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AMC Stock - in this video, we go over the recent short interest data according to Ortex, the recent Ortex short squeeze signal, the techincal setup, and what we can expect moving into next week trading.
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You know we got freaking cooking up today, boys and girls. You know we got cooking up today: apes, freaking, coffee and the ireland cup. You know why cause i'm half irish baby, let's go what is up? Everybody welcome to choice trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders, sell opinions on these.

Given stocks like the preference by saying that i'm not a fine shop advisor nor expert so take whatever say the grain of salt. Let's get into the video so today my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang we're going to be talking about amc, and i want to go over the overall technicals on the stock because we have a lot of stuff. That's freaking happened over the last week, or so we are set up absolutely freaking beautifully and i want to go over quite a bit of stuff. So i'm going to go over the technicals on the chart right, give you an idea of what we can expect with the upcoming week.

I want to go with the ortex data and also a message that ortex has pushed out talking of about a short squeeze signal, which i think is very significant, because numbers don't lie, data doesn't lie only citadel and freaking. Melvin capital lie baby, so we need to freaking talk about that as well. I wan na go over the overall short volume percentage so that you can see why amc did have a little bit of a uh. It was a green day yesterday, but but did bleed into the rest of the market hours we're gon na talk about that as well.

Some of the games we can expect to come out moving forward and uh. You know, there's any other information that i find to be significant, so without further ado, let's get into this, my fellow friends and family and apes, so we're gon na start off here with the ortex data. So i've got the ortex data pulled up right here, and this is just the overall short interest that we saw on the day now. Something that i find is very interesting is this.

The short interest went down about 3.7 percent on friday right. The casa bar has been going down significantly as well. You can see that the cost of our average as a friday was 22.97. The minimum was 0.46 percent, the maximum 49.88, and we might be wondering to ourselves: why is the cost of buyer going down while the price is going up, because that's contradictory to everything that we've believed and thought about amc stock? And why is the short interest going down this significantly, but the price didn't go down either right.

Well, there's a couple different explanations that we have - and i want to point to you some some resources and data that i find to be significant, so check this out. Shares available to borrow as of right now is 45 000.. If you look at the overall trend may 14th leading into may 15th, there's never been more than 100 000 total shares available for shorting are available for borrowing at any one given time now. What does this signify to me? Well, this lines up very well with the utilization being maxed out at 100.

It doesn't make sense for them to have a lot of shares available to borrow or to short, since there's not it's maxed out right. All available shares for lending are currently out on loan according to what ortex has available to offer right. We also want to look at the daily short sale volume percentage, and this indicates that we see a lot of heavy shorting taking place right. We see that on freaking.

What day was this? This would have been uh may 13th and may 14th. You see that we had 48 short volume percentage and then friday. Yesterday, 57 percent of the total volume was short volume. Nonetheless, we were still freaking green right.

What does this say to me? This doesn't make any sense, the numbers don't freaking add up and i don't see any possible way. They could be shorting 57 of the total volume on the day as short volume, when there was only 45 000 shares that were available. The only thing i could think of is if there was just trading back and forth the algorithmic trading right, the short laddering down, which i think, makes more sense when the utilization is maxed out, because they have to find any possible way to scrounge up shares. To short, if there's no shares available, but the math still doesn't add up, because if you look at this the total short volume yesterday, it was 84.1 million.

That would mean that that 45 000 shares that were available for borrowing throughout the day right would have had to exchange hands and the turnover percentage would have had to be absurd. I mean you would have to trade hands hundreds of times, maybe even thousands of times to get that much freaking short volume. So the only thing i can think of is two explanations. Right.

We've talked about it before we'll talk about it again, naked shorting. This is the idea that you are shorting stock that does not presently exist. I talked about during my live stream on friday. It didn't make much sense right.

We knew that there was some shorting taking place, even though there was not a lot of shares available. That would back that thesis up right, so i do think there was naked story taking place. We talked about it a million times. I think it's very possible there's more than a billion shares that exist on the market as it sits right now, and that is because of the volume that's coming out on amc stock right.

We know that 80 plus is owned by 3.2 million freaking apes out there, 3.2 million apes on 80 of the free float. We know that vanguard blackrock together by themselves, not including any other institutional investors own, like 64 million total shares. We know that insiders own a good chunk of shares. We know there's about 150 million total shares on loan, as it sits right now.

All these numbers combined, you don't even take into consideration the rest of the institutions, the fact that apes - probably on more shares than they did back in march, right all the insiders that own shares it adds up to more than the freaking free flow which to me Indicates that all the short volume coming in on this is synthetic shares, naked shorting right shares that shouldn't freaking exist and that to me tells you they're still trying to find any possible way to push this price down, regardless of the fact that this is a losing Hand for them right, there's almost no possible way. They freaking come out on top. Should you be discouraged by this? No, but if you're psychologically prepared for the psychological warfare, that is to come with amc stock, you're ready for it right, that's an important thing to say. So.

Yes, it does say the short interest went down 3.7, but is that backed up by the rest of the numbers right? We see that there's only 45 000 shares available for bombing. At close yesterday we see that there was freaking 84 million total short volume yesterday. Right do all the numbers make sense. Do they all add up? I don't think so.

Maybe i'm freaking stupid, maybe maybe i'm just misinterpreting data, but numbers don't lie to me. My friends and the numbers here, since they don't add up, indicates that there's likely some malpractice taking place in the stock market. That is contributing to the fact that we did see that pullback, albeit it was a green day right, but there was very, very much higher right higher potential for what we saw yesterday in the price action. So don't be discouraged right.

I just want to give you an explanation as to what we saw. I do think it was naked shorting. I do think you saw short laddering attacks right because they're so thin spread on shares. They got to find any freaking possible way to get this stock to freaking jump back down right and we saw it on the on the on the ask side of things too, on the level twos right, my friends, so the level twos will tell you exactly how Much freaking shorting is taking place on any given stock at any given time.

Right and it'll tell you this right here, and we saw that spread of three thousand to five thousand to seven thousand shares penny by penny by penny. Spreads that indicate that this is likely being very heavily shorted. So that's my explanation for that. Next thing i want to talk about is the ortex signal for a short squeeze.

This is significant because they have a pretty decently high success rate and ortex would not tweet. This out, if it wasn't significant information, so check this out short squeeze trading signal. A short screen signal was generated based on the recent price increase and the highest shorting level in amc, the mean return for this is 44.53. We're gon na get into this more or text training signals are based on historical performance and are not investment advice.

They continue on by saying this trading signals are based on historical statistics and machine learning. Short squeezed signals, in particular, are rare, and the duration of the price of momentum is particularly hard to estimate. I personally believe that the amc squeeze based on gamestop, based on volkswagen, based on other previous squeezes, will last somewhere between three to five days, minimum to at peak, possibly two or three weeks right. It can last a pretty significant amount of time, so you don't need to worry about missing the squeeze when it happens.

You're gon na have multiple opportunities to watch the stock go up and down be as volatile as as volatile as it's likely going to be right and then ride it on the way back down. If that's your exit strategy as it is mine right, so the short squeeze trade signals, identifies squeeze events with a high conviction but may trigger too late or recommend a holding period. That would result in a significant loss that is basically giving you the warning of a short squeeze right that, if you get in on the back end of things, if you don't get in early, you can end up getting burned historically or texas. Best performing trading signal is the eps family of signals.

Amc had an eps signal triggered yesterday. You can read more about our trading signals right here. So if you want to check this out and read into it, i'm not going to read through this whole thing. For you, but it walks you through step by step, exactly why they think this is going to be a good short squeeze stock vortex guys they are data 280 they're, not there to float anybody's boat.

They wouldn't be tweeting about amc. They wouldn't be talking about amc. If there wasn't something significant to talk about right, there's actual substance, actual conviction in the fact that amc stock could squeeze and the numbers freaking back it up right. So that is something significant.

That is something i think is worth talking about, and i also want to address this 44 mean return. This is, they stated it if you lived in a vacuum based on historical events and based on machine learning right, so they do not have machine learning or historical events to back up what's happening right now, with amc stock. This is new. This is the beginning of a freaking legacy.

This is something that has never ever happened before right. This is a situation where you've got the most insane stupid, ridiculous, filthy social sentiment on a stock that i've ever seen in my entire life. You've got freaking apes from from 10 years old, 20 years old, up to 50, 60 70 years old, ranging all over the freaking planet that are in an amc stock and will not sell until they're comfortable with how much they made and how much damage is done. To the hedge funds that have been malpracticing with the stock market for decades and decades and decades, this is a new situation, so do i think this 44 number is significant enough to say hey.

This is as high as it's going to go. Absolutely not. We saw gamestop go from freaking 20 to 500. That tells you the whole story and from five dollars to 500 i mean genuinely so no, this 44 number to me is not as high as it's gon na go.

Obviously, i don't think that at least bit i don't think they're spreading funny, there's not fear uncertainty. In doubt this is really just based on if you lived in a vacuum on historical trends, machine learning and previous experiences, but amc stock has a new experience. Every short squeeze is a new experience, so they're just giving you an idea of what has happened to prepare you for what could possibly happen right. So that's another pretty interesting thing to talk about next.

I want to bring up the technical charts and this is going to be pretty freaking short. I just want to walk you through things that i think we can expect moving into next week, because it has fallen pretty close to a t. What i thought would happen after we broke out of this rating sideways channel right, so we finally broke out of this consolidation phase. We had a triple top setup sitting at about and 15 cents or so and the bottom.

At about 915. We got a clean break over that tested that 1450 mark, and now it is doing a little bit of consolidation right. So i can see a couple different scenarios playing out here, based on what you've got rocking with the amc chart, and it is also important to consider this the daily candles. We have been green for one two, three, four, five, six straight days.

That is the first time that has happened in a significant amount of time right. Six straight green days, absolutely mind blowing and don't be fooled by the fact that these are red candles because they are still setting those higher lows right. It just means that it opened higher than it ended up closing. That's all.

It means when you see a red candle like that. Nonetheless, it was still green right, absolutely satisfied with this absolutely satisfied, with the way that this has worked out, but nonetheless we need to talk about a couple different things. So, let's first go over the volume volume is trending upwards, which is exactly what we're looking for right. Getting back into that hundred millions plus volume range is going to drive that volatility, because volume drives volatility.

Volatility is going to drive that higher price uh. You know price value right, which is exactly what we want to see so that volume picking up, i think, is going to continue its trend as long as we are either consolidating or in good bullish territory. If it bleeds on the way down. You can expect that that volume would significantly drop right because people like to buy when it's green and they like to sell when it's red people buy green and sell fear.

We haven't been doing that right, we're ready for whatever is to come. So with that being said, i think i think i see two different scenarios playing out here with amc stock and i want to prepare you for both. So as it sits right now, we have the potential not a guarantee potential for an ascending level of support, and i say potential because we don't have three touch points yet to signify that. I think this is a respected level of support, so we've got.

I would call this one right here and i would call this two right here. Two touch points on this ascending level of support, signifying that we could be forming a bull flag setup. We also have it's kind of a a two-step confirmation right here, so this is - and i don't want to scare you guys, but it's just factual. This is a bull trap set up.

So a bull trap is when you have a wick that establishes a level of resistance and then you've got another wick that breaks above, but does not close above that previous level of resistance. This is a little bit of a bull trap right and i bring this up, because this is kind of uh. You've got one bullish indicator and one bearish indicator, so it could play out a couple different ways. The fact that we are still continuously setting higher lows and higher highs to me is a good bullish indicator, higher low higher low higher low, high or low right.

But this is also a bull trap, so it's ultimately going to come down to the strength of buyers of the strength of sellers, which is why we're gon na prepare you for both scenarios. So if this bull trap ends up coming to fruition, what do i anticipate is going to happen on monday, tuesday, wednesday, as we lead into the next market days right? You could see a break underneath this ascending level of support. That's okay, right! This is still considered. Consolidation we're still setting those higher lows and higher highs, which is ultimately going to bring us to where we want to go.

But there is a significant level that we want to maintain. That is going to be between this 11 50 and 14 range consolidation between that zone. So we can get ready for that next rip up to break over 1450, which is ultimately to me going to trigger the squeeze right. Where did i come up with this little box zone, where i think it's likely going to bounce? This is a fibonacci retracement.

This is very easy for you to do yourself. If you would like to do so right, you just draw it from the bottom of the run up to the peak of the run-up. This gives you an idea of a zone that you can expect the stock to bounce from. It has already gotten a little bit of a bounce off of this uh 38.2 retracement right, but this may it could very well drop down a little bit lower.

So what would i expect is if it drops below this 38.2 retracement you've got the 50 and the 61.8 right so somewhere in this zone is where i would anticipate you see. Amc stock get its bounce. If this bull trap does end up coming to fruition, right, which would look something like this, you would get a bounce and i'm not going to be able to signify exactly where it happens. It might be here at that 12 30 mark.

It might be here at the 1180 mark right, but what you'd see is a bounce off of either 12 30 or 1180, followed by a retest back up to these levels around that 1270 and 13 range, which is ultimately gon na, bring us back to that 14 Range right, this is what i would expect if and only if this bull trap ends up coming to fruition. If it does not, what can you expect right? Well, this bull trap does not come to fruition. We do have the beginning of a bull flag set up right now. Right, like i said, we've got two different touch points, one two signifying the beginning of a bull flag setup.

Now. What would you see is something like this. It would be a wind up a bounce off of this ascending level of support, potentially a bounce in that 14 range back down to this ascending level of support for another touch point which would ultimately be three touch points signifying that we do have a respected level Of support, which would bring us back up to this respected level of resistance, with this double top setup at 14 and 30 cents or so, and if you get a break over that 14.50 is next and 14.50 is going to bring you to 10d town chicken church. My friends, it is going to be freaking game day, so that is exactly what we're looking for to get this back into where we want to go to continue towards the squeeze.

These are the two scenarios that i kind of see playing out at amc stock guys, but literally take a step back right. We need to celebrate and be freaking ecstatic with the progress that we have made six straight green days in a row. Volume is trending upwards or tech's. Talking about the freaking possibility of a short squeeze.

We've got the eps signal right, there's a lot of things that are lining up and they predicted the freaking gamestop squeeze, so they would not be putting that out if they don't think this is significant information to me. This is freaking massive. We are sitting so freaking beautifully and the volume continues to fall through on monday, tuesday, wednesday you'll continue to see those freaking hundreds, millions plus volume per day, setups on amc stock. That is going to bring us eventually to 14 and 50 cents.

The shorts cannot play games forever, they're, eventually gon na run out of ammunition. My friends, they just are it's that freaking simple. We are sitting absolutely beautiful, and that is what i've got for this freaking video here today, so blah blah blah. You know those people drop a like consider, subscribing.

You know what it is. That's what i've got for you guys. So, thanks for watching my friends, my family, my fellow girl, again catch you on the next one, much love and peace.

By Trey

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