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AMC Stock - In this video, we discuss the ortex data, short volume percentage, available shares to borrow, and technical analysis.
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Hey: hey: hey, hey! It's fat albert guys check this out. This is what an awesome nephew looks like. Oh, what is up everybody welcome to trace trades where we freaking talk fast and slap. The ass baby, like professor by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and we're experts - it's not taking us to the green salt, let's get into the video.

So i want to start off here to show you something really quick. This is pretty cool, so the uh, the german market, is actually open today and, as it sits right now, they're up a pretty good little schmeckle they're up 11.41, which is absolutely beautiful baby that would come out to just around 30 in usd the u.s american dollar, Which is good stuff, but nonetheless, my friends, i want to give you the the update that we typically would on fridays, because i did not put out a video on friday. So i want to give you guys my thoughts on a couple different things, so we're going to go over the orthx that i'm going to go over the short volume percentage. I'm going to go over to stonco tracker, which shows the call options are in the money about how many shares are available tomorrow and then finish this sucker off by showing you the technical analysis on what is happening with amc stock, as it sits right now.

My friends, i'm giving out dave a couple, different directions that this can go leading into the next trading day, so without further a freaking do baby, let's get into the video. So, as you guys know, very, very solid price action is happening here in germany as it sits right now, and i think that is for good reason. There's a lot of hype and anticipation that is rolling into amc stock every single day that this inch is closer and closer and closer and closer to the squeeze right. This has been asked quite a few times trade there's these pullbacks, these dips.

Does this mean it's over? Does it mean we're in trouble? The answer is simply no right. It's very very, very simply. No! It's because you're gon na see there's gon na be dips along the entire journey. I'm gon na get to this more as we get into the video into the technical analysis, but you should not be scared of dips.

In fact, you should embrace them and view them as an opportunity to buy stock. If that is what you want to do. So, looking at the overall vortex data, you can see that the utilization is staying about. The same does not change a whole lot, and the shares on loan have also stayed pretty decently, consistent, they're up about three million, or so there wasn't 130 million.

I think on wednesday or thursday, so there are actually some lenders out there who are taking on that extra risk to borrow stock from other people other available lenders to give out to the market to short or to sort themselves right. The short interest is continuously going up. It makes no sense how many times we got. Ta teach you this lesson.

Oh man, it's absolutely absurd. So that's looking good! You got about 85.57 million total shares on loan short interest. Keep in mind. North texas gives you about 85 of the exchange reported data right.

This is only what is available to us. This is what they are choosing to report and we know that you're only getting a part of the picture because of the fact that there are sometimes malpractice fraudulent corruption that takes place in terms of what is actually reported to the the lenders in the stock data. You know the stored interest data in exchanges like this or text website, so all in all, still trending up has not been the squeeze still not the squeeze. Still freaking live cat guys.

This is the beginning. This is the beginning of the end. This is the beginning of the end game and even still, the shorts have not covered and they continue to add to their positions. So that's what you're looking at right here in terms of the overall short actual uh volume percentage.

Last friday on the 28th, you actually saw a little bit of a decrease there's about 43 percent volume, short volume percentage of 55. The day before now, i've got some hypothesis as to what this could be right. I'm going to take the worst case scenario, i'm going to say that that number is actually true who knows right we're going to take the worst case. Best case worst case scenario, that number is true.

What you have here is some profit takers in terms of swing traders or day traders. It's entirely possible right. I can't guarantee you anything because i know that 99 percent of the a2 by amc stock are holding amc stock for the eventual run-up. That is to come with the actual squeeze right, but it's a potential possibility right.

We can't take this data on the good days and the bad days and uh and flip our positions and opinions just based on the bias that we want to feed ourselves right. It couldn't just entirely be possible that hey, that's all the short volume percentage was on the days 43, which is still astronomically high. You know you couple this along with maybe some day traders or swing traders that were getting out taking some profit when it ended up hitting 36 bucks. That's entirely possible.

There's also, this pivotal point to note, and that is the overall uh movement that you saw right here right. So, let's just let's just kind of take a little bit of a a swing at what this looks like. So this would be 100 retracement up to about 36.72. All that i can do is estimate, but this has to be pretty dangerously close to a 150-ish percent retracement which actually come out to a level of resistance that we can get into down the road once we get into the actual technical analysis of the stock.

But you can obviously assume that 3672 is gon na, be that next huge level of resistance, so still being very heavily shorted shorts are still doubling down their positions. There's a lot of great stuff happening here in terms of them digging their grave and raising that overall ceiling right, the more organic growth you get out of amc stock. While the store interest stays relatively the same, they do not cover they double down, they don't the the longer. This plays out the more it continues to run the more chance you've got of ultimately reaching that ceiling that floor that you're looking to accomplish right.

So this is beautiful, beautiful stuff to see, but i i'm absolutely jacked honest to god. This is this is sitting as good as it gets. They continue to shorten double down positions, even though they're getting close to death, i mean the losses are in the billions for amc stockholm over the last week, so i'm absolutely jacked to see that they can keep that ball rolling as much as they freaking want, because, Eventually, they're going to get buried next thing i want to show you is the available shares to borrow, which is about 500 000, keep in mind that stockholm tracker only takes limited exchange data, so this is not the whole picture. It's a generalized trend, just as i mentioned before, with short interest right you're, not looking at this to get the entire motor lisa picture, not the exact real short interest data that is available to the you know, the actual apes out there, but to watch trend right And the trend here is that there are a few more available shares to borrow.

Now. I can't tell you what ortex had on last friday, but i did see that the short interest actually went up. It went up about two or three percent by the end of the day, so the fact that there's about 500 000 could be a couple different things. It could just be that there's more available shares to borrow in terms of lenders giving out more available shares since ortex does say that there's about three million extra shares on loan that could be available to actually short into the market right.

So 500, 000. Still pretty small number, you can see that there was a couple of shorts that may have gotten out of their positions. I mean honestly a lot of what you're seeing right here was updated after may 28th, because you close off the day may 28th with a hundred thousand shares and now all of a sudden you've got 500 000. So the only thing this can lead me to believe is that hey, there are just actually more available shares to borrow maybe from other lenders who are you know allowing shorting into the stock itself.

More ammunition for shorts means more squeeze and more lemon pepper attendees. For the freaking apes out there so don't be stressing over this. This is just what the actual data is looking like, as it sits right now. Now.

Last thing i want to touch on is the overall technical analysis of the stock itself right now. What we saw here on friday was a break, and potentially it could have been potentially just based on what you're, seeing here, a false break over a level of resistance and a consolidation zone. Now i don't mind seeing that it sold off off of 36 bucks right. This, the only downside to this is, if you were playing call options: banking for some really deep out the money, calls that didn't end up coming to fruition.

Right, that's the worst case scenario, obviously, but what i do like to see is that it bounced back into this consolidation zone between 25 and 30 dollars right. We want to see a little bit of training sideways action in that zone and that shows overall relative strength, because if you look at the overall strength of the chart from this run up to 12 dollars, it's very very solid. I mean we haven't come down to that fifty percent. We slightly touched down fifty percent retracement here at uh, twenty four dollars and forty cents, but then bounce right back up off of that.

So that shows some pretty immense strength in terms of the buyers and the apes out there who are holding up amc stock and this dip. My friends was on the horizon. I mean you look at the rsi, the relative strength index. This gives you an idea of when stocks are overbought or oversold anything over 70, typically or bought.

Anything under 30 is oversold. This was up over 70 for, like four or five straight days. It got all the way up to 90.. I mean that is drastic, drastic, drastic bullish momentum right so to have a run up of like 200 300 from 12 bucks all up to 36.

Over the span of about a week i mean you're gon na have dips you're gon na have pullbacks that's. Ultimately. What comes with this sort of price action, especially when you haven't even begun, the short squeeze? Yet you definitely had some gamma squeeze here. I'm not gon na lie.

You had call options or previously out the money they ran in the money they had to have gotten hedged for right. That's that is an indefinite truth in my opinion, right, but look at this look at all the new call option contracts that are available to the apes out there. Now they go up to 73 bucks 73 freaking schmeckles guys. I mean this just shows you how much true potential is here with amc stock they're starting to write up those new call option contracts, because it's so dangerously close to that 40 maximum.

That was previously on the chart. So that's looking pretty freaking solid. The volume on this has been absolutely absurd and i've said it a million times. Volume is going to drive, volatility and volatility is going to drive either higher or lower price valuations, and the problem with the lower price valuations is that, since most apes are selling typically you're not going to have high volume on red days, especially, i think the reason Why i saw some high volume on friday: it's because it started off the day green right, we hit 36.72 cents.

This is the first little sign of rejection that we saw over this huge, huge run-up that we just previously had right now this is uncharted waters. We have not, we touched a new all-time high on amc stock. That's as high as it's ever been. It's 36 dollars and 72 cents check this out, and it's it's by a pretty decent margin.

I mean before the highest rated scene was what appears to be about 33 and 51 cents. So i mean that's a pretty drastic new all-time high for nancy stocks. So there's a lot of what ifs right. We don't know exactly where this can go because trend right at this point is a little bit out the window, but i'll give you two different scenarios right.

This is what i personally think is possible what you could end up seeing on tuesday now, i'm taking into consideration the overall hype momentum the three day weekend, there's a lot of things that are gon na play into the overall price action, especially this, which is why I showed you it the fact that it is up 11 on the german market as it sits right now. That's massive right! This is something that is going to contribute to nice bullish, price action. You cannot, you can't predict you can't analyze, fomo, buying momentum and hype behind a stock right that acts as a news catalyst. The news catalyst will always outweigh technical analysis.

That's why it's incredibly incredibly hard to actually analyze a squeeze when it is happening right, but we can give you predictions based on what could happen just based on the fact that it hasn't started squeezing yet so i can see it doing two things. I think either a tuesday you're gon na have so much for so much momentum. So much hype built over this three-day weekend. The psychology piece of this right that you're gon na get a clean break or this 30 level of resistance.

I think if it breaks it, it's it's going to test that and either a break it immediately or b, spend the day consolidating between a zone. Right now, i might not break 30 on that first test, but what i will tell you is this right: if it does not break 30, i don't think it's gon na break down below 25 and if it does it's not going to be for a whole day. Maybe 24 23 22 bucks and it'll bounce back up be a false breakdown underneath 25, but this is a pretty strong consolidation zone. We've already seen twice that it's bounced off of and held on to this 25 level of support, which is absolutely massive right.

So if we don't get a clean break, which i think is the best case scenario, i think it's the most likely scenario just based on the fomo, the hype, the momentum of the buyers out there, i think, you're. Looking at consolidation for the day, i think you're just going to be looking at trading side of things between 25 and 30 for the overall stock right, that's kind of what i think is going to be coming up. Those are the two scenarios that i've got. I really don't think you're going to see a breakdown underneath 25, but if we do the absolute worst case scenario right, you do have a little bit of support down here about 23 bucks.

So i'd imagine that if it does break down below this consolidation zone, you're gon na have a nice level of support and a bounce off of this 23 dollar level of support and ultimately come back and retest. This 30 mark to ultimately come back and retest 36. i'll. Tell you this right now, breakover 3672 is gon na bring you each round.

Five dollar bill right. You've got 40 bucks after that 45, after that 50, after that and 50 is a huge psychological level of resistance. If you get a clean break over 50 and it's a one-hour candle similar to this right that opens closes beyond that level of resistance. You're going to be looking at freaking lights out, 5 10.

15. 20. Swings. I mean, i think that is going to be a huge push to put some more pressure on these short positions and ultimately bring us to that next round.

Psychological level, resistance, which is a hundred bucks, a hundred schmeckles. My friends, can you believe we're even talking about that right. Now, we've come so far over five months. My friends keep hottling on i i can almost guarantee you.

I can't guarantee anything obviously because it's a stock market, but we are so close to the freaking end game. It makes me incredibly incredibly grateful that we've been on this freaking journey and it is weeks away, in my opinion, from coming to fruition and that's what i've got for the freaking video, so blah blah blah. I know the hospital drop it like consider, subscribing whatever you want to freaking. Do my friends, my family, my fellow guru again catch you on the next one, much love and peace.

By Trey

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