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AMC Stock - In this video, we run through the basics of corruption and malpractice tactics that have taken place over the last few decades, how this directly played into AMC, and the solution.
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Amc is over nine thousand, oh man. What is up everybody? It's your boy, trey from trade streets at least. I think that's what they call me come back again for another freaking youtube. Video, like the purpose of saying that i'm out of fine survivors is not financial advice.

Obviously so take what i see the grain of salt, but let's get into the video. So this has been requested by quite a few people in a bunch of different livestreams but bunch of different videos, and i make a recap: video talking about what the amc squeeze is, what this whole movement embodies. What this all means to the apes to the hedge funds, to the shoulders to the market makers, to the malpractice and corruption that's taken place over freaking, decades and decades and decades. So i'm gon na walk you through the process here, so that anybody who has any questions about what this amc movement is, if you're looking to buy, if you're trying to you know tell people about the stock whatever it is.

You'll know why the apes are huddling and buying amc stock. The way they are so without further ado, let's make this as short as we can and get into the video. So i want to start off here by talking about the history of corruption right for decades and decades and decades now, you've seen that the us economy has been built off of corruption and malpractice, and i want to tell you why this is right. So i think the beginning of when you really see this transition from, i wouldn't say, a clean market, but the cleanest market, right to where we are now, where there's a lot of malpractice and corruption.

That purposefully takes place happened when you saw the transition from physical paper tangible shares to the electronic transaction system. Now the transition to the electronic transaction system was good because it sped up transaction transaction times so before it would take 15 20 25 minutes to call in call your broker right, try and get something organized so that you could, you know, get your order filled whether It's a buy or a sell, but with electronic transactions you're able to fill your order within seconds on your phone on your desktop wherever you want to get that stuff done right, it speeds up the process which allows the market makers the brokers to make more money. It also speeds up the process for us there's more opportunity for retail investors to make good investment decisions right in a perfect world. This makes sense it's a great opportunity to improve the market system.

However, with this sort of speed with these electronic uh transactions that take place, you no longer have physical, tangible shares on paper on your hands that you can't really, you know, make up out of thin air right. So what happened here? We made this transition over to the electronic transaction system and, as of the late 90s, you saw this slow and steady transition into what i would call the malpractice and corruption that has taken place in the market now for decades and decades and decades, and this includes Naked shorting short ladder attacks, which is essentially using algorithms between two different hedge funds: two different groups, two different parties to ladder down stocks and make them just freaking plummet into oblivion, which is terrible right if you're not familiar with what naked shorting is naked. Shorting is the idea that you create something that does not exist, and this is actually a system that was created with the electronic transaction system for the stock market to essentially act as an iou right, so in and of itself naked shorting is not bad. So essentially, you just have a market maker right market maker has x amount of shares.

Let's just say it's: 100 million total shares right and they have every single one of these hundred million shares out on loan, but you've got a hedge fund over here. We're just going to call him. Hedgy hedgy over here, says hey. I would like to borrow 10 million shares.

Well, market maker doesn't have that 10 million shares so what he does instead. Is he naked shorts right? He sends out stocks so that this hedge fund can make it short into the stock market. 10 million shares, anticipating that the 100 million shares that he lent out he's gon na get some of these back. In fact, about 10 million sometime in the next one, two or three days, these 10 million shares would come back to the market maker right hedge over here who has 10 million ious in whatever security, whatever stock it is.

He essentially destroys these boom they're done and he sends out the 10 million shares that were sent back by the 100 million to the hedge fund. Then all is said: all the world is good right, all is said and done. You still have 100 million shares floating in the stock market. However, with this new electronic transaction system, it's very very easy to malpractice and corrupt the stock market and what you see happen now, essentially, this has happened at amc stock, which is why people are furious.

We're gon na get into that more we're gon na get into the numbers of amc stock and what happened here in a little bit. But what happens is market makers and the people who are sending out securities two different lenders, essentially we'll just continue to send out iou stock 10 million here 10 million here 10 million here right. They just continue to send that out over and over and over until you have an inflated float. The free float of a stock, essentially is what is available to everybody on the stock market after institutions and the insiders have their cuts so we'll actually use shares outstanding, which is the whole pie.

You have an inflated shears outstanding. This could be as high as 150 million. It could be as high as 200. 250.

300. 500 depends on how many times these market makers and headphones can do this too. They can also make it short stock right. It depends on how many times they write up.

These ious right now on top of that you've also got failure to deliver, but that's a whole different ballpark talking about options, we're not going to get into that, but you can think about failure to delivers as a similar process where they fail to deliver on stock. So instead they send out ious, and this can also inflate the overall float or shares outstanding on a stock right, two different systems that, because of the electronic transaction system, allowed market makers and hedge funds to practice malpractice and corruption and theft in the stock market. Now, what does this do right in case you're new? I always assume there is somebody new here think about it as simple as the economic law of supply and demand right. So what we're going to do here is we're going to draw up high and low high and low now, if you've got a lot of supply, in fact, you're inflating the supply, but the demand is the exact same.

What happens right so you've got high supply over here low supply down here. High demand low demand. Well, if you increase the supply, let's just say that this line right here is 150 million shares and all of a sudden, you shift it over to 500 million. You've got very, very, very high supply right.

What happens is you? You get a different divergence point to that level of demand right same amount of same amount of demand, but a higher supply is going to decrease demand. It lowers stock prices right. It just creates this. This synthetic uh lowered price and creates synthetic selling pressure.

Essentially, this happens because market makers and hedge funds, malpractice using naked shorting failure to delivers and naked uh, not naked, but a short laddering attacks right. So this is the process that has been born out of the electronic transaction system and i don't think the answer necessarily is to get rid of it, because it is a good thing in and of itself right. The problem is that there's not enough filings, regulations, rules and policies that govern and regulate these sort of transactions and fraudulent behaviors right, and this has caused things to happen within amc 08 - is obviously just an example, but you saw a lot of the same things happen Here back in 08, a lot of the apes that were around for 08 2008 and had had gotten stolen from were were absolutely devastated from the financial crisis of 2008. The real estate market right, they're, pissed, they're freaking mad.

This sort of stuff happened in the late 90s. They happened to know eight and look at this 2021. Almost 13 years later, you've got this build up of what has happened over the last couple of years with the with the supplemental leveraging ratio. Essentially, covid hits right, covet hits and all of a sudden, all these big banks who are bleeding on money are able to lend out more liquidity to hedge funds to essentially go into the market and do what they want to do right.

So now we fast forwarded to 2008 from 2008 to 2021.. And what you have is over leveraged hedge funds because of covet and quarantine, trying to take advantage of a weaker economy in the stock market and going over leverage in short stocks and a way that they make. This happen is through. What i call collusion now collusion is a strong word and i absolutely 100 stand by, because this is what happens right so not only they short the stock, with all available shares that they can lend out from these market makers from lenders right, whoever it is.

There's a lot of different parties that can make that sort of stuff happen, we're going to keep it very simple: they also naked short stock. They also failed to deliver on on shares that ex you know from options that expire in the money that get exercise. You need the shares to go over to these options. Right essentially, just add all this together.

What you get is an inflated shares outstanding and an inflated free float, and because of this, they use all these different tactics and then go a step further to collude with major media. You might be asking yourselves a question if you're new to the amc stock movement you're not familiar with, what's happening right now, just go! Look at the news on cinemark and go look at the news on amc and you'll see a night and day difference, even though the companies are very similar, and this is the thing - the same hedge funds that short amc stock, that naked short amc stock, that ladder Amc stock they're also colluding with media about amc stock. I can guarantee you this these same hedge funds that are shorting the stock naked shorting. It laddering it down they're, paying shills they're, paying bots to spread negativity and bs on reddit stock, twits discords right.

I guarantee it because i've seen these freaking messages all over the place on my own channel, on discord on reddit on on twitter all over the place, they're doing this they're reaching out to media and saying hey put out this freaking hit piece at this time. There was a game stock article that came out like 30 minutes before the stock price actually dropped, saying the game stop dropped 40, and where did you know it? 30 minutes later gamestop price dropped: 40 percent wow. I wonder how that freaking happened right. This collusion or idea that you try to scare people out of their money is another tactic that hedge funds use and market makers use to collude and scare people out of their cash right now.

Why does this all matter? Because fear is a lot easier to sell than greed. People will way over exacerbate fear right. They'll react much more cleanly and calmly to to fear they'll ride that wave down and sell instantly, because it's easy to freaking sell fear it's very hard to sell greed right. So, essentially, what you get is people get scared.

They see these news articles that the media puts out and they settle their positions, because why? Wouldn't you you're supposed to trust the media you're supposed to think to yourself hey this news? Article has everybody's best interest in mind, but they don't because the media and the hedge funds and the history of corruption has built up the wealthy. Let me ask you a question. You don't even have to answer because i already know the answer and you should too right. You might be asking yourself: why would this sort of system exist in the stock market if it's not fair to everybody, and my response to you is this: it's built.

The stock market is built in the same way that much of the us economy is, and i mean this in the most unpolitical way possible. It's just factual. The the thing is, it's built to maintain the wealth and improve the wealth of the rich. It 100 is: why would they ever want to change their history of corruption that has taken place over the last couple of decades to make themselves more poor? They don't want to do it they're making money by corrupting they're making money by making sure they're making money by lottery they're making money by colluding they're doing it that way, right so they're, not they don't want to change it.

The only thing that is going to change that is, retail investors, apes, us right, the little guys stepping in and saying look we've had enough and that's where amc comes into the equation right. So what happened to amc? A lot of these same tactics are taking place on amc, naked shorting ladder, attacks collusion. I can guarantee you all. These things are happening, and probably the most significant thing is this inflated supply that you've got rocking on amc, and this is the only thing that i need to show you to know for sure that this is happening.

So let me show you this: on a six month: chart right check this out. If you look at amc on a six, let's look at the daily january 27th was the most volume that amc stock has ever seen in a single day, saw 1.2 billion shares of volume, traded right, 1.2 billion. Now, at the time right, they had a 150 million share free float. What does this mean? It means that this is how many shares are available to trade after institutions and insiders have their cut.

So this would mean that this free flow right here would have traded about eight times over to get one point: two billion in volume that i can guarantee you. That is not something that you see on a typical stock in the stock market. That is proof. The only proof that i need to see that there is way more shares, circling on amc that should presently exist, and this is my my proof to you.

Let's look at apple 86 million in volume, we're just gon na take one of the high ball days: 150 million in total volume, but get get this right. Their free float is 17 billion, 17 billion, and you saw 150 million in volume. So how is it possible that, on january 27th, you saw eight times the free flow trade on a single day right? Let's just we're even going to be conservative with our numbers here, let's just look at the most recent days. Last four days: 294 million 206 million.

You had 147 million and 170 million now get this right. The free fall right now is about 417 million total shares. We know that retail investors, according to adam aaron retailers own. Eighty percent of this free float eighty percent.

At the very least he said eighty percent plus we know that that institutions, if you were just to take blackrock and vanguard own about 65 million, but i can guarantee that number is higher. It's probably about 100 million, but we're gon na be conservative. If you look at ortex right, you can see the shares on loan right now is 132 million and then insiders own about 10 million total shares. Now, if you were to do this math here right, what is 80 80 of 417 million comes out to 333 million shares.

So if you add all these shares up right, 333 plus 65 plus 132 plus 10 million comes up to 540 million shares, but we're not even done yet right. 540 million shares trading on amc stock and the apes know this guys. We've been talking about this for literally months five months. Easily 540 million shares is more than the free float by over 100 million shares, but this is where it gets.

Goofy it's on any given day, you're still getting 294 million 206 million 147 million 170 million. In total volume - and i guarantee you - the volume's gon na - go much higher than this, so where are they getting these stocks right? Where are they getting the actual shares for this? I guarantee you is because the free float could likely be in the billions and i'm not kidding when i say freaking billions. Some people have done math out there that that have shown it could be anywhere between one and two billion total shares circulating on the market, and i stand by it because this just shows you the malpractice and collusion. That's taking place, it's simple, it's so simple! If it doesn't make sense, it probably is for a reason right.

The things in life are way simpler than we try to make them out to be. If we know that there are probably about 540 million shares that should be held as of right now, but you're still seeing and by the way like i said, this is more than the actual free flow that is circulating on the stock, but you're still seeing hundreds Of millions in volume, it's because something's, goofy and i'll tell you what the reason is right: it's naked shorting, it's failure to delivers and it's malpractice and corruption by hedge funds and the apes see this and they're stepping in and they're saying. This is enough right. It's been decades and decades and decades of malpractice and corruption that led to this moment where, essentially the apes waged war, we began the war for the market of the apes and that's what this whole freaking story on the amc squeeze is about.

Now you might be thinking to yourself dude. Why do i care about this war like? I don't want any piece of this if i'm not gon na get gain out of it, and that's the great thing about this freaking whole battle is not only do you have something to gain in terms of writing a legacy writing something in the history books, but The solution is this: if you buy and hold amc stock and, of course, i'm not a financial advisor, you do what you want to do, but if you buy and hold amc stock - and this ends up winning, we end up winning you make a substantial amount of Money you make, you can make life-changing money, generational wealth, you can pay off your student loans, you can pay off your medical debt, you could, you could buy them on a house, you could buy them on a car. You could do whatever you want, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not just to stick it into the man right, but when all is said and done, and these policies and new rulings and filings are put into place. You're not gon na have another opportunity like this you're.

Just not so that's the freaking story of the amc squeeze guys not only writing a legacy. Not only writing history right, but you have the opportunity to make a substantial, substantial amount of money because guess what, when all those failure deliveries get cracked down on when all the naked shorty gets cracked down on when all the shares that are circulating the market that Shouldn't freaking exist, get cracked down on you, get paid the hedge funds, the market makers, their insurance policies right. They got to take all that crud off the market and guess who profits from it. The people who are likely holding those naked shares the shares that should not exist because they sell it to us and we buy it right.

The truth is the majority of the apes out there likely are holding the shares that should not exist. Is it our fault? Absolutely not we held up on our end of the deal. Transactions are simple right. Somebody offers a product and you offer money right.

We offer our money, they offered us a false product. They still have to hold up on their end of the deal and provide us a real product right either that or pay us what we want to get paid for that product, the false products right. So that's the freaking story of the amc squeeze guys. I know this is kind of long-winded, probably a little bit too passionate, but this is just something that freaking pisses me off.

So if you know somebody that wants to know about the amc squeeze, hopefully this wraps it up into a little bit of a nice rubber band ball for your freaking cat to play with, and that's what i've got for you guys. So, thank you for watching my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang blah, blah blah like and subscribe. If you want, if not that's cool too catch you on the next one, much love and peace.

By Trey

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    To all baby apes READ THIS ALL
    1 hiw to make money
    Stop watching bs you tube chanels telling you to trade candels trade price action
    When the market makers drop those fake ask to sell orders they drive up the avg and bring in the sheep then they drop fake ask to buy orders and drive it down to sheer the sheep
    If you trade price action you know what they doing and EXACTLY when they doing it and you take this fake darkpool money and put back in the reel market
    Were not dum we broke there code and were rigging it back against them every day day by day you gotta get in this community so we can teach you and so you can fight this war
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    repeal of bear-stearns under pres clinton (sen biden prolly voted for it too :/) that was def. a BIG part of where malpractice started going bad. It's been put back in place to an extent (I think under Obama… but then while Trump was pres we had some crazy republicans lobbying to repeal it again bc they don't want regulations, but regulations make the market MORE of a free market, ironically). Was largely blamed for the 2008 collapse, some blame Bush bc he was indeed pres when that all happened (and nobody likes him lol… except for TV "resistance libs" who overlook the war crimes just cause he can say "trump bad") but really the banks. Whom we bailed out so they could give themselves bonuses. No bailout for the people losing their homes of course
    I'm sure there have been plenty of stock market shenanigans earlier as well. Imagine before there was an SEC existing at all! Before pretty much any of the regulations we now have (most were created in response to something dirty that happened and screwed a lot of people) I mean, think of all the fraud possible when everything is all done with paper! And ponzi-scheme investments on the market over history

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