting through what what amc has put together. So we're gon na give you all these things and we'll get you on your way and uh. You know you can go, go find your own titan, so without further ado baby, let's get into this video, so i'm gon na start off here with the vortex data, because we do have some good news here on the vortex data 1.65 short interest change. We had a net difference of 1.63 million shares borrowed into the market if you're new to stocks, you're new to amc shortage shares are essential to shares that are betting.

The stock goes down and you saw that that increased today, fifteen point three three percent of the total free float with about five hundred million shares is crucial to the market. 78 million shares total cost, to borrow, which is an annualized interest rate, is still low, meaning that there's not a crazy amount of demand compared to the supply of the stock. When you see this sort of cost to borrow on any given security, it's probably because there's still available supplies, so that means that there's still some ammunition for these guys to load up against these uh. You know against the apes and against the people out there who are holding the stock.

So it's something you can be ready for and you'll know that you're getting closer when you see that constant bar start to go up, casa bar will also reflect on the utilization rate. Utilization is the total amount of landed out shares compared to the total amount of lendable shares, meaning that out of all lendable shares. 90.41 percent of these are currently lended out or on loan in the market, which gives us 98.41 million trending up about half a percent from a week ago and up about 0.65 for utilization compared to a week ago. True interest about the same up about a half a percent from a week ago, so that's kind of what you got cooking up.

It hasn't done a lot different from what you've seen over the last week. Still in this sort of sideways trading, i wouldn't even call it that it just wasn't pullback today, it just is what it is, but in terms of the data doing this right, not a lot has changed on the data side of things so that fifteen percent-ish mark Do the source of line percentage, i will have an updated number for you in tomorrow's update video. But yesterday, if you did not catch my video, i gave you the short volume percentage, which was 44 so still pretty baseline, decent amount of shortening that's going into the market. Now to anticipate based on the fact that we were down 11 total on the day today.

That you're gon na have a pretty massive amount of shoring that took place because there was that selling pressure there. That raises the ceiling. Keep that in the back of your mind, anytime, that you see a heavy amount of shorting. That's more people more big freaking fat pigs that can get squeezed out of this bad boy, so watch for that.

That's something to keep in the back of your mind now i want to talk about this, because this is actually pretty interesting. I've seen this idea circulating around based on essentially the uh the voting system. It's taking place that adam and put together by the way, freaking genius, it's a great way to get an idea of the actual share account. If that's what his intentions was.

I i i haven't spoken about it. I can't speak on that, but the geniusness behind this is incredible. Now i've seen the idea, based on essentially a 1200 share average per person based on the people who have voted so far, but you have about 4 billion shares, but that's not the right way to analyze this right. I do think the share count is higher.

Just based on simple math, but i don't think it's about 4 billion shares or so so i'm gon na leave a link to this in description box down below. If you want to check that out, feel free to do so, but a very intelligent guy. Much more much more intelligent than me put together. Some statistical analysis in terms of what the actual share count could be.

This can be actual real proof right before your eyes of naked short selling, failure to delivers and synthetic shares, which you can essentially think of. As a naked short position or maybe a failure to deliver those are all naked shares that can be circulated through the market right, you can be holding those keep that in the back of your mind. So what is basis off of is the 80 20 rule, essentially meaning that the 20 shows up to do the majority of the work in comparison to the other 80. So the people who have voted so far are likely.

The people who have more vested interest in the stock may likely hold more shares so keep that in the back of your mind, so using some freaking algorithms and some crazy math that i'm not intelligent enough to do. He put together a number 1.48 billion shares, and this is based off of the average number of shares that adam aaron has stated from a while ago, 120 shares. Even if you took that number back to 100 shares 90 shares 80 shares. It still does not add up.

The math does not add up right now. Do we need to know the exact number of shares that are out there? It would be ideal, obviously right, but this is right in front of your eyes and if adam aaron gets any sort of information that he can pull from this and report to the sec, whatever it may be, this shows if they need to know my friends. It absolutely 150 000 freaking hyakumon pasento does so that's huge right. 11.85 is the uh the average amount of shares being held by 20, essentially coming from that voting that has taken place so far, then you've got that 80 with an average of 120, and that's where his math is coming from for 1.48 billion shares.

Is this quantifiable fact? Is this absolute 100 fact? No right, we don't know. The exact number of shares are being held by every individual investor on planet earth in amc stock, but we do know that just based on odds based on analytics based on data based on literally algorithms, that can put this stuff together. It doesn't add up because you have 500 million share free float about 516 million share shares outstanding, don't add up if it doesn't make sense, it's probably for a reason and you're seeing it right here. So if you want to check this out in more detail, i'm not going to read through this whole thing.

It's not what i do right, just checking out the description box and you can figure out the math and why i think this guy's, pretty damn intelligent. So finishing off with the technical analysis, i want to give you two main takeaways, so in yesterday's video like i said, i thought that the stock would pop down and it did end up doing that and we have a gap fill potential leading into tomorrow. In the very very short term, my friends, i do think, there's still downside here and that's for me two reasons the first one being we haven't quite filled this gap. Yet now what is a gap? Essentially, when you have a super ball to move to the upside right, it just blows up, like you saw here up to 72 dollars, there's no support that gets built along the way right.

You might think to yourself technical analysis following the line. Yada yada another stuff matters, but it absolutely 100 does because you can think of all the malpractices whether it be naked short selling. Failure delivers xyz xyz xyz that suppress the stock price. They get priced into the technical analysis, so essentially everything you've watched over the last couple of months.

We don't have a vacuum right, we don't wake up one day and all of a sudden the manipulation is there and the manipulation's not, and it's there and it's not in there. It's not right. It's all you're, watching what the stock does in terms of psychology on any given day, based on every factor going into it. Technical analysis matters, so in that way, this sort of gap fill right here we have this huge, volatile move.

This is where you found the most level of support, and you can actually essentially draw this up just based on where you get the most sideways trading and you connect candlesticks right. So if you were to connect these right here, you can see this level of support. Just based on the fact that it bounced off 32 and then the bottom of this candle comes out to about 25 bucks, and this also lines up pretty dang well with where this stock actually popped up to in the pre-market back on january 27th. So you top that with the fact that we closed near the low of the day or at the low of the day dang near i mean it was super super freaking close we're actually going to check right now, just missed it so 2981 and it closed at 29.84, that's also a bearish sign, which means in the very short term.

I do think tomorrow is going to be bearish, but you can look at this two ways right. You can look at it as unrealized losses, or you can look at it as an opportunity to buy a stock for cheaper. If you have conviction in your trade, i'm not here to do that, for you right, i'm here to lay out what i think is happening on a given day. That's what i think you're looking at tomorrow.

Ultimately, the financial responsibility decision is yours, i'm just here to tell you what i think, based on having watched the stock for eight months. I'll always tell you how it is. I don't look at stocks will go down any given day. I'll tell you if i think it's going to go up i'll tell you right.

I do think you have a little more downside left in this, so that is potential, but you will know if it does get a reversal because you're going to get a push right back up above that 32 level of resistance. That was previously support and you'll know that it gets that clean break, because an hourly candle will close above that previous level of support now acting as resistant. So it essentially looked like this you're watching for this. If we were to you know, exit this downtrend and find some sort of consolidation, you want a one-hour candle.

That closes just like this above that level of support and then does a little bit of this sideways trading or trend continuation over that previous level of uh resistance. So watch for that right, that's the bold case scenario for tomorrow, but i do think in the very short term. You have to be ready for the worst case, which is that you do end up filling that gap down to 25 bucks. Don't let that scare you right there's if there's any one thing i can pass along for the rest of this video, it's this the only weapon that these hedge funds, the big firms, the fat pigs, all these cats out on their yachts and their freaking lamborghinis, what They have against you.

Is this emotion. Psychology they've got the mainstream media. They've got all these news articles. They infiltrate the community and trying to divide people away from each other.

That's their weapon, that's their weapon. So, if you can control this the mind, you've got it because you know what this is. You know what this trades about. It's about the shorts, not freaking, leaving they could have covered it eight dollars it could have covered at five.

It could have covered a million times by now, but they have not covered positions right. This is about 2008. This is about fraudulence, malpractice, uh, financial trees and, honestly, just a crap ton of bad things have happened, the stock market for decades and decades and decades, and it continued if the apes had stepped in and said something now don't get me wrong. Don't mortgage your house pay your bills, feed your family right, keep the roof over your head, whatever it may be, that's most important, first and foremost, but this stock.

My friends, you know what this is about. Keep it up here, keep it up here. Remember what's happening every single day is not a reflection of you. It's a reflection of the problem in and of itself.

This is the most highly talked about most traded stock, probably in the last three or four months. It's not the apes. It's not the apes. Doing this, you already know that i don't have to tell you that you already know that watch the stock price.

My friends, you know what this is. You know what this is and that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah catch on the next one. Light taps tighten come here, buddy come here, let's see if i can get his attention. Oh he loves this.

You love this laser pointer, come here: buddy, hey lights out for me and titan fun, fun story about titan, my friends, siamese cats in thai siamese cats means uh diamond moon or moon diamond, and i named him titan, which is jupiter's moon only because i, like greek Mythology, well, i named him titan and then later found out from some guys on twitter that uh that's what that means. Yeah his name literally means uh, moon, diamond or diamond moon. I was like dang, that's not a premonition. I don't know what it is so catch.

You guys on the next one, much love lights as always, and peace.

By Trey

20 thoughts on “Amc stock – no sugar coating”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars roger brandt says:

    Donโ€™t kid yourself, this means nothing, nothing will happen till a forced recall has happened and only 1 way thatโ€™s happening


  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Philip Rosario says:

    I love your mission and stand along side you as a fellow ape. But if these numbers are all bs, why go over the data? I donโ€™t believe anything thatโ€™s reported as itโ€™s all fake. They are busy manipulating the numbers and borrowing more shares from banks who are betting against them as well. Real numbers are over $1000. But these prices weโ€™re being given are only more entry positions to new apes and others looking to top up. Hold strong. The end isnโ€™t far away.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Diana APE MAMMA says:

    Don't forget, I am Canadian and wasn't able to vote as my brokerage is not listed. How many others in the same boat?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars spracker8 says:

    I tried Verifying my Shares but being from Canada my Brokerage wasn't listed as well as 3 of Buddies at Work. Holding 700 shares here in the Great White North โœ”

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gabriel Velez says:

    I think I figured it out!! The crypto dividend that overstock issued in order to cause a squeeze, the hedge funds sued and said it's illegal because it didn't give them a chance to pay the dividend on the synthetics. What if AMC issues an NFT or crypto coin to shareholders that for every ten AMC shares it gives the holder a free movie ticket to AMC. They make the coin available for sale for the same price of a movie ticket. So the funds get the ability to buy it and distribute it so they can't oppose it. They will spend a fortune to fill up AMC movie theaters lol its like a check mate!!!! They either keep buying the dividend monthly and give AMC record sales, or they cover and take us all to the moon!!!

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    After the squeeze, feel free to just make hour long videos of you and titan. The sheer joy in your voice is contagious ๐Ÿˆ

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    Hf s
    At best you are in a managed decline/implosion/liquidation/bankruptcy… Pick your demise
    You are putting your arm further and further
    Meeeeaaat Griiindeeerrr
    The longer you persist
    The more arm shoulder torso…..head you lose

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars uk7769 says:

    There's just one problem with our theory. It's based on the SEC or someone doing their job to ensure a fair system. I'm convinced the SEC fines are nothing more than hedge fund PAYOFF PROTECTION MONEY. HODLing till I die, but I don't think anything will change. Never has, never will. Main Street pays, Wall Street collects. Always has, always will.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Smith says:

    Have the SHORTS covered their positions – NO!
    Has AMC fully squeezed yet – NO!
    Is the Stock Market still corrupt – YES!
    Do the APE's still love AMC stock – Overwhelmingly YES!
    Are the APE's still in control of the retail shares – YES!

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  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Keith Mcdowell says:

    Itโ€™s hard to know the why when it keeps changing. Where did that confidence in the squeeze go? Now Iโ€™ve got a savings account that I can hope will go to 55$ a share so I can break even. Ughโ€ฆโ€ฆ. The market is so rigged!

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt says:

    It looks sooo bad lol for some reason I don't want to sell though. Not sure if I'm an idiot or an ape at this point.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andy Sear says:

    The only emotion I still possess a lot of in this AMC debacle is Anger. Anger at the manipulation, the thievery, the malfeasance of the SEC, the corruption of our political leaders who take bribes from these HF's, and finally, the general overall shit show that is the stock market. A fair and transparent stock market good bring us all rich lives, but that is not the case with this market. Therefore, am HODL and not letting go. I am buying more in this dip. This is a fking war and I am in it to the end. Are you with me and all those others who are HODL?

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Devinโ€™s Law says:

    Heโ€™s a Siamese cat Trey, they are mean by nature (google it, or just think of that old Disney movie where there were 2 โ€œbad guyโ€ Siamese cats. โ€œWe are Siamese if you pleaseโ€ฆ.we are Siamese if you donโ€™t pleaseโ€ฆโ€). If you wanted a calm and relaxed cat you should have gone โ€œPersianโ€ or โ€œHimalayanโ€

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars james wright says:

    100% we should know the exact number of shares owned… It is electronic data… we are not sifting through filing cabinets. Reports are easy enough to generate…

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ashton Ball says:

    Don't forget.. We were around this range when we all of a sudden shot up to the $70's. This isn't over… With the RSI at a level which historically has caused a spike upwards in AMC, this thing could fly…. I truly hope Aron has something up his sleeve for earnings, because his stock sale crushed us during our last rise… slightly worried he doesnt care anymore about the share price since they dont have any more stock to sell… Hmmmmmmm either way, the shorts are still there, they will need to get out at some point, and we've blasted off to the $70's from this area before. Dont get off the bus 5 minutes before the destination.

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frank R says:

    Some of youtubers based alot of your credibility on this AMC skyrocketing…and this stock has been the worst shit I've seen. Lol keep buying shares if you want to. I'm going back to long term traditional investing based on companies with good Financials….like Cinemark for example

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars LockStockBoom says:

    I registered with saytechnologies so that I can have my shares counted. Why not consider having your shares counted also so we can get as close to an accurate count. "The proof is in the pudding"

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Dempster says:

    If Adam Arron reached out to the apes and asked us how many shares we have maybe 1/4 of us would tell him. Add that up and our float would be over 500M shares. Add in the funds reported holdings to that.
    My guess is there are over 500M fake shares that have to be bought by the naked shorters.

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