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Good morning, you bunch of beautiful chickens. How are we doing it's your boy trey coming back here again from trey's trades, for an amc, update and uh just want to give you guys a little bit of a background here on last night. In case you caught that video before we get going into this, but nonetheless what is up everybody, i'm going to trade straight three freaking talk fast and don't skip class baby like remember. What's in it, i'm going to find some advisor and our expert.

So, let's take away the granny salt, let's get into the video, so i want to give you guys just kind of an update on the short volume percentage sort of uh situation. The texas data, just very briefly, talk about the volume and how that can actually relate to price action and your own personal financial responsibility. I don't pull that trigger for you. That's entirely your decision, but just personally some things that i would consider before you make any sort of transactions right.

So you know before we get into that i kind of want to talk about last night. I there was just i'm not going to get into the details per se, but just some personal uh things that come up, i'm a very um, passionate person on both sides of things right. I i feel very strongly the the people that i care about the things that i care about, the the things that i want to do my aspirations, my goals, my dreams, right. I feel that very strongly.

You know and i'm never going to anybody right. I try to be absolutely real with everybody out there. I care a lot about the things that i care about and in the same way, you know the the people, the things, the aspirations that i care about when things don't go right, you know. I feel that too, and that's as much as i want to say about that sort of situation, but you know something that i would like to think and say: is it's not bad to to hurt or to be in pain? You know it's good to feel things when you feel them as long as you recognize it right.

I give myself a 24-hour rule. Essentially i give myself 24 hours whenever something good or something bad happens to feel those things. So i can like learn from it. Grow from it enjoy it right and walk away and continue on with my life and that's kind of where you know where i'm sitting right now in terms of what happened yesterday.

So you know i want to say it was really freaking cool and heartwarming to see how many people reached out and showed me support, but um. You can't really account, for you know: uh the internet, man, you really can't it's it's an incredible thing to to see how many people out there got the freaking eight back and uh. I don't know, i don't know, i don't know what else to say. I get uncomfortable talking about that sort of stuff, so we're just gon na move on, but nonetheless i just wanted to tell you that i love you and i appreciate that uh.

You know you reached out and tried to help me out so with that being said, i want to talk about the ortex data, the short volume percentage, so ortex just recently slapped out a new freaking, updated current short interest percentage of free float and they give you These daily updates right, but you know about two times a month by monthly you'll, get updates that come from. You know the exchange, and this can give you a more realistic picture of what 85 of the exchange reported short interest. Data looks like, and that number jumped up astronomically 18.56 percent, which is 94.92 million shares. That is huge now i want to put this into perspective right.

Let's currently look at the estimated short interest of free flow. Look at that spike before it was estimated that the short interest was somewhere in that 14 range, and now it's 18, that's a lot of shares that were unaccounted for. So i've said this before i'll say it again. This short interest is a trend right.

It's not! The exact number and typically, i think it's lower than you're, actually seeing right check this out. 94.92 million current short interest percentage of free float, but the shares alone is 97 million right. That's that's! Absolutely! No! It's that's absurd. I mean that's.

That's a discrepancy of. Like point four percent, which means almost every single share on loan, is currently being shorted into the market, which is disgusting, so you guys should be jacked about that, and it's actually affirmed with this uptick that we're seeing in shorting into the market check this out. This is daily shortstop volume percentage and uh the last two days you saw 46 and 49 percent short volume percentage, which is going up right. That's a stupid trend, that's the craziest thing ever guys.

I mean think about this for a second think about this. It's like going up to freaking rocky balboa and this dude's just beat the freaking out of you and you're laying down on the ground and you you're, just freaking on your knees. Can't do anything and you get back up and say, listen to me again. He says well why, and i said i just like the beating i just like when you hit me, that's like what's happening right now.

Guys i mean this: is there are good shorts on the market? There's bad shorts in the market? This is not something i would hold a long term short in ever. It makes no sense because you just as a shorter as a hedge as a suit. You cannot predict where this is going to go it just this. It just doesn't make sense, but yet it is happening.

The ortex data shows that the actual short interest is higher than it was previously estimated, and i think that's going to be something that, like the people you need to remember right, do not take everything or tech says whether it's high, whether it's low at face value. It's a trend right. If the short interest is going down, that's a trend right. It doesn't say that every single show in the market's covered.

If the short interest is going up, it doesn't say that it's even showing you all the short interest right. You got ta just look at this as a trend and say: hey look, sure interest is going up. You've got the average days on loan currently sitting at 31. It's actually taking a pretty steep decline.

So some of these are newer shorts uh. That would mean that a lot of these short positions were established a month ago. You look back a month ago. Currently it is june 25th.

That would be the 25th of may, which would mean that the average short position is now at a cost of about 16 dollars still down substantially right, but that's kind of what you got rocking up right now now. One other thing that i want to talk about here is just the average volume on the day right. The volume has been going down so far here in the pre-market we're at 47 000 on weeble alone right. The weep only shows the weeble pre-market volume.

Then it shows you all exchange volume outside of the off exchange at dark pool. Obviously after that, but it's going down right now, it's a it's a downtrend and how much volume is going on right and this is a consolidation phase. So that's why the volume is going down. Less volume equals less volatility, equals less price action in the up or the downside.

Right now, with downtrending volume with down trending volume means you're not going to have as much volatility on options specifically call options right stock. I think it's never a bad thing to buy. If you think it's a good time to buy call options are about timing right, you want to time call options because of theta time decay right now. Personally, this is just me, you do what you got to do.

I i'm just here to offer one freaking random dude in the middle of nowhere. Who knows where the hell? I am i'm just not you're, offering my opinion right, but you're losing a lot of you know theta uh time decay and value intrinsic value on each of these call options with each passing day if you just simply hold on to them right. So you want to time it as best as you can so you're, not losing that value. Now, how do you do that right now? This is just me: you do what you got to do, but you watch the volume you watch.

The volume go back in an uptrend right, so, for instance, right here you saw an abnormal spike in trading volume. It kind of plateaued a little bit here, got another little bump until it started this nice uptrend in volume. If you see an unusual day of trading volume, meaning that it bumps up something like this right, you saw 53 million the day before that, then you saw 294 million right. What would the equivalent of that be 79 million in volume? Yesterday? Maybe you saw 200 250 million volume today, 300 million volumes a day right that to me would be a sign that you could get the volume that's going to support the volatility for certain call options to start running in the money.

If you were to purchase out the money, call options right, that's just something that i personally watch for. You also watch for a nice technical breakout right now. What's a nice technical breakout, look like look at this on the one hour candles. It would be a break over 63 right.

So if you see a hard move over 63 bucks, you get an hourly candle. That's testing that 63 mark. You can pick up a call option for that right. You want to kind of pair up the best of your ability, both of those things so that you can get the volatility to drive those ivs up right.

So you can get that gamma that delta, that really makes that call option grow an intrinsic value, otherwise you're just watching it slowly decline, and this is something you really need to think about too, because the call options right now are expensive, they're, really really expensive. 10.85 cents a share is a thousand bucks for one call for the 57 strike right i mean you even go out the money pretty deep to 100 and you're looking at 345 a contract. Some people can't afford that right. So you really really want to time to the best of your ability when you're purchasing a call option.

That's not my decision to make for you that's entirely yours if you play calls right, but it's just something to think about. While we are in this fluff phase, this consolidation phase of amc trading, the way that it is so it didn't quite get that 63 test that we were hoping for right. But it did come to those high 50s low, 60s and reject, and so far it has come down to that 54 to 56 dollar range, in which i predicted right. I thought that was a pretty likely scenario if it was going to pull back, and that is in fact what did happen right.

It pulled back to that 54 to 56 dollar range, which is the upper echelon of this fibonacci retracement box that i've drawn up before right. So what you're hoping for now is a bounce off of that consolidation zone to get back up to that high 50s low 60s range test. 63 bucks get a clean break, in which case the next range of resistance is going to be. I would say between 67 to 70 dollars, so that's kind of what you're watching for right.

Now i stand firm with my my essentially, you know melt up zone, as some people would call it to this 108-114 range. That is where i think this is going to end up. You know having the next level of resistance once it gets that new all-time high over 77 dollars, so that's kind of what i've got drawn up for you guys right now. That's what i think is fascinating and cool if i was cooking up on nancy stock and i'm doing absolutely okay.

So i appreciate everybody that uh that showed some love i'll, tell you what you guys are like a family to me. You know. I i've said that a million times, but i really do mean that you know i. I pull confidence and i pull energy from the community.

When i need it, you know the same way that you guys maybe pull energy from the community too. It's a powerful thing. This apes together strong thing. My friends, i mean you cannot underestimate and understate how powerful that truly is like push this finance stuff to the side.

People first always always people first, that's you got to take people seriously in terms of you know what their problems are. Their stories, their why's and i'm so happy to see that there are people out there who who got each other's backs. You know it's a really cool thing. It's a really cool thing: i'm never gon na! That's my honest of god, my favorite part of uh.

What's happened here with amc is the community and the way that has brought so many different people together, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, political agenda, whatever it may be location in the world? It's it's a really beautiful thing. It really is so that's what i've got for you, guys blah blah blah blah blah blah blah subscribe to my friends. Catch y'all, the next one: light taps lights out, baby, much love and peace.

By Trey

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    Recommendation for video: I like how your chart is completely showing on the left side and your video is large and not blocking it. For the other tabs, they sit behind your video screen, so I want to recommend making the other screens larger and moving them to the L side of the screen or taking a screen shot if that doesn’t work and positioning it well

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