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In this video we discuss the AMC trend for the day, recent short interest numbers, and my hypothesis on why the market is tanking.
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All right all right, all right, all right, all right all right come on. I know you guys. I know you guys are gon na yell at me for not wearing my glasses, but i broke them. I broke them.

I don't know how i don't know how to fix it. I can't freaking see these. I don't even know how to beats me, but you can't yell at me for not wearing my glasses. In the comments section, i tried that's right.

What is up, everybody welcome to trade trades. We got technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy or sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like to profit by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and we're experts, so they're gon na say the green salt. Let's get into the video.

So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang we're gon na be talking about ticker symbol, amc. Obviously i want to go over the update for the day. I'm gon na go over the charts, the overall technical analysis. I want to go over the vortex numbers.

What we've got rocking right now: stop not taco tracker, but the short sale volume tracker right. The overall percentage of short volume, then i want to talk about why the market is taking a big freaking dump. Uh cnbc actually had a little bit of an episode talking about margin calls which we predicted a while ago saying that it was pretty likely going to happen and they're blaming it on inflation. But i'm gon na give you my two cents.

My opinion on that. Why? I think this is likely happening, or at least contributing to these margin calls and a lot of the risk that is being taken on by hedge funds right now, so without further ado, let's get into the freaking video of my friends anyway. Let's just start off here with ortex, so ortex, as you can see right here, gives you the short interest. Download we've got a rocket on amc right now.

The short interest actually went down a little bit here today, but the big thing i want to drive home is this: cost to borrow. Ortex is freaking sick because they've been updating and improving their interface and platform over the last month or so, and it's very, very freaking noticeable. As you can see here, the cost to borrow right now is 129 average on the day. Minimum is 55 and the max is 205 now.

What does this cost? To borrow? What does it mean? This is associated very directly with the risk that is taken on by a short position if it's very hard to come out profitably. If there's not a lot of shares available to borrow it's hard to borrow stock, which amc has been since january, that costs tomorrow, fee goes up so as long as this is high right, that is putting pressure on short positions bleeding them day by day by day. I mean 129 costs to borrow that's like 80 grand to 100 grand a day that they're just pissing away into the toilet by simply holding a short position right. So this is an absolutely beautiful thing to see.

Utilization's still maxed out you've got days to cover continuously going up. The days to cover is the short interest, divided by a average volume over a three month or two week period of time shares on loans. Staying about the same right, this number's not going to go up a whole lot since we're maxed out on utilization and then the number that we're looking to see possibly increase is that short interest percentage of free flow. Since there's 36.6 of the total free float on loan they're only 22 shorted, that means that people have been lent stock.

They they requested stock but have not shorted into the market. This could either be long positions or they're simply just holding the stock right, and this can actually be borrowed again to a shorter to a short position. So this short interest could actually go up a little bit more as possible. I don't know if it's going to happen right.

Nobody can predict the future, but what i will say is that the numbers are still sexy, they're. Looking absolutely disgusting right now and i'm loving everything about what is going on here with the amc stock short numbers. They're far superior to gamestop, and i i'm not even saying that to be a dick. It's just a fact.

I mean you look at gamestop and i just firmly believe that, for whatever reason or another, the interest has not been as high with gamestop. Lately i got into amc back in january this year, instead of gamestop, because i thought that down the road, this would have more interest for one reason and one reason: only it's a cheaper stock. You can buy 10 shares 15 shares of amc right now, for what would get you one share of game stop if somebody has 100 bucks to play with, and they can't even buy gamestop you're losing a lot of retail investors that way and amc. In my personal opinion has better short interest right now, because slowly but surely people have opened up to that now.

This doesn't mean saying that gamestop isn't going to squeeze that amc's, the only one that will, because i think they both will. But amc is far better revved up the spring is already freaking loaded. It's ready to go it's just a matter of time until it snaps and boom stupid, stupid, filthy disgusting raging move, as you can see in the gamestop number's, just not quite as good. So i think these will improve over time, but it's just still loading the spring right.

Gamestop right now is where amc was, i would say, like a month ago, so give this some time gamestop will get where it needs to go, but that's kind of what you're. Looking at in terms of the amc numbers - and you look at the the daily short volume, uh average right, the overall percentage of what you got rocking the volume is actually the short volume has been stagnating. It's trading sideways consolidating, and i think this is because the utilization is maxed out it's hard to borrow stock. It's very, very they're scrounging for shares.

It's very very difficult. I mean let's just pull up fintel as an example right. You look at fintel right now and we'll just look at the overall uh available shares that you got according to fintel. The number has been pretty freaking low.

I mean 150 000 in the grand scheme of 450 million is not a lot and this number has been bouncing around a bunch of different freaking marks. And if you look at ibar desk, you can see the overall trend of the available short shares and it has stayed very consistently low and anytime that these shares are made available. They get eaten up very freaking fast. So that's something to pay attention to they're running out of ammunition.

We've been saying that for free king ever so the fact that the short sale volume percentage the ratio is staying about stagnant. You know floating between 35 and i would say, 55 not surprising right. There's just not a lot of ammunition left, they don't have as much available to them to short the stock and that's why the freaking short bar fee rate is going up the cost of borrow going up. That is because it is incredibly hard to double down on stock, there's not stock to double down with right.

So what they've got is what they've got. They can't continue to freaking make shares continuously over and over and over and over. At this point, there's just nothing left and it's going to be blatantly obvious if they naked short the stock. At this point, if there's no available shares that will get busted down on it's easy to do, there's a lot of available shares hard to do.

If the everybody knows, there's no available shares to short a stock, so i think this is why the short sale volume percentage is staying about the same. It's not moving around a whole lot, that's just something to take into consideration. Now i want to talk about this margin calls i, during my live stream. This was brought to my attention that uh there are possibly some hedge funds out there and banks are getting margin called today and if you were a part of the channel for a couple months, you know that we actually think so.

Uranium potato uranium potato uranium potato. We made a prediction saying that we think that this is going to happen right, so my hypothesis is that the entire market is going to crash while the meme stocks, all the heavily short stuff, like amc, gamestop, cost blah blah blah. All these different stocks right go up, and that's because think about it like this just psychologically. Logically, if you are getting margin called, let's say that you have an overlapping short position, but you also hold long positions.

What will happen right? Well, you can get closed out of your short positions, which means they're bought back, which would shoot stocks up. If you have a long position, it gets closed out because of a margin, call you're selling your position, which shoots the stocks down now. What do we see in the whole freaking market today? You saw that the market was bleeding stupid, bad blood red. It was disgusting, bad, bad, bad, bad bad.

I mean, let's just look at the spy, really quick. The spy, i think, was down two percent at market. Close, i mean that's just freaking, terrible, that's not natural movement. I mean this is a terrible, terrible, terrible, freaking sell-off and not natural right.

Now, i'm not saying that this is margin calls, but what i will tell you is that the entire market, bleeding correcting freaking, bear market trend right. That's not by coincidence that amc is moving at the exact same time right the amc, green market red. The only thing that i can think of is this margin calls margin, calls margin, calls margin, calls the thing that we've been saying forever and ever and ever hedge funds are over leveraged right, they're way over leveraging short stocks, and they have long stocks too right. Not all hedge funds just go short they're likely getting closed out of some freaking positions, and that is hurting the market if they're not getting closed out.

This is a hypothesis. I can't prove it right. This is just my thoughts if i was a hedge fund over leveraged and i needed to do anything that i could to maximize uh. My gains limit my losses.

I would close out of my long positions and try and make up my losses in a short position. Right, well, not really, but if you weren't going to go long on amc, i guess that's what i would do, but point being, if they're not getting margin called they're, just freaking closing out of their blue chip stocks they're long positions and it is flushing the entire Market, so the thing about this sort of sell-off is when things are really ripping they're green they're going people want to buy right, they want to keep running and running and running and running when things are selling off, you've got the fear right things, keep selling the Ball keeps rolling. Everything gets exacerbated by the fact that that's where the momentum is so, hedge funds, closing out positions or getting margin called will lead to other hedge funds. Closing out positions right, it's just going to lead to more sell-offs them trying to preserve capital and liquidity so that they can manage the risk and limit their losses.

And i think that is exactly what's happening. Another confirmation that we're getting closer and closer and closer to amc, moving guys, i'm telling you we've been talking about this for literally freaking months months, months months months months months, saying that this sort of stuff is gon na happen and every single box that we said Needed to get checked is starting to freaking line up. I really do believe may or june is about the time frame that we can expect this thing to freaking move, which brings me to the technical analysis side of things lining up perfectly with my uh i shouldn't say prediction but my beliefs, my hypothesis, right now. I've said this before i'll say it again, but in case you are new to the channel.

I believe that we're gon na get a break over 11 20, and if we do that's gon na bring us 14.50, which brings us to the squeeze, and this is why, last time they had a triple top setup like this, a triple top means. You have three times that price action tried to touch above a level of resistance. Fourth time it breaks right, so this triple top setup where we traded back and forth in this channel of about five dollars and 41 cents and 670 or so right by the fourth time it got a clean break and eventually tripled up in price to about 1487.. We have the exact same trend playing out right now, one two three different times that is tested between this level of support and this level of resistance.

This trading sideways consolidation channel, and it is starting to make the move back for the fourth test of 1120, which is beautiful. I also said this. I said that i think you're gon na get rips followed by consolidation, followed by a rip followed by consolidation, and it is doing that here so far right. We got a nice bounce off of 915 consolidated for the last couple of days and now is beginning the next move, hopefully to get us closer to 11 and 20 cents, or so.

If we get a clean break over 11 20., i'm looking for an entire day. A daily candle that opens and closes above 11 20 that is going to bring us to 14.50. We don't want this sort of uh. You know open and then sell off immediately a good, clean break, followed by i'll.

Show you what i'm talking about consolidation right. You want it to consolidate. You want the strength, you don't want this, you don't want to sell off, you want to consolidate or if it does sell off. It needs to bounce off of this level of support and then continue to climb like this right.

That's exactly what we're looking for, and it's still stair-stepping its way closer and closer and closer making progress towards. Ultimately, what i think is going to trigger the squeeze. I've said it before i'll, say it again. Human psychology is simple: people like to buy greed and sell fear, but we're not doing that here right.

We buy fear and sell greed right, so we have bought when people have been scared. We we have been talking about the stock when i was at five dollars when i was at eight dollars when i was at 15. When is that 25? We know amc stock is not worth 10 dollars and 30 cents. We know it's worth more.

We know it's got an extremely extremely high chance of squeezing. So this entire time when people are scared, they think it's a dead cat that think it's freaking done. You just got ta keep up with what is happening, the short interest numbers. What's going on with amc, what's going on with adam aaron, what's going on with hedge funds, what are the feds talking about right? We've been paying attention, we've been making hypothesis we've been doing dd right and we know we're getting closer and closer and closer.

So that's! What's rocking right now, let's look at the overall volume right volume today, absolutely beautiful. We are continuing to stair step higher and higher volume, which is another thing that i've said. We need to see a trend up in volume, every time that we've had a major rip. You saw the exact same thing: a stair stepping in volume right stair step here: 39 million 165, 263, 333 439 right we're starting to get that same sort of move, albeit it is lower volume.

But that, in my opinion, is because there's just not as many as many shares available to trade and it could very easily continue to grow higher and higher and higher until it gets back in those triple million digits, uh, eventually right so just watch for that. That's another good confirmation that we're getting closer and closer and closer volume drives volatility and volatility is going to keep driving those higher prices. So that is something that you definitely want to watch for as well. If you look at this on the three-month chart, you can get another confirmation that we are good bullish territory, because we got the 15 moving average to cross over the 200 exponential moving average.

Now. What does this mean? It means the microscopic price. Action has been more bullish than the previous 200 days, and this has been followed through by an increase in volume. That's two boxes that i would check if i wanted to take a swing, trade.

Third, being a news catalyst, we haven't necessarily got a news catalyst to justify this move. However, you could signify the news catalyst to be the short bar fee rate going up right. That's a sustained amount of hype that can get people to want to buy amc stock and, for me, that's checking all three boxes that you are about to see. A nice move for amc.

The costa bar in and of itself is a news catalyst that is driving momentum and is driving hype. People are talking about the stock, it's trending on google trends. Again. This is exactly what we're looking for for amc to get into a good bullish position, and it is definitely definitely doing it.

So what am i anticipating over the next couple of days right to get us back to 11 20., i'm hoping that this consolidation period ends either today or tomorrow, and you get a second push for somewhere around 10 80 to 11 bucks. If we get a push over 11, i can almost certainly guarantee you that we will test 11 20. The same day, it will come with an explosive explosive move, you're going to be looking for an hour candle that opens and closes above 11 bucks. If you get that 11 20 is going to be the next test and a breakover 1120 is gon na print you some stupid mad fat, dumb, attendees, tendee, town, chicken town, chicken church baby.

That's what we're looking for right now so continue to watch for that right. I think the consolidation period should end soon and eventually we're gon na test out that 11 20 mark, which is gon na bring us to. If we break it 14 bucks. We want a whole day open and close above 11 20, and that is going to bring us to the freaking promised land, and that is what i've got for this video here today, so blah blah blah consider subscribing that's what i've got for you guys.

So thanks for watching my friends, my family, my fellow guru, gang much love catch you in the next one and peace.

By Trey

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