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AMC Stock - In this video, we discuss the $40 call options for Jun18, and what would potentially happen if those were to run in the money, as well as some of the hidden variables that affect AMC's overall price, and can be considered short interest or the equivalent of.
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What's up, what's up, what's up what's up youtube good morning? What is up everybody welcome to today's trades, we have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like to profit by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor experts are going to say the grain salt, let's get into the video. So today my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang. I must ask you a question.

I'm playing. I want to talk about the june 18th calls and more specifically, i want to talk about how these are important and how the short interest is important compared to the overall synthetics you can think of synthetics, essentially as failure to delivers and naked shorting. The consequence of both of those actions, this is essentially stock. That should not exist that circulates in the overall market.

Now a hypothetical situation right here right is these 40 dollar strikes, and i want to show you something real, quick all right, so we got cooking up right here. Check this out on the 40 strikes that we have currently sitting for june 18th. There's open interest on 133 000 call options. Now.

This is a really really big number and, to be honest with you, i can't guarantee anybody that is going to hit in the money immediately. You know on that day or what's going to happen, but i want to provide you with a hypothetical right. 40 strikes, there's open interest on 133 000 total call options and there's 100 shares per contract. If these were to run in the money.

The market makers who wrote these contracts would be responsible for about 13.3 million total shares worth of hedging. Now this would take place if, let's say, hypothetically speaking, you know the the the market value was sitting at 41.42. It was over that break even price right. They're gon na start hedging for that stock, essentially, just anticipating that they're gon na be people that end up exercising those 40 strike call options and they need to have the shares readily available where people decide that they want to do that.

But here's the problem right, knowing what we know about the overall float. The overall share is outstanding right apes. Own 80 of the total shares outstanding shares outstanding equaling about 450 million shares. So we're just going to call this a round number of about 360 million might be up by a little bit just estimating that right.

We know currently that, according to vortex data, you've got about 128 million shares on loan right 128 million right here. We know that institutions own about 100 million total shares. We know that insiders own at least 10 million shares right. Do all this math add it up.

You get more shares overall than should exist in the overall free float, which is about 450 million. We already know this right, we've been talking about this math for a very very long time, but i wanted to give you a hypothesis and what would happen if these 40 strikes were to run in the money, because it is very fascinating. This could be a huge, huge, huge catalyst that would drive further price action for more than one reason right. So there's 133 000 total call contracts.

Sure you'd have 13.3 million shares that would have to get by market value, but what, if they can't buy them right? Well, this brings us to this failure. To delivers right. Failure to delivers are a huge, huge, huge cause of the synthetic shares that are circulating all over the marketplace and there's a big consequence for this right. In the short term, it creates a little bit of selling pressure right, but when they get cracked down on the consequence is actually good.

It's a good thing, because this is ultimately shares that have to be bought back by the overall market makers that wrote these contracts. If they're not able to hold up on their end of the deal right essentially if they cannot come up with the stock and they create stock and they get busted, they get slapped super freaking hard by the sec sec steps in and says: hey! Look. We recognize that there are way more shares circulating on the market that are supposed to exist. The total shares outstanding is 450 million.

Total free flow is 417 million. You need to destroy the extras. They just cannot exist right, and this brings us into kind of the short interest versus synthetics cause, but before we get into that, i just want to tell you how how much of a consequence this would have for them and how much this would really help us Out because this sort of hedging, even if it just causes synthetics those favorites, delivers, there's two different options: right either a you get failures or delivers, which are synthetic shares and they have to eventually cover these failure to delivers or b. They do end up edging them because they can somehow scrounge up 13.3 million shares, and this causes the mother of all freaking gamma, squeezes gamma squeezes, which will inversely cause the mother of all short squeezes square.

This is a good thing, so second case scenario right. If they can't deliver on this, like i mentioned well, i already talked about never mind. A little space is more my apologies, but i want to bring this into the short interest versus synthetics, and this is exactly what i'm talking about right. These call options that expire in the money the pharaohs are deliverers and the naked shorts contribute a lot to the actual synthetics versus what we see in terms of short interest right.

So, let's just look at the short interest: 15.34 percent, which comes out to about 77 million shares right. That's what we tangibly know, that's what can be factually proven as there's about 77 million total shares of short interest that have been reported. Key word being reported because there's a lot of malpractice: corruption, fraudulence that takes place with these hedge funds, which we know just based on the federal reports and the historical trends of how these guys report short interest data. But what about these synthetics right? Do these get reported as short interest? Well, the simple answer to me is no right.

Think about all of the failure to delivers that have come out of call options that have run in the money and that didn't end up getting hedged. For i know you guys have seen the numbers it's stupid. There's there's been millions and millions and millions of shares in the last six months that have been failed to deliver since the beginning of this whole situation back in january right, so what would happen if these 13.3 million shares did not get delivered? They could they turn out to be ftds right. These are synthetics and you can think about the short interest as what we can tangibly prove right outside of naked shorts.

We don't know that, but what about the synthetic shares right? How much do we know about this? Because this does not equal the total short interest right short interest is not 77 million. You can think of the short interest being the equation of short interest. That is reported right. This is an important factor, short interest.

That's reported plus naked shorts, naked short interest plus ftds, and i know that ftds aren't tech, no technically short interest, but they do cause. I know synthetic selling pressure, so this overall does contribute to what is holding down amc stock. I would not be surprised in the least bit if this was a fair freaking game. This stock right now being 40, 45, 50 55 60 range just based on the numbers and how many people have been buying amc stock overall.

Seeing that most people are, you know that buy it hold it 90 to 95, just based on the things that i've seen online five to ten percent end up selling right, that's a huge, huge number, so the real short interest, the real amount of selling pressure. What we're up against is not just what's reported the exchanges right, it's it's more than that. It's numbers like this. It's numbers like that 13.3 million shares that could end up expiring in the money and cause there to delivers.

People delivers to me equals synthetics and they also equal need to be covered. They need to be bought back right. You can't have synthetic stock circulating on the market for a prolonged or or indefinite period of time. Eventually, there will come a day when this needs to get cracked down on now this now, what if right, i i got ta connect the dots here somehow right what happens if these do end up expiring the money now, obviously the odds we can't guarantee anything just Because we don't know the timeline of the squeeze, i'm not trying to time, you know the timeline of the squeeze.

What i am saying is if this does happen, this could be the mother of all catalysts that could drive the beginning of the end of this short squeeze right, because 13.3 million shares, if they fail to deliver on that. That is going to raise some major major major red flags to the sec and if they do deliver on these somehow the gamma squeeze on this is going to be stupid. Disgusting filthy, it's gon na bring you the best tasting lemon pep attendees that drake could ever freaking write a song about which is gon na cause. This short squeeze 150 right, so i kind of want to cover two things here with the short morning video i wanted to talk about this.

These 40 strikes what would actually happen if these were to run in the money, it would be night and day. This would be lights out. You would you would see the stupidest price action you've ever seen on amc stock, because either 80s are going to get h4 and that's going to come straight from market value, which means it's going to drive the price up or b they'll fail to deliver and favorites Deliver equal synthetic stock right and with that much price action. If these were running the money at 40 and all of a sudden, they freaking wiped the slate clean red flag, red flag, red flag, red flag, red flag red flag red flag.

That's that freaking simple right! There's there's no situation to me where these 40 strikes running the money and they either deliver. They don't deliver. We don't win it's as simple as that, so i i want to go over that. I want to go over the overall short interest and how we don't see the whole equation.

Right short interest is not just equal to short interest reported short interest. It's also equal to naked short interest and failure to deliver, because both of these things, you can consider uh, you know dragging price down. They do both cause selling pressure. That's what i've got for this short morning.

Video, if you watch through the whole thing appreciate you immensely uh. I just want to run you through kind of what my schedule is going to be like for the indefinite future until i can move out to north carolina full-time, but for now what i'm planning on doing is a morning video right, i'm gon na try and live Stream at least a couple days a week during my lunch break, which is typically between 11 30 a.m and 1 p.m, central standard time, as well as an evening video. So, to get you guys as much information as i possibly can give you any detailed research that i've done and the whole nine yards so blah blah blah. I know the whole spill drop like consider, subscribing whatever you want to freaking do.

That is what i've got for you guys this morning, much love catch you later and peace.

By Trey

29 thoughts on “Amc stock – the greatest fear of market makers and hedgies”
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    How do all the $40 Calls for expiration dates beyond 18 June factor in to this. Seeing as I hold a large number of them including $40 18 June calls, is there not an even larger total of in the money shares to consider at the $40 price point? Not sure how it all works. Just a HODLing ape. 🦍🚀🌖

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    if you play at 0.75 speed he is normal spped lol, jk. i like the fast info.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars aststricker says:

    Here's my question on this theory, what percentage of those options do you think will actually be exercised? I doubt people are going to have to funds to convert even a real sizable amount. I dont mean to spread fud because I do believe there's millions of extra shares floating around and the amount thats short right now could cause a massive run up with how stubborn we apes are. But realistically what percent of call options get exercised in general? There's gotta be some kind of data on that, it'd be over $500 million to exercise that many.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew says:

    I bought a few of those $40 calls when the price dropped to mid $12 and my break even is only $40.46. bought em as a joke since they were cheap

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    Trey’s mustache is clear signal that things are about to get crazy!

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    June 18th is quadruple witching day and could be why you see increased open interest

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jay miles says:

    me and a few others own 1000 of these calls ourselves. HODL GME AND AMC APES

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gaspar the Nomad says:

    Amc call options open interest has been this high before, back when the doge was only .05 I straight up yolod 80% of my portfolio on amc $40 call options and I told myself I was doing it because this was historical open interest. I bought calls all the way into the dirt and expired worthless. Play safe my apes

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Green Ape says:

    You said that it would be starting in late May early June? Some apes heard this very clear. Not saying that I'm going to sell by then. Just saying because many want to have some assurance.

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